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SuperJen Parts 1-3

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SuperJen Parts 1-3

By Larafan


Part 1: Jen’s wish is granted

“… 7 … 8 … 9 … ugh … 10!!!”

Jennifer Watson grunted from her supine position as she hoisted the bar holding 80lbs back onto the bench rack. Jennifer was bathed in sweat as she slowly sat up and saw that she was one of the last few people left in the health club weight room, as most of the patrons had left to try to beat the thunderstorm that was approaching outside.

Jennifer had joined the health club about a month ago in an effort to get into shape. Her boyfriend of the last two months had broken up with her after finding a “prettier girl”. Not that Jennifer was ugly, mind you – she was an attractive young girl of 23 with dirty blond hair and a cute face. However, her figure had somehow never developed like the other girls. She was convinced that her flat chest and lack of curves were the reasons that men never gave her a second glance. Now, since joining the gym, Jen was more determined than ever to build the body that she always dreamed about.

As Jen showered off, she again fantasized about having a supermodel model body that she could could show off. Jen also had another secret fantasy as well – to not only be super desirable but also superpowerful! To become motivated during her workouts, Jennifer often

imagined that she was actually Supergirl lifting tons of weight rather than being plain, old Jennifer Watson struggling through another set of 80lb bench presses. As her dual fantasies crept into her head during the shower, Jen’s hand slowly found her pussy and she began to masturbate. As Jen imagined herself as an gorgeous, unstoppable superheroine, she began to approach orgasm. In the instance that Jen reached her climax, her screams off “YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!” were drowned out by the sound of lightning striking the building. In a nanosecond, the current from the lightning bolt found its way through the plumbing and sent Jen sprawling across the shower floor where she lay naked and unconscious …

“Uhhhhhhhh … wha … wha … happened?” Jen said groggily as she awakened a couple of hours later in a vacant health club ladies shower room. As Jennifer rose to her feet, she tried to regain her senses as she made her way towards the dressing room. As she passed the bathroom mirrors, Jen glanced over and was transfixed at what she saw.

Jen stared in amazement at the reflection that stared back at her. Somehow, her face was now attached to the most perfect body she had ever seen!! Long, tan, toned legs ran up from the floor seemingly forever! She estimated she now stood at 5’10” – six inches taller than her original height! Jen reached down to touch her thighs and slowly ran her hands up her curvaceous hips and seeming impossible waistline. Jen was overcome with glee when she finally reached the grand finale – her new breasts! Where her 34A’s once lived, now were the most quintessential pair of 36D breasts that anyone had ever seen! They were so full and pert and seemed to defy gravity as they hung proudly on her chest! Jennifer Watson once again scanned her new figure and prayed that this wasn’t a dream!

As Jennifer busily got dressed she quickly found out that none of her clothes now fit her incredible figure. As Jen peaked out onto the vacant and dark health club floor, she flicked on the lights and spied a rack of workout clothes that the health club routinely had on sale. “Guess they won’t mind if I borrow a little something,” said Jen as she picked out a thong and a bright red tank top. The new clothes absolutely hugged her figure and outlined every curve in her body. The red tank top she picked out seemed to be screaming for mercy as it barely kept her newly enhanced bustline in check. As she looked at herself in the mirror, Jennifer thought that she was a goddess!!

As Jen prepared to find the exit and go home simply being appreciative of her new “gifts”, her mind raced as to what could possibly have happened. She thought, “The last thing I remembered thinking about in the shower was that I wish I had a supermodel body. Now somehow, that lightning strike caused it to be a reality! Ha! Imagine that! All I did was wish that I was a gorgeous superheroine … and … then …” Jennifer suddenly froze in her tracks as suddenly realized the possible new developments that might have taken place. She hadn’t even thought about it since she had awoken, but now she wondered if she had also been transformed into the superpowerful heroine she always had fantasized about.

Jen face beamed with glee as her mind raced at the possibility of this new body being infused with super-strength. Since she had awoken, Jen felt supremely confident and energized and though she knew that it was impossible, somehow she now also knew that within her little hardbody was a seething volcano of raw superhuman power!!

Jen sauntered over to a loaded weight bar and began counting the weight loaded on the bar. “Hmm … 200 … 240 … 260 … 280 … 300 … 320 … 340lbs! Shouldn’t be much of a problem for a supergirl” said Jen half-jokingly as she slowly wrapped her petite hands around the bar and closed her eyes. With a quick jerk of her hands, the massive weight bar leapt off the rack and over her head in one swift motion as if it was made of styroform. Jennifer’s gorgeous eyes widened as she held the 320lb bar over her head with little effort. Jen became eupohoric as she marvelled at how light the weight felt, almost as if it weighed ounces!! With a show of arrogance, Jen quickly release her right hand and put it on her hip so that the entire bar was now supported by her lone slender left hand. Jen looked over at the mirrors stood there transfixed at the sight of this 5’10” 36-23-35 blonde bombshell with more strength than 100 men. Jen smiled a cheesecake heroine smile and then slowly lower the bar and began to curl it still with one arm.

“I can’t believe this!!” Jen said as she could still feel no resistance after 20 reps. Taking the bar in both hands again, Jen quickly tied the entire bar into a knot with her super-strength and threw it to the floor. Jen giggled, wondering what how the morning shift would react if they knew that some “girl” somehow had turned one of their weight bars into a pretzel!

Jen was so pumped and turned on at this point by her newfound strength that she craved another demonstration of her might. Jennifer walked over to the Smith Machine and got a wild idea! “Let’s see if EVERY part of my body is really superstrong!!” thought Jen as she stood on one side of the Smith Machine, straddling one of the vertical metal poles. Jen leaned up against the pole and wedged the Smith Machine upright between her two breasts. Jen than took both hands and placed them against the cotton fabric of her tank top on either sides of her breasts. Erotically, Jen closed her eyes began to slowly apply pressure and began to squeeze her bosoms together with her hands. The reinforced steel upright never stood a chance as Jen now wielded the power of a 10 hydraulic car compactors underneath her tiny shirt! Jen smiled as she heard the unmistakable sound of steel squealing in protest – unable to withstand the superhuman onslaught of the “softest” parts of her body! Jen cried out in ecstasy “Yes, Jen!! You are sooooooo strong!!” as her cleavage flattened the metal upright to a width of a quarter!!

Jen now began to realize the power that was now at her beck and call!! She felt so alive and powerful like there was nothing that she could not do. As Jen put her hands on her hips and struck the classic superheroine pose, she declared “World, say so long to meek little Jennifer Watson and say hello to SuperJen!!”


Part 2: Discoveries

As Jen stepped out of the health club and into the dark lit alley, she was greeted by an explosion of new sensations as a result of her new super-senses. Her superhearing could detect the sound of every person’s conversation within a 5 block radius. Her sense of smell could now pick up the pungent scent of the homeless man lying asleep down the alley, and her super-peepers could now read the fine print of the newspaper even though that it stood inside a newspaper machine one block away!! At first Jen’s mind was overloaded with these sensations, but after a few moments she began to know how to filter them and control them to her desires. As the chaos in Jen’s brain began to subside, Jen became enthralled at this new discovery couldn’t wait to explore the limits of her powers.

Jen walked to the end of the alley and began walking to the dimly lit parking lot to retrieve her car. As Jen walked up to her SUV, she thought of pitting her strength against the 2 tons of steel that sat before her and see if she could raise the car over her head like all the “real” superheroes did in the comic books. As she crouched down to take a hold of the vehicle, her nostrils detected the foul odor of alcohol. Jen jumped to her feet and spun around to see three young men walk up to her. Jen, at first, was instinctively gripped with fear as she knew the three men were looking for an easy score. Jen suddenly gained her composure as her thoughts raced back to the extraordinary events that had unfolded in the past hour and how she was now imbued with superhuman power coursing through every fiber of her body. She was a supergirl now and these guys couldn’t do anything to her if she didn’t want them to!

“Now, now … what’s a fine thing like you doing in a spot like this?” asked one of the men.

Jen smiled at the men and folded her arms. Jen voice now resonated with supreme confidence as she replied “Guys, trust me, you don’t want to do this. I think it’d be better for everyone if you guys just turned around and walked away.”

The men almost dropped dead laughing at the woman’s veiled threat. “Didja hear that, Mike? The lady has some spunk!” said one of the men.

Mike, the largest and apparent leader of the men countered with “Yeah, I’ll take that into account as I’m ramming the fucking bitch with my cock! Buddy, grab her!!”

One of the men stepped behind the young woman and wrapped his arms around her. To his surprise, the woman just stood steadfast with her arms crossed and didn’t seem to struggle a bit.

“Bitch? BITCH? Is that what you just called me?” Jen asked?

Mike stepped right up to Jen and looked her in the eye and said “No, honey. I called you a FUCKING bitch!”

Jen at that point had had enough! She knew that she could probably wipe these guys off the face of the planet with just a fraction of her strength, but she then thought that she could use these guys to test her powers and teach them a lesson they would never forget!

“OK, if that’s how you want it to be …” Jen responded as she suddenly stuck out her ample chest firmly. The man holding her fought back with all his strength but it was of little use as Jen’s ultrapowerful bosoms easily broke his grip. She then reached out like a tigress and grabbed one of the men by the shirt and lifted him over her head in one swift motion. Jen stood there beaming triumphant as she held the 220 lbs man at bay with her lone slender arm. “Anyone else got any bright ideas?” Jen mocked as put her other hand on her hip.

“You bitch!” said Mike as he reared back and swung at Jen with a blow that would’ve caved in the side of most people’s face. Jennifer saw the man’s punch coming in almost slow motion and, in the blink of an eye, took her hand off her hip and caught Mike’s punch in mid air right before it connected with her beautiful face. Mike struggled to release he hand from Jen’s grip and stood there in disbelief as his hand was now swallowed up by this soft feminine hand. Jen looked sweetly at Mike and said “Sugar, you just made a big mistake!!” Jen then slowly began to apply pressure to Mike’s hand. Mike winced in pain and began to scream as the audible pops of bones breaking could be heard from the seemingly slight pressure that Jen was applying.

Bruno, the man that Jen had been holding aloft, suddenly became gripped with fear at the display of the strength of this superpowered goddess and accidentally wet his pants. Jen being preoccupied with Mike did not notice the original scent but suddenly stopped the tortuous squeezing of Mike’s hand to look up and see urine trickling down her arm.

“Gross!!!” screamed Jen as she became horrified by Bruno’s lack of bodily control. “Get away from me!” Jen pronounced as she reached back with her right arm and hurled Bruno the length of the parking lot. In his prime, John Elway could not have thrown a football farther than Jen just hurled a 220 lbs man. As Bruno hit the ground with a sickening thud, Jen turned her attention back to Mike and simply said, “One down, two to go …”

Jen now began to again apply pressure to Mike’s hand, this time harder. Mike again screamed in agony as the bones in his hands were not just broken but pulverized by the tons of pressure that Jen’s tiny feminine hand was exerting. Jen savoured the power she now held over these men, and it made her want to demonstrate her strength to them even more.

“Well, Mike …” she said as she released his mangled hand. “I think you’ve learned an important lesson tonight in underestimating the power of a woman! Now kiss off …” said Jen as she took a deep breath that cause her fantasic chest to rise and swell. Jen then blew Mike a kiss with the force of a Category 5 hurricane that swept him up and sailed him across the parking lot under the force of a 200mph blast of wind from Jen’s perfect mouth.

As Mike lay dead and motionless on the other side of the parking lot, Jen twirled around to face Buddy and smiled. “I just love being super!!” beamed Jen as Buddy suddenly pulled out his revolver and had it pointed at her. Jen’s newfound discoveries of her constantly evolving superhuman abilities reassured her with confidence that this “toy” of Buddy’s was no threat to even scratch her super-enhanced body!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Buddy quickly emptied four rounds at the female dynamo and then stood there in disbelief as he saw each of the four bullets ricochet off of Jen’s steel-hard body as if they were raindrops. Jen giggled as she now saw that she was completely invulnerable to guns and probably most other weapons. Buddy became enraged and fired a fifth and final shot at Jen’s head. As the smoked cleared, Buddy almost fainted at the sight of this beautiful blonde standing with her hands on her hips, smiled with a bullet caught in her perfect set of white teeth!

Jen surprised herself as she first saw the bullet and decided to catch it in her teeth in the course of a nanosecond. Jen glared at the cowering man and jokingly said “Ewwwwwwwwwww, that tastes terrible!” Jen then spit the bullet back at Buddy with three times the velocity of the original shot and all the accuracy of a professional marksman. The bullet struck Buddy’s pistol, causing him to drop the gun and grab his hand in pain. As Buddy cowered at the newly empowered superwoman, Jen put her hands on her hips and seductively sauntered over to her SUV. As he watched her walk, Buddy could not believe that this woman, so sexy and feminine looking, just shrugged off five direct shots from his gun as if they were spitballs.

As Jen approached her vehicle, she turned to Buddy and smiled innocently as she bent down and grabbed the underside of the chassis in her firm grip. The hardened steel oozed from Jen’s grip as if it were were a tube of toothpaste. Then, with a burst of titanic strength that belied her lithe figure, Jen effortlessly hoisted the Expedition over her head. “Can I offer you a lift?” Jen giggled as she made a show by dusting off her shoulder with her hand while still holding the SUV overhead with one lone slender hand. This was all that Buddy could take as he became practically catatonic over the limitless power that this young girl seemingly possessed.

“Well, you know I love this car, but I don’t think I’ll be requiring it anymore. If you want it, you can have it. Here, catch!!” With those words, Jen playfully tossed the multi-ton vehicle toward Buddy as if it was a softball. Unfortunately for Buddy, Jen’s aim was true as the SUV crashed into Buddy’s less-than-super body and crushed him to death.

Jen looked around in almost disbelief at the sight of these three former assailants and the thought that she alone had mopped the floor with them without even trying. Jen beamed with pride as she knew that probably a thousand more men wouldn’t have made a difference with her newfound powers. Jen looked down at her superpowerful body and began caressing her breasts with her hands, imagining that she was exerting enough pressure to liquify solid steel in her delicate hands. As Jen closed her eyes and erotically became lost in her thoughts, all she could do was simply smile and whisper, “I think I’m gonna really enjoy being super …”


Part 3

As Jennifer Watson awoke the next morning, she quickly sat up in bed and thought back to the events of the night before. Had she really been transformed into a superpowerful heroine straight off the pages of a comic book or was it merely another dream of her hopeless childhood fantasies. Jen prayed it was not a dream and quickly scanned around for a way to do a quick “reality” check.

As she lay on her bed, Jen reached over to grab the cold, brass bedpost in her petite hand. Jen nervously bit her lip and slowly began to apply pressure with her grip. In an instant, the brass bedpost began to collapse and buckle under the stress of her superhuman grasp. As Jen now realized she was not dreaming, she excitedly doubled her efforts and squeezed until the brass began oozing from between her fingers as if it were jelly.

Jen was so turned on by her strength at this moment that she began to masturbate with her other hand as she again saw what she could now accomplish with this new improved body. As Jen became awash in orgasmic delight, her already prodigious strength was multiplied ten-fold as a seething river of supercharged vitality churned through her body. “Oh my god! This is fucking unreal!” Jen whispered to herself as she knew that she was the most powerful force on the face of the planet.

Jen leaped from bed and walked over to her solid oak dresser. As she placed her hands delicately on either side of the dresser, she took a deep breath and thought to herself “OK, watch this!!”. In one swift motion, Jen brought her hands together. In an unimaginable display of strength and power, the solid oak furniture was transformed into a shower of splinters and useless scraps by the young girl. Jen’s eyes widened at amazement as she knew she had exerted only a fraction of the power that was now at her disposal.

Despite her numerous exhibitions of strength over the past 12 hours, Jen still found it difficult to gauge the limits and scope of her powers. She could liquefy solid brass in her bare hands, lift a multi-ton SUV over her head with one hand, and crush solid steel poles with just her new fantastic chest! She also had discovered that she possessed superspeed, super-breath, super senses, and a certain degree on invulnerability that was demonstrated the night before as a hail of bullets ricocheted off her perfect skin as if she was made of steel!

As the new “maid of steel” now realized she had destroyed her clothes dresser, she decided to get dressed and go outside. Using her newfound superspeed, Jen zoomed around her apartment like a streak of lightning and came to a halt at her front door fully dressed wearing a pair of tight jeans and a tight, white half-shirt that showcased her new prominent assets.

Walking down the street, Jen’s super-hearing suddenly picked up the sound of the nearby bank alarm going off. With a burst of superspeed, Jen’s superpowerful legs propelled her the length of 3 city blocks in a matter of seconds. As the supergirl quickly assessed the situation, she saw four men in ski masks exit the bank a hop into their speeding getaway car and peel off in her direction.

“Not so fast, guys!” Jennifer playfully thought to herself as she watched the car rapidly approach. As the car reached 45mph, she stepped into the oncoming car’s path, put her hands on her hips, and thrust out her chest as she struck a classic superheroine pose. As a crowd of onlookers screamed “Look out!” in anticipation of the inevitable death of this statuesque beauty, Jen’s heart raced with excitement.

As the oncoming car struck the young girl, there was a tremendous crash as motorized steel and iron was pitted against soft, feminine flesh. As the smoke settled, everyone (except for Jen) was amazed to see the the front end of the car ground like sausage against this blonde bombshell who still stood there without a scratch.

Jen stood there proud as she saw the three of the bank robbers knocked unconscious by the violent impact. Jen giggled as she thought how she didn’t feel a thing even though a two ton automobile had hit her directly at almost 50 miles per hour!! Jennifer casually reached down and pried the steel frame away from her supple body as if it were cotton candy. As Jen stepped back from the wreckage, she saw the remaining bank robber emerge from the car brandishing a semi-automatic pistol.

As the assailant took aim at Jennifer, she simply stood there confidently with her arms crossed knowing perfectly well that he was in for the shock of his life. In the next few moments, Jen’s fantastic body was peppered from head to toe with a spray of gunfire. Each bullet that hit the supergirl proved to be as useless as every shot struck Jen’s superbody and bounced harmlessly off. Unfortunately for Jen, her clothes did not prove to be as durable as they were shredded by the hail of bullets.

As the man’s pistol gave an audible “click” to signify that he was out of ammo, Jen sarcastically held up her open palm and said “Tsk, tsk … looks like it stopped raining”. Jen then slowly approached the gunman and quickly grabbed the gun from his feeble grip. She then brought the barrel to her mouth and mockingly began to suck on the end of the barrel as if the bun were a lollipop. The gunman could not believe his eyes as he saw the gun barrel deform like melted ice cream under the superhuman onslaught of Jennifer’s tongue. Jen then closed her teeth and severed off the hardened steel gun barrel as if it were a piece of candy and spit it out in front of the man.

Jennifer’s playful nature suddenly took a turn to the more serious as she stood in front of the gunman with a menacing look and exclaimed “Now this is what I’m gonna do to you!” As Jen said those words, he held the rest of the man’s gun in front of his face and crushed it like an open tube of toothpaste!

This was too much for the bank robber to stand as he passed out from fear from this gorgeous, unstoppable female juggernaut. As Jen looked down at the man and surveyed her handiwork, she crossed her arms and simply said to herself “I just love being super!”

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