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Amy's Isle of Wisdom – Part 2

Written by SilvaDarkmoon :: [Tuesday, 14 June 2022 14:44] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 18 June 2022 13:35]

Special thanks to OmniScribbler for providing inspiration and being amazingly supportive.

Alexandra was the one who had destroyed Derek’s car. After seeing Amy cry, she was filled with a cold fury toward the man who dare upset her sister. She had flown off into the night in search of her prey. Of course, with her enhanced speed and senses, it was not difficult to find the car she was looking for. She was going to teach Derek the consequences of fucking with her sister, and that Alexandra was far more than just a pretty face.

Alex had developed superpowers at the age of 13, quickly realizing that she was suddenly stronger and faster than any jock in her school, and could fly. As a teen, she could only lift a few hundred pounds on her slim frame, but throughout her adult life, her strength had been steadily increasing. She was more than strong enough to take out a car, and that’s exactly what she was going to do.

Derek stopped and pulled over at a gas station. From the sky, Alex watched him. He seemed upset, annoyed at something, but not particularly regretful. That only made her angrier, watching his stupid face fill up his car. She thought about Amy in the closet, curled up and crying, all alone, and her cold fury reached a new level. Like an oncoming storm, she started to float down toward him.

As she approached Derek, she suddenly felt a great force from within. She stopped in her tracks, nearly buckling over as an immense pressure filled her entire body. That pressure gave way to warmth, and it spread throughout her toned muscles, filling them with even more power. Alex drank it all in, not knowing what was happening still finding herself addicted to the sensation all the same. Her already incredible strength seemed to climb and climb, and she found herself stronger than ever before. It was as if she was becoming superpowered all over again, except her body floating in the sky told her that this time, it was even more.

As the sensation passed, she felt the remaining energy collecting her eyes, causing them to glow red with heat. She knew instinctively that if she unleashed it, she could destroy Derek and his car from here, calling down a fiery wrath from the sky. But Alex was not inherently violent, and her goal was to scare him, not to kill him.

Alex shot down toward the car, accelerating with a localized boom from her position in the sky. She closed the distance almost instantly and lifted the car up over her head. Derek had gotten back in the car by now, as evidenced by his loud screams as she lifted the car up. Of course, she barely paid him any attention as she realized how incredibly light the car was in her hands. She had been able to lift tons before, but a whole SUV like what Derek was driving would have needed at least a fraction of effort. Now the vehicle felt totally weightless in her arms, she could barely even tell it was up there. Smiling, totally intoxicated with her own strength, she gave the car a short little toss.

That little toss sent the car flying through the air at incredible speed, and she had to actively fly ahead of it to catch it. It had traveled more than half a mile in an instant, with the terrified driver still inside, if perhaps unconscious. Alex smashed the window and pulled Derek out, holding him in one hand and the car in the other. She had already resolved that she hadn’t wanted to hurt him and making him pass out due to incredibly g-forces was already a strain on that resolution. She floated down and put him on the ground, before looking back to the car in her hand. Grinning to herself, she decided to put her now all-conquering strength to the test, flying back up into the air and mangling the car beyond recognition. The metal yielded easily to her slender, toned arms. That wasn’t a surprise, she had set out to mangle the car in the first place. No, what surprised her was the sheer ease in which she found the car reacting to her touch. It was as if she was molding Play-Doh, perhaps even easier.

Laughing at the sheer insanity of her new strength, she got a little carried away, mangling the car so badly that it would be hard to believe a simple crash caused it. Then again, they were near a cliff. Alex shrugged and tossed the car (far more carefully this time) to the base of the cliff, where it rested next to the unconscious Derek.

Satisfied, Alex flew back to the city, landing in an alley. Alex pulled out her phone and called the police, reporting the horrible accident she had caused, leaning her perfect ass against a dumpster as she talked. She was caught off guard again as her innocent booty bump caused the dumpster to not only deform at her touch, but embed itself into the brick wall behind it. Hanging up the phone, Alex was now breathing heavily. Whatever happened earlier, it had increased her power tremendously, and she was loving it. And it didn’t seem to be wearing off. Alex decided not to go home immediately, she needed to test her new powers before returning to Amy. Alex would have to text her while she was out, but she needed to spend some time mastering her new strength, perhaps at an industrial park, so that she didn’t accidentally scare Amy.

After all, her beloved baby sister was perfectly ordinary.


The newly energized Amy got into her car and drove to the bar that Alexandra and her friend Angela liked to frequent. Amy wasn’t much of a drinker, or a partier, or even a going out in general kind of girl, but she had met Angela more than a few times and had gotten along well with her. Angela was nice, pretty, outgoing, and she always seemed to know how to make Amy laugh. Right now, Amy could use a few laughs.

The bar wasn’t far from the house, but it seemed to take an eternity to Amy. For some reason, it felt as if the car was moving painfully slowly, she could look out the windows and take in every detail around her. It felt as if she was going five miles per hour, though the speedometer said otherwise. Maybe she was just uncomfortable. In the short ten-minute drive, Amy had already had to readjust her cute blue dress several times. For some reason, her bust felt very tight. It had been fine earlier, although admittedly she hadn’t worn this dress many times before. Maybe it was just a bit small in the chest. She also had to adjust her rear-view mirror, which was also a bit strange. Amy always made sure to practice good posture while driving, and the seat definitely hadn’t been moved, so why would the mirror be off? It's not like she was still growing.

Finally, she arrived at the bar. She parked and went inside, a grimacing a bit as she did. Were bars always so loud? She could barely hear her own thoughts as she was suddenly barraged with a range of voices, as it seemed like she could hear everyone in the busy bar. Shaking her head, she cleared her mind and looked around for Alex’s friend. She saw her at the bar and headed over.

Angela was wearing a black skirt with a matching crop top. She was a bit of an athlete, and the makings of a toned 6-pack was visible underneath her dark skin. Angela was very happy with her core, and frequently showed off in public by wearing shirts that didn’t quite cover her stomach. Amy wished she had that level of confidence. Or any confidence really.

Amy sat down beside Angela, tossing her blonde hair back as she settled in.

“Heyyyy, it’s Amy! Damn girl you look great, you should get made up more often!” Angela said, clearly already a bit tipsy. Amy smiled, Angela’s sweetness was almost infectious.

Though she wasn’t wearing any makeup, she still appreciated the compliment. Angela called for another drink, and one for Amy too. As Amy took the bottle, it shattered all over her.

“Shit!” Amy cried out, her dress now covered in alcohol. “Must have been under some pressure or something.”

“Wow Amy, you’re stronger than you look!” Angela joked, playfully flexed her own toned bicep. “Relax, I have a change of clothes in my car.”

“Really? Why?”

“Don’t ask stupid questions, just go change silly!” Angela giggled and took another drink. Amy smiled and went out to Angela’s car. Sure enough, there was an extra skirt and top in the back. The top in particular would probably be a bit big on her, Amy thought, since Angela’s chest was bigger than hers, but they were the same height and similar body types so it should be fine. A little embarrassed to be covered in alcohol, she made her way to the ladies room and changed clothes. Surprisingly, the top wasn’t big at all, in fact it seemed to fit her quite well.

On her way out, Amy stopped to examine herself in the mirror. She smiled to herself. Angela was right, she did look great tonight. Her hair seemed perfect; her complexion nearly flawless. Had she always looked this good? Maybe it was just the clothes. Either way, she was feeling way better, and was prepared to have a good time out with her friend.

A little while later, Amy was helping Angela out of the bar. The two girls had drunk quite a lot, but Amy was still feeling totally fine. She knew she shouldn’t be driving, but honestly it felt as if the alcohol had no effect on her whatsoever. She didn’t have much experience being drunk, but she knew that it was better to be safe than sorry. Besides, Angela was totally wasted, so Amy had been mortified when the dark haired beauty had pulled out her keys.

“No way, you are NOT driving home!” Amy said firmly, taking the keys from her.

“Hey! Relax I’m fiiiine. It’s only a short way!”

“Girl you can barely stand. You’re not getting behind a wheel!”

“Well then you can drive me then! Go on, you have the keys!” Angela leaned into her, laughing.

“I’m drunk too!” Amy exclaimed, though she certainly didn’t feel it. “Your house is even closer than mine, we can just walk.”

Despite Angela’s protests, the two girls began to walk home together. It was now quite late at night and the streets were increasingly dark and deserted. Amy and Alex lived in a city, and Amy spent most of her time either at home or school. She felt more than a little worried as they walked down the dark streets, two pretty girls alone. Luckily they didn’t have far to go, and it was definitely better than risking the alternative.

Unfortunately, they ran into trouble regardless. Amy walked right past a group of young men hanging out in one of the alleyways, she didn’t even notice them until it was too late. One of them whistled at her.

“Hey sexy, where you going?” The man called out to her. They were clearly drunk, and bad news. They were large men, all of them clearly spent significant time in the gym. Maybe they played football or another sport, Amy didn’t know. Nor did she care, after the night she had she just wanted to get home.

“Not tonight guys.” She said in reply, careful not to antagonize them. Angela followed behind her.

The man who spoke walked up to her and grabbed her arm. “Hey, where are you going? We just wanna talk, don’t we lads?” The other guys nodded and muttered agreement. To Amy it seemed they were practically licking their lips, and she was disgusted.

“I said not tonight asshole!” She said, pushing him off her. To her surprise, he let go of her arm and fell backward several feet, slamming his back into the brick wall behind him.

“You bitch!” The closest man yelled, punching her square in the gut. Amy expected it to hurt, but it didn’t. In fact, the man who punched her grimaced as he hit her, as if his hand was the one to receive the damage. Amy didn’t really have time to process this, as the other guys were now all around her. And Angela was still by her side. Things were looking really bad.

Instinctively Amy fell into a stance. She had no idea why, she had never taken self defense classes, it just felt right. Like her body knew what is what doing and how to fight when outnumbered. Her mind was surprisingly clear, accepting the reality of the situation and processing the odds. She was outnumbered, and they were all significantly bigger than her, plus she had to protect Angela. However, they were drunk and uncoordinated, their attacks would be sluggish and easy to predict. It didn’t even occur to her to attempt to run, for some reason her mind knew she could fight them.

She punched the closest guy, sending him to the ground, then countered a blow from behind, catching his hand and flipping him to the ground. She sensed a fist coming at her face from the side, and moved out of the way easily. It was almost like his hand was moving in slow motion, and she was able to easily move in and punch his ribs, feeling them give way as her fist connected. Before she knew it, all the men were on the ground, and she wasn’t even breathing heavily.

“Damn Amy!” The still quite drunk Angela said, breaking Amy out of her trance. “Where did you learn to fight like that?”

Amy paused, her mind finally catching up to what had just happened. How did she know how to fight like that? Suddenly her mind was full of images, visions she couldn’t quite make sense of. She saw the place from her dream, the Isle of Amazons the woman in her dream had called it. She saw the women there, she saw the dark clouds encroaching on the Isle. The women were warriors, they taught each other to fight for the glory of the gods. That was how she knew. But was it? She wasn’t one of those women, she had never even dreamed of the place before last night.

While Amy was distracted by the images in her mind, some of her attackers recovered. Three men grabbed her and pinned her down to the ground, not taking any chances. The bitch was clearly strong, but there was no way she was stronger than three of them. Amy struggled to throw them off, and very nearly succeeded as she thrashed and tried to break free, but a few more men piled on to her, while the last one, the one who had originally touched Amy, got on top of Angela. He pulled a knife out of his pocket, and laughed wickedly.

“Shhh” He said, putting a finger to Angela’s lips. “Don’t scream, it will only make it worse.” Amy’s eyes went wide as she saw what was happening. The visions in her mind flooded back to her. The dark clouds approaching the Isle, the women preparing to face a threat, the enemy arriving. Both there and here, in reality, she was the only thing standing between her friends and family and those who would wish to do them harm. She wanted to protect Angela, she wanted to fight. She roared defiantly, the power of her voice causing the men holding her to let her go. She quickly rose to her feet, and glared menacingly at the man holding down Angela.

“Let. Her. Go.” She commanded, as she felt a warm energy rising up from within her. It was a warmth that spread to her muscles, and she welcomed it eagerly.


Alexandra was totally drunk on power. She had flown to a construction site after texting Amy, and since then had been practicing her new increased powers on the equipment. It turned out she had heat vision now, something she didn’t have before, and it was powerful as hell. It easily melted through piles of steel blocks, reducing them to molten metal in an instant. That realization made her positively giddy.

But the most incredible part was her strength. The wood and steel offered no resistance to her, nor did the construction vehicles left abandoned on the lot. She had easily lifted a digging vehicle (Alex didn’t know the name, the ones with the big claw on the back) over her head single handed. The rush of power and ease of it all was intoxicating, and she was feeling more than a little good about herself. She even decided to play around with some of the steel bars in more, creative ways. Needless to say, her strength wasn’t limited to her arms and legs.

After her little playtime with the steel bars, Alex eyed the wrecking ball on site. She couldn’t resist, not after she had already indulged herself so much with the rest of the equipment. Flying up to it, she grabbed ahold of the massive wrecking ball in both hands, and watched as it easily yielded to her strength. Within seconds, the once huge vehicle of destruction was a small ball of compressed steel, small enough that Alex could hold it in one hand. Well, she probably could have held the full size ball in one hand to be honest.

“Not so mighty now are you?” She spoke to the ball, laughing as she tossed it up and down like a baseball. “You’d have a hard time demolishing that building now. Let’s see if I can do any better.” She flew down to the ground, looking up at the building that was being knocked down to make way for construction. It was a big, abandoned hotel, at least five stories high. Alex got right up close to it and pondered what to do next. She had crushed, bent, and maimed basically all of the equipment here, but how would she destroy the building? She shrugged, and decided to just give it a simple kick.

The building exploded. The part where her foot connected dissolved into powered dust instantly, while cracks spread throughout the rest of it, bringing the whole thing down in a matter of moments. Alex was stunned at her own power. She could spend the rest of the night here, as long as she was back in time for Amy’s breakfast.

Shit! Amy! She thought, realizing how late she had been out. She immediately flew home, wanting to return to her baby sister.


The men who had attacked Amy were all unconscious, there were plenty of broken bones all around, several of them had broken ribs, and at least of them had probably suffered some spine damage. Amy didn’t care, not as she held up the man who had attacked Angela by his throat in one hand. That surge of energy she felt had empowered her, she had felt it. She was strong now, probably the strongest woman on earth, and she had used that strength to win decisively.

“You’ll never do something like this again.” She says to the man in her arm, speaking firmly and dangerously.

“N-no of course not!” The man pleaded, as Amy threw him against the wall. There was a loud thud as he slumped over.

She paid him no mind and instead rushed over to Angela. “Hey, you ok girl?” She asked gently, trying to calm down a bit.

“Amy…” Angela said, the experience having sobered her up quite a bit. “You’re a badass!”

Angela wrapped her arms around Amy’s neck and kissed her, her mocha lips taking Amy totally by surprise. She had never kissed anyone before, certainly not a girl, and certainly not her sister’s best friend. Her heart was racing a mile a minute.

She liked it.

Breaking off, Amy knew it was probably the remaining alcohol that cause Angela to react that way. They held hands the rest of the way to the house but otherwise didn’t speak a word. Once Amy had seen her safely inside, she started returning to her own house, knowing that no one else could possibly bother her on the way. With newfound confidence, she realized that tonight hadn’t been so bad after all.

She couldn’t wait to test her new limits, and she couldn’t wait to tell Alex.

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