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DARALA STARR – SEASON 2 – Chapters 15-18

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Chapter 15 "What Do You Suppose Did That?"

Tina drove fast up the road leading into the mountainous hilly forest of Pleasant Valley. The Torellian, with his makeshift handcuffs Tina formed out of solid iron, tumbled around the backseat, sweating.

“Will you slow down! You’re going to kill us all!” he yelled.

Jason said, “Relax, Torellian. You’re in no danger. Now, tell us where we’re going.”

The Torellian said, “I already explained. There is a side road that leads to the entrance of the old mine. It’s just another mile or so ahead!”

Tina took another sharp turn and the Torellian banged against the side of the door.

“Ouch! That hurt!” he complained.

Tina smirked and said, “I seem to remember this road. I did explore this area with the mine when I was hiking years ago.”

Jason nodded. “I remember it also. You and I were with a group of hikers.”

Tina nodded, “Yes. I remember you couldn’t keep your eyes off me.”

Jason grinned, “Can you blame me?”

Tina smiled at the memory and then suddenly pulled a sharp right turn onto the small, dirt road that led toward the mine. The Torellian once again slammed against the car door hard.

“Ouch! You did that on purpose!” he scolded Tina.

Up ahead, they saw something and Tina slammed on the brakes. They slowly got out of the car, leaving the Torellian inside.

They both stared at it for a long time and then Tina asked Jason, “What do you suppose did that?”

They were looking at the car that belonged to Kelly and Jim, the young camping couple, with a large boulder caving in the side of it.

Jason assessed the rock and said, “Let’s move this out of the way.”

Tina nodded.

They pressed their hands against the huge boulder, which Jason must have guessed weighed many tons. Their leg muscles grew into iron hard bulging peaks beneath their satin shorts, their shoulders and arms turned rock hard and rippling.

With their combined super strength, the massive boulder moved, tipping upward away from the car! It dislodged from the metal with a terrible screech. They repositioned their hands and pushed even harder, their strength overpowering the massive weight. Tina’s leg muscles had never grown so large and strong, and as the rock moved, she also noticed Jason’s massive legs, tan and shiny. Together they were an unstoppable force!

The massive rock creaked against other stones on the ground; it’s weight lumbering forward until it could no longer stand. It rolled over away from them, out of harm’s way.

Their chests rose and fell together from the effort, but they both found the strength from Darala’s belts still flowing through them.

The Torellian emerged from the car, the steel bar handcuff binding his wrists tightly together as he hobble walked toward them.

“This is the doing of that infernal robot! I just know it,” he said, shooting a glance all around the woods. “It’s out here somewhere. We must be careful proceeding.”

Jason looked north and saw the trail leading to the mine. He planted fists on his hips just above his shiny shorts.

“It’s only two miles from here,” he said. “We can run that in no time.”

Tina nodded.

“Wait,” the Torellian said, “I cannot run that, it’s impossible. I can barely move at all with my hands bound like this.”

Jason noted a hundred yards off a small structure. It was an old mining storage shed, made of corrugated metal and concrete. And as Jason recalled, it was once full of old tools. An idea struck him.

“You make a good point, Torellian,” Jason said. He grabbed the Torellian by the shoulder and said, “So I think it would be best for you to stay put.”

Jason led the Torellian toward the mining shed.

“What are you doing” the Torellian asked while squirming.

Tina followed them and they were standing in front of it. There was a metal door with a large closed handle. On the doorframe was another large handle where once a padlock and chain kept it secured from trespass. But the chain and lock were long gone, the door hanging lazily open.

The Torellian looked inside, seeing how dark it was and all the old tools, hanging there like gothic metal icicles.

“Oh, no. No, you can’t leave me here!” he protested. “The robot! The dark. I don’t like small spaces!”

Tina said, “I made his handcuffs.” Nearby she found a piece of rebar, three feet long and three quarters of an inch thick.

She smiled and handed it to Jason. “I’ll let you seal the door.”

Jason smiled back and then lightly pushed the Torellian inside.

“Now you stay here,” Jason said. He closed the door and took the rebar from Tina. With the door handles lined up, he slid the bar through them.

Jason rocked his hips slightly, powering his stance, his shorts shiny in the sun. Tina felt that tingling anticipation between her legs as Jason grabbed the ends of the bar.

With his explosive strength, Jason bent the bar quickly around the handles, the steel crying irritably under stress. He pulled the ends past each other, tightening the loop of the bar around the door handles. Jason felt the euphoria of his strength, the excitement it brought and the growing arousal as he demanded the steel obey his strength. After that, Jason twisted the ends of the bar into a sort of braid, the weary steel creaking and screeching.

Jason finished bending the bar, the steel now a tight tangle around the door handles.

“That should hold you until we return,” Jason said. From inside the Torellian yelled “You cannot leave me here! This is cruel!”

Tina grabbed Jason and hugged hum tightly. “I love watching you bend steel,” she said.

“Not as much as I love watching you,” he said. “Now, are you ready to run as fast as a car?”

Tina smiled and said, “I cannot wait!”

Together they started running, accelerating, faster and faster until Tina felt the wind whipping past her like she was sticking her head out of her car. Her legs took impossible strides and she guessed she was running at forty miles and hour! Jason ran beside her, their muscles pumping tirelessly with superhuman power and might, their fitness clothes shining in the sun, and Tina decided she did not want this to end. She wanted so desperately to keep this power with Jason! But she refocused and thought about how they were going to rescue Darala. Their friend needed their help. And Tina was not about to let Darala down.


Chapter 16 "Darala'a Dilemma"

Darala paced back and forth in her containment room, thinking things through carefully. Her strength was slowly diminishing and it wouldn’t be too long before she’d be unable to try and bend the steel doors to her room apart. She took in a deep breath, but the pressure in the room was back to normal. Julia Warren was very clever. She knew if Darala gained any measurable strength, it would be to escape. But what was Darala to do?

Right then she thought about Jason and Tina, and wondered how they were doing Were they in danger also? For their own protection, Darala hoped they would stay far away from this place. And the robot: Darala wondered how powerful it really was. If she did have to battle it, could she overcome it with her remaining strength? All of this gave her unwanted anxiety.

Meanwhile, in another part of the underground lab, Julia Warren stood in front of a large display screen in a small, private room. The screen lit up in front of her, and she was now seeing a live feed from her planet. The other shapeshifters nodded to her.

“Greetings, Julia,” one of them said. “What is the status of your progress?”

Julia said, “The Tau Ceti woman is perfect. Her super strength is unmatched. With her bare hands she’s able to bend even the strongest steel. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

One of the other shapeshifters said, “That is incredible. Now, have you been able to extract and synthesize the super strength of the Tau Ceti woman?”

Julia lowered her head and said, “Not yet. But I am working on that very issue as we speak. Do not worry, I will have Darala Starr’s might within my grasp very soon.”

“Once you have a proven method,” the other shapeshifter said, “return home with the process so we may all receive this marvelous gift. After that, nothing will stop our people from doing whatever we wish. The galaxy will be ours to rule!”

Julia Warren smiled and said, “Yes. That will be a great day!”


Meanwhile, Tina and Jason ran faster and faster, closing the distance on the mine. There was a tall barrier up ahead and Jason sprang into the air, leaping twenty feet over it and landing flawlessly on the other side. He stopped and turned to look back as Tina also leaped, her leg muscles rippling with power. She flew upward and over the fence, clearing the top of it and dropping into a perfect landing next to Jason.

“Did you ever think you’d have this kind of power?” Jason asked.

“No,” Tina said. “I only dreamed about it after Darala left. But having it now… it’s the greatest feeling in the world.”

The moved on and not too much further, they saw the entrance to the mine, like a giant mouth in the side of the hillside. It was pitch dark inside. Outside the front were two guards in strange uniforms that were pacing back and forth. They each had what looked like a laser rifle slung over their shoulders; large, silver guns with long barrels.

Jason and Tina hid behind a tree, watching the guards.

Jason whispered, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Tina smiled and nodded.


At about this same time, Julia Warren left the private room and walked back down the futuristic hallway toward the main lab. Several of her assistants were working on data from a computer screen and she approached them.

“Home world wants an update. Do you know how we might extract the Tau Ceti Woman’s blood for DNA synthesis?”

One of the assistants nodded.

Julia Warren smiled in a sinister way. “Then let’s not waste any more time. Darala Starr will have to be eliminated!”

She then walked directly toward the Robot and said, “Now, I want you to go and fetch that little squirmy Torellian and the human called Brown. Bring them to me! And they’d better have the Tau Ceti Woman’s belt and bracelets.”

The robot turned on its huge legs and began walking away, toward an exit and then it disappeared into darkness.

Darala saw this and quickly understood that something was about to happen.

Julia Warren stood over her console and grabbed the microphone. She turned it on and said, “Well, Doctor Starr, it seems my very capable assistants have had a breakthrough.”

Hearing Julia’s voice on the speakers overhead, Darala turned to face her.

“I’m really not interested in your mad experiment, Miss Warren.”

Julia Warren said, “Doctor Starr, I can’t believe it. Surely you’ll want to know that we’ve found a way to extract your very DNA for purposes of synthesizing a strength formula.”

Darala felt nervous, but put on a bold face.

“I hardly think that’s possible,” she said.

“Oh, but it is, Doctor Starr. It is,” Julia Warren said.

Behind her, two security guards with face masks and laser rifles stepped up.

“Ah,” Julia said, “Perfect timing. I’ll need you both here in a moment.”

Julia turned to Darala and said into the microphone, “And now Doctor Starr, I’m sorry to have to do this, but I’m going to have to put you back to sleep and take your amazing strength away from you!”

Julia pushed a button on her control panel, and a puff of smoke appeared in Darala’s chamber.

Chapter 17 "Rescuing the Tau Ceti Superwoman"

The toxic puff of smoke emerged in Darala’s chamber and she knew this was it: life and death! She backed away from the vapor and then remembered something. Darala, she thought, remember the power of your breath!

Darala took in a deep breath, her powerful Tau Ceti lungs filled with air and her chest rose suddenly beneath her suit, the fabric tight against her swelling bust. Darala pursed her lips and a moment later she pushed all that air forward, the force of it multiplied through her tight lips.

The toxic air was blown clear away from her, and back out through a grated vent in the ceiling.

Julia Warren was in shock.

“What? How can that be possible?”

“Because she’s Darala Starr, The Tau Ceti Superwoman!” a voice behind Julia said.

Julia spun around, badly startled. In an instant both security guards shed their uniforms, revealing Jason and Tina in their satin fitness clothes, their tan muscles rippling tight like forged iron. Julia’s eyes almost popped from her head at the sight of them.

“What is the meaning of this?” she demanded.

Darala pressed herself up to the viewing port and saw her friends. She smiled brightly and cried out, “Jason! Tina!”

Jason cried to her, “Darala, it’s okay! We’re going to help you escape!”

Julia Warren yelled at her assistants, “Seize them both!”

To her astonished dismay, Jason and Tina overpowered the lab assistants with no difficulty. Jason threw one of them across the lab, the assistant crashing into a computer console with a terrible thud. Tina lifted another with one hand, holding him above the ground, her arms muscles bulging with power. With only that one hand, she tossed him aside and he spilled clumsily on the laboratory floor.

Darala was so excited she felt a surge of her own adrenaline. Now determined, she ran to those thick, double steel doors and pressed her fingers back into the seam. She closed her eyes and focused. She then began to apply her incredible strength to bending that seam open.

Tina and Jason disposed of the other assistants, throwing them single-handed around the room, their bodies sailing to and fro. Julia Warren was in a panic. She reached for a button on her control panel, but a hand snatched her wrist. The hand had a silver bracelet. Tina’s grip was immense, a crushing force on Julia’s wrist. She could not believe it and her legs almost buckled from the force.

“Not so fast,” Tina said.

They all heard a low groan that grew in the room. It was coming from the steel doors. The groan was followed by piercing high squeals that reverberated through the wall. Realizing what was happening, Jason ran to the door and put his fingers into the seam also. Unleashing his super strength, he pulled on the steel, his back muscles growing into rock hard, defined peaks of otherworldly power. The moaning of the door turned into a terrible, deep creaking as the steel very slowly began to fatigue and a tiny gap began to emerge between the doors! But it was still extremely difficult and Darala was struggling.

“No!” Julia Warren said. “No, it cannot be!”

Tina lifted Julia with only one hand and hauled her away from the control console. With complete control of her strength, Tina lowered Julia back down to the ground.

“You have her strength,” Julia said in hushed awe, now noticing the belt and bracelets. “Please, I need those! I must have the power.”

“No,” Tina said. “You will never possess it.”

In a shocking moment, Julia’s face changed into Darala’s face!

“Tina, you must give me the belt.”

On instinct, Tina threw Julia Warren straight back into the wall of the laboratory with such force that the woman crashed hard into it and landed face down, unconscious.

“Tina!” Jason was calling her. “Tina, I need you!”

Tina left Julia there and ran to the door. Jason then removed his belt and pushed it through the tiny seam. “Darala,” he said, “I’m giving you your belt! Put it on!”

Inside the chamber Darala pulled her belt through the tiny gap. She quickly placed it around her hips and it snugged instantly against her. Within moments, Darala felt a growing new wave of Tau Ceti strength. She took in several deep breaths, her lungs filling with wonderful Tau Ceti atmosphere. Her muscles tingled like fire. Darala lifted her arm and flexed her bicep, and almost instantly it grew beneath her suit, the peak of it stunning and beautiful!

Darala put her hands back on the door and said, “Jason, Tina, pull on your side! Together, the three of us, we can bend these doors!”

Jason said, “Okay!”

Tina said, “Okay, Darala!”

Jason took one side of the door, putting both his hands in the center of the gap. Tina took the other side of the door, putting her fingers in as well.

“Okay,” Darala said from behind the door, “All together! Use all your strength!”

And the three of them unleashed their power. Darala instantly felt the doors bend apart. Jason and Tina felt the steel deforming quickly in their hands more and more, inch by inch. The gap opened wider, the inch and a half thick steel howling with a thunderous roar, screeching like dry ice across the seams as the three of them peeled the doors open.

Julia Warren slowly became conscious, in time to watch the three of them tearing the thick doors slowly open! The sound in the lab of tortured steel was almost deafening.

“No,” Julia Warren said, trying to get back to her feet. “This cannot be happening!”

Darala felt her own adrenaline flow like a river and it seemed that her grip was even then crushing the edges of the door.

Tina cried out, pulling harder and harder, her back and arm muscles massive and hard, the steel in her hands bending outward toward her.

Jason’s grip was also warping the edge of the door, which was now opening rapidly in a mangled, deformed bulge. A moment later the steel, now completely exhausted, gave up and buckled apart in a terrible crashing shriek. There was now a huge opening and Darala stepped through it. Jason and Tina were trying to catch their breath, exhausted. Darala quickly embraced Jason and held him tightly.

“Oh, Jason! Jason you came for me!”

She then turned to Tina and embraced her tightly. “Tina, I am so glad to see you! You saved me. I thought I was going to die.”

Darala then held both of them, the three of them in an embrace.

“We had to come for you, Darala,” Jason said. “Did they hurt you?”

Darala reached behind her neck and said, “Yes, they did.”

She felt the little poison metal attachment and quickly ripped it from her skin. And in fact, it did hurt!

“Ouch!” Darala cried. She examined the little device in her hand. There was some of her blood on it. She dropped it on the floor and stomped it with her boot heel. It exploded beneath her foot into tiny pieces.

Without any more delay, Darala turned and was going to give Julia Warren a piece of her mind. But the shape shifter was gone.

“Oh, no,” Tina said, “She’s gone! I threw her against the wall and she collapsed. I had to come to the door to help, I’m sorry I didn’t keep my eyes on her.”

Darala said, “Tina, it’s okay. You did great. You and Jason saved my life. For that I am eternally grateful to you both.”

“I still feel bad about her getting away,” Tina said. Jason closed on Tina and embraced her and then kissed her deeply. “I love you, Tina. Don’t worry. It’ll be all right.”

Tina kissed him back and Darala watched the two of them. She smiled, and a very slight tear ran down from her eyes. She quickly wiped them away, and Jason noticed.

“Darala, I was going to tell you that…”

“No, Jason,” Darala said. “This is beautiful. You and Tina belong together, I knew it from the very beginning.”

Jason smiled and Tina put her arm around his hip.

“He’s my wonder man,” Tina said.

“And you’re my wonder woman,” Jason said.

Darala said, “And I need to get back to my ship and go home.”

Tina said, “You’ll need this.”

Tina slid off the bracelets and handed them to Darala.

“Thank you, Tina,” Darala said warmly, then slipped them carefully over her wrists.

Jason looked around the laboratory and said, “We can’t leave this equipment here. It must be destroyed.”

“I agree,” Darala said.

“Should we use our bare hands?” Tina asked, flexing her iron hard forearm muscles.

Jason said, “Let’s save our strength. I have a better idea.”

Jason grabbed one of the laser rifles and put it against his shoulder. He pulled the trigger and a blinding beam of focused blue light exploded from the gun, tearing into the laboratory consoles, slicing them open, and spilling their computer guts on the floor. Flames emerged and Jason sprayed the rest of the equipment with the laser. The whole room was cut apart and now burning with fire.

When he was finished, Jason took the rifle and wrapped his fingers around the barrel. A moment later he squeezed it and slowly bent it backward, bringing it to half its original length. The surprised metal shrieked in his hands and it was over quickly. Finished, Jason threw the weapon aside.

“No need to leave a working weapon behind.”

Tina grabbed the other gun and did the same with her bare hands, the metal bending quickly in her grip, crying for mercy with a faint screech. With the barrel folded backward, Tina threw the gun on the ground with a loud clang.

“Well,” she said. “Shall we get out of here before the whole place explodes?”

The fires around them were burning more out of control; the whole lab was falling apart.

“Lead the way,” Darla said, and the three of them ran from the building.

Chapter 18 "Robot Attack"

Darala, Jason and Tina emerged into the afternoon light from the mine, as smoke began to billow from the entrance.

“Looks like the entire lab is destroyed,” Jason said.

Tina said, “Let’s hope so.”

Darala tapped her wristband and the communication function lit up.

“Computer, this is Darala Starr, do you hear me?” Darala said.

A moment later they heard the ship’s computer voice say, “Darala Starr! You are okay! I am so glad to hear your voice!”

Darala said, “And I’m very glad to hear you as well. I must leave Earth as soon as possible and return to Tau Ceti Alpha.”

The computer said, “Now that is a welcome proposition.”

Darala said, “Please track my coordinates and find me at our arrival site.”

The ship’s computer said, “Yes, Darala, I’m tracking you now. I will land at the appropriate site within the hour. Are Jason Prince and Tina Carter with you?”

Darala said, “Yes. They saved my life.”

The computer said, “Jason and Tina, I thank you for your heroics. It would seem the impartation of super strength was a good idea after all.”

Darala agreed. “Yes, it was.”

The computer said, “Based on my readings, I might dare say that the effects of the Tau Ceti infusion may last much longer than originally expected.”

Tina and Jason smiled at each other sweetly. “And even if they don’t,” Jason said, “Tina and I will love each other all our days and remember this time with great affection.”

The computer said, “Am I to gather that Jason Prince and Tina Carter are…”

Tina said, “… going to get married. Yes!”

The computer said, “Then it would seem this adventure has a very happy…”

The voice fell silent. And then the computer said, “I’m detecting a dangerous energy nearby…”

It was only a moment later that a tree crashed down nearby and the robot lumbered into the area, it’s arms and claw hands waving furiously through the air.

“The robot!” Jason yelled.

They quickly scattered as the mechanical monster thundered through the area, its arms smashing rocks nearby. It swung around and brought down its large claws on Darala! Darala caught its arms in her hands and felt the enormity of the robot’s power pressing down on her. Darala fought back, summoning more strength, holding the arms aloft while the robot strained against her.

Jason ran to the back of the machine and began landing punches against its metal body. With each superhuman blow, the metal ever so slightly began to dent inward, the steel gradually taking subtle imprints of Jason’s fist!

The robot pushed Darala away, and spun around to attack Jason. Jason leaped over the machine and landed safely away.

“Darala, are you all right?” he yelled. Darala had fallen, but was getting back to her feet.

Tina lunged at the robot and grabbed one of its arms, pulling on it with all her super strength.

The robot struggled against her grip, but slowly overpowered Tina and threw her aside. She tumbled on the ground. Jason ran directly toward the robot and pushed against it as hard as he could. The machined stumbled backward against the force of Jason’s blow. But it once again righted itself and was back on the attack.

Tina squatted down and with her bare hands lifted a three hundred fifty pound boulder, her arm and leg muscles bulging bronze with incredible strength. She threw the boulder and it smashed against the side of the robot, denting and scraping its skin and causing it to stumble again.

“This mechanical monster doesn’t go down easy,” Jason said.

Tina said, “It’s very strong.”

Darala said, “Not as strong as the three of us. Together!”

Jason nodded. Darala said, “Jason, you and Tina take the arms! I’m going to give this mechanical misfit a Tau Ceti hug!”

The robot held stationary a moment, as though it was studying them, trying to calculate their next move. Jason and Tina crept around either side of the machine while Darala stood in front of it, fists on her hips, her impossible chest muscles rippling with otherworldly strength!

“All right you mechanized monstrosity,” Darala said, “Come and get me!”

The robot stomped forward once again, and that’s when Tina and Jason ran in from the sides, each one grabbing one of the Robot’s claws. At the same time, Darala ran to the back of the machine and wrapped her arms around its blocky chest area where a glowing control panel was placed. Darala clamped her hands together at the front of the robot and began to bear hug the machine.

Tina and Jason were using all their strength to hold the arms at bay! And faintly they could here a troubling creaking sound coming from the robot’s body. It was Darala! She was pulling her arms inward against the steel body and beneath her locked hands, the metal was beginning to cave inward.

A terrible screech came from the joints of the machine, and then a groaning howl as the robot’s body began to fatigue beneath Darala’s immense grip, the steel ever so slowly caving in on itself.

Darala screamed out loud, summoning even more strength, her own adrenaline amplifying her power!

Jason used all his strength and the robot arm on his side began to tear from the body in a startling screech!

Tina’s strength grew with her adrenaline, and she cried out, now feeling the robot’s arm beginning to dislodge on her side!

Darala leaned back into the bear hug, lifting the massive machine’s feet from the ground, inch by inch. The pressure of her grip on the steel was too much. The chest area of the robot was caving in further and further beneath a horrifying moaning howl, punctuated by eerie screeches.

Suddenly Jason and Tina ripped the arms from its body! Darala let the machine go, and it stumbled forward on its feet. It whirled around and they saw the deformity of the body where Darala had squeezed it. Terrible noises were coming from the machine and a moment later, sparks shot from its eyes and the top of its head.

A moment later the robot fell to its knees and Darala stomped up to it, her chest heaving massively from exhaustion. But she had enough strength left to pull back her fist into a steel hammer, and land a punch in its face so powerful, the robot head broke free from the body and tumbled away into the shade.

Darala leaned over, feeling a sudden pain in her side. She glanced down and to her dismay saw blood coming from a cut in her suit.

Tina saw it and ran to her quickly. “Darala? Darala, are you okay?”

Jason also noticed and attended to her.

“I’m fine. It’s nothing serious,” Darala said. “But I think it best if we hurry back toward the landing site. I’ve got emergency medical supplies on the ship.”

Jason said, “Then lets not waste any more time.”

A moment later, the three of them took off running with super speed, accelerating through the forest faster than three cars!

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