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Misery's End – Chapter 11

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 08 April 2023 00:26] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 08 April 2023 13:23]

Misery’s End

Written by Wizalex with Max and 10K

The world is a dangerous place for young love. When Mary develops superpowers on her 18th birthday, she is taken away from her childhood sweetheart to be trained by the International Heroic Front. Eager to demonstrate her powers, she causes fear among the heroic community and complications arise in the lover's reunion. Misery's End is a dark tale of love, power and powerlessness.

Chapter 11: Things Could Be A Whole Lot Worse.

For the surviving residents of Earth, the sky had been replaced.

For those who had been in the daylight hours, the Sun had disappeared, blotted out by the voluptuous body of a goddess in pink lingerie. Not only were her breasts eclipsing the Sun, but they also occluded her happily smiling face from the view of the ants below.

On the other side of the world, a lesser, but larger, goddess obscured the stars. Her grinning face filled the heavens and as she leaned in to observe the planet her eyes changed from a brilliant blue to an awe-inspiring gold. Her star-dwarfing breasts were coming dangerously close to crushing the speck of a planet below, now smaller than one of her nipples.

“Fuck, they really are ants, aren’t they?” Majestic spoke and the world shook.

“This is how I’ve seen them since I got my powers. It’s been pretty difficult to relate, honestly.” Mary loomed inwards, trapping the Earth entirely between the competing apocalyptic breasts of Majestic and herself.

“You could’ve done this at any point?”

Mary closed her mismatched eyes and the Universe went dark.

The stars had gone out.

“I could end reality at any moment, Majestic. I realised years ago and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.”

The stars shone again as Mary re-opened her eyes, a frown briefly visible before her smile returned.

It was a lot to process. Mary’s reward had been delivered just moments ago, and now Majestic possessed every power stripped from the dead supes, plus a copy of all the powers of her Amazon Squad. Majestic could feel all of her new powers brewing inside of her. She knew that even if Mary hadn’t been the one to bring them to this size, she could easily do it herself now.

Maybe she could even end reality too.

It was a slightly disturbing thought. One that helped Majestic put things into perspective. She leaned backwards, plucking the Moon from its orbit as she did so and rolling it between her fingers.

“Why didn’t you?” Majestic asked cautiously.

“First it was Damien. I knew we couldn’t have a life together if the Universe didn’t exist, so I held back, playing a little bit but mostly not really using my powers. Then, when I heard the news,” Mary’s eyes flared at this point and Majestic worried for the state of the microbes beneath them, “I wanted to let loose. I wanted to destroy the world. Melanie saved me that time. She wanted to help me, so I let her help me in the best way she could.”

“But after that point, it was all Amelie. She gave me hope again, cared about me enough to try to give me the one thing I couldn’t achieve.”

“So you really can just do whatever you want.” Majestic thought back to the days when she had admired this goddess from afar, thinking she was merely a powerful woman who didn’t give a fuck.

“Well, now so can you!” Mary smiled widely at Majestic. “Got any ideas?”

Majestic’s emotions were in turmoil again, just like the last two times Mary had offered her this kind of choice. Total freedom, free of judgement, free of responsibility. It couldn’t hurt to have just a little more fun…

“Give me one second.”

Majestic disappeared.

A second later she was back with a flushed look of satisfied arousal.

“You didn’t!” Mary grinned at Majestic.

“So, humanity isn’t alone in the universe. But they are slightly more alone now.”

“Did you stay this size!?”

“Fuck no! I mean, I wouldn’t say no to a planetary dick, but even that sounds pretty small.” Majestic grinned back. “I was only like 10 feet tall on their scale.”

Mary peered into the distance, piercing the limits of light speed with her sight.

“I mean, it was an entire planet of hot, hung alien dudes. What was I supposed to do?” Majestic leaned back again, content with her latest climax. “We’ll probably notice their star fading in like fifty years or something.”

Mary tutted and swept a hand out in front of her. With her new abilities, Majestic could feel the astonishing power throbbing throughout Mary’s aura. An aura that she had just discovered encompassed the entirety of reality.

“Okay, I fixed it.”

“What? Why?”

“Just in case you want to do it again later.”

“Fuck, you’re such a good wing girl.”

“Now, come on. Stop lazing around. We have lots of planning to do.” Mary sighed. “Though I am getting pretty tired of this world.”

With that, Majestic returned to Earth as a goddess.

The wards had been set off and then swiftly silenced, meaning that only one of two people in the world could be standing at the door to Amelie’s cottage.

Majestic wasn’t just standing at the door though. She completely filled the doorway, her chest above the doorframe. Which meant that Amelie had to address Majestic’s uncovered abs.

“Why the fuck are you that big?”

“Why the fuck not?”

“Don’t you think the world has seen enough of your abs for a lifetime?”

Majestic grinned as she put a hand underneath the top of the doorframe and lifted it upwards, extending it to accommodate her now ten-and-a-half-foot height with her mere presence. She sauntered in with thunderous footsteps and a purposefully erotic sway of her enormous hips. Each time her ass would come into contact with a wall or her breasts would collide with a doorway the entire building and all its furnishings warped around to suit her new stature.

“Oh, no you don’t! Stop messing with my house!”

Majestic sprawled herself across a now ridiculously oversized couch and grinned. “Can’t. I’m not even doing a thing.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It’s like the Universe just knows what I want. Like, at the moment, I want to be big enough to make people look tiny and pathetic. But I still want to be able to interact with the world like a normal person, that’d suck otherwise.”

“You’re telling me that the universe just rearranges itself to please you?”

“Basically. Everyone else gets to be tiny and I’m the right size. I mean, you’re not as tiny as you should be, given the difference in power level, but I’m not sure even Mary would be able to see you if that happened. Pretty fucking neat, huh?”

Amelie huffed and crossed her arms. “What do you want?”

“I want to help you save the world.”


“I’m serious.”

“I’m retired.”

“Now we both know that’s a fucking lie.”

“Fine. What’s the problem? Because honestly, I only see one problem and she seems to be getting on pretty well with you at the moment.”

Majestic sighed and gestured for Amelie to sit down. When Amelie continued to stand in the middle of the living room, Majestic rolled her eyes and stood up too. She grinned down at Amelie as she loomed over the slender mage, who eventually relented and sat in the only chair in the room still suited to her size.

“You’re such a petty bitch, you know that?”

“Mary might end the world on her wedding day,” Majestic stated.

Amelie’s eyes widened and she jumped back up again. “What the fuck did you do!”

“Nothing! Chill, I’m trying to help here.”

“Help? You just rounded up all the ‘help’ the world had and fed them to the monster about to destroy it! You’ve caused more destruction than she has at this point, for Hell’s sake!”

“Omen, do you really think the combined forces of the world’s supes had a chance against Mary?”

Amelie refused to respond to that.

“No, and you know it.” Majestic stretched herself out on the couch. “They didn’t stand a chance against me, even before this upgrade.”

“Is that what this is? You just want to show off your new power?”

“Hadn’t even crossed my mind,” Majestic lied with a grin. “Seriously though, she said she’s getting tired of the world. You know why she made the Squad, right?”

“Because she’s an unrepentant psychopath with a power complex?”

“Because, as much as she hates the world, she wanted you to see just how much worse it could have been.”

“How much worse!? Are you trying to say she did us a favour?”

“Can you imagine any of the Squad having the kind of power Mary does?” Majestic sat up and faced Amelie, their eyes almost level with the goddess seated and the sorceress standing. “How long would it take before the world’s population was bowing before a narcissistic goddess, or smeared on the shoes of a hyperactive klutz?”

“It already is!”

“No, Amelie. Things could be a whole lot worse.”

It was hard to accept, but Amelie knew it was true. She and the rest of the planet had just witnessed Mary and Majestic toying with their world. It had confirmed what Amelie had feared for a long time now – that Mary was right when she said the Universe was thanking her for existing.

After that, Amelie had curled up on the cosy couch that Majestic was currently abusing and refused to leave it until the cocky girl arrived. Demon had left earlier to pay his respects to the fallen.

“Of the two of us in this room, who do you think has the most power?” Majestic asked.

“Are you goading me?”

“Nope. Just pointing something out.”

“You. Obviously.”

“I know you refused Mary’s upgrade. Seems stupid to me, but whatever.”

“Your point?”

“You don’t seem to understand that you’re probably already the second most powerful person in existence.”

“What, just by virtue of you having killed all the others?”

“By the fact that Mary considers you her best friend.”

“What the Hells does that mean?”

“Have you seen how devoted she is? The way she acts around Damien? The way she talks about the rest of the world compared to the way she talks about the things she truly cares about?”

“Fuck, just keep rubbing it in. Demon was right, the IHF broke her.”

“Maybe, maybe not.” Majestic closed her eyes. “I’ve no idea how things would’ve gone if you hadn’t taken her away, but there’s no use debating it.”

“Will you get to the fucking point then?”

“We need to take over.”

“Get out of my fucking house.”

“Hear me out. She’ll listen to you and she respects me at this point, I think. You agree to go live on her island with her and help care for the people there. I stay out here and make some changes to the rest of the world.”

“Some changes?”

“Make Earth supe-central. All the ladies get powers to the same level as me when I first got mine. Guys can be durable too, just so that the girls don’t break them all immediately.”

“How is that better?”

“Because then the girls can leave. They can go and shoot off into the Universe, conquer as many planets as they like. Eventually, Mary’ll forget about them. Sure, some might stay on Earth. But after that level of power increase the world is going to be unrecognisable. The world that Mary hated will be gone forever and she’ll have no reason to erase it.” Majestic stretched her body out and the couch continued to contort around her. “There’s more than one way to destroy the world.”

“You want to make a new world order?”

“A more Majestic world.”

Despite Amelie’s reservations about the brash supe, Majestic had good points. That didn’t change the fact that Amelie still wanted to blast Majestic with Hellfire though. Could it work? Turning the world into something new, a world that Mary wouldn’t view as the one that had tormented her. That wasn’t a bad call.

Which meant that Majestic was definitely up to something.

“It’s a massive fucking power trip for you, isn’t it? You want Mary out of the way so that you can rule a universe of supes of your own making.”

Majestic stood up and put a hand on Amelie’s back. She gently pushed the mage forward so that she stumbled into her crotch. With Amelie’s face buried between her legs, Majestic allowed a fraction of her aura to spread out from where she had been so carefully containing it.

The cottage exploded, an ever-expanding crater forming below the hovering women. A beat of Majestic’s heart almost burst Amelie’s eardrums but the protection of the goddess’ body shielded her from the worst of it. Every tree in the surrounding forest wilted, kneeling down in worship to face Majestic’s feet before they disintegrated under the strain of her beauty. Clouds dropped from the skies, eager to reach Majestic and tearing themselves apart in order to do so. Fire and lightning spread out from Majestic’s body, every force and aspect of nature eager to please the woman they viewed as their goddess.

“Omen,” Majestic’s voice boomed across the world. “You have no idea what a power trip really is.”

She saw it now, as Majestic shared her perception. A vision of everything that Majestic had done and was capable of doing. Planets, galaxies, the entire Universe. All could serve to offer Majestic more and more pleasure.

And she could have it all just by deciding not to hold back that aura of utter domination.

Majestic limited herself again, reconstructing the room around them.

“So what if I want a power trip? I can get one whenever I fucking like, Mary already gave me free-reign to use existence as a toy. But being up there with her gave me a little more perspective. Enough to think that maybe it might be nice to let some other girls experience that power too. Especially the ones who’ve had enough of taking shit from guys. The good girls who were put under too much pressure, not just the mean girls and the psychopaths.”

Amelie was panting, breathing in the aroma of Majestic’s body and falling further into worship of the woman in front of her. Before she totally lost control of her mind, Majestic tossed her back onto her now regular-sized couch.

“Think about it, Omen. Mary will do whatever you say.” Majestic turned to leave, the building returning to its former state as she did. “Just stop acting like the world already ended and maybe she won’t see it that way.”

“Damien! Can you believe it? They both came to visit!” Mary was zipping around their bedroom at high speed, whipping the sheets and curtains into a frenzy.

Mary had heard Majestic landing on her island but hadn’t expected to see Amelie leap out of the princess carry that Majestic was holding her in. Mary giggled watching Amelie stumble to her feet as she refused Majestic’s helping hand. Majestic shrugged and strode her way up the beach, forcing Amelie to dash to keep up.

Neither woman made it to the beach house though. A sandstorm with an overeager, overendowed woman at the centre of it swept both off of their feet and into the air. Majestic and Amelie felt the air being squeezed out of their lungs as Mary hugged them to her chest.

“You came to visit!” Mary squealed as she continued to ascend, spinning as she dragged the other girls helplessly into the upper atmosphere.

Amelie did not feel good. All of her organs felt like they were trying to escape her body and her ribs felt like they were digging back into them as punishment. The air was colder here but the warmth of Mary’s body overwhelmed it, resulting in a dichotomy of temperatures with the cold racing up Amelie’s legs and meeting the heat coming from her torso.

While Majestic was coping far more easily with the centripetal forces, the crushing pressure of Mary’s breasts against her own was a stark reminder of the power difference that still existed between the two of them. On one hand, Mary’s body was very pleasant. On the other, the fact that Mary could simply crush her in a hug as easily as anything else in existence was utterly terrifying.

And then Mary kissed both of them.

It was a simple kiss, a quick peck on the cheek between friends.

But it was also the most astoundingly comforting thing that Majestic had ever experienced.

Wrapping her friends in an ethereal embrace to prevent their spirits from departing their bodies, Mary smiled as she descended back to the ground. They had lost consciousness as soon as she kissed them. It would be a pleasant sleep, though a brief one.

Majestic woke up with a satisfied moan, rippling the mountains surrounding the lake and drawing up crashing waves to break at the far shore. Amelie woke with a significantly less dramatic effect, breathing out slowly and as calmly as she could manage.

Mary was floating above them, talking excitedly.

“We’re going to have to get some sharks for the lake. Damien was worried that they might not like it here, but I’ll just change the water. And we need some bears for the forests, I just want to cuddle them all day and I know you’ll love being about to play with the animals. Ooh! And let’s bring in some lions! And some other big cats too!”

Though it initially looked like Mary was talking to her breasts as she rambled, Amelie soon realised that she was talking to Melanie. She couldn’t hear a response, but that didn’t seem out of the ordinary.

“We can add bigger trees too, especially if we want to add the tree-houses.” Mary continued, waiting for the other girls to recover. “We can have the guests stay in them! With an extra big tree for Majestic!”

“Urgh, I’ll live in a hole in the ground if you do that to me again…” Majestic slowly raised herself up, using her flight to help when her legs failed to operate properly.

Mary dove down to Amelie’s side and helped her up when she saw her struggling too. The mage reluctantly accepted the offer, though the proximity to Mary’s body made her feel even weaker.

“Did you change your mind? Are you coming to live here with us?”

Amelie had already discussed it with Demon. He was happy to stand by whatever choice she made, especially after Mary’s intervention in the Demon Realm.

“We are—” Amelie didn’t get to continue her sentence, owing to her sudden lack of mental faculties.

Majestic, who wasn’t currently being supported by Mary, collapsed to the ground, rendered completely incapacitated by the force of Mary’s emotions. The strength of Mary’s happiness just couldn’t be computed by either of the other girls’ minds. Their psyches leaked away, their identities unravelling in empathetic pressure simply attempting to understand the level of joy that Mary was experiencing.

Fortunately, Mary noticed the effect she was having before her friends were too far gone. She calmed her mind and rearranged theirs, reconnecting destroyed neural pathways and reestablishing their personalities.

Majestic awoke this time with a shudder in a cold sweat, while Amelie still lay limp in Mary’s bosom.

“F-F-Fuck! Don’t do that!” Majestic gasped out.

“Sorry! It’s just so exciting!” Mary spun around once before lowering Amelie to the ground.

“Hells…” Amelie put a hand to her head, trying to relieve the confusion of her reeling mind while slowly forming her words into a sentence. “We… wanted to… ask you something…”

“What did you want to ask me? Is it why Majestic is so big now? I’ve been wondering that too!” Mary rose into the air to meet the eye level of the now-recovered, towering supe. “Why are you staying that tall?”

“Let me borrow Francis for a moment and I’ll show you.”

Mary gave a shrill whistle. A second later, Francis sped into view and promptly fell to his knees below Mary. He was completely naked, aside from the collar that Mary had made from his former costume. To Amelie’s relief, he didn’t currently appear to be physically harmed and he even had a healthy tan. He did keep his eyes firming fixed on the ground, though if Amelie had asked Mary or Majestic they would have revealed that his gaze was in fact rapidly darting between the two of them in a terrified flicker.

“Stand up, Blue. I want to show the girls something.”

Francis stood and Majestic slowly walked at him. Just as she was about to collide with him, she wrapped a huge hand around the back of his head and forced his face between her thighs. With a casual wiggle of her hips, Majestic ground her pussy across Francis’ face until he realised what she wanted and his tongue darted into her folds.

“See, at this size, all I have to do is walk up to a guy and they instantly know what I want.” Majestic pressed slightly more firmly on the back of Francis’ head and he redoubled his efforts, using his lacklustre superspeed to attempt to satiate Majestic’s astronomical libido.

“You really don’t feel shame do you?” Amelie noted as she watched her former teammate devote his entire existence to pleasing the goddess before him.

“Nope. Cherie called me an ethical slut after I helped her with her little infatuation problem. I kinda dig the term.”

“Nothing about you is ethical.”

“Hey! I was the one who suggested we come here!”

“Why did you suggest Amelie come here?” Mary intervened, significantly raising the tension on the beach once more.

“Oh, er, Blue, why don’t you go for a run for a bit? Time for big girl talk.” Majestic gave Francis a casual shove, sending him rocketing into the forest.

“What’s going on?” Mary looked worried now.

“Nothing! It’s all good. We just…” Majestic fumbled for words, looking for Amelie to come to her rescue.

“We don’t want you to end the world, Mary,” Amelie cut in.

“Oh?” Mary looked puzzled for a moment, and then her face darkened. “And who’s going to stop me?”

The sky darkened along with Mary’s expression, thunderclouds blotting out the Sun. Majestic and Amelie were forced to their knees again as Mary landed and slowly approached them. Their bodies were irremovably planted against the ground by an immense increase in the local gravitational field and neither could lift their heads to witness the woman looming over them.

“Do you think you could stop me, Majestic? I made you everything you are,” Mary sneered. “I could take it away with barely a thought.”

The unopposed superwoman placed a finger under Majestic’s chin and lifted her head to face her.

“Do you think you could do a single thing against me without me letting you first?”

Mary gently placed Majestic’s head back on the ground and directed her attention to the mage lying motionless next to her. With a twirl of Mary’s fingers, Amelie floated into the air, completely restrained and under the command of the curvaceous goddess.

“What about you, Omen? How much has your magic helped you against me?”

With another motion of Mary’s hand, the contents of Amelie coat drifted into the air. Potions, vials, concoctions and reagents circled the two of them, breaking apart into a stream of glass shards and viscous fluids.

Mary opened her mouth and, with a single inhalation, swallowed all of it in one small gulp.

“Ooh, such tasty little treats. Did Desmond make those poisons? He does love his spicy toxins.” Mary licked her lips and smiled at Amelie. “Hmm, I’m still hungry though…”

Amelie dropped to the ground as Mary turned her back to the pair.

“Maybe I’ll go and drain the oceans first,” Mary pondered with a giggle. “Those might be a bit salty though, maybe I’ll start with tastier things. I wonder if there are any nukes I could try, I bet those would be spicy…”

This was it. Amelie had failed and there was nothing that could stop Mary.

“Sour…” croaked Majestic. “Nukes… are… sour…”

“Are you correcting me, wasp?” Mary whipped back around.

“Tried them… against me…” Majestic muttered, still struggling against Mary’s power. “Went back to play on that planet…”

“Really?” Mary burst out laughing and the pressure was gone. “They didn’t realise that you might be invulnerable after the first time?”

Mary continued laughing as the other girls watched her in terror.

“Oh, come on! I had you there, didn’t I?”

“You…” Majestic stammered.

“I was joking! I won’t destroy the world if you want to do something else with it.”

“Well, fuck me.” Majestic staggered to her feet and loomed over Mary. “And fuck you too, for doing that.”

“What? It was just a joke…”

“You are such a child,” Majestic smirked and patted Mary on the head. “Right height too.”

Majestic had just enough time to see Mary’s scathing look before the world faded around her again. This time, she wasn’t even in her own body. The inky black void that spread out around her dulled any sense of perception, save a cosmic pressure on the very essence of her being.

Try treating me like a child again and I’ll keep your soul here forever, little wasp.

Majestic’s ephemeral self felt Mary’s presence stand directly in front of her and assume a form. An abyss of darkness surrounded by brilliantly divine wings of pure, blinding light. It formed a body for Majestic too, then dragged her torso down, bending it at the waist until Mary’s intensity scorched every facet of Majestic’s being.

Got it?

The words resounded around Majestic, building to a dominating crescendo as they filled every aspect of her.

Then the world was back. And Mary was smiling again.

“That’s what I do when I’m being serious,” Mary happily stated.

With an excited clap of her hands, Mary pivoted into the air.

“Now, let’s go back to the beach hut! I want to hear all about your plan for the world.”

With few other options, Majestic and Amelie followed the girl who could end the world, and who currently considered them her closest friends, into her innermost sanctuary.

“Have any of you ever looked at a supe and thought, “Fuck, I wish that was me!”? I know I did. I followed every piece of Armageddon news I could find. There were some pretty graphic things in there, but all it did was make me want to be a supe even more.”

Courtesy of the combination of Amy and Julie’s copied powers, Majestic was broadcasting herself not just on every screen on the planet, but also as a hologram at regular intervals across the world. Everyone was going to hear this. They needed to know what their options were.

“When I got my powers, I went pretty wild. I’d never had much luck with guys, despite dating several dozen of them. So I went out and took what I wanted. What I’d been owed by every guy who failed to satisfy my needs.”

Majestic had considered just growing again and talking down at the world, but she was almost certain that her voice would have been utterly incomprehensible, as well as damaging to the planet. She wanted the place intact, after all. At least for now.

“It still wasn’t enough for me. When I met her, my idol, I realised just how far below her I was. How far below her we all are. Honestly, it’s super fucking hot.”

The world was paying rapt attention. It all seemed like the rambling of a megalomaniac so far, but none of the other supes had ever addressed them on this scale before.

“And I’ve learned something very important about myself recently. It can be kinda fun helping other girls achieve their dreams too. Especially when those dreams involve a fuck-ton of sex.”

“So, here’s the deal, Earth. From tomorrow, all girls get to be super. Overstressed milfs, overlooked nerds and over-the-top bitches, all of you get to shine with the same power I had when I turned 18.”

“Guys, I’ll throw you a bone here too. I’ll toughen you up a little. Just enough so you won’t break under the touch of a woman, but not so much that she can’t rip your dick off if you piss her off.”

“If you don’t want to live in my world, you’ve got a day to get the fuck out. Contact Omen, she’ll help you.”

“For the rest of you though, prepare to say hello to the new world.”

“The Bitch Squad is mad. That alone was worth doing this.” Majestic lay in a deck chair on the beach sipping a cocktail.

“Why are you calling them the Bitch Squad? Aren’t you part of it?” Amelie had a large parasol casting a shade over her chair, her own pale skin being far more susceptible to burning than Majestic’s tanned, invulnerable body.

“Because they’re acting like little bitches at the moment. Plus, I don't think you, or any of my exes, would deny that I’m the biggest bitch of them all.”

The beach was actually pretty crowded. Just over a hundred people had decided to escape Majestic’s new world, mostly the shy and elderly who didn’t want to witness the dawn of a new age of supes.

Damien and Desmond had organised a barbecue to welcome them.

The rest of the world had changed that morning. When Majestic had gifted every woman on the planet with superpowers and strengthened the body of every man, she had made a final announcement. That neither she, nor Mary, nor any of the Squad, would be interfering in the events of today.

What she didn’t say was that she had also made the average woman her old height of 6’6. They soon found that out when they tried interacting with the world at their new size. It was just too small for them now, especially for the ones on the taller end of the scale.

Courtesy of a plethora of new supe streamers, Majestic and Amelie were watching the events in the outside world unfold across dozens of livestreams.

The world had descended into chaos almost immediately. In some cases, groups of newly-ascended supes banded together to party across the planet. In others, governments were being overthrown and militaries dismantled, weapons of all grades now becoming pleasure toys for the most daring of girls. Majestic was keeping a close eye on those ones. A lot of them showed great potential.

The sheer quantity of supes meant that the landscape itself was changing by the minute. The more aspiring characters were claiming regions of land, along with their male inhabitants, for themselves. These would-be rulers rose and fell quickly though when forces of numbers overwhelmed them. Amelie was monitoring those ones with concern.

It was, unsurprisingly to both of the invested viewers, the groups of supes who were having the most luck.

A network of Amy, Ally and Georgia fangirls had joined forces across the world to play devastating, city-destroying games. Buildings were mere toys to them now, and every skyscraper in the world had been levelled within minutes of the new era as the first of these games got underway. Land and titles in the new world were the prizes being awarded, with all other members of this faction swearing to protect their victors from attacks by other groups. With Australia and Europe already having been destroyed by Majestic, their focus was on dividing the Asian continent between their members.

Those who were slightly more mature, either emotionally or physically, had taken their directive from Julie and Cherie. Their main focus was on using their new looks and abilities to replace the falling world governments, securing their future status as icons of power and beauty, poised to take leading roles in whatever became the hierarchy of this new world. Many had laid claim to previously valuable resources before realising that the real hot commodities were entertainment, style and talent in the bedroom. Actors, fashion designers and prized former conquests of these girls had been rounded up and taken to secure locations. For their own protection, of course.

A lot of girls had also followed Majestic’s example. This group was by far the most numerous and disastrous, wreaking havoc across the planet as they broke cities apart to seek out the guys who had broken their hearts. Fortunately, this group of superwomen didn’t exactly ally with each other. In fact, numerous fights had broken out across the world when one guy had wronged multiple women. The effects on the surroundings, and especially the guys in question, were not pretty.

Finally, to Amelie’s relief, a peacekeeping force had formed. Unfortunately, with no more authority, power or numbers than the other supes in this new world, their struggles to restore a semblance of order had been in vain. Very quickly, their aim had changed into a more achievable one – claim a neutral space with no fear of destruction.

That space ended up being the Moon. Majestic’s fingerprints now lined the surface after her recent handling of it, and the peacekeepers had used those trenches to flood the surface with rivers. Now, happy couples lived out their superpowered fantasies away from the rest of the warring world below and curious supergirls had a space to engage in more sensual activities with each other, away from any possible judgement.

That shift in the role of the peacekeepers had amused Majestic to no end.

“So this was all part of your grand plan?” Amelie queried, watching the fall of another city.

“Eh, more or less.” Majestic shrugged. “Look, most people aren’t getting too hurt, only a few of the real pieces of shit, and the only real destruction is property. Property that doesn’t matter anymore because none of them fit in it properly.”

With a sigh and a roll of her eyes, Amelie twigged.

“You increased the average height of every woman on Earth by over a foot out of spite, didn’t you?” Amelie was aghast but realised she shouldn’t have been so surprised. “You didn’t care about them, did you? You just wanted them to have to see the world from your perspective!”

“Yep. Stupid small doorways.”

“What the Hells is wrong with you?” Amelie went red as a thought struck her and she trailed off. Sunburn hadn’t even set in yet. “Did you give them all your whole difficulty with…”

“Nah, that would’ve been way too cruel. There’d be a lot more broken guys too.” Majestic smirked at Amelie’s discomfort, then sighed. “It’s all good. I’ve got a dozen planets now that can get me off with a bit of effort.”

“So do you plan on rebuilding things at the right size?”

“Fuck no! If they want places to live in, they can rebuild it themselves.”

“Despite the fact that you could do it in an instant.”

“Precisely because of that. If they wanna play rough, they’ve gotta learn the consequences.”

Amelie spat out her drink and began to choke.

“Oh no! Let me help!” Mary dashed to Amelie’s side and soothed her straining throat muscles.

After she had recovered, Amelie had tears in her eyes.

“Fucking Hells, the world is doomed.”

“Why? Did something go wrong?”

“No, all according to plan, apparently.” Amelie looked at the unamused Majestic. “Majestic just wants to teach people about the consequences of their actions.”

Mary burst into giggles at that and Amelie joined her, the two of them laughing together for the first time.

And even while fuming at being the subject of their joke, Majestic chuckled as well.

“Ah, the world’s new Empress has arrived.” Demon looked at Majestic with a curious expression. He was wearing a chef’s apron. “Can I interest you in a charred burger?”

“Keep your meat between you and Omen, Demon.” Majestic mentally guided a raw sausage and cold bun towards her, cooking them perfectly with a dramatic flash of light from her eyes.

The hotdog reached her mouth and she made a show of swallowing the whole thing in one gulp in front of Demon and Damien. Her skimpy black swimsuit put most of her body on gratuitous display as she ran a hand down her throat and across her beyond-enormous breasts to follow the passage of her snack. She winked at her friends’ lovers with a smirk and breathed out, bathing the beachfront in the scent of her body. The overpowering pheromones quickly got to work transforming everyone within a hundred feet into her devout worshippers.

“Much better.” Majestic’s smug demeanour returned as she shamelessly bathed in the looks of undeniable lust from everyone around her.

Everyone except for Damien.

“That was, err, quite something, Majestic,” Damien commented through Mary’s protection from any Majestic-induced lust. “I take it that everyone is getting along?”

“Your girlfriends are having too much fun laughing.” Majestic glanced between the irritatingly aware Damien and the amusingly entranced Demon. “It’s tedious.”

“Fiancé,” Damien corrected.

“Oh yeah. Congrats on that, I guess.”

“Mary appreciates your company. So do I.” Damien looked at the barely lucid Demon. “And I’m sure we would both appreciate you not messing with our other friends.”

“Urgh, fine.” Majestic inhaled sharply, drawing her aura and dominating pheromones back into her body.

Demon blinked slowly, clearly the fog of Majestic’s presence from his mind.

“You seem at a loss for something to do.” Damien handed out another burger to a now recovered, but incredibly wary, new resident of Mary’s island. “Were you seeking advice?”

“As if,” Majestic scoffed. “I’ve got all of this in hand.”

“Good. In that case, take over for Demon on the grill while he recovers from you.”

Majestic harrumphed but took Demon’s place after lifting him up and moving him aside.

“Now, you seemed to be perfectly happy a moment ago. What’s the issue?”

Majestic was silent. She decided that the grill was working too slowly for her liking and began using her powers to cook the meat. For every burger and steak that she handed to Damien, she took one for herself as payment for her work.

“Why the fuck is she letting me do this?” Majestic mumbled between bites.

“Are you looking for reassurance that you’re the perfect Empress of the new world?”

“That’d be nice.”

“You aren’t.” Damien turned to Majestic, looking up at her. “You have power, you have presence, you have confidence. All of those are important. But, through no fault of your own, ruling just isn’t your style, Majestic.”

“Okay, ouch. Some of that was a compliment at least.”

“Look at it this way. You’re a conqueror. You like the first part of rule. That bit where you get to show off and let everyone know just how far beneath you they stand.” Damien glanced across the beach to see Mary and Amelie talking to each other. “Mary sees the same thing in you that she saw in Melanie. The same thing that she sees in herself. Power gives freedom. And an empire is a shackle.”

Majestic closed her eyes and breathed in the smells around her. The cooking meat, the tang of sunscreen, the heady aroma of sweat on bodies, her own delicious and intoxicating scent. She didn’t want an empire. But providing that freedom to others, or maybe just a few people that she deemed worthy. That did sound like a lot of fun…

“Yeah, if you weren’t Mary’s guy, I’d definitely have ridden you at least a dozen times already.” Majestic turned away from the grill, retrieved Demon, and put him back in place. “You ever feel like adding me into your fun, I’m all game.”

“I’m a one-woman man, Majestic.” Damien smiled. “But I wish you all the best in your endeavours.”

“Is it weird that I find it hot that Majestic is into you?” Mary lay in bed next to Damien, stroking his chest with two of her fingers.

“I thought you might have been listening.”

“It’s just kind of arousing to know that my fiancé is desirable to the sexiest woman on the planet. Probably in the Universe.”

A shuffling from the foot of the bed alerted Mary that Melanie was awake. The shapeshifter had taken to assuming the form of a cat recently, and now happily pounced onto Damien’s chest, indicating for Mary to pet her. After a moment of attention, she gave a pleading meow and Mary giggled.

“Melanie wants to know if she can have a super girl team to play with too.”

“What kind of team?”

“I'm thinking some of the girls who decided to go play on the Moon.”

One lunar excursion later, Mary had acquired another two new supes. The women had apparently been madly in love for years, so Mary had jumped at the chance of offering them a place on her island after seeing how adorable they were together. Melanie had, on this rare occasion, assumed her former tall and voluptuous body to greet them. The newcomers were obviously nervous but, having now questioned the wisdom of their decision to stay in Majestic’s world, had jumped at the chance of a safe haven away from their former lives.

Melanie took them into a little huddle in the living room. Damien watched Mary smile as she listened in on their conversation.

“C-can,” Melanie asked hesitantly as she approached Mary. “Can you-”

“Of course I can!” Mary flew at the girls, one of whom squeaked in terror, then wrapped them in a bone-crushing hug. Their bodies liquified and dripped to the floor, but sprang back almost instantly.

“All done!”

“What did you do?” Damien asked.

“They wanted to be stretchy too, so I helped!”

The new girls looked at each other in renewed awe. Receiving powers from Majestic had opened up a whole new world of experiences for them that they had yet to fully explore. Now with Mary’s gift too, any limit to the opportunities that lay open to them had been completely shattered.

The flexible girls quickly latched onto each other and collapsed to the carpet in a tumble. Their limbs wrapped around each other, arms intertwined with legs and bodies tangled. Melanie jumped for joy, allowing her new friends to writhe their way up her legs and giggled at the pleasant sensation.

Mary took Damien’s arm and left the cottage, leaving Melanie and her Stretchy Squad to play.

The cottage next to Mary’s beach hut had only arrived the previous day.

Mary had transported it there herself, deciding to pick up the cottage, as well as a significant chunk of the land beneath it, and bring Amelie and Demon to her island. Amelie still wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry at the absurdity of it all.

When Mary had arrived at the cottage yesterday, dressed in a ridiculous outfit, it had taken Amelie a moment to work it out. In fact, it was Demon who finally pointed out the obvious.

“Did you perhaps accost a bicycle messenger on your way here?”

“Nope! I made it myself.” Mary twirled around in her tight red outfit and red cap. It matched her hair now actually, which had turned significantly redder after her absorption of more energy from the Demon Realm.

“Get ready for a special delivery!”

Mary dove into the ground, ripping up the foundations of the house. Amelie clung to the doorframe, in the hope of avoiding falling into the sinkhole that Mary had just formed under the building. Demon tackled her to the ground and flung the door closed before anything could go too drastically wrong. Soon, they were all flying through the sky at the speed of a jet, occupants lying on the floor of the house and wrapped in each other’s embrace.

The door flung back open with a bang.

“I know she’s not trying to kill us!” Amelie yelled over the sound of the rushing wind. “But it sure feels like it!”

Now, both had spent a relatively peaceful night on Mary’s island. Relatively peaceful due to the fact that although there was no danger, Mary apparently just couldn’t keep quiet when she was having time alone with Damien. Her vocalisations even had an aphrodisiac effect too, resulting in some quality time for the mages next door. Mary’s eventual climax, loudly broadcast across the island for all of her new residents to hear, also triggered their own orgasms.

If this was how Mary chose to play with them though, Amelie could probably live with that.

“We’re here!” Mary called from downstairs. “Did you see Majestic’s latest speech?”

It had happened just hours ago. Majestic had returned to the world along with the Squad and immediately the fighting had stopped. All she had done was stop limiting her aura and the rest of the world had known who was in charge.

Then she had done something peculiar.

“I fucking hope you like what you made of the place because this is all your mess now.”

“You’ve got two choices. Stay here and rebuild the world, or go play with the rest of the Universe. Either way, don’t come crying to me because you picked a fight with someone bigger than you.”

Then she had disappeared.

“Suitably over-the-top, even for her.” Amelie walked downstairs in a far more casual outfit than Mary was used to seeing her in. It can’t have had more than three pockets.

“Amy and Julie were arguing over who gets to be in charge while she’s gone,” Damien commented.

“It’s all sorted now though!” Mary flew to hug Amelie. “They came to Damien to ask what to do. They’ve pretty much divided up the world into different ways of having fun.”

“Well, I believe we also have a lot to organise today.” Demon put on his coat as he shuffled around the goddess hugging Amelie. “Shall we get to it?”

Two days later, on the same beach where Mary and Damien had shared their first intimate moment, they were being married.

Mary wore a figure-hugging white and pale pink dress reminiscent of her original costume. Damien wore a stylish black tuxedo lined with silver trim to match the outfits worn by the Amazon Squad.

Each of the Squad had put their own take on the colour scheme. Julie wore a high-end designer dress and heels, an outfit more expensive in its creation than most of the assets of the new world. Cherie wore a sheer bodysuit and thigh-highs, constructed from the trophies she had collected from her former targets. Georgia wore a jumpsuit with flared legs and a pair of pristine black high-top sneakers, a pair she had been saving for a special occasion. Ally wore waitress attire, a black shirt with a silver waistcoat and bowtie complimented by suit pants and wedge heels, having lost a game against Amy. Amy herself wore a blouse, skirt and leggings in combination with ankle boots. She had even switched her usual purple cat-ear headphones for black ones.

Melanie was nowhere to be seen, but everyone present knew where she and her new friends were. Mary occasionally smiled down at her cleavage to check on them.

Francis had also been invited, so had hidden as far away from everyone else as he thought he could get away with.

And, to Mary’s delight and Amelie’s torment, Majestic had returned, still ten-and-a-half-feet tall.

She wore a golden halter top that matched the new colour of her eyes and stretched tight against her tanned skin. A black leather jacket completely failed to close across her chest, adding unnecessary emphasis to the scale of Majestic’s endowments. Her ripped black denim shorts exposed a significant portion of her ass and thighs, and she was still wearing those ridiculously huge boots.

Most notably though, a different Amelie clung to her left leg.

“Oh, fucking Hells! No, you didn’t!” Amelie, in her silver coat, approached the incredibly smug-looking supe. “You cloned me?”

“Of course not. That would be incredibly petty of me.” Majestic smiled down at the new Amelie. “This is Amelia, I met her in another universe.”

“Majestic offered me superpowers. Hells, there was no way I was turning down that offer, especially from a girl who looks as good as she does.” Amelia leaned in to whisper to Amelie, her black corset showing off her assets. Her assets! “She’s also super good in bed.”

“Oh, fuck me…”

“Yep. That’s exactly what I did.” Majestic grinned, putting a hand under Amelia’s butt and lifting her up with a squeeze, eliciting a moan of pleasure from Amelie’s doppelganger.

“Congratulations, you’ve ascended from pettiest bitch in the world to pettiest bitch in multiple.”

Amelie stormed off with a swish of her coat while Majestic smirked.

“I do believe that the revelation of the multiverse is something worth considering,” Demon began as he took Amelie’s arm, who glared at him to stop talking before he could give Majestic any more ideas.

The ceremony was brief and odd. Mary had decided that given her authority was essentially absolute, she would also be the one to conduct the ceremony. A duplicate of her announced the marriage to the applause of the small crowd nearby and almost drowned out by Mary’s ecstatic heartbeat.

When the kiss landed, the entire Universe experienced Mary’s joy.

Time froze. All other actions in the Universe ceased, and Mary’s perfect moment continued to eternity. Reality waited patiently, always willing to bend to Mary’s will, allowing this goddess to experience the greatest happiness she had ever felt for as long as she wished.

There would be more moments like this ahead, Mary knew, especially with what she had to tell Damien.

The operation of reality resumed.

Mary leaned into Damien’s body, levitating just high enough to put her head on his shoulder and whisper into his ear.

“I’m pregnant, puppy. We’re going to have a baby girl!”

Damien smiled and held his wife close. “Did you have a name?”

“Suki. It means ‘beloved’.”

“And she will be.”

“Six years, puppy. I’ve been waiting for so long to be with you again.”

Mary hugged Damien as tightly as she could without harming him. She slowly floated into the sky, fireworks erupting around her as she kissed Damien once more.

“Our new life begins today, puppy. Trust me, you’ll love it.”

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