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Revelation Night

Written by mikeyfreedom :: [Friday, 19 August 2005 22:43] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 30 December 2012 21:58]

Revelation Night


by Mikey Freedom










Note: This story has no basis in fact or time frame … treat it for what it is, a simple love story … :)




"Get out!!!" he shouted.


"What did you say?", Linda replied.


"I've had enough of your lies, Linda. You go out every night, never tell me where you're going, never tell me what you've been doing. I know there's someone else."


"How can you say that … You’re talking to me here. Linda, remember? How can you think I'm seeing someone else?"


Dick picked up the case, bulging with Linda's things. With a grunt of effort, swung it out of the open door, exploding open as it landed on the pavement.


"Either tell me the truth … here, now, or else get out of my sight, and never come back."


Linda stood face to face with Dick, staring him straight in the eye.


"You don't know what you're asking of me, Dick. What ever happened to the trust we shared … are you willing to throw away two years together because you can't trust me?"


"Tell me."


"I c … c-can't."






A brief moment of silence, in their minds an eternity. Finally, it was Linda who spoke.


"That's what I've been hiding. I go out on patrol every night. When Supergirl broke up that riot last week on Main Street, that was me. When Supergirl captured those armed robbers yesterday, that was me."


Dick took a step back, a look of disdain on his face.


"Is that the best you could come up with? I give you a chance to come clean, and give us a basis to work on, and instead you give me some cock-a-mamie nonsense … That’s it, just get out."


With that, Dick grabbed Linda roughly by the arm, and tossed her out the door with as much force as the suitcase. Before she'd even hit the ground, he grabbed the door and slammed it shut.


"I can't believe she wouldn't tell me the truth. The one girl from this planet I had eyes for, and she lied to me."


Linda picked herself up and dusted herself down.


"What sort of idiot does he take me for.... I spill the big secret, and he doesn't even blink?!? Throw me out on the street will he?"


Linda glanced around, finding the street to be empty. Absent-mindedly, her hands wandered down to her chest, gripping her buttoned shirt tightly.


"I think it's time Dick got a little revelation of his own … don’t piss off a supergirl …"


She threw her hands apart, ripping the cloth of her shirt asunder, revealing a stylised red S shield, known around the world. Shrugging the remnants of her outfit off her shoulders, she revealed her blue leotard and bright red cape, also adorned with the stylised S. Undoing the belt on her grey skirt, letting the fabric drift to the ground, Linda revealed the bright red skirt that completed her "work clothes", as she called them. Reaching into her purse, she unfolded her red boots and swapped them with her high heels, faster than the eye could follow. Adopting her familiar power stance, she looked up the stairs at the house she'd just been ejected from. A sly grin emerged from her lips.



Inside, Dick pulled a TV dinner from the refrigerator, and angrily tossed the foil-wrapped meal into the microwave, slamming the button to start the cooking process. Angry with himself more than anything, he trudged into the living room. As he left, he didn’t notice two red laser beams arc across the room into the microwave, or the snigger of delight from his unwanted houseguest.


Switching on the TV, Dick heard the soothing tones of the wind chimes he and Linda had bought the other day for outside. Glancing at the door, he noticed it was lying wide open.


“Hmmm … must have slammed it so hard it bounced open again.”


Going to the door, he noticed Linda’s things, along with Linda herself were nowhere to be seen. With a sigh, he closed the door over.


“Gone already … I really thought she would have come back and explained … what’s that smell … my dinner!!


As he ran into the kitchen, he failed to heed the wind chimes pealing once again, as the door blew open with a momentary rush of wind.


Dinner was ruined. Not that he expected much from a TV dinner, but the charred remains of processed potato and Salisbury steak that lined the inside of the microwave were hardly appealing.


“Jesus Dick, next time watch what you’re setting that thing to. Any longer and you could have blown the oven up.”, he muttered to himself as he put his culinary creation on the table. As he began to sit at the kitchen table, he felt a rush of wind as he sat down onto a chair that wasn’t there and landed on the floor. With a brief scream of pain, he kicked the table leg, which (thanks to some “laser-eye surgery”) gave way and collapsed the entire table.


In the living room, Supergirl looked around the living room for her next trick. Grinning again, she spun herself in the air at fantastic speed, creating what was in effect a mini tornado. The room’s contents began to fly around like paper, not destroying anything but she knew Dick would be spending ages cleaning it up. Stifling a laugh, her super-hearing picked up the sound of Dick Malverne.


“This is the story of your life Dick. You meet the most beautiful girl in the world. The woman that you love …”


Supergirl stopped spinning … training her ears on the kitchen. Love????


“… and you screw it up. You know she loves you, why did you not say it to her? Why didn’t you trust her?”


A tear rolled down Supergirl’s cheek. She wiped it away, then began to spin again, this time with purpose. Within seconds, the room was back to the way it was.


Dick picked himself up off the floor, even if he couldn’t lift his head.




Dick looked up, to see the floating Supergirl, complete with Linda Danvers’s brunette wig in place.


“I think we need to talk.”

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