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Myndi put the fishing touches of makeup on and looked at herself in the mirror. She gave herself the once over, from her super stiletto heeled boots up past her small little lamé skirt and up to her pride and joy, her rather large breasts, threatening to burst out of their confines. “Damn, I look good!” she smiled, knowing that this new outfit should really bring in the tips tonight. She made sure that everything was arranged just right, tossed her blonde hair back and put on her opera gloves as she started heading for the stage.

Put your hands together for one of Pinkie’s best, and not only because of the size of her chest, Myndi Mounds!” the DJ announced into the microphone, as she got up on stage. The men applauded and started whistling as the music started and she strutted forward. All of a sudden, a wave of something like nausea passed over her and she stumbled forward, catching herself on the dance pole. At that moment two things happened. Her grip sank into the metal as if it was a stick of warm butter, and it got yanked right out of the roof, bending almost 90 degrees.

A stunned silence hit the club as everyone eyed her widely, with only the droning of the dance music in the background. Myndi looked up, her eyes sparkling with what seemed to be a new light as she broke into a real wild grin.”Sorry boys, but you’ll have to wait, I have an important errand to run.” She started to laugh and said, “Ta ta!” and leapt straight up, causing a hole in the ceiling as she rose up into the sky.

She giggled as she started to fly, her current condition just too much to keep silent about. “I didn’t even feel a thing!” she thought as she ran over the sensations of rising through the roof and the joy of the air whistling about her while in flight.

Moments later, she was over her destination, her boyfriend’s house. Make that ex-boyfriend. She had suspected he was sleeping with someone else, but could never find or prove anything. Anything that is, until she gained her super vision powers. Now she was going to drop in and make sure that the relationship is broken up.

Now that’s what I’ll do, I’ll drop in!” She giggled again as she dropped like a stone, feet first into the back of his new pickup in the driveway. “Ooops! I guess I misjudged my landing!” she smirked as she reached down and split the bed of the truck apart as if it were tissue paper. She walked up to the door but decided that that was too ordinary an entrance. She floated up to the second story and ‘walked’ through the wall into the upper hallway. Her eyes sparkled as she saw in the spare bedroom-now-gym her rival of affection, one naked Shelby Stacks, a buxom brunette who had a weight bar with what looked like all of Tony’s weights on it in one hand. She was caught off guard, still stunned from the strength she was now capable of, and didn’t even have time to react to Myndi’s entrance.

Myndi appeared before her in a blink and after relieving her of the bar, proceeded to wrap it and the bench around her. She got a nice grip on the trussing and lifted it up, eying Shelby coolly, saying “Tony was my man you hussy, and I’m going to take care of you both. Unfortunately, I don’t want to waste any time with you!” With that, she tossed Shelby, too stunned still to realize she could do something, up through the roof and watched as she disappeared into the sky, not really caring if she went into orbit or if she broke escape velocity.

Time to play with Tony!” Myndi grinned as she sauntered into the master bedroom.

“Shelb? Shelb, what’s all that noise, is everything alright?” Tony asked as he opened up the bathroom door, still a little wet from the shower, his heavily muscled frame still damp and not quite in his towel. “Shel-” he stopped as he realized he almost ran into a woman standing there. As he looked up, he saw that it was Myndi. “But she was supposed to be at work, I checked the schedule!” he frantically thought.

Oh, Shelby had another appointment to make, Tony dearest, I just made sure that she caught her flight.” Myndi laughed.

Tony had no idea what she was babbling about, but as he circled the bed, he saw the shattered hallway with the gaping hole to the outside and assorted roofing detritus on the lawn, but no Shelby. He whipped back to stare at this woman who looked like Myndi, but somehow better – even more attractive, that was still standing by the bedroom door.

Who … what …?” he said rather quickly, becoming frightened by what his mind was putting together.

“Oh I’m just a girl … one could say a super girl!” Myndi giggled, as she drew an ‘S’ over her large chest. She stared at Tony, grinning as she saw him try to cover up. “Oh, you can’t hide anything from me now, Tony, I know all!”

Tony looked into her eyes and realized what she was insinuating. “Myndi, I think you have the wrong idea …” he stammered as he backed against the nightstand.

Oh do I Tony? I just happen to glance this way and come over to investigate, and what do I find? A naked Shelby, a so-called ‘friend’, in one room, and a naked boyfriend in the shower. Oh wait, let me guess, it’s a new workout routine!”

Myndi, honestly, I don’t know what you’re talking about!” He pleaded, as his hand reached into the drawer.

Myndi smiled and said, “Really? So why is it that your heart rate has had such an increase in the past few moments? And why is it that I, while decked out in clothing that should make you, or any

man, spring to attention, find no reaction?” She stepped forward towards him. “It’s like you were scared of me for some reason. Now why should you be scared if nothing was going on?”

Tony whipped out the pistol from the nightstand, a nice .45 cal., his hand surprisingly steady with the weight of the pistol for the amount of nervousness he was feeling. “Stay back, I’m warning you, I’m an excellent shot!” he barked, trying to take control of the situation.

Myndi stopped and laughed. Standing in a pose that seemed to be page one of the superhero manual, she taunted him, both with her tempting body and her words. “Oh really Tony? Please, please show me this marksmanship!”

Tony stared at her, admiring the way the light reflected off of all the right curves of her body in her outfit. He was about to drop the pistol and go and embrace her when he noticed the glint in her eye. A glint that he saw in Myndi’s eyes whenever something mischievous was on her mind. It steeled him. Without a word, he firmed up and fired.

All was silent in the room as Tony saw Myndi, standing there with a smirk, holding the bullet between her finger and thumb, her hand just a few inches away from her heart. “Very good Tony!” Myndi praised. “If I was normal, I’d certainly be dead right now. You ARE quite the marksman. But we can’t have you going around shooting people, it’s not polite.” Then holding her hand up for a better view, she pressed her fingers together, flattening the bullet instantly. “Besides, I can’t have you ruining this outfit, it’s new you know!”

Tony stood there, mouth still agape. After he saw his girlfriend catch and flatten the bullet, he couldn’t say a word. Then the voice in his head said, “Fire again!” His hand steadied again, but he blinked, and Myndi was right there, her breasts pressed up against his chest, her left hand on the gun. He fought the urge to try to feel her up and then realized that the gun was now in her hands.

Myndi teased him by rubbing up against him, then stepped back. “I told you, no more guns!” With that, she squeezed her hand, the gun effortlessly turned into a modern art sculpture. Tony was really panicked now; he saw the metal collapse easier than the sponge in the bathroom did when he gripped it. “But that’s ok, I know you’re feeling kinda out of it. But I’ll tell you what, wait there a moment, and I’ll get you a gift, something to take your mind off of this.” Tony blinked, and she was gone. His legs went limp as he fell against the bed.

Outside, Myndi knew exactly the type of gift he needed. She walked up to the pickup, it’s large frame already partially rent asunder from her landing, and picked it up. “Oh, this will never fit inside the house …” she mused, “unless!” Then, as if it was a ball of dough instead of 2 tons of Detroit steel, she squeezed and pressed the truck into a now rather smallish ball. Looking at the glass on the pavement, she decided she should clean up a little, and after all, she shouldn’t waste material that would just make the gift all that much grander. With nary more than a glance, the glass melted under her stare and started to run towards the street. She placed the ball in the glass’ path and proceeded to coat the ball until it was nice and covered with a layer of glass. With a quick puff of air, it had cooled down considerably, and she ran her hands over it at super speed, ending up with what was a nice shiny bauble.

Tony heard a brief amount of noise from downstairs, but was still stunned to inaction when Myndi strolled into the bedroom, all casual and nonchalant, one hand behind her back. “Myndi?” Tony faintly whispered. “Myndi, I

Hush Tony, it’s ok. I have a gift for you. Just hold out your hands. I promise you it’s something you’ve wanted for a while now.” Tony, still stunned by his now super girlfriend, blindly did as he was told. She brought the orb out from behind her back, not really that much bigger than a basketball.

What is it?” Tony asked, having no clue as to what it was, and how it could possibly be something that he wanted.

Myndi laughed, and said as he reached out to grab it from her hand, “Why Tony, it’s a new truck!”

Tony went, “Huh?” as it dawned on him what she had done. Luckily for him, he had reached for it on the sides, so when she removed her hand, it dropped down, only toppling him over as he saw it plummet through the bed, the floor, and the floor below, lying in the the now cracked and cratered foundation. “My truck!”

Yes Tony, your truck. Sometimes I thought you loved it more than me, but obviously I was wrong. Shelby apparently rated much higher. But you know what Tony? I’m not petty. You only have to do one thing and all will be forgiven,” she said as she stepped above the hole, her stiletto heels suspended in the air where the floor used to be.

Tony was relieved; Myndi wasn’t going to kill him! “What Myndi, what do you want me to do? I’ll do anything!” he said loudly as she sank through the hole down to the ground floor.

“Oh Tony, it’s so simple, I know you can do it. All you have to do is leave town before tomorrow night.” Myndi said.

Tony’s mind was so caught up in that statement that he didn’t pay much attention when he heard what must be Myndi walking through another wall downstairs. “But Myndi …”

Sundown tomorrow Tony, I’m being quite generous you know, that’s 28 hours from now.” her voice wafted up from somewhere down below. “I’d start packing because if I come back tomorrow at sundown and you’re still here …” Tony screamed, as there was a terrible noise and the house tilted to one side.

Well, if you’re still here, then there may be a new lot available for sale, although with the cheap construction here, I’d say that’s the case anyway!” She laughed as she let the house slip from her fingertips and crash into the ground.

Remember!” She strolled off, ignoring the sounds of the sobbing Tony.

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