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Bolt From the Blue: Emergence – Parts 2-4

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Bolt From the Blue: Emergence – Parts 2-4


by Mikey Freedom



Part 2


"Dear Diary … well, so much for my first day in L.A. I fall out of an airplane, get hit by lightning and the only reason I'm here is because Supergirl just happened to be around. I just want to sleep and forget all about today."


Suzie handed a cup of coffee to Lisa, who finished writing her diary entry, and put the book down. "This is a great place, Suzie. I could get to like living here." exclaimed Lisa as she took the drink off Suzie, the first person from L.A. she'd met, and had decided to become roommates with. Suzie hadn't been lying about how good her apartment was. This was a great deal for the money she was paying.


"I hope so too. It'll be fun. So are you really okay? I mean when I first saw you at the hospital, you were out cold." Suzie answered.


Lisa nodded. "I feel fine. I don't understand it myself. The doctors said there is nothing wrong with me, but I kept blacking out. I do know one thing though … I just want a good night's sleep and try and put today behind me. I'm starting a new job on Monday, and I don't want to be held back by anything. It pays to be alert in my line of work."


"If you're working for the Star, are you going to be doing the fashion pages?" asked Suzie. "You might get to cover one of my shoots."


"Not much chance of that. I'm an investigative journalist." replied Lisa, sipping from the cup.


Suzie stifled a yawn. "I think my body is trying to tell me something. I'm off to bed. The spare room is all set up. All you gotta do is get into bed. Night, Lisa."


"See you in the morning,Suzie. I'm going to turn in anyway."


Suzie got up and went into her bedroom, leaving Lisa alone in the living room. As she finished her coffee, her thoughts dwelt on the past few hours. She had woken up in the hospital, a swarm of medical staff working on her. In truth though, they had been baffled. They didn't know why she had blacked out. They told Lisa that Supergirl had indeed brought her to the hospital, and that she had been very worried for Lisa's well-being. Damn, I wish I had gotten another chance to thank Supergirl, Lisa thought. Having finished her cup of coffee, she got up and went into Suzie's spare room. As promised, the bed had been set-up, all ready for her just to crawl under the covers and fall asleep. Not having to be told twice, Lisa did just as she was expected. She crawled into bed, and among images in her mind of the day's events, drifted off to sleep.


Lisa's dreams were not pleasant. Over and over, she relived the flight. She felt the rush of wind as she was blown out of the cabin. She heard the whoosh as Supergirl flew up and caught her. She heard the thundercrack as the bolt of lightning struck through her and Supergirl. Her mind focused on the moment of the lightning striking through her body, as if her mind was trying to solve the mystery. In that moment, she felt a bond with Supergirl. An innate link, mentally, physically. Something had happened to her during that moment, as the electricity had flowed through her. Suddenly her mind was alive with activity. Her dreams shifted. She now flew high above the clouds. Gliding gracefully above rolling hillsides, beautiful lakes, and glistening metropolises. She felt powerful, yet graceful. Her mind rested on the winds, as she dreamed of soaring through the sky.


Suzie awoke with a start, as she heard a loud bump, coming from Lisa's room. Putting on her dressing gown, she hurried out of her bedroom, and opened the door to Lisa's room. Inside, Lisa Mason lay … 8 feet above her bed. She floated silently over her bed, still sleeping, oblivious to what she was doing. Suzie grabbed Lisa and tried to wake her. Sleepily, Lisa opened her eyes.


"Lisa, what's happening to you?"


"What do you mean?" Lisa replied as she looked around. Then she looked down, and panic set in. "What's happening to me? This can't be real!"


"Strange as it looks, this isn't a dream! How did you get up there in the first place?"


"I didn't do it! I was dreaming about flying … I didn't think I actually was!"


"Well, why don't you try dreaming about landing?" Suzie asked.


"Okay I'll give it a try" Lisa replied. After a moment, slowly Lisa drifted back down onto her bed. She got up from the bed, trying to sort out the past few minutes in her head. Suzie took her into the living room, and got her a drink. When she was given it, both her and Suzie sat quietly for several minutes, trying to comprehend what happened. Lisa was first to speak.


"When I was sleeping, I relived what happened in the plane. Something happened to me when Supergirl was hit by a bolt of lightning. Something happened between us." Lisa said.


"Maybe, you got Supergirl's powers or something? Supergirl is the only woman I know who can fly. Why don't you try something else … maybe you got some of her other powers." questioned Suzie.


Lisa quickly shook her head. "I didn't DO anything the first time."


Suzie countered "Well, why don't you try floating again? You said you were dreaming about flying. Maybe if you think about flying again, you'll do it."


Lisa thought it over. "I'll try" She fell silent and closed her eyes. Within a few moments, Lisa slowly floated up into the air. Suzie looked on with wonder, as Lisa stopped in mid-air. Opening her eyes, Lisa looked around. Not in a panic, as last time, but with a tremendous feeling of excitement as she saw that she had indeed made herself fly. Pushing her arms out in front of her body, Lisa gently willed herself to fly out across the room."I feel so … free!" Lisa exclaimed, as she circled slowly in the air. Suzie sat speechless as Lisa completed a full circle, and settled back down in her chair.


"That was … incredible! What else can you do?"


Lisa grinned from ear to ear "I don't know, but I can't wait to find out! Here, let me try something." Focusing on the cup in front of her, Lisa closed her eyes once more. Stretching out her hand, the cup shook slightly, then lifted into the air. After hovering in a air for a moment, the cup moved towards Lisa, who took the cup with her outstretched hand, before opening her eyes.


"That was cool!!! How did you do that?" exclaimed Suzie.


"I can't explain it … I just did it. I just thought about the glass rising up and coming to me, and it did. It's just mind over matter." answered Lisa "It was easy, once I figured out how."


Suzie stood up, yawning. Lisa looked at her "Hold on … I sense something"


Suzie looked intrigued "Really? What?"


Lisa's face became a mask of concentration "I sense that you are …" the concentration melted away to a grin "… tired!!"


Suzie laughed sarcastically "Ha Ha. Very funny. I'm off to bed. Tomorrow we're going to have to try and figure out how you can do all this stuff. Don't you think you should get some rest too?"


Lisa thought about it "I will, but later. You go on off to be, I'll be alright. Pleasant dreams."


Suzie waved goodnight, and went off to bed. As she went, Lisa grinned and closed her eyes. Slowly she lifted off the ground. Stretching out, she floated gently around the room, smiling all the while.



Part 3


"Dear Diary … I still don't know what happened to me when I got hit by that lightning bolt, but I've suddenly got these weird powers!! I can fly, and can make things come to me when I want them to! Suzie is just so freaked out about it, but … I don't feel the same way. I feel … almost enlightened. When I'm floating around, I feel so free. All day I've been trying out different things, and seeing if I can do anything else."


Suzie opened her bedroom door, sleepy-eyed. Taking a step out into her apartment, she stopped and rubbed her eyes wearily. The first sight she saw as her vision cleared was that of Lisa Mason, fast asleep, floating gently about four feet above the sofa. Her face was a picture of contentment, her lips curled upwards in a grin as she slept. Suzie shook her head in amazement, something she had done quite a lot over the last two days. Moving over to the kitchen area, she set up the coffee machine for her morning caffeine hit. Behind her, Lisa turned over in the air, allowing the sunlight streaming through the window to reflect off her face. The light, accompanied by the sound of the boiling coffee pot rose Lisa from her slumber. Seeing that she was airborne, Lisa smiled briefly, and then closed her eyes for a moment. Gracefully, she regained an upright position and landed softly on the varnished-wood floor.


"Any more of that, and I'll have to tie you down at night. One day you're gonna float out the window. Now that would make an interesting read in your paper." Suzie sarcastically moaned as she handed her roommate a cup of the freshly-brewed coffee, before grabbing the remote control and flicking on the television. "So, you find out anything else you can do while I was in dreamland?"


"Not really. But I seem to be getting better at what I can do. It doesn't take as much effort as it did yesterday to do this." Lisa let go of her coffee cup, where it hung in the air. Lisa then stepped back, rose gracefully into the air, and completed a full somersault, before landing silently and grabbing the cup. "You see? I've been practising." She decided to leave out the part about her taking a flight around the city. But her mind was preoccupied with the experience of gliding above the city streets. She had been out most of the night, and with every moment she was out, she felt as if she was growing stronger. With each passing second, she seemed to gain more control of the abilities with which she had been gifted.


The strains of the theme music of the morning news came from the television as Suzie took a drink from her cup. "Well whatever you were practising, you were quiet about it. I didn't hear anything all night. You still don't have an idea of how this happened?"

Lisa sat down, taking a sip. "None. I know it's got to be connected to Supergirl somehow, but as far as I knew, Supergirl can't make things come to her at her will. For me, it's as easy and looking at something and thinking 'come to me'. I can manipulate things from a long way away, just by thinking about it. I feel stronger, faster, and all my senses seem heightened somehow. But I just don't know why." Lisa prodded Suzie, whose attention had been drawn to the TV. "Hey, I boring you or something?"


"No, no … well if you don't know what's happened to you … maybe this guy can help." Suzie replied, motioning to the TV, which was showing a video clip of a man showing a bunch of press around a room. The news programme showing the clip voiced over the video.

"The scene today at the newly-opened Metagenic Research Centre. The leader of the Metagen Research Project, Dr.Richard Wildman, gave a tour of the facility to the press. Dr. Wildman and his team of highly-praised scientists hope to learn more about the recent rise in the number of people who have been exhibiting strange abilities throughout the US and the world. Dr. Wildman was quoted saying that it was a battle to get the centre built, and it may be a long road ahead to find the answers, but I'm sure that the road will end somewhere, and we will be able to help people. In other news, Superman once again came to the rescue of …" The television abruptly turned off, prompting Suzie to check the remote.

"What happened?" Lisa was already on her feet.

"I turned it off. I've got a doctor's appointment, and there's no time like the present."


Within half an hour, Lisa and Suzie had gotten ready, caught a taxi, and were on their way to the Metagen Centre. Slowly. Lisa's exuberance meant they had caught a taxi and drove straight into the middle of a traffic jam. And so, Lisa's head was filled with the sounds of Los Angeles in the morning, along with several dozens car and truck horns and the odd impatient shout of an infuriated driver. But she ignored them, concentrating on thinking about what was about to happen. The thought that she might find the answers to her questions filled her with a great feeling of hope. Suzie, on the other hand, was getting as infuriated as the other drivers in the jam. "Can't this thing move any faster? What's the holdup. We've got places to be!"


"Calm down, Suzie. You can't do anything about it, so don't worry about it.", Lisa said calmly. "But if it makes you feel better, we can take a walk and see what the holdup is."

Suzie was already halfway out the door. "Better than sitting here." Once out of the cab, it became readily apparent what the problem was. A block ahead, a pair of fire engines blocked the street. They were parked out front of a burning apartment block. A large crowd surrounded the building. Suzie prodded Lisa forward as the two walked up to the throng. Suddenly the crowd screamed. Looking up, Lisa saw that a child, trapped inside the building, had climbed out of a window onto a ledge to escape the flames. A cherry picker on top of one of the fire trucks was hastily raised, to try and grab the child. The entire crowd gathered below held their breath as the firefighter gently reached out to the child. A huge cheer, combined with a sigh of relief erupted from the massed spectators as the child grabbed onto the firefighter.


"For a minute there, I thought that kid was gonna get hurt" exclaimed Suzie, a note of relief in her voice.

"I hope their isn't anyone left in there" replied Lisa. "I don't think … whoa."

The crowd was thrown off their feet as an explosion from inside the building rocked the entire street. The firefighter in the cherry picker was thrown about inside the tiny carriage, and the child fell from his grip. The crowd screamed again as the child plummeted towards the ground. Lisa watched in horror … then instinctively, she threw out her hand towards the child and concentrated. The child's descent suddenly slowed, and he gently landed on the pavement. The child, along with the crowd, got to their feet, confused over what just happened. Suzie looked up, seeing Lisa's pained expression, rushed over to her. "Lisa, are you all right? Where are you hurt? What happened … How did that kid survive?", now looking at the perfectly healthy child that was wondering why he wasn't mashed all over the street.

Suzie looked between the child and Lisa, and a chord struck. "Did … did you do that?"

Lisa, obviously pained at the effort, took a moment "I … I think I did! I just thought to myself I've got to help that kid … and I did!."

Suzie helped Lisa up slowly "I don't think it'd be a good idea to stick around here. People might start asking questions that I don't think you want to answer right now, or at least questions you can't answer. Let's go see this doc of yours, and see what he says." Suzie helped Lisa away from the scene, and hailed another cab, in front of the jam, and the two sped on their way.


"An apartment block fire brought chaos to city traffic today. Firefighters spent close to an hour fighting the flames, which backed up traffic for a long way. There were no serious injuries caused by the blaze, including a boy who apparently … <crackle>"

The receptionist turned off her radio as two women came up to her desk, one of whom was looking rather tired. "Welcome to the Metagen Research Centre. How can I help you?" she said, putting on as pleasant a tone as she could muster.

"We're here to see Dr. Richard Wildman" replied one of the women. "Of course … do you have an appointment?" the receptionist asked speculatively, although she suspected they didn't.

"No, we don't" was the curt reply. "I'm sorry, but if you want to see the doctor, you will have to make an appoint …", she was cut off by the visibly agitated woman.

"Listen, my friend here needs help, and the word is, this guy Wildman is the only guy who can help her. So I want to see the doctor here now!"

The other woman, who had been silent until now, spoke up, with obvious effort in her voice "Please … let me see the doctor. I'm desperate."

The receptionist thought about it, and relented. "Okay. Doctor Wildman … Doctor Wildman to reception please."

"Thank you" was the pained reply.


A few minutes later, Dr. Richard Wildman walked into the reception area. "Hello, I'm Dr. Wildman, and you are?", extending his hand. Suzie shook it.

"I'm Suzie Edwards, and this is Lisa Mason. She's the one that has come to see you."

Dr. Wildman looked Lisa up and down before asking "And why is that?"

Lisa replied "Because you might be the only person who can tell me what's happening to me. I can do things … things that seem impossible. I saw you on the news, and thought you might be able to help me."

Dr. Wildman realised what she was after, and allowed her to pass him. "Well then, come this way, and I'll do my best to help you."


Dr. Wildman showed Lisa and Suzie into a waiting area, with a promise he'd be back in a moment. True to his word, he returned shortly after going into another room. He took a seat across from Lisa. "Well then, I think you had better tell me what has been happening to you, and then I might be able to tell you why it's happening."

Lisa sat back, and recounted her story … the rescue by Supergirl, her newfound abilities, her rescuing the child that afternoon from the apartment block. Throughout, Dr. Wildman sat dispassionately, listening to every detail, occasionally asking for clarification on her abilities and her feats. When she had finished he sat back in his chair. "Ah yes, the fire today, I had heard about that child … I suspected their to be a metagenic force at work."


"What's a metagenic force?" questioned Lisa.

"Oh forgive me, I'm talking technobabble here. A metagenic force is what we study here. We concentrate our studies and research on a highly controversial field of science, known as metagenetics. It deals with some of the very abilities you have described to me. If you would permit me, I would like to confirm some suspicions of mine."

"Which are?" replied Suzie, anxious to know what was going to happen.

"I believe Lisa to be a carrier of a large number of metagenetic cells, which cause her to exhibit the wondrous abilities she has described to me. We have a piece of equipment here, a metagenetic scanner, which can detect these cells."

"Please, Doctor. Anything to explain what is happening to me."

"Very well, Ms. Mason, come this way please."


Dr. Wildman led Lisa into a large room, and pointed Suzie to a small alcove, which had a radiation shield in front of it. Lisa was taken over to the main feature of the room, a large scanning apparatus, similar to an MRI. Lisa was asked to go behind the screen in the corner, and changed into the gown provided for her. After a few moments, Lisa re-emerged, clad in the green hospital gown. Dr. Wildman helped her onto the bed. "Don't worry, Lisa. This will only take a minute or so. Try to lie still while I complete the scan."

Dr. Wildman gave Lisa a reassuring smile, before stepping behind the shield. Manipulating a few buttons, the bed Lisa lay on, slid silently into the main body of the scanner. "If you watch this screen Suzie, you'll see the results of the scan." Inside the scanner, Lisa tried to keep herself from fidgeting, as a blue line from the scanner ran up and down her body. Lisa closed her eyes, concentrating on herself, and imagined she was stretched out on a beach, the sun beaming down on her. It immediately relaxed her, and she found herself unwilling to move around.


"Hmmm. Just as I suspected" surmised Dr. Wildman. Seeing Suzie's perplexed face at the screen filled with a lot of color overlaying an outline of Lisa's body, he explained himself "You see, all the blue you see running throughout the picture, that's telling us the scanner picked up metagenetic cells in her body" Dr. Wildman paused to push a few buttons, freeing Lisa from the scanner. "It's alright, Lisa. The scan is complete, you can get changed."

Lisa quickly changed, eager to find out the results. After she finished she hurried to see the scan. "You see, Ms Mason, your scan showed that you have an extraordinary number of active metagentic cells in your body. Every person has dormant cells, but your cells have all been activated. I suspect that the lightning strike you referred to may have activated your dormant M-cells. They have spread throughout your body, but the majority of your M-cells are in your cerebral cortex, which explains your telekinetic abilities."

Lisa stood back, surprised."So that's why I can do all the stuff I can do?" she asked.

"Precisely. In fact, you are quite a rare case in my experience. I have met very few people that have so many active cells spread over such an area of the body, and even less that hailed from Earth. I have no doubt that in time, your abilities will grow to be quite powerful indeed!!"



Part 4


Suzie sat down beside Lisa on the couch. "You okay, Lisa?" she asked gently. Lisa had been very quiet on the ride home from the Metagen Centre. Suzie wasn't surprised, considering what Lisa had

been told by the doctor there. She'd found out that not only were these things she could do here to stay, she found out they were going to get even stronger. Suzie realised Lisa needed some comfort, and hugged her.

"I'm alright Suzie. I'm just a little overwhelmed. I thought this would just be a temporary thing, something that would go away. But now I know that I'm going to always going to be able to do these things, and that I'm only going to get better at it …"


"I've seen people use that look. There's a but coming here" Suzie frowned.


"You're right. I'm going to get better, stronger … but with strength comes control. I might be able to control these powers now … but what about when I get stronger. I might lose control one day … and I might hurt someone" Suzie hugged her again. "Stop worrying about the future. Think about now. You are Lisa Mason, and you are in control of yourself. You have these wondrous abilities, that I can't possibly understand, and you are in full control of them."

Lisa mustered a smile at Suzie's attempt to cheer her up "You're right. I am in control. I just have to tell myself that I am in control."

Suzie grinned "See, you're looking brighter already. If you're worried about the future, I've got an idea. Why don't you talk to someone about what's happening to you? Maybe get in contact with Supergirl or something? She might have an idea of what you're going through."


Lisa considered that. "Supergirl … well I don't know how to get in touch with Supergirl, but I know how I could get a message to Superman, and he could contact Supergirl. Pass me the phone, please. You don't mind if I make a quick long-distance call do you?"


In Metropolis, a phone rang …"Clark Kent, Daily Planet"


"Hello Clark, this is Lisa Mason. I used to work for the Metropolis Post."


"Yes, I remember you. Weren't you the woman that Supergirl rescued the other day?"


"Yes, I was, and that's why I'm calling you. I need to talk to Supergirl, but I don't know how to get in contact with her. I remember that you are in contact with Superman and I was wondering …"


"If I could contact him, and get him to contact Supergirl for you? Well, me and him are pretty close, so I don't see any problem with that. What should I have him tell Supergirl?"


"Ask Superman to tell Supergirl that I need to talk to her. Tell her I'm living at 465 North Broadway, in Los Angeles. I'm on the top floor. Thanks a lot, Clark."


"No problem, Lisa. Take care." A click signalled Lisa had hung up. Clark put the phone down, then immediately picked it up again.


"Hi Clark. What's up? … Oh, you don't have to go Valerie. I'll just be a few minutes"


"Linda? You're not alone?"


"It's all right it's my friend Valerie. What are you calling me about?"


"I just got a call from Lisa Mason, the woman you saved from that plane a couple of days ago. She wants to talk to you."


"Really? Did she say why?"


"No, but she sounded a little agitated. She says she's living on the top floor of 465 North Broadway, in Los Angeles."


"Okay then, Clark, I'll get right on it. Bye."

Linda put the phone down, as Valerie walked back into the room "What did your cousin want?"

Linda thought quickly "Ummm … er … nothing much. He just wanted me to check up on me. He needs me to check on something for a story he's writing … speaking of which, I think it's best I do it now and get it done. Do you mind?"

Valerie nodded "That's no problem, I've got some stuff of my own to do. I'll see you later."


Grabbing her jacket, Valerie opened the apartment door and left. Using her x-ray vision, Linda watched Valerie wait for the elevator, get in, and ride it down to the lobby. Satisfied she wasn't going to surprise her, Linda stepped out into the deserted hallway, and locked her apartment door. Seeing the open window at the end of the hall, she started to jog towards it. Her hands moved to her chest, gripping her shirt between the second and third buttons. Another stride and pulling her hands apart, she ripped her shirt open, revealing the dazzling blue leotard with the unmistakable stylised S-shield adorning it. Her movements quickened, as did her pace along the hallway. A quick hop mid-stride , and she removed her trousers to reveal a red skirt. Pulling the remnants of her shirt off her shoulders revealed a bright red cape, again adorned with the S-shield. A tug of her brown hair pulled the wig off her head, allowing a full head of flowing blond locks to fall about her shoulders. Linda shifted into super-speed, replacing her running shoes with the finishing touch, her pair of bright red boots. Another step, and Linda left the ground, flying down the hallway, and out of the open window. Linda, fully transformed into Supergirl, turned skywards and sped off with a whoosh.


Lisa was back to her normal self. Suzie had persuaded her to keep practising her abilities, as a way to find out how powerful she really is. All day, Lisa flew around the apartment, picked up things with her mind, moved them around. With every attempt, Lisa could feel the power she held within her. She was astonished at the relative ease of what she was doing. She found it almost trivial to be upside-down in midair, while lifting a screaming Suzie and making her do a twirl 6 feet off the floor. She also discovered that she was able to control heavier objects. Whereas yesterday she was lifting up cups, today, she was picking up the sofa and moving around the room with very little effort. When Suzie wasn't being lifted around the room, she'd been in her bedroom, asking Lisa not to disturb her. Lisa was taking a break, when Suzie walked out of the room.


"Lisa, I gotta go to the store to pick up some stuff. I know I shouldn't have to ask this, but could you stay out my room. I'm working on something I don't want to you to see just yet"


"No problem, Suzie. Pick me up some chocolate. I've went days without some, and I'm famous for my love of chocolate" Lisa replied, pouring herself a drink. "Thanks Lisa, I'll be back before you know it", with that Suzie left, leaving Lisa alone with her thoughts. But not for long. As Lisa sat down on the couch, a caped figure landed softly on the balcony, and entered.


"Wow! Clark Kent must really know Superman to get a message to you that quickly."

Supergirl replied with a curious smile "You could say that. Clark covered a Superman rescue just after you called him. He relayed your message to him, and then to me. I was told you needed to talk to me."

Lisa stepped back into an open space "Yes I did … because I need to talk to you about this." With that, Lisa jumped into the air, and turned herself upside-down.

Supergirl took a step backward herself, surprised. As Lisa righted herself and landed back on the floor, Supergirl questioned her "Do … do you know how this happened?"

Lisa nodded "I went to a special research centre. They told me that it occurred during the lightning strike. But that's not what I need to talk to you about. I want to know … I want to know how you control yourself"


"I'm not sure I understand what you mean, Lisa" Supergirl answered.

"Well, I've been told that my abilities are only going to get more powerful, and I'm scared … I'm scared that I'm going to lose control one day and cause someone to get hurt. I want to know how you live with your powers."


Supergirl sat down on the sofa, considering the question "Well, you may not realize this, but it's never really came into my mind. I came to Earth as a child, but I could control the powers I had, even then. But when I think about it, I've always been battling to control my powers. Being Supergirl means more than wearing this cape and uniform. I chose to use my powers for good, and to help people. It brings great responsibility. Responsibility to the people you swear to protect, and responsibility to yourself. I must always be vigilant, so that I do not lose control, for if I do, people can get hurt."


"You see my dilemma then" Lisa said, moodily, as she sat next to Supergirl. "I am afraid that, one time, my concentration will slip, and so my control over these powers I have will also slip. And then, I am scared that someone would get hurt … even killed because of it."


Supergirl rested a hand on Lisa's shoulder. "Lisa, you know what? I envy you. You see, I can't remember when I didn't have my superpowers. I didn't have a choice about how to learn how to use my abilities, they were forced upon me. But you … you have been given a gift of incredible powers, like I was. But you have been given the chance to learn gradually what the extent of your abilities are, and so at the same time, learn to fully understand them, and ultimately, to control them. You worry now, but in time, I bet you are going to be stronger for it. With fear comes a drive to combat that fear. I know that you will do your best to learn what your new found powers mean to you, and how to make sure they do not dominate you."


Lisa smiled "Thank you, Supergirl. For everything." The two stood, and embraced each other. Supergirl walked over to the balcony.

"Lisa, if you ever want to talk … call me. I'll be there for you. You're one woman I know I want to be friends with." With that, Supergirl turned and looked towards the night sky. Bending her knees, she leapt gracefully into the air, and flew off with a wave.

As Lisa watched Supergirl fly off, Suzie walked in. "Thanks Suzie. Calling Supergirl was a great idea."


Suzie grinned "No problem. In fact, I've got another idea. If you're willing to listen. It might sound a little … out there, but you could always say no."

Lisa suddenly gave Suzie a strange look "What? Have I still got chocolate on my face? I thought I wiped it all off."


Lisa shook her head "No,it's just … for a minute there, I got an image in my head … as if I knew what you were going to say … but it's gone now. What's your idea?" Sitting down, she couldn't shake that feeling … she could have sworn she'd seen an image of herself, dressed up in a weird outfit, in her head.


Suzie got very excited, pleased that her idea was going to get heard. She'd been thinking about it since last night, but the day's events had sealed the deal for her. "Okay … first off, I know you went flying outside last night. I woke up during the night, and I saw the open window. I guessed the rest." Lisa face visibly showed her surprise at this. She began to speak, but Suzie pressed on, determined to finish her idea. "And today … when you rescued that boy … I realized that you're not going to be able to stand by and watch something bad happen, if you can do something about it. So I've come up with something, in my bedroom."

Suzie motioned towards the closed door. Lisa got up, and opened the door. She looked back to Suzie "I knew that was what you were going to say … and I agree with you." Lisa walked into the room.


A few minutes later, Lisa walked out of the bedroom. "I love it Suzie, it makes me look so different. Where did you get it?"

Suzie turned and looked at Lisa. "Ummm … wow, that looks better on you than I thought it would! I got it from a photo shoot I did a few months ago. Figure I'd keep it, would make something futuristic for a fancy dress party or something. The best part is, it's skin-tight, so you can wear it underneath your regular clothes in case you need it."

Lisa walked in front of the mirror to admire herself once again. Lisa was now wearing a figure-hugging blue catsuit, enhancing the curves of her athletic figure. The legs of the catsuit melted into a pair of white boots, that fit to her feet perfectly. The line of the catsuit fell off from her shoulders, exposing her cleavage, which added to the sexuality of the outfit. Her mousy brown hair was now covered by an electric blue wig, completely changing her look, making her almost unrecognisable next to her usual appearance.

"Now you don't have to worry about using your abilities in public. Just wear this and no one will know who you are. But … you're gonna need a name. People might not recognize you, but they are going to want to who you are."

"Well, That's an easy one." Lisa replied, taking up a power stance. "This all started with a bolt of lightning, so it seems right I should name myself after the same thing. When I need to use my abilities … Lisa will disappear, and Bolt will spring into action!!!"

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