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The Goddess Club

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==Location Notes==

City: New York City

Location: Club Zero

== The Entrance

Club Zero has a reputation of being one of the hottest and hippest clubs in town. The place has reputation as being the Studio 54 of the 21st century. So naturally on Saturday night, it is not uncommon to find the place packed to capacity with a crowd waiting outside around the corner to get in. When Phaedra arrived at the club she soon found that the front entrance to the club was not going to be accessible until morning by the look for the crowd. She had arranged to meet her new friend at Club Zero tonight so they could chat more. The two large bouncers at the front door knew the power they had, and had no intention of letting anyone in who was not in line. Not even a 6.1 ft red headed goddess in a short black dress like Phaedra…

Until recently Phaedra had been a regular, if not rather attractive, college student attending New York University while she decided what she wanted to do in life. All of this changed the day she inadvertently ran into a mutant known as Deus. Deus is a mutant with god-like powers who happened to be in need of an enforcer of her will. God-like powers or not, Deus' body is still very human and easily susceptible to damage. Deus activated Phaedra's latent mutant genes and then further enhanced them. Phaedra had always had a love of the Superman and Supergirl comics. Deus decided to fulfill Phaedra's fantasies about Superman by turning into a 6 ft goddess with similar powers.

Seeing that the front entrance was unavailable, Phaedra decided to find an alternate entrance without making much of a scene. She had already gone to all the trouble to arrange a meeting with her contact. Phaedra started walking down the street and around the corner in the side alley. The back alley was where the livery vans would make their daily deliveries for local clubs and bars. There had to a backdoor over here. The area was fenced off with barbwire. Phaedra knew she could easily rip through the fence without even a thought. Rather than bother ripping her dress, she quickly lifted into the air and floated over the fence. Phaedra loved the ability to fly, and doubly loved the cool sensation the night air gave the top of her breasts as she floated up and over the 12 ft fence.

As Phaedra came down on the ground, the door to what should be the back of the club opened and one of the bus boys came out. He was carrying a large garbage bag over to the dumpster. The kid looked to be around Phaedra's age of 23, and rather well built from what she could see. This was obviously his college job. Phaedra started walking noisily down the alley so her black, high heels made enough noise to attract the kid's attention.

"Who's there?" the bus boy asked as he turned around from the dumpster.

"Just me. I was trying to find a way in to the club through the back." Phaedra responded. She walked into the light so the guy could get a good look at her. As soon as he saw her he realized there was no danger, and began to relax. He could not take his eyes off her exposed cleavage that barely seemed to be contained by her clothes.

"Huh… hi. How did you get through the gate? Was it unlocked again?"


Rather perplexed by the answer, the bus boy stammered "Well, I can't let you in through this way. If the boss catches me, I will definitely lose my job, big time. I've got classes to pay for. You will have to wait in the line out front."

Phaedra continued to walk sensuously closer to the bus boy. When she got closer, she took a deep breath to get her awe-inspiring chest to expand a bit further. The bus boy could almost hear the fabric stretching to its capacity and desperately trying not to burst open. He could not take his eyes off what had to be at least DDD in size or more. Phaedra responded to this gesture by parting her succulent red lips and showing a perfect set of pearly white teeth. Her mouth parted slightly as her tongue slowly ran across the bottom of her top lip.

"You seem to have a fixation with my boobs. This dress doesn't keep out the cool night air very well." Phaedra spoke as her fingers moved to brush against the large bulge forming below the man's waist. "Would you like to touch them? Maybe you could warm them up before we both go back inside."

Before Phaedra could finish her sentence the man's hands slowly started to move up to feel her wonderful breasts. Phaedra loved the fact that her new abilities and body gave her such control over men when she wanted. Before her transformation she had been attractive but ordinary. The man was amazed at how firm her breasts felt in his hands. The exposed skin felt like the softest silk, yet they barely dimpled when he squeezed them. The bus boy soon forgot about the autumn chill, his job, and everything else as Phaedra's gorgeous tits enraptured him. He started squeezing Phaedra's breasts harder and harder, trying to dimple or move them even a fraction more.

"Mmm, I like that. Maybe I can return the favor," Phaedra moaned when he started to squeeze harder and play more with her breasts. She slowly took hold of the man's zipper, and began unzipping his pants. He took his queue from this, and used his hands to undo his belt buckle. Phaedra was soon able to wiggle her fingers into his pants and take hold of a rather well sized manhood. If she did not have pressing business inside, she might have decided to forgo the club and just take him home. The black clad goddess used her free hand to pull down her top a bit and free one of her breasts, and whispered "Why don't you see what you can do with this?"

The man took her nipple into his mouth and began suckling. Phaedra started stroking the man's member slowly in time with his suckling. The guy was really starting to get into the action. The more she moaned, the harder he bit, as it was obviously not hurting her. Phaedra had continued to be amazed at how her breasts could withstand so much, and still be even more sensitive than before her transformation.

The guy was obviously enjoying her handiwork, and was soon ready to finish. Phaedra maneuvered him as not to get anything on her dress or herself. In pure bliss the man started to spread his semen all over himself. Taking the opportunity available, Phaedra quickly used her free hand to very, very lightly tap the man on the back of the head. He went out like a light, and fell limp to the concrete ground. Phaedra picked up the now unconscious bus boy, and placed in a dark corner out of the way and sight.

As Phaedra walked back to the club's back door, she suddenly realized that she did not even know the guy's name. She turned around and checked him out with her x-ray vision. Distance and darkness don't mean much anymore to Phaedra. A quick scan found his wallet along with driver's license giving the name Dave. She memorized the address and made a mental note to visit him sometime soon. His address shows him living near the university so a snack between classes might be in order sometime. Phaedra turned and entered the club through the back door.

== Meeting at the Bar

The back area of the club was very well lit as other bus boys hurriedly came in to grab more supplies for the bar. Phaedra closed the back door behind her, and entered into a corridor that passed a small kitchen area and locker/change room for the staff. Everyone seemed to busy with their work to notice one of the customers had wandered into the back area. If she started snooping around a bouncer would most likely be sent for to escort her out.

A short trip through the back area led her quickly into the main part of the club. Club Zero was an expansive techno club with two floors, two dance areas, a lounge, and three bars. It was obvious from the lights, sound system, and large space that this was a successful club. As predicted the club was packed to capacity, but Phaedra did not have much of a problem getting through the crowd. Most men made way for her, and no one gave much hostile response when she lightly pushed her way through those that didn't give.

Phaedra used her x-ray vision to do a quick scan of the club and its inhabitants. The manager's office upstairs had a fair amount of money stashed in a wall safe behind a large mirror. She also found her friend sitting at the bar next to the large dance floor on the first level. Phaedra's friend was named Bridgette O'Neal, but also went by Brickette when in her superhero identity.

Bridgette O'Neal is a member of the local chapter of the Justice Legion. A government registered organization for superheroes that commonly works with the FBI and local law enforcement agencies. Bridgette originally started out as an FBI agent working in DC. A bad run-in with a scientist and his odd biochemical experiments turned her into the bombshell she is today. Before the scientist was stopped she was used as a guinea pig for his experiments to further evolve humanity. The experiments evolved Bridgette's body giving her superhuman strength and resistance. While not as powerful as Phaedra, Bridgette is certainly in the ranks of a Class A superhero. She can throw around an M1 Abrams tank just like the big boys, and stand up to rounds of heavy machine gun fire with ease. Bridgette had been intrigued when she met another female super who was stronger than her. The two had arranged to meet "outside of work" at the bar tonight, so to speak.

Bridgette leaned on the bar drinking a beer while waiting for Phaedra to show up. She had decided to wear a nice red dress that accentuated her ample cleavage. Bridgette was a few inches shorter than Phaedra, but made up for it in bra size. Bridgette was easily an EE, and loved to flaunt it when she could. Even her costume was pretty revealing by superhero standards.

Phaedra came up to the bar and greeted her friend, "Hey! I hope you haven't been waiting here long."

"Nah. I just shrugged off some frat kids who forgot that I had a face in which to talk to. This place is packed. How did you get through the doormen? I heard the manager chewing them out earlier by letting in more people than the place can hold. Apparently someone got heavily fined last week and does not want a repeat so soon," Bridgette responded.

"I found an alternate method of entering." Phaedra laughed, "And I made sure to leave all the walls intact this time. One of the bus boys was kind enough to let me in through the back. He's sleeping off my gentle caresses and affections right now."

"Mmm. They usually find these hard to resist." Bridgette laughed as she lightly grabbed her own boobs. "I hope you did not hurt him too much."

"Nah. He'll live. Besides he might prove more entertaining later."

Apparently a local troupe of frat boys took notice of the two goddesses chatting at the bar, and decided to enter the conversation. "So what are two fine looking women like you doing here? You want to join me and my friends in a dark corner of the lounge?"

Bridgette barely glanced at them, and warned them "Buzz off kid. We're not interested." Phaedra decided to emphasize the point and give a light blow to a passing teenage. The light gust was enough to blow the kid right into the crowd of frat kids.

"Hey man! What's your problem?" the lead frat boy angrily responded to the teenager.

Phaedra grabbed Bridgette's arm, and whispered in her ear. "Come on, let's lose them on the packed dance floor."

The two quickly immersed themselves in the dance floor filled with fellow club kids dancing and gyrating to the techno-house beat.

== The Dance floor

Bridgette and Phaedra soon found themselves in the center of the dance floor. A quick x-ray scan through the crowd at the fraternity kids showed that they had obviously lost the two girls, and walked off in the opposite direction to find their prey.

Phaedra smiled at Bridgette, "Since we're out here, you want to shake your stuff on the dance floor?"

Not wanting a chance to show off, Bridgette started dancing away. The two were quickly moving in time with the beat of the music. The other dancers soon opened a small space for the two beauties to move about a bit more freely. Phaedra thought it was fun to watch Bridgette move her body like she did. Bridgette was skilled in the art of seduction, and knew how to move her body in the right directions to get attention.

Bridgette's legs had just the right amount of muscle on them. Enough to show she had worked out throughout her career, but not enough to be considered abnormal. Those shapely legs soon traveled to a nice tight rear-end that hugged her dress. Watching Bridgette dance in the way she gave Phaedra a fun idea. Since Bridgette loved showing off, Phaedra decided to join the show.

Phaedra lightly took hold of Bridgette's hips, and started gyrating in time with her. Bridgette responded by rubbing her tight ass against her dance companion. Up close and personal like this, Phaedra quickly noticed how intoxicating Bridgette smelled. Her long black hair was like the finest silk as it brushed against Phaedra's cheeks. Phaedra could not help herself, and took a little nibble on Bridgette's ear. Bridgette giggled, and responded "Ooo, I like that. So what else can that super body of yours do?"

Bridgette took hold of Phaedra's hips as Phaedra slowly used her hands to explore Bridgette's body. Phaedra felt around Bridgette's tight stomach and could feel the muscles working underneath like steel cables. Her hands slowly traced the ridges and outlines of Bridgette's abs and stomach. Her hands slowly crawled upwards to touch and trace the bottom of Bridgette's breasts. Phaedra teased Bridgette by lightly brushing her hands across the bottom of her breasts, until finally cupping them in her hands. Phaedra was in awe of Bridgette's breasts. They were much larger, but felt just as tight and firm as her own. With Phaedra's strength everything normally feels very light and fragile, which it is compared to her. Phaedra actually had to use a decent amount of her strength to dimple Bridgette's marvelous boobs. Feeling something so soft resisting her immense strength was deeply erotic to Phaedra. Bridgette could quickly start to feel Phaedra's nipples poking into her, and gasped at being held so tightly.

Bridgette herself loved the feeling on being caressed in such a manner. Normally ordinary humans can barely move her breasts not to mention actually dimple them. It felt absolutely fantastic to be held in such a manner and not feel like being caressed by feathers. Bridgette started to moan loudly, and danced slowly as Phaedra massaged her breasts more. Finally, Bridgette leaned her head back to gaze at her partner. The two were staring into each other as their lips sought each other out. Each could feel the other breathing heavily as their lips touched. It was like electricity shooting between both of them. Soon both of their tongues were seeking the other out and battling for control.

Phaedra had never been so turned on in her life. This woman's body was able to resist her in ways no man has since her transformation. She had to have Bridgette, and she really did not care who was around at the time. By the strength of Bridgette's kissing, she was apparently starting to feel likewise. Few super powered beings had the strength to hold Bridgette in such a manner, and most of those that did were either taken or unavailable. Phaedra turned Bridgette around, and pulled her up off the ground by her beautiful round ass. Bridgette began to explore Phaedra's body with her free hands. She found that Phaedra's breasts felt just as tight and firm as her own. Bridgette could barely dimple Phaedra's breasts even when putting most of strength in the effort. She playfully started rubbing her breasts together with Phaedra's.

Seeing Bridgette work hard to try and dimple her breasts got Phaedra really excited. Bridgette was known to be able to lift several kilotons in weight, but she could barely dimple Phaedra's super tits. Soon there was collective gasp from several of the surrounding dancers. Many of them had started to become enraptured by watching these two beauties go at it on the dance floor. What they did not understand was that Phaedra's enhanced pheromones were also taking affect as well. Several dancers around the two goddesses started dancing closer and closer to each other as well, and could not keep their hands off each other.

Phaedra started to sense what was going on around them, and broke off her kissing with Bridgette. "I hope you aren't planning to take me in for causing a public disturbance?" she said with a wide smile on her face.

"I am sure we can work out an arrangement while we are here," Bridgette responded with a smile equally as wide.

While holding Bridgette with one hand on her ass, Phaedra used her other hand to undo Bridgette's dress from the back. Bridgette helped pull down the dress and could feel her nipples getting even harder when the cool air from club's air conditioning units hit them. Within a few seconds, Bridgette was being held naked in Phaedra's arms. Phaedra took one of Bridgette's breasts in her mouth, and began playing with her nipple. Bridgette was in pure heaven. She had never felt so much pleasure, and could not even dream it was possible. "Hmmm, harder."

Phaedra let go of Bridgette's nipple and responded "How about a real treat, instead." Phaedra lifted Bridgette higher until her sex was slightly higher with Phaedra's mouth. Phaedra began darting her mouth in and out, and found the taste invigorating. Each taste only fueled her desire into wanting more and more of Bridgette. Phaedra began to float upwards, taking Bridgette with her. Soon Phaedra's tongue began moving in and out at blinding speeds with Bridgette barely able to keep up.

Most of the dancing had stopped dancing by now. The sight of two Earth-bound goddesses, one totally naked, drove all other thoughts from the fellow dancers' minds. A few even formed couples of their own and began imitating Phaedra and Bridgette on the dance floor as best they could. When the girls started floating even the DJ on the second floor overlook stopped mixing and took notice. The music became a simple repetitive beat as the DJ started drooling on the sound system.

Bridgette was in absolute bliss over Phaedra's actions. As Phaedra's feet soon cleared the other dancers' heads, Bridgette took hold of the metal scaffolding holding the dance floor lights. Within seconds Bridgette began cumming and squeezed one of the scaffolding bars off the main supports. She screamed out as one of the most powerful orgasms took her into total bliss. Bridgette closed her eyes and grabbed the scaffolding with her free hand. Without realizing she pulled the scaffolding down causing it to screech and start to come loose from the fixtures.

In the meantime, one of the bouncers who were watching the spectacle got his wits about him and ran to the manager's office. "Sir, you've got to come and see this!" He yelled, and then took off to finish watching the show on the dance floor. The manager came out of his office, and immediately noticed the two super women floating almost on level with the second floor balcony above the dance floor. "What the…?" The manager ran back to his office and quickly called the police. While these two girls would make the club famous even more than it already was, the manager also did not want to lose the club if the girls' playing gets rough. Besides he still has the video surveillance footage.

Bridgette started to come off her post-orgasm bliss, and looked down at Phaedra. She did not even notice the sagging scaffolding, or that onlookers were surrounding the first and second floors. Using her immense strength she folded the bar together and started to smooth it out by stroking it up and down. "Wow! That was great. Now it's mine turn," Bridgette responded as she hungrily gazed at Phaedra and held up her new toy.

Phaedra lowered Bridgette so she could make use of her new toy. Phaedra used a free hand to lower her dress and expose her succulent breasts. Bridgette immediately took the hint, and started suckling them with her mouth. At the same time she inserted the former scaffolding rod up Phaedra's dress and started teasing her sex. Phaedra had experimented with steel pipes before, but having a fellow super apply their own strength to the rod and her breasts at the same time was incredible. Phaedra used her hands to feel more of Bridgette's firm behind while the other pulled her head in closer.

After some brief teasing, Bridgette began to insert the rod into Phaedra's sex. Phaedra gasped as Bridgette used her strength to part Phaedra's nether lips. The rod started to slip in and out slowly at first. Seeing that Phaedra was enjoying herself, Bridgette started to speed up the pace. She kissed and sucked on each of Phaedra's nipples as the rod did its work below. She also found that she could bite as hard as possible, and it would only make Phaedra gasp more.

"Nnnnaghhh, more… more!" Phaedra gasped out.

Soon Bridgette was moving the rod at speeds faster that the eye could see. The friction caused the rod to begin melting in Bridgette's hand. The crowd on the dance floor quickly cleared the area as molten metal oozed from the floating goddess' pussy. Bridgette quickly replaced the melted rod with her free fingers, and began vibrating her hand at super speed.

Phaedra could not believe what Bridgette was doing to her. She had never experienced such pleasure before or after her transformation. Each second seemed to cause the sensation to double or triple in its intensity. Phaedra's eyes rolled back and she started to finish while floating over the dance floor. The orgasm was so powerful she could see only white as all other sensations were blotted out.

Phaedra lost control of her flying ability during her orgasm and fell to the floor. Instinctively, Bridgette reached up and grabbed the scaffolding that the impromptu dildo had come from. Phaedra's body hit the floor with a loud thud causing the floor below to actually crack. She was still shaking from her orgasm, and did not even realize what had happened.

The club manager now thought that this was his chance. He ran over to the bouncers who were standing together and staring at the two goddesses pleasure each other. "Hey, the police are on their way over. Go get the others to clear out the club, then do what you can to restrain those two bitches before they destroy this place."

As in response to the club manager's orders, the scaffolding that Bridgette was holding onto finally gave way. The metal scaffolding, lights, sound system, and Bridgette came falling down onto Phaedra and the dance floor. The dancers cleared the floor the instant that Phaedra fell, and were in no danger when the scaffolding fell. Phaedra emerged from her state of bliss and opened her eyes to see all of this falling on top of her.

After the dust settled, Phaedra grabbed the scaffolding on top of her and moved it aside as she stood up. The heavy steel scaffolding moved aside as easily as cardboard in the indomitable goddess' slim hands. Bridgette stood up as well and started looking for her clothes. "Can you see my dress anywhere?" Bridgette asked.

As she pulled her dress back up, Phaedra used her x-ray vision to scan for it, and found the dress ripped apart under broken lighting equipment. She pointed it out and said, "It's over there, but I don't think it will be much use anymore."

Bridgette lifted the heavy stage light as if it was nothing. She smirked as she said, "Great, now I'll have to run home naked again." Phaedra smiled at the idea, and obviously had something on her mind when she was interrupted from above.

"Hey, you fucking whores! What the fuck do you think you are doing in my club?" the manager cried out as he leaned over the railing on the second floor. "You two are going to be in for some serious hurting when my boys are done with you!"

Four bouncers came onto the stage and split up as two took on each girl. Bridgette took the large stage light into one hand. Bridgette could feel the intense heat given off by the light, and could understand why they were so high up. She took the light and threw it at the bar in order to get the bouncers' attention. The light and casing flew across the dance floor like a tennis ball, and shattered when they hit the bar and shelved bottles. The crowd got the hint that Bridgette was trying to make and started scattering for the exit doors.

"Now that we are alone, let's see what you got."

One of the bouncers took out a stun gun that he kept under his shirt, and attacked Bridgette with it. The bouncer obviously had something on his mind when the stun gun landed directly on her right nipple. She felt a nice tingling sensation as the electricity hit her nipple, and caused it to harder almost instantly. She was glad that she was naked since the gun would have possibly burnt her dress. Bridgette decided that she would have to experiment later with a higher voltage. The second bouncer pulled out a billy club, and took a swing at her head from behind.

Bridgette felt a distinct thud on her head at the club came to an abrupt stop at her skull. She grabbed the first bouncer by the belt and lifted him off the ground with one hand. She then used her other hand to grab her second attacker and lift him as well. Bridgette slammed the two men together hard enough to knock them out cold. They both fell to the ground with a loud thud.

From what Bridgette could see, Phaedra was having some fun with her two attackers. As the two bouncers rushed her, she grabbed the scaffolding and pushed it towards the bouncers. The steel structure slid across the ground with a deafening screech, and bowled over one of the bouncers before he could react. The second bouncer was bit quicker, and was able to jump over the scaffolding as it hit his partner.

Phaedra moved as super speed to stand right in front of him with her hands on her hips. Before the man knew what was happening Phaedra was right in front of his face. The bouncer could not help himself and glanced down at the girl's impressive showing of cleavage.

Phaedra smiled as the bouncer took a glance at her cleavage while trying to decide what to do. "Like what you see?" she said, and started to inhale causing her chest to expand. This time she did not bother to stop, and soon the top of the dress ripped right down the middle. Phaedra's indomitable boobs burst out of her dress and straight into the man's face. Before he could react, Phaedra grabbed the man's head and shoved his face into her cleavage.

Phaedra started rubbing the man's face across her breasts. She loved the sensation of the man's five o'clock shadow rubbing against her breast flesh. The bouncer tried to resist by punching and kicking his opponent, but nothing seemed to faze her. His most powerful punches just bounced off her like hitting a wall. After a few seconds of this, Phaedra moved the man's mouth to one of her nipples and commanded, "Suckle."

The man bit as hard as he could on Phaedra's nipple, but she only moaned in response. Phaedra' super hearing suddenly started picking up the distinct sound of sirens coming from the front entrance. Phaedra turned to her companion who had just finished knocking out her two opponents.

"I think it is time to leave. I can hear sirens out front."

Bridgette looked up front her handiwork, and responded "It's better that I slip out the back. There is always the chance one of the officers might recognize me. If the manager reported your flying, then the police will just wait outside until local Justice Legion supers arrive to take over."

Phaedra pulled the bouncer's head into her breast a little more to restrict his breathing. His resistance quickly became more frantic and desperate as he realized what she was doing. "Your friends in the Justice Legion will probably not appreciate you being here. I'll cause a distraction out front while you slip out the back."

"Thanks. Do you want to finish what we started back at my place when you are done?"

Phaedra laughed, "You're insatiable. Definitely later, but let's let the heat die down for a day or two."

The bouncer finally lost consciousness from lack of air, and fell limp in Phaedra's grasp. She let the man fall to the floor, and glanced around the club with her x-ray vision. "Before you leave, take the video recordings of us from the manager's office. I can see him up there going over them."

"I am sure I can persuade him," Bridgette smiled as she cupped her large breasts. Bridgette's touch sent ripples through her breasts as they lightly bounced up and down. Bridgette then leaped up onto the second floor and cleared the railing. She started walking towards where the manager's office was. Phaedra turned towards the front entrance, and headed off for her confrontation with the police.

== Bridgette and the Manager

Bridgette walked into the club manger's office to find the man staring at the videotapes he had recorded of their lovemaking. It looked like he was trying to make a copy of the tapes. She could easily imagine what was going through the man's head as he watched. One copy was for the police for evidence, and another copy would be sold on the Internet for a nice profit. Either tape would quickly identify Bridgette to her Justice Legion colleagues and end her career as an upcoming superhero. The manager sat on a small footstool in front of a large screen TV and two VCRs. Behind the man were a bookshelf and a long couch facing the TV.

"Like what you see?" The manager turned wide-eyed to the naked beauty standing in his doorway. "Maybe you would like a closer look?"

Bridgette sensuously walked towards the manager, making sure that her hips casually swayed from side to side as she did. She also made sure to add a little bounce in her step so her free and proud breasts gave a little giggle as well. The manager could not help his loins from reacting. He reached to a nearby shelf and grabbed a large .45 caliber gun. He pointed the gun at Bridgette as she came closer. Bridgette kept walking towards the manager. The manager stood up and fired off a round at the girl. The bullet hit her in the face and bounced off into one of the bookcases against the wall.

"Now that was not very nice. I am going to have to punish you for that one. But first, let's have a little more fun, shall we?"

Bridgette grabbed the gun with one hand, and the mangers rear-end with the other. She moved the manager towards her so his crotch rubbed against her own. She could feel his raging hard-on pressing against her through his pants. Bridgette started rubbing her own crotch against him. As she did so, she took the gun and buried it within her very expansive and inviting cleavage.

"Mmmm, I love the feeling of metal against my breasts. Do you know what I also like?"

Before the manager could respond, Bridgette tightened her chest muscles. Her breasts started to squeeze together, and compress the pistol trapped between them. The manager gaped in complete shock as his gun was slowly crushed by the girl's powerful tits. Bridgette moaned with pleasure, as her breasts were able to crush the metal object. The fact that this gun was unable to withstand her caused her nipples to harden. The ubergirl took her hands off the manager, and placed them on the outside of her breasts. The manager took a step back and hit the bookshelf behind him. The girl's delicate hands began to push her breasts together, and slowly knead them at the same time. What was left of the gun was soon completely flattened. The manager could hear muffled explosions go off as the bullets ignited under the heat and pressure from her indestructible boobs. The manager was amazed at how the exploding bullets were not damaging her in the least. He could barely contain his lust for this heavenly goddess standing in front of him. Bridgette took her hands off her breasts, and let the remains of the gun fall to the ground. She wiped off the lead and gunpowder marks from her breasts, and advanced on the club manager.

"You know, I really want that video tape. I also want you to forget what my friend and I look like, and make sure your staff does them same. And just to make sure you fully understand…" Bridgette grabbed the man's pants and ripped them open with a single motion. Neither belt nor pants could withstand her inhumanly strong muscles. The manager's huge erection was left bobbing up and down into the open air. "Let's give you an extra incentive."

Bridgette let the pants fall to the ground, and took hold of the man's ass. She proceeded to lift the man off the ground, and positioned his throbbing member in between the same breasts that just crushed his gun to scrap metal. Bridgette gave her chest muscles a little squeeze to trap his manhood between her divine globes. She began to slowly move the man up and down. Within a few seconds the manager was ready to finish all over her. Bridgette tightened her chest muscles further to lock his member in a vice, and prevent him from finishing.

"Not yet. We still have more work to do."

Bridgette started moving the man up and down again, and repeating her breast lock maneuver several times to keep him from finishing. Soon the manager became desperate to finish. He had never felt his cock rage harder and longer to finish. This girl was absolutely incredible, and she was stopping him from finishing by just squeezing her tits together.

After several minutes of playing with the club manager, Bridgette playfully started to lick and tease the man's cock with her tongue. This completely sent the man over the edge as he started pounding on her and pleading for her to let him finish. His beatings had little effect on Bridgette, but she did need to leave while Phaedra caused the distraction. Too bad she did not have Phaedra's power of x-ray vision to see how the girl is doing right now.

Bridgette finally let the man finish. She took the head of the man's penis into her mouth, and began to suck and lick him as he shot his load into her. The manager had never had such an incredible orgasm come over him. This girl could take whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. He would have given her anything for another taste of this kind of pleasure. The man's eyes rolled up into his head, and he quickly lost all consciousness as orgasmic bliss took over. Bridgette licked up all of the man's semen, and casually tossed his unconscious body onto the couch.

Bridgette licked her lips as she walked over to the video recorders. She picked up the large 21-inch screen TV that sat on top of the two VCRs. Using her unbelievably strong muscles, she squeezed the TV together causing it to explode into a thousand tiny pieces. She then grabbed the VCRs, and began folding them together. Once again the electronic devices were unable to withstand her powerful caresses. The ultra-powerful goddess began rubbing the VCR units across her breasts and body. Within seconds the VCRs and their videotapes were shredded to millions of tiny pieces. The tape and everything else was utterly destroyed to the point that nothing would be found from them.

Bridgette would have liked to have kept the tape for future and repeated viewing, but something like that was not safe to keep around no matter how secure. Having the tape completely destroyed would allow her to sleep better at night. Besides it was obvious that Phaedra wanted to go a second round anyway.

Bridgette left the mangled electronics and unconscious club manager behind as she walked out of the office. She made her way to the edge of the dance floor and jumped down to the first level. Her feet cracked more of the dance floor as she landed. Bridgette then took off for the back door that Phaedra had used to enter the club from. She did not even notice the unconscious bus boy lying in the dark corner near the garbage bin.

Since Bridgette did not have Phaedra's power of flight, she decided to take another way home. Bridgette jumped to the top of the 4-storied building that made part of the alleyway. A quick glance around showed that no one would see her traveling naked across the rooftops of New York City. Bridgette took off as a moderate speed of 60 mph while jumping between buildings. No one or camera ever caught sight of her as she made her way home for the night, and away from the chaos Phaedra was sowing in the front of the club.

== Phaedra and the Police

The police had surrounded the club entrance with their police cars outside. The manager had informed them that two girls were floating above the stage and destroying the club. The police made sure to get everyone out of the area, and then called in for the local Justice Legion to take care of the two out-of-control super girls inside. They were rather surprised when a rather confident-looking 6 ft goddess walked out of the club in a ripped black dress.

Phaedra walked out of the front entrance and placed her hands on her hips as she took everything in. A quick scan of the area showed that the crowd was being kept far away. The police were all armed and positioned behind their police cars, which formed a rough barricade around the entrance. Thankfully, there were no TV vans around yet.

"Put you hands on your head, and lay down on the ground!"

Phaedra turned to the police officer with the bullhorn. "Fuck you, pig." Phaedra walked over to a lamppost standing on the sidewalk. She turned to gaze directly at the police officer as her hands took hold of the large pole. A quick jerk of her hands ripped the pole from the ground. Phaedra held the pole like a baseball bat, and prepared to take a swing at the nearest police car.

"Ah, shit! Open fire!"

Seeing the impending threat, the police officers showed no problems opening fire on the lone redheaded woman. Phaedra soon found herself being pelted by bullets from almost all directions. The bullets quickly shredded what remained of her dress to tatters, but left her skin completely unblemished. Phaedra took a few seconds to enjoy the feeling as some of the bullets bounced off her breasts. The sensation almost felt ticklish. She did wish they had brought some higher caliber weapons, though. A SWAT Team with their big rifles always felt nicer than a policeman's handgun.

Phaedra took the lamppost in her hands, and brought it down hard on the nearest police car's hood. The officers behind the car bolted as soon as the realized what was happening. The force of the blow was strong enough to lift the back of the car into the air. All of the windows on the car shattered. Phaedra dropped the pole, and walked over to the ruined car as the police continued their barrage of bullets to no effect. She reached down and took hold of the underside of the car. Steel oozed between her fingers as she grabbed the car, and began to lift. The car was soon hoisted effortlessly above her head by one hand.

The police officers marveled at the site of this unearthly beauty lifting one of their police cars without any sign of strain. She merely turned towards the other police cars, and smiled at the officers. The goddess gazed up into the sky and noticed what appeared to be something flying towards the scene. Phaedra's enhanced vision zoomed in to reveal the object was a local member of the Justice Legion. Not wanting to spoil her fun, she took the car in her one hand and threw it at the coming superhero. The car left her hand like a bullet, and rocketed towards the oncoming superhero. He did not even realize what it was until it was too late. The car crashed into the superhero, kept going, and took the super with it.

"Stop firing! Stop firing! Everyone rush her. Try to take her down before she grabs another car," the policeman with the bullhorn shouted to the others.

The police stopped firing and tried to gang rush Phaedra before she could do more damage. Phaedra smirked with her hands on her hips as the crowd of police officers converged on her. She was still smirking as she used her super speed to sidestep over the left of her position. A number of officers ran smack into each other without even realizing that their catch was no longer there. Quickly, Phaedra reached down and grabbed one of the officers by the belt. She tossed the rather heavyset man onto one of his fellow officers who was still running towards her. The man took the other officer down like a bowling pin.

Phaedra turned to the pile of police officers struggling to get up, and lightly blew in their direction. Her breath was like a mini-tornado, which the men could barely resist. They struggled to try holding onto the ground or other officers. Phaedra kept increasing the pressure of her blowing until all the officers were blown away like a stack of leaves. The police flew through the air and over the police car barricade.

Phaedra turned as another officer came running towards her. The officer had pulled out his baton, and took a swing at her when he got in range. Phaedra decided to play with the man, and adjusted her position so the baton would land between her two titanic breasts. The baton landed dead center of its new target, and Phaedra tensed her chest muscles as it landed. The baton was quickly caught in between her breasts like a vice.

She twisted her body to wrench the baton free from the officer's grasp, and quickly turned back to smite the officer with his own baton. It had barely registered what had happened when the baton left the officer's hand and suddenly hit him hard in the arm. The officer lost his footing and fell to the ground on his ass. Phaedra then tightened her chest muscles even more causing the baton to snap in two. Two pieces of baton hit the officer on the ground as Phaedra released her chest muscles.

One of the officers she blew over the police car got up and threw his gun at her. Phaedra grabbed the gun in mid-flight, and crushed it in her hand. The motion caused the bullets in the gun to pop off in her hand like firecrackers. She then took the gun and tossed it back to the police officer. The gun hit him on the shoulder and sent him flying through the air and onto another officer.

One of the officers jumped into a police squad car. He backed the car up and pointed it directly at her. He revved the engine, and took off trying to run her over since nothing else seemed to stop this girl. Phaedra stood her ground, and placed her hands on her hips as the car sped towards her. Upon impact the front of the car wrapped around her body like paper as it impacted on a structure much harder and unmovable than itself. The officer was thrown through the windshield and caught by Phaedra. She tossed the dazed officer aside, and placed her hands on the sides of the mangled car. The goddess's hands crushed the sides of the car as she tightened her grip. Her muscles quickly proved more powerful than steel as she lifted the entire car above her head. Phaedra then grabbed another part of the underside of the car, and began to squeeze the car together. The car gave a horrible screeching noise as it slowly bent according to Phaedra's will. Phaedra adjusted her grip on the car as it bent more, and soon turned the car into a large U-shape. Pleased with her handiwork, Phaedra tossed the remains of the car onto another police car.

Phaedra was intoxicated with the power she had over these mortals. She had defeated almost all of them by barely touching them. A quick look around told her that most, if not all, had been subdued by her incredible body. Those still able to walk or run were taking off down the street. The only one still remaining was the officer with the bullhorn who was staring open-mouthed at her. When he noticed her gaze upon him, he dropped the bullhorn and made a run for it.

He almost ran smack into Phaedra as she suddenly appeared directly in front of him. She raised the bullhorn he dropped, and quietly stated, "You dropped this." The officer did not know what to do, and tried to back away from this imposing ubergirl. Phaedra took the bullhorn and started to compress it in her hands. The horn did not stand a chance at her near limitless strength came down upon it.

"Now make sure neither you nor your friends remember me very clearly. I would hate to have to give you a more physical and painful demonstration. Do we understand each other?"

"Ah… ah… yes… please, just don't kill me."

Phaedra took a quick scan of the skies, and noticed that the Justice Legionnaire was on his way again. She turned to the officer and presented a small round ball that was his bullhorn. She slowly brought her hand into a fist and enclosed the metal and plastic sphere in her hand. Still unable to resist her impossible strength, the sphere squished through her fingers.

The goddess dropped the remains of the horn, and blew the officer a light kiss. The officer found himself flying up in the air, and landed on top of a police car unconscious. Phaedra turned back towards the club, and went back inside. She still had one more item of business to take care of before leaving.

== Leaving the Scene

Phaedra walked through the club, and scanned through it for anything that could lead back to her or Bridgette. A quick glance with her x-ray vision told her that the superhero was almost to the scene. He would check out the officers before entering the club for her. She still had some time to get out of there. A confrontation with a local super would cause too much trouble right now.

Phaedra found Bridgette's ruined dress on the floor. A quick burst of heat vision turned the dress to ash on the dance floor. Phaedra shot off some more blasts of her heat vision to ignite the bar area and lounge. The flames would keep the superhero busy inside the club. She then confirmed that the security videotapes had been destroyed before Bridgette took off herself. After confirming that nothing else remained that could lead the police or supers to them, Phaedra started walking to the back entrance of the club she came through. The club was completely disserted of people. Everyone had taken off through the front and back entrances the moment the fighting started.

Phaedra came through the backdoor to find that her bus boy friend from earlier was just regaining consciousness. She closed the heavy, metal back door and used her heat vision to weld it shut. She then walked over to the large garbage bin that was standing nearby the waking bus boy. Phaedra reached down and lifted the heavy garbage bin off the ground with one hand.

The bus boy, Dave, was starting to regain consciousness when he felt a presence walk beside him. He opened his eyes to see the same woman who had seduced him earlier standing over him. Her clothes were now in tatters and barely concealed her gorgeous body. The woman had beautiful olive skin that was nicely tanned. Her legs were well muscled and seemed to ride up forever. Her smooth belly was just a precursor to the incredibly large globes standing high and proud on her chest. At this point, Dave began to believe he was hallucinating. This beautiful bombshell of a girl was holding the large and heavy garbage bin in one hand as if carrying a waiter's tray.

"Have a nice nap, lover boy?"

The woman then turned and walked to the backdoor of the club. The door itself looked odd as well, as if it had been partially melted by something incredibly hot. The girl set the garbage bin down gently in front of the door in order to block it. She then turned around and walked back to Dave. Dave stood up as the girl got nearer, and tried to stammer something out to her. Phaedra took one finger and put it to his lips.

"Shhhh, no need to talk. Why don't we take this back to your place?"

Before the guy could say anything in response, Phaedra wrapped her arms around the man's waist. She then started to lift up off the ground, and quickly cleared the buildings. Dave did not know what to say, think, or even do. This stunning goddess had grabbed hold of him, and was now flying above the city under her own power. He knew he must have been hallucinating now as she turned in the direction of his loft apartment. Not sure of what else to do, he quickly lost consciousness again.

Phaedra did a quick look into the club as she lifted off the ground. She found that the newly arrived superhero had moved from the remains of the front entrance, and was now searching the club for her. He was also trying to fight the flames, and search for any unfortunates still in the club. Her flight gave her a nice silent escape into the night with her new toy. With a little persuasion she was sure that he would gladly vouch that no one matching her description was ever at the club.

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