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Long Live The Empress, Part Two

Written by shadar :: [Saturday, 05 March 2022 19:38] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 05 March 2022 21:21]

Long Live the Empress, Part Two

by Shadar

An Aurora Universe story.

March, 2022

I’ve named the lead character Leeloo to remind me of Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat in theFifth Element, a movie that should properly be declared a mind-altering drug. Played by Milla Jovovich, who was born in Kyiv of a Ukrainian mother and Russian father, and is now torn apart by the war between his parents’ two peoples.

The Ukrainians could use a Supreme Being such as Leeloo as the “weapon to defeat ultimate evil” right about now.

And while this story has nothing to do with anything on Earth, Leeloo reminds me of the people who are being killed and maimed in the Ukraine by great evil, and those who rise to heroic heights to save their kith and kin.

The planet Floridan in the Gamma sector

Merle lay on his back on the stone bench as he worked the huge barbell, a massive 5 ton lead weight drooping on either end of the thick bar. His immense muscles worked smoothly in perfectly superhuman form, flexing fantastically with his exertions as the sweat poured off him. He was 11 reps into his set, yet he really wasn’t thinking about working out.

He couldn’t get the images out of his head from the busted-up pub over on Pitkin Island. The four victims, their pelvises and chests crushed, each man having two broad depressions in their chests where ribs were snapped, spines broken. This was exactly what the orgasmic spasm of a Prime looked like, given they were infamous for wrapping arms and legs around their lovers to clutch them tightly during their long, screamingly wild orgasms. A Merle might be able to handle it, if she was being careful, but it was invariably lethal for a Natural, crushing them like baby birds.

He’d interviewed the bartender, a Margie Everson, who was recovering from a concussion. Her description of their attacker fit the pattern: a denim-clad woman, taller than any man in the bar, with sand in her long, purple-highlighted raven hair, her skin as flawlessly tanned as a Nordic who’d just spent a month in the tropics. She was stunningly beautiful, yet she’d moved with the lithe, smoothness of a panther stalking its prey. But it was Margie’s description of her large, uncannily blue eyes that had confirmed her identification beyond all doubt.

According to the still woozy bartender, the alien superfemme had demanded three liter-sized bottles of 170 proof vodka. Without waiting to uncork the first bottle, the woman bit off the glass neck to noisily chew it up while washing the shards down her throat by chugging the entire bottle. Less than half a bottle of that stuff would kill the biggest man, but she proceeded to down all three bottles the same way without pausing to even take a breath.

The last thing Margie remembered was the woman raising her perfectly manicured hand to snap her fingers.

Merle could take it from there. He’d already seen the broken mirror behind the bar and all the shattered bottles and windows, not to mention Margie’s concussion. The finger snap had been the classic killing move of a Prime who wanted to eliminate any witnesses, sending out a shockwave that could liquify the brain of anyone who stood too close. Except it hadn’t worked with Margie-12, who, like Merle, had come out of the tanks. It was a rare miscalculation for an Arion.

Beyond the gruesomely deformed bodies in the bar, Merle-7 was also missing. He’d last reported into Central while heading toward the island, claiming he was tracking a probable Arion. His smashed Flitter and some fresh damage in an old battery factory said there’d been a fight. Holes had been blasted through thick steel and heavy, old lead batteries.

Likely Merle-7 had had the profoundly bad luck to find himself tracking a Prime, and she’d turned the tables. A Merle’s ability to bench 10 tons and turn a bullet with his bare skin was scant protection when facing an alien of that power.

He sighed, realizing that the count was five now. A third of his pod were dead or missing from fighting the Arion Betans, and now a far more dangerous Prime had shown up. He struggled to channel his sorrow over the loss of another brother into righteous anger, clenching his fists as he gave thanks that he still had an opportunity to fight back. He’d been assigned to meet the new Protector the Velorians had brought to Floridan, and he and the other Merle’s were to serve as a conduit to keep her informed about Arion activity. They’d made a deal — the Merle’s would find the Arions and she would eliminate them. But he hadn’t figured on there being a Prime here.

A loud swish of air and a soft thump drew his attention to the balcony. He racked his massive barbell and rose to walk toward the window, his pumped-up muscles bulging with more-than-human definition. Smiling as he inhaled the fresh air coming in the window, his body quickened as he caught a whiff of the heady mixture of the flower-scented breeze — and far more compelling, a Velorian’s pheromones.

He found the Protector standing mostly in the shadows, the city below glowing faintly in the rose-colored light of dawn. One side of her long, white-golden hair glowed as the first sliver of sunlight found her.



He paused to admire her stunning beauty as his workout glow quickly morphed into a powerful surge of arousal. He watched in wonder as the sun spread across her hair to light and warm it, her pale hair now giving off the dazzling glow of Aphrodite’s beauty. The woman named Leeloo was more goddess than mere woman, something he was reminded of when she leaned over the railing to let her very long hair swish in the breeze, releasing a lovely wave of pheromones to drift over this portion of the city. Men would soon awaken to find that their partners were as turned on as they were, and all other thoughts of the day would be forgotten.

Merle chuckled before speaking in his deep, resonant voice. “I gather that many of our fine citizens are going to be late for work this morning. Thanks to your inspiration.”

The statuesque Velorian Protector turned to face him, her large, startlingly blue eyes sparkling as she smiled, her perfectly white teeth glowing as well. Despite being dressed in the denim that most people wore on his planet, he was impressed by her gorgeously lithe, athletic form. He’d worked with the Velorians for a long time, but this woman was without contest the most beautiful he’d seen, a step up from the already insanely stunning Velorians. He also knew she was by far the most powerful Velorian here, her slender, curvaceous body capable of flexing into a hard-edged maze of indomitable power.

But relaxed as she was now and dressed in denim, she could pass for a mid-twenties gym rat, yet with a face that was a decade younger. No surprise given that Supremis aging slowed to a trickle after their Rites. He had no idea if she was sixteen or sixty, but it didn’t matter. She was here to protect them, and her role was that of an assassin, a born killer, albeit only of Arions she caught infiltrating their world.

There was no time for pleasantries. “We’ve got a suspected Prime here on Floridan,” he announced. “Merle-7 was tracking her, and he’s disappeared. Don’t have any images of his target, just an eyewitness account from a bartender at the scene of a massacre in a workman’s pub over on the island. But what she described fits the profile. She looked as young as you.”

Leeloo’s left eyebrow raised. “And how is this bartender still alive? You’re a Merle, right?”

“Yes. And the bartender was a clone as well. Nearly as tough as we Merles. I talked with her at the hospital today. She’s got a wicked concussion. The Prime did her finger snap thing on her.”

“And the Prime didn’t realize what the Margie was? They usually vaporize Clones. Hate them even more than Naturals.”

“Apparently not,” he said, shaking his head.

“Then she’s either young and inexperienced or careless. Either way, that makes it easier for me.”

“Except we don’t have a track on her. She wiped the HoloRams in every device in that pub. Including the Comm’s in the men’s pockets. The usual blast of x-rays.”

“And the dead men?”

“Crushed in the usual way. Initial lab results show highly elevated levels of hormones in their blood and the remains of Supremis sexual hormones. Way beyond what we’d expect from any Betan.”

Merle saw Leeloo’s nipples harden at that news, tenting her denim shirt as she grew excited. “So I finally have a worthy opponent. A male Prime would be more fun, but their females are more dangerous these days, what with the Aerie clan sharing their dominant genome. The gap between Aerie Primes and we Protectors is narrowing all the time. Exciting times.”

“That turns you on?” he chuckled. “Dealing with a homicidal superfemme?”

“Hell, yes! A battle without the usual foregone conclusion, and with an adversary who could singlehandedly destroy your planet. She’s here because I’m here. Without me, their Betans would ultimately seduce your government into joining the Empire. They always do. Men who desire power above all else and beautiful women with extreme sexuality are a mix made in traitorous hell.”

“And now we have to endure the collateral damage of this Prime’s arrival.”

Her eyes softened. “I’m sorry about your brother, Merle. But I’ll avenge him. All you have to do is find her for me. They are trained to go to ground and hide until they have the advantage.”

“I’ve already got everyone working on that, but she’s apparently pretty good at hiding among the populace. No idea how long she’d been here before Merle-7 stumbled upon her. He couldn’t have known she was a Prime until too late, otherwise he would have disengaged.”

“Likely she was hunting him if she’d figured out what you Merles are up to. She wants me, and you are the breadcrumbs to lead her here. That will take time and there will be more deaths.” She paused to look out at the beautiful sunrise. “But perhaps we should try and speed things up.”

Merle shrugged. “Too bad you can’t call her out like in those Westerns from Old Earth. A shootout somewhere out in the desert. Just the two of you.”

“Not the way Arions work. She’ll use the Terrans and you Merles and anyone else that she figures will weaken or distract me. Baiting me into trying to save you so she can gain the advantage. It’s how they’re all trained.”

“So we should find her first.”

“Or have her find me before she gets organized. And speaking of distractions, you look nicely pumped up from your workout. But not finished. Want some inspiration?” She began unbuttoning her denim top.

Merle looked at her in amazement, smiling at her forwardness despite having heard so much about Protectors and their over-the-top sexuality. “We’re talking about a Prime attacking, and you want to mess around?”

“I want to send her a message, and only you Merles have the oomph to help me. Even better, you’re pumped up already. I understand you are trained to be quite clever with women.”

She didn’t wait for his reply as she removed her denim top and slipped out of her pants to stand nude before him, his eyes growing large as a wild surge of desire washed over him. She didn’t look naked, any more than a lithe, sensuous jungle cat looked naked. Nude, yes, but she was so perfectly firm and sensuously curved that he hoped she’d never wear clothing again. Her large, widely-spaced breasts sat perfectly round, immune to gravity. There wasn’t a wrinkle or imperfection on her, and she was completely devoid of hair follicles except for her scalp, which had more fine blonde hair than any Terran. Even her sex looked beautiful, with her small labia folded inward, almost modestly. And she was very tall, a tower of perfectly tanned and toned skin that went on forever, every curve seemingly fashioned and smoothed by an artist who must have been a god. So tall that her high, engorged nipples were nearly at his chin height.

She moved closer to gently push him down on the massive stone bench, and then leaned over him bury his face in her warm cleavage as she reached over him. He wrapped his arms around her back to feel steel muscles tense when she lifted his 10 ton barbell from its rack, her arm fully extended, and then effortlessly sat up to straddle him, her feet still on the ground to take some of the weight as she held the massive bar high over her head with one hand. The shoulder that held the bar was incredibly defined, muscles flexing far larger than should have been possible given her slender form, the cuts between them so deep. Superhuman in every way.

“How about we work on your abs. Think this will be enough weight to challenge you?”

He tried to answer but was too overwhelmed for words to come out, fervently nodding his head instead. She just smiled as she reached down with her free hand to take him out, her eyes sparkling as she felt the blood rushing low into her hand as she tightly encircled his shaft with her fingers. He tensed his body as he struggled to make himself ever harder, struggling to resist her challenging grip, knowing she could easily crush steel. His profound erection seemed to turn her on more, looking like a naughty angel as her hair began to lift and swirl about her head, that beautiful smile broadening across her face as her love light shown, every strand of hair glowing now as she came fully alive, a sexy aura enveloping her with such power that the wonder of her desire seemed to suck the air from Merle’s lungs. The sight of a Velorian in full arousal filled him with a strength and power he’d never known.

Leeloo kept tightening her grip on him, knowing that would challenge his clone genetics to rise to the demand — they were, after all, stolen from her dark cousins the Arion Betans, something nobody on Floridan seemed to understand. But it was just what she needed now. Too long she’d held back her needs.

Responding all if to a siren call, he lifted his strong hands to her breasts, pulling an engorged nipple closer as he lifted his head to hold her with his teeth, knowing she was unhurtable. He gripped her nipple hard, and she squeaked and squirmed with pleasure as he scraped his teeth roughly over her. The further contact with her skin sent an almost electric shock of desire through him, more and more power flowing from her hand into his dick as he tensed every muscle to turn his body to steel, struggling to make himself bigger and harder. He pulled more of her tit into his mouth, savaging her as a wave of power and dominance radiated from her beaming face, her cheeks dimpling cutely as her eyes sparkled with desire, a young superwoman challenging him to fully rise to her need.

She began to use the weight of the massive barbell over her head to lower herself over him, opening her legs wider to try and take him, only to pause when he started to bend. She began to rise rise up and down on him, her quads working with animalistic power, her sex wetting him more while she strengthened him with her grip, trying to relax her inner self. She tried a dozen times before her body finally yielded to him. Crying out together as she began that wondrous slide down over him, taking him into her wet warmth as he put all his enhanced strength to work now, thrusting upward into her, lifting her and her massive weight upward, his abs becoming a maze of steel, his hands shifting to her powerfully curvy quads as her muscles worked with his. They began to move in perfect rhythm as he went crazy, thrusting upward with berserker strength to fuck her wildly, her erotic song growing so strong that it piercing walls and buildings to fill the streets and rooftops, her high, beautiful voice of passion augmenting the pheromones she’d earlier cast on the wind. Half the city came to a stunned halt as people were suddenly overcome by her erotic superpower.

Merle poured more strength into her than he’d known he possessed, thrilled that the harder he fucked her the brighter her hair began to glow, her long, silky strands rising from where they’d been falling over him to fly around her head. The closer she seemed to be to her climax, the more her hair turned white gold, brilliantly lighting not only the room, but shining brightly out the windows. The strange thought “Galadriel” came from somewhere as her hair seemed to explode into sparks, her body suddenly tensing to hot steel as he came undone, his hoarse shouts joined hers to provide the bass line of their shared song.

People dropped by the hundreds in the streets as they were suddenly overcome with desire, staring up at the light as if in seizure. All except the lucky few who were already in the midst of their own intimacies, and they were suddenly blessed with the most amazing sex of their lives.

And then, after long minutes, a final piercing cry rose so high most ears couldn’t hear it as Leeloo exploded in a final firework of sparks, her blaze of passionate light covering much of the city, and then fading along with the echoes of her love song.

Strangers blinked and looked at each other as if through new eyes as they came back to their senses, shaking off what had just happened — and then they got back to their feet to all start talking excitedly. Strangers became friends and some lovers as they all tried to hang onto that moment of alien intimacy that they knew just had to have come from a goddess.

My’ra Valar was across town and many miles away, serving breakfast in a hotel restaurant. Per her orders, she’d assumed an ordinary Terran persona, in her case, that of a lowly waitress, and was trying to fit in. Which was difficult given her height and her beauty and fantastic fitness. Despite trying to hide it, one glance told any man that she was special. The owner knew it too. Business at the restaurant had greatly increased among male customers since she’d arrived, and word was spreading to their friends. The dulling, brown contact lenses My’ra wore hid her too-blue eyes, and some artistic makeup muted her high cheekbones and flawless skin to merely human levels. She wore her hair tightly tied up, and dressed in loose, unfashionable and cheap clothing in a further attempt to hide the perfection beneath.

A few customers had actually seen Arions before, and said she reminded them of one, although no Arion ever born had brown eyes, and none would ever consent to serving what they called Frails. Everyone knew that, and their disbelief blinded them.

My’ra was not friendly, maintaining an icy, almost haughty demeanor. When anyone commented on her looks or attitude, she claimed she’d came from an Amich settlement where emotion was not encouraged. That also explained her accent, which was just a little off. Given she looked so young, the more proper men didn’t try to invite her out. But others did, even insisted, drawn like moths to the flame of their own extinction.

None of this Terran silliness made any sense to My’ra. She’d come here to manage the Protector, not to work in some crappy restaurant with creepy men, but Command said she needed to understand ordinary Terrans and how they thought. It was part of her training, and she’d never accomplish that task if she pranced around behaving like a goddess. Supposedly pretending to be humble and weak would reveal Terran character more effectively.

If so, she hated them even more.

Thankfully, yesterday’s excitement had helped a little. Hunting down and killing that Terran agent who was tracking her and been great fun. An enhanced clone no less. But still little more than a rodent for an angel of death like herself. Her eyes were focused solely on the prize of bagging a Protector. Returning to Aria with the Velorian’s golden hair in hand would bring her much honor.

She was trying not to think about how she was wasting her time as she took an order at a large table, ignoring the grinning man who was fondling her tight ass. He didn’t realize that he was signing his death warrant. She was debating the best way to secretly kill him when she was suddenly staggered by a disturbance in the air. It started with a sharp pang of unbidden arousal so powerful that she staggered to lean heavily against the wall. Her nipples engorged and she grew wet as the cute busboy who reached out to steady her almost proved too hard to resist. Turning to look toward a flash of light, her brown contact lenses vaporized in a puff as she looked through flesh and walls and buildings, her suddenly revealed irises sparkling like blue diamonds in the sun as she followed that passionate light as it led across town.

Ignoring the people around her, who seemed to be having some kind of pleasurable seizure, she undid her hair and shook out her long raven tresses, which fell nearly to her waist. Brushing her purple-highlighted hair from one ear, she picked up the faint cry of passion coming from a voice that possessed far greater range than merely human. Dropping her order book, she tore off her modest clothing to reveal a sparkling metallic outfit that covered only a strategic few square inches of her golden skin, the metal glowing white-gold as if lit from inside — Mithril, the most indestructible and rarest of all metals. She leapt up the steps in a single bound to reach street level, and then bent low before leaping upward again, this time with such fantastic power that her feet cracked the old concrete sidewalk, her shoes exploding.

She cleared the ten story building in front of her in a single bound to land on the roof of the building beyond. There, standing on top of the concrete machinery room, she leaped again, more concrete cracking between bare toes as she flew nearly a kilometer in that leap to land on another roof. There she paused, crouching low as she concentrated on getting control of her inner muscles, then using them in a wave to activate the artificial flight organ she carried intimately inside herself. Reaching up to hold her breasts with enough strength to have crushed the hardest steel, her fingers buried in soft flesh, she forced her body into self-protection, which in turn activated her Orgone metabolism. White-hot energy flashed beneath her hands to send a wave of energy downward to power her Syn-Vola’tai, the artificial flight organs of an Aerie Prime. Leaping again, this time she began to truly fly with the power between her legs, accelerating as a cone of mist formed around her when she went supersonic.

The flash of golden light and the echoes of that orgasmic cry were gone, but My’ra knew approximately where it had come from. Her irises flared blindingly blue now as she imaged the inside of buildings as she flew over them, the backscattering x-rays from her eyes giving many people a lifetime dose of ionizing radiation. Searching for an enemy who was so close now.

Merle lay on the stone bench, exhausted and bruised as he watched Leeloo’s brilliantly glowing hair fade back to its normal sheen, her long tresses falling once again to hang down her back. She floated above him as she returned the slightly bent barbell to its rack, the flex of her powerful muscles betraying the fact that it wasn’t as weightless as she made it look. Lifting his head as she floated naked over him, her legs spread, he couldn’t resist reaching up to grab her ass to pull himself upward to give her sex a slow lick, opening her slightly with his tongue to enjoy the luscious taste of a post-orgasmic Velorian.

She laughed and pulled away, just out of reach, proud that she’d managed to have an unrestrained orgasm without injuring him. The badly cracked stone bench revealed where she’d instead focused the grip of her thighs.

“You’re lucky to be alive, clone or not. But let’s not push it. I get more and more into it with time.”

“Wow! Talk about fireworks,” he sighed, reaching far enough upward to wrap a hand around one of her calves, finding rounded, warm steel beneath the softest skin. “I mean, literally. I saw sparks flying everywhere from your hair.”

“Those were ether-pheromones, which only another Supremis can sense. Good thing given their arousal would likely have killed you.”

“Killed…?” he gasped. “By a scent?”

“Sorry to use you this way, Merle, but I needed to send an invitation, and no Natural could have survived me. But you need to get out of this room now in case our Prime picked up my vibe — or my scent. She could be heading this way as we speak. I can’t protect you around her. Hell, I’ll be hard pressed to protect myself.”

“And you’re invulnerable. Got it.” Merle rose stiffly from the crumbling stone bench to look around for what was left of his torn shorts. A hopeless task.

“Seriously, Merle, you need to go right now,” she said urgently. “I’ll try to fly her out of the city if she finds me, but things could go badly at first. If she’s an Ariel, she might have all my powers.”

Merle ran toward the door, and was just reaching for the inward opening door knob when the entire door was suddenly jerked outward through opening, hinges tearing away carrying chunks of stone from the walls. He staggered backward as a tall, statuesque girl with long raven hair stepped through it, the purple highlights and her glowing crystalline blue eyes making it clear that the Prime had found them!

He tried to run for his life, only to have the Prime pick him up and casually throw him across the room to smash into the far wall. Yet instead of splattering like a Natural, he bounced off the stone to land on his back on the floor, a riot of stars filling his vision. He gaped upward, blinking as he watched two young goddesses squaring off, both with the same otherworldly beauty and overly blue eyes and muscles that were wildly superhuman. The only thing truly different between them seemed to be their hair color.

He rolled over and began crawling as quickly as he could toward the shelter of the closest doorway, knowing he’d served his purpose and that a world of hurt was about to be unleashed in that room.

Leeloo looked regal in her nudity as she turned to face My’ra, no trace of fear in her eyes despite facing one of the most dangerous beings in the universe. “I must inform you that if you and your comrades leave this planet immediately, then I will honor your safe passage.”

My’ra smiled. “And if we don’t?”

“Then you will never leave.”

“Funny. That’s my plan for you.”

“I’m called Leeloo. And yours?”

“My’ra de Gaia Prima Ariel Glonder’el,” the Arion smirked. “Leeloo? Did your parents not like you?”

“Look, My’ra, we both know the game here. You want this planet. We aren’t going to give it to you. We can fight and die over it, but it doesn’t change anything for this planet’s future.”

“This dirt ball? I couldn’t care less. I’m here to return with your golden hair in hand. As the Empress’ granddaughter, I need only that to earn the honor of ruling someday.”

“Or to become another dead end in your already rotting genetic tree. You Aeries and your fake flight organs and overblown egos and Empire are the weakened remains of a once mighty race.”

My’ra clenched her teeth as she closed her eyes, her anger rising from the Velorian’s insult as a wave of fantastic definition reshaping her body. She tensed herself from head to toe, fantastic muscles turning harder than steel. Her eyelids began to glow red and then white hot.

Leeloo knew what was coming, but she showed no concern, floating so delicately in the air, trying to look bored. She was one of Aphrodite’s elect, and she knew no fear.

My’ra snapped her eyes open to blast her with all her power, her blinding eye beams as bright as lightning as they splashed against Leeloo’s skin, heating her instantly from red to orange to white to transparency, her skin seemingly turning to glass as the reflected heat instantly began melting the walls, the stone glowing red and then white hot in seconds. The thermal shockwave spread outward through the walls to collapse the bordering buildings in a tremendous roar, threatening even the foundation of this stone fortress.

Leeloo clasped her hands over her breasts as she concentrated on absorbing the heat and energy as quickly as she could, converting it to Orgone, starting with her own body, drawing it inward from her extremities as her skin cooled. Soon the walls around her faded in color as well as streamers of heat converged on her from every direction, all of it finding its way beneath her hands. Smiling, she felt her breasts growing fuller as she converted the Arion’s powerful blast back to Orgone, storing it safely for her own use.

In seconds, she cooled completely, looking now as if she had before the blast. Only the walls looked different, what with the flows of molten stone frozen where they’d begun to slump.

“Thank you so much,” Leeloo said sweetly while kneading her fuller breasts. “A girl can’t ever have too much Orgone.”

A sliver of fear briefly crossed My’ra’s face. She’d sparred with fellow Primes this way many times, and her superior heat vision had always given her an advantage. Boiling blood couldn’t circulate Orgone through their bodies efficiently, making them weak, giving her a brief advantage. But this Leeloo seemed to actually enjoy it. It should have taken her minutes to absorb that heat, not seconds.

My’ra continued her lethal attack nonetheless, leaping forward faster than a human eye could track to wrap her arms and legs around the Protector to crush her with a thousand tons of force, their breasts flattening against each others as My’ra tried to shut down the Velorian’s natural Vola’tai with her immense bear hug, Leeloo’s flight organs protected only by the softness of her breasts. The Velorian fell out of the air as My’ra hammered down on her shoulders hard enough to pound her into the thick stone floor like a nail into soft wood, burying her to her shoulders. Dropping to her knees, she clasped the blonde’s head between her thighs and crushed inward with even more thousands of tons, putting her strongest muscles to work in an effort to compress and concuss her brain, or even crush Leeloo’s skull if she was lucky.

Holding her between her thighs as she added the strength of her arms, squeezing inward, harder and harder, she was startled to feel the Velorian’s warm tongue searching and finding her sex, its tip tracing up to her nub to lick and vibrate it in a way that drove My’ra crazy. She redoubled her effort to crush her hated enemy, only to have her own body betray her as she exploded inside with passionate desire. This Velorian whore somehow knew exactly how to drive her nervous system crazy, biting her clit to hold it tightly as she vibrated her tongue against its tip in exactly the right way. The fact that Protectors were trained this way was sick enough, but My’ra’s unwanted orgasm came upon her so fast that all she could do was to spin around in an attempt to tear herself free of the girl. But her own muscles betrayed her now, her thighs spasming from her oncoming orgasm to hold Leeloo’s blonde head even tighter until her passion was fully upon her. Thrashing about wildly and uncoordinatedly, she tried to hold off an orgasm that was determined to swallow her, only to have it explode seconds later with such power that her spasms tore the Velorian from the floor to threw her around wildly, holding on with her teeth until together they managed to collapse the upper story of the building. The walls fell inward to pancake on top of the two girls as the floor beneath them gave way to fall to the one below, which gave way as well, the increasing weight of the collapsing building pancaking the lower floors, faster and faster until the entire building came down in a mighty roar.

Merle managed to leap from many stories up as it collapsed, landing hard across the wide street below to feel his left leg snap. He screamed in pain as he dove into the wreckage between two collapsed buildings as the stone fortress behind him continued collapsing, the ground shaking violently as if caught in an earthquake. Slabs that weighed fifty tons each and walls of half that weight landed on top of each other as ten stories of building crashed to the ground, filling the air with solid dust.

Coughing and choking as he gasped for air when the collapse ended, astounded that he was alive, Merle worked his way out from beneath several feet of broken stone, knowing that if not for the new strength and toughness that Leeloo had shared with him this morning, he would have been killed like everyone else around him. There was no sign of either of the Supremis girls, who were presumably buried somewhere under that incredible pile of pancaked stone walls and floors.

Using his good leg and his strong arms, he crawled over and through the wreckage to look for help. If LeeLoo couldn’t dig her way out of there, it was going to take heavy machinery to move any of the fallen debris.

But then a sound behind him told him that getting help wasn’t his problem. The single cracking sound was quickly joined by others, Turning back, he saw the the massive pile of pancaked floors shifting, and then slowly rising. Not just one or two slabs, but the entire pile, nearly the entire weight of the building. He prayed it was Leeloo who was lifting it, but moments later he was horrified to see that it was the Arion girl doing the lifting, her body so tight with muscle that she looked lethally beautiful. She was bent over, the weight of the entire collapsed building resting on her back as she lifted with her legs, her flexing quads a vision of superpower. And in her hand was yellow hair that glowed as if from its own light.

Merle’s heart fell as she jerked an unconscious Leeloo from the debris to toss her to the side like a toy, and then raised both her arms behind her to take the massive weight of the building off her back. Standing up straight, the stone cracking from her hands, she floated upward, lifting the crumbling remains dozens of feet into the air before literally throwing the building on top of the remains of several other collapsed buildings. The ground shook again as more dust obscured him, choking Merle even worse. Knowing he should be running for his life, he could only stare back through the dust cloud as it began to clear, horrified when he made out the tall form of the Arion moving his way, dragging Leeloo behind her by her hair. When she saw him, she swung Leeloo around several times to hammer her into an intact section of stone floor, shattering it with her invulnerable body like an invulnerable hammer.

“Your blondie is all mine,” she growled. “You are all going to die. Right after I kill your vaunted champion.”

My’ra lifted the Velorian to wrap her arms around her chest again, squeezing her breast to breast with her immense strength, determined again to crush her. While Supremis invulnerability is nearly absolute, My’ra was determined to prove the limits of “nearly”. Her back and arms and shoulders flexed with muscle many times thicker than seemed possible given her slender body, transforming her into a hulk-like creature with only death on her mind. Leeloo just hung there, arms limp, head hanging back, helpless.

Merle screamed in futility and horror, knowing how helpless he was before such power. The Arion grinned fiercely as she slowly increased her strength, confident of victory now. And that’s when Merle saw Leeloo’s eyes open, and then narrow with pain — and then something else. Leeloo reached up to bury her fingers in the Arion’s hair as her knee flashed upward between My’ra’s long legs at the same moment to deliver a blow so powerful that the shockwave blew Merle backward, sending him tumbling fifty feet to land behind a portion of a collapsed building just as something exploded inside the Arion — her synthetic Vola’tai, engorged with Orgone energy and ready for flight. My’ra’s body instantly flashed white-hot, the blast throwing half molten debris flying in all directions while blasting a huge crater into the ground, a mushroom cloud rising high over the city.

Merle awoke, burned and broken, barely alive, to find find Leeloo’s long legs straddling him. Tracing his eyes up them, she looked as flawless as ever in her nudity, wearing only a layer of white dust, yet with her long hair shimmering with silver and gold. Miraculously, she carried the unconscious Arion over her shoulder, looking victorious.

“We need to get her off the planet before she wakes up, but I can’t fly. Not yet. I need a ship, one with an Epstein drive.” She offered her hand to pull Merle out of the wreckage to stand on his good leg. “Can you help me?”

Merle shook his head, trying to think. “Ah… yeah… maybe… there’s the old spaceport near the bay. Might still be in one piece. But how can that…?”

“She can’t fly. I’ll recover, but her fake Vola’tai blew up. If I can get her into a ship and use its entire fuel supply to launch her toward the sun, then I’ll escape her when I recover. An Epstein can do 50 G’s with the limiters off. With the controls jammed and fused, her strength will be useless, and not even a Prime can survive flying into the sun.”

“Ok…that… that way, to the spaceport, I think,” he pointed.

Leeloo hugged him to her side with the Arion still over her shoulder as she began to run — fast. Leaping half a city block with each step, she quickly found the spaceport, which was mostly in wreckage. But wonder of wonders, a single shiny ship still stood on is landing pad.

“That’s an Epstein diplomatic ship,” she cried. “Perfect! Thank you.”

She set Merle down on what remained of a bench, and then ran off with the Arion, disappearing into the smoking debris of broken spacecraft toward the Epstein ship. Merle concentrated on breathing, painfully, knowing he was broken up inside, his vision slowly dimming.

The last thing he saw that day was the silver ship blasting into the air. Instead of launching with the usual hum of an anti-grav, the blue-white nuclear Epstein flame stirred the ashes with yet another explosion as it rose so fast it blinked out of sight in the blink of an eye.

Seventy-million miles into space

“Ok, I’ve got a track on the ship,” the radio crackled. “She’s moving damn fast, and very close to the star. Rescue is improbable. Thermals will melt our hull.”

His words were ominously not in any Terran language, but in Arion.

“Our lives don’t matter,” the Captain replied to his Science Officer. “She belongs to the Empress. Even if we die, our families will be gloriously rewarded for all time. If we can catch her in time.”

“Then I need max G at vector 27.32 Delta 5. Now!”

The slender scout ship pivoted and then flashed forward as its fusion engine fired, racing directly toward the yellow star that already filled their entire view screen.

“Long Live the Empress!” the Captain cried.

“Long shall she reign!” replied his entire crew.

To be continued…

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