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Misery's End – Chapter 10

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 01 April 2023 11:09] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 01 April 2023 15:20]

Misery’s End

Written by Wizalex with Max and 10K

The world is a dangerous place for young love. When Mary develops superpowers on her 18th birthday, she is taken away from her childhood sweetheart to be trained by the International Heroic Front. Eager to demonstrate her powers, she causes fear among the heroic community and complications arise in the lover's reunion. Misery's End is a dark tale of love, power and powerlessness.

Chapter 10: A Little More Power.

“We aren’t safe here.” Crescent peered through the bars of the demolished prison as she cast a subdued light on the room ahead.

“We ain’t ‘safe’ anywhere, fuckface. Think I wanna be sharin’ a county wit’ you?” Tactile spat to her side and shuddered as she watched the scarred supe work. “It was bad enough when you were just a stuck-up bitch in high school.”

“But here you are, and you definitely need me. Why though? I’m sure you could find one of your fellow heroes to help you.”

Tactile muttered under her breath, but Crescent caught the gist of it. Most of them had already been captured. At least, the ones Tactile might be willing to go to.

“The Bitch Squad is fuckin’ wit’ us. Must be. Ain’t no way they missed you of all people.”

“I can be more discrete than a lot of others.”

“Discrete enough to hide from your little sister?”

“Perhaps. We’ll see.”

“Makes sense though. Course a fuckin’ headcase like you’d have an even bigger nutter in the family.” Tara shuddered once more. “Fuck, I hope she don’t remember me.”

“Ally merely responds poorly to being treated poorly.”

“An’ findin’ out you faked your death is gonna go well, yeah?”

There was a moment of silence as the two supes picked through the wreckage of the cells. The prison had been attacked by Singularity just earlier that morning, so should be a safe place to hide.

Hide, or pull off a ridiculously daring plan.

It hadn’t even been a day since Majestic and her Amazon Squad had started picking off supes across the planet. Initially, the villains had assumed they might just be after heroes and had relaxed. They had relaxed too much.

When Majestic had announced Mary’s latest task, each of the Squad had approached the issue of locating and capturing as many supes as possible with their own power set.

Majestic herself quickly claimed all the well-known faces: Astounder, Shockmaw and Sparks had been the first, the entire Riot Brigade whisked away from the scene of a forest fire by the blonde powerhouse. To add insult to injury, she had blown out the fire on her way past, tearing up the entire forest with her breath too.

The tech-supes were more difficult for her to locate, but the compelling messages got most of them. With no warning, every electronic device across the world had changed.

Like, if you’re a supe, you belong to Paradigm, LOL! See you soooon! Kisses xx

Codegirl and Prime-Time, the last remaining tech support supes for the only organised hero groups still functioning, were now being proudly paraded out on Amy’s streams while they entertained her. The digital hero girl was being routinely tormented by playing the role of all of the random mooks in Amy’s games, while the human radio was being forced to dance to his own music.

That had cut off all communication and chance of any of the heroes organising themselves. Not that many existed after the fall of the IHF.

Fortunately, Tactile was a complete loner these days – quite possibly why she had gone undetected so far. Crescent also tended to keep to the darkness, leading to the two butting heads on multiple occasions.

“So, given that this was your idea, does that mean that you've become somewhat less squeamish than before, Tara?” Carley ran her skin against a fractured metal pole and blood began to spill alarmingly quickly. Her flesh took on a metallic sheen as the wound closed itself. “I don’t suppose you have an engagement ring? That would make this a lot easier.”

Tara grunted and kicked at the rubble.

“Ah, that would require someone to like you, wouldn’t it? My mistake.”

While Crescent reforged her limbs into tools and started shifting the piles of debris, Tactile reflected on her day. Using her own power would be more dangerous than productive here, especially as they might need a structurally sound shelter that the two could hide within until one of their plans came to fruition. She just had to hope that none of those other sociopathic bitches would check somewhere they had already demolished.

Singularity was unlikely to return, having launched herself away with that ridiculous jumping thing she did over an hour ago. Majestic had passed at some point after, evident by the winds that had made Tactile faceplant the ground and splattered more than a few non-supes into thin smears on walls and pavements. Golden Goddess had already been here too, judging by the burned-in signature on the billboard advertising her new media empire. Intel had it that Paradigm was keeping to her streams and Biocide hadn’t been seen in public since the announcement yesterday. All that said, Nature’s Wrath was the only one unaccounted for.

But not for long.

“Kinda sus that you two are digging around here.”

The concrete shifted and twisted around the supes, trapping them inside an immovable mass of rock. Ally’s grin widened as she saw the disguised supes struggling against her hold. She was being extra careful today to not crush anything important, like her chance to finally stick it to Paradigm, and the pressure she was exerting would have easily turned a non-supe into bloody pulp.

“Eat your words, Ames!” Ally yelled into her phone. “Searching through Georgia’s scraps was totally worth it. Got two supes about to take a serious L!”

With her hair flowing out behind her in the breeze that kept her aloft, Ally dropped to the ground. She had opted not to wear shoes today, thinking that the closer contact with the earth might give her an advantage in locating any supes currently hiding beneath it. Her toes curled as she walked towards the pair, the ground moulding around her feet and leaving perfectly formed divots behind to mark her passage.

“So, who are you scrubs? Obvs no-one important, otherwise you’d have been taken away by now.”

Tactile groaned under the constricting pressure and attempted to move her hand, laying it flat against the rock. The stress of her body leaked out from her fingertips, forming cracks through the concrete as it crumbled from the stored fatigue. She broke free as Ally approached, reaching out to grab at any part of the Elementalist.

“No way!” Ally cried out as she caught the other girl’s wrist and held it pinched between two fingers. “Creepy Tara?”

“Fuckin’ bitch…” Tara grunted between clenched teeth as she tried to get her fingertips to touch Ally’s hand.

“Did you get powers too? Wow, I didn’t even realise!” Ally released her grip, letting the air currents lift Tara into the air. “So what do you do, Creepy?”

“Keep people safe from psychos like you,” Tactile wheezed out as the air fled her lungs. She gasped to return it, but nothing was going back in.

Swirling a finger around with a malicious little grin, Ally used Tara’s breath to ruffle her hair.

“Tut, tut. Now you know that’s not what I meant. I’ll have to shrivel up your tits if you don’t want to be civil with me. Just imagine what it would be like for all that water to just pop out!”

Ally roughly guided the air back between Tara’s lips, making her throat bulge as she forced the bubble of compressed gas back into her before expanding it. The supe wheezed again as the air was roughly returned to her.

“Now, let’s try this again, shall we?” Ally rolled her eyes as the other girl refused to talk. “Urgh, you are being so extra about this.”

Tactile screamed as her left breast began to dissolve.

“You have to stop screaming to talk, you know? Otherwise, I’ll just have to melt the other one too!”

“Crescent!” Tactile screamed. “Fuckin’ bleed on her!”

The rubble shifted again while Ally’s attention was elsewhere, revealing a rocky creature that shambled towards the other supes. It stumbled forward on uneven footing, molten rock dripping from a gash in its hand.

“Oh wow! Do you make cute little minions, Creepy Tara? Is it because you never had any friends? That kinda sucks, don’t you think?”

Viscous globules of the rock creature's blood lanced out at Ally, but she caught them in the air before they reached her.

“So what’s that meant to do, melt me? You know I take baths in volcanoes, right?” Ally’s crotch began to glow a deep red as it heated. “Wanna see some real hot girl shit?”

Pulling aside the crotch of her uniform, Ally slipped two of her fingers inside herself. A single excited rivulet of her fluids ran down her thigh as she used a third finger to toy with her clitoris.

“Uh, uh, uh,” Ally panted as she continued to pleasure herself, adding more to the shimmering flow running down her flesh. “Oh, Ames…”

Nature’s Wrath had closed her eyes at this point, so she missed seeing the rock creature shift forms. The carapace of concrete fell away, leaving Carley exposed and floating in a localised tornado. Both supes helplessly and wordlessly watched the first drip fall from Ally’s leg and vapourise the concrete below.

“Oh, fuck,” Ally moaned. “This is gonna be a big one…”

The speed of her fingers increased, driving air currents deeper into her pussy, solidified air acting as a malleable dildo. Ally’s shoulders rolled back and forth in pleasure as she superheated her fingertips and pressed one against her erect clit, firmly kneading it against her body. The other hand reached up to cup her tits and squeezed.

Giving up on her tornadoes, Ally opened her eyes to draw the oils from Tara’s body. Tactile’s skin shrivelled and aged as life and moisture were drawn from it to feed Ally’s ever-growing pleasure. The oils seeped into the soft flesh of Ally’s breasts as she continued to massage them. Her already astounding complexion strengthened and the pliable skin of her tits shone with their new vitality.

“Uh, uh, ooh,” Ally screamed as she climaxed, causing a gushing stream to flow from between her legs.

The ground evaporated. Tactile and Crescent scrambled backwards and out of the way of the vanishing rock as third-degree burns began to form across their skin. Channelling the pain away from herself and into anything around her, Tactile left a trail of decaying brickwork as she tried to flee. Crescent cut her skin against anything she could, allowing the acquired strength of the rock to take the brunt of the damage.

Once more, the two supes barely managed to survive an encounter that would have killed not just most other people, but most other supes too. Coming down from her climax, Ally realised just how careless she was being with her prizes.

“Sorry, not sorry! Gotta keep those super needs met.” Ally went to continue her mocking, but froze as she finally noticed Carley.

The temperature dropped from lethally scorching to a deathly chill immediately.

“You. Fucking. Bitch.”

“Ally,” Carley curtly replied as she bled onto the frost coating the ground and lined her skin with an icy exterior. “You got taller.”

“Fuck you, sis! Mom thought you died!” Ally flew at her older sister, tackling the girl and straddling her body to pin her down. “They both blamed me!”

“Duh.” Carley choked out. “I wanted to get away from you all. I didn’t need your energy. Or theirs.”

“They cut me off! They made me get a job in a coffee shop! The other girls call me coffee girl!”

“Sucks to be you, I guess.”

“I’m gonna kill you!”

As Ally grabbed Carley’s wrists, she grazed her sister’s soft skin against the jagged rock. Blood leeched the properties of Ally’s body, copying them onto Carley. Suddenly, her older sister was putting up a much greater resistance to Ally’s hold.

“What are you doing?” Ally was trying to tear Carley’s body apart, molecule by molecule, but her power wasn’t having any effect.

“Is this how you killed Mom and Dad, Ally? Did you get mad because they wouldn’t buy you a new car? Or did you just go full psycho like that time Mom said your hair looked dry?”

“You’re so dead!”

Ally was so distracted by Carley that she didn’t notice Tara slowly approaching her from behind. This was it. Finally, maybe the world would have hope again if they managed to kill one of these overpowered bitches. Tactile’s fingertips were inches away from Ally’s neck. And the idiot still hadn't noticed the danger she was in.

Fortunately for Ally, someone else did.

A discordant tune began to play from Ally’s phone.

Oh em gee, like

Worship me, like

Get on your knees, like

Worship me, like.’

“En gee el, this is so cute. You wouldn’t want to, like, ruin the family reunion, would you, you big spoilsport?” The voice coming through the phone crackled slightly. “Tara, start fingering yourself.”

Now on her knees and skin fading to a deathly pale, Tactile slipped the fingers that had almost made it to Ally’s exposed neck into her combat shorts and started to masturbate. Painfully. Each touch of her fingertips against her womanhood sent her own pain and stress directly back into her body.

“We’re starting a poll, viewers! Did Tactile get the worst powers ever: Yes or Super Yes! En gee el, not being able to stroke the kitty must make her wanna, like, die of boredom.”

Meanwhile, the struggle for power was still going on between Ally and Carley, but only so much as Amy’s instructions would allow. Both girls were on their knees, top halves grappling against each other as Ally tried to force matter into the cuts in Carley’s body while Carley tried to master the use of her newly acquired powers.

Codegirl, do your thing. Get me to Ally.”

Even before Amy had finished talking, she was standing in front of the kneeling supes. A crackling stream of charges buzzed behind her as she adjusted her cat-eared headset.

“Ess em aitch, Ally. I can’t believe I’m, like, having to save you from your own dumbness.” Amy pouted as she shook her head. “They were, like, totally working together to try to kill you, bee tee dubs.”

Tactile moaned in agony from the ever-increasing feedback loop of pain. Her body was starting to shut down from the stress on her organs as she continued to masturbate towards her own demise.

“Wow, an overwhelming majority of people think ‘Super Yes’ - ‘Tactile has, like, totally the worst power ever!’” Amy drew a sparkling heart into the air with her finger and blew it at Tara with a kiss. “How does that make you feel, babe?”

Tara screamed as the plasma heart seared through her burnt and ragged clothing, branding her chest around her left nipple. Her yowls of pain intensified as they were sent back through her body, the searing pain now spreading out across both her breast and labia.

“What’s wrong? I mean, there’s gotta be, like, a ton of people who’d love this kinda play, right? Totally not my style, it’s way more fun to be a winner, but, like, I guess you aren’t?”

She was not.

Tactile’s body dissolved from the inside out, flakes of decaying skin drifting away on the winds caused by the Elementalist’s fight as Tara turned to dust.

“Oops. Guess she should’ve stopped a little earlier, el em eff ayy oh. That’s on her, eff arr.” Paradigm turned back to the brawling sisters. “I mean, like, what kind of dummy isn’t immune to their own powers?”

She smirked, watching both girls fail to get the upper hand as the ground tried to chomp off Carley’s legs and a tornado attempted to fling Ally into the stratosphere.

“These dummies, minions,” Amy whispered to her audience. “That’s who.”

The region of destruction was growing. Amy was slightly surprised it had taken the pair of them this long to expand the broken wasteland of the former prison, but both had been focusing far too much on defending themselves to go all-out on the offensive. Each elemental assault was met by an equally, if not more, ferocious counter-attack.

Nature’s Wrath was earning her sobriquet. Man-made structures had all but been removed from the landscape, bare, ravaged earth the only thing left behind.

And all around the group of supes, a deadly hurricane of debris grew.

“Okay, minions, your time to shine. I feel like being nice to little Ally here, so I’m, like, gonna give these girls one little instruction. Next poll is what that is!”

Ally watched the messages flood in as Prime-Time transmitted the feed directly into her mind.

“Eww! Why are you all, like, such degenerates? They’re sisters, I’m not gonna tell them to fuck! Es em aitch…”

“Bad minions. Anyone who typed that, go tell your parents that you, like, jerk off to me.”

Amy dodged to the side as a building collapsed next to her. She'd been gradually backing away from the tumultuous horrors within the cone of chaotic winds, but the range was expanding again. It wouldn't be long until most of the town was caught up in this mess. She grinned as she watched a string of people fly out of the top of a building, then winced when they were splattered against the side of another.

“That must’ve stung, el oh el!”

Ally and Carley had separated and now struggled to remain aloft in the winds of the other. The ground was far too dangerous for both of them at this point, more fluid than solid and just waiting to swallow up one or both of them. The grinding of the churning earth against metal and bone below was just loud enough to be heard over the roaring winds in places. Especially in the basements of buildings where people had hoped to shelter.

The town was running out of survivors.

“Wowie, some of those suggestions are, like, so bad! So much for people being good! All you little minions just wanna watch me dominate both of those sillies, don't you?”

Goddess Paradigm grinned.

“Let’s give you all a show then! But, like, if you look away, you have to die!

Amy floated into the centre of the maelstrom on a cloud of sparks. The trail of charges she left behind was quickly picked up by the winds, creating an electrical storm that arced lightning as it continued to grow.

“Come here, dummies,” Amy called from the eye of the hurricane.

Seconds later Ally and Carley were floating on either side of her. Ally rocked with rage, unable to remain still as she yelled out incomprehensible obscenities at her sister. Carley was barely more composed, screaming out in a language unknown to humanity as she grappled with the complexity of her new power set.

“Carley, kiss my toes. Ally, kiss my tits.” Paradigm paused for a moment to let the girls position themselves. “Now, try not to totally cream yourselves, but whoever, like, makes me cum first gets to kill the other.”

That really set them off.

Unfortunately for Carley, the game was rigged from the start. Amy had already given Ally ample opportunity to worship her body and the rage-filled embodiment of wrath was adept at bringing Amy to climax just through stimulation of her prodigious tits. Already she was forming torrents of warm air to suck at one nipple while her moist mouth attended to the other with eager abandon. Ally had taken to quite enjoying the sensation of playing with the world’s third most impressive pair of tits.

Carley was having less fun. While Amy occasionally enjoyed tormenting people with her feet, it was purely that. A torment for them. Sparks jumped from between her toes and numbed Carley’s lips, affixing her mouth to Amy’s foot and contorting the musculature of her face into a pained grimace.

“Ooh, Alllly,” Amy cooed. “Do the thing, do the thiiiiing…”

Paradigm’s nipples rapidly hardened as the warm winds ceased and the temperature plummeted. With one final modicum of Ally’s power, the water inside Amy’s breasts swelled outwards, pushing against her skin and forcing it taut. Amy’s breasts become absolutely enormous, briefly matching the sizes of the world’s most impressive tits.

Amy came, spurting her juices across Carley’s back and sealing her fate.

“Yay, you did it, babe! Now stay still Carley while Ally murders you!”

Completely unable to move, Carley was left defenceless and at her sister’s mercy. It was a shame for her that Ally didn't have any.

The air solidified into a grasping hand and wrapped itself around Carley, then drove her head-first into the ground. Her face fractured in multiple places as blood spilt and Carley’s body reinforced itself against the concrete.

So Ally smashed her face into the ground again.

And again.

And again.

After a few beatings that made little further progress, Ally started to invoke the earth to nip at Carley’s body with every collision. The ground rubbed against her skin, tearing flesh away as it chewed at her passing body, acting like the rough tongue of a cat on bloodied meat.

Carley still had the presence of mind to prevent Ally from directly affecting her body with her powers, much to her younger sister’s disgust. Instead, Ally drew the heat from the surroundings and braced a thermal barrier around Carley’s body, hoping to cauterise her wounds before the blood could fall. It worked, somewhat. Carley’s flesh withered and wept, still leaking fluid and allowing her to put up the semblance of a fight against her psychotic sister.

In a final stroke of furious genius, Ally reversed her plan. The area around the fight was stripped of all warmth, suddenly becoming the coldest place in the Universe. The frigid atmosphere was now unable to contain moisture in any form. Crystal shards of ice formed in the air, bouncing off Ally and Amy, but digging deep into Carley’s vulnerable skin.

And this time, when the blood left her body, it lost the ability to flow.

Carley screamed as her body cracked, taking on the properties of the superchilled crystals and losing all of her body heat in the process. Ally unrelentingly siphoned away the energy leaving Carley’s body as she began to crystallise, allowing her skin to fracture as it repeatedly froze and thawed, layers peeling off like the skin of an onion.

Finally, Carley’s mental barrier was broken, along with her tenuous hold over her control of Ally’s copied powers.

Ally saw victory, mentally grabbing hold of every molecule in her sister’s body and rearranging them.

The scream faded. The storm faded. Ally knelt on the ground while Amy stood alone at the centre of a hundred-mile radius of destruction. In her hands, Ally clutched two crystals of diamond.

Ally looked up at Amy.

“So, did you want to be my girlfriend?”

“Beg me.”

“Oh pwease, Goddess Pawadigm! You're, like, way too good for me, but I’ll do anything for you if you'd be my girlfriend!”

“Much better.” Paradigm smiled.

“You’re such a bitch.” Nature’s Wrath glared at Amy, eyes flaring with violent heat.

“I know, right? But I'm a fucking hot one.” Amy continued to smile at Ally. “Just like you.”


“Come on, let's go. I'm pretty sure we’re not, like, winning this game. You can eat me out while we beat up Codegirl again.”

“You’re on.”

“Oh em ayy, I need to change my socials! Sorry minions, looks like I'm taken!”

Ally kissed Amy on the tits as they disappeared, hand in hand.

The stadium had two occupants standing across from each other. This could have been the greatest sporting event in the history of the planet, but no one wanted to be anywhere near this grudge match.

“So, you've come to blame me for leaving you? I don't regret it one bit.” The immensely tall, dark-skinned, broad-shouldered supe had her feet firmly planted, ready to brace herself against a tackle.

“Nah, Mom. Dad did a pretty great job raising me. I turned out a fucking baller too.”

Georgia strode towards her mother, her superior body entirely dwarfing the older woman in every respect. Larger muscles, firmer tits and, most notably right now, a significantly more powerful stride. Gladiatrix failed to stay standing as the world around her shook with every one of her daughter’s steps.

When Georgia reached her mother, she had fallen to the floor and could no longer stand. Increasing gravity a hundredfold had that effect on most people.

“Just wanted to say that you're a fucking disappointment.”

Georgia’s enormous sneaker came down on her mother’s head with the force of an entire planet falling on it.

“Weak-ass amateur.”

“I have a surprise for you. You’re going to love it!” Mary had announced, immediately before blindfolding Damien and teleporting him out of their bedroom.

“I'm sure I will. Can I get dressed first?” Damien had just left their bed, so was now standing in only his boxers in the middle of who knew where.

“Nope!” Mary declared as she used her teeth to tear his boxers off his body.

She eagerly bit into the fabric, reducing the garments to shreds. As she vigorously shook her head back and forth the disintegrating cloth revealed her wide smile beneath.

“I've wanted to do that for a while.”

“So, do I get to look yet?”

“Almost. Just give me a moment to make sure everything is all set up.”

“You're quite sure about this, Omen? This is what you want to do?”

“I've made my decision, Demon. If we somehow survive this, we can have the conversation again.”

“I do hope so. I've been quite good at surviving for this long. It would be a shame to break the streak now.”

“Shut up and focus. This is going to hurt.”

Majestic, Georgia and Julie stood at the top of the hill overlooking the forest. When Mary appeared next to them with an eager grin and a giddy motion to her flight, Majestic simply pointed at the barricaded area below with an excessively smug look.

“Eighty-four of them in total. There were more in the world, but some got broken in transit.”

“And…” Mary asked.

“I got seventy-three of them. Georgia got four, Julie got three and the other four handed themselves over, believe it or not.”

“I thought Amy got two of them?”

“Those were two of the ones who handed themselves over. She wasn’t keen on losing her pets in the end. They were pretty keen to leave her and her girlfriend though.”

“Good job, Majestic. You’ll get your reward after I’ve had mine.”

“Since when was the sky this colour?”

“The redness is natural. Or infernal, I suppose. The fact that it seems to be interwoven with strands of black is not.”

“Does it remind you of anything?”

“She did drink the Demon King into her hair. It does make some sense.”

“Don't pretend anything about her makes sense, Demon.”

“We could ask that nice horde of demons. I believe that's the classification for several dozen of them.”

“Get ready for a fight, this is just the beginning.”

“Surprise!” Mary yelled as she disintegrated Damien’s blindfold, leaving him wearing nothing but the diamond ring around his neck.

Mary floated just above the leafy floor of a forest clearing, wearing her old costume in lingerie form. The white-pink top had been reduced to a simple, enormous bra, containing her soft yet incomparable breasts. Her lower half was almost fully exposed, with leggings that stretched up her lower legs but left her plush thighs and intoxicating womanhood fully exposed.

“Do you like it, puppy?” Mary leaned in close to Damien with a look of slight concern. “You like it, right?”

“Baby, I love it.”

Leaning in for a kiss, Damien found himself driven into Mary’s cleavage as she squealed in delight.

“I knew it! I knew you’d love it!” Mary hugged Damien close to her heart, unwilling to let him go and filled with an almost irrepressible urge to squeeze him until he broke between her tits.

Taking a faltering breath, Mary calmed herself and relaxed her grip on her love.

“Dammit, demon, just die!”

“Should I take that personally?”

“Not you, idiot!”

Omen swept out her arm, scattering a vial of pearlescent liquid across the torso of the approaching fiend. It howled in rage and lashed out a barbed tail at the mage. Demon swapped places with her, throwing up a misty red circle as the tail advanced, reducing the appendage to a bloody powder as it passed through the barrier.

The creature's body was boiling and its most dangerous attack had been neutered, but that still meant it was powerful enough to kill them both several times over.

“Go for the nostrils – the scent of blood empowers their own.”

Omen struck out with a fine whip of silvered steel at the face of the demon. It screeched, sending a torrent of bile at Omen that clung to her coat and burnt through the ground where it fell.

“Fuck me, I hate this stuff. Duck!”

“Sorry! It’s just so exciting. And I’m so nervous…” Mary blushed as she ran her hands down Damien’s chest. “I haven’t actually ever… you know… worn sexy clothes before…”

Mary still looked worried when she looked into Damien’s eyes.

“You really like them?”

“Mary, you are the most beautiful woman in the entire world. And wearing this,” Damien gestured towards her pale pink outfit. “This makes you not just the sexiest, but also the cutest woman in the world.”

“But what about Majestic? You can’t tell me she isn’t sexier than this?”

Damien didn’t even have to think before answering.

“Majestic is incredibly hot, overwhelming so. She knows it and she loves letting other people know it too. But she doesn’t love me, Mary. And I’m absolutely certain that if you asked her, she would agree that you are the far more beautiful, attractive person. Because of everything that you are. Not just because of your powers.”

“Puppy,” Mary whispered with a little giggle as she brought her lips close to Damien’s ear. “I barely ever use my powers.”

“Shit! Are you okay?”

“Nothing to worry about.” Demon winced against the pain. “Just some minor facial deformation.”

“Demon, half of your fucking skin is gone!”

Omen frantically tossed reagents from her pockets as the demon prepared another attack. She wavered between a blue and green vial, before throwing the blue one into Demon’s face and gulping down the green one herself.

“Urgh, disgusting,” Omen spluttered as the potion worked its way through her body.

Demon coughed as the pungent fumes from his own concoction got to work on repairing his rapidly necrosing flesh.

Keeping her mouth firmly closed as she used her coat to deflect the attacks of the demon’s claws, Omen waited for the perfect moment. In a wild, enraged swing, the demon left its face exposed. Omen took the opportunity to dart forward, finally opening her mouth directly into the demon’s face.

“Die!” She screamed, exhaling a barrage of heavily perfumed ethanol directly into the nostrils of the demon. It reeled backwards as the repellent took effect, stumbling from wounds old and new, before collapsing to a heap as the earlier injuries overtook its regenerative abilities.

Omen stood among the corpses of the demons and looked into the distance. Another horde would be arriving soon.

“I’m going to start things over, puppy. I’m going to fix everything that’s wrong with the world.” Mary had a gleefully crazed look in her eyes as she spoke. “I’m going to kill all the supes!”

Damien’s back was suddenly pressed up against a tree and Mary’s face was against his crotch, causing his whole body to vibrate with each of her words.

“And I’m going to do it while having the world’s most mind-breaking sex with you!”

He could feel it now, far more powerful and oppressive than before. Mary’s aura of power was being unleashed on him. It came as a tumbling assortment of emotions, each trying to override the last in their eager mission to dominate the minds and bodies of everyone they met. Lust and arousal won out, inflating Damien’s muscles and cock beyond his usual capabilities and sending his libido skyrocketing.

After feeling that Damien’s manhood had reached a new, impossibly-erect state, Mary lifted her face and placed his rigid cock between her tits. Then she held her hands out and, with a single thought, a person appeared in each one, kneeling in an inescapable chokehold.

“These two are speedsters, puppy. They’re probably called Fastguy and Fastgirl, I don’t really care.” Mary grinned as she bobbed up and down, squishing Damien’s firm rod between her supple tits with each bounce. “Wanna see how fast I can go?”

Demon was breathing heavily. Given that he hadn’t actually seen combat in over half a decade, Omen felt she should cut him some slack. Or maybe not.

“How are you already exhausted? Did you not cast the wakefulness ritual before we left?”

“You know full well that I did. I am just somewhat fatigued from our preparations this morning.”

Omen blushed like a much younger woman.

“Careful now, I hear that demons are attracted to blushing maidens.”

“Good thing I’m no maiden then.”

“I do miss the days you called yourself Mistress Omen.”

“Got me too much attention from the wrong kinds of people.”

“Speaking of which,” Demon waved a hand at the latest pile of corpses. “Are we waiting here for more to come to us?”

“No. We need to go on the offensive.”

“Very well. To the castle then.”

Damien only knew what happened next because Mary shared a fraction of her perception with him. He became aware that she had just passed through his body, as though he simply didn’t exist. He became aware that she had completed a circuit of the planet, then another dozen or so for good measure.

But all the while, Mary didn’t appear to move at all. She still knelt right in front of Damien with his cock trapped in her cleavage.

What did become apparent, even to Damien’s infinitely inferior senses, was that the bodies in Mary’s hands were disintegrating, torn apart as she moved at speeds faster than causality could comprehend. With great effort, Damien could just about perceive the rapid motion of their legs as both speedsters tried to keep up with Mary’s faster-than-light jaunt around the planet.

The horrified agony quickly spreading across their faces was far easier to make out.

It wasn’t even as though their skin was being torn off. Their very molecules were being ripped apart, their bodies perforated by an uncountable number of individual particles of gases as they encountered higher levels of air resistance than any material but Mary’s own impervious skin could withstand.

They were being dismantled at an atomic level.

Mary, of course, looked absolutely radiant with joy as she used the planet’s atmosphere and her own imperceivable speed to shred the supes. Expressing her eternal love for her boyfriend, she gently massaged Damien’s manhood with her breasts, beating a rapid sequence of pleasurable pulses into Damien’s body until the supes had been completely obliterated.

Which took less than a second.

“How many tricks do you have left?”

“Oh, far fewer than you, I’m sure. People always say that the quality of a mage is determined by the number of pockets they have, and I’ve always been rather jealous of yours. Perhaps I should have asked Cherie to design me a new outfit before we left.”

“I’m down to about half. I’ve got enough power left to make them go a bit further if necessary.”

“Hmm, I may have an idea there. I’ve been drawing power from this realm for long enough to have a reasonably good handle on it. And not just the whole ‘Fire and Flame’ bit that you do, the real power. Care to partake?”

“Are you asking me to embrace demonic power?”

“Well, it doesn’t technically corrupt you. It is just power after all. And the source is far less questionable than some others.”

“... how does it work?”

“Allow me to demonstrate…”

Mary’s hair fluttered in a seemingly non-existent breeze as she wiggled her shoulders back and forth. It dropped back down to her shoulders when she exited superspeed.

“Hmm, is that good, puppy? Do you like feeling my biiiig boobs around your biiiig cock?” Mary drew out her words, a sultry look in her eyes as she breathed more heavily than she needed.

With a casual push from a single finger, Mary felled the tree that Damien was pressed up against. She caught him as he fell backwards onto it and ran her hands up his legs to play with his manhood. Mary panted ever more rapidly, wrapping her fingers around Damien’s girthy member and stopping far short of closing them to prevent damage to her absolute favourite toy.

“Sometimes, I can’t believe that this is all mine,” Mary purred as she admired Damien’s cock. “I just want to…”

Mary’s tongue stretched and extended from her mouth, latching onto Damien’s steely, blood-filled rod and rapidly constricting around it. She moaned as her lips kissed at his tip and her mouth reshaped itself to enable her to take in all of his thickness. Descending down the shaft, Mary’s elongated tongue licked furiously, coating her treat in saliva and ensuring that the sensation of his cock being forced inside Mary’s mouth was pleasurable for Damien, rather than painfully breaking him apart.

Damien gasped at the sensation. The warmth of Mary’s mouth spread across his entire body, as though she had just embraced his entire being in a loving kiss. Mary’s metaphysical lips continued to rain smooches onto Damien’s spirit as her very physical lips worked to drain the seed from his balls. The suction kept increasing as Mary teleported the next group of supes over to them.

“The sky appears to be getting excited.”

“Stop distracting me, Demon. This is difficult.”

“My apologies, Omen.”

Omen sat cross-legged in the almost barren wasteland, accompanied by a mountain of bloodied corpses. Scavenging happened frequently here, for food, power and weapons, and the fact that some areas were still laden with fresh demon bodies had finally persuaded Omen to try drawing power from the realm. Primarily before the mages found themselves outmatched by something that already had.

Focusing her mind and reaching out to the decaying pile with her senses, Omen felt the heavy thrum of infernal power around her.

“I can feel it. What do I do now?”

“Imagine a funnel. Just attach it to yourself somewhere. Then let the energies flow in.” Demon cautiously looked around the area, wary of the tricks of the demons they had yet to encounter. “You may have to resize it. Don’t let too much in at once, lest terrible transformations occur.”

“I’m well aware of the dangers of too much power.” Omen thought for a moment. “Hang on, is that why you went bald?”

“I speak from experience.”

The shapeshifters landed in a clustered heap, tied together in unbreakable knots from Majestic’s brutal handling of them. Mary had no idea how many lay trapped in the bundle, but she did briefly snicker at the absurdity of it as she imagined Majestic collecting more and more of the supes to add to her ball of tangled limbs.

Time to begin untangling it.

With her mouth still firmly wrapped around Damien’s cock, Mary moaned in pleasure as her hands found the mess of malleable supes and she started to play. Her fingers squeezed limbs inwards, each digit causing flesh to rupture as she forced the supes closer together in her hands, pushing their bodies far past the limits of their shapeshifting powers with just a simple clench of her fist. Then she casually relaxed her grip and pulled, extending her stress ball outwards, placing a level of force on it that she wished she could be putting on Damien’s manhood but dared not for fear of hurting him. Instead, this Gordian knot of insufficiently flexible victims was experiencing that twisted desire.

Mary gave a muffled giggle, amused by the thought of literally holding their lives within her hands.

With each new pop of joints and snap of tendons came another shudder from Mary, bringing Damien closer and closer to orgasm. But Mary wanted this is last a lot longer. Idling twirling a finger around within the ball of supes, she slipped her digit into the metaphysical bodies of the bundle, extracting one of their souls without care. It drifted upwards, first caught in the turbulent updraft of Mary’s power, then siphoned into Damien’s manhood to reinforce it.

A muffled squeal came from Mary as she tasted the soul-infused drop of precum that leaked onto her tongue.

With a burst of sudden and gluttonous enthusiasm, Mary’s finger’s delved into her sex, ripping the tangled supes apart in the process with the speed of her motion. She instinctively gagged as she forced her mouth further down Damien’s cock, hungry to swallow every drop of his delicious seed as her need to feel more of him inside of her devolved into a primal instinct to claim her man. Damien felt the secondhand lust-rage overtake him, leading him to place his hand on the back of Mary’s head and futilely attempt to force himself deeper into her. It did nothing, but Mary appreciated the gesture – he was finally starting to realise that she really could take anything he chose to do to her.

Forgotten on the forest floor, the mesh of supes had been completely destroyed, ripped apart as Mary’s lustful need for sensation in her nether region drove her fingers down to play with herself. Their departing souls drifted upwards, fading to a better place.

Until Mary’s spiritual self grabbed the escaping silvery motes and shredded them, one by one, using the essence to reinvigorate Damien when Mary finally brought him to orgasm.

“Fucking Hells, Demon! How long am I meant to increase the size of this siphon? It just keeps coming!”

“Well, that is the power of every demon in the realm. I’d say there’s quite a lot of it.”

“So what, I just keep going?”

“Normally, I’d say no. But you’ve always been quite the prodigy, Omen. I think you can handle a little more power.”

Omen had braced herself against an onslaught of power, but this was worryingly comforting. The warmth of the demonic energies was totally within her control – she could even feel the whispers of others using it around her. It was also revealing to her the full capacity of her own body. The meagre droplets that made it to her through the more conventional magical channels seemed just like that now. Pathetically meagre.

“There’s a theory about demonic power, you know. They say that it responds to the number of users it currently has. That pool gets all swirled around and distributed to whoever can take the most of it. It’s why the biggest demon is always the ruler. Their bodies can just store more of it.”

“So demons are magic batteries and the more we kill the more powerful the other ones get?”

“Well, yes, that is an unfortunate side-effect.”

“So you’re going to suggest we take it first?”

“You know me so well, Omen.”

It was so good. He tasted so good!

Mary removed her lips from Damien’s cock and, after ensuring that he was still erect from the energies of the eviscerated supes, dragged her body up his. She ploughed his body through the tree and into the resulting shrapnel, using her spiritual embrace to protect him from the splinters of stone and wood.

Damien lay in exaltation. He should have been exhausted, but Mary had ensured that nothing of the sort would pass during their special moment. As her upper lips found his mouth and her lower lips found his cock, he prepared for another round.

“Did you feel that?”

“The shaking? Yes, rather peculiar. I imagine something may have noticed us. Either that or…”

“Or what, Demon?”

“Does the sky look odd to you?”

“Smug bitch.” Georgia tried to direct her comment at Majestic’s face, but her eyes kept wandering down to her thighs.

“Don’t worry, babe. I’ll make sure to share some of the winnings with you.” Majestic was suddenly standing behind Georgia, her enormous chest firmly pressed against the upper back of the amazonian athlete. She wrapped one arm around Georgia’s shoulders and pressed the fingers of her other hand into Georgia’s inner thigh.

This wasn’t like her at all…

“Maybe I’ll share a bit now, little kitty…”

Georgia groaned in pained pleasure as Majestic’s powerful fingers grazed against her vulva.

“Oh, we all knew you were going to win. I would assume that’s why Cherie never bothered to even participate.” Julie had turned away from the spectacle and was checking her appearance on her phone when she noticed something. “Did you change your outfit, Majestic?”

“What, this?” Majestic’s hand left Georgia’s leg, causing the woman to whimper in longing as her far more dominant lover instead used it to tug at the black latex covering her nipples. “Funny story actually…”

With a snap of her finger, Majestic tore her costume off. As it fell to the floor it folded in on itself, the black mass coalescing into a single point until it suddenly expanded outwards into the prone form of a gasping woman. Cherie lay on the floor, a glazed look of utter bliss coating her face. Julie stared aghast at the naked woman in front of her, while Georgia rapidly turned to ogle Majestic’s exposed body in lustful awe.

“When I announced our little mission, Cherie came to me with a request. She’d found a way to locate supes based on using her powers. She wanted to offer me their locations in exchange for experiencing everything that my body could offer.”

“Why are you admitting that you cheated?”

“Cheated? Fuck no! Regardless of how much I wanted that prize, I didn’t want anyone’s help. I earned all of this. All of that work down there is on me.” Majestic glanced over at Georgia, who had rapidly torn her own clothes off to join her two comrades in nudity. “But I couldn’t just leave a girlfriend unsatisfied, could I?”

“So you…”

“Oh, you have no idea. I’d never been with a girl before, but Cherie opened my eyes. She can be very creative. All those years of her practicing playing with living things really worked wonders for my needs.” Majestic leaned down to kiss Georgia firmly on the lips. “But once someone is inside me, I’m in control.”

Julie didn’t look away this time as Majestic dominated Georgia’s body with every motion of her own. A brutally ferocious kiss drew the breath from Georgia’s lungs, and then a firm shove sent her falling to her ass. The ground shuddered, then shook more forcefully as Majestic fell to her knees and crawled forward. Straddling the gravity manipulator’s body, Majestic lowered her blazing womanhood until she had inescapably trapped Georgia’s face between her enormous thighs.

“You want this, don’t you? You know that my body could fucking tear you apart and you still want it, you horny little minx.” Majestic flexed her vaginal muscles, already feeling the eager, powerful probing of Georgia’s tongue inside her. “Tell you what, my little kitty, I’ll make you a promise. If you get me off before you faint from exhaustion, I’ll make your dreams come true...”

“It’s still going, but those tremors are getting worse!”

“There appears to be some kind of silver lining to it now… How very peculiar.”

“Demon! This is not the time! There must be an entire army charging at us!”

“Ah yes, it does look like we’re about to have guests. Care to try out your new power level, Omen?”

Damien had blinked and now he was in space.

Floating around him, a collection of supes were frantically trying to dive back down towards the Earth, hoping that their superpowers of flight matched the power of a single thought from Mary. She didn’t even need to do anything else to kill them at this point. Having teleported them all into space, she could just peacefully rest her head against Damien’s chest, slowly drawing his cock in and out of her while she watched the supes suffocate.

All of them would be dead within the minute.

Wordlessly, Mary stretched her hand out and pointed, gesturing for Damien’s eyes to follow and observe. In the distance, high in the Earth’s atmosphere, Mary had started her own fireworks display.

Pyrokinetic supes exploded into massive balls of scarlet flame easily visible to the lovers from their location in space. The crimson blaze met the bodies of lightning manipulators, sending a crackling storm of yellow sparks across the upper atmosphere. When it then touched the ice-based supes the lightning petrified, leaving a fractured web of electricity briefly visible on the sky. In a flash of light, the frozen supes burst into crystals, leaving the afterimage of the ice and lightning on Damien’s retinas as the Earth was showered with a storm of fire and snow.

Omen finished her meditation, faced her enemies, called up her energies, and-

-and the world in front of her was vapourised in the enormous cones of infernal fire projected from her eyes.

“Fuck yes!” Omen cried out, blasting the landscape in front of her as thunder rolled out from her mouth.

Demons rushing to join the now severely diminished horde were thrown back hundreds of feet in the wake of the sonic boom, while those who had been hardy enough to survive the fires were simply torn limb from limb by the proximity to Omen’s new power.

She felt the power flood back to her, that which was used to destroy those pathetic demon scum returned to her on their death. Not just returned, in fact, but returned with dividends! Omen beamed at the scorched landscape, now partly of her own doing, before turning back to Demon.

He was looking at her with more lust than he ever had.

“Cool down, big boy, we have a lot to do here first…”

“Anything you say, Mistress Omen.”

She scowled, then smiled. It was time to show these demons who was in charge around here.

Another blink and Damien was back on Earth in exactly the same position. It was like he had never left. If not for the disorientation and the odd pressure from re-experiencing gravity, Damien could have called the entire trip into space a delusion.

The return to gravity also meant that he now felt the repeated impact of Mary’s heavy thighs against his own, even with her currently fairly subdued motions. Fortunately, no broken bones this time, a reminder that she had greatly learned to control the effects of her own body against him in the past few weeks. Those first days had been torture – wonderful torture – but he had been the one to insist that she took everything that she needed from him.

“Damieeen,” a supe had sidled up to him, stroking his hair before kissing his forehead.

Then she backed away and her head exploded.

“I,” another supe had materialised behind him, laying her hands on his shoulders before kissing the nape of his neck.

Her head rotated through a complete revolution with a sickening crunch as she fell to the floor.

“Love,” whispered a third supe into his ear, kissing his earlobe shortly after.

Blood dripped from her eyes, nose and mouth as she collapsed.

“You.” The final supe intoned, placing a kiss on his cheek.

Her body floated into the air, then tore itself into tiny pieces, drifting away in the light breeze.

Mary smiled and kissed him on the lips.

“Forever and ever.”

“I always knew you had a thing for power, Demon, but now I’m starting to think that you might have convinced me to do this because you thought it would make me more attractive.”

The castle wasn’t far ahead. Omen had developed a ‘fire-first’ strategy in dealing with anything they saw, so lesser demons had fled from their path when the destination of the mages became clear. Now, just the big, powerful, many-limbed demons plagued their way forward.

“Of course not, Omen.” Demon paused for a moment, carefully thinking through his words. “Power is, of course, wonderful. And you especially have always piqued my interest. It just so happens that, at this moment, there is a fair overlap between those and you currently showcase a lot of desirable qualities.”

With a simple gesture, a word and a smile at her lover, Omen lifted a greater demon into the air and tore it apart with crimson binds. Her eyes had turned red after her first use of the magic, and her dark hair caught the light in such a way as to make it appear to smoulder.

“Hells, Demon, you can say it. I’m a total smoke show to you right now, aren’t I?”

Demon glanced behind him, taking in the ravaged landscape and becoming slightly awestruck as he saw the molten bootprints that Omen had left in the ground in her wake. Then he did a double take on Omen herself. Her long coat billowed in the heat from her body.

“Yes, Omen,” Demon agreed, looking the literally smouldering woman up and down. “I’d say that’s a more than fair assessment.”

“Urgh, most of the rest of these are pretty boring, puppy.” Mary was sitting on Damien’s lap, with him still inside her, as she held his body against her.

In the air around Mary, a variety of miscellaneous supes floated, slowly being compressed into smaller shapes as they screamed in agony.

“Ooh, she collected the mages as well!” Mary squealed a little as she retrieved the last few residents from her holding pen.

With barely a consideration of her boring toys, Mary crushed the floating supes, dropping their mangled corpses to the ground around them.

“Amelie always said that mages and supes are different, but honestly, I’ve never noticed.” Mary floated herself into the air and pivoted on Damien’s cock. “Magic is so easy really. I mean, it’d be way easier if they didn’t share all the power, but I’ve never had difficulty with taking as much as I want.”

Now that Mary and Damien were facing the same direction, she telekinetically repositioned their bodies so that Damien was standing behind her and the mages were lined up in front of them. Realising what Mary wanted, Damien grabbed onto Mary’s breasts as she giggled.

“You like this position, don’t you, puppy?” Mary turned her head to look at Damien with doe eyes, briefly sticking her tongue out. “Little puppy likes doggy style to play with my big boobies, doesn’t he?”

Damien blushed slightly as Mary teased him, wiggling her butt into his crotch.

“Your turn to work now, puppy. Pump me full of your cum, I’m going to have a tasty snack!” Mary opened her mouth and began to inhale as Damien got to work.

The mages crumpled as a silvery mist left their bodies, coalescing into a shimmering stream and heading directly towards Mary’s lips. She wiggled back and forth in delight, relishing the opportunity to guzzle down some tasty, magically-infused souls.

Damien continued his thrusts as Mary’s pussy clamped down on his cock and slurped hungrily to claim his imminent load. He wasn’t going to last much longer but feeling the quivering of Mary’s body he knew that she wasn’t either.

As the first sliver of silvery mist touched Mary’s tongue, her orgasm began.

The ground around them, rent and devoid of any living things from their previous lovemaking, sprang forth with life as first grass pushed through the soil, followed by vibrant, colourful flowers of all shapes and sizes. Purple lilacs adorned the land directly around them, consuming the bodies of the forgotten supes to nourish their growth. Orange marigolds bloomed beyond that, shining under the silver light of the stream of spiritual essences. Red roses flowered next, their thorns far away and at any range still woefully unable to pierce the skin of the woman who had created them. Pink amaranth was the last to blossom, coating the entire forest floor up to the girls waiting at the top of the hill.

Damien came as the wave of pheromones took control of his body. Devotion to Mary, more overwhelming than he’d ever known, filled his entire being, guiding his motions and bringing him to climax in the most spectacular euphoria he could ever have imagined.

Mary was sharing part of her orgasm with him. Just the first part and just as much as his fragile, mortal body could take.

When Damien’s seed flooded into Mary, she greedily sucked in the remaining silver essence and pushed her body backwards, altering the direction of gravity to allow herself to ride Damien’s cock while he was still standing up. She bounced up and down as trees fell, birds dropped from the sky and Georgia created her own infinitely less powerful gravity well to allow the girls to keep playing.

“Yeeesss, puppy!” Mary screamed, blowing away the flowers and coating the atmosphere with the floral scent, as well as her own lust-fueled musk.

“Omen, the sky!”

“Fucking hells!” Omen screamed as the sky rushed towards her.

It had turned silver all at once. The reds and blacks had simply been covered in the stuff, which then darted down towards Omen. She had tried to block the oncoming tide of reflective mist with a crimson shield, but the shimmering miasma had seemed to like that, merging with the disc before flowing down Omen’s outstretched arm and into her mouth.

She choked against the tide that flooded her body as she began to ascend from the ground. Demon watched in terrified curiosity as Omen appeared to be undergoing some type of spiritual possession.

“Damnations! Omen, break the orange vial! I can’t reach it!”

She either couldn’t hear him or didn’t have control of her motor functions anymore. Fearing what might happen if the possession reached its conclusion, Demon took drastic action.

“Forgive me, love, this might hurt a bit.”

Grabbing a handle of sand from the rubble around them, Demon took a swig of a golden-red potion and blew on the pile. It drifted into the air and when it reached Omen, there was a deafening sound of breaking glass. Cracks echoed around the surrounding region as every single vial that Omen was carrying exploded at once, shards of glass flying through the pockets of her long coat and raining down.

But some of those shards inevitably went inwards.

Omen screamed in pain as dozens of pieces of broken glass pierced her skin, injecting her with a plethora of potions, both for good and ill. Her body throbbed under the effect of so many potions at once, but Demon had to hope that the right one would take effect. Specifically the orange one. The one that would free her from this paralysis and give her a single moment to fix this mess.

A single moment was enough.

A booming shockwave burst from Omen’s body, carefully restrained by her expert hand to remain above the height of her own body. The castle in the distance fell, anything above the lowest floors broken into dust, stone and demon alike. The silver mist dissipated, tossed away from Omen’s body and dispersed before it could complete its journey into her.

Omen landed in front of Demon, breathing heavily.

“I… I think it was power,” Omen panted. “A lot of it.”

Pointing a finger at the castle, Omen focused her mind. Immediately, the walls started dismantling themselves.

“Oh, fucking Hells, Demon,” Omen trembled. “This is too much power.”

“How are you feeling?”

“Like I might explode at any moment.”

“I love you so much, puppy.” Mary lay next to Damien, snuggling her head against his chest.

They were still on the forest floor, but Mary had decided to create some comfortable clothes for them to cuddle in. She wasn’t in a rush. The universe could move at her pace now.

She murmured in protest as Damien shifted under her, but reluctantly let him rise.

Then he dropped back to one knee, holding the ring out in front of him.

“Mary Davenport, would you do me the honour of marrying me?”

All four of the nearby Amazons experienced the greatest high of their entire lives at Mary’s reaction.

“There’s - there can’t be too many of them left in the way, right?”

“No, not many at all. Just the one, in fact, as far as I can see.”

“Demon, I can sense them. All of them. There are so many out there, but I can’t focus. There’s too much information coming in.”

“We’ve almost done it, Omen. We’re so close.” Demon bit his tongue as he watched the final demon in the distance. “Though, there may be an issue.”

“What? What’s wrong?”

Demon looked at Omen in confusion. Her eyes were blurred and blazing with heat.

“Omen, what can you see?”

“Power, Demon. I see a lot of it, right up ahead. It’s massive.”

“That’s our problem.”

“Something is wrong with me, Demon.” Omen turned to look at Demon and he shied away from the intense ferocity of her gaze. “You look so dim…”

“I think you need to use some of that power. Immediately.”

Omen floated into the air effortlessly and swept across the battlefield. Demon ran to catch up, but she was easily moving at ten times the fastest speed he could manage. Even as he had barely started sprinting, Omen touched down again and rocked the realm as she drifted into the ground. Demon’s fear had been realised at this point. The enormous Demon Queen that stood among the wreckage had inhaled the last of that silvery mist, growing from an impressive forty feet tall to a scale-defying four hundred.

How Omen could have missed the process he had no idea, but the mage was smaller than one of the Demon Queen’s toes.

And she was effectively blind.

“Shield, Omen!” Demon called out as several of the Demon Queen’s train-sized tails lashed across the ground, raking up the sand and tearing apart the rock beneath.

Omen got a barrier up in time, scorching one of the tails as it made to collide with her. The Demon Queen hissed, forming a cloud of acidic mist around her that slowly descended towards Omen. All the while, Demon frantically tore through his pockets as he ran, collecting a bundle of oak leaves and a sprig of holly.

“Acid resistance, now!” Demon cried, lighting the bundle of leaves with a wave of his hand.

Crossing her hands in front of her, Omen formed a complete protective dome that expanded rapidly outwards. It stopped at a height of almost fifty feet, meeting the clouds and dispelling them. One of the sides brushed against the Demon Queen’s foot, who lifted it and prepared to stomp downwards onto the hemispherical protection.

“Reinforce it! Quickly!”

The forcefield grew again, hardening and thickening as Omen poured more of her seemingly limitless pool of magic into it. The Demon Queen’s foot landed on it with more power than the Earth’s heaviest artillery, driving the entire construct several feet deeper into the ground. Demon was thrown off his feet by the shock of the impact, but when he scrambled back to his feet, he saw that Omen’s barrier had held.

Which was going to be a problem, Demon realised in horror.

The Demon Queen raised her foot again, having found a new objective. She was going to crush Omen with her own barrier.

There was no way that Demon would make it in time. The best he could do was…

“Oit, you! Demon Slag!” Demon cried out in the Infernal tongue as he sliced down his arm with his knife. “Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!”

The blood, the insult, the challenge. It had to work, surely?

It did.

The Demon Queen stopped her stomping and glanced at the insect in the distance.

She took one step toward, tails writhing behind her in anger, preparing to make her next step Demon’s last.

“Get out of here, Omen!” Demon reached into the last occupied pocket of his coat.

A final stand, Omen had called it, so he had come prepared.

“Wither and rot to us both,” he muttered as spread the purple-black ichor across his wound. “And may we meet under better circumstances next time, my dear.”

Barbed spikes erupted from Demon’s flesh and he howled in agony as the poison entered his bloodstream.

Mary plucked the tiny Demon Queen up by the writhing hair tendrils just before it crushed the demonologist.

It rocked wildly, dangling from between Mary’s monstrous fingers as she lifted it tens of thousands of feet into the air, hoping to get a better look at it. But Mary had moved it too fast. The pathetic little thing simply couldn’t withstand the immense acceleration it was experiencing. It was little more than a minute severed head by the time Mary finally saw it.

She ground the rest of it to powder between her fingers, then licked them clean.

Problem dealt with, Mary reduced her height back to her regular size and rushed to Amelie.

“Amelie! You won’t believe what happened!” Mary hugged the overheating mage in her arms, a pair of feathery wings enclosing them both. “Damien proposed! I just had to come and tell you! I’m so happy!”

Amelie’s body was burning up. Her skin was flaking off as the power tried to escape her and the outline of her blood vessels was casting a stark light outwards.

“M-M-Mary…” Amelie murmured, her skin now deathly pale.

“Oh! Let me take that.” Mary leaned forward and planted a kiss on Amelie’s cheek, brushing the tips of her red-tinged hair against Amelie’s neck.

Instantly, colour returned to Amelie. The silvery mist disappeared into Mary's mouth and the redness seeped into the ends of Mary’s hair. Mary’s wings fluttered in pleasure.

“Oh! I’ll get Desmond, too!” Mary briefly vanished, then reappeared holding a lacerated, barb-stricken Demon.

“What the fuck have you done, you idiot…” Amelie looked down at Demon’s body, tears forming in her eyes.

His body was riddled with poison. More than enough to kill a whole city full of people.

Amelie knelt down at his side and tried to find a part of his skin that hadn’t been pierced by spikes. As far as she could see, there were none.

“I found this too if you want it.” Mary held out a small silvery bead.

“Is that…”

“Want me to put it back in?”

“Like this? He’d die in seconds!”

“No, silly! I’ll just suck out the poison. Look!”

Mary knelt down next to Amelie, and placed her lips against Demon’s bald head. The spikes immediately retracted. A haze of purple-black ichor oozed its way between Mary’s lips and she swallowed with a pleased gulp. Her wings briefly shifted to black before returning to their luminous white.

“Spicy! I like it.” Mary slipped the bead back between Demon’s lips as she stood up.

Demon gasped for breath and Amelie threw herself on top of him in a hug.

“You fucking idiot!” Amelie yelled into Demon’s face. “Why? Why the Hells did you do that to me?”

“Omen!” Demon smiled as he coughed. “Always a pleasure to see you…”

Mary left them to it. She had told Amelie her news, so now she had another person to see. Someone else who deserved a reward.

Majestic was lying among the other three girls, one cradled in each arm and the third resting between her legs. All three of them looked utterly exhausted, while Majestic looked smugger than she ever had and more than ready for another round. She quickly shrugged the girls off of her and stood to attention when Mary arrived.

“All good, boss?”

“Very good. So. Very. Good.” Mary beamed at Majestic. “Damien proposed!”

“Nice. I told you I liked him.”

“It’s going to be amazing!” Mary floated around Majestic at a speed only the two of them could follow. “First things first though, Majestic. I think it might be time for you to become a goddess…”

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