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DARALA STARR – SEASON 2 – Chapters 3-5

Written by Darala Starr :: [Sunday, 20 October 2019 22:59] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 26 October 2019 11:57]

Chapter 3: The Strongest Man on Earth

“Are you insane?” Tina shouted at the Torellian. “You brought a laser gun into the Mayor’s office. My office!”

The Torellian said, “It’s not what it looks like. Let me explain!”

Darala said, “This had better be good, Torellian. No more tricks.”

The Torellian said. “The gun was for protection, for my own personal safety.”

He glared directly at Darala.

“Now I have no way to defend myself. I hope you’re happy, doctor Starr!”

Tina stepped around her desk, approaching the Torellian slowly.

“Defend yourself? I don’t understand?”

The Torellian whipped his frantic gaze between Tina and Darala.

Finally, he said, “It’s a bit complicated. But it starts with Jason Prince.”

Tina and Darala exchanged a glance.

Darala said, “You know where Jason is?”

“Is he all right?” Tina asked anxiously.

The Torellian said, “I don’t know where he is exactly. But he’s fine. Better than fine. You might say he’s… extraordinary.”

Darala folded her arms and Tina planted her hands on her hips.

“What do you mean exactly?” Tina asked.

The Torellian hesitated, and then said, “It was a year ago. A local reporter was following up on reports of UFO sightings in these parts.”

He paused and turned toward Darala. “Apparently, Doctor Starr, some people saw your ship leave the last time you were here. And someone managed to get a photo, though not very good. It was very blurry and hard to see. Lucky for you.”

Darala shook her head and said, “That was not my fault… was it computer.”

The ship’s computer spoke through her bracelet.

“I did my best, Darala Starr. No one is perfect.”

Darala chuckled and then refocused on the Torellian as he continued his story.

“Anyhow, there were more and more of these sightings, after you left Earth Doctor Starr. A local reporter from the Pleasant Valley Times was investigating these new occurrences and talking to witnesses in town. She was on her way home when she lost control of her car and hit a tree. She said it was like a strange energy beam hit the car.”

The Torellian paused; hesitating.

Darala asked, “An energy beam?”

“Was she hurt?” Tina asked.

The Torellian said, “Not badly. But it’s what happened next. She heard a low creaking sound from her door, the sound of stressed metal. A moment later her smashed car door is slowly torn off its hinges and a man helps her out. She’s dazed but is able to stand on her own two feet. It’s then that she claims the man lifts the back of her car off the ground with his bare hands and pulls it clear of the tree. She is understandably astonished. He comes back to her to make sure she’s okay and tells her he’ll run and call for an ambulance. Later, to the police, she describes the man in red satin running shorts, a matching tank top and a strange silver belt. She also made it a point to mention his incredible muscles. The next day she writes an article about him and refers to him as ‘the alien wonderman.’”

Tina’s eyes were huge, locking her stare with Darala who also felt amazed.

The ship’s computer voice said, “It would appear the belt has give Jason Prince superhuman strength.”

Tina gasped and said, “Jason has super strength… this is incredible.”

Just like in my dream, Darala thought.

Darala spoke into her wrist communicator. “Computer, can you estimate Jason’s physical strength?”

There was a long pause, and then the computer said, “The belt is intelligent and adjusted its increase based on Jason Prince’s physiology. It would stand to reason that with his already fit body, plus the increased lung capacity, training and enhanced muscle fiber growth in relation to Earth’s gravity, and the eyewitness account that he was able to lift a car, I would calculate Jason Prince to have fifteen times the strength of a normal man,” The computer said.

Tina’s mouth hung open. “He couldn’t be as strong as you, Darala, could he?”

Darala said, “The limits of human physiology would prevent that. Nevertheless, his power is remarkable.”

Suddenly Darala looked down at the floor and shook her head, her face darkening.

“I’m worried about him. The reporter referred to him as an ‘alien.’ Anyone trying to discover or even capture extraterrestrials….”

Darala turned her gaze on the Torellian and he swallowed hard. “How many times do you want me to apologize for that?” he said.

“We must not ignore the possible, long term effects,” the ship’s computer said.

Tina crossed her arms in front of her chest and said, “What long term effects? Is Jason in danger?”

The ship computer said, “With the infusion of superhuman strength, Jason Prince’s metabolic functions are running at much higher levels. It is possible his lifespan could be decreased. But something like this has never happened and I cannot make absolute conclusions without more information or another test subject.”

“He could die?” Tina asked. “Darala, please tell me Jason isn’t going to die.”

Darala moved toward Tina and once again, gently touched her shoulder.

“Tina, please trust me. I won’t let anything bad happen to Jason. Based on the fact that he was already in great physical shape, I am confident that long-term effects will be minimal. And besides, he’s now the strongest man in the world.”

She smiled brightly and this caused Tina to smile. She did trust Darala.

“Yes, Darala, of course I trust you,” Tina said, feeling reassured. Then she turned toward the Torellian. “You, on the other hand… I’m not so sure about.”

The Torellian scowled and said, “I understand why you feel that way, however, I was not finished with my story.”

“Make it fast,” Tina said, irritated.

“Over the last few years there have been multiple UFO sightings.”

“That was not me,” Darala said, “I can assure you. I arrived exactly fourteen hours ago.”

The Torellian said, “I believe you Doctor Starr, but the fact remains that others have been coming here over the past two years. And recently there have been strange occurrences with the power station in the next county.”

Tina said, “That is true. We’ve been having issues with electricity for the past few months.”

Darala asked, “What do you think is behind this?”

The Torellian said, “If you ask me, I think it’s a hostile force that is planning an invasion. And now, thanks to you, Doctor Starr, I no longer have a laser gun to protect myself!”

Darala said, “Don’t worry, Torellian. I’ll make sure no one harms you, as long as you keep yourself out of trouble. I’ll investigate these strange occurrences. And find Jason Prince.”

The Torellian snorted, “Well, that’s a relief. Now who’s going to get me another laser gun?!”

Darala grabbed his tool bag off the floor and handed it to him.

“Maybe you should just stick with the tools for now, and take care of Mayor Tina Carter’s new locks,” Darala said.

Reluctantly the Torellian grabbed the bag and set about his work.

“Now, Darala” Tina said, “would you be able to stay at my place during your visit?”

Darala said, “I wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else.”

The ship’s computer said, “What about on the ship, Darala Starr?”

Darala thought about what the Torellian said.

“Computer, I think perhaps it would be best if you would stay off the surface of Earth for the time being so we are not accidentally discovered here. No sense in adding to this UFO mystery.”

The computer said, “That is an excellent idea. I will depart now and stay within lunar distance for communication purposes.”

Chapter 4: A Test Subject

Tina made sure Darala had everything she needed for her stay in the guest house, and Darala felt a sense of home and belonging that she’d not felt since she left. It seemed Earth was becoming a place she loved, and not just because the gravity afforded her such amazing abilities. It had more to do with her wonderful friends Tina and Jason, both of whom she had great affection for.

Darala was alone in her room when the ship’s computer called her through her bracelet speaker.

“Darala Starr, these effects of the belt on Jason Prince are puzzling me. It would seem impossible that an Earth human could absorb such great power. In all my programming I never expected such a result.”

Darala said, “I never expected it either. There are so many questions that must be answered. Computer, can you track the original belt and find Jason’s location?”

“I will scan for it now,” the computer said. Many moments went by and the computer said, “For some reason I am unable to get a clear signal. There is a strange power source that is causing interference.”

Darala sighed and said, “Please work on it, I must find Jason and….”

There was a knock on the door and Tina’s voice from outside. “Darala, it’s me. May I come in?”

Darala said, “Yes, of course.”

Tina entered with a small bundle of folded clothes. Darala recognized them immediately. Satin shorts and T-shirts.

“My favorites,” she said. “I have many of these on the ship. I meant to bring them with me, but in the excitement of seeing you and Jason, I made a hasty departure from the ship and forget them.”

The ship’s computer said, “That is an understatement. Darala Starr you ran faster than a speeding car away from the ship and into town.”

Tina smiled and said, “It was so wonderful to see you, Darala. And just when I needed you. You saved my job today by fixing the gate.”

Darala said, “You’re my wonderful friend, Tina. I’d do anything to help you.”

Tina nodded, took a deep breath and sighed loudly.

Finally she said, “You know, Darala, ever since you left I’d thought so much about your incredible feats, especially what you did to the vault door in my antique store. I remember it so clearly because when I first saw you, I didn’t believe you could turn those locks and then… you did it with your bare hands. And you saved Kyle. I never forgot that and all the other incredible feats you did.”

Tina hesitated and said, “After you were gone I began to wonder and… fantasize about what it would feel like to have even a fraction of your strength.”

Darala looked at Tina, considering her, wondering.

Tina felt embarrassed and said, “It’s silly, I know. I don’t know why I even mentioned it. Forget I said anything. I’m going to bed.”

Tina turned to leave and Darala said, “Tina, wait a moment.”

Darala folded her arms and stared at Tina, looking at her from head to toe. Studying her.

“What?” Tina asked.

“Computer,” Darala said, “In the interest of science I would like to try an experiment.”

The ship’s computer said, “You have a subject in mind?”

“I do,” Darala said.

Tina said, “I don’t understand. What’s going on here?”

“I’d like to give you something, Tina,” Darala said, and then gently removed her silver belt from around her waist.

Tina glanced at the beautiful, shiny silver and then said, “Oh, Darala, I… I can’t, that’s your belt.”

Darala stepped forward, that sweet smile on her face, the one that always comforted Tina when she was distressed.

“It will help me, and it will help Jason,” Darala said. “I need to understand how Earth physiology acclimates to the effects of Tau Ceti life support.”

Tina said cautiously, “So, is this like an… experiment?”

Darala said, “Well, it’s….”

The ship’s computer said, “Yes, Tina Carter, it is an experiment.”

Annoyed, Darala said, “Computer, please let me handle this.”

Looking at Tina, she said, “Dear Tina, I would never ask you to do anything harmful. But I need to understand what’s happened to Jason. And if this works….”

Tina’s mouth fell open as she realized.

“You mean, I would have….”

Darala said, “Potentially. That is what we must try and determine.”

Tina stared hypnotically at the belt, the shine of it striking her beautiful face. Slowly, carefully, she took it in her hands, feeling the weight of it.

“I just put it on?” Tina asked.

“Yes,” Darala said.

Tina smiled and pulled the belt around her waist and instantly it fit perfectly.

“It’s so beautiful,” Tina marveled. She glanced at herself in a full-length mirror across the room.

Darala said, “Now, just relax and breathe normally. You will begin to feel a gradual increase in the pressure of your lungs, but don’t worry. The belt will adjust to your lung capacity. You’re in no danger.”

Tina planted hands on her hips around the belt, feeling a sudden, euphoric sense of well-being.

Darala said, “You look amazing, Tina. Now, go to bed, sleep, and tomorrow morning we’ll do a small exam.”

Tina glowed. “Oh, thank you, Darala! Thank you.”

She turned and exited the room, gently pulling the door closed.

“I hope you made the right decision, Darala Starr,” the ship’s computer said.

Darala drew in a deep breath and said, “I hope so, too.”

It was late that night that he heard the strange, crashing sound. The Torellian left his workbench quickly where he was attempting to build another laser gun. He ran to the front of the store, which was pitch dark. He slowly opened the front door and listened to the sounds outside. The only thing he heard was the sound of crickets. Perhaps his imagination was getting the best of him. But faintly then, he thought he heard something. Heavy impacts. One after the other, growing more distant. Almost like… footsteps.

Chapter 5: A Dream Comes True

Darala woke as warm, morning sunlight glowed through the curtains. She rose, thinking about where she was, remembering fondly all the things that had happened just a few years earlier, when suddenly she heard Tina’s loud, anxious voice.

“Darala! Darala come quickly,” she said.

Darala almost ripped the door off its hinges to get outside. When she arrived in the private yard behind Tina’s house, she found Tina with her hands planted in the grass, in position to do a pushup. Tina was in her blue satin running shorts and a tight red T-shirt with the belt cinching her shorts in tightly to her waist.

“Tina,” Darala said, “Are you all right?”

Holding herself perfectly aloft, Tina said, “Oh, Darala, better than that! Look.”

Tina proceeded to do pushups, one after the other. Darala counted ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty and then all the way to one hundred. Tina seemed not to tire from the exertion. A moment later, she switched to only one hand, and began doing pushups with what seemed like just as much ease.

Ten, twenty, thirty and more one-handed pushups.

Tina finished and sprang to her feet.

“Tina,” Darala remarked, “This is amazing. It’s happening so fast.”

Tina planted fists on her hips against her shorts and the belt.

“Oh, Darala,” she said, “I feel incredible, like I’m… I can’t even describe it. It’s like with every deep breath I take, I’m getting more and more power.”

Darala looked around Tina’s yard, and spotted a large rock that she guessed must have weighed more than a hundred pounds. Two hundred perhaps. Darala bent down, grabbed the rock and easily lifted it in her hands, handling the large stone like it was hollow.

“Now,” Darala said, “Take the rock, but carefully. I want to make sure you can handle the weight. Remember, safety first.”

Tina nodded, staring intently at the rock. Slowly, Darala held it out with total control while Tina gently spread her feet into a more powerful stance.

Tina put her hands on the rock and nodded to Darala. “I can feel it.”

Darala said, “Now, Tina, I’m very slowly going to give the weight of the stone to you. If it becomes too heavy, I’ll take it back.

Tina nodded and fastened her hands on the rock. Slowly, Darala transferred the weight of it onto to Tina’s hands.

Tina felt the weight of the stone getting heavier, and at the same time, she felt a surge of new and surprising strength to support it.

“I’ve got it,” Tina said.

“Are you sure?” Darala asked.

“Positive,” Tina said.

Darala nodded, and then let go of the large rock, and to her surprise, Tina held it in her hands, the entire weight of it. And then, slowly, she raised it higher and higher until she was nearly holding it over her head.

“Tina,” Darala said, smiling. “That rock is close to two hundred pounds.”

Tina remained focused, and with amazing strength and control, she began to lower it again until it was right in front of her chest. She held it steady, the muscles in her arms hard and strong. Still with complete control, Tina squatted with the rock, her leg muscles defined and now beginning to bulge as she lowered the big rock to the ground where she planted it firmly.

Tina let go and stood up straight, her face beaming with excitement.

“Did you see that!” Tina exclaimed. “I can’t believe how strong I am!”

Darala folded her arms and smiled. “These results are far greater than I expected.”

Suddenly, the ship’s computer voice came from Darala’s bracelet.

“I concur,” the computer said. “These results are most impressive.”

Darala said, “Okay, now… more deep breaths, Tina. Let your body continue to acclimate and grow stronger,” Darla said.

Tina slowly drew deeper and deeper breaths, sensing her lungs expand, feeling the swell of her chest up and then down, up and then back down.

“Mmmm… this feels so good,” Tina said, her eyes closed, taking in new power. She slowly planted fists on her hips at the very top of her satin shorts that were feeling just the slightest bit tighter around the top of her tan legs.

Tina opened her eyes, feeling a sudden, euphoric sense that ran through her whole body.

“Darala, this is incredible. I feel so strong,” she said.

Darala said, “Because you’ve taken care of your body and exercised and trained for so many years, the adaptation is happening rapidly. Your body is responding extremely well, Tina.”

Tina raised her arm and flexed her bicep, feeling the muscle rise beneath her skin. To her amazement, it felt as hard as iron and seemed slightly larger than ever before.

“Oh…,” Tina gasped, “Look at my bicep! It’s as hard as iron!”

Darala spotted something in the corner of the yard and wandered away while Tina continued to admire her muscle. A moment later Darala returned with something in her hands.

She handed Tina a large, forged steel gaming horseshoe. Tina turned it over in her hands.

“I used to throw this on the lawn as a game,” Tina said.

Darala said, “And now I want to you bend it.”

Tina thought about it, “I’m not sure, Darala, this is forged steel.”

Darala lightly touched Tina’s shoulder.

“Tina, there is great power growing in you right now.”

Tina looked at the horseshoe; at how solid it was.

“Focus on your strength, not the steel,” Darala said. “You can do this.”

Feeling sudden confidence and an electric sense of new strength, Tina nodded. She opened her feet into a power stance, her hips flexing tightly under her satin shorts.

Tina grabbed the ends of the horseshoe and held it directly in front of her chest. She tightened her grip and took a deep breath, her chest swelling large with power.

A moment later, Tina pulled on the ends of the horseshoe with explosive strength, and instantly she felt the steel begin to bend as though it had softened in her hands. But of course it hadn’t softened— it was her strength overpowering it!

Darala smiled brightly. “Yes, Tina! You’re doing it!”

The steel gave an irritable cry and then a louder screech as Tina pulled the ends of the horseshoe apart with her bare hands!

Tina could not believe her eyes! The euphoric feeling of strength was overwhelming and she felt the sudden throbbing of a lady boner in the front of her satin shorts in response to it. The sensation caused Tina to pull even harder then, stretching the steel, pulling the ends of it wider and wider across her chest, the sound of it now a sustained crying shriek like metal and dry ice. Tina’s chest grew even larger with new deep breaths. The throbbing between her legs was overwhelming.

“Yes, Tina!” Darla said. “You’re bending steel!”

Tina pulled with all her might, the steel straightening the last few inches in a terrible shriek. In that moment, Tina felt an explosive release from between her legs and she cried out loud. “Oh, Yes! YES!” She breathed harder, completely overwhelmed by the experience. “Yes!”

“Are you all right?” Darala asked.

Tina nodded and between breaths said, “Oh, yes… I’m great. Better than great!”

Tina held the straightened steel out in front so she could examine it.

“I can’t believe I did that with my bare hands!” Tina exclaimed.

“Yes, Tina, you did,” Darala said, and she gently took the bar from Tina. In her own hands then, Darala quickly bent the horseshoe back into its original shape, the steel crying in response.

Tina marveled and Darala tossed the horseshoe aside.

“Computer,” Darla said into her bracelet, “Based on Tina’s heart rate and vitals, and the hardness of the steel she just overpowered, what is her new potential?”

A moment later, the computer said. “Data confirms, Tina Carter is now seven times stronger than she was yesterday.”

Tina’s smile was electric and the feeling of euphoria rushed through her again.

“Thank you, Darala. This is a dream come true. You’ve given me such a wonderful gift today.”

Tina lowered her head and stared at that beautiful silver belt cinched tightly above her blue satin shorts.

“I feel like Wonder Woman,” Tina said. “But I suppose I should return this to you, Darala.”

Tina reached for the belt but Darala stopped her.

“I would like you to continue to wear it, perhaps for one more day.”

Tina asked, “But won’t you begin to weaken, Darala?”

Darala smiled and said, “Tina, don’t worry about me. My adaptation to Earth has grown more secure this time. When I require the belt, I’ll let you know. But for now, I would like you to continue to wear it. The effects on you have been remarkable in such little time. Isn’t that correct, computer?”

“Remarkable indeed,” the computer replied.

Just then Tina’s phone rang from inside the house.

“I’d better grab that,” she said, a hurried inside.

Tina picked up the phone receiver and said, “This is Tina Carter.”

It was Mary on the other end of the phone. “Mayor, um, this is Mary, the Sheriff is here to see you. Said it’s urgent.”

Tina sighed loudly, “Did he say what it’s concerning?”

Mary said, “No, he wouldn’t tell me.”

Tina took a deep breath and said, “Please offer him some coffee, I’ll get there as soon as I can.”

“What should I tell him?”

“Tell him I was… taking a test. I’ll be there soon.”

Darala stood in the doorway and asked, “Is everything all right?”

Tina said, “I’m not sure. The Sheriff is at my office for some urgent reason.”

Darala said, “Then perhaps it would be best if I remain here.”

Tina said, “Make yourself at home, I’ll return after the meeting.”

With that, Tina hurried off to get dressed, deciding she’d wear the silver belt under the waistline of her suit pants.

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