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Power Girl

Written by shadar :: [Saturday, 30 November 2019 22:02] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 01 December 2019 10:18]

Power Girl

By Shadar

Just a quicky little vignette about my idea for PG’s bold new outfit.

Jimmy Olson stood behind the most powerful woman on Earth, watching her as she stared through the Venetian blinds at the crowd gathering outside. Her short blonde hair glistened in the filtered sunlight.

“I know you’re tired of people staring at the cutout in your costume, Karen, but don’t you think this is just a teensy bit of an over-reaction?”

“It’s not like I actually need clothing, Jimmy. It serves no practical purpose, and it’s not like I’m going to get arrested. The Supreme Court has ruled that human laws don’t apply to non-humans. Besides, there’s no jail that I can’t walk out of.”

“Maybe not, but think of the rest of us. We still have to walk and talk when you are around.” Jimmy walked over to rest his hands on her warm, muscular shoulders. As usual, her skin was soft and feminine, but her underlying muscles were carved from warm steel. He felt himself quickening as usual.

“You’re thinking way too narrow,” she shrugged, muscles bunching larger yet under his hands. “There are tactical advantages to shocking the bad guys when I land right in front of them. Most of the really dangerous criminals are still men, and men can’t help their unconscious first reaction to seeing me, especially when I’m nude. That buys me a few seconds to disarm them, and those seconds can save lives.”

pg 23v3

Jimmy tried not to stare at the way the metal slats of the blinds were hanging up on her nipples, thanks to her overly large and ridiculously perky boobs. Everything about her was firmer than normal, so much so that gravity itself had little effect on the woman the world called Power Girl.

Jimmy was very aware that, unlike her cousin, who was happy with just Lois Lane, his wife, Karen Starr had a guy seemingly in every city. Jimmy was just glad he held that honor in Metropolis, for her superhuman physical skills were not limited to deflecting bullets and punching out bad guys or leaping over tall buildings. Supersex was a thing, and he loved all the superhuman parts of her body. She in turn liked to be appreciated for the same. Which was very much unlike Clark, who always downplayed his special nature. But Karen had grown up as Kara L on Krypton, and she knew what it was like to be ordinary. She didn’t like it. Not one bit. Power was now her birthright, and she was going to flaunt it any way she could.

She released the blinds to turn around and smile at him, her magnificent breasts so large and nearly perfectly rounded that they were an icon all their own. She lifted her hands to cup herself and lift her breasts even higher yet, her eyes sparkling. She had large, powerful hands for a woman, but they looked small now.

Jimmy shook his head as he briefly grew faint, his blood rushing low. She was showing off as usual. Teasing, given she knew there was no time to do anything else. “But… I mean, come on, Karen, don’t you think a press conference dressed in this new “un-costume" thingy is going to defeat the purpose? You know, when it comes to the shock and awe. The entire planet will be gawking at your new look an hour from now. Your images will be everywhere.”

“That’s the idea. And hell, it’s not like I have wrinkles or sags or anything to hide. Besides, more than half the bad guys I fight are fundamentalist religious nuts, often as not Muslim. The sight of an empowered yet naked woman melts their brains, especially being bulletproof and all.”

“Your old costume did just fine at that. Cutout and all.”

“Yeah, except it kept getting blown away when I smothered their bombs or deflected their bullets. Unlike Kal, I don’t have enough invulnerable Kryptonian fabric to cover anything, although why he wastes it on tights and those oversized red shorts, I’ll never understand.”

“This little g-string of yours could still get blown away,” Jimmy smiled.

“No, it’s made of Kryptonian fabric. All that I have. And besides, that’s not where the shooters aim. My chest is a bullet magnet. ”

“Ah… have you, you know, like talked to Clark about this?” he asked.

“Of course. He hates the idea way, way worse than you. Lois says I’m an idiot and a tease and a ridiculous flirt. And I’m sure she saved her true thoughts for Clark.”

Jimmy chuckled. Now he understood. Karen always made a point of doing things the opposite way that Clark wanted her to. It was her way of asserting her feminist independence from the man that most of the planet worshipped as a god. A man who couldn’t decide if he was a stodgy surrogate father figure or a meddlesome cousin.

Their relationship had recently soured even further after Clark dared mention that the two of them were the only hope for continuing the Kryptonian race. Motherhood was a bridge too far for her to even think about, especially with a man who was older than her father had been when she left Krypton.

Yet despite her anger at her cousin, Jimmy was very aware that she was listening to the tick of her biological clock. Despite being superhumanly good at sex, and enjoying it more of it than any other woman on Earth, her invulnerability was absolute. There was only one man who had the tool for the job — that stuffy, meddlesome old father-figure and first-cousin named Clark Kent.

“Well, I guess there’s nothing left to discuss then,” Jimmy shrugged. “You’re determined. As your Press Agent, I’ll go out there and make some guarded remarks about your new look, and then you can fly in and land in front of me. Which will give me a moment to exit stage left. I’ll be invisible at that point anyway.”

“How long should I stay?”

“Three minutes. Exactly. Time to do some poses to let the photogs get their clicks and for you to explain why you’re doing this. Don’t take any questions. Just make your statement and then fly off, and make sure you go supersonic as quickly as possible. You gotta keep your raw power thing going, and a sonic boom that close to the ground will knock them off their feet and rattle them.”

She made a fist and flexed her arm, holding her other hand over a biceps which grew insanely huge and defined. “Raw power. Yeah, that’s definitely me.”

She looked up at Jimmy. “So how about you meet me back at my place for dinner, if you're up more of me today. Flying around nearly naked makes me horny.”

Jimmy’s heart nearly jumped out of his chest. “Sure. Absolutely,” he said breathlessly. “Assuming the bad guys take the day off.”

“They will after my little press conference.” She leaned down to kiss him, her full, soft lips melting against his own. “For luck.” And then she was gone, papers swirling in her wake.

Jimmy closed his eyes as he took a few moments to compose himself. He was about to stand in front of cameras that reached billions of viewers. For the hundredth time, he wished he was still a simple photog and not her Press Agent. This next week was going to be a full-scale press riot. But once Karen made up her mind about something, there was no changing it.

He walked past the plaque she’d hung on his wall. “Do whatever works. Now.” The simple motto of a woman who could absolutely do or say whatever she wished to.

The problem was that she never listened. To anyone.

The End

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