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Scion of Terra – Rise of Ceres

Written by Ordo Cabaal Templarus :: [Friday, 04 March 2005 17:48] Last updated by :: [Monday, 08 April 2013 18:55]

Scion of Terra – Rise of Ceres


by Ordo Cabaal Templarus








Part II




I remember my early life, when I truly became an adult, as sort of like a series of polished stones running along a river that was too long for me to conceive at the time. My school years, my first kiss, losing my virginity, my love, lust, hatred, and even possessiveness of my first mate, all were but part of the first stone.


In those years between the first and the next stone in my life, I’ve heard many things on the news about the world around me. About the new volcanic islands that popped up off the shore of Japan years ago, that had quickly became the sites for experimentation, resorts, retreats, and military operations. Something about going to an island with my mate seemed only natural. But, something happened to me.


When I had reached my first ‘peak’, I remember the feelings of rapture and suffering, as my mind and body seemed to revitalize, renew, and utterly rebuild it to even greater heights than before. When I reached my second, the feelings were not as intense but had pretty much the same effect. In my last few high school years, I ‘peaked’ another five times, especially junior and senior year. David, whither or not I said he was my boyfriend, remained at my side throughout the years. I remember helping him with his homework quite a few times, and he was visibly trying to find a way to return my favors.


My last memory before I truly made a step forward was landing on the largest of the volcanic islands, scouting it out …


-High Lady C.M.


May Imperator Servo Suus …


Inquisitor D.C.





Several years later


The Greater Islands of Japan, their hearts still active and smoldering, were an exotic lot.


They were created almost simultaneously with the onset of the Storm of the Century to the rest of the world.


That Storm had announced much, other than the total erasure of the world’s sole superpower and world’s policeman. For an entire decade there had been absolute havoc as the world’s economy struggled to survive with a huge hole torn out of its heart. The natural disasters accompanying the emergence of the Storm were bad enough. The social and economic devolution was far worse.


Worst, when geneticists successfully, too successfully engineered the first Homo Superior, no one cared for humanity any more, or being human.


Not even those who watched, waited, planned and then acted.


Others from distant worlds, yet from the same place had come to reclaim what they believed to be theirs.




The Eighth Isle of Japan was the largest of them all. Sixty kilometers in diameter, with a huge volcano in it’s northeast and lush forestry, there were fewer better places to go for a nice vacation, or simply a place to hide.


Right now, it was neither.


An eight-pointed star shaped manor lay to the northwest, a subject of many dark legends. The docks were to the south, and paths crisscrossed the entire island. In the east was a military base that had been reused and rebuilt many times, with a reputation that was linked irrevocably to the haunted mansion.


Of the only man-made structures on the island, the only thing that had been built by humans had been the manor and the docks, and certainly the Global Union/Japanese Self Defense Force, and now, an Arion forward base …




“We’re under attack!!” Bellowed the Sergeant to his troops. The red haired thing ahead of him grinned even wider, revealing small fangs. The she-beast’s red almond shaped eyes glittered in amusement as the Sergeants companions, armed with heavy rifles stormed into the ruined barracks.


The she-thing had, before his eyes, crashed through the reinforced walls with scarcely any effort at all. There had been a trooper with the Sergeant arguing with him over regulations. The Alpha was about to show the pathetic Beta his place when the ceiling exploded and a short, slim figure crushed the Beta underneath her feet.


The thing took a step forward, smiling, her very long elfish ears perking up as the men raised their massive weapons.


“Bitch! You have approximately three seconds to surrender or I will order my men to open fire!” Bellowed the Sergeant in his most intimidating tone. It made the woman grin and purr savagely, but not in the way that women usually reacted to the Sergeant.


Not even the bad ones, and they merely swooned.


“Three!” The men readied their weapons, their gun whines making the girl’s delicate nose wrinkle slightly.


“Two!” The men took aim in earnest … at her cantaloupe-plus sized breasts.


“On-” The girl advanced so quickly that she was a blur to the lesser men around him.


Gunshots rang out the hallways as the girl stopped scarcely an inch from the Sergeants nose.


The men adjusted and still opened fire.


Red light consumed the men to the right in half a blink.


She turned to the stunned left, her eyes still burning. Giggled innocently.


The sergeant’s fist slammed against her breast like a steel girder on a pulley. Disdainfully, she backhanded him as if he was an insolent teenager, right through the walls.


When he recovered his wits, he saw the extent of the damage. It was as if something fast had come in from the side and then worked it’s way down through the building. Only the miracle of Arion technology kept the barracks from collapsing unto its own self and the men within.


“What is it?” Asked the General, her eyes staring sharply beyond the sergeant into the slaughter within.


“A … something, sir. I think it’s a woman. Pointed ears, like an elf.”


An explosion from within the building rocked the ground, and then shattered the building into the air like a pimple. The screaming was real and immediate, there weren’t just ceramics and metal in the rubble, there were body parts in it.


“Deal with it, Sergeant. Or I will.” The General said coldly.


The reddish-bronze blur smashed into the Sergeant, pinning him roughly to the soil. The woman on top of him grinned at him lustily.


“It looks like you have it handled … ” The girl plucked the Sergeants head off as if it was an overripe fruit.


“Woman.” The General made a signal, and her Prime bodyguards opened fire with their eye beams. The General took a step back, and watched studiously as the feral elfin woman bore the brunt of Prime power with only a purr from her throat, then she attacked.


Jor’an, a veteran of many battles, barely gotten in two punches before his arm was removed, followed by a large portion of his chest.


Lk’ekil, a Svin’tse and the General’s lackey, had the girls slight, talon-like hands pass through him many times over. He collapsed. Literally.


The other two broke and ran, and the girl sent out her eye beams and turned both to ash.


“Disappointingly quick. But I’ve seen enough.” The General said, removing her overcoat to reveal her black, blue and silver uniform.


The girl seemed to more snarl then grin at the sight of the General’s ample bust and icy blue eyes.


They tackled each other like wrestlers, and the elf-girl ripped off the uniform in half a blink.


Breasts were licked and or stroked. Their hands and tongues went over each other like sweet honey and steady molasses. The Tset’Lars pheromones, able to induce terror in those who smelled them, simply aroused the girl further. Their passions mounted higher …


And higher …


And shortly after the General violent orgasm potent and long enough to shake the earth, it was then the General realized the girl had been toying with her.


Much of the General’s energy had been expended, but she had been trained to fight with every ounce of strength she had left and prevail.


Now they fought in earnest, and the General quickly knocked the girl to the ground and rammed her palm into the tip of the elf-girl’s nose.


She was thrown off like a piece of litter, and when she recovered, the girl was already in the air.


Beams of energy from the General’s eyes met the girl’s breasts, only to be intercepted by crackling light from the girl’s crimson, almond-shaped eyes.


The miniature sun between them illuminated the night like a ball of burning phosphorous. And was starting to move and intensify as the girls put more effort into their eye-beams.


The General’s energy faltered and ran out, and it was over.


The crackling energy enveloped her for a split second, and then she exploded into flames and immolate, her mortal flesh being the only fuel.


The girl grinned, and then turned to the sound of a giggle like wind chimes.


“Well done, sister.” A elf-girl of lesser size, with a somewhat regal bearing and mischievous twinkle in her eyes stood in mid-air, scarcely above the ground where the Arion base had been before their contest had destroyed it.


“Now you can come back to us.” She brushed her reddish-purple hair aside from her lovely doe blue eyes. “Back to us God-Elves.”



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