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Genesis of the Bih’Zah’Ro – Part 2

Written by AUphoric :: [Friday, 17 June 2022 18:26] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 18 June 2022 12:10]

Part 2 of the analysis, by the enemies of the Velorian Protectors, about how the superwomens’ flight, eye beams, and other amazing powers are Super Science of Super Genetics and Super Physics, not magic! We also learn more of the Velorian Counter-Intelligence response! We find out why the Igobye Empire has a conquering lust for gold!

Part 2

== We continue the report from Igobye’s Super-Soldier Analysis Blue Ribbon Science Panel. ==


Velorians have the organs of flight, volatai. Each volatus is about the size and has a similar pitted texture to an avocado.

Males have a single volatus behind the center of the breastbone, with the triangular end pointed up. On either side, a small duct tube connects the volatus to each breast to allow the flow of orgone directly into and through the passages internal to the volatus.

Females have a pair of volatai, one immediately behind each breast, with the triangular end pointed down. A direct duct connects from the orgone storage maze in the breast to the volatus right behind the breast, for the free flow of orgone between breast and volatus.

Volatai additionally have motor neurons that connect to the entire outer surface of the organ. If volatai were smaller, one could say that with the enormous supply of neurons, they would look like a needle in a haystack.

When neurons bring signals to the surface of the volatus, the internal part of the organ consumes orgone to generate directional motion facing outwards from the body’s center of gravity to the direction with the activated neuron. The exact mechanism is filled with equations, but we will explain with some everyday metaphors.

As the orgone is consumed, its “flower petals” in the fifth dimension “scoop up” enormous quantities of higher dimensional energy, and then at the pair of interdimensional twists in the center of the molecule, this energy is “stepped down” and “translated” to generate pressure against four-dimensional spacetime; in effect, making the Supremis fly in the given direction, in their own weightless frame of reference, regardless of local gravity or spacetime location.

As the orgone is consumed, more orgone is pulled out of the breast to support continued flying.

Because of the enormous energy storage capacity of orgone, only a very small trickle of orgone needs to be released from the breast to power a lot of fast flight for an extended period of time. To merely hover in place, orgone consumption is negligible.

The neural signals triggering this phenomenon are of two types. First, isometric muscle contractions send the signal to the corresponding surface of the volatus, to set the direction.

For example, squeezing the muscles of the hips sends a signal to the lower part of the volatus, regarding in flying upwards; squeezing the muscles of a shoulder sends a signal of the outer part of the volatus, trigger flight motion to turn and move sideways.

Second, an overall intensity signal is sent as an aggregated integrated neural node from the conscious willpower center of the brain to the center of the volatus, which controls the speed of motion. With a low intensity intention, the flyer continues to hover in place, requiring almost no orgone to sustain.

As flight intention drops to zero, they stop flying entirely and return to being subject to normal gravity effects of the local situation. At which point orgone consumption also stops. (At least, orgone consumption by the volatus. Some other part of the body may still be actively consuming orgone.) With a medium intensity intention, the flyer moves slowly, and with an extremely intense intention, the flyer moves much faster.

Although it takes no physical effort to fly, sustaining the high intensity intention to fly at great speeds or against great obstacles, or carrying enormous weights, takes mentally focused concentration. It can be difficult for a Velorian to do a lot of other things while flying at their most vigorous. Tactically this is very important: if a Supremis can be kept busy having to fly back and forth, they can be too distracted to do much else in the battle.

The flying effect wraps around the entire body, making the Velorian entirely immune of any internal perception or damage of acceleration, inertia, or momentum; the flyer can instant start and stop, go fast and slow, turn abruptly, with no physical effect other than that they are flying at the direction and speed they intend.

To not shred or burn off clothes while flying rapidly, special costumes are needed, at least partially skintight, made on Velor with materials and construction techniques we have not been able to reverse engineer up to the present.

Generally, in Velorian women one volatus is used at a time, with the other on standby, intermittently trading off as both can fully supply 100% of flight needs. This trade off from one side to another happens outside of conscious awareness or control.

If there was a momentary weakness at the transition from one volatus to the other, this could be important tactically, but we have not been able to identify any drop in power that would indicate the transfer to the other side.

We only know about the shift from one volatus to the other by a conversation between Velorian Protectors which was overheard by one of our spies. It is possible that the Protectors actually knew they were under surveillance, and used the opportunity to directly drop some misinformation in order to mislead and confuse our researchers to waste their time on a fruitless dead-end path.

In any event ,much is known for certain. During flight, the Velorian body can be positioned and oriented in any way. Standing up, lying down, turned sideways, facing back behind them, arms outstretched or held to the side, are all some of the many poses one might see used by a flying Velorian.

P-1’s: Faster than lightspeed

Just as with us, Velorian society is established as a social caste system based on self-aggrandizing eugenics of who is genetically best at winning wars. We admire that Skietra set up the Velorians to reach this point less than two hundred years after they started to live on Velor, saving them several centuries of the trial and error we had to endure in our own history of mistaken flings with democracy and legal equality.

The lowest level Velorians can fly at up to around 0.1 C (ten percent of the speed of light).

Velorian P-3’s, the lowest genetic part of the P class, can effectively travel across a solar system at up to just below the speed of light. They can readily sustain wormhole-compatible speeds, but are not able to precisely enough modulate and sustain their flying to fly unaided into and through a wormhole.

P-3’s and below are not able to sustain 0.5C with the precisely targeted navigation needed to enter a wormhole. P-3’s require the use of a suitable spacecraft to enter a wormhole.

Velorian P-2’s and P-1’s are precise and sturdy enough in their flying to fly into and through a wormhole.

P-1’s are able to exceed the speed of light while flying, causing the removal of their visibility in ordinary spacetime as they shift into subspace.

We hope that the ridiculously naive and confused misunderstanding that going faster than the speed of light results in going back in time, rather than emerging at the same time at a different location, is now completely debunked throughout all of society, not just in the elite scientific and military class. It is an easy naive misreading of the spacetime equivalency equation. But awareness of how exceeding lightspeed shifts mass into the subspace ether, readily corrects this misunderstanding.

As with all subspace travel, the concept of distance over time is not directly meaningful for subspace, but as a generally useful rule of thumb, as P-1 flight over 1.0 C pushes them into the half million omega range of subspace, a few subjective minutes of subspace travel is equivalent to approximately one light-year of ordinary space for when the return from subspace is made by dropping back below lightspeed, exiting subspace at the same moment in normal spacetime as when they entered.

Thus, trips between solar systems up to a few dozen light-years apart may be made within an hour or so of subjective flight time.

As with any faster than light access into subspace, the flying Velorian has no mass present in the physical universe when exceeding lightspeed. Since at this time all the mass of the flier, along with whatever they might be wearing and carrying, has all shifted into subspace, thus there is no violation of the physical laws limiting matter to maximum velocity no greater than the speed of light.

P-1’s become fatigued after about an hour in subspace, needing to drop back to below the speed of light for a recovery time we suspect is around twelve hours, but we have not been able to obtain specific intelligence on this strategically crucial issue.

Based on our best estimates, nonstop flight time itself to go from one side of the galaxy to the far opposite side using subspace would be about a week. But because of the need for the resting along the way, it would actually take a P-1 a few months. Therefore, for trips of more than a few light-years, it becomes more pragmatic for a P-1 to use a spacecraft that is wormhole capable, in order to travel through the wormhole network to their destination.

Due to the extremely destructive, physically violent effects of emerging from subspace inside a planet’s gravity well, Velorians who can exceed lightspeed only do so, just like spaceships, between solar systems, or very occasionally in emergency conditions to go from the orbit of an outer planet to the orbit of an inner planet, staying well away from the planet at both ends of the trip.

Super Senses

Supremis sensual acuity is far beyond that of ordinary humans. There are special structures in the retina, the lens of the eye, and the middle ear that help with this. In addition, sense cells throughout the body are thinner, more sensitive, and packed more closely together than ordinary sensory cells. This allows extremely precise, very sensitive perceptiveness with all senses.

Tachyon Vision

Tachyons are, of course, the subatomic particles that were generated by the Big Bang, and now continuously circulate back and forth around the entire universe. They travel through all other types of matter with no effect to the matter they pass through, but, as they pass through, they pick up a change in their spin pattern proportional to the thickness and attributes of that matter. Very sensitive meaurements can subsequently pick up and unravel that spin pattern. As this is done, information about whatever the tachyon passed through - how far away it is, and its structure - becomes known to the observer; as further layers of spin are decoded, more distance objects, farther away which were encountered earlier, also become known. Multiple layers of spin can be extracted and decoded at once.

Tachyons travel just faster than light, so they have instantly available information not limited by how long it takes light to travel from an object to the observer.

Within the Supremis retina, special cells measure tachyon spin and feed the retrieved information to the visual cortex, where it is integrated into a perception of vision of what the tachyons passed through. By adjusting the layer of spin that is decoded, information can be retrieved about anything from the closest surface to an object father away, inside or behind something closer to the observer. This whole process occurs automatically.

From the subjective experience of the Supremis:

1. Vision works all the way down to total darkness. As visible light diminishes, location, texture, and color information increasingly comes from tachyon decoding rather than from visual observation with rods and cones.

2. Vision can be “tuned” for anything from the immediately visible surface, to what is inside an object, or behind it to other objects behind it. Spin decoding can instantly show any desired layer of objects up to at least thousands of miles behind the closest visible surface. A map or photograph in a dark closet in the next continent, can be viewed as easily as one held out in front on a bright sunny day.

Tachyon spin decoding requires only a very modest amount of orgone energy. Tachyon vision is not at all tiring to use all day if desired.

Physically steerable hearing

In the Velorian middle ear, the eardrum is not rigidly attached to the ear canal, but is connected by small muscles which can swing it off axis up to 30 degrees in any direction. The cochlea is also suspended by a set of small muscles, and can also be pivoted off axis up to 15 degrees in any direction. The small muscles decouple hearing from shock, impact, and rumble, and enable Velorian hearing to be precisely steered to focus on sounds from a particular direction.

The steering process is entirely automatic, with the Velorian only needing to think of the target location, not about the manipulation of the individual muscles inside the ear.

Distance weapons systems

Supremis have two ways to cause destruction at a distance (beyond throwing, kicking, or shoving things): their super-breath, and their eye beams.

Three kinds of super breath

A unique two-way matter to energy convertor cell is in the palm-sized mass of extra tissues at the base of each Velorian’s lungs. These cells can receive energy and convert it to matter, specifically, to molecules of a nitrogen-oxygen gas mixture that is breathable by normal humans. These converter cells can also work in the opposite direction to take in nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide gas molecules and consume them, converting them to energy.

The bundle of cells has a fiber optic cable connection at its base, which runs to the energy distribution network. At the top of this bundle, ducts release the generated gas into the lung, or pull in gas from the lung to convert it to energy.

The ducts have two additional features: extremely strong, fiber optic powered rings of cilia, small fibers that push the air up or down; and a reversed version of the energy output cells from the retina, able to take in heat from the air in the lungs and extract it to supercool the air, multiplying the cold by spirals in the ducts which implement the Bernoulli principle. These cells are for energy input only by removing heat from air or other gas in the lungs; they do not generate heat or any other kind of energy output.

These features provide three functional capabilities for P-class Velorians:

1. Enormous quantities of air can be continuously generated and pushed out of the lungs, without any need to move the diaphragm. This air can be accelerated to hurricane force. The outward air pressure can be very finely adjusted, from a massive storm, to just enough of a puff of air to be able to convey spoken words to another invulnerable person located adjacent in outer space.

As orgone energy storage is so much exponentially denser than E=mc^2, only a very small amount of orgone is needed to power this atmosphere generation in the lungs.

2. The output air can be chilled to provide an extremely cold blast that rapidly freezes whatever it encounters. The temperature can be adjusted finely from just below ambient, all the way down to just a few degrees above absolute zero. The heat is extracted from the air by energy input cells, and thus the chilling process requires no energy at all; only the movement of the valve-and-cover assembly into position requires a tiny amount of energy.

3. A gentle breeze up to hurricane force can be generated to pull air (or other gasses in the environment) into the lungs, again with no need to move the diaphragm, and then convert the received gas to energy for storage. If there is an insufficient quantity of gas outside the mouth and nose, then this pulling in action will have no effect. If the air breathed in includes flames, breathing them in will be a pleasantly energy-providing experience for the Supremis.

If the super breath is rapidly alternated from in to out at an atmospheric resonant frequency, a circular eddy can be established in an atmosphere, generating a tropical storm or tornado, or if over a large body of water where the air is humid, a waterspout.

Super breath out does not require that any air was previously breathed into the lungs, and super breath in is not dependent on having previously exhaled. The usual human breathing action of the diaphragm moving, so as to expand or contract the lungs, is irrelevant and not used with super breath. Therefore there is no physical tension or tiredness from its use, as long as sufficient orgone stored energy is available for retrieval. As Supremis do not need to breathe oxygen in and carbon dioxide out in order to survive, continuous super breath can be readily sustained all day, if desired.

As the diaphragm does not need to be moved while super breath is in use, it is free to be used to generate speech as normal, while super breath is active either inbound or outbound.

Eye beams

It might seem that these breath abilities would be the primary weapon for a Supremis, but actually, many fights occur with no use of super breath at all. The primary weapon is actually the eye beams.

At the back of the eyeball, next to the optic nerve is a conduit for an equally thick bundle of fiber optics. These fibers distribute inside the eyeball, just behind the retina, to spots distributed throughout the retina. These spots are conversion cells that receive photons from the release of stored orgone energy, and upscale convert them to higher-energy photons primarily in the visible red to far infrared range.

These emitted photons of red light and heat go out through the eyeball and its lens, and can be focused on a narrow to wide target, at a near to far range, just like vision. The fluids in the eye have a different range of transparent biochemistry than an ordinary eye, so that they are not harmed by the large amount of energy passing through to exit out of the pupil.

The Supremis eye lens is a very densely packed collection of fiber optic strands in small bundled columns, providing strength, flexibility, and precise focusing and optical beam steering capability far beyond the ordinary human eye.

Eye beams can be generated at not just a consciously controlled target distance and size, but also at a consciously controlled intensity level.

At the lowest level, the eye beams simply provide harmless red light illumination and a small amount of warmth on the target.

At the highest level, an extremely bright, extremely hot pair of beams pushes energy to the target at the equivalent firepower of a laser in the range of up to a few megawatts for the lowest level Supremis. For the Protectors, the output level is equivalent to as much as a hundred megawatts or more (using both eyes together, which always occurs for eye beams).

At all but the lowest level, the energy conversion cells could continue generating beams all day, as long as energy from stored orgone remains available, but the beams must be stopped after a few seconds because the very small amount of backscatter spillage makes the back of the eyeball extremely hot. This must be given time to cool off in order to prevent major internal damage to the inside of the head, behind the eyeball. The shutoff occurs as an automatic reflex.

While the eye beams are exiting the eye, some light continues to enter the eye, but visibility is limited. This is another reason for the eye beams being fired in short bursts. After each burst, the target can be re-examined for damage, and the same target or a different target chosen for the next burst. When the observation of targets is done with tachyon vision, the eye beams can then be adjusted to an intense enough blast to cut through outer layers to an inner target point.

Eye beams automatically stop for a moment for a blink to occur, but the blink reflex is also substantially supressed during eye beam use. Generally, any blast of a few seconds proceeds with the eyelids fully open and the beams continuing nonstop throughout the duration of the blast.

Aurean Limitations

After the Aurean Genetic Catastrophe, about 90% of the Aurean population, the Betas, lost all but a few of the Supremis modifications.

They continue to be invulnerable, with the energy input cells to convert both electromagnetic and pressure/impact energy to photons, then store that energy by converting the photons to orgone in the breasts.

The Aurean density of energy input cells is lower than in Velorians, the fiber optic loops in the groin have no sexual connection for women, the breasts do not enlarge in either men or women, and the total amount of storable energy is lower than the average Velorian man.

They can live off stored orgone, as can Velorians.

They have the same very thin, very highly effective muscle fibers, packed into dense and strong muscles, as Velorians, and their strength can be boosted beyond what would otherwise be the physically possible limits of these muscles by drawing on stored orgone. They have the same freedom from disease as Velorians.

In all other ways, they match ordinary unenhanced humans, rather than Supremis attributes.

For the fortunate few on Aurea, the Primes, they have the full range of qualities capabilities as Velorians, except that their hair and irises are almost always dark, their skin is a wide variety of light through dark shades tending towards a medium dark average; and they do not have the ear modifications for steerable hearing.

Perhaps most importantly, even Aurean Primes do not have volatai and therefore, of course, cannot fly. It is believed that the Aurean Genetic Catastrophe removed the genetic structure elements for the Aurean body to ever be able to support volatai. The lack of any artificially constructed volatai makes us suspect that the genetic catastrophe embedded some kind of allergic auto-immune reaction against volatai tissue within the Aurean body, if it ever was to recur as a genetic mutation in a subsequent generation.

The Velorians claim that the Aurean Genetic Catastrophe was a random freak event of nature. Most Aureans claim that it was an intentional biological warfare campaign with a mutagenic virus released into the atmosphere of Aurea by a top-secret Velorian expeditionary force.

This belief has a lot to do with the Aurean Empire’s drive to ultimately conquer and subdue Velor itself, and meanwhile, to oppose, undermine, and interfere with all diplomatic and goodwill-building efforts of any Velorians anywhere.

We suspect that the actual cause of the genetic catastrophe will never be possible to determine.

Strategic and tactical implications of Supremis attitudes

The Aurean Empire is focused on territorial expansion, thus inevitably placing it into direct conflict with our own expansion as both they and we are eager to conquer and rule the entire galaxy with an iron fist. We believe our iron fist would crush much more cruelly than theirs, and thus is objectively a more morally righteous cause even outside of our own interest in its success.

Strategically, this means the long term options are to fight them directly, or make a backstabbing alliance in which we both expand by conquering others while leaving each other alone, and then ultimately fight each other to the death anyway. A separate report from the strategy development group will discuss how this grand double-cross is to be perpetrated.

The Velorians are much more difficult to analyze and predict strategically, because of their do-gooder Protective mentality which is occasionally overruled by hotheaded outbursts from their more militant side.

Because virtually all Supremis have at least a very proud, and often extremely haughty and condescending, attitude of superiority over all other humans, they are extremely easy to get upset and bothered, distracted with anger and self-righteousness, by battlefield taunting and insults from super-soldiers. Especially if the implication is that ordinary people mgiht see the Supremis lose a battle in a humiliating way that proves their inadequacy. Awareness of this hot-headed Supremis quality is an important ingredient in super-soldier battle tactics.

As this is a biology report, we leave further strategic analysis to our highly capable colleagues in the Super-Soldier Strategic Doctrine Development Team.

== Velorian Protector Confidential Training Division ==

This confidential and strategically Top Secret document is not to taken or discussed outside of official operational use at Velor and Daxam.

Transcript of training presentation by Lars Mentissi, Velorian Messenger

Good morning again. Why yes darling, I’m always happy to see you. To see all of you. You know that! … You’re right, it doesn’t hurt to say it again. Okay, class, I love you! Oh, you want to wrap me up like that while I conduct this training? Well I have to warn you, baby, I won’t be able to thrust much because I’ve got to go back and forth between my notes and how everyone in the class is doing…

Oh sure then, yeah wrap yourself up around here. Mmm, that’s nice, beautiful. After we do the breakout session, let someone else have a turn riding at the head of the class here if she wants. It’s always nice to teach a class where everyone has tachyon vision, no need to worry about blocking the view of the screen doing this.

Alright people, I’m going to interrupt our review of the captured source documents from Igoybe here. I’m going to skip their shockingly blasphemous and offensive remarks about Skietra, of course they’re totally ignorant of Aphrodite and her Rites, and just focus on the science now. If we finish ahead of schedule, remind me to use the last part of our last day for a theology discussion.

For now, let’s take a closer look at the science of Supremis abilities. I’ll make some remarks at this time on the Igoybean reverse engineering of how the Supremis traits are physically implemented in our DNA.

While mostly accurate, there are these points that their researchers were not aware of. Or that they misinterpreted.

Powers inflation for offspring generation of P-class parents.

They were either unaware of or did not consider these two facts important: 1. Some Velorians who live outside of Velor eventually ask for and receive permission to have a brief visit, along with the opposite-sex partner of their choice, to visit the Maternity Engine and have a child together. 2. Of Velorians who live on Velor, half of them have their first child at any age, evenly distributed from about 20 years to 80 years. As y0u know, since most of you are eldest children, half of Velorians on Velor have their first child around age 18 to 22.

Why are these facts important? 1. Each additional generation that is produced by the Maternity Engine is more powerful than the previous one. For two Velorians below P class, the improvement is often so small that it is not measurable except by careful scientific experiment. Occasionally, a child from two Velorians at the top of their class is improved enough to be born in the next class, which is why over time more and more of our population is gradually becoming P class, and of the P class, more and more over time new children are born a P-1 level.

2. The fast track of these generational improvements tend to happen on around a 20 year cycle for half of the population on Velor, as they have their first child shortly after leaving their teens.

This means that quantitative data about what Velorians could do in the past, wildly underestimates what Velorians can do now.

An excellent specific example is muscle tissue. The original villagers were enhanced by Skietra to have muscle fibers about five times thinner than muscle fibers on Earth, but just as strong. This matched Velor’s gravity of about five times that of Earth, so that the original villagers did not feel any different about how strong they were. Their muscle tissues happened to have quite a bit of open space inside of them, with these thinner fibers inside the same core shape of connective tissue.

By about five generations, there were multiple improvements in muscles. Individual muscle fibers were still about five times stronger than an individual muscle fiber in an unenhanced human. And now, the space within muscle tissues was entirely filled in with densely packed fibers. And muscles were larger throughout the body, with an average 40% increase in diameter providing about half again the cross-sectional area of muscles along their entire length.

(muffled question from audience)

What’s that, honey?

(muffled repeat of the question)

Oh, as area is Pi times radius squared, the 1.4x diameter is an 0.7x greater radius and there you go. Multiplying these changes together made the average Velorian about two hundred times stronger than an unenhanced human, while just slightly more bulky and massive and toned.

Working out is far more effective at increasing muscle strength for a Supremis than an ordinary human, providing an average ten to twenty fold increase in strength if a core practice of a few basic exercises is done most days. With this being a habitual everyday routine, all Velorians in the fifth generation of the Maternity Engine were about five hundred times stronger than a baseline human, before applying any orgone energy.

We then add the multiplying effects of boosting muscle strength through the switch from oxygen metabolism or glucose metabolism, to orgone metabolism. With this switch being far more efficient in the P-class, that provides another factor of approximately two hundred to multiply for the typical P-3 compared to the average of the lowest-level Velorian, and then another one to three orders of magnitude in power from P-3 to P-2 and again from P-2 to P-1.

All of this is only from the male point of view. Use the scaling factors we discussed yesterday for the quantified orgone storage benefit of expandable breasts, and we see that to think of Kalla as only a few times more powerful than a typical human would be to drastically underestimate her.

All Bih’Zah’Ro have been first-generation creations. This is a good thing for two reasons. First, they’d be the galaxy’s worst parents, wouldn’t they?

(unintellible remark from audience)

Say that again please?

(further audience remark. widespread laughter among audience.)

Ha ha! That’s a good one, darling, yeah! So therefore, they get no generational boost of power improvements from having additional generations. Second, if they were to have matings, they’d probably want both parents to be fully qualified adult fighters, which would put them both at least forty to fifty years old. I can’t see them recalling fighters from active duty for a few months of difficult, temperamental, unreliable gene splicing and in vitro fertilization that has a less than ten percent success rate at implantation, takes a year, and can only be initiated a few times a year.

And yes, it's no surprise that their research totally missed anything about Velorian pheremones. I'm pretty sure they don't know what love is!

Flight carrying a passenger

Apparently the Igoybean researchers overlooked or don’t know that a Supremis can carry along additional people while flying, even frails, and additional items, with the shield of invulnerability and freedom from momentum, inertia, etc. automatically extending to who or what we carry with us.

Primes and Lightspeed

Many P-2 and P-3 Primes, if not most, actually can fly faster than lightspeed. Messengers often do so briefly within our assignments. It’s an important part of my own work as a P-2 Messenger. Scribes sometimes do, especially if there is a battle they need to document in a different region of the solar system.

The problem is not top speed. It’s that shifting into subspace and remaining within it consumes so much energy that a P-2 male like myself can only sustain it for about five minutes, before having to drop out and rest for about five to ten hours before exceeding lightspeed again. This means that it’s only really useful for me to visit the most immediately adjacent solar systems, such as the Earth system and Alpha Centauri.

Lyssa, does that mean you want to climb on next, honey? Sure! Is that a good angle? You’re comfortable. Okay, great. Yeah Noelle, you can be next. Where were we? Oh yeah, Alpha Centauri.

I mean, take that example, with no wormholes directly between there and Earth. Why would I want to get into a ship and go the long way around with three wormhole connections, when I can just fly there directly in a few minutes? But much beyond that, as the report states, it’s more pragmatic for me to pilot a spaceship through the wormhole network.

Suspended Animation

It’s just as well that the Bih’Zah’Ro have never learned that when a Supremis gets 100% depleted of absolutely all stored orgone while in outer space, or 100% depleted while in a rare range of excessively dangerous conditions at a planet, we enter the suspended animation state.

As you know, in this state pulse and blood pressure can drop all the way to zero, temperature drops to one degree above absolute zero, and brain waves drop to 0.4% amplitude at a frequency of about one cycle per minute. We can remain in this state indefinitely. When enough energy is received to charge up orgone storage to around 15%, we return to normal temperature, pulse, blood pressure, and brain wave activity, and at around 25%, regain consciousness.

If the energy input for awakening is done by physical pressure or impact, or by high intensity electromagnetic or heat energy, upon awakening the Supremis individual will likely be instinctively fighting back. Therefore, to wake up a hibernating Supremis, have patience and use very gradually applied moderate amounts of energy… Ha! Yeah, the souffle.

Ray’na and Jay’nelle, you lovelies have both been through hibernation. Jay’nelle, my taking you to the sun for sex is what woke you up. Anything either of you would like to add? [ break in recording ]

That’s a very sweet way to put it, Jay’nelle. Yes, that was a very memorable work day for me, too. One of my best days at work ever, my love.

Next point, the enhancement retrovirus. Given the absence of caring, devoted love among the Iboygean military and their scientists, it’s no surprise that they are totally ignorant of the Supremis enhancement retrovirus.

Energy Input Overload

I’m just mentioning this in passing now so that your notes will be complete. I’ll examine the implications of this Supremis experience day after tomorrow, when the briefing will shift to the tactical response to the Bih’Zah’Ro as opponents in battle.

Internal Energy Nexus

There’s no mention in this document of the fact that when receiving very large amounts of energy input into orgone storage, or when rapidly drawing upon extremely enormous quantities of stored energy for battle conditions or other most intensive uses of orgone energy, the small amount of optical light leakage from optical fibers causes the entire Supremis body to glow from within, in the yellow to white range of visible light.

Turn to your discussion groups and come up with three plausible reasons why the report from Igoybe might not have known about this fact. In fifteen minutes I’ll ask each table to choose someone to share your reasons with the whole group. After that, we’ll continue with the original document to see how the Igoybean tinkerers developed their super-soldiers.

Alright, go! Time to theorize together! Don’t get distracted by talking about gold today, we’ll cover that tomorrow. Noelle, c’mon over here, sweetie. Oh yeah… Well, you’ve got to contribute two good reasons to your discussion group before I can spank you…

Hey, quit looking at me like that. You’ve been using that look on me for 82 years now. You’re almost a hundred, kid, time to start acting like it. I can’t have that disruptive bratty stuff here…

(muffled talk)

No, that's not true at all. Look at Annabeth. She just turned 500 and nobody accuses her of a being an old fuddy-duddy!

Yeah, the point is that one way I love all of you super ladies – and girls - is to make sure you fully understand these captured briefing documents. This is the kind of information that can help you stay alive…

(muffled talk)

No! I meant it, babe! Two good discussion reasons, and then you get your swats! That’s some great squeezing down there, but it’s not a substitute for helping everyone learn the material!

(End of excerpt)

== Continuation of Igobyean super-soldier document ==

Having decoded the genes that cause these Supremis body modifications (compared to ordinary, unenhanced humans) to develop in the womb, the Super-Soldier Project then turned our attention to gene splicing so that fertilized eggs of ordinary Igoybe humans would develop into superhumans.

We were able to successful splice the genes for in-vitro fertilization, but the implanted fertilized eggs did not take as viable embryos. We extensively double-checked that the DNA genome we had constructed had all necessary attributes to generate an infant with whichever Supremis traits we had selected, but the eggs did not properly undergo cellular division and had to be discarded.

At this point we should mention that all genetic material that is medical waste for this project, that is, not used either an extract being analyzed, or a successfully matured super-soldier, is placed into missiles and shot into the heart of the Sun for disposal.

All disposed items did not have a functioning energy input system of skin with countless embedded energy input cells, therefore they were utterly destroyed just like any other organic matter thrown into the midst of the solar furnace. We wanted to be sure that in the event of any successful attack that might occur, attackers would gain no artifacts they could use to make their own super-soldiers against us.

All computer data storage, lab notebooks, etc. are on desks or in equipment racks which can also be, within seconds, quick-released from the floors and walls, attached to a hook and pulley system distributed throughout our facility, and ejected by rockets stored in the ceiling and ready for launch.

This was the scorched-earth policy if our security was ever breached and proper passwords and other verification methods not used to access work areas and, at random times, to re-verify continued authorization to remain present.

If there was a breach resulting in ejection of the equipment, supplies, and information for disposal in the Sun, the Marine troops guarding the facility would promptly kill everyone onsite, first all science research workers, management and support staff, and then themselves.

In this way there was no possibility for invaders to use torture or, in the case of a Diaboli invasion, telepathic psychic abilities, to retrieve any information from the minds of those who had done or witnessed the work. In this regard we are, of course, merely implementing standard security measures for any Igoybe Imperial Military facility.

Returning to our research program, which has never had a security breach. We asked ourselves what is different about the conditions inside the in vitro fertilization labs in the Maternity Engine building on Velor, or on the surface of Aurea where Supremis are conceived naturally.

Although there are many differences between these two worlds, the most noticeable features of planetary geology in both places are that the gravity is several times heavier than our own, and the planet has a very large and massive core of essentially pure gold.

After many types of experiments, we eventually built thin and tall tubes of a composite of glass and stainless steel, a few millimeters in diameter and several stories tall. We modified artificial gravity generators for spaceships to wrap around these tubes, creating Velorian or Aurean levels of gravity within. We then launched the genetically modified but not fertilized egg, and a millisecond later, the genetically modified sperm, into the top of the tube using what would be compared to modified pellet guns.

As the sperm is smaller and lighter weight than the egg, it caught up with egg on the way down. They met near the bottom of the tube. The sperm smashed into the egg, breaking into it and depositing its genetic payload, and the egg was successfully fertilized.

The more poetic among us considered this a poetically metaphorical comparison to how the Empire smashes into its enemies, destroying their previous individuality and rewriting their nature to serve the Empire.

In any event, these fertilized eggs promptly divided, but then cell division stopped at either four or eight cells and the cell cluster died. As it was not invulnerable, it was disposed of as previously described.

We next theorized that for reasons unknown to us, further development and then gestation of a Supremis fertilized egg into an embryo must require the location near so much gold.

At first this seemed like cause for despair. Nothing less than a successful invasion of Velor could let us take over the Maternity Engine. Nothing less than a successful invasion of Aurea could let us set up a comparable facility there, while defying the will of its people to reproduce without genetic engineering.

Without already having super-soldiers who could stand up to Supremis, it is impossible to have such an invasion in order to establish a lab where these super-soldiers can be created before the invasion.

We then wondered if whatever effect the gold had, it scaled with distance. If so, there was a hope. What if a very large amount of gold, but far less than a four thousand mile diameter planetary core, could be placed a millimeter away from the target cells?

To answer this question, the Emperor at that time approved our request for the famous 17 years of wars of conquest in which many systems were added to the Empire, including many of seemingly no strategic importance. The actual reason was that they all had gold we could extract.

Eventually we accumulated enough gold to build the Gold Ball in the Super-soldier Cave, the most important military secret of all, our equivalent to Earth’s Manhattan Project finally being able to build the radioactive payload for their atomic bombs.

Once we had enough gold, the wars of conquest, which seemed uneccesary although undeniably glorious use of military might, ended as abruptly as they had begun. Their actual purpose had been achieved.

Inside the Cave and nearly filling it, the Gold Ball is just under a mile in diameter, and has a one millimeter diameter hole passing through it from the top to the bottom.

Given that virtually all of the readily minable gold in any systems within reach of us is now inside our Gold Ball, we believe it is not possible for anyone around us to be able to create their own Gold Ball for a competing super-soldier program.

Two millimeters below the hole at the bottom of the Gold Ball, is the tip of the artificial gravity generator with its high precision lens, firing up into the ball. Also at the base of the Gold Ball is a small glass dish which can be swung in place immediately below the hole, or moved out of the way, on a robotically controlled swing arm. At the top of the hole are the injectors for the egg and the sperm.

The egg and then the sperm are fired into the Gold Ball from the top. The sperm smashes into the egg right as they both reach the center of the Gold Ball. The gravity generator below the Gold Ball is turned on, providing zero gravity at the center of the Gold Ball so that the egg stays in place at the center of the Gold Ball for 95 seconds, which is the time it takes for fertilization to occur.

The gravity generator is turned off and the glass dish swings into place. The fertilized egg lands in the dish and is implanted in the artificial womb. This process generates embryos that can be successfully gestated.

The artificial womb is heavily modified from an incubator used in normal, but very rare, medical purposes. It requires an enormous energy input. We believe that in a Naturalist Supremis mother, the pregnancy draws a substantial amount of orgone energy from the breast.

With all our resources, we have been able to construct a total of twenty artificial wombs for our program. Preparing the egg and sperm takes us about three months, so we currently could only start four super-soldier embryos a year, but this is down from the eight months it originally took.

We believe that within another decade, we will be able to implant another embryo into an artificial womb in most months.

We intended to have an incremental program in which we made only one Supremis enhancement per embryo: an internal fiber optic network for one, tachyon-sensing retinas for another, and so forth.

They all died before birth.

We then speculated that for reasons we did not understand, the majority of Supremis traits must all be present together, with the exception of volatai which Aureans prove a Supremis can live without. Thus our next genetic modifications included all of these traits.

This resulted in the birth of three super-soldier infants who matched all the features of a Velorian, but they all died within their first year.

We know that even though Supremis do not lactate, on both Velor and Aurean infants are kept close to their parents most of the time, with nearly constant skin contact with at least one of the parents around 20 hours a day. We speculate that through some mechanism we have not yet identified, this results in transfer of either orgone itself, or energy from orgone, from the parents to the infant.

The orgone energy storage and retrieval mechanism in the breast, which we call the orgone metabolism cycle, is by far our least thoroughly understood aspect of Supremis physiology, due to the extremely complicated and weird higher-dimensional physics involved in the orgone molecule and no other type of molecule.

As mentioned, to even develop the full cross-dimension diagram of the orgone molecule’s full structure took immense breakthroughs in the capacity of quantum supercomputing. We suspect that there is still something about the conversion between photon energy and orgone that we are missing.

For our next few Supremis infants, we tried a variety of ways to place them near artificial skin tissue, to be supplied with energy, and to be supplied directly with orgone, in ways that we imagined might replicate whatever it is that Supremis infants get from their parents I their first year of life. All our attempts failed, with the infants continuing to die within their first year.

Our super-soldier plan has always involved replacing the Supremis energy storage system using orgone, with a different energy storage system using mass. E=mc^2 level energy storage is far less capacity than the amount of energy orgone can hold, but it is still ample for the energy needs of a super-soldier.

As we will discuss in detail in a later section, the final development builds mass from energy in three different phases. We started with the first phase, converting photon energy to additional muscle mass, and then later consuming that muscle mass to retrieve the stored energy and emit it as photons.

The conversion cells worked better than we hoped, with a surprisingly efficient mass to energy conversion ratio. In our super-soldiers, fiber optic lines from energy input cells do not run to a central distribution point, around the clitoris in females, and then on to the breasts. Instead, the fiber optic lines from energy input cells travel a short distance to a connection and routing node, a crystal about a millimeter in diameter where several lines come together, with some of the lines from these crystals also going to photon to muscle fiber mass conversion cells at the adjacent muscles, and also with some of the lines from each node going to several adjacent nodes.

Due to the refractive optical properties within nodes, as energy input occurs anywhere in the super-soldier body, the photons are promptly redistributed to an almost equal level of intensity throughout the entire body, and then that input photon energy goes into muscles throughout the body, causing those muscles to grow as new muscle fibers are generated in the energy to matter conversion cells.

When stored energy is drawn upon for use, throughout the entire body muscle fibers are vaporized to generate photons, which again are sent throughout the body to wherever there is the demand for energy to be consumed or output.

In order to avoid complex tinkering with the head and neck, we had all muscle energy storage occur only below the neck. As we had other plans for modifications to the sex organs, we also had no muscle growth occur in the lower abdomen to groin area or the muscles involved with the sex organs.

With our next five embryos, three females and two males, the only change from Velorian Supremis traits was the elimination of the orgone metabolism system and the complex fiber optic distribution system involved with it. Instead, we installed our storage system of energy as muscle mass.

Unlike a Velorian, when these super-soldiers received energy input, nothing would happen with their breasts, but their muscles would expand to store the energy, and as they used stored energy, their muscles would return to normal size.

All five survived and are still alive.

We then proceeded with the further modifications in our plan, gradually replacing certain Supremis traits with our own version for the super-soldiers to have comparable but different powers according to our strategic analysis of military possibilities.

Some of the modification sets led to successful births, some did not. Of the births, some survived more than their first few years, some did not.

Eventually we arrived at the set of traits which are had by all currently living super-soldiers. While it is not our complete vision of the full battle potential of super-soldiers, it is already a formidable set of traits that can win a war against the Velorians.

Currently, about 70% of the fertilized eggs go on to become healthy adults. About 10% of the implantation do not go on to a successful birth, and about 20% die in the first three years of life. If they can make it to their fourth birthday, it seems, they have it made from then on.

Our training program with the super-soldiers being completely isolated and only interacting with our training and conditioning teams, has been enormously successful to prepare the super-soldiers for war.

As the earliest super-soldiers readily took to our indocrination, their presence in our training teams has led the subsequent super-soldiers to place complete trust in whatever we tell them, as long as it is free of contradiction with what the super-soldiers can observe for themselves about their own powers.

We now have just over 2,300 super-soldiers who are trained and ready, at the Emperor’s word, to achieve our utterly unexpected surprise attack on Aurea, to in one quick battle totally eliminate the Aurean civilization. Why not attack Velor first? Because the Aurean branch of the Supremis is the culture focused, as is our own, almost entirely on organizing society for expansionist military conquest to absorb surrounding systems into their Empire, for the glory of the Emperor. If the Velorians were all gone, the Aureans would still oppose our territorial expansion. Although their best are less powerful than the strongest Velorians, they are more ruthless.

After destroying Aurea and proving the completely genocidal nature of our master strategy, we will then take the war to Velor itself and completely crush the birthplace and original homeworld of Supremis. The Velorian diaspora, scattered throughout the galaxy, will then be no problem for our attack fleet of super-soldiers to pick off individually.

At that point, with all Supremis destroyed, no one will be able to oppose our swift conquest of the entire galaxy in order to rule over it forever!

In order to lure the Aureans to a false sense of security of trust, we are ready for the preliminary phase: the diplomatic ventures making it seem that we wish to ally with, rather than fight against, the other expanionist galactic Empire, efficiently pooling our resources to conquer together rather than dispersing them in fights against one another.

It would be as obvious to the Aureans as to us that, having jointly conquered everyone else, we would then end the temporary alliance and one of us would destroy the other, with the Aureans being manipulated to believe that despite our having super-soldiers, they would still be able to beat us.

For the apparent demonstration of good-faith participation in this alliance, the first battle of the super-soldiers will, with the Emperor’s blessing, occur after the diplomatic preliminaries, and will be a sneak attack on Belside. The Aureans will be impressed by our ruthlessness in destroying the majority of the population and habitability of a peaceful world, while we will achieve our own goal we will not discuss with them.

We'll finally wipe out the peacenik rebels who nearly caused the destruction of the Kelsor Institute, when that rogue physicist Jonas Kelsor convinced his relatives and disciples to flee Igoybe and establish their illicit, subversive spinoff Kelsor Institute on Belside, which prevented QED starship drives from being the exclusive property of our Empire.

We will leave Belside just barely inhabitable and take no action against its sun or moon, in order to hide from the Aureans the full awesome scope of what our super-soldiers can really do.

We can, of course, deploy the super-soldiers for any other purpose the Emperor might choose, if he prefers some other plan of war to what we have developed.

To be continued in part 3!

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