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Little Krypton – Episode Two

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Little Krypton

by Shadar

Episode Two

Chapter Three

The upper platform of the old WBZ broadcast tower, just outside Metropolis. 

Lara’s first stop after leaving the Berserker club with her sister Nancy was Lake Wallahanin. She dove into the black water while still supersonic, the two young Kryptonians hitting hard enough to have vaporized a human. Instead, the only damage this late at night was to send a cascade of water hundreds of yards into the air along with an underwater shock-wave that briefly stunned many fish. Deep underwater in the deep lake, Lara spun her younger sister around at high speed to wash away most of the Beserkers filth. Nancy was still out of it minutes later when Lara hugged her to her side again and launched them upward to burst out of the deep lake, climbing at a shallow angle as she stayed just below the Mach while flying toward the old Metropolis PubTV broadcast tower. There was no sense waking already sleep-deprived people with her sonic boom.

Their mother was waiting for them on the windy TV tower platform more than a half mile above the ground, the only illumination on this moonless night being the anti-collision strobe lights overhead. They cast only a dim glow on the platform thanks to the night clouds that had settled low over them. 

Kara was dressed in a black leather tunic that was just long enough to serve as a short skirt, and she wore a red choker that gave the outfit some color. Standing barefoot with her pale hair blowing in the wind, her eyes sparkled as she studied her daughters while Lara dropped down to land with her younger sister. 

“So what’s the big emergency tonight?” Kara asked. 

Lara released Nancy to her mother’s arms as she rose back up to float a feet above the platform, her oversized cape billowing in the wind to reveal the tiny bit of silver nothing that she wore beneath. “Harley Quinn had her under her thrall, mom. She took her into a Berserker club and then turned an entire room of SS loose on her. Nancy was too drugged to fight back. It wasn’t pretty.”

“Any casualties?”

“I tossed a bunch of SS around, but doubt if I injured any. Not that they’d admit it if I did, being Berserkers and all. But there was this cop outside…”

Nancy suddenly gasped as her blue eyes opened to focus on her mother’s. “Is the Patrolman Ok?” she asked in a terrified voice.

“He’s fine Nancy,” Lara said from behind her. “At worst some bruised ribs.”

“Thank, Rao!” Nancy cried. “I was so afraid when Harley made me…” she paused to tilt her head, trying to dig through the fog of her thoughts, “she made me want to hurt him.”

“Ok, take me through it, Nancy,” Kara said grimly. 

“She… Harley I mean, she was in my head. Some kind of drug. She… she wanted me to kill him. The cop.” She looked down at her feet. “I suddenly had this insane desire to crush him in my arms. It was… Oh, Rao, it was… I just so wanted to crush that frail and ugly man. Crush him like a baby bird to prove... I don’t know, that I could? Just the thought made me… I don’t know… hot, turned on… it was awful… horrible and… wonderful, my hunger to crush him made me sick. Oh, mom, I never want to feel that way again.”

“But you didn’t hurt him badly honey,” Kara said, hugging her daughter tightly. “You’re an El deep inside, and we don’t kill people.”

“But Mom, it was so close. I almost, almost, almost did what she wanted.”

Kara frowned as she held Nancy tighter while looking up at Lara, looking truly worried now. “What were you doing around Harley in the first place, Nancy? We’ve talked about her before and you know Harley’s got that little book of horrors that was passed down from Poison Ivy. Ivy twisted Dad and I around her fingers a few times back in the day. We are not immune to her potions.”

“I didn’t even know it was Harley until too late, Mom. I was at that awards show, accepting this year’s Peace prize for the family. Dad sent me. Which was kind of weird right from the start, what with me floating around in this tiny outfit of yours from back in the 80’s with this itsy-bitsy skirt and all. I felt so out of place, what with everyone else dressed in long, elegant gowns and made up to the nines, wearing expensive jewelry and all. I felt almost naked as everyone looked up at me as I floated around.”

“It’s what people expect of us, Nancy. Floating around and wearing these old El-family red and blues when in public. Tradition. You’ll eventually get used to it. So how did Harley get to you?”

“It was a trap. And ambush. I was leaving the auditorium when I saw two men beating up this older woman who looked like she’d just come out of the awards show. No one else was helping her, and those guys were punching her hard enough to knock her completely off her feet. Hitting her again and again. But when I dove down to protect her, to get between her and the men, the woman threw off her clothes and grabbed me to hug and kiss me before I realized what was happening. It was Harley in disguise, wearing a wig and that gown, and she had some kind of potion. On her lips, I think.”

“That’s a classic Ivy-style attack,” Kara frowned. “Get you close enough to transfer her poisons. But didn’t you x-ray her and her attackers before engaging?” 

Nancy shook her head, her long red and blue pigtails flying. “I thought I knew exactly what was happening.”

Kara sighed. “This is how Harley works now, honey. She hits you when you are trying to save someone. She preys on our kindness. That’s one of the reasons we have the rule about checking for disguises and hidden weapons before engaging.”

“Sorry, Mom, but that woman looked like she was getting killed. Those men weren’t pulling their punches. I thought that another blow or two might kill her.”

“Obviously, it was all for show. And they didn’t have to pull their punches with Harley. Somehow she’s gotten too tough for a normal man to hurt with their fists. We can thank four generations of her family’s tinkering with Ivy’s potions and poisons for that. This Harley, the great-grandniece of the original, might be the most dangerous one of all.”

“Even worse, Mom, she looked pretty comfortable in that Berserker club with those SS assholes,” Lara added. “Like she was in control of the place.”

“Yeah,” Nancy nodded. “I don’t remember much, but I do remember one man calling her Queen of the Berserkers.”

“This is not good,” Kara said with a shake of her head. “Those Tri-S addicts are hard enough to manage without Harley tinkering with their heads. They are easily influenced when high, which was the military’s goal. If she gets them to shoot up outside a club, and takes control of them, they would become her weapons. People could die.”

“I thought it was a capital crime?” Nancy said. “To use Tri-S without being protected inside one of those clubs.”

“Harley already has a lot of blood on her hands. And if she can take control of you, then she can wrap any SS around her little finger. She could send them out to attack in different places at the same time to tie the Metropolis PD into knots. The SS already super-strong, and while her potions make us weak, don’t put it beyond Harley to make it work the other way for the SS. And Harley doesn’t give a damn if they live or die. She’ll use them as pawns to distract from whatever caper she’s pulling off.”

“Then why don’t we go and get her right now, Mom?” Nancy asked excitedly. “We know exactly where she is. She can’t stop all three of us.”

“She’s right, Mom,” Lara said. “I bent the bars over the entrance good. She’s not getting out anytime soon.”

Kara shook her head. “Likely she’s already blasted her way out. And even if she was there, she can generate that black gas around her when she’s attacked. Gas that will kill any human who inhales it, and that includes SS. It won’t kill us, but it will paralyze us long enough for her to use her other potions on us. I don’t think you want to continue what she started tonight.”

Nancy shivered. “No.”

“Then fly home and wash that crap out of your hair and off your face. Get some sleep. We’ll talk more tomorrow after your head clears.”

Nancy rose into the air, the wind lifting her skirt to reveal a hint of her blue leotard as she reached up with one arm, fist closed, and accelerated like a bullet, shockwaves streaming off her to create huge circular eddies before the clouds swallowed her up. Seconds later, a series of sharp sonic booms lashed the tower as Nancy broke the Mach multiple times and was out of the atmosphere in seconds. She’d always been the family’s fastest flyer.

Lara floated down to land next to her mother. “I don’t like the sound of what she was thinking and feeling when Harley turned her loose on that cop.”

“I’m worried too,” Kara nodded. “Ivy’s drugs aren’t mind-controlling. They paralyze and weaken us and at worst cause amnesia. But the way Nancy was talking… I don’t know. That was different.” She lowered her voice to a whisper. “It almost sounded like a touch of Faora Syndrome.”

“Fuck that!” Lara exclaimed loudly. “Faora was a killing machine. She preyed on men. Got her thrills killing them in exotic ways.” 

Kara shook her head. “Worse than that, Faora was profoundly excited by killing during sex. That’s the only way she could get off. We call it Faora Syndrome these days, but it wasn’t just her. She was just the most famous person who had it. There has always been a bit of that insanity in some Kryptonian women. Back on Krypton, any girl who acted on those desires was immediately sentenced to the Phantom Zone.”

“That’s pretty harsh, Mom. The PZ is the worst place in the universe.”

“It’s not even in our universe, Lara. But once a girl has killed and felt the thrill, she’ll keep killing. Faora was unusual because she grew up while hiding it. Long enough at least to get hooked up with Zod, who then turned her loose as his personal weapon. She damn near killed Kal once. I think she actually might have if I didn’t get there in time.”

“She was that strong?” Lara asked, looking worried.

Kara shrugged. “Doubt that, but she knew exactly where to punch him with her stiffened fingers, causing internal injuries, nerve damage, whatever. All the while while he was trapped and unable to escape thanks to the superstrength of her Kegel muscles. It took Kal weeks to recover, and she almost ended his ability to father children. Thankfully, she’s buried deep in the Phantom Zone now.”

“Unless she busts out like she did before. But it’s scary as hell to think that maybe Nancy thinks a little bit that way.”

“I’m sure it’s not that bad, Lara. More likely some of Harley’s insanity rubbed off for a moment. We don’t really know what she’s done with Ivy’s drugs given all the gen-mod technology we have today.”

Lara exhaled, blowing out her lips. “Well, at least Nancy’s home for the night. Do we have any loose ends to clean up here?”

“Just one. Someone has to visit that Patrolman and his superiors. To make sure he’s Ok and to show we care.”

“I’ll go.”

“Make sure you stay covered. Seducing an entire Precinct building full of cops in the middle of the night isn’t going to keep Metropolis safe.”

“It would only be the men in any case, Mom. Lots of women are cops now. But I’ll be good.” She gathered her cape around her and reached up to tap a code on the red choker that it attached to. The red cape immediately turned darker as it wrapped itself tightly around her, transforming in seconds into a very fashionable-looking black pant suit with a frilly white blouse. It hugged her slender form very tightly. “How about this look,” she said, her hands moving at super-speed to tie her blonde hair into a thick braid, the end so long it teased her pert backside. “If not for the red choker, I bet I could pass for a very expensive lawyer.”

“Maybe, just as long as you keep your pheromones to yourself.”

Lara smiled. “In a building with that many hunky men? But at least I’ll look professional on the surveillance holos. You need to go home and check on Nancy, Mom. I’m really worried about her.”

The two slender Kryptonians rose into the air, with Lara peeling off to fly eastward toward Metropolis, looking very strange in her expensive “suit”. Kara arching westward to rise faster, heading toward space, accelerating like a rocket to follow her daughter’s suborbital arc toward Montana. 

Kara’s sharp sonic booms rattled more windows which got more dogs barking as she flew off. 

Chapter Four

Little Krypton’s Visitor Center in Montana.

Alura’s original idea for me to come home to meet her parents was just that. A quick meet and greet. Then back to Boulder. It was my idea to take it further. 

Alura and I had talked long enough about getting married, but we hadn’t reached the point of announcing it to everyone. Not yet anyway. But we both knew what we wanted, and my parents and most of our friends knew, so it seemed wrong not to say something to her parents. Plus I’m enough of a traditionalist to feel that was my job. To ask for her hand and all. 

Still, the idea of telling Alura’s ultra-famous parents that we were thinking about getting married froze me to the core. Of asking for permission. I might be an Olympic gold medalist, which gave me my own kind of fame, but the Els were larger than life. They weren’t even humans, for Christ’s sake. Half the planet thought they were gods. Who knew what expectations they had for Alura? Surely they assumed she’d marry some super being who was physically more compatible with her? Or to never even get married, given that was more the norm these days.

I pushed those worries away. My insecurities notwithstanding, I had to do the right thing. We were in love and wanted to spent our lives together. Why hide that? It was a good thing. A very good thing. Despite our profound differences in upbringing and abilities, we had an unbreakable connection. 

Alura’s an amazing person to be around, and not just because of her abilities. She’s fun loving, and she has never said no to any challenge, ever, which strongly appealed to my adventurous nature. We did stuff together and went places that no other couple could. I wrote a blog entry after each of our trips, and my exclusive access to a daughter of El carved a small place for me among journalists, very much in the way that Kal’s first wife, Lois Lane, had done way back in the 20th century with Superman. Thanks to Alura, my world had expanded far beyond the boundaries of competitive swimming, even beyond the ancient libraries and archaic data formats that were the basis of my studies. 

Turning now to look back down the length of the huge visitor hall, I watched dozens of amazed visitors walking around with a strange, almost worshipful look in their eyes. A look I understood so well. This was not an Earthly place. This was an estranged bit of Kara’s old world. 

Was it about to become part of my world too? 

My heart raced as I realized I couldn’t procrastinate any longer. It was time. I hoisted my heavy bag over one shoulder and walked over to stand before the attractive redhead who manned the Reception Desk, reading her name from the large nameplate.

“Hi, April. I’m Alec Johansen.”

“I knew it!” she smiled up at me, green eyes sparkling. “Walking around the way you were, looking both impressed and intimidated by the displays, carrying that huge bag. Even with your Viking beard and those huge sunglasses, I figured it had to be you.”

“You have a good eye. My disguise usually works.”

She shrugged. “Don’t give me too much credit. Alura said to keep an eye out for the cutest Olympic swimmer who has ever lived.”

“You know Alura?” I asked excitedly. This was the first time I’d met someone who knew Alura before I’d met her.

“Sure. We grew up together. Third through twelfth grade.”

“Wow! We have got to talk sometime. I’d love to know what she was like as a kid.”

April was starting to reply when she was interrupted by angry shouts and cursing. Two opposing groups of people had started a loud argument. As we watched, it quickly turned into a fight that spilled out into the parking lot. Thankfully, two Security bots quickly descended to stand between the groups, spreading their long mechanical arms wide.

I gestured toward the disturbance. “Doesn’t that ever bother you? Alura told me about the protests and demonstrations. The crazy arguments. But I hadn’t expected fist fights.”

April shook her head, her flaming red hair swishing. “Not so much now. Don’t like the fights, of course, but Security can handle them. As far as the rest, I’ve gotten used to it. As I see it, everyone wants something from the Els. Do this. Don’t do that. Some believe they are gods, others see only demons. A lot of strong feelings are involved, especially between the weird cults out there. But thankfully, most visitors accept Kryptonians for what science has proven — that they are just like us except for their physical abilities. But the whackos, the crazies, the conspiracists, the xenophobes and the religious nuts don’t want to hear that. They’re convinced they’ve already found their own kind of truth.” 

She paused to stare out the window for a long moment, sighing. “You know, I used to go out there and try to talk with them, but they didn’t want to hear from me. Given I’m not blonde and my body isn’t carved from steel, I’m obviously not a goddess.”

I smiled. “Well, you could have fooled me. You’re extremely fit — something I am qualified to judge. And as far as your red hair goes, it’s been documented that Kal had an affair with flame-headed Maxima once, after his first wife died. How do I know you aren’t his daughter with Maxima?”

April smiled brightly as she sat up straighter. “My, MY! The man with all the gold medals also has a golden tongue. It seems we’ve heard some of the same stories.”

“And I’m betting from the same person.”

“I’m sure. Alura and I have always been best friends. She’s very special, so if she has chosen you, then you have to be something special too.” She tilted her head to stare dreamy-eyed at me. “Which any girl can see.”

I struggled not to blush. I’ve never been comfortable with fame, and given the outrageous come-ons that women often threw my way, I’d long ago learned to avoid anyone who tried to heap praise on me. 

“Ah, would you mind letting Alura know I’m here, April? She said she’d come pick me up.” 

“You’ve gone flying with her before?” she asked.

I smiled crookedly as a flush of warmth escaped to rise up my neck. Alura’s favorite way of making love was floating on warm air currents or playing in the clouds. 

“Ah, yes… of course you have,” April laughed as she saw the look on my face. “Alura and her famous air sex.” She lowered her voice. “I hope I’m not giving anything away, but she got in trouble for that back when she was only in 9th grade. The boy was Joey Ricardo. Football star and Homecoming King and a graduating Senior to boot. The school hero. He was one outrageously perfect muscular hunk, well, except for the black hole between his ears. A mighty Senior like him would normally ignore a mere Freshman, but nobody ignores Alura. She’s always gone for hunkiness. And she was always impulsive, especially back then.”

I grinned. “She still is. Impulsive that is. I’m just glad she eventually widened her list of boyfriend traits, or I wouldn’t be here.”

“Are you fucking kidding me…?” April whispered just loudly enough for me to hear. She leaned closer to give me a flirtatious look that was pure fire. “You do know that every straight woman and most gay men couldn’t tear their eyes from your bod during those Olympic broadcasts, given you were always dressed in that tiny racing swimsuit that frankly doesn’t hide anything. At. All.”

“Ah, you know, April, sports reporting for swimmers has always been done at pool side. Tradition. And those suits are for streamlining in the water.” 

She laughed teasingly. “Still, there’s just something about an elite swimmer’s body.”

I had to change the subject. “Actually, is Alura even here? Like, on Earth? Last I heard she was on a Martian rescue mission.”

“Lucky for you, she got back just a few hours ago. Came blazing into the atmosphere so fast that she aerobraked halfway around the planet. Surprised you didn’t see the fiery trail across the sky. She damn near set my desk on fire when she came by ask me to look out for you. Talk about a hot chick.” She gave me another sexy wink while twiddling her finger in mid-air to enable her Holo-phone. “Connect to Alura El,” she said softly.

Alura’s life-sized Holo projection appeared seconds later, the low-res image glowing faintly as she appeared to be floating between April and me, her back toward me. She was dressed in a white dress with her long hair hanging moist as if she’d just taken a shower. She might not be a classic beauty — she carried far too much muscle for that — but she was the most beautiful woman on Earth in my eyes.

“Hi April, what’s up?” she asked. The Holo image might be a low-res glower, but her voice sounded as if she was actually here. 

“I just wanted you to know, Miss High and Mighty, that I’ve got this super cute guy standing here who I’m definitely going to take home unless you get here posty-hasty to claim him.” April winked at me through the semi-transparent hologram.

“Tell him not to go anywhere. I’ll be right there.” Alura’s image turned to sparkles and vanished. 

“So, she really got in trouble for that in high school?” I asked, uncomfortably aware that Freshmen are usually only 14 or 15.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything. Nobody is supposed to know about that, least of all her parents, but she claims you guys have no secrets. And as far as school went, all the guys chased her. Hell, all of us did, at one level or another. All that blonde hair, that flawless body, that angelic face, those dimples, the floating/flying thing, not to mention her casual superstrength. Her bulletproofness. But you know all about that.”

I said nothing. 

“The LK school here on the ranch started a few years before she was born, and she was the first El kid to enter it. Everyone was kind of gaga about having a super girl in class, right from Kindergarten. Or so I was told. I didn’t start attending the school until third grade.”

“I can imagine she’d stand out,” I said, amused by the thought of Alura as a Kindergartener. 

“Funny story,” April continued. “Because she couldn’t play sports for obvious reasons, she became a Cheerleader, and her outfit was the first time any of us had seen her in a miniskirt with a big letter on her chest, looking a bit like her mom. Our football team mostly sucked, well except for Joey Ricardo, but we won a lot of games against the other small town schools around here because of Alura. She’d flip and fly and dance along the sidelines, tossing the rest of the cheerleaders around like stuffed animals, and she’d keep it up all through the game. Nobody in the stands could tear their eyes away from her, nor could the players on the field. Except our guys, who were kind of used to her. She timed her most outrageous stunts to match the plays on the field, which ensured the other guys weren’t watching the ball. We won most of our games that year, when by all rights we should have lost them all.”

I laughed. “That sounds like Alura. She’s not exactly shy.” 

“Yeah, but cheerleaders aren’t supposed to fly over people’s heads. Plus she had all that long, blonde hair and that angelic face and she was already developing those oversized boobs and muscles.” April sighed. “All I know is that it worked to give our guys a chance on the field.”

“She still does some of that when it comes to bad guys, April. Distraction gives her an edge so she can disarm them before anyone gets hurt. At the very least, the bad guys are looking at her when they start shooting. She’s very ticklish when it comes to bullets, and her giggles and outrageous flirting while being shot seems to turn men’s brains to mush.”

April laughed. “Oh, I could tell you some stories about her and guns. She once made this Elk costume with a huge trophy rack on it back when she was in fourth grade, and then went out in the woods every morning during hunting season to find the hunters. She wanted to save the Elk by getting the to shoot her instead. Her costume was so damn good and she moved so convincingly like an Elk that she ended the hunting season with nearly three-hundred high-powered bullet holes in her costume.”

“No shit…!” 

“Oh, yeah. There were a lot of frustrated hunters that year. They’d get a good hit, right in the heart, but their “wounded Elk” would run off and disappear. They’d spend the rest of the day trying to track it. The Department of Wildlife guys and the hunters never figured out that it was her, but we all knew because some days she’d came to class with bullet holes in her clothing, and on those days she’d walk up to Mr. Stein’s desk and dump the crumpled bullets on his desk. He was a local man who was totally into Elk hunting and this was her way of teasing him. Every bullet on his desk meant there was another bull Elk walking around out there instead of in someone’s freezer.”

I was grinning, finding it was easy to imagine young Alura doing that. I was about to ask for more stories when a powerful sonic boom shook the building. Seconds later, Alura flew through the back door in a cloud of blonde hair, bringing a huge gust of wind with her. 

She was dressed angelically in the same flowing white gown of knitted wool I’d just seen on the Holo, except that the buttons of her dress were now blown open down to her navel to reveal a necklace of blue diamonds that hung between her firm breasts. The edges of her open dress clung perilously to her firm nipples to maintain her modesty, and her windblown hair was the color of afternoon sunshine, dry now from her flight as it hung to the small of her back. And, of course, her eyes were the usual stunning sparkle of Cerulean blue. 

She gave off a little cry when she saw me, and jumped up to wrap her long legs around me, hugging me so tightly I couldn’t breathe, even with my X-ring on. Her flowing hair covered both of us as we kissed. I traced my hands down her impossibly tight backside while also enjoying the way the front of her unbuttoned dress opened warmly for me, her large breasts flattening slightly against my chest before the hard points of her nipples punctuated our embrace. 

Chapter Five

Little Krypton Visitor Center

April sighed loudly as she watched the two lovers spinning slowly around in mid-air, enveloped in the golden cloud of Alura’s hair and lost in their deep kiss as if they were the only people in the room. Wives held their husbands closer, wishing a young man had even once looked at them that way. Husbands lamented that no young woman had ever greeted them so passionately. 

April looked both happy and sad at the same time, a crooked smile on her lips as the two lovers began floating toward the inner door. Alura spun around at the last moment to kick one bare foot out behind her to bang the door open, and then they were gone, soaring up into the pale blue sky of the Northern Rockies.

“Bye…” April said almost silently as she gave them a little wave.

A woman dressed in a yellow dress rushed over to her desk, breaking her good mood. “Which El was that and who was that handsome guy?”

“That’s really not for me to say. I’m sorry.”

“Then how do I get inside Little Krypton to see the sights?” the woman asked.

April handed her a brochure. “There are a number of days each year when the ranch is open for guided tours. All the information is right here.”

“Can’t I go in now?”

“I’m sorry. The next open house date is on the 4th of July. The fireworks are amazing given the entire family shoots them off in mid-air while doing an aerobatic dance.”

“But I want to go in now.”

“I’m sorry. Please come back on July 4th or one of the other dates in your brochure.”

“I will not! I’m going in right now!” The indignant woman marched over to the inner door and walked through it.

April ignored her as she addressed the crowd that was starting to gather around her desk. “Anyone else have questions?”

“Hey, if she went in there, why can’t we?”

“Look out into the parking lot.”

They turned to see the woman in the yellow dress being lowered beside her car by an alien-looking flying robot with the word SECURITY on its back. She was cursing while throwing punches at the bot, her knuckles bouncing off its metal and plastic body. The bot seemed not to notice as it held her gently until she was standing safely on her own. Then it flew away, leaving behind a large, dog-like bot that sat on his haunches, staring at the woman with electric-yellow eyes. When she stepped closer, the dog lifted its lips ever so slightly to reveal large teeth. The woman backed up.

“That’s why.”

The woman fell into a rage now, ranting to everyone in the parking lot about attack robodogs. She climbed into her car and deactivated all the protection and safety devices before lowering the auxiliary wheels. Then she drove off down the parking lot to spin around in a squeal of rubber to accelerate toward the fence at the end of the building. 

The robodog leaped in front to try and stop her, but she ran the poor creature over before bashing through the chain link fence to race across the roadless ground in a cloud of dust, two flying Security bots in hot pursuit.

Chapter Six

Rocky Mountain High

Alura and I were far away by that time, busy tearing each other’s clothing off. She was flying on her back while supporting me with her legs as we struggled to work out the circus-like logistics of making love in mid-air. Her dress was soon wrapped around one leg as she somehow managed to also hold my heavy bag with her big toe. Alura is nothing if not multi-talented. I was laying on her inflated chest as I wrapped my arms around her to grip her muscular shoulders from the back, my legs wrapped around hers as she opened them for me. 

Air sex is harder than it looks. Alura was rolling slowly around as she grabbed my ass with her hands to help me get into position, only to have a hawk come screeching down at that moment to tangle its talons in her hair. Several more hawks joined that one to attack us as Alura spiraled up a green valley toward snow-capped summits. Buoyed by the warm, rising air, Alura headed for the clouds, trying to outrun the hawks, only to have a pair of huge golden eagles join the fight, creeing loudly as they also tried to chase us out of their territory. Alura shook the first hawk from her hair to quickly climb above all the angry birds. 

Soon we were soaring into a huge aerial canyon between white, puffy clouds where she slowed to a stop, her eyes half closing as a soft and dreamy smile tilted her lips. Secure in her embrace, I pulled on her shoulders to lever myself upward to get in position, finding as I did that she was wet and ready as always. Our air sex always starts off a bit awkward, but between our previous practice and her hands on my ass to guide me, we managed. 

Also as usual, things went crazy when I took her. She has way more nerve endings down there than an ordinary woman — and with my first thrust she cried out while completely losing all sense of normal flight. We started spinning around and around, with her crying out with every one of my thrusts while rising hundreds of feet higher, making it feel as if my thrusting strength alone was driving her upward. Her energy field fully enveloped me now to activate my X-ring, which increased my power and vitality. I used my sudden bigger, harder, stronger rush of power to drive her even crazier, the two of us fucking with an athleticism that was beyond human. We spun around in crazy loops and spins, diving in and out of the puffy clouds so fast that we began to tear them apart. Making love to Alura always makes me feel like a super man. 

Which was kind of the point, given my ever increasing power was required just to keep up with her. Her body gradually tensions, bit by bit, as she approaches her climax, and when her passion finally grew too great to hold back, and she cried out in wonderful agony, her entire body turned to steel, her passionate embrace holding me so tightly that she would have crushed me if I hadn’t been wearing her X-ring. And when she’s lost in orgasm, she completely forgets how to fly. 

We free-fell through the white, puffy clouds as her fireworks continued, on and on in her usual fashion of increasingly powerful orgasms, each one coming faster and stronger than the previous one until they seemed like one continuous explosion of ecstasy. Her cries filled the mountain canyons as her internal hold on me grew too great to withdraw even if I’d wanted to. She could go on this way seemingly forever, which left it up to me to tell her when the ground rush started. 

Free-falling into the rocky ground would probably excite her even further, but it would be damned painful for me to land in the rocks at 200kph, X-ring or not. I finally shouted into her ear as we fell out of the cloud base and the ground rush began. At the very last moment, she tensed her body into an even harder kind of steel as she slowed to land as lightly as a feather in a grassy meadow. I lay there on top of her trying to catch my breath, still buried deep inside her, and then she continued our lovemaking in more conventional fashion, the two of us rolling over and over in the Spring wildflowers until her next climax built and she launched us both back into the air. Soaring backwards, she managed to crash through the branches of a stunted timberline pine before climbing like a homesick angel. Once we had enough altitude, her fireworks went out of control again, high above the clouds, and once again we fell. 

Needless to say, sex with Alura is the most fun a man could possibly have. Ever. But nothing lasts forever, and even my X-ring powers eventually deserted me. I was soon clinging exhaustedly to Alura’s back, my arms crossed as I held her warm boobs while she flew north along the crest of the mountains, punching in and out of clouds. Suddenly, I saw the tops of some tall towers beneath me, and we fell again, this time slowing to a stop just as my feet touched down, her hair covering me to blind me. I brushed the silky strands away to find we were standing on a broad, transparent glass balcony that was very near the top of the tower. 

“Welcome to the 795th floor of the Zor El tower. My place.”

My legs turned to rubber as I tried to walk, unable to pull my eyes from the ground — which was an astounding two and a half kilometers directly below me. My stomach filled with butterflies and my legs began to shake. I’d always had trouble even standing on high-diving boards, which was why I’d never wanted to be a diver, but this was ridiculous. There weren’t any railings and the glass was so clear that it was hard to locate the down-curving outer edge. 

Alura smiled as she wrapped her arm around my waist to steady me. “Sorry. My balcony can be a bit much the first time.”

I hugged her back, enjoying the smooth curve of her warm body pressing against mine as she floated toward a sliding glass doorway, her fantastic muscles working lithely against mine. “So, why is it I can fly with you and never be afraid, even free-falling through clouds, almost to the ground, but your damned balcony freaks me out?”

She gave me a tighter squeeze as she whispered in my ear: “Because when we’re flying, you’re too busy fucking me.” 

I chuckled. “You know, someday we should really try just flying.”

“Whatever for? We both love air sex.”

“Maybe so I can see something other than the face of an angel in ecstasy? No man could look away.”

“So that’s what that silly look on your face is,” she said with a wink. “And here I thought you were getting a little air sick.”

“You mean like Joey Ricardo?” I smiled.

She laughed as she held me closer, her soft lips brushing mine before tracing across my cheek to whisper: “You’ve been talking with April. But I’m talking about you, all of you, yourself and you again. And again.”

We held each other close as she floated though the doorway and headed for her large bed. We were halfway there when a hidden alcove on my left lit up to reveal a life-sized statue of her mother. The statue was wearing a Supergirl costume from the late 1970’s — red hot pants, slippers, a filmy blue top and a red cape that tied to a choker around her neck. 

I turned to look curiously at Alura. “You have a statue of your mother. Dressed as Supergirl. In your bedroom? Does it only light up when you’re taking a guy to bed?”

Alura sighed. “It’s mom’s way of reminding me about my legacy. Would you believe that statue was made 140 years ago. Back when those hot pants were in style.”

“Don’t you think it’s kind of weird having your mother staring at your bed? Her smile is kind of creepy.”

“It’s just a chunk of plastic,” Alura shrugged. “And what’s the worry about privacy? My whole family can see through walls.”

I chuckled. “Strangely, that part doesn’t bother me much. Probably thanks to my great-great-grandmother. She was a hippie chick back in middle of the last century. I’m told I inherited some of her “running naked through the flowers” traits.”

“A hippie Olympian who’d rather swim nude in a meadow?” Alura laughed, twisting my story in her usual way. “Who knew?”

I flopped down beside her on the huge but unmade bed, my ardor and strength quickly returning after our previous athletics, thanks again to her X-ring. It was time to continue our favorite activity, this time in a more conventional manner. The operative word being “more”. 

Thankfully her room looked like it had built to handle it. Alura always spun around in mid-air during sex, even in a bed, which made for a wild but oh-so sexy ride, the two of us bouncing off walls and ceiling and floor as she seemed to on and on and on. And the ceiling of this room looked as comfy as the floor, which made sense given Alura is a natural creature of flight. She floats in her sleep, taking all the covers up with her to sleep on the ceiling unless I threw my arm or leg over her to hold her down. 

Her mother had told her a story about how she’d floated out of the arms of a nurse on the day of her birth. The astounded nurse had chased her down the S.T.A.R Labs hallway (several hallways, depending on the telling) with baby Alura bouncing along the ceiling like a helium balloon. The nurse barely managed to grab her tiny foot before Alura made it out the doorway to disappear into the sky. All this during the first minutes after birth. 

The only times she’d walked since was when flying would present too much of a spectacle. That said, she’d promised her dad she’d at least try to keep her feet on the ground while at the University. He said it was important to fit in. So instead of flying, she rode her bicycle like an angel, going weightless whenever she jumped over obstacles, often doing loops. She was also known to occasionally break her promise not to fly so she could perform the iconic ET bike ride across the face of the Moon whenever it was full and low on the horizon, which thrilled those students who were fortunate enough to look up at the right moment. 

But despite his best intentions, her father’s advice was useless. Between her height, her phenomenally fit body, her oversized chest and her broad face with those amazingly deep dimples, not to mention all that long, blonde hair and those bright eyes, she couldn’t fit in if she’d tried. She was like a brightly-glowing Christmas ornament, lighting every room she entered.

Buried under the sheets now as we made love, Alura was winding up for another of her long orgasms, her body tensing more and more as it approached, when someone cleared their throat. Very loudly. Alura froze, her inner muscles stopping me in mid-stroke. She poked her blonde head out from under the sheet. 

“Are you perhaps forgetting something, Alura dear?” the other voice — a woman — asked.

“What… oh shit!” Alura gasped. “What time is it?”

“Less than ten minutes before we are supposed to be in Seattle for the Mother and Daughter Charity.”

Still buried beneath the covers, I freaked out as I suddenly realized she was talking to her mother. The famous Supergirl herself was standing beside our bed!

“Gotta fly, babe,” Alura smiled as she ducked back under the sheets to relax herself enough to let me withdraw. Before I could do or say anything else, she slipped from under the sheets to fly into the bathroom for a quick shower. 

I was left red-faced as I sheepishly poked my head out to see the famous Girl of Steel staring right at me. Shockingly, she was dressed in the hot-pants costume that the now naked statue had been wearing only moment’s before. I’d never seen Supergirl up close, not in person anyway, so I was surprised to see that except for a few wrinkles at the corner of her eyes, she still looked nearly as young as that ancient statue. She was still stunningly attractive in a way that made my heart skip beats. 

“Ah, Hi, Mrs. El, er, ah, Supergirl. This, ah, this isn’t quite how I envisioned our first meeting.”

“It’s just Kara now. And no, I suppose it isn’t. But if you are going to bond with my daughter, you should learn that she loses track of time when she’s having fun — which she obviously was given your talents. Maybe you can help her keep track of things better?”

I struggled to process what was apparently a compliment on my skills in bed, and my brain froze given I was still sporting a huge hard-on. I piled the sheets tighter around my waist, realizing as I did how stupid that was given her x-ray eyes. The X-ring on my finger was growing warmer yet as it drew on the power of two Kryptonians now. “Sure, Ms, ah, I mean Kara. And we, well, you know how it is, we haven’t seen each other for a week and we kind of got carried away. Sorry.” 

I sounded like an idiot.

Fortunately, unlike the statue, Kara’s warm smile was the farthest thing from creepy. “Oh, you don’t have to apologize. Alura runs hot around men. Just one of many things she gets from me.”

I couldn’t stop staring at her. Kara Zor El looked amazing despite being 150 years old or so. Her body was still slender and superhumanly firm, her perfect breasts sitting high and round and widely-spaced on her strong chest. Her sunshine blonde hair hung halfway down her back and she still had the kind of legs that looked absolutely amazing in those tiny hot pants. A dab of makeup at the corner of each eye and she could still pass for her 20’s.

“So… ah… what’s going on in Seattle?” I asked, trying to get past my self-consciousness and intimidation.

“Oh, just another fund-raiser. The usual contest of this or that. It’ll be on the Holo, so tune in and watch. And you can still contribute a few bucks if you want — details will be on the broadcast. Sorry to ruin your reunion after that long, torturous horrible endless week apart.”

“Ah, about that…” 

She laughed. “You don’t have to explain. I remember very well being your age.”

I had no idea what to say to that either. 

“By the way,” she finished, “we all meet in the Jor-El tower each evening for a family dinner. 1830. It’ll be a great opportunity for you to meet everyone else. Remind Alura, would you please. Being off at school so much, she might be a bit out of practice on family traditions.”

Alura burst out of the bathroom a second later, her hair soaking wet and clinging. I blinked. She was dressed in another one of her mother’s iconic costumes from long ago. But thanks to her being taller and more muscular than her mother, not to mention far more buxom, the bottom of her skintight blue top bared a wide swatch of sculpted abs. The iconic “S” symbol on her chest was stretched across far more dramatic curves than that blue outfit had been designed to contain, and the antiquated red miniskirt was shorter than anything that would be considered acceptable today. 

“Oh my, you’re wearing my old skirt,” Kara smiled. “And my favorite “S” top. Good. Maybe they’ll call you Supergirl after today.”

“No thanks. Let’s fly Mom. My hair will dry in flight.” She turned to see me staring at her short skirt, and smiled as she floated over to whisper in my ear: “I’m not wearing anything under it… so I’m ready… for later.”

Her whisper sent a hot blast of raw desire through me. She always knew what I was thinking. I watched her long, strong legs as she floated up toward the high ceiling, resisting the urge to look up under her skirt. Struggling to look down, I saw Kara smiling at me. 

“Don’t worry, Alec. That’s exactly how that skirt is supposed to work. I was a bit of a flirt in my younger years, and it proved a good distraction for the bad guys sometimes.”

I couldn’t help but blush as I tried to imagine her mother doing that. I found it both refreshing and startling that she talked as openly and plainly as Alura did. 

“Sorry to, like, you know hump and run, babe,” Alura added with a kiss, “but this is important. Lots of charity dollars up for grabs. I’ll seriously make it up to you later.” She floated backward to spin around, both her hair and skirt rising as she headed for the balcony door. “Come on, Mom. Let’s fly.”

“You know,” Kara said as she looked up at Alura, “if you’re going to wear that skirt, you really should wear the cape and boots too. They pulled it all together.”

“Capes are lame, but maybe the boots.” Alura dropped down to grab her mother’s old calf-high boots. “I kind of like these.” She sat next to me on the bed as I watched her pull them on, and then stood up to spin slowly around in mid-air. “Ok, is this better?” 

I started to nod enthusiastically, only to freeze when Kara said: “Did you lose the panties too? They were invulnerable, you know.”

“We’re going to be late, Mom.”

Thankfully, before I could say anything truly stupid, Alura grabbed her mother’s hand to fly off with a flirtatious flip of her skirt. Seconds later, a double pair of sonic booms echoed back and forth across the mountainous landscape. 

Chapter Seven

I flopped backward on the bed to cover my face with a pillow. “That did not just happen!”

“Don’t worry. Crazy impossible ridiculous embarrassing stuff is normal around here.”

I jerked my head back up to see a younger version of Alura, probably ten years old, sitting upside down on the ceiling, legs crossed, her blonde hair hanging long beneath her. She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. 

“Ah… hi, I’m Alec. And you are…?”


“Nice to meet you, Freya. Look, I, ah, I need to get a shower. So I can go to your family gathering tonight. Can you give me a few minutes?”

“I just came in to turn on the Holo. It’s not programmed for you yet. The thing in Seattle is about to start and I figured you’d want to watch.”

She remained upside down on the ceiling as she twirled her fingers in mid-air to connect with the virtual Holo controller, and then said: “Grant access to Alec for all outside broadcasts. Show the Seattle charity contest now.”

An image of a large stage with a background of water and mountains began to appear moments later. Being holographic, it soon looked completely real and in perfect 3D, and was so large it covered one entire wall of the room. 

“OK, you’re all set, Alec. See you at dinner.” Freya nodded toward the sheet I’d gathered around myself. “Oh, yeah, I’m supposed to tell you that everyone is going to wear swimsuits to dinner tonight. In honor of your visit we’re going for a family swim right after.” 

And with that pronouncement, Freya whisked out the doorway, still upside down as she flashed up into the sky, long hair trailing behind her. 

I grinned. She was at that wonderful age when kids think they have it all figured out. But swimsuits at dinner? 

I turned back to the Holo, which now showed a long, low platform of polished steel that was set into a grassy lawn. On the platform sat a row of increasingly massive blocks of stone that were marked from 400T to 2000T. I’d seen this setup before, and knew that the platform was made from a single massively-thick slab of ultra-high carbon steel. The Els did a lot of contest-oriented charities in Seattle, which because of Washington’s legal charity betting often generated more money than the direct donations.

The announcer explained that the contest was to see who could lift the heaviest block over their head without using any flight power other than for essential balance. Lifting with just their raw strength. Given they were Kryptonians, this was the only way to keep the weights reasonable in size — as if anyone sane thought that 2000 tonnes was reasonable. 

He went on to say that a large donation had been arranged, thanks to a Mr. William Morrison, which was based on the sum of weight lifted by the two contestants — a spectacular hundred dollars per kilogram. But the real show was the side-betting, with 30% of the winnings withheld for the charity. 

The initial odds shown were heavily tilted toward Kara, which made sense given that everyone knew her as the former Supergirl — the strongest woman in the universe.

The contest started with introductions by a local politico who gave an overly long speech about things people hadn’t come to hear. Meanwhile, the Kryptonian Theists were walking in circles in the middle of the track, waving wands of burning sage, a ritual they’d borrowed from the American Indians. They were here to celebrate their gods. 

For everyone else, the atmosphere was like horse racing, with people working on placing or revising their bets. There were many ways to win, but even more ways to lose. 

I smiled as I let my thoughts drift back to the day I’d first met Alura. I’d been on my way to a meeting with one of my Professors, hoping to arrange to make up some work I’d missed while off at an Olympic Committee publicity swim series, when I came around a corner in Ticter Hall to see a phenomenally athletic blonde sitting barefoot on the gray marble floor, leaning against the wall. She was wearing a pair of shorts and a loose orange button-up blouse, her hair sweaty as if she’d just come from a workout. Likely she was there for the same reason I was — making up some missed class work. 

I didn’t know who she was at first glance, but her face had that special look that all elite athletes share as she sized me up — confidence combined with extreme competitiveness . Even sitting, I could tell that she was remarkably tall, most of it in her powerful legs, and she was way better endowed than any athlete I’d ever seen. She also looked vaguely familiar, but it wasn’t until she smiled to reveal ridiculously cute dimples that I realized with a shock who she was: Alura El. 

I should have been intimidated or astounded, google-eyed and even tongue-tied like most people are when meeting a Kryptonian for the first time. But for some reason, seeing her sitting there, looking a bit sad but also confident and determined, I saw her for what she was — just another jock trying to get through the semester’s academic workload while also excelling at her athletics. Which in her case meant stopping the worst kind of criminals and maybe the occasional super-powered alien intruder and possibly an armed skirmish with supervillains. Not to mention saving thousands from natural disasters.

So I decided to treat her like a jock, and sat down next to her to offer her a Power Bar, which she proceeded to quickly eat. It was weird at first sitting next to someone with the power to bash asteroids to bits with her bare hands. A beautiful girl who technically wasn’t even the same species as me, all the while trying my damndest not to stare at her amazing legs. But raw strength has never intimidated me. They don’t give out gold medals simply for being stronger. 

I introduced myself, and her eyes lit up even more. “Ah yes, I thought I’d seen you before. You’re the gold-medal swimmer who graced the cover of all those e-mags during the Olympics.”

“Certainly not all of them,” I laughed.

“All the ones I bought.”

“Well, the media can get a little carried away…” 

She shook her head. “Bullshit. You’re a sports hero with four gold medals. You’re also extremely photogenic.”

She spoke plainly. Simply. Objectively. She was a realist — always. Or so my thoughts told me as they raced ahead, granting her qualities I was only guessing at. “Seems to me you’ve also had your picture taken a few times, Alura. You know, while lifting broken bridges or saving crashing airliners or stopping wars by blocking bullets and missiles from both sides. Little stuff like that.”

“Stuff that’s a lot easier for me than you winning all those gold medals. I swear you fly through the water.”

“Spoken by someone who actually can. I can’t imagine how much fun that must be.”

“Then why don’t I show you.”

And that’s how it started. Us. So simple, so natural yet so completely impossible. Soon we were flying together, our bodies wound around each other, her amazing muscles bunching against mine as we soared up the aerial canyons formed by billowing clouds, searching for clouds that were starting to turn into thunderstorms. It was a wondrous dream come true… until I was nearly fried by a lightning bolt! Alura laughed as my hair stood on end, but thankfully she got us out of that cloud fast.

The following weeks were a whirlwind as we spent more and more of our days together. So much so that our already delinquent classwork started to truly suffer. Instead of catching up on the weekends, we flew off to explore amazing places, often sharing a sleeping bag in the most remote locations on Earth. Sometimes high in the mountains, other times in untracked jungle or even deep underground in unexplored caverns. Places only her abilities could take us. Her enthusiasm and curiosity were unbounded. With her, I felt we could do anything.

I didn’t learn until later what it was that she saw in me at first. Turns out it was my nonchalant attitude toward her physical powers. No one had ever treated her like just another jock, sharing a Powerbar while sitting and talking like two ordinary people. And no one had ever shared her sense of adventure as openly as I did. She hadn’t even realized that was what she’d wanted until she met me. 

Those warm memories of our first days together evaporated when I heard the Holo announcer make a last call for the Seattle pre-contest bets. The contest was about to start. Without thinking it through, I impulsively placed every dollar I had on Alura to win. Which was insane given I needed that money for next semester. But before I could change my mind, the betting closed and my money was locked in. 

The two contestants floated out onto the field, both glowing under the bright lights and looking larger than life in their primary red and blue costumes.

Alura had a lot of her dad in her. Standing 6’2, her body was shaped by smooth muscular curves, her unnaturally long legs bared beneath her tiny skirt. And then there was her phenomenal figure, her curves far more generous than her mother.

Kara was much more the classic beauty. Standing a mere 5’6, slender and fit, her sculpted blonde hair and lovely face had graced the planet seemingly forever. Yet because of her shorter height and slender figure, she appeared to be the younger one as they floated in their tiny costumes from the last century. A true testament to Kara’s graceful aging. 

The former Supergirl went first. Her body growing far more defined than I’d expected as she easily hoisted the 400 ton block over her head, and then danced around on her tiptoes, flipping it from end to end. 

Alura followed to show off by spinning the huge block over her head as if it was truly weightless. She flipped it way up into the air and then caught it to balance it on one finger. 

The odds on the In-Event betting screen froze, and then started racing crazily the other way, towards Alura. Thankfully, I’d locked in my odds early. I was going to make some real money if Alura won. 

The two fabulous women started working down the line, lifting the end of each block and then walking their hands beneath it to find the balance point, then rising from a squatting position to extend their arms high over their heads to hold the huge block high. They danced around on the platform as they used as little of their flight power as they could to stay balanced. 

Soon they were at the 1200T block, which looked cartoonishly large. House-sized. Their skin had grown shiny under the lights, and their sweat-soaked hair was clinging. Kara struggled but managed to get the massive block over her head, which drew a huge cheer from the audience. Not bad for a centenarian, even one born on Krypton.

Alura then proceeded to hoist the same block over her own head without any apparent effort. I could tell by the tightness of her muscles that she was working hard, but I doubt anyone else did.

When Kara moved on to the 1400 block, she initially failed to straighten her weaker left arm. She dropped back down into a squat position to rest for a moment, and then lunged upward again, this time managing to lock both arms to hold the block high overhead. That drew a thunderous roar from the crowd as she stood grinning, her slender body alive with steel-hard muscle, 1400 tonnes securely supported.

Once they’d worked together to gently place that block back on the steel deck, it was Alura’s turn. She quickly lifted one end of it, then walked her hands down to find the balance point as usual, and then lunged upward, her back and legs flexing powerfully as she actually tossed the massive block upward. Her body was a maze of hard muscle as she caught it to stand on one toe while shifting the weight to one hand to support it over her head.

Kara bowed her head and kneeled to concede the contest to her daughter, knowing she’d never master the 1600T block. 

Alura continued on, lifting 1600 tonnes, clearly working hard now, but she still managed to get the monstrous block balanced on her chest as she leaned far back, her mother helping steady her. Then, after taking a dozen deep breaths, she lunged upward, and managed to lock her arms over her head. Standing there with that massive block held high, muscles more dramatically defined than any human woman who had ever lived, there was no doubt in anyone’s eyes that she was Superman’s daughter. 

Kara helped her lower the huge block, and Alura moved on immediately to the 1800T block, which was the size of a large house. She slowly tilted it up on one end, and then struggled to take its full weight as she squatted low beneath it. She was gritting her teeth, sweat pouring off her as she began to rise, moving far too slowly to do a proper clean and jerk, her toes digging into the hard tool steel of the platform. This would have been easy for her to lift if she could also use her flight power, but without that, she barely managed to straighten her legs, her quads bulging insanely. She struggled to extend her arms into an overhead lift, and promptly lost control of the block as her left arm collapsed. Kara flashed over to grab the block, using all her flight power now to steady it, and mother and daughter awkwardly set the huge block down without breaking it.

Kara gave off what sounded like an alien war cry as she leaped up to land on her taller daughter’s strong shoulders. Alura began running some victory laps around the field with her, traveling just under the Mach as she circled the field a dozen times in a blur before skidding to a stop in front of the awards platform with her slipstream catching up to thankfully knock the long-winded Politico off his feet. 

Kara floated off her shoulders to land in the middle of the admiring crowd. Dozens of people shared hugs with her while Alura walked up to stand on the platform, her chest heaving as she gulped air, her body so pumped up that the bottom of her already undersized top lifted to reveal the lower curves of her magnificent breasts. Her tiny skirt maintained her modesty solely by virtue of being stuck to her moist thighs as she bowed her head to let the official hang an “S” shaped medal around her neck. The gold medal looked very appropriate in the cleavage of the much larger “S” already stretched across her powerful chest.

The audience had definitely gotten their money’s worth today. They’d just witnessed a girl who was stronger than Supergirl, the formerly strongest woman in the galaxy. 

The broadcast ended with the sponsor making his huge donation. Then the charity’s cut from the on-line betting was announced, and it was even larger. 

My Comm beeped moments later to tell me that my winnings had just been deposited — which even after the charity’s cut and taxes was more than enough for the next five term’s tuition along with room and board. 

My inside information had paid off, something I should feel guilty about, but didn’t in the least.

I just wanted Alura to return so we could continue our interrupted moments in her bed.

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