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Amy's Isle of Wisdom – Part 1

Written by SilvaDarkmoon :: [Tuesday, 14 June 2022 14:36] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 18 June 2022 12:45]

Amy stopped typing on her laptop for the fifth time in the last hour. Stealing a glance over at the mirror that rested on the nearby table, she checked her hair. She still couldn’t decide if her long blonde hair looked better in a ponytail or just down in its normal straight style. She frowned as she pondered it, deciding once again to try the ponytail. Five minutes later she immediately thought it looked stupid and put her hair down again.

“Argh!” She groaned in frustration. “Why can’t I concentrate today?” She asked to no one in particular.

“Because you’re excited silly.” Came the melodic voice of Alexandra, Amy’s older sister. The older brunette strolled into the room, wearing only her underwear. She put her hands on the back of Amy’s chair and leaned over behind her, looking over her sister’s shoulder at the computer screen. “So what’s so important you can’t just let yourself be excited for a date?”

“It’s not a date!” Amy blushed, though she wasn’t even sure of that protest herself. She certainly wanted it to be a date, but it’s not like she had much experience with that kind of thing. “Anyway, this research is part of my end of term report, I wanted to get everything sorted while I wait.”

Alex rolled her eyes. “Seriously? Come on Ames, you’re the smartest girl in your school. If you actually tried to move ahead grades, I bet you could have had a master’s degree by now. I don’t think letting yourself go for one day is gonna harm you at all. You could write a report with your eyes closed.”

Amy smiled at her sister’s words. “Thanks Alex, I think you’re right. I can do this later. I should probably get ready huh?”

“Are you gonna wear any make-up? I can help you put it on.”

“Nah, I don’t think we’re going to end up doing anything fancy. Probably just watching a movie or something.”

Alex grinned. “Just watching a movie can be way more exciting than you might think.”

“Alex!” Amy laughed, closing her laptop and getting up. “He should be here in an hour or so, what do you think? Hair down, or tied up?”

“Leave it down.” Alex said instantly, stretching. Amy sighed inwardly a bit as her sister unintentionally showed off her body yet again. Though they were sisters, you wouldn’t really know it to look at them. Amy was attractive, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She had a thin frame, nice round breasts that barely filled her handful, and an overall nice figure. In any other family, Amy wouldn’t have any complaints about how she looked, but Alex was no ordinary sister.

Some had called Amy attractive, some called her cute, but Alexandra blew her out of the water in almost every way. She was taller, and far more fit. Her body was incredibly toned, looking like some kind of fitness model who worked tirelessly to maintain her shape. Although the sisters owned a home gym, Amy was almost certain that was just for appearances, for she had never seen Alex lift a single weight in her entire life. She was just effortlessly fit.

Alex’s breasts were huge, yet almost gravity defying as they sat high on her chest. Her ass was just as desirable. Everything about the older sister screamed beauty and grace, and indeed that was what they counted on. Alex was a model while Amy went to school. Since their mother had passed away some years ago, it was just the two of them. Alex was one of the most popular models in the world at this point, and yet had somehow managed to keep the press away. In fact, it was strange, everytime the media tried to get access to their lives, they seemed to just… give up. It was as if something was driving them away. Not that Alex ever complained, it meant she got to spend more time chilling at home, being lazy and hanging out with her sister.

Amy had realized on multiple occasions that there were probably thousands of men in the country who would pay hundreds of dollars to see Alex in her underwear. In fact, her sister was so beautiful it was difficult for men to be around her without turning into blubbering messes. Amy didn’t have any such problem, and though she wished she shared some of her sister’s wonderful genes, she otherwise talked to her like a normal person. The two girls relied on each other, cause they had no one else. Amy loved Alex, but found herself a bit envious of her more than a little often. Seriously, weren’t blondes supposed to be the ones who had all the fun?

Which is why today was so exciting for Amy. Normally Alex was the one who got all the attention, constantly being showered in praise from men and women alike looking to get with her. The less outgoing Amy mostly kept to herself, using her intelligence to focus on her studies. Alex was right, if the younger girl truly applied herself, she might have made it much further by now. The problem was, Amy wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted. Her entire world revolved around Alex, and it was hard to find any desire that wasn’t in some way connected to her older sister’s success. She was studying history, to follow in her mom’s footsteps. Their mother had been a historian, a museum curator, specifically looking after artifacts from ancient Greece. However, Amy still wasn’t entirely sure if following her mom was any better than following Alex. It was hard for her to determine what she wanted, divorced from her family’s legacy.

But perhaps things were starting to change for Amy. She’d been approached by one of her classmates, a cute guy named Derek. They had been hanging out a bit after class, and in the spur of the moment, Amy had invited him over. To her shock, he had said yes. That was what all the fuss was about. This was Amy’s first real date since high school, and she really didn’t want to make a fool of herself.

“So, I suppose you’ll probably be wanting me to leave?” Alex asked, hand on her hip, snapping Amy’s thoughts back to the present.

“Oh. Um… if you don’t mind, yes please.” Amy said politely. She would love to be alone with her date, but as well she didn’t want her hotter sister to outshine her.

“No problem. I’ll just call up the girls and see if any of them wanna hang out. Have fun, and I keep some rubbers in my closet if you need them.” Alex turned and headed back toward her room.

“ALEX!” Amy shouted, mortified at the suggestion. The older girl just laughed playfully and returned to her room to dress.


An hour or so later, Amy waited by the door alone. Alexandra had changed and gone out with some friends, leaving Amy alone in the quite sizable house to wait for her date. She had brushed her hair again, changed into a cute blue dress, and tried to look as cute as possible as she waited. Eventually, she heard a car pull up and her heart skipped a beat. This was it. She was getting nervous.

She met Derek out front and led him into the den, where she sat on the couch. He sat on the other side, facing her. He was looking around, a look on his face. Amy wasn’t entirely sure what was going through his head, but it almost seemed like he was as nervous as she was. That acknowledgement alone made her feel better. Good enough to speak first.

“So I was thinking we could watch a movie or something. Do you like Lord of the Rings? Or maybe we could watch something like Titanic, or-“

“Hey, is your sister here?” Derek asked, cutting her off, still looking around.

“Umm… no. She’s not. She went out for the night.” Amy said, not exactly enthused to be talking about her perfect sister immediately as the first subject.

“Oh. Will she be back?” He asked, seeming disappointed.

“No.” Amy said firmly, getting a little annoyed.

“Oh.” Was all he said in reply.

“So, like I was saying, we have a lot of movies and we could get a pizza if you-“

“Look honestly Amy, I only agreed to come over because I thought we could hang out with your sister.” Derek said.

Amy stopped her tracks. Did she hear that right? The first guy who showed any interest in her in college just wanted to hang out with her sister? Really? Who the fuck does that? She clenched her fists and took a deep breath. Then she saw red. She screamed at him, hit him ineffectively with her weak arms, and generally just made a fuss.

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!” She roared, barely aware of her surroundings. And then just like that, she was alone. The door slammed behind her, the car drove away, and Amy was left alone again. Was that it? Was it over? Had she really just throw him out?

Amy’s breath quivered. He had wanted Alex. Everyone always wanted Alex. Alex was perfect, beautiful, confident. Amy was none of those things. But wasn’t she still worth something? Wasn’t she still worth paying attention to? Tears streamed down her face as she trembled. She wandered around the house, not really knowing where she was going.

She found herself in front of a closet. This was the closet where they kept all of mom’s old things. Not really knowing what else to do, she went into the closet and opened one of the boxes. Inside was an old helmet, like something out of ancient Greece. Amy didn’t know much about it, only that it was her mom’s. Craving comfort, she put on the helmet, and sat down inside the closet. She wrapped her arms around her legs and cried softly, eventually fading into sleep.


The sea.

That was the first thing Amy was aware of when she came to her senses. She could smell the ocean breeze and feel the wind in her hair. Which was strange, because they lived in a city, nowhere near the beach. She opened her eyes and gasped. She had to be dreaming, she simply had to be.

She was on an island. Built on top of the island was some kind of village or town, with most of the buildings made of white polished stone. For miles around, green plains bled into beaches, interspersed with buildings. Amy stood on top of a hill, looking down at the beautiful island. She could see people below, relaxing on the beaches or playing in the fields. Some of them wore ancient white dresses, some of them were naked. They were all women. And they were all every bit as beautiful as Alexandra.

“My lady!” Came a melodic voice from above. “Can I be of assistance?”

Amy looked up and saw yet another beyond gorgeous woman approaching her, her blonde hair shining in the sun. However, the beauty of this newcomer was slightly lost on Amy as she failed to look past the most important detail. The woman was flying. Like Supergirl.

Amy looked around again, and saw some of the women playing volleyball on the beach were actually using some kind of boulder that was bigger than they were, easily tossing around a rock that should have weighed tons. Some of the ladies were floating casually, acting as if their relationship with gravity was more a choice than anything else. Holy shit, Amy thought. They’re all like Wonder Woman! Wait, can Wonder Woman fly? She can’t can she, that’s why she has the invisible jet? Or maybe she sometimes can. Amy wasn’t a big comic person, but these girls seemed like the daughters of Wonder Woman and Superman.

“Impressive isn’t it?” The woman who had been gliding toward her asked, landing delicately. “Indeed, the Isle of the Amazons has prospered of late. You must be proud, my lady.”

“Why do you keep calling me that? I’m not a lady, and I’m certainly not one of you.” Amy asked, realizing how silly it was to argue with a dream lady. If she was dreaming she was the leader of a bunch of sexy amazons… well, she supposed there were worse things to dream about.

“Of course you are my lady! You are the strongest of any of us! Here!” The golden-haired girl said, stomping on the ground and pulling out a huge chunk of Earth, which she then threw right at Amy. Amy screamed and instinctively pulled her hand up to protect herself, only for the huge rock to shatter into a million pieces at her slightest touch.

“What the hell?” Amy asked, looking down at her hand. It had felt so real. She could feel the texture of the rock, the sensation of weightlessness as it had shattered against her hand, hear the sound of rubble falling to the ground. This was the most lucid dream she had ever had. She thought for a second. If she was one of these superpowered girls in this dream, she probably had more powers than just strength. She concentrated and imagined her body leaving the ground. Slowly at first, but with rising speed, she felt her feet leaving the earth, defying gravity as easily as she had smashed stone. Like the first incident, she was convinced that this sensation felt real. At this point she was positively giddy, and she quickly experimented with flying in circles before zooming around the island, the other woman all but forgotten at the top of the hill.

She decided to test her dream limits, believing there was nothing she can’t do in that moment. She flew through stone, shattering it as though she was swimming through water. She lifted up an entire house, not even feeling the slightest strain on her muscles (which, she noticed, were a hell of a lot more toned than in reality.) She flew down to the bottom of the ocean, no longer needing to breath, or feeling the pressure of the deep sea. As she returned to the surface, she realized there really wasn’t anything she couldn’t do. But she would eventually have to wake up. And as she looked out at the sea, she saw dark clouds on the horizon, and a chill passed down her spine. Something evil was coming to the isle of amazons, and it scared her.


Alexandra returned home after only a short time out. She had forgotten to grab her wallet before leaving the house, so she returned home to quickly grab it. She hoped Amy and her new friend hadn’t already started getting steamy, because it would be super awkward to walk in on them in such a silly way. Strangely though, his car wasn’t in the driveway when she returned, and as she approached the door, Alexandra felt that something was wrong. Very wrong. She hurried into the house and saw the main rooms were completely empty.

“Amy?” She called out. “I’m back. I forgot my wallet. I’ll be heading back out in a sec.” Maybe they decided to go out somewhere? It was possible, but unlikely considering how excited Amy was to be staying in. She had even prepared some homemade popcorn for them to snack on while they chill. It was then that Alex sensed something upstairs, and she immediately headed that way, practically a blur as she looked for her sister.

She found Amy in a closet. Mom’s closet. She was curled up in a ball, sleeping, wearing mom’s old helmet. Dried tearlines were visible on her face. Alexandra leaned down and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Then she stood up, getting ready to head back out. Her friends could wait, she needed to have a word with Mr. Derek. He had made her baby sister cry, and now, he was gonna pay.


Amy awoke in the closet, still wearing the helmet. She had expected to be tired, or drained, or upset, but really she felt great. More energized than she had felt in a long time. She stretched, her hand brushing against something in the closet, then checked her phone. She had several unread messages from Alex, which she checked.

“Omg Amy, are you ok?” Was the main one, followed by a news link. Amy clicked on it and gasped audibly. It was Derek’s car, at the bottom of a cliff. It had been totaled, but it looked like more than just a bad crash. It looked like a force of nature took its wrath out on the car, completely crushing it into something totally unrecognizable. The only identifying feature was the mangled remains of the license plate, still somehow legible despite the destruction. Apparently according to the news article, Derek was fine, but he was shell shocked. He could barely say two words to the police who arrived on the scene before he was taken to the hospital. Amy felt bad for sending him away, but something wasn’t quite adding up in her head. The cliff was over half a mile away from the nearest road. How the hell had Derek managed to drive over half a mile offroad and off a cliff?

Just then her phone got another text from Alex. “Look, I know tonight has been crazy. Angela is out getting some drinks. Why don’t you go join her? Take your mind off things.”

Normally Amy wouldn’t give that kind of thought the time of day, but then again, this wasn’t any normal night. So far it had indeed been a bit crazy, with the bad date and the crazy dream and the even crazier news. Maybe she could use a few drinks. Besides, the night was still fairly young and she was wide awake. She was even dressed to go out, though now that she thought about it her bra felt a bit tight in the chest. She got up, took off the helmet, and headed out to her car, determined to have a good time. Amy was so focused on going out and trying to forget everything that she didn’t notice that her stretch earlier had sent her hand straight through the plaster of the wall. Nor did she notice the clear finger imprints left in the metal doorknob when she opened the door.

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