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'Z'upergirl Part 1

Written by lfan :: [Thursday, 03 March 2005 14:40] Last updated by :: [Friday, 10 June 2016 12:30]

'Z'upergirl Part 1

by LaraFan


Southern Iraq, November 1st, 2004 10:47am

“At last!” he exclaimed as the guttural tone of his voice drifted out from his hood, its echo challenged only by the grating sound of the massive stone as it slid open to reveal a hidden stone crypt. The man grinned evilly, knowing his lifelong quest was nearing its end.

He stood flanked by tons of stone in the newly uncovered entranceway and stared transfixed on the black abyss before him. He stood for a moment practically hypnotized and then slowly wrapped his aged hand around the talisman that hung from his neck.

“Amipor ku ratchi….koa!”

An ethereal glow exploded in the room like the presence of Ra himself. The black abyss was now fully illuminated, revealing troves of ancient treasures and priceless artifacts that had been collected eons ago and lay dormant for hundreds of years. Treasure and wealth beyond anyone’s wildest dreams was now seemingly his, but without even the slightest hint of distraction, the cloaked figure slowly walked towards the only thing that caught his eye – a old, rusted wooden chest. All the precious baubles were not his concern … Felix Faust wanted power!!

It had taken Faust years of reading ancient text and manuscripts to get to this point in his lifelong quest for power. With diligence and unmatched preserverence, he had finally found the location he was looking for -- a shrine previously thought of as one of the last great archeological myths. And in this shrine was housed some of the greatest treasures and mystical artifacts of the Chaldean wizards, a secret clandestine society that advised and served several of the great kings of the ancient Assyrian-Babylonian dynasties. It was only known (and believed) by a select few that the Chaldean wizards were perhaps the greatest magicians of any era and the holders of some of the most powerful vessels of mystical power the world had ever known – and none more powerful than the Scroll of Anterion.

The exact origin of the scrolls was unknown, but it was thought that the scroll was a object of incredible power. In the hands of a capable magician or sorcerer, the Scroll of Anterion served as a “mystical amplifier” capable of increasing their power exponentially, making them practically unbound by the laws of physics and reality.

Faust was one of the ones that believed in the power of the scrolls and had dedicated his life to this moment. For in his capable hands, the scroll would transform Faust into one of the most powerful wizards of any era. He would no longer be the frustrated villain he had been most of his life. He would be godlike in his abilities and would seek his revenge upon all those who had thwarted is plans – specifically Superman and the accursed Justice League.

As Faust gloated in his victory, he elation was momentarily was interrupted the sound of clicking footsteps accompanied by an all-too familiar female voice.

 “Out looking for a new place to settle down, Faust? You really need a new realtor!”

Faust peered up to spot the silhouetted figure of Zatanna standing in the doorway. As a powerful magician and member of the Justice League, Faust knew that Zatanna was a formidable ally whose spells, when spoken backwards, often spelled doom for any who crossed her. But that was before. Before he had found the Scroll of Anterion. Before he had an imaginable power at his beck and call. A drop of saliva tricked from the corner of the sorcerer’s face as he flashed a set of decayed and rotten teeth. He could not have planned a better scenario for testing his new powers than the subject that stood before him!

Zatanna oozed confidence and inexperienced arrogance as she put her hands on her hips and walked seductively towards Faust. “This is gonna be easy!” she thought, still unaware of the simple faded and tarnished scroll that Faust clutched in his right hand underneath his robe.

Without warning, Faust motioned his hand towards Zatanna, and in an instant a jeweled sabre lying across the room leaped to attention like a soldier and hurtled towards Zatanna. It was a hack parlor trick that any seasoned magician could replicate or thwart, but Faust did not want to reveal his cards yet. No, he was going to enjoy this!

Zatanna saw the flying sword zooming toward her and practically rolled her eyes at the absurdity of Faust’s attempt.

“Srewolf ot drows nrut”

Zatanna’s spell instantly transformed the formerly lethal blade into a shower of beautiful flowers that cascaded over her like a homecoming queen on a parade float. Z, ever the showman, even performed a mock wave to the crowd. She knew that taunting Faust and getting him to lose his cool was always a blueprint for success against him. And she performed her mockery of his powers to a ‘T’.

Her performance was interrupted by the arhythmic sound of applause coming from the hooded figure across the room. Zatanna’s look of confidence suddenly began to wane as the chilling sound of Faust’s echoed claps struck her like an artic wind.

“This isn’t right” Zatanna mused as her thoughts took a more serious tone. “Why is he just standing there? What isn’t he –“

“doing anything?!”

Zatanna practically fell backward as the sound of Faust’s grating voice completed her thought – inside her head!! “How did –“

“I DO THAT?!?” the voice again echoed in her head, this time only louder.

Zatanna staggered and grabbed her head, almost hoping to shield herself from the Faust’s telepathic assault.

“But –“

“NO! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! NOT ANYMORE!!” the voice again invaded her thoughts, knocking Zatanna down to one knee in pain. Zatanna took a look up at Faust and was puzzled as to how Faust had mastered such a trick.

Faust once again anticipated her thought and pulled his hand from his cloak to reveal the scroll clutched tightly in his hand. “Any other questions?”

Zatanna’s eyes widened like saucers as she gazed at the scroll. She knew what they were and the power they held. Faust could only cackle as he knew instantly that she knew what they were. And like a chain reaction, a look of grief spread across Zatanna’s face signifying that she knew that he knew that she knew what they were!

As she staggered slowly to her feet, Zatanna surmised she only had one chance and that was to disarm Faust of the scroll somehow. She closed her eyes and concentrated all her magical energies into a single command:

“Em ot emoc noiretna fo llorcs!!”

A powerful gust of wind engulfed Zatanna as the spell initiated. Zatanna’s her and clothes flapped in the mystical wind as Z concentrated with her eyes shut and raised her hand to receive the scroll. 

And as quickly as it began, the wind quickly subsided and Zatanna was left standing partially disheveled with an outstretched hand. An empty hand! The faint sound of Faust’s laughter caused Zatanna to open her eyes in panic.

“Didn’t I mention, Dear? With the possession of the scrolls, I’m pretty much shielded against any forms of magic, including yours!”

She knew her goose was cooked! Zatanna’s throat almost seemed to cry up like a desert with the thought of what Faust could now do to her – and the rest of the League.

Faust continued, “But I wouldn’t want you hurting anyone in the meantime so let’s put a little cap on your hi-jinx!”

Almost as an after thought, Faust looked at a chest of gold sovereigns and waved his hand towards Zatanna. The heroine could only watch in horror as the gold coins danced momentarily suspended in mid-air before her and then transformed, reshaping themselves into a golden muzzle that magically fastened itself to Zatanna’s beautiful mouth, rendering her speechless. Reshaping their very atomic structure as easily as a child would play with clay, Faust became delighted as he tapped into only a fraction of the power he now held as he commanded the muzzle to tighten ever so slowly. Zatanna’s muffled screams were no concern to the callous villain, but Faust finally relented after proving his point but before inflicting serious physical damage to Z.

Faust knew that a gagged Zatanna was no longer a threat to him, especially after he cast a simple but impenetrable immobilizing spell over her. Looking at the scroll in his hand, he knew the entire League was now no match for him! He was a god towering over men – even supermen! 

But Faust’s power was tied to the scroll and he knew that he was still vulnerable without it. A power hungry Faust thought there must be a way to seal its power and magic inside of him, rather than channeling it through the scroll. This was theorized by ancient scholars but never thought to be possible, but a now nearly omnipotent Faust suddenly became overzealous in fulfilling his wishes – making the power of the scrolls his forever!

Faust searched through the chest where he found the scrolls and found a dusty magic book that he surmised had originated in the Chaldean dynasty. Like the trained archeological scholar and linguist he was, Faust began frantically paging through the book till he paused on one of the pages. Faust became engrossed at what he saw and almost entranced set the Scroll of Anterion down beside him as he continued to read.

Zatanna fought back tears as she thought back to how Superman and Batman only hours before had told her not to pursue Faust alone, but she did not listen. Now she had failed as the Justice League’s only possible hope at stopping a madman. It was her arrogance that allowed her to announce her presence to Faust when she might have been able to stop him by striking quickly. But, no! She had to walk in here like the Queen of Chaldea! Her feeble efforts of holding back her tears failed as tiny rivers streamed down her face!

Suddenly, her thoughts were again interrupted by that sound …

Faust had been reading quietly when suddenly he stopped in mid-sentence. It was like someone had just turned on a light. A flood light! It was so simple! He suddenly realized how to do what all other thought impossible – to internally siphon the magic powers of the scroll into himself!

“YES!” hissed Faust aloud as he dropped the ancient book on the floor, and wheeled to face Zatanna. He could not help but gloat. This was his time.

“The Ancients were wrong! They could not see the trees through the forest!” ranted Faust to Zatanna as he became more excited than ever before, for he was on the cusp of being all-powerful. “But I, Felix Faust, have unlocked the secret! And with it, no one will be all to stop –“

Like a bolt from the blue, Faust’s words trailed off into nothingness as he seemed to vanish. Zatanna blinked her eyes and could not understand what happened – one second he was there and then one second he was gone!

Zatanna thought to herself, “Did he teleport somewhere? Make himself invisible? Or perhaps travel through time to secure a missing artifact?”

Suddenly, two hands reached around from behind and broke the golden mouthpiece in two as if it was plastic. Zatanna gasped and whirled around to see a vision in blue and standing before her – Superman! Superman held an unconscious Faust over his left shoulder, his weight meaningless to the Man of Steel.

“Guess he couldn’t handle the express service pick-up!” Superman quipped as he glanced at the wizard.

It now made sense to Zatanna! Faust did not disappear – he was snatched up at superspeed by Superman and blacked out over the strain of it all. Because he was unconscious, that also seemed to have broken the immobilization spell which explained why she could now move.

Zatanna felt relieved and smile broadly at the Man of Steel. “My hero!” she flirtingly exclaimed as she held her arms out to hug Superman. Superman, however, was not amused and held out his right hand stopping her in her tracks..

“My hero? Is that all you can say?” admonished Superman. “Where the hell do you think you were doing facing Faust alone?”

“But, I –“

“But nothing! You acted irresponsibly and almost got yourself killed! You do not have the power or the experience to tackle an assignment like this by yourself! I have no idea how Faust immobilized so easily, nor do I care right now.”

Zatanna stammered, surprised by Superman’s verbal assault. His words stinging her like daggers until he delivered the “final blow” that drove through her to the hilt.

“I want you to secure things here while I take Faust back up to the WatchTower holding facility. In the meantime, I’m gonna recommend to the Members that you be out on probation until you can change your reckless and arrogant approach to everything! Zatanna, you need to learn that your powers have limitations, especially when every villain knows all they need to do is wad a sock up and stick it in your mouth to neutralize your powers! Being a hero or heroine is not demonstrating your powers – its demonstrating your courage and intelligence and knowing when to use your powers when needed.”

Zatanna’s face washed red with embarrassment with the resonating sound of Superman’s last comment as he streaked off with Faust in tow. She was never taken as seriously as any of the “Tier 1” members of the JL. Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern – even Batman, who lacked any type of powers – were highly revered and respected by other heroes and villains. But despite her impressive magical powers, Zatanna thought she had always been viewed by the other members as a hack magician that was more well-suited for a 7-yr old birthday party than for battling supervillians.

As Zatanna half-heartedly scanned the room to tie up any loose ends as per Superman’s orders, thoughts continued to swirl in her head of how the other JL members must talk about her behind her back as if she was a second-class citizen. Just the notion of them having a good laugh at her expense made her feel like a fool! At this point, Zatanna had flown right past embarrassment and plunged head first into a seething pool of anger and resentment. And with this anger – and the sudden realization of what she saw – a thought crept into her head as an evil grin spread across her lovely face.

As she walked over to where Superman had extracted Faust, she knelt down and scooped it up in her clutched fist. “Oh, this is priceless!” thought Z as she sensed the magical aura emanating from the object she held in her hand !!

She giggled at the thought -- Superman with his overconfident and smug sense of superiority had unwittingly handed her almost limitless power on a silver platter – the Scroll of Anterion! Zatanna wasn’t sure whether Superman has absent mindedly forgotten about the Scrolls or if he did not understand or respect its power. Either way, she was now on the cusp of being the beneficiary of its magical properties – and all the trimmings!!. The only question was what she planned to do…

With the Scrolls of Anterion, Zatanna surmised her impressive magical abilities would be amplified a hundred-fold! Spell or encantations previously beyond her scope would now be possible. It would no longer be a question of “what could she do”, it was now “what couldn’t she do”!

Zatanna paused for a moment, knowing she was getting ahead of herself, and contemplated the situation more carefully. She thought briefly about Superman’s comment about her powers being based on the voice activation of her spells. And deep down she knew she was right!

“Smug piece of crap!” murmured a resentful Zatanna to nobody in particular. “Not all of us could be born with the powers of a Kryp …” She froze as the idea suddenly hit her like a freight train. Zatanna couldn’t help but smile like the cat that ate the canary and relish in the incredible irony of it all. It was so perfect! She could show Mr Look-Its-A-Bird-Its-A-Plane a thing or two if she had the same powers! She wasn’t sure if the Scrolls were powerful enough to grant her the powers of a full-blodded Kryptonian, but what was the harm in trying? Besides, something deep inside Zatanna knew that she could grant her seemingly improbable wish!

Z’s hands tremored with excitement as she looked down at the scrolls she held in her hand and thought of what it might like to be a sexy magical supergirl! While she had always reveled in her magical abilities, Zatanna always had always fantasized of what it was like to be Superman or Supergirl – to be able to juggle a convoy of garbage trucks, to be able to brush of machine gun fire like popcorn, to be able to waylay an army with a puff of superbreath!

“Oh yes, this will be rich!” thought Zatanna as she clutched the scrolls tightly and spoke a phrase that she knew would probably alter her life forever.

“enim eb namrepus fos rewop”

As those words seeped from her lips, Zatanna stood steadfast with the excitement of a child an Christmas morn. In an instant, droplets of light, originating from seemingly nowhere, began to shower over Zatanna like tiny raindrops. The heroine closed her eyes as she bathed in the sensation and warmth of it all. Steadily, the shower of light began to increase in intensity -- slowly at first, then faster. Faster and faster, mystical light rained down on Zatanna, flooding her with energy and announcing her startling transformation

With her eyes still closed, Z grinned knowing what was happening. She could feel it. It was really happening!

With the room now illuminated with the light of a thousand stars, her superpowered spell began to take effect, slowly at first, as subtle changes were made to Zatanna’s physical body to provide an appropriate vessel for the infusion of her newfound powers. She had always been attractive, but now, thanks to her spell, her body was being transformed into that of a Kryptonian goddess.

Every wrinkle and imperfection in her skin slowly disappeared, leaving a flawless face that any supermodel would die for. As Zatanna could sense a transformation taking place, she gingerly brought her fingers to her mouth as she softly felt her new pouting lips.

“Yes, oh yes!” Zatanna gasped under her breath.

Now knowing that a change was taking place, Zatanna opened her eyes and scanned her body to witness her ongoing transformation firsthand. Her senses seemed to be in overdrive as she could feel and detect almost every nuance of the transformation and the light washed over her body like a tidal wave. This only served to excite her further as she mentally cataloged every detail as her physical transformation unfolded from the ground up..

Her legs. Zatanna had previously always taken extra steps in keeping her legs toned as possible, especially now with her recent induction into the League, and with it, a built-in rivalry with Black Canary for “Best Fishnetted Heroine” ! But now, as Z experienced her transformation unfolding, she looked down and smiled knowing there was no more cause for concern anymore! As the sensation welled down in her feet and spread through her body, she felt her legs pushing her torso upwards as they lengthened 3 or 4 inches. The feeling was indescribable as her new super senses of sight and touch let her watch the metamorphasis unfold as if in slow motion. Z’s super hearing detected the faint sounds of her stockings being stretched to their limits and her gorgeous legs not only lengthened but became more and more toned and sculpted, leaving her with legs that supermodels could only dream of. Zatanna beamed knowing this was only the beginning!

Her torso. As the euphoric feeling of the transformation chartered its course thru Zatanna’s body, she could feel it spreading through her lower body with the same wonderful feeling but only faster. In a matter of seconds Zatanna’s posterior was perfectly shaped as if it had been vacuum-packed. Instinctively, she felt her rear and could only giggle as she knew she truly had buns of steel! Similarly, Z felt a wash of energy spread though her abs and could feel them contract and expand hundreds of times ever so slightly in the span of a few seconds. It felt as if her scant traces of fat around her midsection were being replaced with the strongest body armor known to man. Zatanna almost could not contain her excitement at that thought, knowing that her body was probably a thousand times more impervious than any armor and that tank shells would probably have the same effect as cotton balls to her now!

Her Chest. Zatanna could not dwell on her thoughts of invulnerability very long as the transformation continued through her chest. With every seeming heartbeat, Z watched in amazement as her breasts slowly began to inflate. While she had never been a slouch in the “cleavage department”, Z could only revel at the site of her new shapely chest tenting out her tuxedo blouse almost to the breaking point. As her bust transformation subsided, Zatanna cupped her new gifts and could not believe how they felt. They were so soft and natural, yet she knew that no made-made weapons could even smudge them. Zatanna felt like a goddess as she became lost in thought of it all. But abruptly, she was interrupted as her felt more of the transformation unfold.

Her arms. Zatanna held her arms out to her sides as rivers of supercharged energy began to course through them. Z watched in amusement as her arm muscles became more sleek and defined in a matter of seconds. She flexed her left arm jokingly to herself and was greeted with only a small bulge as her new bicep gingerly announced its presence. She wasn’t a muscle bound freak with enormous muscles, but as she felt rubbed her right hand over her bicep, she knew her arms were sexier, toner and stronger. Much stronger.

Impossible-to-comprehend stronger! Z always had marveled at the feats of strength exhibited by Superman and Wonder Woman and now could not wait to test her strength as well. Just the thought of her shapely arms being able to lift a tank overhead with not even the slightest of effort practically sent Zatanna into orbit. She was getting impatient but knew the transformation was nearly complete.

Zatanna let out a scream of ecstasy as tidal waves of euphoria ripped through her body repeatedly in a matter of nanoseconds, with the intensity and power of a whole galaxy of supernovas. In that instant, a blinding flash of light erupted with the formerly normal female at its epicenter. Zatanna screamed out at the center of it all, her voice resonating and echoing though the chamber, shaking it at its very foundation. Then suddenly, it was over, and Zatanna was draped in darkness as she slumped to the floor, still clutching the Scroll of Anterion.

Z quickly regained her bearings and was astounded at the clarity of how everything looked – even in the pitch black. Using her supervision, she looked over her body and clenched her fists tightly excitedly. She could practically hear her supercharged blood pumping thru her veins at an incredible pace. Her senses were in overdrive and with that realization, she knew she had the power of Superman and could not wait to demonstrate her powers to herself.

Tucking the scroll into her tuxedo vest for safe keeping, Zatanna confidently walked over to a solid pillar of stone which stood 30 feet high and was at least 3 feet in diameter. She felt the course stone as she brushed it with the open palm of her left hand.

Closing her eyes, she rested her outstretched hand on the pillar and then slowly curled her fingers. The room crackled with the sound of solid stone being scraped and excavated by her slender, feminine digits. As she examined her hand to find a whole handful of rock fragments, Zatanna closed her fist and gave a gentle squeeze. Her super-hearing detected the muffled grinding sound of the fragments being pulverized by the pressure being generated by this newly-annointed supergirl.

Zatanna opened her palm and giggled as she dusted her hands of the powdery fragments, compliments of her newfound super-strength. Looking back at the pillar, Zatanna stuck her fingers out and poked the solid stone column. Like a hot knife thru butter, her fingers embedded themselves in the column up to her knuckles.

Z became enthralled over the ease of her little feat and this only served to excite her more. With conviction – and her fingers still encased in the stone piller – Z took a step sideways and reached around the pillar and made another hand-hold by embedding her fingers deep into the granite. With a deep breath, Zatanna hugged the column to her chest and pulled with all her strength in an effort to try to shake the massive stone pillar loose.

Zatanna was startled as she saw the stone behemoth easily relent to her deceivingly slim feminine muscles that were now supercharged with the strength of a full-blooded Kryptonian. Debris and cracked granite rained down harmlessly on Zatanna as she wrenched the column from its moorings and wielded it like a baseball bat – a 20 ton baseball bat!

Zatanna could only giggle at the thought of how easily she handled the weight. Experimentally, she shifted her hands so that she stood directly underneath the pillar as it lay horizontally across her outstretch palms like an oversized dinner tray.

“I think I’m gonna like this!” exclaimed Z as she removed one hand so that the entire weight of the column was supported by her left hand. Despite her Kryptonian-enhanced intelligence, it still was hard for her mind to register that she was actually doing this! She looked up and enthusiastically pressed the stone up and down like a cheerleader with a pom-pom.

After twenty or so presses , Zatanna stopped and marveled that she still could not sense any strain or fatigue a normal human being would experience when weight lifting. Then it hit her. She was no longer human. She was superhuman. She was super beautiful, super sexy, superstrong, and superpowerful!

Zatanna felt giddy at the thought of it all – it was such a rush! She glanced up at the stone column and a mischievous grin swept across her face as she brought her other hand up to the pillar and cocked her arms backwards, momentarily tilting the pillar on its balancing point.

With a slight grunt, Z flung her arms forward and watched in disbelief as the column launched from her hands like an ICBM. The column flew across the room at breakneck speed and crashed into the far wall, excavating a massive hole in the side of the solid stone walls.

“Oh, wow!” giggled Z as she stared at the newly created hole as she had witnessed firsthand the awesome power she now possessed . With that thought, Zatanna flexed her gorgeous legs and launched herself skyward knifing through the solid stone ceiling as if it were a swimming pool. She erupted out of the cavernous base and soared into the desert sky like she had been flying since birth. Somehow, the ability to fly just came naturally to her. Amazingly, she just knew. And Zatanna also knew that things were gonna be different now – much different – and she could wait to show people!

Metropolis, November 1st , 2004 12:45pm

“C’mon, let’s go!” shouted the hooded figure as he and two other armed men emerged from the First National Bank of Metropolis with their duffle bags in tow. As they raced to their car, they were greeted by a tudexo-clad figure standing confidently with her hands on her hips.

Zatanna stared at the robbers and shook her head like a disapproving parent. “Lemme guess, you were opening a new account and they were out of toasters!”

“Shit, it’s that magician bitch!” shouted one of the men as they quickly drew their weapons to bear.

“steuquob ylevol ot nrut snug!”

The men stared in disbelief as they saw their 44-Magnums turn into bouquets of beautiful flowers before their eyes. Zatanna could only laugh as the men threw down the flowers and scrambled into their car and zoomed away.

“Why do they always have to do it the hard way?” Zatanna asked aloud to no one in particular. She smiled and then she was gone in burst of superspeed.

“Why didn’t she stop us?” asked one of the men as they all looked out the back of their car, trying to locate any sign of the heroine in close pursuit.

“I think we -- Oh shit. There she is!” exclaimed the driver as he suddenly he lovely figure of Zatanna standing in the middle of the road up ahead with her arms crossed.

“Run the bitch down, man!” exclaimed one of the passengers, as the driver gripped the steering wheel tightly and peered at his speedometer. 50 … 60 … 70 … 80 …

After her burst of superspeed, Zatanna stood there seemingly for minutes waiting for the robbers to catch up to her. “Finally!” she thought as she saw the car turn the corner and head straight towards her. “This is gonna be awesome!” thought Zatanna excitedly as she stood steadfast and watched the car almost move in slow motion due to her super-senses.

Zatanna smiled as the car continued to accelerate towards her like a raging bull until it reached her. It was a seemingly unequal matchup of 2 tons of automotive power and steel suspension versus a lone 5’11” 140lb figure of a woman – it was no contest!

To all who witnessed the spectacle, it happened in the blink of an eye, but thanks to Zatanna’s hypersensitive senses and superhuman reaction time, it was something she would savor. As the car impacted Zatanna’s body, the front bumper of the car began to relent against her supple, but unyielding legs. In an instant, the bumper crumpled up like paper bag as the car’s momentum continued its suicide mission. The car’s radiator flattened like a pancake and the hood began to fold like an accordion as more of the automobile streamed into the Magician of Steel. The metal hood groaned and the internal engine casing began to grind like sausage as the car’s momentum began to slow further.

Zatanna beamed as she saw the metal hood of the car buckle like a wild bronco. Glass shuttered, tires popped, and metal screeched as engine fluids gushed out the bottom of the vehicle. Finally, the laws of physics stepped in and the car’s forward velocity finally relented, leaving a demolished car and 4 unconscious would-be robbers on one side and an unscathed, smiling, fishnetted heroine on the other!

With every test of her newfound powers, Z became more and more amazed at her new body. She scanned her figure again and glanced back at the totaled vehicle and became exhilarated at the thought of her invulnerability. She had just stood in front of a 2 ton automobile going 80 mph and had it crash into her, and she barely felt a thing! Words could not express how powerful and unstoppable she felt right now!

As Zatanna peeled away the wreckage wrapped around her legs like cotton candy, she began to walk around to the side of the car when she suddenly spotted Supergirl flying in from the horizon, obviously in response to the "so-called silent alarm" that her super hearing had detected earlier.

Looking once again at the wreckage she alone had cause and reveling in the incredible feelings of her new powers, a coy smile crept on Z’s face as she watched the Maid of Might approach and posed a question to herself as one hand slithered inside her tuxedo jacket to lightly touch the Scroll of Anterion she now possessed. As she was reminded of their presence, Z’s coy smile turned to a 100 watt smile.

Unbeknownst to anyone else, especially Supergirl, Zatanna had posed a question to herself and in a tenth of a nanosecond, her Kryptonian-enhanced thought processes deduced the answer she was looking for – “how you spell "Supergirl" backwards?”

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