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Power and Obsession – Part 3

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 03 June 2023 01:18] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 03 June 2023 08:36]

Power and Obsession

Girlfriends Sarah and Hayley put themselves in danger in order to get a picture with their latest obsession: the world’s only superhero, J-Girl.

Written by Wizalex

Edited by HarmonyMotion

Part 3

Chapter 6: Under the Weather

Sarah felt great. Sure, she had woken up in the hospital after falling into a pool of weird green stuff, but now she felt better than she had in years. Plus, her new pink hair and eyes perfectly matched her cool outfit. The totally cool outfit that I completely destroyed yesterday. Sarah frowned.

Oh well, guess I’ll get it remade. Maybe in an even bigger size! Sarah jostled her breasts, weighing them up. My boobs aren’t even causing me backache today! This is great! They totally look bigger than yesterday too!

Sarah had been trying to clothe herself for the past few minutes, with some major issues.

Did I have another growth spurt? The doctors always said my condition meant that my boobs would keep growing, but they’ve never gotten this big this fast before.

“Are you sure Marcus picked up the right stuff?” Sarah called out. “None of these clothes fit me.”

“Yeah, you aren’t the only one.” Hayley pulled back the curtain to reveal shorts that barely counted as panties and a top that wasn’t even covering half of her tits.

Eeep! She looks totally hot! I lowkey love the silver hair. And the boobs!

“Wooow, your girls are so big!” Sarah looked Hayley up and down, wincing as she saw Hayley’s bandaged hand, and noting that she wasn’t even wearing any footwear. “Er, where are your boots?”

“Broken. Nurse said they had to cut them off.”

“Nooo! You looked totally great in those.”

Hayley smirked down at Sarah. “Notice anything else?”

It took a moment for the realisation to sink in.

She’s not wearing any shoes, so that means…

“How are you that tall without your boots!?” Sarah was incredulous.

“Doc measured me at 7’1 a few minutes ago. I’m a real fucking Amazon now.”

“I wanna fuck the real Amazon!”

“You need rest. A building fell on you.”

I knew it, she’s going to make a big deal out of this.

“I barely even remember it, sooo… it doesn't count, right?”

“That’s not how injuries work, dumbass.”

“Well, I feel just fine. My ass does too. Totally amaaazing, for real. I think you should feel it too.”

“We still don’t know what happened to you. You could have fallen on your head or something.”

“Duh, you know I always fall on my tits.” Sarah lifted both of them with complete ease. “Speaking of which, you have to feel them. They’re sooo light and sensitive.”

“I doubt that, they look bigger than I’ve ever seen them.”

“I think they are, babe. Look.” Sarah picked up her custom bra from the bed and once more tried to fit it around her bust.

After a prolonged struggle with the clasp, Sarah finally secured it. The result was enough to make Hayley burst out laughing.

Nope, totally doesn’t fit anymore. I wonder…

“You realise that just the overspill of your tits from that ridiculous bra is bigger than my tits?”

“Yep!” Sarah was now jumping up and down, causing her tits to bounce with gravity-defying physics.

Just a little more…

Sarah achieved her goal on the next bounce when her boobs broke the strap of the bra and spilt outwards to bump into Hayley. Hayley made an exaggerated motion of stumbling backwards and falling to the floor, eliciting a string of giggles from Sarah.

“See? Now I can’t wear aaany bras!”

“What the fuck are you playing at, Sarah?” Hayley picked herself up from the floor, lightning crackling in her silver eyes.

“I just wanted to show you how totally light and bouncy my little bra-busters are!” Sarah looked up into Hayley’s stormy expression. “Hey, did you just get taller again?”

Holy tits, no way! She’s…

“I’m… floating?” Hayley wavered unsteadily in the air, rising gradually higher until her head bumped into the ceiling. “I’m fucking flying!”

A thunderclap sounded outside at Hayley’s exclamation.

“Fuck yeah!” Hayley’s booming voice was now accompanied by a flash of lightning from the growing storm above the city.

“Hales! Your hands!” Sarah jumped back onto the bed as torrents of flame spewed forth in blazing jets from the ends of Hayley’s fingers.

The bandage covering Hayley’s hand was incinerated. Smoke curled in the air where it once existed, finally clearing to reveal a perfectly healthy set of digits; albeit ones that were currently incandescent.

Lightning sparked from Hayley’s body as her head broke through the ceiling. Her ascent continued inhibited by the plaster and brickwork, while errant sparks short-circuited equipment all around her. The floor below was now molten from the heat, dripping both laminate flooring and liquid steel to the lower levels of the building.

The temperature plummeted on Hayley’s next exhalation. Frost grew rapidly across every surface and metal groaned from the sudden shift in temperature. The cascading steel waterfall froze - breaking into shards that rained down with a clatter.

Then Sarah saw something that made her burst out laughing.

“Hales! Your pussy is on fire!”

In her superhuman state of arousal, superheated fluids had started leaking from Hayley’s nether regions. They burned through the fabric of her underwear, igniting her shorts and giving them a flame-wreathed effect. Hayley hadn’t even seemed to notice.

What Hayley did now notice was that her body was quickly destroying everything around her. If something in her vicinity wasn’t already melted or fried, it was only because it had been frozen first and failed to thaw. Elated arousal quickly became panic when Hayley noticed just how close Sarah was standing to her wild storm of frenetic fury. She seemed completely unperturbed by the danger she was in, idyllically gazing at Hayley with an open mouth.

“Hales, I wanna joooin. Pick me up!”

But before Sarah could reach up to Hayley, she disappeared in a blinding flash, leaving a dazed Sarah to blink and rub her eyes, hoping to restore her sight. I am so gonna get her back for that later.

Hold up. Where is she? A confused Sarah thought as she blearily looked around the room. Hayley had just gone!

A sharp rap at the window drew Sarah’s attention.

Floating in the centre of a violent storm of hail and lightning was Hayley. Her silvery eyes blazed with fierce intent. She clenched her newly restored hand into a fist and the storm around her immediately coalesced to surround it. Hayley controlled the raging elements neatly within her palm.

A simple breath cast frost over the window, temporarily blocking her from view before shattering it to pieces. Sarah approached the opening, heedless of her bare feet or state of undress.

“Fuck, this feels so good. I think I’ve got it under control now too.” Hayley stretched her beyond-human body out, showing off her chiselled stomach. Her breasts rose on her chest, highlighting their substantial size increase and ridiculous firmness. She teased a nipple with a lightning-coated finger and allowed a spark to jump between her teats.

“Yeah, that’s fucking good!” Hayley roared as she increased the intensity of her electrical stimulation, bringing her other hand down to her pussy – which continued to drip magma to the ground far below. This time the sparks leapt to her labia and her back arched suddenly.

Hayley’s deadly flow of liquid pleasure accelerated, jetting out and scorching the side of the building. Her exhalations blew apart the clouds above her and she lit up the sky with a burst of flame.

With her hands mirroring her girlfriend’s, Sarah stood at the window in lustful jealousy. I wanna have cool powers too! She grasped the window ledge, ignoring the fragments of glass that broke against her skin as she turned the concrete into dust in her grip.

A single drop of excitement finally fell from Sarah’s oversaturated pussy, easily carving a path through the floor and every other floor beneath it. Sarah still didn’t notice.

Coming down from her climax as the storm abated, Hayley floated over to the window.

“Hey, no faaair! You didn’t let me finish!” Sarah pouted as she continued to play with herself, eager to reach her own orgasmic climax.

“I thought I said you needed to rest.”

“But I totally wanna plaaay! It looks like so much fun. I wish I got totally cool powers too.”

Looking into the room behind Sarah, Hayley raised an eyebrow.

“Look behind you, babe.”

“Why, is someone there!?” Sarah spun around rapidly. So rapidly that her tits collided with the window frame.

The entire wall exploded from the epic force exerted on it by Sarah’s soft breasts. Finally, Sarah noticed the extent of her own power, along with the deep imprints her dainty feet had left in the floor.

“I totally have superboobs!”

“So your tits made those footprints? Babe, I don’t think your power is just related to your enormous jugs.”

“It totally must be! That’s why they feel so light to me!” Sarah closed her eyes and scrunched up her face.

“Babe, are you okay! Are you hurt?”

“Concentrating…” If I can make my boobs even lighter, maybe I can fly with them!

“Fuck, that’s why I’ve never seen you make that face.”

“Sooo… meeean…” Almost… got it!

Sarah’s feet left the ground as her breasts bobbed upwards, carrying her towards the ceiling. Her body rotated until her boobs started to lightly bounce off the ceiling like helium balloons.

“I did it! I’m totally flying!” Sarah failed to move, or even rotate herself in the air. “Kinda!”

Zapping across the room as a streak of lightning, Hayley reappeared floating next to Sarah. She had a disapproving look on her face as she shook her head from side to side.

“Babe, that’s not going to work. Let me help.” Hayley reached out for Sarah, but was heavily batted away by a hand, tumbling through the air and across the room to collide with a wall.

“I can totally do this, Hales! Stop patronising me!”

Why does she keep doing this? Why is she overreacting to everything I do?

Hayley groaned as she pulled herself out of the wall. “Urgh, sure, fine. Do whatever you want.”

Good. Now I can focus. What was I even doing?

Drifting slowly back down towards solid ground, Sarah remembered that she was attempting to fly. She scrunched up her face again and once more tried imagining herself lighter - so light that she could drift along in the wake of Hayley’s storm. Her eyes snapped open.

“Hales!” Sarah yelled out. “You should totally call yourself Hailstorm!” It’s perfect!

It took Sarah a second to notice that she was no longer in the hospital room. The hospital was in fact far below her, a telling hole in the shape of her bosom present in the upper floors and leading out from the rooftop and into the sky. Where she currently floated. Hundreds of feet in the air. Next to her also-floating girlfriend.

“Yaaay! I did it! I made myself floaty!”

Neither the jubilant Sarah nor the bemused Hayley noticed the hundreds of people that Sarah had just sent to their deaths in the upper atmosphere with her misuse of her new powers.

Hayley watched awestruck as Sarah casually ascended through the ceiling. Her eyes were closed and she was completely ignoring the rubble cascading off of her boobs. Whenever something fell between those monstrous mounds, it instantly disintegrated and a trail of red brick dust fell from Sarah’s lower cleavage. Fuck, how does she still look so cute when she’s destroying a building?

Unwilling to disturb her girlfriend, both because she looked so adorable and she seemed to pack a hefty punch, Hayley quietly rose in Sarah’s wake. She smiled as Sarah shouted out a suggestion about her new name. Hailstorm. Yeah, she does have good taste in some things at least.

“Sooo, as you can see, I’m totally, perfectly fine. Plus, I can totally take care of myself.” Sarah floated above Hayley and parted her boobs to look down between them. “Wanna have sex now? Pretty pweeease?”

“Urgh, you aren’t going to rest, are you?”

“Nope! I just feel sooo good!”

“Come here then, babe. Let’s find somewhere more private.”

“Ooorrr…” Sarah had a mischievous look in her eyes.

Hayley raised an eyebrow. “Really? You want to do this, right here?”

With an uncharacteristic lack of words, Sarah threw herself at Hayley. The incredibly light girl bounced off of Hayley’s chest, giggling as she flew backwards. When she came rocketing back, her weight had increased and Hayley managed to grab onto her waist, which put her face between Sarah’s tits. Hayley placed a hand on each and squeezed. Fuck, she was right. They feel so light.

Using the soft and pliable breast flesh as handholds, Hayley adjusted their aerial positioning, wrapping Sarah’s legs around her torso. Now their faces met, with Hayley’s breasts entirely encapsulated in the clutches of her girlfriend’s outrageously huge balloons. Sarah giggled as she jiggled up and down in the air, rubbing her inner cleavage across Hayley’s entire chest.

“I wanna make them bounce more; it’s so easy to move them! Best superpower ever!” Each of Sarah’s bounces lifted them both higher into the sky.

With a wicked grin, Hayley sent a stream of lightning from each fingertip and directly into Sarah’s nipples. Sarah cried out in pleasure and the pressure being put on Hayley’s chest drastically increased. It feels like her tits are trying to crush mine!

“Haaales… You need to do it again…” Sarah panted. “Give me another tingle!”

Pressing her body firmly against Sarah’s, Hayley reached out for the rapidly approaching thunderclouds and built up a static charge within her pussy. As their lower lips touched, she tilted her head forward to join their mouths in a kiss, simultaneously sending sparks flying between their tongues and clits. The erotic circuit they created sent electrical pleasure coursing through their bodies, cycling around through the nervous systems of both girls. Shudders of mini-orgasms constantly thrummed throughout their bodies, encouraging Hayley to amp up the current flowing through them.

As the charge grew, lightning struck from both around them and higher above, going on to blast the ground below, but only after passing directly through the writhing, sexually-conjoined pair. Waves of molten asphalt rippled out from the impact site, without notice or care from either girl. Another three consecutive bolts each heralded the onset of another pseudo-orgasm that had already completely surpassed the highest peaks of pleasure that Hayley had ever experienced. She collected her thoughts and directed a significantly more powerful shock from the heavens, trapping this one inside their dripping, electrified nether regions.

Sarah’s cries were muffled by Hayley’s lips as she felt the effect of the bottled lightning inside her, but the impact on her surroundings had no such limitation. The girls’ ascension abruptly halted and their motion rapidly changed direction as they now plummeted through the air. Sarah’s power warped both of their bodies and, unbeknownst to both of them, it warped the aeroplanes far above too. The enormous metal birds became flightless and began to fall, now far heavier than their engines could lift, doomed by Sarah’s subconscious power play. The concern of a crash landing was swiftly removed, as before the aeroplanes could make it that far they simply crumpled in on themselves, reduced – along with all their passengers – to the size of a crushed tin can before they even hit the ground.

Neither Sarah nor Hayley had any idea of what their actions were doing.

Instead, the superpowered lovers were caught in a world of their own, the storm gathered around the two of them providing some cloud-based concealment for their carnal contest.

Hayley was coming down from her most recent lightning-induced orgasm. Feeling around with her newly acquired senses, she pushed against the wind. Sarah is going to fucking love this.

Tendrils of expertly guided air rose up from below, filtering around the legs of each girl, lovingly stroking their skin, then leading into their inner thighs and laying a warm, gentle caress. Sarah cooed and shivered in pleasure with her lips locked tighter to Hayley’s, who effortlessly orchestrated the winds around them to bring as much pleasure as she could imagine. Throbbing pulses of a superheated tornado blasted into her own pussy, while she sent a continuous trickle of a merely pleasantly hot breeze to lap at Sarah’s labia. Mimicking the motion of a lover’s tongue, she sent the air deeper and deeper, while increasing the heat and ferocity of the tempest ravaging her own insides.

Sarah broke the kiss. “You… are hogging… all the good… stuuuff!!!”

A smirk was the only response she got from Hayley.

“I… can handle… whatever you caaan!”

The lashing of the wind intensified on Sarah’s sex as Hayley offered a raised eyebrow.

“Give… me… mooore!”

Hayley almost lost control of the wind as it seemed to solidify around her. The turbulent descent of the girls was halted and the contained hurricane ravaging Hayley’s pussy suddenly became a whole lot harsher. Fuuuuck meeeee! What’s going on?

Wresting back control of the air with barely enough time to tear the growing, hardening pillar of semi-solid matter out of her pussy, Hayley stared at the object in shock. She gasped in pained pleasure at the sensation of being filled so absolutely - a feeling she had never managed to achieve before. But it had almost fucking torn her apart!

“For me!?” Sarah exclaimed, grabbing the ever-growing, violently oscillating cylinder of densely compressed air from Hayley, then swallowing it whole-heartedly into her voracious pussy.

Which utterly devoured it.

Hayley could feel it happening. Her body and mind were still reeling from the sensation of removing that thing from inside of her, but as she attempted to reassert full control over the air currents she felt them being ripped apart remorselessly by the insurmountable pressure that Sarah’s pussy was currently exerting. Holy fuck, she’s right. She can take it.

That impossible object – one that had almost eviscerated her insides – was being chewed up effortlessly by Sarah’s tight little pussy.

“Haaaayley…” Sarah moaned, her voice parting the clouds covering the pair. “I wanna fuck the real Amazon nooow…”

Holy shit.

Conflicted thoughts of concern and elation filled Hayley’s head, a buzzing swarm competing for attention. On one hand, Sarah seemed far above needing to worry about being hurt. Which meant that Hayley wouldn’t need to worry about her either. On the other hand, Sarah couldn’t be trusted to control her tits, or her sex drive, at the best of times. If she now had supertits as she claimed, then this could be a massive headache. What the fuck happens if she can’t control her powers?

“Haaales… Just one more blast? Pwease?” Sarah finally seemed to be coming down from her post-orgasmic high, the wispy dildo now returned to nothing but a light breeze.

“Okay babe, okay. One more blast, then we go and get some clothes. We can play more later, but you need to work out how your powers work and we both need something to wear.”

“No bras. I’m totally never wearing a bra again.”

“Deal,” Hayley confirmed as she sent a blazing hot arc of plasma from her nether inferno to invade Sarah’s pussy.

“OOOH, FUUUCK!” Sarah screamed as her body arched in climax, thrusting her boobs forward and causing them to collide with Hayley.

They weren’t so light now.

With force significantly greater than a pair of wrecking balls, the impact sent Hayley flying into the distance, completely stunned as her breath was knocked out of her. While Sarah quivered in midair orgasm, Hayley collided with building after building, her body driven through wall after wall as she failed to muster the wits to slow her passage. Her mind, like her body shortly before it, had been completely captivated by Sarah’s tits.

Chapter 7: Superhuman/Superhero

Hells, you’re such an idiot. How did you not manage to plan for the appearance of a supervillain?

There wasn’t much else that could explain it after all. Reports of entire city blocks being torn apart, lightning storms ripping up the roadways and people disappearing into the sky. It was a supervillain or an alien invasion.

Please let it be little green men.

When the lightning had first started, Jaime had dismissed it. The storm had been gathering for hours, so a little lightning was nothing surprising.

There was a lot of lightning now though.

And the lightning had started to attack, repeatedly striking the same road, again and again, turning cars into molten scrap mixing with the liquid tarmac. Not only was it a lot more powerful than anyone could expect, but it appeared to possess some kind of malicious intent, seeking destruction for an unknown purpose.

With no time to clean her costume, J-Girl arrived at the eye of the storm wearing an outfit bearing a jagged red blood smear. She grimaced at the stain and began to carefully advance through the riotous winds, dodging erratic strikes of lightning at superspeed. She was almost to the centre when the clouds suddenly parted and a low moaning filled the air. Jaime’s head rattled from the sound, leaving her disoriented enough to almost miss what was happening above her.

In the middle of the calmed storm, Sarah and Hayley were locked in an embrace, totally naked.

A shock wave of scorching air suddenly rushed towards Jaime as Hayley was thrown bodily from Sarah in an uncontrolled trajectory.

Storms! You’d better check if she’s okay. You owe her that much after crippling her.

Darting after the Amazonian projectile, Jaime incepted Hayley’s path and prepared to catch the staggeringly tall, silver-haired goth. At least, she started to prepare, then froze as she realised - Hayley was totally naked - and her hand looked totally fine! Jaime’s body once more responded with uncontrolled lust, far more primal instincts taking over her thoughts and vision.

She looks so good. Even better than she did before! Did she get powers too? She must have! Maybe she can join you? Maybe you-

The massive girl slammed into Jaime’s chest, who lost her breath and train of thought immediately. Having no experience with other superhumans yet, Jaime wasn’t prepared for the impact. She was just as stunned as Hayley currently appeared to be when she didn’t manage to slow her down enough, instead being forced along with Hayley’s flight path as she continued to careen through the city. Hayley’s firm, enormous tits pressed against hers in a sexual power struggle. Jaime still couldn’t breathe. An electrical tingle coursed across the front of her body, sending pleasant sensations to her erogenous zones, tickling her nipples through the fabric of her costume and seeking out her recently awakened sex. A multitude of rapid mini-orgasms assaulted Jaime. Her skin became clammy underneath the sheer fabric, turning the rose-gold partially see-through. Her pussy gushed and soaked her lower half. She fell to a near faint as her body finally landed, Hayley atop her.

“Urgh…” Hayley murmured as she regained some mental faculties after crashing through a few dozen walls.

She currently lay in a crater, carved by her own body several feet into the pavement. All around her people were fleeing, with the exception of a few wide-eyed onlookers peering down at her. Well, not just down at her, down at her and - that psychopathic fuck!

“Get the fuck up!” Hayley grabbed Jaime’s outfit and dragged her by it as she unsteadily rose to her feet. “Open your fucking eyes, you fucking coward!”

Jaime’s costume tore along the seam as Hayley ascended out of the hole, driven upwards by a roaring tornado at her feet. The lurch of her body and the sound of ripping fabric were enough to bring Jaime fully back into the world. At the same time, Hayley noticed the growing patch of wetness at Jaime’s crotch.

“You fucking getting off on watching us, you little freak? What kind of weirdo are you? Does it make you squirt whenever you save someone? Is that why you do it?” Hayley’s words became thunder, shaking the air around them. “Or do you just like toying with people? Playing with us until we fucking break?”

This is your reward, Jaime. This is what you get for playing stupid games with people’s lives. People start to call you out on your bu-

“I - I just wanted to save people…” Jaime stuttered. “I - I’m sorry…”

“Fuck your apology! You left Sarah to die!” Hayley grabbed either side of Jaime’s head and rammed it against her chest, attempting to stun the selfish bitch by sending lightning coursing into her brain.

The shorter blonde girl writhed in Hayley’s grip, moaning in a muffled voice as her body bucked back and forth. Warm wetness ran down Hayley’s leg. Did she just… did she just fucking cum on me?

With both girls struck dumb, the scenario shifted rapidly. Hayley’s grip loosened as she tried to work out what game Jaime was playing, while a mid-orgasm Jaime reluctantly fought off Hayley. Taking control of her shaking body by wrapping her legs around Hayley’s torso, Jaime eventually won the power struggle in a tangle of limbs, breaking out of Hayley’s grasp. Given a moment to think and activate her power, Jaime’s mind and body simultaneously accelerated. In another whirlwind of motion, Jaime flipped her body midair and sent an already disoriented Hayley further into the sky when her legs separated.

Sure, try to minimise the damage now. Wouldn’t want to hurt more people than you already have, would you?

Once more racing after the soaring sex bomb, Jaime was met by a torrent of flames. She dodged expertly but ventured too close to the heat. The torn strip of her outfit across her left shoulder and breast was set aflame, turning almost instantly to ash. The flames were put out swiftly by the air rushing past in her flight, but the damage was done - her costume was about to fall apart completely.

Ignore the costume. Who cares? Isn’t that what you really want, Jaime? To show yourself off to the world? To let people see your new body – to see who you really are? Tears gathered at the corners of Jaime’s eyes. To be loved, regardless of how many people you’ve hurt? Regardless of all the people you killed?

Hayley had regained control of her flight as Jaime battled her inner thoughts. An icy wind blew against Jaime, trying to keep her from reaching her superpowered crush. The cold was numbing, but not a massive issue. It only became an issue when Jaime realised how Hayley was producing the chill gusts – she was blowing through her pursed lips. The idea of being assaulted by what was effectively a kiss from Hayley was too much for Jaime to handle. She crumpled up again as she began another climax, her body refusing to do anything but inhale the scent of Hayley infused with the air around her.

She’s… she’s so perfect… why are you trying to fight her?

With her improved sight, Hayley could see and recognise the face that Jaime was making as she approached. Again!? She’s getting off on this?

“What is fucking wrong with you!?” Hayley screamed as she collided with Jaime, increasing her body temperature and burning away the rest of Jaime’s costume.

Jaime’s expression conveniently spoke for her, as there was no way she could vocalise her feelings right now. Hayley held her in a firm embrace, their naked bodies pressed against each other, while the steel-melting temperatures brought a hint of well-deserved pain to the pleasure Jaime was feeling.

Embrace it, Jaime. After all the pain you caused, you deserve this, you sick, twisted person.

It was all too much for her. Flashes of her life a few weeks ago replayed themselves in her mind, as they had so often since the incident. Applying for the graduate job at Wizzen Chemicals, finally comfortable in her own body for the first time since transitioning, maybe the first time ever. Arriving late on the first day of human trials after spending too long trying to apply her makeup properly. Rushing through the final checks on the test subjects and accidentally filling out the wrong details in her hurry.

And volunteering to take the place of the subject who didn’t show up.

Then the terror on the faces of the other test subjects as their bodies dissolved when the chemicals entered their bloodstreams.

The look of shock in the eyes of the lead scientist had slowly – oh so very slowly – turned to confused relief when Jaime wasn’t also reduced to a puddle. Something had changed though. Jaime had watched her reflection in the glass of the test chamber as her body perfected itself, granting her the exact ideal she had been picturing in her mind all those years. Not only was she no longer trapped in a male body, but she was so gloriously beautiful.

The relief had still been on the scientist’s face even after Jaime approached him, passing her uncontrollable body straight through the glass and into his chest. It had remained there as her perfect body completely atomised his merely mortal one. He never had a moment to register his death.

So heroic, Jaime. What happened next?

The entire thing was a blur. Jaime had passed through walls, people and machinery in her state of warped perspective. A single step forward took her through several rooms, regardless of any obstacles in her way. The building was barely standing at the end, and none of the personnel were. Some she had simply run through, leaving a red splatter behind. Others she had partially phased through, removing their internal organs as she finally slowed down to less devastating speeds.

How many did that make, Jaime? How many did you kill?

A solid punch to her temple returned Jaime to the real world, lying in a shallow crater her body had just created.

“I said, why didn’t you save her?” Hayley had no tears on her face, her temperature was far too high to allow that, but her voice came out as a choke. “You could have saved Sarah, but you saved me instead.” If she doesn’t answer again, I’m tearing her fucking hair out.

“L - love?” Jaime’s confession stunned both of them.

A tense moment passed where neither girl moved. Hayley cooled slightly, then flared up again.

“The fuck do you even mean? You almost let her die because you love her?” This bitch is fucking insane.

“You. Storms, Hayley, I, err, love y-you.”

And now you really feel like you want to die.

More blank stares from Hayley. Those dark eyes now had a silver lining, still just as soul-consuming, but now giving the victim the chance to reflect on the choices that lead them to this point. Jaime was already lost in them, daring not to look away and break this knife edge of a moment.

This could go either way from here. Maybe she realises what she means to you. What does she mean to you, anyway, have you even thought that far?

Ice appeared in Hayley’s eyes.

“You were trying to get her killed.” Each word came with an intense bite of frost that froze deeper and deeper into Jaime’s skin. “Wanted your competition out of the way?” She as good as tried to kill Sarah. She’s fucking evil… I have to stop her before she gets another chance.

Jaime tried to respond and defend herself, but her throat was numb. Her entire face was numb. The cold was spreading across her chest, slowing her metabolism, and forcing her body, her powers, to shut down. Her thought process became sluggish, time seemed to lose all meaning.

You know what you need to do, don’t you? Go on, try it. Just one more corpse to add to the list.

The world around Hayley was freezing. A fine mist lay across the ground where cracks spread through the asphalt. The temperature was far into the negative hundreds at this point. Jaime’s skin was fading to paler shades as her blood slowed and her pulse weakened.

Then, Jaime’s entire body shook. Her very atoms vibrated at superspeed and Hayley lost her grip, frigid hands passing through insubstantial flesh. The skin of Hayley’s fingers was shredded away as Jaime vibrated her body through Hayley’s hands.

“Fuck!” Hayley yanked her hands back and flew into the sky, eager to get as far away from Jaime as possible.

She examined her hands and found bloody trails where her fingerprints had once existed. She stared in dumb shock.

“You fucking hate my hands or something, you psycho bitch?”

A gasping Jaime was in no state to respond. She continued to vibrate her body in an attempt to warm herself up, pulverising the ground beneath her into fine powder.

Getting ready to launch a bolt of lightning at the oscillating lunatic from a safe distance, Hayley winced from the pain of the sparks striking her bloodied fingers. Instead, she focused her energy inwards, rage building until dual streaks of silvery electricity fired down at the trembling form below from her eyes. Momentarily blinded by the intensity of her own lightning vision, Hayley didn’t notice Sarah’s arrival.

“Haaales! I wanna get a new costume!” Sarah cried out, blissfully unaware of the events of the past few minutes.

The lightning abated. Silver coils leapt out towards lampposts and telephone poles while they dispersed, ensuring that power to the surroundings was completely knocked out – if it hadn’t been already. Jaime lay in a feeble ball in the crater, clutching her legs to her chest and whimpering.

Sarah stared wide-eyed at the smoking crater, then rushed down to it. Oh no, this looks bad. She’s super though, so she should be okay, right?

“Leave her!” Hayley thundered. “She deserves to suffer - she left you to fucking die!”

“Hales.” Sarah looked back up at Hayley with a stern expression. “Jaime is our friend.”

“She’s psychotic!” Hayley was incensed. How can she still have sympathy for her?

“Babe, you just tried to fry her.” Sarah had no prior experience with any kind of medical care, so simply moved Jaime’s hair out of her face. Did her eyes twitch? Is that good?

“She deserves worse.” Hayley landed next to Sarah, glaring all the while at Jaime’s limp body.

“Baaabe, you can’t be this mad at her. She was just worried that we were putting ourselves in danger.” Sarah eyed the unconscious body. “Are you going to help me carry her?”

“Not touching that bitch.” Hayley huffed, turning away and muttering to herself under her breath. “Fucking obsessed freak.”

With a resigned sigh and complete ease, Sarah lifted Jaime’s body by grabbing her around the waist.

“We’ll take her back to my place, ‘kay? C’mon babe, I totally wanna continue our fun time, don’t sulk now. I just need to make sure she has somewhere to rest.”

The buxom, candyfloss-haired superhuman took off, heading back home while the rest of the city tried to reconcile the destruction she and her friends had just caused.

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