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A Little Bit of Fun Chapter 7

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"They're getting closer."
"I know."
"Don't you want to greet them properly?"
"There'll be plenty of time for that."
"But shouldn’t we- Oh!  Do that again!  Oh, yes!"

The Chief Inspector slammed his fist down hard on the table.  “Where the hell is everybody?” he demanded.  
The subordinates moving busily around him in the office paused for a moment.  Under the circumstances,
the question had a double-meaning.  They were, after all, responding to a break in communication with two
squad cars and an ambulance out on the coastal road.  No-one was quite sure if the Chief was referring to
the four patrolmen and two ambulance crewmen on the scene or the staff of the Prefecture who had been
summoned in response.

Taking a chance that the Chief had meant the latter option, a fresh-faced young man in uniform spoke up
above the murmur of people speaking on telephones.  “The nearest vehicle should be arriving on site any
minute, sir.  They were twenty kilometres away when we radioed them.  We have secured two further cars
from the next region, but they won’t get there for another….” He checked his watch “..ten minutes or so.”

“What about here?  Have the technicians arrived?”

“Yes sir.  They’ve already checked the equipment.  There’s definitely nothing wrong at this end.”

“I see.”

On the far side of the room, an overweight red-faced man with a craggy face and greying temples finished
his telephone conversation and replaced the receiver he’d been holding to his ear.  “Sir!” he called out.  
“The chopper crew are now airborne.  ETA at the site of the originally reported car crash is four minutes.”

“Good.  What about the fire and medical Services?”

A girl, barely old enough to have passed basic training, looked up from a flickering computer monitor.  “A
fire rescue vehicle has been dispatched, sir.  It’s probably going to take about a quarter of an hour to arrive.  
The hospital’s other ambulance is responding to another emergency.  They don’t have any more crews.  
I’ve contacted the next nearest response unit, but they’re at least twenty-five minutes away, traffic

“OK.” The Chief Inspector took a moment to digest the latest information.  He knew that there was little he
could do until someone – anyone – reported back from the scene.  How could he respond to a situation
until he knew the nature of that situation?  This was all unprecedented.  Two patrol cars and an ambulance
suddenly not responding to radio-calls and then remaining silent for half-an-hour was not something that
happened every day.

His mind raced with possible explanations for the mystery.  There might be a simple answer; something that
prevented the three radios from working.  But under those circumstances, one of the officers should have
found an emergency telephone and used it by now.  Maybe it was more sinister.  A huge explosion might
have destroyed the three vehicles, or at the very least destroyed the radio equipment.  Or something might
have happened to the six men on scene…  But four of those men were trained, reasonably fit police officers.  
Even if they had run across a maniac with a machine-gun, someone would have survived. Someone would
have radioed in.  What the hell had happened out there?

“Mmmmmm.  Yes!”  Lyda’s words of encouragement found a willing listener.  Tara continued her
passionate kissing and sucking of her friend’s neck, the brunette’s soft, luscious lips displacing Tara’s
flesh in a way that nothing else – no muscular male Earther, no speeding vehicle, no weapon – seemed able
to do whilst they were on this planet.

The taller girl moaned in delight, feeling sensations dozens of times more intense than anything she’d felt
in her time on Earth.  Her mind was filled with physical ecstasy, leaving little room for thought.  But one
notion did manage to present itself.  More of a question that a thought, it intrigued her:  if Lyda could create
an impression with just her lips that the Earthers and their machines hadn’t managed to achieve, then just
how powerful was her friend?

And just how powerful was she?  After all, she was Lyda’s equal here.  She and her companion – her lover
as she had now become – possessed the same fantastic abilities on Earth.  The same seemingly unlimited
strength.  The same apparently total invulnerability.  They were goddesses!  The vast physical superiority
they enjoyed over the inhabitants of this world meant they were above any laws or rules – either the laws
that bound them in their own home or those that controlled the people of Earth.  The entire planet was theirs
to do with as they pleased.  And they possessed the power to do anything.  Anything!

Tara shut her eyes as Lyda’s tongue expertly darted into her ear.  She pictured the petite – if curvaceous –
girl beside her lifting a huge vehicle full of Earthers with her long, shapely, slender arms.  The lust she was
feeling grew as she thought of her lover’s power.  She thought how the soft warm tongue that was giving
her so much pleasure was strong enough to tear through metal, just like her own tongue.  How the panting
exhalations they were both producing could be re-directed to make hurricanes violent enough to alter the
landscape.  The more she thought of their abilities, the more sexually excited she became.

“Tara.” Lyda whispered into her friend’s ear, her warm breath so stimulating.

“Hmmm?” Tara responded, her eyes still closed.

“Listen.  I can hear a conversation in the closest vehicle!”

“I thought we were ignoring the Earthers.” Tara said, opening her eyes and turning her head slightly to
look straight into Lyda’s stunning face.   “You’re so beautiful.” she said, her lips almost unconsciously
repeating her thoughts.  “And so powerful.”

“So are you.” Lyda returned the compliment.  “But you should listen to the Earthers.  It’s so funny!  We can
always kiss and listen at the same time…”  She proved her point by gently, sensuously, pressing her ripe
lips against Tara’s equally desirable mouth.

The car raced away from the rising sun as fast as its engine would allow.  Its two occupants sat tight-lipped
in the front seats.  The driver fixed his tired, bloodshot eyes on the empty, straight road ahead.  His female
companion, her complexion showing similar signs of a lack of sleep, stared pointedly out of the window on
her side.  She badly wanted to remove the make-up that she had liberally applied to her eyes hours before.  
Almost as much as she wanted to get out of the car.

Finally, she had turned to her companion to break the silence.  It was the first time either of them had spoken
since they’d begun the journey, an hour earlier.  “I can’t believe you did that.” she had said.

“Well, I did.” was the terse reply.  “Why is it such a big thing for you?”

“Such a big thing?  You, getting your cock out and waving it about in the middle of the dance-floor of my
favourite night club?  Yeah, it’s a big thing.  You humiliated me, Jules, you bastard.”

“Humiliated?  I’d say the other women were all jealous of you.”

“You stupid pig!   Stop the car!”

“What here?  In the middle of nowhere?  No way, Véro.  I’m taking you home.”

“I’m not going home with you.  And if you think you’re ever going to come near me again with that… that
thing you’re so proud of - then you must be dreaming.”

“Fine.  Whatever.  I got a bit carried away and you-“

“-Carried away?  You acted like a fucking savage.  I don’t want to be with a man who does things like that.”

“Too bad you can’t marry a priest, then.”

“Fuck you, Jules.  The second we get into town, I’m getting out.  I don’t ever want to see you again.”

“Oh, come on, Véronique.  It was just a joke!  I love you – you know that.”

“Well, it wasn’t funny.  You’re not funny.  And you don’t love me.  If you did you’d never have flashed
yourself like that in public.  We’re through.  Find yourself a girl who enjoys that kind of thing.  If there is
such a thing.”

“Look, I’m… I’m sorry.  It was a stupid thing to do.   I never would have tried it if I knew that it was going
to make you so-  What the fuck is that?”


“That!  Up there on the road.”  Jules eased his foot off the accelerator pedal, allowing the car to start to slow
from its previous flat-out speed.

“Looks like an accident.   Something’s turned over…” Véronique tilted her head to the side until her right
ear touched her shoulder in an attempt to see the distant vehicle as if it were upright.  “It’s an ambulance!”
she announced.  Jules hit the brakes, making her jerk forward until her seatbelt stopped any further

“What a lovely couple!  I think they’ve finally noticed us!” Lyda giggled.

“No, not us yet.” Tara corrected.  “Just that square vehicle I blew at.”  Both girls felt an involuntary thrill
of excitement as they recalled the way the taller of the pair had stopped the speeding transport and thrown
it backwards through the air with just a casually-dispensed jet of her breath.

“They’re so pathetic!  They can’t see anything unless it’s right in front of them.” Lyda observed.  She
caught Tara’s eye and noticed the ember of lust that had been kindled by the thought of the power of her
superhuman lungs.  Overcome with desire herself, she opened her lips a little and initiated another kiss.  
The two girls’ tongues toyed playfully as they entered each other’s mouths.

When the kiss broke, Lyda barely moved her face away at all.  There was a moment or two of silence as the
girls concentrated on hearing the two voices coming from the ever-nearing Earther vehicle.  It was Tara
who spoke first.

Their noses were still touching.  Tara stared into Lyda’s eyes, breathing her words so very sexily.  “Lyda,”
she exhaled, “I want to see you using your power again.  I want to show me just how powerful you are.”

Lyda smiled broadly, exposing her perfect, gorgeous teeth.  “On one condition,” she said. “You have to
show me your power too.”

The car slowed to a jogging pace as they neared the fallen ambulance.  Both Jules and Véro scanned the
scene before them.  “What’s that over there?” Véronique pointed.

Jules squinted.  “It looks like a bit of a police car….” He said, frowning.  “Fuck, what happened here?”

“Jules, I don’t like this.” Véro said, suddenly.  “It’s starting to freak me out.”  The events of the past few
hours were temporarily forgotten as she placed her hand nervously on her boyfriend’s sleeve.

“It’s just an accident,” Jules said, secretly delighted with the unexpected touch of her hand on his arm.

“Something doesn’t feel right about this.”  Véronique tightened her grip on him.  They were less than fifty
meters from the ambulance now.  The car continued to move slowly forward.   “Look!” she said, her voice
carrying more than a hint of nervousness.  “There’s another police car!  How the hell did it end up like

“I… I don’t know.” Jules answered, beginning to feel increasingly uneasy himself.   They passed by the
overturned ambulance, but couldn’t see inside it.  As soon as they were beyond it, more of the road beyond
was revealed.  “Fuck!  Look what happened to that other car!  And… Oh, god!”  Jules’ face changed colour
in an instant, taking on a decidedly greenish shade.  “Véro!  Close your eyes!  Don’t look!”

She obeyed unthinkingly.  “What is it, Jules?”

“A… a… body…  Looks bad.  I better call the police.”

“Don’t stop here, please Jules.”

“No, no… When we get a little further down the-“

“What?” Véro’s eyes were still shut.  She had no idea why her companion had suddenly fallen silent.  
“What is it Jules?   Jules?”  No reply.  She had to look.  First at the man beside her.  He was still there.  Still
breathing.  But his jaw was hanging open.  His expression was strange.  Not horror.  Just surprise.  Total,
deep surprise.  Slowly, Véronique turned to see what had caused it.  The last sight she expected to be
greeted with was two young, scantily-clad girls.  They were lying in the middle of the road, smeared with
blood and entwined, as if in an embrace.  “Wha…?”

"Now they've seen us."


"Well, Lyda, now's as good a time as any.  Go on, show me your power!"

"You really are an impatient young lady, you know that?"

"Please, Lyda.  I want to see your power."  Tara bit her lower lip, a subconscious showing of her need and
her excitement.  The gesture was not lost on her friend.  Slowly, a grin began to spread over the shorter girl's

"Put your arms around my waist." Lyda instructed.

"But I want to watch you..."

"Shhh".  Lyda laid her extended index finger gently over Tara's rich lips.  "You'll enjoy this.  I promise.  Just
hold on tight and go with the flow."

"OK" Tara placed her hands behind her friend's back, interlocking her fingers and pulling their two glorious
bodies intimately close together.  In fact, her grip was so forceful that, had Lyda been made of solid granite,
the beautiful teenaged brunette would have been instantly crushed to dust.  Lyda, however, was vastly
more resilient that any mere block of stone.  To her, Tara's superhuman hold felt like a warm, but tender,

"Here we go... Get ready!" Lyda warned, arranging her legs beneath her lover's.  Her legs, although
supremely sexy by Earther standards, were not quite as long as Tara's.  But they were strong.  Perhaps too
strong for an Earther to fully comprehend.  When she pushed down against the ground, her flawless, pretty
bare feet sunk into the surface of the path the Earthers had made for their vehicles.  The ground yielded to
her, cracking and crumbling, rock reducing to dust under the phenomenal pressure she exerted.

Yet Lyda only pushed down on her feet with a tiny proportion of her strength.  Soon enough, as she
pressed down, the material beneath her soles became sufficiently compacted and the stone beneath
sufficiently solid to survive the force being applied and resist.  As she continued to exert pressure, the
ground began to push back, according to the laws of the universe.  Instead of being driven into the Earth,
her feet pushed the rest of her body upwards.

With minimal effort, she succeeded in lifting her body into the air and propelling it towards the
newly-arrived argumentative couple in their vehicle.  Of course, with Tara holding on to her so securely, the
other girl was also carried up and to the side.  In the end, Lyda's feat resembled a massive, standing leap.  
Only it was executed from a prostrate position.

Tara laughed when she finally understood her friend's intentions.  Why stand up and walk to the vehicle
when their feet - or in this case, just Lyda's feet alone - were powerful enough to carry them both the
distance with a single bound?   She grasped the brunette tightly by her tiny waist as they soared through
the air, their embrace unbroken throughout.  They slowly revolved mid-flight, so that each of them had a
few moments on top and then underneath, and both had ample opportunity to observe the Earther vehicle
as they soared ever nearer to it.   They both noted with glee the changing expressions on the faces of the
Earther couple within: confusion becoming surprise and then fear.

Lyda had judged the unorthodox leap to perfection.   She and Tara knew it long before the Earthers could
calculate their trajectory.  Matching the taller girl's hold on her, she put her own arms around Tara's waist
as they reached the apex of their flight, her fully aroused nipples pressing into her friend's equally fabulous
chest, driving them both wild with lust.  They were descending now, coming down towards the front of the
vehicle, getting nearer every instant.  Lyda was on top now, but they were still turning.  It was her
immaculately rounded rear that would crash down first.

Tara pressed her lips forcefully into Lyda’s as they crashed down onto the Earther vehicle.  The thin metal
sheet that covered the area where the complex, primitive engine was stored attempted to mould itself
around the brunette’s superhumanly firm and rounded buttocks, but it quickly stretched beyond its
tolerance and tore.  Gravity and momentum pulled the entwined teenage girls downwards, and Lyda’s hips
and thighs forced their way through the breached panel without noticing any resistance.  Soon her pert rear
was making a deep impression in the much more solid steel of the motor itself.

As the lovers’ fall finally came to a halt, the force of their impact shattered the transparent material in front
of the vehicle’s occupants and small, sharp pieces of it spilled in all directions.  Those that hit the lovely,
exposed skin of Tara and Lyda merely bounced away, leaving no trace behind.  Some fragments became
trapped between the girls’ bodies and were instantly ground to dust.  Other chunks hit the Earther couple,
tearing through their garments, damaging their skin in places; even drawing blood.  The seated female
screamed.  Beside her, the male seemed paralysed with shock and – both Tara and Lyda could smell the
trace-note in his perspiration – sexual awe.

Lyda lay half-buried inside the front section of the vehicle.  Tara was on top of her, their beautifully-formed,
large breasts pressed together, arms still encircling each other’s waists.  Their bodies were sideways-on to
the two Earthers, their heads on the male’s side, feet on the female’s.  Crumpled, displaced metal had piled
up around them.  A sprinkling of little bits of the transparent material covered them, catching the morning
sun as if jewels had been scattered over them.

Jules’ first thought when he saw them was that they were victims of whatever had happened.  They were
lying in the road, long, exposed limbs splattered with blood.  But he saw that they were moving.  The next
two realizations occurred simultaneously: firstly, far from thrashing about in pain, they were kissing and
fondling each other like lovers.  Secondly, they were beautiful.  Really, out-of-this-world beautiful.  He
could not take his eyes off them.

Their graceful bodies and arms shifted far too freely for people carrying injuries so, he reasoned, the red
marks on their skin could not have been their blood.  His mind worked furiously, searching for a plausible
explanation.  Perhaps they were car-crash-fetishists who had stumbled upon the highway wreck and
decided to make love beside it.  Maybe they’d even smeared themselves in gore from one of the victims of
the smash as part of their bizarre craze.  He stared at them, watching as they moved, catching glimpses of
different areas of each of the two bodies, never seeing anything that wasn’t perfect, desirable, ripe feminine

For the next half-minute, he forgot almost entirely about the woman sitting beside him.  His gaze was fixed
on the two girls, watching the lighter-haired one putting her arms around the other who seemed to be
manoeuvring her feet beneath them both.  From his vantage point, some ten meters from the cavorting
couple, he saw those bare feet pushing down on the road.  For an instant, he thought he saw the tarmac
breaking and crumbling under her heels.  Then, as the feet sank into the highway, he knew for sure that he
hadn’t imagined the sight.

It all happened so quickly, his brain could barely register it.  The two bodies suddenly rose up from the road.  
The feet that had been buried came free and the two girls were airborne.  They were still horizontal, still
holding on to each other, but now they were rolling over each other as they soared through the air in a
graceful arc like the peak of a high-jumper’s leap.  With shock, he understood that they were heading
towards him.  As they descended, he saw them rotate until the back of the dark-haired girl’s head face him.  
And then they landed.  Right across the hood of the car.

He was jolted upwards by the impact, but Veronique didn’t see it.  She, too, was thrown briefly from her seat
as the girls crashed onto the bonnet.  As she bounced down, she expected to see the couple rolling off the
front of the car.  But they did not.  They actually seemed to be sinking down into it.  The hood was
bending… No!  Tearing!  She had to be dreaming.  Had she really just seen that girl’s oh-so-rounded arse
plough through the metal?  Yes; the torn edges of the bonnet all around her proved that.  They looked
sharp.  Why wasn’t there any fresh blood?

She was about to lean forward to look when the windscreen exploded right in front of her.  Instinct made her
close her eyes as countless shards of glass flew towards her.  She felt something cut her cheek and there
were a hundred little sting-like sensations all over the front of her body,  In panic, she screamed.  She
brought her hand up to her face and touched her wound.  Opening her eyes, she examined the blood on her
fingers and saw the myriad small cuts her arms had sustained.

Then she saw the two girls.  The one underneath – the one whose backside had smashed into the car – was
lying in a deep recess.  She was pretty sure that the top of the engine used to be where the girl’s hips now
rested.  So… what had happened to the engine?  It wasn’t possible that it had been somehow compressed
or even pushed out of the way by the hind quarters of a slender, too-beautiful-for-her-own-good, teenage
minx!  She remembered the bad feeling in her gut as they had approached the scene a minute before.  She
had been right.  Something wasn’t right about what was happening.

She could sense it.  There was something… something dangerous present.  Something that should be
avoided.  She stared out of the window at the two girls lying atop one another across – and partly inside –
the front section of the car.  Could the “something” be the girls themselves?  As if in answer to her
thoughts, the lighter-haired girl momentarily raised her head from her companion’s face, turned to look at
her and smiled.  A sickeningly perfect, beautiful smile.  But Véro was too terrified to feel jealousy.

Tara forced herself to pull away from Lyda for an instant.  It was hard to break the kiss they were enjoying.  
Their lips had been pressed together with a force that could crush the biggest diamond on Earth to powder.
Their tongues had been wrestling each other with enough strength to uproot the securest tree on the
planet and toss it into the sky.  Their lungs could have sucked every molecule of air from a covered stadium.  
But that was not why it was hard for Tara to end the kiss.  To her, those extreme forces had felt like nothing
more than passion.  Burning, irresistible passion.  And Tara found her own lust far, far more difficult to
resist than Lyda’s unfathomable strength.

Once she had accomplished the feat of suspending the embrace, she looked at each of the vehicle’s
occupants.  The male seemed to have been frozen.  His jaw hung low, his eyes open wide without any trace
of comprehension in them. A small cut in his flesh, inflicted by the shattering transparent screen, dripped
blood from his forehead onto his nose.  A series of further minor wounds were visible through various torn
holes in the front of his thin upper garment.  Despite his predicament, Tara knew, through her fabulously
heightened senses, that he smouldered with desire for her and Lyda.  Just another, typical, Earther male.

She turned to his companion.  The same look of astonishment was there, along with another emotion not
present in the male.  Tara identified it as hostile immediately, but it took a few more instants for her to
pin-point it.  Jealousy!  Of her beauty, and her allure.  And Lyda’s too.  Jealousy of the fact that this woman,
like all bar maybe a tiny number of Earther women, could not compete with their attractiveness.  She
returned the female’s glare with a warm grin.  A grin that, Tara hoped, would show its recipient even more
of her unmatchable beauty.  At that moment, Tara’s astonishing physical appearance was merely another
level on which she could feel superior.

She turned her attention away from the inferior beings in the vehicle and back to the fellow perfect being
lying beneath her.  It had been all of a couple of dozen beats of her heart since her lips had touched Lyda’s,
but she felt the need to kiss her lover again.  The display of her affections in front of an audience was only
a minor thrill for her.  She knew that watching Lyda displaying her power would be much more stimulating.  
Removing her mouth from the dark-haired girl’s face just far enough – barely the width of a finger – to be
able to speak, she whispered hotly, “Show me, Lyda.  Show me how powerful you are compared to these

Lyda grinned broadly.  A wicked grin that, along with the gleam in her eyes, suggested she’d had an idea.  
“We’re both going to show our power.” she said. “Together.”  Tara raised an immaculately-arched
eyebrow to show both curiosity and an element of uncertainty.  Lyda attacked her friend’s doubt first, by
revealing the most attractive part of her plan. “We can stay like this the whole time.  We can even do it while
we kiss.”

Tara was being convinced.  Any proposal that involved intimate physical contact with Lyda was
acceptable to her at that moment.  The fact that, from so close, she might not be able to observe her friend
as clearly while she exercised her power over Earthers was a drawback, but, she reasoned, there would
always be more Earthers.  Even as she had the thought, her remarkable sense of hearing detected the
distant noise of further primitive vehicle engines.  One was yet another land-based vehicle, similar to the
one on which she and Lyda now lay.  The other motor she could hear made a different sound and seemed
to be coming from a different angle.  She wondered if it was a flying machine of some kind.

Lyda had heard it too.  “Listen, there’s more of them coming.  You can watch me destroying some of them.  
Just let me – let us – try my idea right now.”

“OK,” Tara conceded.  “If you promise we can kiss the whole time.”

“I promise.” Lyda breathed. “Just relax and do what I do.”  She barely finished speaking when Tara planted
her lips over hers once again.  Lyda did not complain about her lover’s impatience.  She was learning that
Tara was a very competent kisser.

"Grooves in the road?"

"Yes, Chief Inspector.  That's what they're reporting.  Four of them, in two sets of two.  They start a couple
of kilometres from the reported crash site.  The patrol unit is following them now."

"What's their ETA at the scene?"

"Less than a minute I'd say, sir.   The chopper crew should be arriving imminently too."

"And the other cars?"

"Four or five minutes away, sir.  The fire service are about another six minutes behind them and the
ambulance will-"

"-OK, OK, thank you Sergeant."  The Chief Inspector cut off the dispatch operator.  He didn't want a
complete timetable of the emergency response.  He just wanted to know when the hell he would be getting
a report from the site.  The grooves cut into the road that the closest unit had reported worried him.  This
was beginning to look increasingly like a far-from-everyday incident.  He didn't want to even guess at what
his men might find out there.

Véronique found herself trembling as she overheard the two girls speaking in hushed tones in a strange
language.  The increasingly malevolent gleams in their eyes were somehow terrifying.  Her intuitive unease
was now a deep-rooted fear.  She felt certain that the bizarre duo were more than just undesirable company.  
Part of her told her she should run as far and as quickly as she could from them.  But another part of her was
simply refusing to believe either her gut instincts or the things she had actually seen.  She didn't move a

Neither did Jules.  He was too engrossed in the sight of the two most gorgeous, most physically perfect
female teenage sex-bombs that he'd ever seen.  Lying across the front of his car - lying half inside the front
of his car - their fabulous bodies on display, engaging in a long, passionate, lesbian embrace.  How could
his brain even start to try and comprehend the baffling scene?

The girls were moving slightly.  The one with the lighter hair was rolling slightly off the other one, moving
towards Jules and Véro.  Less and less of the dark-haired girl was visible from inside the vehicle as the taller
girl’s back slowly eclipsed her.   A loud crunching sound grabbed the attentions of both of the car’s
occupants.  Glancing downwards a little, they were treated to the remarkable sight of the lighter-haired
beauty’s slim flank sinking into the long-suffered metal of the hood.  Now the two girls were lying side by
side, face-to-face.

Jules could see the nearer one’s slender arm pushing aside everything it encountered, the thick steel of a
bit of the engine wadding up like soft clay against her silky skin.  Véro saw the same girl’s curvaceous hips
smearing another part of the car’s works like a knife might smear butter onto warm toast.  The way this lithe,
sexy, perfect body carved so effortlessly through the vehicle made the two Earthers think that their
machine had partly molten.

Groan…. Crunch!  They were moving again.  The metal protested as shapely limbs placed strains on it that
it simply was never intended to withstand.  Then it yielded as those limbs refused to contemplate anything
that wasn’t a complete victory.  The shorter girl, the brunette, came into view again, rising on the far side
of her companion.  It did not take much to realize that they were rolling, one over the other.  Jules observed
that the girl’s faces were still pressed together, the kiss they were enjoying remaining unbroken despite
their movements.

Those movements continued.  Soon, the dark-haired girl was lying on top of the other, the taller girl’s
fantasy rear noisily compacting something pretty solid that had the misfortune to find itself beneath her.  
Vero looked straight ahead at the four immaculately shaped, long, smooth entwined legs.  They were just
too perfect, she thought.  Unearthly, even.  Meanwhile, Jules’ eyes were ideally situated to see the profile
of the two girls’ chests, their wonderful round breasts pressed together, a vision of eroticism more potent
than any he’d ever gazed on before.  He felt himself responding to the vision, his penis stiffening, his groin

Then they shifted once more, the one with the dark-hair now showing her back to them.  Jules caught sight
of her spherical, firm- enough- to- deform- steel buttock-cheeks and felt a familiar tightening in his loins.  He
was about to lose control of himself.  Even the potential embarrassment of being driven to orgasm in his
clothes by the sight of two teenagers whilst his girlfriend sat beside him was not enough to cool his ardour.  
An especially loud creaking of suffering metal drew his full attention back to the sexy duo.  The one with
the lighter hair was on top again.  And they were both closer to him and Véronique.  Much closer.  They
looked even better from that distance.  He felt an involuntary shudder tear through him.

It didn’t take Tara long to figure out Lyda’s intentions.  She was too engrossed in the delights of her
friend’s lips and the way her superhuman body clung so tightly to her own to be overly concerned, but she
appreciated the plan none-the-less.  They were rolling, turning over and over, moving up the front of the
Earther vehicle towards the two stunned people inside.  It felt lovely as they turned.  Lyda’s glorious body
pressed against hers from the front, and the steel of the vehicle pressed – far, far less effectively – from
behind.  She could hear the metal moan as she and Lyda crushed it beneath them, and the sound thrilled

As they rotated, she was able to see, from time to time, the face of the male Earther.  The lust on his face as
he stared at her and her friend was amusing.  The confusion and fear that also showed on his features
delighted her.  The man was in complete awe of them!   She was close to him now, close enough to have
been able to touch him if she had taken her arm away from Lyda’s waist to reach out for him.  But she didn’t
want to break that contact.  And she knew that she would not have to.  A couple more delightful rolls over
Lyda and her shoulder would be where the male’s face now was and her knee would be exactly in the place
currently occupied by the female’s head.

It was strange the way that neither of the Earthers had worked out what was going on.  They seemed
content to remain motionless, right in her and Lyda’s path.  Even at those moments when she was facing
away from the male, her sensitive nostrils revealed his sexual arousal.  Could it be that he was so overcome
by desire that his brain was malfunctioning?  And what of the female; why wasn’t she moving?  Was it
possible that neither of these two had yet understood the danger that they were in?  Couldn’t they see the
damage she and Lyda were causing to their vehicle as they rolled over it?  Did these two creatures believe
they were more resilient than steel?

Lyda’s breasts, now pendant as she rolled on top of Tara once again, distracted Tara from her thoughts of
the Earthers.  She felt the two large, superhumanly firm mounds pushing down on her own
more-than-impressive chest and shut her eyes to concentrate on the sensations caused by that wonderful
body moving with her own.  There was a clunking sound as some part of the vehicle’s frame was forced to
readjust to accommodate the slender brunette as she rolled onto her side.  Tara opened her eyes.  Her view
of the Earthers was obscured now by Lyda, but she could now hear them moving inside the vehicle.  
Moving quite frantically, in fact.

Véronique’s brain was less clouded than Jules’.  When she saw the girls rolling once more so that one of
their knees was now about ten centimetres from where the windshield used to be, she finally understood
what was happening.  The torn, scrunched metal beneath and all around them was the clincher.  This bizarre
pair were obliterating every bit of car – including the hood and much of the engine – that they encountered
on their amorous tumble.  If they continued, they would soon reach where she and Jules were sitting.

With a chill that ran the length of the body, realization dawned.  She and her boyfriend – her ex-boyfriend
– were about to be torn and compressed just as was happening to their car.  It was as if they were sitting
right in the path of a steamroller.  If they didn’t move, they would be crushed.  The carnage all around – the
overturned ambulance, the smashed-up police cars, the body Jules had seen – all that had been caused by
these two… two girls.  At last, she felt she understood.  They weren’t girls.  They were devils.

Another movement in front of her reminded her of the urgency she now needed to show.  The car creaked
all around her as a strain was put on some part of its frame.  Survival took over, flinging itself to the fore of
her thoughts.  Her left hand reached for the handle that opened the door beside her, found it and pulled.  
Nothing happened.  She pulled again, once more without success.  Tearing her eyes away from the
ever-encroaching danger in front, she turned to look at the door.  She definitely had the right handle.  Why
wouldn’t it work?

She pulled for a third time, this time using her shoulder to push on the door, hoping that it was simply a little
reluctant and a shove would resolve the problem.  It didn’t.  Crazily, she started pulling and releasing the
door mechanism over and over again, sweat now pouring onto her forehead as panic became her main
mode of thought.

The movement and noise beside him finally broke the spell that had Jules entranced.  He shot a glance at
Véro, and saw her desperately trying to open the door on her side.  Glancing back to the front, he saw how
very very close one of the girls’ smooth round shoulders was to him.  It all clicked into place.   The driver’s
seat of the car was not a good place to be at that moment.  He needed to get out as well.  But, the two
beauties making out just centimetres from him were so gorgeous, so sexy, he didn’t really want to move
away from them.  He knew he had to, but he didn’t want to.

The girls rolled a little more, parts of their interlocked bodies now inside the actual car, beyond where the
windshield had once been.  He was staring straight at the side of a magnificently rounded, hanging breast.  
He could see its large, aroused nipple digging into the wonderful flesh of another breast beneath it.  It was
so close.   So… sexy… so….  Jules trembled where he sat and let the eruption he could no longer contain
flow from him.  Instantly, his underwear was soaked through.  A dark patch appeared at the crotch of his
trousers and an involuntary moan left his lips.

Lyda was just about to increase the speed of her tumbling with Tara.  As nice as the sensations were that
she felt, and as wonderful as the anticipation was, she was a little concerned that her toys might not play
along.  She could see the female inside the vehicle trying to operate the panel opening device.  Clearly at
least one of them had realized what was happening.

She had conceived her plan with a specific purpose.  Ruining the primitive machine with their bodies was
fun, but the point was to do it while the Earthers were inside.  If the female - or even both of them - got out,
it would be such a shame.  At the same time. there were other vehicles heading their way and she knew
enough about Earth to assume that these would also be occupied.  Lyda wanted at least some of the new
arrivals to witness her and Tara in action.  She was looking forward to their reactions.

They rolled over so that she couldn't see the Earthers anymore.  Not with Tara blocking her view.  It was
amazing.  She could see through any object on this planet, no matter how dense.  Except for her friend and
herself, as though they were made of some uniquely impenetrable material.  In a way, she thought, they

Even though she could no longer see the woman, she could hear her repeated attempts to open the
vehicle's door.  Her ears detected the increasingly frantic nature of those attempts, and the acceleration of
the female's heartbeat.  She could also smell her perspiration.  The woman was panicking.  Obviously she
and Tara had caused the frame of the door to become slightly misshapen; perhaps it was only a tiny dent
or bend in the thin metal, but it seemed enough to trap the Earther.

Lyda was lying directly on top of Tara now.  They were so near the Earthers.  She could feel the male's hot,
irregular breath on her body.  A new, more pungent smell reached her as she rolled.  Recognising the
distinct odour, she smiled to herself.  The man was on the point of orgasm, clearly overcome with the
close-range sight of the side of her and Tara's bodies.

A moment later, it came.  She could tell just before it was happening by the subtle change in the way he was
breathing.  She heard the fluid hitting the fabric of his garments, and smelt it flowing out of his organ.  And
neither she nor Tara had even touched him... yet.

"We've got to get out!  Jules!  We've got to get out!  Jules?  Jules!"

"Huh?"  He had forgotten that she was even there.  Suddenly, he remembered everything.  He glanced
down at the sticky stain between his legs and turned bright red.

Véronique followed his eyes to this groin.  "For fuck's sake Jules!  Is that...?  Oh Christ, Jules that's
disgusting!  What's wrong with you?  Can't you see what's going on here?  Can't you see past the tits to the
devils behind th-".  She never finished her sentence.

Lyda couldn't smile because her mouth was locked on Tara's.  But the words being exchanged by the
Earthers amused her.  She knew it had been the sight of her breast, pushing down from above onto Tara's,
that had pushed the male to a point where he could no longer control his lust.  She quite liked the idea that
she had caused him sexual humiliation at such a key moment in his existence.

It was so wonderful to have such unlimited superiority over an entire planet's inhabitants.  How great to
know, without doubt, that every being she encountered and every weapon it could use, was as nothing
compared to her.  Even as she saw the latest vehicle approach, she knew its occupants were hers and Tara's
if they wanted.   She'd spotted the flying machine, too, approaching amazingly slowly.

Just more ways to have fun.  Like the fun they were having right now.  Lyda knew that they were almost
upon the arguing Earthers in the vehicle.  She could feel how Tara was beginning to become increasingly
excited by the thought of her power.  She decided to show her lover her own feelings at that moment.  
Hungrily, almost aggressively, she pushed her tongue past Tara's parted teeth.

The final quarter-roll before she hit the Earthers was Tara's favourite.  Lyda, sensing both what was about
to happen and Tara's increasing anticipation of it, slid her tongue erotically into the taller girl's mouth just
before contact.  Tara responded by pressing her groin and her chest even more firmly than before into
Lyda's goddess-like body.  And then the momentum of their roll took her beyond the point of no return.

The female was still berating the male for his orgasm.  Tara was aware of the nature of the one-sided
conversation only dimly.  Most of her thoughts were filled with the sexual ecstasy of her intimacy with
Lyda and the thrill; the sense of unstoppable, unchallengeable power that coursed through her veins as
she was about to demonstrate the vast superiority of her strength over Earthers once again.

Tara's knee, her smooth, flawless, round knee, came down on the Earther woman's head, silencing her tirade
immediately.  Then it decapitated her.  At the same time, her perfect silky shoulder ploughed straight
through the male's face as though it wasn't there.  She felt the wetness and the warmth of the blood, but not
the resistance of the flesh and bone.

They continued to roll, both girl's tongues now earnestly engaged in a wresting match set within the
confines of their tightly inter-locked mouths.  As they passed over the mess of Earthers that they’d created,
the vehicle's front chairs gave way to their unopposable advance and, with nothing beneath them, they fell
into the body of the machine, lying between the two rows of seats.

As she was slightly taller, it was only Tara's feet that didn't fit completely inside the vehicle.  They slid,
carving a wide vertical channel through one side of it, everything they encountered being instantly
crushed or torn or compacted.  The girls refused to allow their kiss to be interrupted, even the fall into the
vehicle not breaking them apart, although Lyda, who landed beneath Tara, did rupture the steel floor with
her backside.

" this must be it.  We're coming up on the scene now.  I can see - oh my god - the rear half of a patrol
car about thirty meters from the road on my right and another piece of the chassis still on the highway.  
There's another patrol car upside down just off the road to my left and about twenty meters on there's a
civilian car that.. what the hell?  ... looks like something's torn the roof off and one side, but the front's
perfectly intact and - oh god - one fatality. Civilian.  Male.  Late forties.  Can't see his face from this side....
Oh!  Severe injuries....  Ach...  in a real mess..."

"Copy that, patrol.  You OK?"

"Yes, yes, just - that was the worst I've ever seen... there's more here...

"More fatalities, patrol?"

"I... I'm not sure.  Hold on.  We're going to stop and proceed on foot."

"Copy that, patrol."

"The grooves in the road appear to stop under the wrecked civilian car.  I'm checking the overturned patrol
car now.. oh god, no!   It’s one of ours.  No I.D…. just the uniform... I can't... oh god..."

"Patrol?  Patrol, repeat please."

"Base, there's someone underneath this patrol car.  I can only see part of a leg and a foot, but it's in

"Copy that, patrol.  Touch nothing for now.  Backup, medical and fire service teams are on their way.  
Repeat: Backup's coming.  Touch nothing."

"Got that, base.   I.. don't know what's happened here.  I can see an ambulance lying on its side about
seventy-five meters down the road.  No sign of the other patrolmen.  There's a right mess on the road just
about ten meters further on.  It's.... it's... oh god, I think it's blood.  And there's something... oh fuck.... I think
its a department badge... it's covered in blood and it's been crushed almost flat.  I don't know what's
happened here.  It doesn't make sense."

"Patrol, backup is coming.  What else can you see?"

"Ach..well.. there's... there's another civilian car.  There’s something inside it.  I'm going to have a look...
Jesus!  The front of the car is completely wrecked.  It's all crushed and the wind- oh god.   oh fuck... oh
jesus....  ah... base... base... ah... two further fatalities... civilians.... ah.... one male one female.... Fuck!  They
haven't got heads man!"

"It's OK, patrol.  Backup is imminent.  Advise you come away to the far side of the road and await their

"Roger, base."

The conversation over the primitive communication device, of which Tara and Lyda could hear every
syllable, somehow broke the mood a little.  It seemed for both girls the right moment to finally end the kiss
they had begun on the front of the vehicle, on the other side of where the two Earthers had been sitting.

They were both shocked that the new arrival on the scene, although intent on reporting everything he saw
to someone called "Base", failed to even notice the two of them lying on - and in Lyda's case, partly
through - the floor of the vehicle.  After all, he'd noticed what they'd done to the two Earthers.  Now he was
walking away, waiting for someone else called "Backup" to turn up.

"'Civilians' he called them." Lyda whispered to Tara too quietly for an Earther to hear even from a tiny
distance.  "And one of the others was 'one of us'.  That means this guy's not a civilian.  He's from the

"Is that good?" Tara whispered back her question.

"Yes.  They'll be organised.  Get more vehicles and people here.  With all their best equipment.  Did you see
the flying vehicle floating towards us?"

"No, but I've been hearing it for ages.  I can hear more land machines too."

"Exactly.  They're gathering here.  Loads of them, Tara."

"So we can watch each other using our power over and over again!"

"As much as we want!  In fact... Tara?"

"Yes, Lyda?"

"I've just thought of a fantastic new game we can play!"

"Do we get to use our power?"

"All the time.  Let me tell you the rules.  Oh, we're going to have so much fun!"

The Chief Inspector held the transcript as he listened to the helicopter crew's description of the scene
beneath them.  As the airborne men listed what they could see on the ground, the Chief compared their
words to what the first officer on the scene had reported.  To his consternation, the two eye-witness
accounts tallied up well.  Whatever had happened out there to two of his patrols and the ambulance and at
least three civilians, whatever had caused the destruction and carnage, it certainly hadn't been a
run-of-the-mill traffic accident.

To begin with, it didn't make any sense that the vehicles were scattered over such a large area.  There were
cars that appeared to have been crushed, with no sign of what had done the crushing.  The only victims so
far discovered for certain were actually in their vehicle and, according to both accounts he had received,
had been mysteriously decapitated.  Blood had also come to be spilled, somehow, on the highway away
from the cars.  There was no sign obvious sign of any bullets having been fired or of any explosives

The chopper crew confirmed that, other than further emergency response vehicles speeding to the scene,
there was no other sign of life in the area.  But the Chief Inspector knew that something must have caused
the terrible scene.  And, despite his normally rational disposition, he was worried.  What the hell was the
"something" that had wreaked such havoc, where was it now, and would it strike again?  He knew that he
urgently needed the answers to those questions.  His job was to protect the public.  He had to know what
it was he was supposed to protecting them from.

“OK, so this vehicle we’re in is the dividing point.  Everything as far as you can see on your side of it is
yours, everything on the other side is mine.  Got it, Tara?”

“Got it, Lyda.”

“You can’t score any points on my side of the line, and I can’t score any on yours.”

“Understood.  So, how does the scoring work?”

“Let’s keep it simple.  One point for each Earther.”

“OK.  When do we start?”

“How about right now?”

“Alright then."

"Yes... I've got a visual on the patrolman, by the side of the road.   Looks like something pretty awful went
on down there, base.  Difficult to see from up here, but the damage looks extreme.  There's the civilian car
with... oh god... two fatalities inside... ah man, that's not a nice sight..."

The dispatch clerk typed her report with practised efficiency, making sure she captured everything of note
that the helicopter look-out passed on.  She tried not to think about the scene that was being described to
her, although there were moments when it was impossible not to remember that she was a human being
talking to another human being.  A cop talking to another cop.

"More ground backup is approaching the scene, Airborne.  We've got fire and ambulance crews on their
way.  You can leave the corpses for the specialists."

"Roger that, base.  Just checking to see if there's any sign of any survivors.  There just doesn't seem to be
anything moving... Anything at all.... Wait!  What was that?   Jean-Paul, circle round again over that brown
vehicle!  Quick man!  That's it!  Base... Base!  There's someone alive down there!  Wait, make that two
survivors.  Two... females.  By the civilian car with the two casualties.  Where did they come from?"

"Where the hell did they come from?" Pierre muttered to himself as a sudden sound from the wreckage in
the road made him look up.  He'd been standing a meter from the edge of the tarmac, staring down the
highway for any sign of the promised back-up.  He'd seen enough blood and guts already, and was happy
to follow orders and leave the carnage splayed out on the road for the relative sanctuary of the far side of
the crash-barrier.

When the other crews arrived, he could get involved again, this time, following direct orders.  That would
be a lot easier to deal with than all that eerie one-man poking around smashed-up cars and bodies.  Now,
suddenly, it looked like he was going to have to act alone anyway.  There were two more civilians here.  
Two alive civilians.  Two very alive civilians.

They were standing either side of the car whose roof had been crushed, along with the heads of the driver
and his passenger.  But he'd already checked out that vehicle - well, enough to have seen the headless
corpses, anyway - and he'd seen no trace of anyone alive.  Let alone two people as completely unharmed
and - he could not pretend otherwise - sexy as these two girls.

Each of them was a model of young, fresh, feminine perfection.  Long, shapely limbs that moved so
gracefully with the most sublimely perfect of bodies.  Marvellously curved hips that tapered so erotically
into flat, inviting waists above which proudly sat big, fabulously round and miraculously firm breasts.

Squeezed into small, extremely thin and dramatically over-worked bikinis, each girl's chest competed with
the other for his attention.  And the rest of the two bodies was also quite a sight.  The only other garments
they wore were small briefs that matched their tops and concealed their most intimate areas.  Pierre would
not have been surprised if he had been told that the gates to paradise lay beneath those skimpy clothes.

His radio crackled in life, bringing him sharply back to the horrendous reality he found himself in.  "Patrol,
can you confirm that?  Airborne reports two civilian survivors on the scene."

After a moment’s hesitation to clear his head, he clicked the talk button on his radio and responded.  
"Affirmative, base.  Two females.  No apparent injuries.  I'm approaching them now."

"Roger that, patrol.  Take preliminary statements while the medical team arrive."

"Well," Lyda said to Tara, across the corpses of the two civilians they'd rolled over, "this one's definitely
on my side of the line."

"But, he's walking towards my side." Tara observed.

"Then, I'd better act quickly!" Lyda smiled.  Turning to face the Earther directly, she called out, in his
language "Hey you!  Stop!"

"What?" the creature seemed confused.  He hesitated, mid-stride.

"One more step and he's mine!" Tara teased her friend, electing to use the Earther tongue more out of
cruelty than anything else.

"What?" the male was even more bewildered now.  His picked up his foot to make the next stride.

"Oh no you don't!" Lyda called out.

The girls seemed to be just chatting as he neared them.  He thought he heard snatches of a foreign
language, but couldn't identify it.  Pierre was completely taken aback by the sudden, unexpected shout for
him to stop.  In the circumstances, he wondered if he was about to walk into something dangerous or
perhaps he was being warned about stepping on something he hadn't seen.  That was why he hesitated.

But the tone of the instruction was strange.  And the way the girl addressed him - "Hey you!" - unsettled
him.  He would have expected "Officer!".  He should have shown his authority at that point and he knew
immediately that his "What?" was a rather weak substitute.  Once again, he felt distinctly uncomfortable.  
Where was the back-up?

At that moment, the other girl said something that completely confused him.  What did she mean by "one
more step" and he'd be "hers"?  What the hell was going on?  His sense of unease grew rapidly.  Once again,
his vocal chords betrayed his inner state with the repetition of the pitiful question "What?"

He began to move towards the one who'd made the "one more step" remark, hoping that he could get more
sense out of her from closer range.  The words "Oh no you don't" registered in his brain as having come
from the other, darker-haired girl. He turned quickly towards her and saw her facing him directly, with her
full lips thrust out towards him as if inviting him to kiss them.

He paused for a moment, lost for what he should do next.  A sound, like rushing wind, reached his ears.  His
next thought: "Cold!" was the last he ever had.

Lyda realised she needed to act quickly to stop the male entering Tara's zone and becoming a point her
friend could win in their game.  What better way to prevent him moving, she thought, than to freeze every
molecule of liquid in him solid.  As she blew the softest of streams of her breath at him, she concentrated
on keeping the temperature of her exhalation as low as possible.

The air that her little kiss passed through on its way to its target turned temporarily to liquid as it was
cooled almost instantaneously.  So cold was the air Lyda exhaled through her sexy, pouting lips, that it
killed the Earther the moment it touched him.  His muscles, organs, tissue and blood became thick ice.  In a
blink of an eye, he became a solid, unmoving statue, a thick coating of white frost all over his suddenly
lifeless body.

The petite brunette closed her thick lips and stretched them in a smug smile.  She felt enormously proud of
what she had done.  She'd frozen a man solid in mid-step just by blowing cool breath at him.  Tara, watching
her intently, also looked impressed.  Both girls could hear the faint sounds of the dead Earther slowly
beginning to defrost in the warm sun.

"That's one-zero to me." Lyda announced, triumphantly.

"Not for long!" Tara promised.  "That flying vehicle's on my side of the line.  And there's two Earthers in

"Base!  Base!  Something's just happened to the patrol!  I couldn't see it properly from here, but I think he's
been shot with some kind of spray or something by one of the survivors."

The Chief Inspector heard the words over the radio and felt his heart sink.  The bad feeling he'd had about
all this was proving accurate.  He could hear another dispatch clerk frantically trying to raise a response
from the ground without success.  He grabbed the microphone connected to the helicopter lookout from
the clerk who was holding it.

"This is Chief Inspector Legrand.  Did you see a weapon being used against the officer?"

"Er... no weapon, sir."

"We cannot raise the patrol by radio.  Can you see him?"

"Yes, sir.  He's still there."

"Is he down?"

"No sir, he's not down, he's standing.  But he doesn't appear to be moving.  He looks like he's coated in
something white and shiny... like ice."


"Yes, sir."

"Where are the two civilians survivors?"

"Still down there, sir.  They're looking up at us.... once of them looks like she might be bl-" The voice
stopped mid-sentence, only to be immediately replaced by a burst of static that brought the whole room to
a sudden stop.  The dispatch clerk moved to turn down the volume of the speakers as the Chief Inspector
called urgently into the microphone.

"Airborne?  Airborne?  Can you hear me?  This is Chief Inspector Legrand.  Do you hear me?"  There was
no reply.  Only the unbroken sound of static.

Tara thought Lyda's method for dispatching the Earther was great fun.  Not just blowing him away with her
breath, but freezing him solid where he stood.  She immediately wondered if the same technique would work
over greater distance.  What would happen if she tried the same trick against the flying vehicle?

As she prepared to unleash a blast of her coldest breath at the ponderously circling machine, she
overheard - above the racket of its primitive engine - one of the two Earthers inside describing her over his
communicator.  She waited until he was about to say the word "blowing" before finally letting rip with her

It was easy really.  She didn't have to blow hard at all, because she wasn't trying to overpower the machine.  
Merely to turn the liquids in its engine and in the veins of its occupants to their frozen equivalents.  No
sooner had her breath wafted over the vehicle, than her task was accomplished.  Its motor fell suddenly
silent, its rotating blades became instantly stationary.

Both Tara and Lyda could detect that there were no longer any heartbeats on board the flying machine.  
Their bright, clear eyes could penetrate the metal casing and study the ice-covered forms inside for
confirmation, even as the vehicle fell, straight down.  One instant a flying machine, the next a weight that
crashing down from the sky.

The dead craft impacted with the Earth just a few paces from where Tara was standing, shaking the ground
and everything on it except for the two teenage girls.   The lighter haired member of the pair knew that had
its fuel not been frozen into solid lump, the machine would have exploded violently on impact.

She was disappointed that it hadn't until she caught sight of the glint in her friend's eyes.  Lyda was clearly
delighted by the display she'd just witnessed.  And as long as her lover was happy with the outcome, so
was Tara.  "Two-one to me." she bragged.

"Unit 43. Unit 43.  Can you hear me?"

Daniel snatched the mouthpiece from its mount under the dashboard of the patrol car to answer the call.  
His diver, a young man with barely eight months' experience in uniform named Claude, turned briefly to
meet his eye, acknowledging their shared sense of nervousness.   Being asked to respond to an emergency
outside of their usual area of patrol was always a bad thing; it meant very unpleasant stuff had happened
or, worse, was still happening.

For the past few minutes the two of them had listened to the exchanges made by their colleagues over the
radio frequency that had been assigned to the - as yet undefined - incident.  They had heard descriptions
of mutilated corpses and then the gut-wrenching sound of a fellow policemen failing to answer his radio,
despite the desperate and futile attempts of dispatch clerks to raise him.  Now, they were approaching the
reported scene of the mysterious "incident".

"Base, this is 43." Daniel spoke into the microphone.

"What is your location, 43?"

"We're about 2k short of the incident site, still approaching from the North.... I can see Airborne overhead
now.... What the fu-?....Oh my god!"

"43?  What's happened?  Report please, 43?"

"Base, the chopper's come down!  I saw something, like a fine jet of water or I don't know what.  It hit the
chopper and then it just fell, like a stone.  Oh my god!"

"43, will you please repeat."

"The chopper has come down.  Something hit it from the ground and it fell.  No explosion or tail spin - just
fell.  Straight down...  Jesus!"

"43, once again, please confirm that you saw something fired from the ground at the airborne unit."

"Affirmative, base.  It looked strange, more like mist than a rocket, but I definitely saw it."

"Roger that, 43.  Proceed with cau-"

"-Pass me that microphone, please Sergeant."  The distant voice interrupting the dispatch Sergeant
startled Claude and Daniel.  A moment later, the new voice was speaking clearly to them.

"Car 43, this is Chief Inspector Legrand.  Can you hear me?"

"Yes, Chief Inspector." Daniel replied immediately, unconsciously sitting up a little straighter.

"Car 43, you are to approach the scene with extreme caution and report anything unusual immediately.  Is
that understood?"

"Yes, Chief Inspector.  Passing the overturned ambulance now, sir.  It looks like it was thrown down the
road and scrapped along on its side for about thirty meters.  I can see one fatality inside the cab.  We're
approaching the main accident sight...  I'm getting out and proceeding on foot.    There's wreckage scattered
everywhere and... Two girls.  Sir, there's two civilian girls here... er... in bikinis."

"Car 43, can you see anyone else in the area?"

"Negative sir, just the two girls."

"Are either of them carrying anything?"

"Er... negative, sir.  They're just, um, smiling."

"Is there any sign of any weapon with them?"

"Negative sir.  One of them is walking towards me."

"Describe her."

"Um.. she's about seventeen years old, below-shoulder-length black hair, 1 meter 75 tall, um... gorgeous....
About to question her, sir...   Miss, I need to ask you a few questions...  Miss?  Mi-Aaaaaggghhhhh!"

"These two are mine." Lyda had pointed out at the latest Earther vehicle approached.  Tara did not argue
as the thing was clearly on the shorter girl's side of the line.  It slowed almost to a halt as it passed the big
white square vehicle lying on its side and then continued to advance towards them.  They watched as the
thing stopped altogether and one of the two males inside climbed out.

He was talking into a communicator.  Both girls could clearly hear every word of his conversation.  
Someone was obviously keen to know more about them.  Lyda set off at a leisurely stroll to greet the new
arrival, grinning as she listened to the description of her that the Earther was passing on. She stopped a
step away from him, noting with satisfaction the slight bulge in the groin area of his garments that she was

Lyda waited for the Earther to speak, hoping that he might have something interesting to say.  Instead, he
told her he wanted to ask her something.  She'd had enough of these creatures asking her questions.  It was
boring.  She didn't allow him to repeat the request but instead leant leisurely towards him, reaching out with
her right hand and taking a grip on the prominent lump protruding from his crotch.

She gripped tight, lifting the male completely off the ground by his genitals as he screamed in agony. Her
beautiful face revealed no trace of any strain as she held his considerable weight on the end of her slim arm,
his crazed thrashing about not affecting her hold on him in the slightest.  She let him struggle against her
for a moment before, with a sexy sneer on her lips, she casually tossed him backwards over her shoulder.

It was quite a while before the body hit the Earth some distance behind her.  Lyda used her sensitive
hearing to detect the instant when it crashed down.  She did not bother to turn and watch her latest victim's
final flight.  She was already staring at the male still sitting in the most recently-arrived vehicle.  She did
however manage to cheerfully update her friend with the latest score in their game:  “That’s 2 each now.”

"Car 43!  Car 43!  Respond please!  What happened to the officer?"

"Base!  This is 43!  She killed him!  I don't know how but she just picked him up and threw him!  He went like
a fuc- sorry, Chief Inspector, like a rocket.  Oh my god!  This can't be happening.  That little chick just killed

"Calm down, officer.  Please confirm what you just said.  One of the civilian girls murdered your partner?"

"Yes, sir!  She killed him.  She fuc- sorry, sir."

"Stay calm, man.  What weapon did she use?"

"No... no weapon sir.... just her.... just her hand...  Oh god, sir, she's walking towards me... Oh fuck... oh

"Officer!  Get a grip!  Officer!   Officer?  Car 43!  Car 43!  Can you hear me?"

Tara watched, fascinated, as Lyda coolly walked towards the Earther vehicle.  She overheard the
communication between the Earther seated at the controls and his disbelieving superior.  The taller girl felt
an intense thrill as she anticipated her friend's next move.  It was such a turn-on to see her wielding such
power, her beautiful body concealing almost unlimited strength.  Tara knew that her own stunning frame
was equally as unstoppable, and the knowledge thrilled her.

The dark-haired teenager's desirable body was now just a step away from the Earther vehicle.  Tara
watched the male inside squirming nervously in his seat and smiled.  It was wonderful the way she and
Lyda had such an effect on the creatures of this planet.  She glanced lustfully at her friend's pert rear as the
shorter girl bent over at the waist, spreading her long arms wide at her sides.

As Lyda’s pretty fingers slowly began to sink into the yielding, groaning metal of the front of the vehicle,
Tara sensuously bit her lower lip.  She could almost feel the way her lover’s beautiful, feminine arms were
overpowering the resistance of the steel.   The clear panic of the male inside only added to the impression
of Lyda’s dominance.  Tara knew it was a matter of mere instants before the petite girl conquered the
machine entirely and proved her superiority over both vehicle and its occupant.  The taller girl released her
lip and let her mouth remain slightly open, her perfect, sexy teeth exposed as she watched her friend’s every

“Sir, the girl is right in front of me.  She’s bending over the front of the car like she’s about to… Jesus Christ!  
Her hands are squeezing the metal like fucking dough!  Oh my god!  I don’t believe this!  She’s lifting up the
car!  Fuck!  Fuck!  She’s picked up the car, sir!  With me in it!  Oh fuck!  She’s just holding me and the car
out in front of her.  Jesus, she’s smiling.”

“Officer, stay calm.  Remember your training!  A police officer under threat is authorized to use his

His gun!  Of course!  Claude was in such a state having witnessed his partner’s extraordinary murder and
the amazing assault on his car that he had almost completely forgotten about the pistol in the holster on his
belt.  With trembling fingers, he reached for it, his eyes remaining fixed on the teenage girl whose
remarkable body filled his windscreen.  He pointed the weapon at her lovely face and received nothing but
a look of bored disinterest from her in return.

He was too scared now for warning shots.  He didn’t even think about opening the side window.  He shot
at the girl, aiming for the centre of her forehead, through the windshield.  The range was point-blank.  He
couldn’t miss. After the gun went off he saw the hole at the centre of the spider-web crack the bullet left in
the glass between him and the girl.  And he saw the girl.  She had not moved.  There wasn’t a mark anywhere
on her flawless complexion.

Terrified, his mind tried to reassure him that the shot had been a dud.  He fired off another.  Another crack
appeared in the windshield.  He thought he saw something glinting briefly against the teenager’s cheek,
but she didn’t blink.  The blood seemed to drain from his face.  Had he just witnessed a bullet bouncing off
his stunning young woman’s features without leaving so much as a scratch?

“Car 43!  What’s going on?  I can hear gunfire.  Car 43!  Report please.”

Claude brought the radio’s microphone to his lips.  “I’ve just shot her twice in the face from a meter and
nothing happened.  Oh Christ, what the fuck is going on here?”

“Car 43!  Repeat please.”

“The bitch is fucking bullet-proof.  She’s a fucking indestructible monster… Sir.”

“Car 43.  Are you saying you shot the civilian without wounding her?.... Car 43!   Car 43!”

“Sir, keep the other men away from here!  Keep everyone away from here…  She’s the one… She did all th-“

With her arms spread wide, Lyda got a good hold of the front of the vehicle, her hands compressing the
metal beneath them to create custom grips.  She raised her arms.  The frame of the vehicle creaked loudly as
it struggled against strains for which it had not been designed.  Lyda’s arms, however, felt no strains at all
as they fluidly lifted the whole, unbalanced Earther machine, together with the male inside it, from the
ground.  She held it out in front of herself for a moment, so that Tara could see her exercising her strength.

Her posing gave the Earther – her next point in the game she was playing against Tara – a few extra instants
to panic.  The shorter girl felt a shiver of excitement at the sight of the male and his vehicle both completely
at her mercy. She listened to his frantic commentary on her actions, savouring the terror she instilled.  
When he pulled out his useless noisy weapon, she rolled her eyes and let him take a couple of shots
without bothering to move out of the way of the two little bits of metal that floated slowly towards her.  She
allowed them to bounce harmlessly off her face, barely noticing either of the two impacts.

She then waited for the Earther’s reaction to the failure of his pathetic firearm.  As amusing as that was – at
first – she soon realized that she was bored with the male.  It was time to claim her point.  She raised her arms,
the vehicle they supported rising effortlessly with them.  She was about to slam the metal contraction down
into the ground when she suddenly stopped.  She hardly noticed the weight of vehicle and Earther as she
held it over her head and stared intently at the horizon.

Legrand had heard enough.  Much more than enough.  There was a cop-killer on the loose.  Worse than
that, there were so many details of the snatched reports he’d heard that didn’t make sense.  It was as if
something supernatural was happening out there on the highway.  Something terrible.  Something evil.  He
had to stop the stream of emergency vehicles to the scene.  He needed weapons specialists, not unarmed
paramedics and firemen.

He looked around the dispatch room.  All eyes were on him.  The sense of dread that filled the air was
palpable.  If there was ever a time he needed to show authority, this was it.  “Sergeant,” he addressed the
young lady seated nearby.

“Yes sir?” the dispatch girl answered, her voice trembling.  “Raise the ambulance and fire crews.  Tell them
to turn around immediately.”

“Yes sir.”

“You.” Legrand pointed to another fresh-faced radio operator.  “Get me the Minister of the Interior.  Now!”

“Yes sir.”

Tara was in awe of the way Lyda looked, holding the Earther vehicle above her head, her slim body erect
and proud as it carried the weight with no sign of any difficulty.  She could feel her loins responding to the
sight and realized that Lyda’s superhuman nostrils would soon notice.  From her station behind the
brunette, she could not see her friend’s sly grin as the scent of her arousal wafted over, but she could hear
the wicked amusement in her voice when she spoke.


“Yes, Lyda?” Tara was practically panting as she responded.

“Can you see the square white vehicle heading towards us?”

“Yes I can.”

“It’s on my side of the line.”

“Yes it is, Lyda.”

“And it’s got three Earthers in it.  Can you see them?  Two in the front, one in the back.”

“Yes, I can see them.”

“Well, that’s one here-“ Lyda raised and lowered the vehicle she was holding out above her head, making
the male inside bounce around helplessly  “-and three over there.  I think they should meet up.”

“That’s a lovely idea, Lyda.”

The ambulance sped as fast as it’s complaining engine could be pushed.  The three men inside sat in
silence, all anticipating the scene they might discover at the end of their journey. The driver’s eyes were
fixed on the empty, straight, flat road ahead.  Alongside him, his colleague scanned the horizon for any sign
of the multiple-crash-site whilst a paramedic sat strapped into one of the seats in the back besides two
empty stretchers which he expected to soon be filled.

No-one showed any surprise when the dashboard loudspeaker sounded.  “Base to medi-crew two.  Base to
medi-crew two.”

The driver flicked a switch and spoke, his reply captured by a microphone mounted above his head.  “This
is medi-crew two.  We’re almost on-site now.  Can’t see anything yet.”

“Medi-crew two,  I have new instructions.  Repeat: I have new instructions.  Turn around immediately and
return to your hospital.  I say again: Medi-crew two, turn around immediately!”

That was the last thing any of the three men in the ambulance expected to hear.  The driver spoke for all of
them.  “Base, we’re almost on site now.  We’re fully equipped to attend to any traffic incident and-“

“Medi-crew two.  This order comes from Chief Inspector Legrand.  Turn around immediately.”

“OK, base.” The driver eased his foot off the accelerator pedal and onto the breaks.  “We’re turning around
n-  What the fuck is t-“.

The dispatch girl threw her headphones down on the desk in front of her.  The sound of static emerging
from the earpieces was clearly audible to those around her, even above her uncontrollable sobs.  An older
colleague, approached her, placed a friendly arm around her and tried to comfort her.  “It’s OK.” he said,

“No.  No it’s not OK” the girl answered, tearfully.  “I think we’ve lost the ambulance crew as well. What’s
going on?”

The Chief Inspector hurried across the room.  “You lost contact with the medi-crew?” he asked.

“Yes, Chief Inspector.” the young lady sniffed.

“What was the last communication you had with them?”

“I… I told them to turn around, sir.   They said they were turning and then… then… oh my god!”

“Please, try and remain professional.” The Chief Inspector berated, insensitively.  “What exactly did the
medi-crew radio operator say?”

“He said; ‘What the fuck is t-‘, sir, and then it went to static.  What’s happening, sir?”

“That’s what we’re trying to establish.”  Legrand turned and spoke to the room in general.  “Have we
managed to raise the fire-crew yet?”

An easy pull-back on Lyda’s long arms prepared her to launch the vehicle she was carrying.  An equally
effortless thrusting forwards of those arms, combined with the removal of her hands from the front of the
machine, sent the Earther vehicle rocketing away from her at speeds several times greater than any its
engine could match on the ground.  Such was the power of the sexy teenager’s toss that the machine flew
almost parallel with the ground, hardly arcing at all as it zoomed like a missile towards the distant square,
white vehicle.

Lyda’s superhuman eyes saw how the initial jolt as she released the thing proved too much for the Earther
in the vehicle.  They also observed the way the males in the white vehicle only just noticed the object
hurtling towards them at the last moment.  Long, long after it was too late for them to do anything about it.  
She grinned ecstatically as the sight of the distant collision was made as if near by her fantastic visual

She observed in detail as the vehicle she had thrown slammed into the front of the square, white one.  There
was so much momentum in the smaller machine that it carved, like a sharp blade, right through the larger
one, destroying everything within in an instant, before bursting out the rear in a shower of metal and
shards of the brittle, transparent material that Earthers were so fond of.  A moment later, the big vehicle
exploded. A ball of orange flame swallowed up everything in its path, including the smaller machine.  
Chunks of metal rained down over a wide area of ground as the fire continued to burn.

Tara also watched the destruction closely.  She looked from the flaming remains of the two vehicles to the
girl who had demolished them.  Slowly, she traced the tip of her tongue over her ripe lips.  “Oh, Lyda!” she
breathed, lustfully.

Her friend turned back to her, a triumphant smile still lighting up her exquisite features.  “I believe that
makes the score six-two to me.”

“Oh, Lyda!” Tara repeated, sexual desire dripping from her words.

“I know, Tara, I know.” Lyda answered.  “But the game’s not finished yet.”

Tara turned her head to scan the vista behind her, trying to see what the brunette meant by the game not
being finished.  She spotted it soon enough.  “Oooh!” she said, with mock excitement, “A big, red one!  
How many points is that worth?  Let’s see.  I count one.. two…”

“Four” interrupted Lyda.  “I already counted.”  Tara smiled.  She couldn’t resist the temptation to run the
fingers of one hand across the engorged points of her heaving chest.  Lyda saw it, and found herself almost
shaking with desire.  Meanwhile, Tara had already set off at a sprint towards the huge, brightly-coloured

Fireman Bercy turned to his colleague who was still fiddling with the controls on the front of the in-cab
radio.  “I wouldn’t bother, Laurent.  You’re not going to get anywhere with that.  I told you before.  We’re
out of range.  It’s an old model.  They only work in town, not out here.”

“That’s so typical of the department – trying to save money in all the places it’s most needed.”

“Ah, relax, man.  Why’s everything got to be political with you?  Once we liaise with the other units on the
scene, we’ll know exactly what to do.”

“I’d feel better if we could receive instructions now.”

“Why?  What do you think they’re going to say?  They’d just tell us to continue to the crash site anyway.”

“Yeah, probably, I gue- Did you see that?”


“A streak on the road, up ahead!”

“Oh yeah!  What is that?”

“It’s headed this way… oh shit!”  Bercy instinctively slammed on the brakes.  He knew it was probably too
late, but it was the only reaction he could show.  It didn’t make any sense.  The girl just seemed to
materialize out of the blur of light that had been rushing towards them, suddenly materializing right in the
middle of the road, just meters in front of them.  The fire-truck’s tires screeched as they scrapped along the
surface of the road, friction heating them until smoke began to rise.  Still they moved forwards.

Bercy slammed his fist down on the horn, but the blast of sound had no effect on the scantily-clad
pedestrian.  She remained utterly motionless, her hands placed defiantly on her shapely hips, her face
showing none of the dread and horror that was evident in the features of both Bercy and Laurent.  Where
the hell had she appeared from?  It didn’t make sense.  The two men in the cab of the fire-engine covered
their eyes to protect themselves from the gory sight they were convinced they were about to witness.

Tara stopped running a few paces short of the slowly-moving red vehicle.  She wanted the males in the
front to have enough time to see her, so that she could enjoy their shocked reactions.  She was not
disappointed.  Knowing enough of these machines to be confident that it would be unable to halt before it
collided with her, she put her hands on her hips and thrust out her gloriously erotic chest, delighting in the
panic she observed inside the vehicle.

The moments that passed before the thing hit her were an agonizing wait for the young superhuman
temptress.  Tara was still amazed at how slowly the Earther machine moved.  Yet despite that, it lacked a
mechanism to make it stop.  Finally, the gap between vehicle and girl closed.  Finally, the front of the huge,
red device ploughed into her.

Or rather she ploughed into the front of the device.  For whilst the vehicle continued to move forward under
its own momentum, the slim girl remained motionless, her feet planted seemingly unmovingly on the
ground.  The steel of the machine pressed against her body and found it had met more than its match.  With
nowhere to go, trapped between its movement and the ungiving flesh of a sexy teenage girl, the vehicle
simply had to yield.  The metal began to fold up around and against her body.

Her chest led the attack, a huge area of the machine crumpling up against her proud, rounded breasts, the
feminine flesh proving vastly more resilient that mere iron and steel.  The metal that met her stomach fared
no better, the girl’s slim belly providing an impassable wall against which the vehicle could do no more than
wad up in total surrender.

As an ever-growing pile of compressed steel built up in front of her, Tara was forced to use her ability to see
through objects to watch the two Earthers in the front portion of the vehicle being crushed inside their
rapidly-shrinking little box.  She saw the two in the back thrown forwards by the machine’s sudden stop,
noting with no little satisfaction how the collision with what was left of the front of the vehicle killed them
instantly.  And still, the vehicle continued to compact against her body.

With an effortless sweep of her hand, almost as if she were swatting away an insect, Tara overpowered the
forward momentum of the huge red machine, and knocked it away from her.  The metal that had moulded
itself to her body was cast aside with ridiculous ease by her one-armed gesture.  The ruined vehicle
finished about ten paces away from her, suddenly silenced.  She stared at it for a moment, admiring her
handiwork.  All she had done was to stand still and let it hit her, and the result was this: total destruction.  
Her power was fantastic!

“That was awesome!” enthused a voice at her side.  Tara turned and saw her friend standing just a few
paces from her.

“Hey!  You’re in my zone!” Tara protested, although secretly she was delighted that Lyda had joined her.

“I know.  But there’s no more Earthers around at the moment.”

“Oh?  Did we break them all, Lyda?”

“Looks like it, Tara.”

“That’s a shame.”

“Oh, I’m sure they’ll be more along soon.  In the meantime, I was thinking...”

“Yes, Lyda?”

“Well, seeing as the score is six-all, perhaps this would be a good time to take a break from the game?”

“A break?” Tara enquired, raising one of her beautiful eyebrows.  The two girls were facing each other.  
Slowly, inexorably, they were moving towards each other.

“Yes, a break.” Lyda reiterated.

“And what would we do during the break?” Tara asked, her eyes practically aglow with suggestive glints.

“Oh, I don’t know…” Lyda answered, taking another step towards her lover.  Both girls were already
reaching for each other.

Chief Inspector Legrand sat in his private office, the telephone receiver pressed against his ear.  He was
halfway through the most bizarre conversation of his life.

“No, Minister, we raised the ambulance, but something happened before they could turn around.  It was
the fire-crew we were unable to contact.  We don’t know if they have been lost, but I must assume given the
circumstances that-“

“Chief Inspector, you must appreciate my position here.  You are asking me to mobilize the army against…
well, against a girl in a bikini.”

“Two girls, Madame Minister.” Legrand corrected.  “We have eye-witness reports of the downing of a
helicopter and at least one murder.”

“But to send in the army?  Don’t you have any more information you can give me?  I’m not sure the military
will appreciate what you have told me so far.”

“Madame, I have no more information.  It would appear that all the personnel who have been sent to the
scene are now dead.  I can only assume-“

“Assume… assume.  We are basing a lot on your assumptions, Chief Inspector.   Very well, I will contact
the military authorities.  Keep your men away from the area until you hear from me.  One thing, though: if
this ends embarrassingly for me, I promise you, you will pay with your job.”

“Madame Minister, I assure you I am only carrying out my duty, as you will be when you call the army.”

“I hope you are right Chief Inspector.  Goodbye.”  The harsh click in his ear told Legrand the conversation
had been terminated.  He replaced the telephone receiver on its cradle.

“I hope I’m wrong.” He whispered to himself.

“Oooh!  Do that again!”

“What?  That?”

“Mmmmm! Yes, that!”

“You like it when I squeeze you there?”

“Oh yes!”

“What about there?”

“Oooh!  That’s even better!”

“Hey, Tara!  Imagine what would happen if I squeezed an Earther like that!”

“Ha! Ha!  Why don’t you find out when the next ones get here?  As long as they’re in your zone, of

“Of course, Tara.  We must stick to the rules.”

“Absolutely Lyda.  Absolutely.”

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