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Birth of the Undead – Staying Alive 9

Written by kshoo :: [Saturday, 09 July 2022 07:20] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 09 July 2022 10:33]

For all her teenage angst and tantrums that she sometimes throw around, dumping them unannounced at times on both her friends and even a few villains, there are still certain people that Kara desperately wants to please. One of them happens to stay at Wayne Manor.

And no, it is not Bruce Wayne.

Even though she could fly in unannounced through the tunnel now with Batman’s tacit approvals; even though she could practically zip in and out in her skintight red-and-blues without anyone the wiser, Kara Zor-El still decided on doing things the ‘proper’ way today. She still covered the miles between Midvale-Leesburg and Gotham her usual Kryptonian way, though the moment she dropped onto the grounds in the evening, she ducked behind the large bushes superspeeding into her usual disguise, putting on a regular blouse and jeans and also that dreadful wig that covered her beautiful blonde tresses. Completing her change into normal day Linda Lee, she patted down the creases on her clothes as much as she could before carrying a small backpack and walked up the steps, pressing the doorbell.

The loud bell rung precisely seven times when the impeccably dressed Alfred Pennyworth opened the door. Tall, thin with greying hair, the elderly butler has been serving the Wayne family long enough to be considered permanent furniture. While he normally doesn’t say much, his sharp eyes and keen ears meant that he doesn’t miss much that goes around, either the mundane business or those involving superheroing. Beneath all the proper demeanour of a well-trained butler, Kara still felt so much warmth and kindness in the man. It felt as if he’s the reason why the huge manor is not as cold as its owner intended it to be.

While Bruce had never openly said anything of any sort, Kara is certain that this old, diginified gentleman would be that one man that Batman will fight through hell and heaven to come to his aid should the need arises, such is their relationship.

 “Miss Lee! What a surprise!” Even during this sweltering heat in the middle of summer, trust that the British-born gentleman to remain dressed in his customary white and blacks, even with a bow.

“Hi Alfred. Sorry for dropping in at this weird time. You see, I was hoping to see…”

“…Master Bruce, but of course. Please come in. Can I help you with that? No? But have you eaten? We do have quite a bit left from today’s wonderful port roast.”

“I… I have just eaten, Alfred. but thank…” not a moment too soon that her stomach started growling. Loudly. Despite her own bravado, even with her current enhanced form, she is after all still growing. Which mean the desire for food. Much MORE food than regular humans.

Without missing a beat, Alfred disregarded the ungodly noise, and instead replied. “A pity. However, I would hate to have that go to waste. I was going to use it to prepare something else with those anyway, so I will just go on with those and bring them over to both of you. You know how he forgets the time whenever he is working in the basement.” A twinkle coming over his eyes as he said so. Despite herself, she just nodded with a wide, shy grin on her face, as her mouth had already started salivating eagerly anticipating the tasty morsel coming up soon.

As she made the way down the long stone steps into the bowels of the manor, she could hear the tinkering and the minute noises coming from his workshop slash laboratory. She knows that the Batman spends countless hours here working on his body, mind and his various toys. Given that the man is just an ordinary being, possessing no other special abilities nor powers, it is in fact his dedication and endless pursuant of the theoretical limits of what he can achieve as a normal Terran that is truly remarkable, and frightening to some. In a world that has no end of superpowered beings, that the Batman is always mentioned in the same breath as Superman, is testamount of how much he is revered as a shining beacon of the dark city of Gotham, and feared by every villain who dare crossed his path.

It is here in the aptly named Batcave that Bruce had built his physique, honed his martial arts skills and crafts, bettered his machines and tools, crafted and sharpened his minds until he is widely regarded to be the best detective in the world, able to quickly interpret data and string together disparate clues to craft solutions that many other superheroes struggle with. Using the wealth and resources at his disposal, Bruce had outfitted the enitre place with the most cutting edge of technology; wall-height monitors and communication equipment linking up to the supercomputer that helped him to keep watch over his city and beyond. Of course, no vigilante can ever go out and about on their work without some form of weaponry and armour, and the Dark Knight has an impressive arsenal of small weapons that could be carried and used easily, many fitting into his utility belt. And of course the Batmobile, the custom-made vehicle showcasing the what could have been for the modern military, a true combination of mobility, durability and even weaponry.

But Kara is not interested in any of them today. It is the man himself that she seeks. Walking over to the open area that signified the start of his workshop, she called up to him.

“Hi, Bruce.”

“I don’t remember inviting you here today.” Bruce Wayne put down the latest communication gadget that he was working to face his uninvited guest, having picked up her walking down the long staircase. Gruff as always. Not very polite too, thought Kara inwardly. Despite him working on something, that he’s currently decked in his black personal armour suit and with his cowl on meant that he must be planning to go out soon.

Better to get to the point faster, though Kara being Kara, she couldn’t help quipping. “You’re a hard man to find.”

“Not by accident, believe me.”

“Bruce, I…”

The caped crusader cut her off. “It’s Batman.”

Kara narrowed her eyes. “We're in your man cave. Your home. It’s weird calling you 'Batman' here.”

“It’s the Batcave, and even though it’s my home, it is also where I want to keep this particular life separate from the ones living upstairs. So, 'Batman'.”

Kara felt her blood starting to boil, and it was all she could do to keep calm. Reminding herself that it is she who came to him, the girl of steel meekly replied “Alright. ‘Batman’”

“Better.” A slight upturn on the edges of his mouth. Oh, how she wished she could wipe that smirk off his face. But that's not the point of the visit today.

“Batman, I…” before she could even finish, Bruce had turned around and sat down, continued to work on the item on his workbench. “Hey!”

“I thought you’ve done a few turns around the sun, and also upped your training intensity in the North Pole.”

“Yeah, I did.” A moment of silence before Kara realised what she said. “Wait a minute. You knew. But how did…”

“I’m Batman.” Interrupted the Dark Knight, even as she was performing configuration updates on the small computer while checking the outputs on the readouts. “Of course I know. So you worked out. And?”

“It worked… but only a little.” Somehow that come across more sheepishly than intended.

“So why are you here?”

The Kryptonian plonked herself down on the chair next to Bruce, placed both her hands on the workbench and then her forehead on them. Without looking up, she just continued, whining slightly as she felt even more exasperated. “Obviously it didn’t do anything substantial to me. There was a slight build-up, but it’s like I’ve hit my ceiling already. I don't feel any different, and my body remained the same as before…”

“You looked more toned to me. And you can already lift a battleship with one hand, while floating a hundred feet in the air. Tell me again why you need more strength and power?”

Kara looked up and looked at the Bat. “Bruce, you know why.”

Batman too turned around to face her again. “It’s Batman”, then returned to his work.

“BATman.” Kara just barely held back the quipped that had rolled to the front of her tongue. “Look, you know why I want to do this. Why I NEED to do this. I want to help, but I can’t if I am the weak link in the chain. If anything happens to anyone that I love, those that I want to protect on this planet, if it’s all because of me, then I can never forgive myself.”

That brought a pause to the stoic Batman. He looked to be inwardly considering that thought in his own head, before he suddenly stood up and swept out of the workshop, sweeping his cape against Kara by accident.

Slightly angry now, Kara stood up and chased after Bruce. “HEY!! What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Go home, Kara.” Bruce ordered.

Kara was even more peeved upon hearing that, and with a smudge of her superspeed she had caught up just as the Batman reached his large computer console. She was just about to put her hands on his shoulder when the sound of someone clearing his throat interrupted her.

“Roast pork sandwiches. I just had them heated up in the oven.” Despite herself, the smell wafting through the air was very enticing, and succeeded in clearing her mind somewhat as Alfred laid down a large tray on the oval table nearby. “I suggest that both of you grab a bite first. A full stomach normally makes everything more… palatable.” As he left, Kara detected another gentle wink as the butler took his leave.

Given that Bruce is currently hunched over the console controls, Kara debated internally within herself only for awhile before she gave in to her urges, padding over to start taking a few from the tray. As she downed her second sandwhich, her mind churned a few options of handling the situation that she is in now. She then took the tray and walked over to Bruce, and stood towards his side, expectantly. It took a whole ten seconds, but even Batman needs to eat, and no one can resist the temptation of Alfred’s spectacular cooking. He too gave in and took one to munch on.

As he finished his bite, Bruce realised that Kara had already put away the tray and stepped much closer to him, closing off their personal space. She looked serious, determined. A look that bordered between ‘not giving a shit’ and ‘don’t even try to tempt me’.

“Don’t be difficult.” Standing at 6 foot 2, his height further augmented another few inches by his custom boots, he looked like a towering colossus over the shorter Kara Zor El of Krypton. Not to mention his more muscular physique that is made him look as if he's double her size. But Kara was in no mood to compromise. Not now. She needs something from him, and she aims to get it one way or another.

If he wants to play hardball, let’s see how a Batman handles passive-aggressive with a hint of sexuality in the mix.

To do so, she wanted to stare at him straight into his eyes to say it. For Supergirl, it meant gently flexing her calves, and her flight powers did the rest. However, when she did this casually, her enhanced supersenses detected a slight change in his biorhythm. A slightly faster heartbeat. A tad quicker in his breath. An interesting revelation that seemed to validate what she had long suspected.

But Batman does not back down on any contests, let alone a staring contest. “Kara, you know how I am. I have a contingency plan to dealing with everyone, you and your cousin included. Why would I want to help you, a living and breathing goddess on Earth, to become even stronger, more powerful?”

Supergirl however is not interested in any more games. Thanks to Vampirella’s hint, coupled with her own superhearing and enhanced smell, she had heard and detected enough to know that this is one of the facade, the bravado of an act that Bruce tries to cultivate. His slightly faster heartrate does not lie, though his control over his breathing patterns is very impressive.

“You know why. If Lex Luthor and that Mandi Olson woman does come after us, or come after ME, I can’t just rely on anyone of you to be able to come to my aid. I need to be able to stand my ground, to counter their best punches, and to match them round after round after round. Defeat them, if possible.”

“You have us. The Justice League.”

“Who’s to say that Lex won’t be able to counter that with his own set of alliance? A group of the most notorious villains against the world’s greatest heroes, and eventually picking us apart one by one. What if they come not just for me alone, but for the people I love and care about? You might be the world’s greatest detective, but I know you too realise the benefit of a strong alliance. An alliance that is only as strong as its weakest link. I DO NOT want to be that weakest link.”

No break yet, Kara thought to herself. Let’s see how she handles this different tack.

Floating even closer to Bruce, she lowered her voice purposedly, and her facial expression soften from a determined supergirl, to one with a shy, girlish tone. “Bruce…” It’s time she showed her cards and break the Bat’s icy demeanour. “Don’t you care about me? I know how you FEEL about me. Don’t you want to help me? Make me better? Help me be become more than I am now?” She then daringly move a finger over his armour, lightly tracing it over the batsign over his chestplate. Her hearing detected an increase in his hearbeat and breathing as she did so.


“What are you talking about?” Given the proximity of Supergirl on him, Batman knows that he’s pretty much cornered. Despite the small shard of Kryptonite within his belt, there is no way he could outpace the girl’s superspeed in crushing his fingers if he reacted wrongly.

“You might have plastered on that wonderful poker face to show, but not even you can control your pulse, control the release of your hormones, or your sweat glans. Or the slight musk that is your… smell, down there.” Keeping eye contact with the Dark Knight, Kara Zor-El merely smiled as she said. “You have the hots for me, Bruce. Just like you have the hots for all those other women, heroes AND villains. POWERFUL WOMEN especially.” Her baby blue eyes seemingly glowed red, whether in anger or excitement he wasn’t sure.

Before the Bat could respond, Kara floated back slightly before reaching over her blouse and tore the front apart, dramatically revealing her tight red and blue bodysuit, the <S> insignia of her House stretched dramatically over her ample boobs, prominent nipples already tenting the thin Kryptonian fabric.


It looks like the feeling is reciprocal.

Batman still attempted to control the situation. Mustering all his concentration he tried to cool the situation down. “Supergirl, this is hardly professional. I don’t think this is something that you would want Superman to find out later.”

“Oh, I don’t think Kal will find out, at least not this way nor anytime soon anyway, unless you or I were to let him know personally. I already know that this entire man-cave of yours is fully lead-lined, and you’ve set up a noise projection systems that keeps on cycling through random frequencies that whomever wants to eavesdrop will bound to have a headache. Not to mention all those weapons placed at strategic points, including those customised Kryptonite-powered ones. Though thinking about it, it might hardly be enough to keep out a fully-enraged Kryptonian, if we really let loose. But rather than worrying about Kal bursting in at anytime, best to stay with me for now. That Kryptonite ring in your belt? Let’s see if you get to it first or my heat vision.”

As if to emphasise that she is truly deserving the title “Supergirl”, Kara thrust her budding chest against his, and used her mounds to slowly push Batman backwards. In a few small steps he hit the console with his buttocks, and is now trapped between the large steel machine behind him and an invulnerable body in front of him. Still, Supergirl is relentless, and when looking down, she giggled at the sight of her firm 32Cs having caused two rounded dents on the Batsuit’s chest plate. Made of hardened-plates of titanium-dipped tri-weave fibres, the custmomised personal armour offers the wearor protection from the most powerful small firearms. Against an invulnerable Kryptonian however it might as well be made from paper mache. When she saw Batman raising both his arms, she raised hers and grasped them, pushing them back down easily with just a sliver of her enormous superstrength within her slim arms.

The fact that Bruce’s quickening heartbeat and even faster breathing is not lost on the Maid of Might. “I’m already 18 years old, matured enough in Earth’s culture to decide many things in my life now, even though I am much older than I look in fact. I can tell that by experiencing my casual strength has made you feeling excited too, don’t you Bruce? That large, firm rod of yours, getting stiffer by the minute pressing so insistently against my lower body. To be frank, I’m impressed!”

Batman could only grunt in slight frustration and growing arousal at that sarcastic banter. Despite them being in an underground cave, the heat had obviously risen and beads of sweat started to appear on his forehead, some trickling down past the edge of the cowl towards the edge of the face. Kara on seeing it blew a gentle gust of cool air to wipe them off his face, without harming him at all. Another display of her awesome powers available at her disposable. “Don’t worry, just stay chilled. You know what I want, and you know what I can give. So will you help me or not?”

Seeing his continued hesitation, Kara pushed the button even harder. “Come on, Fortune’s Most Desirable Eligible Bachelor. Everyone knows you have the hots for us powerful women, young or young at heart.” Kara released her hold on Bruce’s arms, and instead moved daringly over to his dented chest plate. Her arms buldged slightly as Kara used a sliver of the tremendous strength contained within her lithe body, she digged her fingers deeper into the Batsuit to pierce the armour, then slowly started to peel them off noisily like tearing tissue paper, revealing Bruce’s hairy chest.

“We, as in all of us women, know how much you had the hots for Diana, and she, in turn having the hots for you despite supposedly coming from an all-women society. Many of us with enhanced senses had picked up all the cues during those meetings, your involuntary physiological reactions to all the superpowered hotties quite easily detected. But you, being Batman, you went for the ultimate prize, the most desirable superheroine, a litteral goddess at the very pinnacle of the pyramid. Not that I blame you though, it must be extremely tough to be you, surrounded by all of us superhumans, teasing you with our skintight costumes. But I must admit, it did make more than a few of us envious. Not to mention that you prowess in bed is supposedly LEGENDARY. No wonder the Cat continued to put up with you despite all the women swooning around you…”

“What’s your point?”

“I want to get there too, Bruce. To the top. I want to climb that fucking pyramid to reach that pinnacle. Diana’s the epitome of what a superheroine can become, and while it’s an objective I actually plan to overachieve it. But I can only get there with your help. I NEED your help. Please.”

So it’s all for show as well, Batman thought to himself. To be honest, Kara did hit the nail on the head, for he DOES have the hots for those women who exuded power, figuratively or literally, appreciating how many of them are able to convey a mixture of strength, sexiness, power and charm all in one. And now, one of the most powerful heroine is standing in front of him, asking for his help…

“Kara, what do you think I could do for you anyway? You’ve mentioned that you’ve already dipped in the sun. Done rounds with all your wonderful Kryptonian machines. You have a super-powered brain, and Superman is your cousin. Many others still can boast better scientific knowledge than me. What do you need me for?

“The rest might be good in their individual fields, but YOU are able to pull together conclusions across ALL fields, with different data points as considerations. The sum of all parts is greater, in your case; lateral and creative thinking your key strength. If not, you wouldn’t regarded as joint Top Dog with Kal, given your physical limitation. Oh, I’m sure Kal knows about your… indiscretions, even with your currently seeing Catwoman regularly socially, and un-professionally. As I am sure you have been keeping tabs on all that he does with or without Lois by his side. Hence that’s why I am SURE Kal is definitely staying clear from you on all the going-ons in the Manor and the Batcave…”

“I still fail to see how that would be beneficial to… MMMPHHHH” Kara’s sudden passionate kiss on his mouth threw his mind into the whirl as his body crashed forcefully backwards against the steel console workbench, Supergirl’s bold advances very clear. Even though his rational mind tried to argue against it, he knew that there is no way he could push the small body of this young woman away, such it is her dense and powerful body under the yellow sun. Instead, his arms slowly raised up and then wrapped around the body of one Kara Zor El, bringing her tighter against his own stacked body. Despite having done multiple rounds with so many women, superpowered or otherwise, he had to admit that this Kryptonian young woman exuded a different allure which he just couldn’t put a finger on; holding such a warm, powerful body against himself brought a thrill to himself, and admittedly it inflated his ego further as one of the most desireable of men.

Amidst all that, both of them didn’t even realise the whiff of honey and wildflowers that seemed to permeate in the air.

When they came up for air ten minutes later, Kara floated teasingly away from the Dark Knight as he panted slightly from the exertion. “Now, do you see the mutual benefit that we can have with each other? Plus, don’t you think I would be a much more valuable ally to be by your side? A much more stronger, powerful, ally that can potentially provide some… enjoyable sexual pleasures now and then…”

This time, Batman is more agreeable, though he didn’t verbalise it. Kara’s eyes narrowed once again as he stood up in his half-torn body armour, and walked back towards the workshop. Proceeding deeper they came across a fully-decked out laboratory, containing chillers, test equipments, electron microscopes and what not. Reaching to one of the metal drawers, he took a swab and passed it to the Maid of Might. “There’s only so much DNA that I could get from your hair samples. So, open your mouth wide and give me something more, so that we can run a PROPER test to establish your baseline.”


“See here.” Batman pointed at the screen. While the available equipment couldn’t even be compared to Kryptonian tech, Bruce had instead played on a hunch and focused on a few key points, and one of them seemed to have hit a jackpot. “I compared your latest sample against the one of your cousin. We use a normal Terran DNA as a base comparision. Can you see the difference?”

She could. “They are so bright!” Though she wasn’t sure why is there a difference. “It’s like… Kal and my DNA are… shining.” Batman nodded. “Why is that so?”

Batman snickered at that question. “I thought you knew this a long time ago. Kryptonian cells absord radiation from the yellow sun, no? That’s the source of your powers.” Kara’s eyes opened wide and blushed slightly at his jab. “But, we have the same Kryptonian DNA right? If the picture on the screen is correct, it seems like mine is brighter than his?”

“Now THAT’s the right question to ask. This is more my personal hypothesis than anything. You know that each of your cells have the ability to absord and retain the sun’s radiation for its own use, and I suspect, or rather, believe those that are able to store and utilise the most of it are your muscle and skin cells. While the rest of your body also absorbs them, they might not be retained nor used as much. Obviously, based on Superman’s current heroic body type and maturity, I would venture that his cells are much larger than yours, besides the additional quantity compared to yours as well. While we don’t have any proper measurements, I think he carries three times or more lean muscle mass than you do.”

“R-really? That much?” Kara sputtered. “Well, it is a rough guess, though it is quite educated. You can see easily how defined his musculature is. Tell me, based on your own experience, do Kryptonian men in general look like him?”

Rubbing her chin, Kara replied “Not generally. Similar to Terrans, we are a fairly diverse society even though some part of our procreation might involve genetic selection for many. Athletes and those involved in the military or police peacekeeping might be more bulked-up from a musculature perspective.”

Batman nodded. “So that suggests that Kal didn’t entirely get his current body size and musculature purely based on your genetics alone. He must have honed them, allowed them to grow and develop as he worked the farm in Kansas. Which means, you too have a chance to build them too, if we can find the proper technique to do so.”

“So all I need to do is to build up my body? Build my muscles?”

“That’s the simplest way to put it, but if we refer to Superman as your benchmark, he has a headstart way ahead of you. I think a tremendous amount of his frame is actually muscle, far more than that of a regular human, hence whenever he strains himself he looks practically like the biggest of the heavyweight bodybuilders. You on the other hand, despite your entire body being well-toned and curvy as you continue to mature, are still fairly average in size and frame, and depowered you would be smaller still, as I would venture that all your cells are currently engorged with solar radation energy. However, the brightness difference” pointing again to the picture on the screen “indicates that your cells are much more efficient, able to retain and use much more of the solar energy, and that you have an immense baseline potential. If we can make more of them, and have each of them at least as big as Superman’s, then doing the math…” It was an exciting, and a slightly scary thought for Batman.

Kara just shook her head, still taking in all the information imparted by Bruce. “So what and how exactly do I go about it?”

“We need to figure out how to build your muscle mass. You’ve already said that your workouts with all those fantastic machines of yours are not as effective, meaning that you have not been able to invoke true hypertrophy to truly build them, so we have to do things differently. Furthermore we don’t know if your cells will remain as efficient as it is now; for all we know they are that efficient now because of your current size, absorbing all the necessary sun’s radiation, to compensate…”

“But it’s still more promising then anything else though. I want to make me stronger. Make my BASELINE stronger. No external power sources, no artificial means. All me; bigger and better. Plus…” Kara flexed her arms to make a small bump of her bicep, while winking back at Batman “I think I’d look good with some proper guns to go with my body, don’t you think?”


“Besides” Kara thought in her own mind rather mischiveously, “if I do become much larger, I’m going to stick it up to Kal, and prove to him that there’s nothing women can’t do, especially those from the House of El.” She actually smiled at that thought, and got more excited as she considered if she could become as huge as Kal or Bruce himself.

Then, something turned in her mind, which caused her stomach to churn slightly. Hesitating slightly, Kara finally asked the inevitable question. “Bruce, how much of it is… is… will be affected by…”

“I don’t know. I don’t have the equipment to try an isolate different genomes of alien races. Again, my guess is that somehow, both your Kryptonian and Vampirella’s Drakulon genes have someone incorporated and adapted part of the other into itself. While you are different now from a typical Kryptonian like your cousin, I would also venture confidently that it has not really impacted your base DNA, even though you might be considered as a hybrid, technically. After all, you can still fly around in your little blue suit and blast heat vision at buildings, no?”

While that sounds plausible, it must means that it’s unchartered territory anyway. They can only find out once they started walking along the path.

“So… uh, do you have any idea what I can do?”

“Idea, yes. But I’m not sure if you would like what I am proposing.”

Kara placed her arms under her chest and frowned. “Try me.”

“We go with the basics. The HARD way. I propose that you train and build your body under my watch, here at the Manor, where you will be afforded privacy for everything that we do. And I will choose whoever I think appropriate to help out as your trainer…”

“Okay… ?”

“… and you will do it all under a fully depowered situation. You, without powers, during training. Full-time.”

“Wait, WHAT?” Supergirl was flabbergasted, though judging from Batman’s face, he’s definitely dead serious with this.

“Yes. I mean it. Depowering you to a normal human-like state temporarily, where even exposure to sunlight will not have any other effect except to give you a proper tan. Only then can you work each and every part of your body, and build up your mass. Only then we can be sure to create the necessary condition for your body to hit hypertrophy, and then start to reap the rewards, hopefully.”

Supergirl struggled inwardly with this proposal. No matter what was said or however bad things are, she had thoroughly enjoyed being fully-powered under the yellow sun in this solar system, able to do so many amazing things with her maturing nubile body. Giving it up, even temporarily, is really akin to stripping her naked, for she would be no more powerful than another young woman her age.

She would be normal.

“How long?”

“Depends.” “On what?” “On whether you are happy with your progress. Is that not what you wanted? We can definitely get into your actual goals later, but first, are you serious about wanting to do this?”

Again, silence. It had sounded like a good idea to seek out the Bat at the time, but what he’s asking for is something that she has never done before on Earth. Oh, there have been times where Kara had been depowered, having gotten entangled in various contrapsions or when facing opponents who used Kryptonite or magical artifacts against her. This however would be the first time that she is choosing to do this voluntarily.

“I don’t have all night. So if you want to think about it…” He started to turn away.

“YES!” Supergirl’s panicked reply stopped the Batman, who just managed to stifled a smirk looking away from her. “Yes, I’ll do it. But… is the entire process reversible?”

“It would be, though I will need time to set it up. Obviously I have never done this before. Give me two weeks. I will let you know when it’s ready. I think that would give you enough time to also tie up your committed invitation plus any other outstanding items that you might have in your private life.”

“Two weeks, ok… Hey, how did…” Kara merely closed her mouth halfway, knowing there’s no point to pursue him anymore on this topic.

After all, he IS the Batman. And given that he knows so much about her already, there’s no point in NOT trusting him now, as Supergirl thought while on her very short flight back to the orphanage. 

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