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Formula 145

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Dr. Emil Lassiter had finally done it!!  After years of pain-staking research in his secluded, government lab, he had finally made strides in his efforts of synthesizing a formula that would finally produce the ultimate warrior for the government.  This super soldier serum was called Formula 145 (F-145) and was now ready for testing on the two handpicked volunteers of the project:  Sgt.  Mason Briggs and Cpl. Emily Chandler.

Since the formula was untested, it was long ago decided to test both a male and female subject with the formula.  For a year and a half now, both Mason and Emily, since being selected, had been kept under guarded lock and key at the facility, closely monitored and observed by a team of scientists and military personnel.  Unbeknownst to both Mason and Emily, the head of the project, General Nathan Baldwin, had his own agenda on the fates of both of these soldiers following the completion of the human test phase...

Thursday morning, a group of military advisors and scientists gathered in the lab to witness the first field test of F-145.  According to Dr. Lassiter's calculations, once injected with only 10ml of the F-145, both subjects could anticipate a 150% increase in speed and nearly a 200% increase in strength.  Additional improvements to the subjects' hearing, eyesight, and immune systems would also be recognized.  As a result, the subjects would be roughly 3 times as strong as their average counterparts without any additional muscle mass.  F-145 was designed to compress and compact the muscle tissue without the need of substantially increasing size.

As a hush gathered over the room, both Mason and Emily were injected with the drug and then rushed over to the training facility.  After going through a series of strenuous physical and mental tests, the results of the drug came back with some surprising results.

It was found that Sgt. Briggs had achieved a 412% improvement in reaction times and speed while posting an astonishing 855% increase in strength, as evidenced by his astonishing 1,680 lb bench press.  Similarly, his eyesight and hearing had also improved dramatically.  Curiously, even his IQ was now 46 pts higher than it had been previously.

Cpr. Chandler, however, did not realize the same dramatic results.  Emily posted a minimal increase in speed and a DECREASE in strength.  No other improvements to her senses or IQ were measured either.  It was evident from the tests that Formula 145 while being successful on the male body was completely ineffective on the female body.

Colonel Baldwin hardly cared about the failure of the serum on females.  He only had agreed to a female test subject at the strong recommendation of the scientific staff.  Coming from the "old school", Colonel Baldwin did not feel there was a place for women in the military anyway.  All he cared about was his new weapon with which he could assemble an unstoppable army of supersoldiers to do his bidding.  Now all he had to do is get the formula into mass production and tie up all his loose ends by liquidating both test subjects!!  After taking both Mason and Emily back to their rooms, General Baldwin waited until that night to carry out his plans of eliminating them.

That night in her room, Emily sobbed over the disappointment of the tests.  She felt useless as she could only sit back and marvel at Mason's incredible strength.  Unknown to anyone else, Emily had often fantasized about being strong -- stronger than anyone on the planet.  Now this possible dream had crushed any hopes she had of fulfilling that dream.

As Mason was sleeping soundly in his cell, two guards quietly entered his chamber and fired two fatal shots to his head.  The sound of the gunshots quickly awoke Emily who was sleeping in her nearby cell.  As Emily stood and saw the two guards standing over Mason's lifeless body.  As she let out a scream, the guards turned and her and grinned.  They slowly walked out of             Mason's cell and walked silently through the deserted corridor towards Emily's cell.

Emily began to realize what was unfolding and became panicked.  She quickly moved to the back of her cell and began to panic as the guards approached closer.  Emily's heart quickened its pace as she began to feel a rush of adrenaline.  She bent over in anguish as an incredible pain quickly shot like electricity throughout her body and then subsided without explanation.  Emily suddenly felt more alive than she had ever been, almost as if her body had suddenly been jumpstarted with a surge of energy.

Emily's fascination suddenly was interrupted as the two guards entered her cell.  Emily stood transfixed in fear as she begged them to not shoot her.  "Sorry, bitch!!"  replied one of the guards.  "I guess they thought there was no sense in keeping your weak ass around!"

With that, Emily closed her eyes and readied herself for the killing blow.  Two shots rang out from the soldiers' weapons and struck Emily squarely in the chest.  However, instead of falling to the floor, Emily still stood with her eyes now open wondering how the soldiers could have missed at such close range.

"What the fuck?" hollered one of the soldiers as he couldn't believe what had just happened.  One of the soldiers quickly fired off eight more shots that peppered Emily from her head to her midsection.  In each instance, the bullets ricocheted off Emily as if hitting a steel wall.  Both the soldiers, deciding not to take any chances, quickly ran from the cell and locked it behind them.


After the first two shots were fired, Emily simply thought the bullets had luckily missed her.  However, the follow-up shots confirmed that somehow Emily was now impervious to bullets.  Emily quickly surmised that Dr Lassiter's serum had taken a while longer to take effect on her body but now she had undergone some sort of transformation that included enhanced invulnerability.  Cpl. Chandler breathed nervously as she caressed her well-toned body, still finding it hard to believe that her lithe, 35-23-24 figure had just stopped an onslaught of bullets without even the slightest scratch.  Emily became aroused as she thought back that the bullets felt like raindrops as they bounced off her body.

Emily knew that Dr Lassiter had never foreseen such an increase in the body's durability as a result of the serum.  She therefore became excited at the prospects of how powerful she might be now.  Since experiencing the sharp pain before, she felt incredibly energized.  She knew at this point she was far stronger and faster than before, and she couldn't wait to test herself.  Emily quickly walked over to the reinforced titanium cell bars and wrapped her petite hands slowly around two of the bars.  She wondered if she was strong enough to bend the bars enough to squeeze her body through...

As Emily slowly began to apply pressure, she eyes snapped opened as she was rewarded with the sound of the titanium bars squealing in protest as they tried in vain to resist Emily's newfound strength.  Emily savored her strength as she pulled the bars apart as if they were taffy!  It was so easy!!!  As Emily took a step back, she marveled at her handiwork.  As this point, she purred like a tigress and proceeded to grab the locking frame of the cell door.  With the slightest effort, Emily easily yanked the cell door completely off the frame as the titanium bolts and hinges snapped like toothpicks under her superstrength.

As Emily took a step into the corridor, her super-enhanced hearing detected the sound of alarms klaxoning.  As Emily knew the that security and troops were mobilizing in her direction, she stood beaming with newfound unabashed confidence at the thought of her newfound strength and invulnerability.  As she clenched her fists and felt the power inside her, Emily felt like she could take on an army!  As she proceeded down the corridor out of the facility, the new ubergirl smiled at the thought, knowing that she probably was gonna find out soon enough!

"What is it, Captain?" Colonel Baldwin asked with relative coolness, amid the hectic scene of an entire squad in full mobilization.

"It's the Chandler woman, sir!  She's escaped and we're containing the situation!"

"Escape?  But I thought you were to take care of Sgt Briggs and Cpl Chandler, Captain!"

"We sent two men to comply with your orders, Sir.  The neutralized Sgt Briggs as per your orders but..."

"But what, Captain?"

"Well, sir, they reported that their weapons had no effect on Cpl. Chandler.  Surveillance cameras in at faciiity confirmed that and also indicated that Cpl Chandler somehow managed to break out of her cell by simply ripping the door off"

"Did she now?" the Colonel replied non-chalantly, hiding his concern that the Formula 145 administered by Dr Lassiter had now manifested itself to a level not foreseen by them.

"We are taking measures to neutralize the problem, Colonel"

"Use any and all means of force, Captain!  Do whatever you have to do to insure the Chandler woman does not get off this base!  I need to talk to Lassiter!"  as the Colonel exited down the hallway in route to Lassiter’s lab.

With a slight kick from her foot, the metal exterior door rocketed off its hinges as if it was hit by a battering ram.  Emily watched in amazement as she saw the door fly across the compound and plow into a HumVee at over 100 miles per hour causing it to shudder from the impact and flip over 2 times.

As the dust settled, everyone could see the Humvee rolled onto its back, broken glass and shards of metal and wreckage scattered on the ground.  Except for the lack of an explosion, it had looked like it had been hit by an RPG and was almost unrecognizable.

Like a little girl caught doing something bad, Emily put her hands to her mouth to hide her expression as she

marveled at how she didn't even kick the door that hard.  "Oh my god!" was all she could say as she looked giggling and wide-eyed at the sight of the now mangled door that was embedded in the driver's side of now demolished vehicle.

The thought of her dainty foot transforming that 2" steel door into an impromptu anti-tank missile sent shivers through Emily.  She felt unstoppable and relished the thought of using her newfound powers to turn the tables on the people who had killed Mason and betrayed them!

Upon finding the doctor, Colonel Baldwin was surprised to find Lassiter already aware of the situation and monitoring the entire scene of events on a series of closed circuit monitors.

"We patched into the base surveillance....isn't she amazing?" asked Lassiter like a proud papa as he watch Emily proceed down the hallway to freedom.

"Amazing?!?!" yelled Baldwin.  "That girl is a threat to this base and to national security!  How do we stop her?"

"I....I...don't know!" said the doctor with a surprising calmness in his voice.  "As you can see, she is vastly stronger and more powerful that we ever conceived.  I need to study more data.  I need more time to tell...."

"We have no time, doctor!  If our men cannot stop her, then she is gonna get off this base.  Do I need to explain the consequences of a pissed of supergirl running around the countryside?"

" do not..." replied the doctor as he grabbed his laptop and began typing.  To him Emily was not a threat, she was a greta scientific achievement that he needed to understand more!

"I need to monitor the situation, call me as soon as you even think you have something..."

"Yes....yes...I will!" said the doctor, almost dismissing the Colonel.

"Egghead!" retorted the Colonel in frustration as he dashed out of the room.

"War monger!" said Dr Lassiter under his breath as he continued to type and observe oblivious to the emotion of the situation.

As she stepped out into the sunlight that radiated down upon the base, Emily briefly closed her eyes and basked in the feeling of the moment.  Her moment, however, was interrupted by the sound of two onrushing HumVees.  As Emily snapped back to reality, she opened her eyes and saw the vehicles moving towards her at top speed, each with a mounted machine gun trained on her.

Emily walked as few paces toward the approaching carriers with her hands on her hips.  She was wearing camoflage shorts and a tight tan colored tanktop that showcased every curve on her body.  As the vehicles skidded to a halt on either side of her, two men hopped out with almost choreographed precision to grab Cpl Chandler by the arms as the two gunners remained vigil at the ready with their weapons trained on her.  Both the men tugged at Emily's arms in vain as they could not budge the little titaness from her spot.

Emily could hardly suppress her laughter at the sight of these two burly soldiers trying desperately to move her from her spot.  "This is priceless!" she thought as she looked up at one of the gunners and saw a look of concern wash over his face as the two men continued to grunt and struggle uselessly against her.

"Guys, you're doing it all wrong!" Emily said mockingly as she snaked her arm out without warning and grabbed both men tightly by their uniforms.  "You do it like THIS!"  With that statement, Emily raised her arms over her head in a fluid motion handling their 220 lbs frames like two feather dusters.  The two men's surprise was only surpassed by their fear as Emily held them aloft momentarily and then lowered them to ear level as she purred softly.

Dr. Lassiter observed Emily’s actions from the surveillance camera and began to annotate entries in his electronic file:

Timecode: 03:34:03  Subject Chandler continues to exhibit remarkable strength and to lift two male subjects overhead with minimal effort....

"Happy landings, boys!"

With a simple shove, Emily launched the men away from her in an incredible display of strength.  The men screamed for a few seconds as their futile cries for help, and their momentum, was abruptly halted as they slammed into the side of a building.  The unmistakable sound of bones breaking could be heard as the bodies impacted the concrete wall at breakneck velocity.  There was no movement as their lifeless bodies simply fell to the ground in a heap.

Upon admiring her handiwork, Emily slowly turned her attention one of the HumVees as an evil grin formed on her face.  she had targeted her next victim!

The gunners' faces were masked in fear over them witnessing this beautiful woman toss two MPs 20 yards as if they were softballs.  Suddenly, as she trained her eyes on them, the gunners opened fire in unison, peppering the corporal from head to toe, pausing only momentarily to take a mental inventory of what they were seeing -- the bullets ricocheting off the girls body!

With heightened senses of hearing and sight, Emily heard the first shot fired and watched almost in slow motion as she followed the bullet's trajectory.  The first bullet impacted her shoulder blade and simply bounced harmlessly off without the slightest hint of pain.  In rapid succession, hundreds of other bullets followed as they streamed into her body at every angle.  Emily was glowing at she savored the feeling on total invulnerability as she bathed playfully in a sea of bullets.  She was so powerful now, and she was loving every minute of it.

Timecode:  03:35:13  Subject has demonstrated extreme dermal durability and resistance.  Heavy automatic gunfire used on her with little or no effect....

As the gunners emptied their clips, Emily flashed a quick turn over her should and gave a good "mule kick" to the HumVee that was behind her.  Like a scud missile, the HumVee skidded away from her boot and flipped over several times before coming to rest and exploding in a shower of flames.

Her superhuman spectacle was enough for the driver of the HumVee know they his crew was overmatched as he hit the gas and began to speed away.  Emily glanced at the fleeing vehicle and smiled as she began to run in pursuit.

Emily had not yet tested her speed to see if it increased as a result of the treatment, but she had logically surmised that if her strength had increased so much, she was probably faster now -- a lot faster.  "I bet fast enough to catch a jeep --- and strong enough to stop it when I do!" thought Emily as she accelerated effortlessly to almost 80 miles per hour.  In a matter of moments, she was within arms's length of the fleeing metal behemoth.

Timecode:  3:36:02  Subject Chandler's speed and reaction time at superhuman levels.  Maximum sustained speed estimated at 90mph with no sign of fatigue...

Emily's was practically drunk at the sensation of how her newfound powers had enabled her to overtake this speeding HumVee -- in a matter of seconds!  A quick glance down revealed that her legs were nothing more than a sexy blur as they propelled her body at close to 100 mph!  "I'm incredible!" thought Emily to herself proudly as she reached forward and grabbed the steel frame of the retreating vehicle.

As she clasped the frame, the metal whined as her superhuman fingers crushed the solid steel frame like foam rubber. Once she got a firm hold, she repeated the process with her other hand, scrunching the steel in her hand, all while effortlessly running to keep pace with the HumVee.

Without warning, Emily took a slight hop and planted her feet firmly -- coming to a complete halt.  In a millisecond, the HumVee came to a screeching halt as if it had hit an impenetrable invisible wall.  As a result of Emily's superhuman traffic stop, the gunner was ejected violently from the vehicle and met the same grisly fate as the driver who was killed immediately as his torso impacted the steering column at almost supersonic speed, instantly cracking his sternum and turning his internal organs into ground sausage.

Emily simply stood amazed and tried to register what she had just done!  The fact that her lithe little body had instantly stopped a multi-ton vehicle going close to 80 mph simply seemed to violate every law of physics!  She looked at her hands, the ones that had stopped the HumVee so easily, as she held them up in front of her face.  She almost laughed at the thought of how much power was in these hands now -- and in this body for that matter!

Suddenly, Emily super hearing detected a high pitch shrill that seemed to emanate behind her and was getting louder.  With superhuman reflexes, Emily whirled around and instinctively raised her hand to grab the 'noise maker' --- a rocket propelled grenade.  Like a sixth sense, Emily simply reacted and did not give any thought to her actions until it was too late.

"Oh, SHI ---"

Emily was cut off it mid sentence as the ground where she was standing was immediately engulfed in a jarring explosion.  Black smoke plumed upwards as flames danced around the smoke and dust and rock particles rained all around the location.

A raucous cheer went up from the remaining soldier as they celebrated their victory. The private who had fired the 'game winning' shot was at the center of it all, high-flying other guys and do his own impromptu victory dance.

Finally as the smoke began to settle and the cheering subsided, a new sound emerged.  A sound that cut through the afternoon air like a knife.  A sound that sent shockwaves of instant terror down the necks of the remaining soldiers.  It was the sound of laughter!

Emily had to laugh!  She recalled how a wave of panic had ripped through her when she saw the rocket in her hand.  Now she actually wanted them to do it again!  Having the bullets stream into her was cool, but the RPG was unreal!  To her, the explosion felt no different than a warm bath would have in her previous non-super state!  She was in heaven!

Timecode:  3:37:43  Subject has demonstrated level 2 invulnerability.  Direct impact of RPG has no effect on subject.....

As she walked out of the fading flames and smoke to gaze upon the remaining soldiers, Emily was completely naked -- her clothes incinerated from the previous explosion.  Though anatomically gifted since puberty, Emily had always been fairly shy about revealing her figure to people.  This was different now though.  She felt incredibly sexy with her new abilities and what she could do.  Seeing the men ogle her nude body as she stood there with her hand on her hips only reinforced those feelings!  She felt like a goddess!

In a panicked state, the soldiers scrambled back and forth grabbing any weapons they could find -- guns, grenades, RPGs.

Over the course of the next 120 secs, it was 12 heavily-armed and well-trained marines versus a 5'8" girl formerly from Chisolm, Minnesota.  And it was no contest!

Emily savored her power and seemed to dispatch the men at her will, almost playfully experimenting and demonstrating her power as she killed them one by one, each time with more grisly results than the first.

Timecode:  3:39:40  Subject has shown increased temprement and hostility an elevated affinity for extreme violence.....

As Colonel Baldwin rushed outside, he was greeted with the somber site of 20 men -- his men -- all lying dead at the hands of this superwoman that he had indirectly created.

Emily turned to face the general and zoomed at superspeed over to the HumVee that she had stopped earlier.

"You bitch!  What have you done?"  screamed the Colonel at Emily as she bent down and grabbed the side of the Humvee.

The hardened steel alloy frame moaned softly as her hands sank into it to get a good grip.  With a slight grunt, Emily hoisted the HumVee overhead like a beach ball and began to walk over to the Colonel smiling evilly.

The Colonel stood wide-eyed as he marveled at the power of this young woman!  She looked like one of those boxing ring girls as she approached -- the same sexy walk, the same amazing body.  But instead of a ring placard, she was carrying a 11,000 lb HumVee over her head!

Timecode:  3:41:00   Subject has demonstrated phenominal superhuman strength and stamina due to F-145.  Subject able to lift loaded HumVee overhead with minimal effort...

As Emily stopped about 20 feet from the Colonel, she paused for a moment to take in his reaction.  Then, for effect, Emily removed one of her hands and placed it on her hip as she continued to hold the multi-ton vehicle aloft with one-hand.  Emily smiled innocently at he Colonel.

"I guess the Formula DID work, huh?" said Emily, trying to suppress a giggle.

"Fuck you!" said Baldwin as he brandished his pistol and began to slowly squeeze off round after round at her.

"You know...." said Emily as the bullets bounced harmlessly off her body, "and I think I'm...really...ouch.....gonna enjoy best....OUCH!"

Colonel Baldwin and Emily stood there silent as they both stared at the black and blue mark on her the top of her left breast, left by his last shot.

A smile crept over Baldwin's face as their eyes locked.  Emily's look of confidence suddenly began to wane as she glanced up at the underside of the HumVee and back at Baldwin.

"Oh, POOH!" Emily shouted as her arm suddenly seized up causing the HumVee to crash thunderously to the ground crushing her immediately.

Baldwin could only wipe his brow and let out a sigh of relief at the recent lucky turn of events.  As Baldwin walked near the car to view Emily's crushed body all he could do is wonder what had happened....

Timecode:  3:41:51   Despite the never before seen increase in speed, stamina, and strength, increased physical output only temporary as seen previously with F123 and F143.  Subject terminated..

Begin immediate volunteer testing for new project....codenamed F-146.

The End

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