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Written by anterion :: [Friday, 04 March 2005 14:31] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 15 May 2014 14:43]


By Anterion

Author’s Note: Ok everybody, here is the background for my Ultrafemme scenario. It provides everybody who wants to write a short story with some background about where the super strength of the girls comes from. So lets go on with it.

See ya … Yours Anterion

<11:32:12pm 12-04-01 VOICE RECORDING STARTED>

“This is Doctor Julia Brooks. I’m going to make an experiment with myself as the test subject. If something happens to me, this record will perhaps give hints of my mistakes to any successors, if there will be any. In case I die in this experiment, my last will is stored on my computer hard drive. The password is ‘ultrafemme’.”


<11:45:01pm 12-04-01 VOICE RECORDING RESTARTED>

“I`m now preparing a syringe of the serum I’m about to test. While I’m doing this, I will explain what it does, or at least should do … The firm I developed this serum for is a huge cosmetics company which name doesn’t matter. They hired me to develop something that would make skin imperfectness such as scars or unwanted tattoos fade. Since I hold my Doctor in genetics and have a good knowledge of retro viruses I was certain that something like that could only be achieved by using a virus that would put new DNA strands in the imperfect cells so that their new programming was to regrow themselves to what would be called ‘good’ by the common beauty standards.

To my surprise I managed to achieve a big breakthrough on the retro viruses after only three months. One of the organisms showed the ability to spread through it’s host’s body within a few minutes and carrying the new DNA to the wanted cells. This ‘carrier’ virus was only loaded with a dummy DNA so no effect could be seen on the lab rat. So we put a simple and not dangerous program into it. The new DNA would cause follicles to lose their current hair and regrow new hair with a new color. After we injected the serum into the rat, it took the virus only 15 minutes to let the it lose all its hair and regrow it to its original length with white hair.

While we were still celebrating the success on the carrier, one of my assistants mentioned how this virus could be used for healing diseases in hospitals or infecting horrible illnesses by the military. That was the moment I began to rethink my work.”


<11:54:01pm 12-04-01 VOICE RECORDING RESTARTED>

“The day after the celebration I managed to hack into the firm’s mainframe and get a look at the firm’s contracts. Not to my surprise I found some with the military as partner. Although I don’t know if my project was to be sold as a potential biological weapon to the military, I decided to change the effect of the serum. I changed the DNA the virus carries in a way that it will have a healing and improving effect on any female that is injected with it. It was designed to remove any illnesses and flaws on the body that could be found. I tested it on a rat. I had cut its spine nerves to make it immobile in case it would go wild. But what the serum did to it was simply unbelievable. A few minutes after the shot I could see how the rat moved its legs. Somehow the serum had healed the cut nerves, something I thought impossible. I then realized that its fur looked like it had been just bathed, dried and combed.

The animal looked so healthy. But what shocked me, was the strength the rat now displayed. I had put it into a quarantine chamber with its cage. After only ten minutes it began to tear apart the bars of its cage with its mouth and claws. I don’t know for sure, but I think I saw its eyes glow slightly red. Immediately I flooded the chamber with nerve gas. But even with the gas it took almost five minutes to bring the rat down. I still don’t know how to explain the claw marks on the chamber walls to the company. That was six hours ago. I’m now ready to inject the serum into my own bloodstream. I will try to give descriptions of what I feel when the effect kicks in …”


<00:02:42am 12-05-01 VOICE RECORDING RESTARTED>

“One minute since I injected myself. I don’t feel or see any changes yet. I`ll check my watch to take the ti … That’s strange. My fingernails look like they had just been manicured. They look so shiny without any white spots. It looks as if the effect is starting. A scar I had on my right hand since I was twelve is gone, and so are all other spots I had on it. I’ll take off my clothes to see the effect better …

While I undressed my vision began to blur, as if my glasses were getting misty. When I took them off to check them I suddenly could see like I had the eyes of a falcon. I can now see the skin patterns of my fingertips at arms length away. Looks like my glasses are now obsolete.

I also realized, that I had lost all the hair on my legs. They look even better than if I had just shaved them. They are smooth and silky to the touch. I think, that all of my senses are enhanced now. The lab just now just doesn’t smell like a lab. I can sort out the smells of plastic, ozone from the laser printer and … myself. For some strange reason my own smell is quite comforting. I believe that this due to an increased production of pheromones. In fact, my own odor is now stronger and more enjoyable than the perfume I had put on this morning. If I think so myself, I wonder how other people will react to it, especially men.

My hearing seems also to be much more accurate by now. It isn’t if everything sound louder, but I can select specific sound sources out of a noise and hear it much more clearly than before. I can hear my heart beat or the high pitched noise of the monitors. Unfortunately, I can’t test if my sense of taste has also improved, since there isn’t anything to eat around. And now that I mention it. My stomach begins to tingle. It is a feeling as if somebody would tickle me lightly with a feather. And now I there is a slight warmth that spreads out from my stomach throughout my whole torso. Uhhh … As it hits my crotch it almost feels as if I’m on the verge of orgasm. Ohhh … It’s … It’s most erotic and sensual. I … can.. ahhhh … hardly tell what’s … hap.. hap.. happening. My body … it tingles all over now. Ungghhh … like a thousand care.. caressing touches. Oh my god, I can’t … st.. st … stand it. It’s like all the orgasms of my entire live … combined … I … ooohhh woooowww I think I’m go … going to … pass ou …”




<00:43:39 12-05-01 VOICE RECORDING STARTED>

“This is Doctor Julia Brooks again. I have just regained consciousness. It looks like I’ve been out cold for about 45 minutes. Now that I’m awake I can’t feel any ill side effects. In fact I feel better than ever before. As I now check myself in the mirror I can’t believe it’s me I see there. I look like the image of myself I always dreamed about. My brown hair is no longer dull but shiny and full. I see that there is lots of hair on the ground, so I think I lost it while I was unconscious and regrew to its actual appearance. As I mentioned earlier, it seems that all marks and other imperfectnesses on my skin are gone. My face looks at least ten years younger, which would make me about 25. My eyes are shiny and now they are even sharper than before I passed out. My appearance has been greatly enhanced overall. My

breasts are now much bigger, they are at least a D cup now and seem to be amazingly firm. Uhm … As I feel them I realize that they are also a lot more sensitive. My stomach looks like one those Olympian athletes have. My waist is also impossible thin now, a sharp contrast to my voluminous hips. My butt cheek are also a lot firmer than they used to bee. I think I could win every beauty contest there is. I hereby declare beautifying effect as a complete success.

Now to test the healing. I had asthma all my life so I’ll do exercises to see if I still have a weak stamina. I’ll start with pushups. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. Strange I can hardly feel any difficulty … 10 … 11 … 12.. 13 … 14 … 15 … That’s the limit I always had, but now I can talk and do exercises and I don’t feel as if I’m ever going to get tired. 25 … 26 … 27 … 28 … 29 … 30 … This is going nowhere I’ll do them faster to explore my new limits quicker. 35 36 37 38 3940414243456 … 200. I don’t believe it. I did 165 pushups in less than ten seconds and I don’t feel winded slightest. This is simply beyond human capabilities. I have to rewatch this on the Vid-tapes.

WOW! I’m nothing more than a blur on the tapes. Definitely in the superhuman category as far as speed and stamina is concerned. I wonder … I just remember the rat and what it did to it’s cage. Although the drug worked somewhat different on me, than it did on the rat I wonder if I have undergone any strength enhancement. There is this really huge old copy machine in the corner that had a breakdown recently. Maintenance told me that they would need four strong men to remove it from the lab. So let’s see what I can do with it now. I’m crouching down next to it to get a good grip on the bottom of this thing. Now I slowly try to stand up ready to let go if I hurt my back. The side leaves the floor now and I feel almost no weight. This is impossible. I’m standing straight up now and support the whole side of this machine with my slender hands. It looks like I’m much stronger than four men. I’m shifting my grip now to get a hold on the underside. Now lets see if I can do … Oh my god. By now I have pressed the whole copy machine above my head and I still find it very very easy to do. I now stand on my toe tips and still there is no strain. I now remove one hand … I’m still holding it. My arm doesn’t feel any strain at a … WHOA!”


<00:48:21am 12-05-01 VOICE RECORDING RESTARTED>

“Well that was one experience. I had no difficulty at all to hold that machine, but the machine failed to hold itself. It fell apart around my grip. The heavy development unit fell on my head but I hardly felt it. Oh oh. It’s nearly one o’clock, the nightwatch will be here any minute. It’s no use. I’ll make a backup of all data on my laptop and erase everything on the mainframe. My work here is done and only I decide what to do with my creation. First I’ll have to get a hold on the backups. They are inside this safe but it’s time locked. So here we have another test …


<00:51:21am 12-05-01 VOICE RECORDING RESTARTED>

I just can’t believe how easy I destroyed the high security safe with my bare hands. In the meanwhile my laptop has downloaded all data I can now destroy the mainframe. No let’s go …”

<00:53:54am 12-05-01 FATAL SYSTEM ERROR /dev/sda FAILED>

<00:54:10am 12-05-01 KERNEL PANIC! KERNEL PANIC !>

<00:55:12am 12-05-01 SYSTEM HAL




<02:03:42pm 21-06-01 VOICE RECORDING STARTED>

“Captain’s Log, Captian Julia Brooks … Hah, just kidding. Dr. Julia Brooks here. My current location is not important since none besides me will ever read this on my laptop. The last month was good. I discovered that my change is permanent and my strength level beyond my wildest imaginations. My mind also works a lot more efficient than ever. I created a new serum that is somewhat less potent than the original one. It can be used as a small pill and only lasts for a while. I haven’t test its duration yet but I think that it lasts longer the weaker the subjects immune system is. The serum slowly enhances the subjects immune system thus fighting itself since it is not part of the body. The effect, after it wears off it leaves the subject’s immune system so strong that he or she will never be ill again and will also be immune to the serums effect after the third or fourth usage.

As far as strength and resistance to injury is concerned I can’t say how potent it is. It may vary from increases a hundered times up to several thousand times. It also depends on the subject. The longer the effect lasts the stronger will the subject be at its maximum power. Now lets see who shall temporary share this power with me …”



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