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*** Somewhere in the distant future … ***

Somewhere out in the vast open area called the Pacific ocean an huge human made behemoth of steel pushed its way through the waves, powered by the incredible power of nuclear fission.

The old aircraft carrier ‘Unity’ was on its last voyage to a specialized shipyard for disassembly recycling. As well as the load of other military equipment it carried. Everything that could be removed from the ship’s hangars had been thrown out to make room for the cargo. Because of that, the whole ship now displaced even more tons of water than it did during it’s time of duty.

Nicole yawned and stretched her limbs as she watched the usual reading outputs on her computer screen. She was one of the military personnel that had remained on the ship. Most of the passengers were civilians from the UN that were to make sure that this tool of warefare was properly destroyed.

She had been watching the reactor status for hours now her body now stiff and tired. A quick glance at her watch told her that her shift was over since half an hour. “Hmpf. No way I’m waiting any longer.” She dropped her pen and papers and left the small monitoring station. “A little walk should help me loosen up some.” she thought as the began to wander down the narrow corridors of huge ship.

She had been on board for two weeks now, and she was sure that she hadn’t seen everything yet. After a while she came through some rooms that seemed to be quarters for ground troops that the carrier could transport. She realized that the quarters were really deep inside the ship and had now windows. As she went further along she came through the showers. The thought of well muscled, trained, sun tanned soldiers made her lick her lips.

She had never been a member of a fighting force herself for she was a mere technician, so physical exercise wasn’t on her top priority list, still she was attractive in a plain way. Her sexual fantasies grew even bolder as she entered what appeared to be a gym for the soldiers. Weights and some workout machines were spread across the room. A slight smile came to her face as she walked to the heavy equipment and ran her finger alongside the barbells and other weights.

“That’s exactly what I need now.” she thought as she took off her uniform’s jacket. Grabbing a pair of light warm up weights she remembered the exercises from years ago. In only a short time, she had worked up a good sweat and was soon breathing hard as she felt her slender muscles burn with the effort.

As she took a step backwards, her foot brushed against the biggest weight in the room, a monster of several three hundred pounds. “Wow. I wonder what kind of exercises they did with that one?.”

Feeling in a playfull mood, Nicole squatted down, put her hands on the bar, closed her eyes and stood up, trying to pull the weight from the floor. Her eyes snapped open as she felt what seemed to be an electric surge through her body, she instantly let go of the weight that hadn’t left the floor, afraid to have pulled her back or something.

Nicole slowly began to move, expecting to feel some pain but felt nothing. She shook her head and left the room, glad that she didn’t hurt herself.

Back at the still deserted monitoring station, nobody saw the slight peak in the ship’s reactor power output that had occurred as if somebody had started a powerful machine.

The next day Nicole began wandering through the ship again after her shift. She had slept wonderful the last night and felt exceptional energetic today. Sitting in front of her screen all day had been a real pain. All day she wanted to move, run, jump around, but instead she had to sit tight and watch the reactor’s status staying constant as it has been for days and days now. As her replacement was late again, she left the room and began walking, no almost running through the mostly deserted corridors. And suddenly she found herself in the quarters again. A sly smile formed on her lips as she her feet took to the gym again.

All the equipment still was exactly where she left it the day before. She grabbed the small weights, she had used the day before. “Strange, I’m sure they felt heavier just yesterday. Oh well …”

In just a few minutes, she had done several dozen reps and was barely working a sweat. “Wow, I’m stronger that I though I was.” she mumbled to herself as she walked over to another set of free weights, about double as heavy as the first one. Again, she began to do reps at a furious pace, feeling her muscles work under skin. Now she really began to sweat as she worked herself into a trance like state and sometimes she just had to close her eyes at feelings that washed over her. An hour later, she fell into the bed in her own quarter, completely spent and instantly fell asleep.

The next few days passed in a blur for Nicole. Except for some uninteresting briefings her days were made of only two things. The long boring shift in front of her monitor and her now frequent, feverish workouts in the deserted gym. The blissful workouts grew more intense with each day. And each day she tossed around weights that she thought she couldn’t have even moved a few days before.

How she got that strong all of sudden and frankly, she didn’t care. The increased reactor output through her workouts went by unnoticed.

A few days before the carrier arrived at it’s destination Nicole was working out in the gym once again. She had already finished her usual routine as her foot once again brushed against the monstrous weight she had tried to lift at the first day. Whipping some sweat from her brow, she stood in front of the large weight, grabbed the bar, breathed in and began to lift.

The weight remained on the floor, yet Nicole continued lifting, clenching her teeth and finally, it began to rise. Her jaw dropped as she felt and saw herself lifting the weight. It wasn’t as if it grew less heavy, no the weight felt just the same, it were her muscles that felt different. Powerful, unstoppable the sucked strength and power seemingly out of thin air. The weight rose further, above her knees, her hips, her chest and finally her head.

She began to giggle as she stood there the weight high above her head, still feeling the enormous force it pushed down but at the same time felt her own strength opposing it. “Oh my god …” she mouthed as she finally stopped laughing. “… that’s impossible. But, but … damn, here goes nothing …” Again, Nicole began to strain herself again, twisting her wrists and in an instant felt the power inside her growing again. Noisily the weight’s bar began to bend … . upwards. Soon it hit the ceiling yet, Nicole bent it further, the bar twisting even more as the ceiling stopped the discs from moving.

Then, the weight dropped to the floor and Nicole stormed out of the room, dizzy with power and pleasure. A plan slowly forming in her head …

Finally, the carrier arrived its final destination. A special dry dock, it’s bottom perfectly crafted to contain the huge ships body when the water was let out. The last few days had been as uneventful for the carrier as had been the whole journey, except for one young attractive woman. A day after her strength had surpassed the human possible, she had discovered the increased reactor output and finally connected it to her sudden power growth.

She had hidden all the readouts that might have shown any unusual reactor activity. Once she had done a little experiment. She had snatched a wrench from one of the mechanics and had brought it to her shift. While watching at her screen, she set the readouts to the finest resolution and then began, after checking that nobody was watching, to squeeze the wrench in her left hand. Her smile began to wide as she felt the metal deform in her grasp and her strength grew further still and the readout on her screen began to rise.

“Yep, I’m ready for the big final.”

Only puddles of water remained on the dry dock’s floor as the steel behemoth finally rested in its concrete bed. Only a very crewmen had remained on the ship to prepare it’s final shutdown. Just about as the reactor was about to go down, a core meltdown alert sound through the ship. In a few minutes the whole ship and and the dock were deserted, except for a young woman who now turned off the fake alert. “Ok, it’s showtime.” She smiled and turned to leave the room.

She hesitated as she reached for the door handle. “No, that’s optional for me now …” On the other side of the solid steel hatch, the deafening noise of squealing metal was audible as Nicole forced her way through the wall, slowly and enjoying every single inch of metal bending under slender fingers. And thus she forced her way towards the outer hull of the ship, wall by wall, her strength growing still to unknown heights as she peeled away the incredibly thick outer wall. She grabbed hands full of solid steel, tearing it away like wet clay and then stepped into the light.

The alert had vanished minutes ago and still nothing had happened. A few soldiers returned to the dock to check the situation. Strange sounds greeted them, like concrete bursting apart and crushed to rubble. As first few soldiers entered the dock, all they saw was the ship and a hole in the concrete, near the bow. And then, the whole dock began to shake like a slight earthquake. Then, the whole carrier shook and seemed to rise a little bit at the bow.

Nicole was in trance. She had forced her way beneath the carrier through the solid concrete, until she felt the metal of the ship, put her hands wide spread against it, closed her eyes, prepared herself against the onslaught of power she knew she was going to experience and began to push. All the preparation in the world couldn’t have prepared her for what happened then.

Somewhere in the deserted ship, in a small monitoring station with a gapping hole in its wall, the dimly lit screen suddenly showed an enormously increased power output rising and rising.

Nicole worked her way more and more to the middle of the ship. She was crying in joy as more and more of the ship’s incredible weight pushed down on her body and instead of being crushed her body just grew stronger and stronger. She could feel every single ounce of the enormous weight that pushed down on her yet, she felt her slender muscles coping with it as for some mysterious reason the ships nuclear reactor pure energy fed her muscles.

And then, she found the ship’s point of balance. The whole enormous structure, all its heavy cargo, the nuclear reactor. Everything. All of that now was suspended into the air about two meters by one single human. A female human. A young attractive woman that now possessed more force than the biggest man made machines. Now, she bent her knees and jumped.

The soldiers still watched slackjawed as the huge aircraft carrier suddenly launched from its bed about a hundred feet into the air. And then came down besides the pool. The men expected it to topple over but it remained upright and now they saw, that it didn’t touch the ground. A dozen pair of binoculars were suddenly trimmed at the diminutive figure that so casually held the greatest machine created by man above her head. Two of the soldiers fainted on the spot.

Nicole had remove on of her hands from the hull during the jump and was now supporting it with just one, oblivious to her surroundings, filled only with joy and pleasure about the gift that had been bestowed upon her. Feeling every single muscle fiber singing in joy. But then, a groaning sound above her brought her back to ‘reality’.

The proud ship began to fall apart as it’s internal structure was taxed in ways it wasn’t supposed to be, and with it the reactor. “Only one way to prevent it a disaster.” she thought and began to flex all her muscles at once. The carrier was launched into the sky at an fantastic speed. The reactor now silent, spent of all it’s energy as all its power was transferred into Nicole in a single instant. Minutes later, the “Unity” passed the lunar orbit and disappeared into the void of space, leaving earth behind.

Back on earth, stood a woman in an empty dry dock. A woman whose body now contained the power of the atom itself. Nicole smiled a dazzling smile now. “I wonder how far nuclear fusion research has progressed by now”.

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