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The Premeditated Providence

Written by d_k_c :: [Tuesday, 03 May 2005 16:11] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 09 July 2020 09:28]

The Premeditated Providence

by DKC


Editor's Note: DKC wrote this story some years ago as a stand-alone piece. Still, the final paragraph of The Project makes a quite direct reference to the events of this story. I decided to actually file this story under the Aleesha's Chronicles tags, but keeping the original text according to the author's request.

Not male, not female. It was what it is. And what it is can not be explained by modern science or acknowledged by it. It drifted through the universes invisibly stopping at worlds that teamed with life and technology. Often these worlds and the lives on it would not survive its presence. The entity would not harm the world itself but rather allow free will to decide the fate of an entire planet. It would be hard to understand what its true intent was, for it delivered exactly what it promised. And what it promised was for neither good nor evil. It perhaps felt pleasure in uncertainty, not knowing what would happen in a universe that was as predictable as an egg dropping to the floor. Millions of worlds later it approached the blue planet and randomly selected two that it would reward its gift to and watched with an infant's curiosity, watched a fate that was not intended to be.

It was 4 am and Shona walked the streets of LA back to her subpar apartment. She was 19 and had been on her own since she was 15. Life was rarely easy for her and trying to make ends meet with a minimum wage job always made certain she was one step behind the game. In her eyes, being an African-American woman in a white-dominated society was a large part of the reason she was living the way she did.

She stood at almost 6ft tall. She had thick powerful legs that attached to a slightly larger, but certainly firm, ass. Her hips narrowed down slightly to her belly, which she felt could be more toned. However, above her stomach, rested her only real advantage in this world. Massive double E, tightly packed, firm breasts which protruded out from whatever top she wore like cannonballs.

She worked as a waitress at a strip bar and, although she did make the minimum wage, there were days when she pulled in more money than the strippers thanks to two enormous blessings. She was well aware that her massive breasts would, one day, cause back problems, but until that day she would use them to get what she wanted every chance she got. Men loved to bury tips deep in her tight cleavage and it was amazing how many men lost there rings by doing so. Black, white, brown, yellow when it came to tits, it was all universal. The strippers nicknamed her 'Tyra' and, although she didn’t think so, they felt her face resembled that of Tyra Banks.

The night was a decent one, she was even approached by the manager who offered her a ridiculous amount of money to strip, but she did have her boundaries and refused. Shona had just got off work and was wearing a pink tracksuit with the word ‘sweet’ stitched on her ass. Even though it was night time, she was wearing her sunglasses, which looked always sexy on her well defined pretty face.

It was 4 am and Laura was heading back from the library. She couldn’t help but feel extremely nervous walking home alone at this time of night. She got caught up in her studies and lost all track of time. A second-year college student Laura used to be teased quite frequently in her high school days. Whether it be her lanky posture, her zit infested face or her skinny body. Her boobs were hardly distinguishable, in high school she heard girls being called fat-so, however, she was the only girl in school being called flat-so.

College was a lot different for her, no one teased her anymore. And no one talked to her anymore. They just let her be. Laura told herself that it was the way she liked it, but in actuality, she dreamed of being one of the popular girls. She dreamed of being a girl with firm eye-grabbing tits, legs that reached high and connected themselves to a well defined sexy firm ass. The ability to sound smart based on looks alone. She walked home at a quickened pace with her books pressed to her chest. Her dirty blonde hair covered her face and parted just enough so that she could see where she was going.

The two girls made their way toward each other. An alley intersected with them as they passed each other. On a warm clear night, a lightning bolt illuminated the alley, leaving a bright glowing stone. Shona and Laura stopped in their tracks and looked deep into the alley.

Shona was the first to turn into the alley and investigate the glowing object.

Every instinct Laura had told her to keep walking and ignore the strange occurrence. Against her better judgment, she turned into the alleyway to investigate as well.

Seeing the stranger beside her trying to sneak a peek at the glowing stone that Shona was holding she read the inscription out loud. “'The first two Wills belong to two, the last Will belongs to one, what is your will?' What kinda fucked up prank is this” Shona said with attitude.

“May I see that?” Laura politely asked.

Shona eyed the skinny white girl “Whatever bitch, make your wish, you're probably on candid camera or some shit like that. Who the fuck do they think they’re playin?!” Shona handed the stone to Laura and looked further into the alley to see who was behind this deception.

Laura read the inscription over and over again and then thought 'what the hell'. There was only one thing she wanted, and with no hesitation, she whispered it to the stone “I want to be sexy.”

The stone glowed bright and fired a beam of light into Laura’s head. The stone gathered information from Laura’s brain to identify precisely what she meant by her request.

Shona looked back at Laura in shock as the highly concentrated beam centered itself in the middle of her forehead.

The beam shut off and Laura blinked a few times. Something started to happen. Laura felt her feet go numb and then she felt something inside her move up her legs. It almost felt as though her feet were shrinking and then her calves and thighs felt like they were getting tighter. She wondered desperately what was happening to her body underneath the fabric of her pants. The feeling made its way to her hips and then something noticeable happened. Laura gasped as she noticed that her waist began shrinking and her hips reformed. It didn’t stop there as the feeling rode up her abdomen and her spine. Her stomach became flat and toned and her back straightened out. The strange sensation then moved into her tits. Laura looked down at her boobs feeling as though there would be a massive change any second. Massive was a good way to describe it. Laura’s boobs in almost an instant went from an almost nonexistent A cup to a firm double D. The transition threatened to burst her black cotton top which strained to prevent her new endowments from revealing themselves to the world.

Shona watched in amazement as the white girl changed before her very eyes.

Laura shook her hair as the feeling left her tits and moved into her face and head. Laura grabbed a lock of her hair and pulled it into view. It was a golden blonde. “Oh my god! It worked … ” she whispered.

She cupped her full firm breasts and felt her new endowments through the tight black cloth. “Oh my God, these Tits are amazing!”

Shona looked at Laura’s face which was now supermodel quality, her tits would rival those fake ones Shona saw on a nightly basis. It was hard for Shona to admit but damn she was sexy. Shona scratched her head; either this white bitch was somehow in on the deceit or …

Shona pulled the stone away from her. Laura didn’t mind, she was too busy feeling and cupping her hot body. ‘Is this for real’ Shona wondered. ‘Anything I want hmmm, a million dollars would be nice.’

Shona kicked her self mentally, she could have anything she wanted she could be far more creative than that. ‘Think big, think outrageous, think fucking huge’ and then it came to her.

She thought of becoming the strongest person in the world, she thought of having x-ray vision she thought of power, such power that she could accumulate all the wealth she ever wanted without hassle and then she thought of Superman. She snickered at the thought of it. With Superman's powers she could do whatever the fuck she pleased, she imagined herself flying around the city in Superman's costume. Oh, the people she would visit if she had such pow…

That was a ridiculous thing to wish for. It was impossible. Maybe she would be better off wishing for something a little more realistic. More realistic than that white bitch turning into some sort of sex Goddess?

Shona eyed the stone, thought for a moment and finally said “I wish I was Super.”

The beam fired into her forehead gathering all the information it needed to grant her will.

She felt something tight grab her legs and the tightness rolled its way up her thighs. The tightness squeezed into her ass and crotch then over her belly and then tightened over her massive tits and finally extended across her arms. It was over, Shona looked down at her body and she certainly didn’t look different.

Laura watched to see if Shona would change, but all she could tell was that the runners she was wearing turned into red high heel boots.

Shona looked around wondering if anything significant had happened. She could tell her vision had improved. Or was that just in her head?

“You wished for red boots?” Laura asked.

“Red boots! Bitch, what the fuck are you talking about?” Shona looked down at her feet and saw the red boots. Her heart dropped to her stomach, and her legs felt like jello. She nervously and slowly placed her hand on the zipper at the top of her tracksuit. She slowly pulled the zipper down over her massive breasts.

“No! Fucking! Way!” Shona exclaimed. Shona looked down in astonishment at her chest which now sported a warped S shield and the extremely tight blue leotard.

Laura, still confused, looked at Shona’s chest and asked “You wished for a Superman costume?”

Shona ignored the white girl. Butterflies were moving all over her stomach. She felt she was going to pass out from the excitement. She walked over to a dumpster placed her hand on its steel rim and paused. She prepared for the massive disappointment by telling herself it wasn’t going to work, but if it didn’t it would be without question the single biggest disappointment of her life. She squeezed the thick steel and to her absolute delight the metal oozed out of her petite black hand. She squatted down and brought her hands underneath the dumpster and rose. Laura watched in horror and shock as Shona brought the huge dumpster over her head and then with a small toss, the dumpster cleared the building and could be heard crashing down on pavement blocks away.

Laura watched in amazement and envy as Shona basked in her power, making Laura feel as though she wasted a wish. “You wished for superpowers!?” Laura asked.

Shona didn’t know what to do, laugh, cry, sing, scream?

Laura stepped up to her, “Ok, something strange has happened. And I think we should try to figure out what it is before we go do something rash.”

Shona smirked at Laura, “Bitch I think you should go off and enjoy your newly made titties before I pop them like pimples.”

Laura was caught off guard by her comment.

Shona opened her eyes in shock, she could hear a conversation that what was taking place blocks away. “Listen! Do you hear that?”

“Hear what?” Laura asked.

Shona grinned and in a pink flash she disappeared out of the alley and around the corner.

Laura ran after her. Laura ran out of the alley and spotted her, she was already a block away talking with some boys.

Ray, Dexter and Van were interrupted by a local girl who seemed to come from nowhere.

“Hello Ray.” she said.

Ray smiled cockily at Shona “What up?” he replied.

“That’s all you have to say to me?” Shona asked impatiently.

She met him months ago and for her it was love at first sight. On top of his good looks and melting eyes he was sweet. Up until she slept with him. Other girls got played, other girls were naïve, but not Shona. Never Shona. That is, until Ray got to her. When she was dumped, she was so devastated and embarrassed she always avoided Ray and any of his associates, until now.

Ray smacked at his gum and cupped his hands behind his bald head. “What more would I have to say to you? Besides, that it is kinda late for your sweet tits to be bouncing around, don’t ya think?” he asked.

“You played me Ray, made me look like a fool, and I was kind of hurt.” Shona confronted.

Ray looked down at her Pink tracksuit that was open to partly reveal the S symbol that squeezed tightly at her impossibly firm sexy tits. “Well babe, had I known you were Super Girl, I would have allowed you to fuck me for a couple more days.” Ray responded gaining a chuckle from his two friends.

Ray put his finger on the top of her tit and traced the S symbol down and across her chest. Months ago he slept with Shona, fondled her breasts for hours. She most certainly had amazing tits probably the best he’d ever felt. But as he traced his finger now across the smooth S emblem he couldn’t help but notice how much firmer they were. “I’m not busy for a couple of hours, and if your free we can, you know, make up.”

Shona glanced at Ray’s friends, who were all but rolling around on the street laughing hysterically at her. She smiled at Ray doing her best to calm the boiling rage that lied beneath her as she let his finger trace down the S on her massive chest. “You know Ray, when we first met, you melted me like butter with just one look from your sexy eyes. I’m here to see if perhaps my eyes can do the same to you.”

Shona’s eyes flashed a brilliant light and before Ray had a chance to react, two beams of searing hot radioactive energy fired from Shona’s eyes. Shona felt an oozing sensation trickling down her face “Oh fuck!. Would ya look at that, I ruined my glasses!” Shona cursed to her self.

Ray’s friends watched in horror as Ray quite literally melted before there very eyes.

Shona looked at the melting remains of Ray’s flesh and bones, smiled and crossed her arms in self-approval “Heat vision. Check!”

Dexter didn’t bother to ask questions, he pulled out a Beretta from his lower back and aimed it at Shona's chest.

Shona reminded herself that she should be scared and that she should try and stop him. She reminded herself that she was about to be shot. Yet she did nothing, not out of panic but out of curiosity. If she was indeed super this would be the ultimate test.

The Beretta went off in continuous succession.

Shona looked down at her Tits as the bullets dimpled them slightly and then bounced off. The bullets hitting her boobs really didn’t provide her with much pleasure. The slugs felt more like raindrops patting her ever so gently on her generous bust. However, the idea of bullets bouncing off her super tits did provide her with pleasure. Hot lead capable of blowing holes in solid metal, cutting a man to shreds, was bouncing harmlessly off her wonderful chest. Shona closed her eyes savoring the moment and her nipples grew 2 inches and tried in vain to pierce through her tight blue invulnerable leotard. Shona opened her eyes after she heard the clicking sound of his gun and commented “Invulnerable super boobies! Check!”

Dexter looked at her in shock “This can’t be happening, this is impossible. This must be some sort of trick” he muttered.

Shona smiled at him sympathetically “Does someone need a hug?” she asked. Shona pulled him into her body and felt her large breasts sink deep into his chest. It was thrilling for her to feel his hard body succumbing to her soft breasts.

Dexter dug both his palms into her chest in a desperate effort to give himself breathing room.

She squeezed a little harder and she was greeted by a series of cracking sounds. Feeling no heartbeat she dropped Dexter to the ground and spotted Van about a block away and in full sprint. Smashing her red boot to the ground the concrete beneath her splintered and a manhole cover beside her popped into the air. Snatching the manhole cover out of the air she used her super-vision to focus on Van and then tossed the manhole cover like a Frisbee. Van was decapitated as the manhole cover cut through him then smashed into a parked car blowing out all of its windows and tipping it on its side. Shona placed her hands on her hips and surveyed her destruction with content.

She heard footsteps coming from behind her and turned to Laura “Bitch, you must have a death wish!” Shona exclaimed.

“Well … it’s just that … I was wondering if, perhaps, I can see the stone.” Laura nervously asked.

Shona still holding the glowing rock gave Laura a superior look. “If you want the stone maybe you would like to take the stone from me.”

Laura became nervous and regretted she had pushed her luck this far. Laura may not be super, but she was sexy and, really, that was all she ever wanted to be. “You know what, forget I mentioned it. I'll just be going now.” Laura said nervously as she turned her back on Shona and began walking away.

Shona appeared in front of Laura in a pink flash, her hands already on her hips.

Laura backed away from her; she became so nervous she almost tripped over her own feet.

Shona walked toward her and spoke to her “I did ask you to fuck off, didn’t I, bitch? But you just kept comin' at me. Now you witnessed me kill 3 people. I have no intention of making Super Shona a public icon, but how exactly do I intend to do that when the police come knockin' at my door and I have to throw them all into orbit?”

“I won’t tell anyone, I promise” Laura pleaded.

“I know that you won’t.” Shona reassured her as she began taking in an enormous amount of air through her nose filling her lungs to capacity with super-compressed air. Her chest began to swell making the zipper of her pink tracksuit come down further revealing more of her awesome chest.

Laura watched Shona with amazement and fear as she continued to back away from her.

Shona pursed her lips and blew an incredibly powerful gust of wind from her mouth and at Laura; the force of the wind went well beyond what Shona had ever dreamed.

Laura had enough time to scream “No!” when the powerful wind yanked her off her feet and sent her flying across the street at over 100mph. She hit a department stores window and crashed through it. Inside the department store, she hit a number of displays before rolling awkwardly to a stop.

Shona watched Laura fly through the air like a leaf caught in a violent storm before crashing violently through the department store window. She laughed as the alarms began to sound in the store “Super breath. Check!”

She was on the verge of walking away when she felt her feet tingling. The sensation rose up her legs and into her waist. Looking down she watched the strange magic reduce her waist size and firm and tone her ass. The feeling moved its way up to her chest, her breasts did not get bigger but rather began to rise in the air. They began to reshape into perfectly proportioned spheres on her incredible body. Shona looked down at her incredible chest and her own breasts began an erotic mental siege on her own mind. Her hands cupped the firmness of her perfect super tits and she gasped in pleasure. She must have gained the white chicks wish after she killed her Shona thought … and then thought again. Shona read the stones inscription more carefully.

Laura was bleeding profusely from many different parts of her body. Her spine was shattered and legs were broken. Knowing full well that she would die soon a burning rage filled her mind. She had become a blonde sex goddess in one moment and minutes later it was all taken from her. She was so consumed with anger that she didn’t even notice the changes in her body.

Oh, how she dreamed of having superpowers.

Her wounds began to heal from her feet up.

If only she could hit that black bitch just once with the strength she possessed. Laura slowly got up to her feet and looked out side. The anger blinded her in the realization that she was alive much less standing up. She watched Shona look contently on the stone and Laura didn’t care if the bitch was super, she charged her. Blinded by fury and rage it didn’t dawn on her that she was actually running never mind traveling at super-speed.

Shona’s head darted toward Laura. Everything slowed down for Shona. Glass from Laura’s exit was still falling slowly to the ground. Pebbles from Laura’s feet were still just popping into the air, Time itself for everything in Shona’s sight seemed to stop, everything but Laura.

Laura pulled her fist way back as she approached Shona at a phenomenal speed. Getting within range of Shona she struck with everything she had. Her fist moved with super speed on top of her super sped momentum. Her tiny fist nailed Shona in the stomach causing a massive wave that moved through the streets and blew out every window for blocks.

Shona flew backward and into a building. She crashed through wall after wall until she finally came to a stop.

It finally dawned on Laura as to what she had just done. Laura grabbed her chest and tore off the remains of her cotton top only to reveal a tense white short-sleeved shirt with the letter S on her chest.

Shona picked her self up and began walking through the holes in the building that she made coming in. Her pink tracksuit was in tatters and she removed it from her body. She had red boots that came up all the way to her thighs leaving only a small amount of her blue skin tight pantyhose to be exposed. She wore a tight red bikini that was held snugly in place by a yellow belt. “Bitch!, You did not! Just punch me through a building!” Shona yelled as she approached Laura.

Laura was still transfixed on her own costume understanding now, that she too was super. Laura placed her hands on her hips and watched Shona approach her. Her confidence was beginning to reach extremes as she began to understand the power she now possessed.

Shona looked even more intimidating with her enormous perfectly shaped tits that bounced slightly with every hard step she took.

Laura placed her hands on her hips, still clinging to her newfound confidence “Here’s a piece of your own medicine” she yelled as she to began filling her lungs with air. Laura pursed her lips and her head moved forward to emphasize the blow.

A car parked behind Shona began to flip uncontrollably. Signs began twist and bend and all debris fired away in the direction of the gust. Shona’s pace didn’t slow as she moved into the mighty gust. Frost began to appear over top of the S symbol of Shona’s super top, the nipples protruding from her costume were capped with frost.

Laura ran out of air and was disappointed that all her attack managed to do was tire her self out.

Shona put her hand on Laura’s blonde head delicately, and then with all her strength pushed down on it. Laura was driven through the pavement like a nail. Laura’s head remained above the surface and Shona lifted her knee and with all her might stomped on Laura’s head. There was a small earthquake as Laura’s body was driven thousands of feet into the earth.

Shona turned her head toward the building she crashed through, knowing full well that her assault on Laura would have no lasting effect. She used her x-ray vision to scan for the stone she had dropped. Her super-vision scanned through the rubble and then she saw it. Using her super speed she appeared immediately above the stone. She knew exactly what she was going to wish for, she was happy with her power, but someone’s power had to be taken away.

There was a rumbling beneath her boots as Shona grabbed the stone. Before Shona could make the wish Laura shot through the concrete and launched them high into the air.

Shona dropped the stone again and concentrated on pounding away at Laura. The two reached an altitude of 5000 feet and began punching and smashing each other all the way up. With every punch that landed on each others super bodies a thunderous clap could be heard on the surface below rattling windows as if a major thunderstorm had moved in.

Shona cracked Laura across the face with the back of her hand.

Laura returned with a mighty kick that was intended for Shona’s head.

Shona moved in to close and was kicked in the crotch. Shona grimaced in pain and used both her hands to massage her sex.

Laura brought her fist back in order to deliver a massive blow.

Shona squinted her eyes and focused a destructive blast of heat on Laura’s breasts before she could deliver.

Laura delayed her assault as the massive amount of energy streamlined into her breasts.

Shona, still focusing the highly concentrated beams screamed out “How does that feel bitch!”

Laura gasped as the red beams made contact with the S emblem on her white shirt ‘It felt good, no, better than good it felt great’ Laura thought as her breasts turned into red orbs glowing through her white skin-tight shirt.

The beams' intensity began to fade and weaken. Feeling as though she had hurt her opponent Shona brought her fist back and smacked Laura on the side of the head. Shona gasped in pain as she could have sworn something broke in her super fist.

Laura reached out and grabbed the S symbol on Shona’s massive chest. Scrunching it in her hands she pulled Shona toward her and brought her other fist back and then delivered.

Shona’s head bounced back and forth as four massive blows were delivered. Shona dizzy and confused tried to fly away to safety but her cape was grabbed by Laura.

Laura twirled Shona around and around at super speeds before throwing Shona to the surface.

Shona tried to use her flight powers to slow herself but she was thrown with far too much force. Shona slammed through the streets and into a sewer tunnel below. She briefly wondered what had changed the tide of the battle so drastically.

Did she somehow transfer her powers to Laura?

Did she weaken herself by using her heat vision to its maximum limit?

Or was it a combination of both.

Getting on her feet she adjusted the tight blue leotard so that the S was centered on her chest and then flew up to the surface.

Laura landed softly near the hole in the road and then heard the sound of a vehicle screeching to a halt. She turned to the car that stopped only feet away from her.

There were two younger men in the car and they stared at her in amazement.

Laura briefly wondered if perhaps she had some sort of rip or stain on her shirt. She looked down and her vision was greeted with the sight of her full breasts that strained through the white super top. This was the first time in her life she was being desired, and she loved the sensation. How these men would love to run their hands over this super body, she thought as she moved her hands up her thighs over her hips and firmly over her chest. She could hear the men’s heart rate quicken and she basked in the power of her own beauty.

A Mercedes was slammed over the top of Laura’s head as she was flaunting her sexy body. The Mercedes was almost flat and lying at her feet, she however did not budge. Oil poured off her head down her cheek and neck then followed the curves of her chest and down her stomach but left no stains on her body or clothes.

Laura clenched her jaw in anger, it reminded her of the time when she was at prom. While others felt she was ugly, she felt good and at least in her own mind looked good. That is until one of the girls purposely spilled punch on her dress. Laura grabbed the bumper of the car that had braked for her and lifted the vehicle into the air. The two men held on to the dash as the blonde squeezed the hood and held onto the car like a baseball player would hold a bat. Laura swung the Vehicle smashing it across Shona’s body.

Shona stood her ground as the car and its occupants were smashed to pieces over her powerful body. Shona took a better look at Laura and had to admit she was damn sexy. After watching her crumple a car like tin foil and smashing it over her own body she was actually getting quite aroused. She couldn’t help thinking about Laura’s feminine but powerful hands squeezing her firm super tits. “Look bitch! This isn’t going anywhere, so why don’t we just call a truce and go our separate ways.”

Shona’s request was answered by a swift punch to the head. Shona’s head was still spinning when Laura grabbed her red bikini and lifted her into the air wedgie style. In an almost bowling like toss, Laura launched Shona down the street. Shona’s body spearheaded through three cars and one building before her breasts began to touch the pavement and brake her velocity.

Shona looked around in a dazed confusion. She had never been hit so hard in her life, but then again nobody in the known galaxy had been hit harder. She had involuntarily made her self weaker by wasting her time heating Laura’s breasts, a quick decision Shona was now deeply regretting. She had to think of something fast before she lost everything. A few more punches like the one she received and she wouldn’t just be hurt, she’d be dead. Her mind works frantically so that she could somehow reverse the odds, and then she saw it.

As if destiny had intended it, the Stone lye right next to her.

Laura began running at her at super-speed not knowing that Shona now possessed the stone.

Shona considered wishing to be more powerful, but she was already infinitely more powerful than the strongest male. She considered wishing to take away Laura’s powers, that would be nice, she would make Laura suffer for humiliating her. The problem, however, was that she couldn’t help but fantasize, even now, about Laura’s sexy body and her super-strength. Time was running out, Laura was a mere instant away from smashing her into oblivion. The wish was made with reluctance.

Laura stopped 10 feet away from Shona who got up to her feet.

Shona placed her hand on her hips pushing out her chest and watched with curiosity as Laura approached her.

The two stared at each others eyes and then Laura placed her hands delicately on Shona’s waist.

Shona felt a tingle as the extremely super sexy girl moved her hands up her sides and then grabbed hold of the sides of her breasts. She massaged Shona’s breasts and watched them moving through the incredibly tight blue leotard. The S emblem on Shona’s chest began to warp inward and outward as Laura’s powerful hands began to squeeze and massage with more power and haste.

Shona closed her eyes, lifted Laura’s tight blue mini skirt and grabbed Laura’s perfect little ass and pulled her close to her body.

Laura blew a gentle but icy cold breeze on Shona’s rack.

Shona’s nipples tried in vain to pierce through the tight fabric. She watched Shona’s nipples extend and so desperately wanted to suckle them and bite into her super titties. She grabbed the S symbol with both hands and stretched it in a desperate but futile attempt to rip off Shona’s clothes and bite into her incredibly perfect tits.

They were interrupted by the sound of a camera click and they both stared at the man who took the picture. As if thinking the exact thing at the exact same time, their eyes flashed and beams fired from them, incinerating the man who took the pictures.

Shona began lifting into the air, raising her fist toward the moon she flew upwards but it was especially hard for her to fly with Laura still holding, squeezing and pleasuring her body.

Reports had come in by witnesses that two girls with fantastic strength caused the billions of dollars in damage. All reports had been dismissed by Government officials. 15 blocks were quarantined for a period of three weeks. It would become one of the greatest phenomena of the 21st century

Three Month’s Later…

Shona had accumulated a massive amount of wealth within a mere week.

Not wanting to be in the public eye, one of her routines involved flying down to Vegas to play Black Jack or high limit Texas Hold'em. Gambling was easy with x-ray vision, in Black Jack she would see the whole card and the next several cards coming out of the shoe. But not to attract too much attention, she earned most of her money at poker. She was fairly good at the game prior to her transformation, but now she was a Poker Goddess. In fact, she wore a low cut tight green shirt that she had custom made with the inscription Poker Goddess on her chest. To keep the game fun, she tried to play straight up, unless of course, you consider listening to a person’s heart rate and seeing pupil dilatation from across the table cheating. But there were times, rare times, when her senses were tricked one time because a man caught a glimpse of her cleavage and not because of the turn card. In those cases, she would simply use her x-ray vision to make up any losses. She soon had enough money accumulated to buy out the strip club she once worked at.

Not fighting for bad and not fighting for good Shona did what Shona wanted. Sometimes that meant throwing a drug dealer into orbit and other times that meant incinerating a police officer for giving her a ticket. At Klu Klux Klan's meetings crosses were not the only thing that burned.

Shona was wearing a tight custom made Hugo Boss business suit and she sat in her office. Her hair was tied back in a bun and she looked through the days business transactions. The strip club was making her very good money, thanks in part to one of her star attractions. She thought for a moment, soon after making the wish, that turning Laura into her slave would turn out to be a mistake, but she realized that it was probably the best thing she could have wished for. She still considered herself to be heterosexual and – while she was continuously pleased by many famous actors, performers and sports stars – there was only one person in the world who could truly make her satisfied.

Laura was oblivious to the fact that she would yield to Shona’s will. She interpreted the feelings as her very own. Having had a sudden urge to show up at Shona’s office, she watched Shona scan tons of paperwork with her enhanced vision. Laura put her hands on her hips “Today I’ve had bullets bounce off these boobies, a car crash into this ass and the nose of an airliner crash into my pussy. All doing very little to satisfy my sexual appetite. I fear that I will never again be sexually satisfied” Laura pouted.

Shona smiled as she moved her hands to her chest and pulled open the business suit to reveal the distorted massive S on her incredible bust. She smiled as she exclaimed, “I suppose this looks like a job for Super Shona.”

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