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DARALA STARR – SEASON 2 – Chapters 1-2

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Chapter 1: Reunions and Mysteries

Darala Starr watched with wonder and surprise, as Jason Prince approached her very slowly. This gave her time to appraise his physique that had grown since she’d last seen him. His muscles looked as hard as iron, their bulge and definition beneath his tan skin incredible.

“Oh, Jason,” Darala said. “I’ve missed you so much. You look… amazing!”

Jason smiled at her and lifted his arm. He flexed his bicep and it peaked instantly, its form harder than steel. Darala examined his outfit. He was wearing red satin track shorts with wide, navy blue side panels and a matching tank top. His legs were huge and the shorts were very snug against the tops of them and his hips. His chest was much larger and the satin tank was stretched tightly against his rippling hard chest muscles. And cinching in his waist was Darala’s silver belt she’d left with him.

Jason said, “Darala you gave me a gift, and I’ve made the most of it. Let me show you.”

What is he going to do? Darala thought.

On the ground nearby was a black steel bar. Jason eased down and grabbed it. He stood back up, right in front of her. Holding the bar parallel with the ground in front of his chest, he tightened his grip slowly and confidently.

“Your belt has given me super strength,” he said.

How can it be? Darala wondered. The belt is designed to support Tau Ceti physiology. It can’t be true.

A moment later, to Darala’s astonishment, Jason began to bend the bar with what seemed like great ease. The steel creaked loudly and then broke into a howling cry as he drew the ends of the bar together. His chest and arm muscles were flexed, overpowering the steel inch by inch.

Darala’s mouth hung open in total disbelief.

“I have the strength of a dozen men,” he said, torturing the steel bar in his hands, bending it to his will.

Darala was taken by the shine of his satin shorts and even felt intense, unexpected arousal watching Jason deform the bar with his bare hands.

“Jason, this is… this is wrong…”

A moment later, Darala woke from the dream. She was momentarily disoriented, but quickly realized she was in her ship, in space, on the way back to Tau Ceti Alpha. She rose from her bed, finding herself in the satin shorts and t-shirt Tina had so kindly given her. In the front of her shorts, Darala still felt the sensation of arousal she’d had in the dream and it took more than a few minutes for it to pass.

“What’s the matter, Darala Starr?” the ship’s computer asked.

Darala said, “I had another dream about Jason.”

“What was it about?” The computer asked.

“He was… bending steel with his bare hands. It was the belt… the belt gave him super strength somehow.”

“It would seem your conscience is trying to tell you something, Darala Starr,” the computer said.

“Yes, it is,” Darala answered. “We must return to Earth. I must find Jason and recover the belt.”

“It’s a good thing we have another belt onboard for you, Darala Starr. I kept an extra in storage in case of emergencies,” the computer said.

“Good,” Darala said. “Because I’m going to need it.”

Darala’s ship made a course correction and accelerated back toward Earth.


The forest was pitch dark when the strange noises began, followed by a spectral glowing light above the hills of Pleasant Valley. Below, in the town, the power went out and people lit candles. An hour later, the power was restored and after that no one thought any more of it. But there was one resident of Pleasant Valley that did not think this event, and the others like it, were mere accidents.

His glowing, electric green eyes were searching the hills from his slightly elevated vantage on the roof of his shop. In the dark he could see things humans could not. And many miles off he thought he saw more of that spectral light, and a shaking of the trees. Deeply disturbed, he decided he would have to take steps to assure his safety. Because he had a very bad feeling about these occurrences—a very bad feeling. He looked up into the night sky, seeing only stars and nothing else.

Carefully then he climbed back down into the safety of his shop, where he quickly got to work.


It was one of the most beautiful days in Pleasant Valley that Tina could ever remember: seventy-eight degrees in the sun with a very gentle breeze that danced through the streets playfully. Tina was in her fitted business suit and her long dark hair was professionally curled, falling just beyond her shoulders. Her new glasses were a perfect match for her outfit. After all, now that she was the Mayor of Pleasant Valley, she had to look the part. She couldn’t go to work in her satin track shorts and tight t-shirts, although she still wore those for early morning runs and workouts.

Fall was in full swing and the trees had already changed colors. The sky was a perfect blue, and Tina had lost track of all the times she looked into that sky to see if Darala’s ship was there. But it was already 1983, almost two years after Darala’s departure, and eventually Tina stopped looking. It seemed as though Darala Starr, the Tau Ceti Superwoman, was not coming back to Earth anytime soon.

Tina missed watching Darala use her impressive, otherworldly strength. She remembered often those feats of power, and at their remembrance she always felt somehow empowered herself. Many times Tina fantasized about what it would feel like to have that kind of strength: to be able to lift cars and bend steel with her bare hands. But that’s all it would ever be—a fantasy.

And then there was the matter concerning Jason and how he also seemed to disappear. It was gradual the way he vanished, and Tina figured it was because he was depressed after Darala had left. She tried to call him, to see him, to connect with him, but he was withdrawn. The last time she saw him was at the gym about a month after Darala left.

Tina remembered it well because Jason’s muscles had grown larger. Not only larger but also harder. Incredibly hard. He looked amazing in a new pair of tight red satin gym shorts, and matching tank top, his leg muscles bulging and tone, and his bicep… just the thought of it made her feel a burning warmth between her legs.

Tina said, “You look so strong, Jason. How much can you lift these days?”

Jason smiled warmly at Tina and then gently placed his hand on her shoulder. The gesture reminded her of someone else.

“I should go,” he said softly. “I need to talk with you Tina, but not here. I’ll come find you. Soon.”

After that he turned and left the gym. A fit looking woman named Jaime approached Tina and asked, “Hey, are you friends with Jason Prince?”

Tina said, “Very close friends. Why?”

“Have you seen how much weight he can lift?” the woman asked, then glanced out the window of the gym to catch a view of Jason walking away, his tight shorts shining in the sun. “Is he seeing anyone? Because I would really like to get to know him better,” Jaime said.

Tina folded her arms across her chest and said, “For your information, Jason has a girlfriend that can lift a truck with her bare hands.”

The woman took a deep breath and said, “For that body of his, I’ll take my chances.” Jaime quickly ran outside to try and catch Jason, but he’d vanished.

The memory quickly faded and Tina set her mind back on present business. She glanced at her watch and sighed. The furniture delivery was late. She turned around and looked at the Mayor’s office behind the massive, ornate iron gate. This was her new office. The furniture she ordered was from the antique store and it was supposed to arrive a half hour earlier. Tina shook her head, annoyed. She had to get to work!

A moment later, a low rumble shook the ground as a moving truck lumbered up the street and began to slow down as it approached. Tina waved at Kyle who was behind the wheel of the truck. It thundered to a halt as he hit the brakes a too hard.

Tina ran to the driver’s window and shouted up at him. “Kyle, you’re late! Now listen, please be careful backing into the driveway,” she said.

Kyle nodded and pulled his Walkman earphone off.

“I got it,” he said, put his headphones back on, and put the truck in reverse.

Tina nervously stood back to watch, trying to guide him in with hand motions when all of a sudden she noticed the massive gate to the driveway was still closed.

“Oh no,” she said, as Kyle continued backing up.

“Stop!” Tina shouted.

But Kyle had his headphones on and couldn’t hear her.

The truck lurched back suddenly as Kyle let off the clutch too fast and a moment later there was a terrible, wrenching crash!

Tina ran to the driver’s door and pulled the door open.

“Kyle, are you okay?” she asked.

Kyle was wild-eyed and scared.

“Oh, man,” he said. “Did I hit a car?”

Tina looked back. “No, Kyle. Not a car. The gate to the Mayor’s office,” she said, pointedly. Kyle swallowed hard.

And it was no ordinary gate. It was an antique, beautifully made, eight feet high, solid iron with gold pained inlays at the top. The bars were massive and now, massively spread apart in a hideous bulge like open curtains around a window.

Kyle looked and said, “I am so dead.”

Tina closed her eyes and shook her head. This is not how she imagined her first day at work as Mayor.

“Kyle, just pull the truck forward and park along the street. Okay? We’ll figure this out.”

Kyle restarted the truck and pulled carefully forward, away from the gate where Tina could see the damage clearly. The gap between the bars was so huge she could step right through it.

A few people on the street stopped to look and gasp. They moved on slowly and Tina imagined it would only be a matter of time before a crowd of people came to stare and take pictures. She could imagine this on the front page of the newspaper with the headline: NEW MAYOR TINA CARTER MAKES A SMASHING DEBUT.

Tina said, “There goes my job.”

Suddenly, Tina heard a voice directly behind her.

“Maybe I can straighten this out for you.”

Startled, Tina whirled around and could not believe her eyes. For a moment she thought it was a dream, but, no! It really was….

“Darala? Is it really you?”

Darala Starr stood in front of Tina, that glorious lycra body suit shiny in the sun, her sliver belt and bracelets gleaming, those incredible Tau Ceti muscles defined beneath the material. She smiled brightly, her face just as beautiful as Tina remembered it.

“Hello, Tina,” Darala said.

Tina leaped forward and hugged Darala tightly, “Oh, Darala , I am so glad to see you! I can’t believe this is really happening! I missed you so much!”

“And I missed you, too, Tina. And Jason. You are both my wonderful friends.”

Darala touched Tina’s shoulder lightly, just as she did two years earlier in the vault room before saving Kyle. Tina suddenly remembered that day vividly. The first time she’d witnessed Darala’s incredible power.

“Now,” Darla said, nodding to the damaged gate, “Don’t worry. I’ll handle this.”

She stepped around Tina and headed toward the gate. She stepped through the gap in the bars to the other side and examined it. She ran her hands gently up and down the length of the distended steel.

“Well, Tina, these bars are very old and the steel has been stressed considerably from the impact. So I’ll have to do this carefully.”

Darala had a look around, “Is anyone watching?”

Tina looked up and down the sidewalk and then around the street.

“It’s all clear,” Tina said. A moment later Kyle arrived at Tina’s side.

“Hey, isn’t that….” Kyle said before Tina shushed him. “Just be quiet and watch,” she said.

Darala carefully wrapped her fingers around the massive bars and rocked her hips gently, the lycra suit gleaming in the sun as her muscles hardened beneath it. She spread her feet into a power stance.

In that moment, Tina felt a wave of excited anticipation. It was exhilarating, causing her to feel butterflies in her stomach.

Darala took in a deep breath, her chest expanding beneath her lycra suit and a moment later, with complete control she began to pull the bars very slowly back together. The massive iron bars gave a slow, rising groan and then a screech as Darala carefully straightened them. Her arm and chest muscles were like rock, overpowering the massive bars of solid steel and yet it seemed she was somehow gentle with them, taking her time, bending them slowly to her will, drawing them closer and closer together in front of her chest. Her stare was focused, her eyes seeming to measure the slowly shrinking distance between the bars in her hands.

Tina smiled. Oh, how she’d missed seeing Darala use her enormous strength and now she was witnessing it again! Kyle’s mouth hung wide open, his eyes like saucers.

“How can she do that?” he asked.

Tina didn’t answer, she just watched in awe, even then feeling an intense heat between her legs. And she understood what Jason had gone through two years before. For the first time, Tina was experiencing unexpected arousal at the sight of Darala’s superhuman feat.

The steel was crying loudly in the air as Darala closed the bars closer and closer together in front of her chest until they were perfectly straight. With a final cry of protest from the gate, Darala finished bending the bars. She released her grip and stood back for a look.

“I’d say this is all straightened out,” Darala said, and gently swung the gate open on its hinge.

Kyle was dumbfounded, unable to move. Irritated, Tina said, “Kyle, would you please open the truck and start unloading it.”

“I, uh…,” he stammered as Darala planted hands on her hips, smiling at them both. “But she…,” he said. “Did you see that?!”

“Very nice to see you again, Kyle” Darala said. Kyle blushed and then hurried off for the truck.

Tina had to catch her breath. There would be no visible sign of her arousal from watching Darala bend steel, but she forced herself to calm down. Finally, she walked over to the gate and inspected the bars. Indeed, they were perfectly straight and there were no signs of the impact. Tina grabbed the bars and felt the hardness of them, running her hands momentarily over them, even pulling on them. They were totally solid.

“Oh, Darala, you are a wonder woman!” Tina exclaimed. “I missed watching you use your strength.”

Darala smiled warmly and said, “Well, believe it or not I’ve grown a little bit stronger since we last saw each other.”

“Stronger?” Tina said, astonished.

Darala nodded.

Tina said, “So you spent time training back home?”

Darala sighed, “Actually, I never made it home. While on the ship I realized I had to return here to Earth as soon as possible.”

Tina looked confused. “What for,” she asked.

“For the original belt I gave Jason when I departed two years ago,” Darala said. “I should never have left it with him. That… and I missed him desperately. And you also, Tina.”

Tina asked, “What’s the problem with the belt, Darala?”

Darala took a deep breath, her chest expanding beneath her tight lycra suit and let out a sigh.

“Perhaps we should discuss this in private,” Darala said.

“Of course,” Tina said, “Let’s go to my office.”

And she led the way into the building.

Chapter 2: Welcome Back Dr. Starr

The office was beautiful and Tina eased herself behind her new desk. Darala walked slowly around the space, taking in the lovely furniture and the view from Tina’s window.

“So you are the Mayor of this town” Darala asked.

“Yes,” Tina said, straightening her blazer and glasses.

“Is that an important position?” Darala asked.

Tina chuckled, “I suppose they don’t have Mayors on Tau Ceti Alpha,” she said.

Suddenly, a disembodied voice fell in the room.

“Not exactly,” it said. It was Darala’s ship’s computer voice, coming from her bracelet communicator.

Tina smiled, “Well, it’s nice to hear your voice again, computer.”

The computer said, “As it is to hear your voice, Tina Carter. Where is Jason Prince?”

Tina sighed, “I wish I knew. I haven’t seen or heard from him in a long time. And he moved out of his apartment.”

The ship’s computer said, “It is most important that we find him and recover the Tau Ceti belt… which should not have been left in his care to begin with.”

Darala shook her head, “How many times are you going to scold me for that?”

“It was unwise to give Jason Prince the belt, Darala Starr,” the computer said.

“I don’t understand,” Tina said. “What’s the problem with the belt?”

Darala planted fists on her hips and said, “Well, first of all it’s an artifact from my world, and it should not be here as a temptation for the greedy. And secondly….”

The intercom on Tina’s desk buzzed loudly.

“Excuse me,” Tina said, and pushed a button on the device.

“Yes, Mary,” Tina said.

A kindly voice came from the small speakerbox. “Mayor, hi, um… there’s, someone here to see you.”

Tina glanced up at Darala and said, “Who is it?”

There was a moment of silence, and then the answer came. “He’s the locksmith. Said you needed new locks on your office door.”

Tina smirked and Darala smiled knowingly.

“The Torellian,” she said. “He’s still in town.”

“He’ll be glad to see you, Darala,” Tina said.

Darala smiled and shook her head. “I doubt that,” she said.

Tina turned the device back on. “Okay, Mary, please send him in.”

A few moments later, Mary, the sweet young woman who had once worked for Tina in the antique shop, now her personal assistant, opened the door to the office and allowed the Torellian to enter. Softly then, she pulled the door shut. The handle clanked loudly.

The Torellian said, “I should fix that for you….”

He lost his train of thought when he saw Darala standing there in the middle of the room. Startled, he dropped a small canvas bag he was carrying. It banged loudly on the floor.

“Doctor Starr,” he said. “Welcome back. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

Darala said, “It’s nice to see you, Torellian.”

With some caution, the Torellian said, “Yes. Well…” There was an uncomfortable silence and then he quickly swiveled to look at Tina. “I thought perhaps you could use some new locks here. Never can be too careful these days,” he said.

Noticing something odd, Darala carefully snatched the Torellian’s tool bag off the floor.

“Careful with that,” he said. “I need that. Those are my tools.”

Darala felt the weight of it. “Interesting,” she said. “Just regular tools?” Darala gently opened the bag.

The Torellian nervously said, “Be careful, those are special!”

Darala removed something that looked like a gun. But not an Earth gun. It was silver with an elongated barrel and a glowing transparent ring around the tip of it—an energy amplifier for a laser. Tina stood up from her desk, startled.

“A laser gun,” Darala said. “Is this a typical locksmith tool?”

In a strong voice, Tina said, “What is the meaning of this?”

“Wait,” the Torellian said, “I can explain.”

Darala dropped the bag and examined the gun, turning it over in her hands.

“I thought we had an agreement, Torellian,” Darala said. “No more games.”

Anticipating what was coming next, the Torellian said, “Wait, Doctor Starr, don’t…”

Darala gripped the weapon tightly and began to bend the gun in the middle. The metal cried anxiously beneath the power of her super grip.

The Torellian watched with a mixture of awe and frustration.

Darala stared intently at the deforming silver steel in her hands as she crushed the last of it between her fingers and palms. The metal let out a horrible squeal before she was finished.

Satisfied, Darala opened her hands and held out what was left of the laser gun. It was now folded tightly in half.

Darala handed it back to the Torellian who could not believe his eyes. He inspected it and frowned.

“Now,” Darala said. “What sort of game are you up to?”

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