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Going Super Chapter 1

Written by happiest_in_shadows :: [Tuesday, 29 March 2005 08:22] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 23 May 2013 09:20]

Going Super Chapter 1


By Happiest in Shadows


The story of a woman and her ever growing abilities.


Author's Note: I make no claim to any DC characters used within this story after all they are trade marks and I don’t want sued.



The entire world had turned against him at least that was the way Jack felt as he drove towards the hospital. Recounting all the things that had went wrong he shuddered his girlfriend had left him saying that his job was taking up too much time and she wanted more attention, his family was turning against one another as various disagreements that had been building over years tore them apart, he had lost his job at Lex corp the one that cost him his girl friend a week ago and now his closest friend in the world was dying of cancer. The injustice of it all was made even worse because he knew she hadn’t done anything in her life to encourage the development of cancer in her body however it had just happened.


A low growl came from him as he clutched the side of his pocket and felt the tiny vile laying within it. He might have lost everything else but he hadn’t given up any of it without a fight and as sure as he was alive he had no plans on giving up his friend. He only hoped that what he currently carried with him would be Kate’s salvation instead of her demise. Looking up at the massive structure in front of him he pulled into the hospital parking lot and climbed out of his vehicle his mind so focused on the task at hand that he didn’t bother taking his umbrella as he trudged through the rain.


“Kate Stonecutter’s room please.” The nurse looked up for a moment at the dripping wet man who stood in front of her. Checking the computer screen for the moment she turned to faze him.


“I am sorry sir Miss Stonecutter is currently in intensive care are you a member of the family or do you have an appointment.”


“Appointment.” With that Jack pulled out his wallet and showed the woman his id who proceeded to check a list on the computer. Seeing his name she nodded towards him and began to bring up another list.


“You may find Miss Stonecutter on the third floor in room 34.” Jack only nodded as the woman handed him a pass and rote down the room’s number on it. A few moments later a rather large male nurse showed up to escort him to the room. The hospital being one of the better ones in the city security really surprised Jack every time he visited as he imagined the rather large fellow in front of him could not only handle the most unruly of patience but probably doubled as security. The two took the elevator upstairs the whole time Jack resisting the urge to reach into his pocket and feel the bottle that it held within.


“Here you are.” Jack was ushered into the room and the site that met his eyes nearly made him cry right there. Kate one of his closest friends lay in bed her skin a pale white her once athletic figure reduced to nearly skin and bones a iv provided a steady stream of pain killer into her blood stream. The door clicked shut as the nurse left leaving the two of them Jack walked over to her bed and pulled up a seat as her half dazed eyes turned towards him.


“Hi there lovely lady.” A grin formed on Kate’s lips as she knew she was anything but lovely in her current state even her fiery red hair seeming to have lost its shine. Her hand moved out and Jack took it within his own.

“Hey there what brings you here decided to come and pay be one last visit before I go?” The impulse to make small talk with Kate was there of course but as Jack looked at her he resolved the best thing that he could do was get strait to the point. He didn’t want to see her like this any longer then he had to. Standing up he began to search around the room as Kate looked at him.


“Your not going to go anywhere I am not going to allow it.” Jack’s voice quivered a bit as he said this wishing that he felt as confident as he tried to sound.


“That is so sweet of you.” Kate was glad to see her friend trying to comfort her but she knew that she was going to die the doctors couldn’t do anything for her after all the only thing they could even attempt to do is keep the pain away though even now the pain killers didn’t work all that effectively.


Did I tell you that I was fired recently?”


“No you didn’t.”


“Yup I was fired when my research project felled to produce any results despite the promising starting. Of course it didn’t help much the recent controversy over genetic engineering and the moral implication. So everyone on the team was let go or moved to another department well except the ones working on military research the lucky dastards.” Kate giggled as she tried to think of something to say but in her current state thinking wasn’t so easy. Finally Jack found what he was looking for as he walked over to her he held a needle and a shot in his hand. Placing them on the table he began to talk to her.


“Kate you know that the doctors can’t do anything for you at least not without loads of money.” Kate nodded as she considered some of the more expensive options that she simply couldn’t afford anymore. A moment later she noticed a vial held in her face the contents a bright red. “Inside this bottle is a vector virus loaded with a genetically engineered strand of dna it was what we were researching in my former project before a halt got put on it. In theory and in simulations it has the ability to go through out the body and enhance every single cell within it. If it works it would strengthen the good cells you have remaining and let you survive.” Jack’s lip quivered for a moment as he fought back his tears wanting to be strong for Kate but not wanting to lose his friend.


“But it was never a success.” Jack vigorously shook his head no it was the one thing that he couldn’t understand. In most of the test it had worked but when they had actually tried it on people the results had been horrible. The hyper evolved cells had been meant to replace the old ones by cannibalizing them it should have worked but things had went wrong and instead every cell in the poor man’s body had turned against one another the result had not been pretty to say the least. It drove Jack insane as despite all his college and degrees he couldn’t find out what had went wrong with the drug. Little had he know that the project was doomed to the start by some of the older research members who had learned of Luther’s real nature and thus had ruined the project.


“We were never able to get it to succeed out side of simulation but if only we had some more time. This is actually my own work I was able to get a few things before the lab was shut down and actually had to manufacture this at home that is why it took me so long to come and see you. Heee I have been up for two days strait now working on this trying to fix everything that I could think of.” Kate looked on at Jack only for a moment as she realized what he was getting out. He was asking her if she wanted him to try this untested refined version of a drug that had been a failure before hand on herself her teeth shown as she couldn’t help but smile more.


“You know steeling from your company is illegal even if they fired you if I was in uniform I would have to arrest you. Jack I am dying and there doesn’t seem to be anything anyone can do for me if nothing is done I am going to be dead for sure. So I just have one question if this does kill me will it be less painful.” Jack shook visibly as he slowly shook his head no.


“It will be far more painful for you if this does not work.” Kate didn’t like the sound of that still she much like Jack didn’t like the idea of giving up without a fight so it was only a moment later that he noticed Kate rolling the sleeve of her hospital gown up even further.


“Stick me.” Kate didn’t exactly find it a hard decision to make at the moment she was assured a painful slow death if she didn’t do anything about it. At least with what Jack was offering her she had a chance though if it went wrong her death would be that much painful. Jack on the other had was suffering a moral dilemma as he wondered if he was just going to be putting his friend through a even more painful death he didn’t even stop to consider what would happen if it was discovered what he had done should she die. Looking at Kate’s eyes though he steadied himself as he prepared the shot the liquid feeling the syringe he injected the needle through the skin and slowly injected the liquid into her blood dream.


Kate didn’t flinch but instead simply watched the liquid vanish into her blood stream as she gave up any thoughts if it had been the right idea. There wasn’t anything going back now leaning back int her bed she turned her ice back to Jack as he withdrew the needle and tossed the now spent syringe in the waste bin. “Well Doctor how long do I have before I know if it is working or not.” Jack smiled at her and look towards the clock before standing up.


“It will take roughly 3 hours to start making any noticeable progress and in 5 hours we will know what is going to happen. “Jack looked around only a second before finding the trey that was used to serve Kate her dinner picking it up he noticed it was full. Walking over to her he set the trey down next to her and began to prepare the items intending on feeding her.


“No thanks I am not hungry.” Jack only grinned at her for a moment.


“Well if you are hungry or not you are going to eat this because that drug is going to work and you are going to need the raw materials inside you for your body to effect repairs.” Kate started to protest but got a mouth full of jellow before anything could make it past her lips. Having only eaten a little over the past few days she still didn’t feel hunger but from Jack’s demeanor she doubted he was going to let her speak again until she had finished her meal. Jack watched as Kate ate her food feeding her another spoonful every time she opened her mouth. He only hoped that the little show of confidence he had put on would help put Kate’s fears to rest and prove to be truthful.


Kate ate slowly her body weekend by the cancer that had ravaged it and all. Jack didn’t mind though as he watched her carefully to see signs that the vector virus was doing its job. Of course he knew Kate’s weekend immune system wouldn’t be able to put up much of a fight so he expected to see the earliest signs that the drug was working some what earlier then usual. As Kate finished her last few bites of food Jack set back in his seat and closed his hands together. He didn’t bother saying another word to Kate as the entire conversation had been draining on her and she really needed to rest more so then perhaps she realized as the drug began to take hold.


As Jack looked upon the twenty two year old Kate he couldn’t help but run his hand through her hair and imagine that it looked just a little bit better then what it had before. Looking down he noticed Kate’s hand reaching for his taking hold of it he moved his chair closer and let her rest while he feel into his science mode. Though he held her hand his gaze began to travel up and down her form looking for any changes at all. The most important thing he kept his eye out for those was anything that would indicate her cellar structure was deteriorating at which time he would know that things weren’t going the way that he had desired. Kate slept through the first hour and the second without any indication that something was going on. The third hour rolled around slowly however as various nurses peeked in now to see how they were doing.


Jack would always wave them off and none bothered to question as they looked at Kate. In truth they all expected her to die so if it made her happy to have him around they couldn’t think of any harm she was on her final days now. At least that is what they thought however as the third hour rolled around Jack was nearly crying not from sadness but from joy as he noted there seemed to be no adverse effects within Kate’s condition. All others had complained of their bodies feeling hot and pain beginning to build within certain key areas. This was the early warnings that the drug was going to fell horribly. The only dilemma had though was that unlike the others Kate was currently on some very powerful pain killers so he couldn’t be sure if it was because of the pain killers or if the drug was working that she wasn’t waking up.


Jack never made it to see what the fourth hour held though as he leaned back in his chair the lack of movement and the sleep depravation of the last few days began to catch up with him. His eyes slowly slid shut and he drew away from the world as he fell into a sleep his hand still refusing to release Kate’s though as they both rested. Had he managed to make it past this point he would have felt a slight increase of temperature throughout her entire body as the fifth hour rolled around. As was the two ended up resting together the hospital staff choosing not to bother them.


Jack felt numb as he opened his eyes and began to look around the room. At first he didn’t know what was going on until he felt the grip upon his hand and looked down to see Kate still resting peacefully her breath slow but steady. A wave of fear went through him as he turned to look at the clock hoping that several hours had passed as it would mean Kate would have made it longer then the others did. As his attention turned towards the clock he felt a wave of excitement run throughout his entire being as he noted it was now four hours past the five hour mark that he had set earlier his eyes quickly returned to Kate and then the clock this was done several times as he assured himself that it wasn’t only wishful thinking.


Finally sure of what he was seeing he began to rub Kate’s cheek. “Well you have made it further then anyone else I don’t know if your out of danger yet though. I guess we can only hope for the best though.” Jack stood up still looking at Kate’s sleeping form he took a moment to search his pockets before pulling out a pad of paper and a pin. Jotting down a few things for Kate to read when she woke up he gently lifted her head and slipped the tiny slip of paper just under her neck not wanting anyone else to come in and read it while she was out. Jack didn’t want to leave Kate especially not knowing if she was going to be alright but now that he felt she was at least safe then he could stop in later on.


Kate woke up a good three hours later with her stomach aching as she felt how hungry she was. As she moved around she felt the edge of the slip of paper poking into the back of her head as reaching back and removing the paper she began to read it. “Sorry Kate I had to take off I need to get cleaned up I can freaking smell myself I am surprised you didn’t mention it yesterday. Oh and be sure to eat especially if you feel hungry after all you are going to need nourishment in order to get better.” Kate didn’t need his encouragement to eat though reaching around she found the call button for the nurse and gave it a light press a few moments later a nurse coming in.


“Pardon me but I am feeling really hungry could I get something to eat?” The nurse looked at Kate for only a moment before agreeing to go and get her something. Kate smiled and leaned back into her seat suddenly feeling rather weak. Fifteen minutes later the nurse came back in carrying a tray and set it down next to Kate who found herself devouring her food far more quickly then she expected to. The nurse actually finding herself a bit shocked to see a person who was slowly dying eating so ravenously.


“Could I get another trey?” Kate looked up for just a second as she hadn’t noticed the nurse had left a slight huff came from her. Pressing on the call button again the nurse returned a bit more slowly as she looked in on Kate a sheepish smile appeared on Kate’s face.


“May I have another?” The nurse blinked for a moment before giving a hardy laugh and picking up Kate’s trey.


“Sure thing.” Kate was actually surprised at herself as she realized that just a few hours she hadn’t wanted to eat anything and now every cell in her body seemed to be screaming out for nourishment. The vector virus having done its job very well it had managed to already alter several healthy cells while a few of them had been wasted on a attempt to alter the cancerous cells these were beyond help even by the introduction of the new dna and thus the now altered healthy cells instinctively set about the task of destroying the least fit ones. Even this would not provide enough energy for cells to fully under go the alterations that the dna introduced to them was calling for.


As the second trey was brought in Kate ate it only with slightly less tenacity then the first one though unlike the first it left her feeling quite full. Leaning back into the bed shortly after finishing her meal her stomach now being full to the brim she couldn’t help but give into the wave of exhaustion that ran through out her entire being allowing her eyes to slowly drift shut once again.


While Kate had spent the day resting, Jack had made his way home and gotten cleaned up and now spent a few hours sending in job applications to various companies. While he doubted he would not be finding a job at a place like Lex. Corp again and doubted Star labs would be hiring someone of his age range or limited experience. He had actually been fairly lucky to get higher at his previous job he still had a good deal of training as far as genetics and computer technology. Actually he had spent seven years total in college had he wanted to he could have spent a few more years and specialized a little more and been a doctor but he really didn’t seem himself as a people person plus he had always been a little to easily nauseated.


Still he felt confident that it wouldn’t take him very long to find another job though he doubted he would be able to get one that had as many perks as the previous. At the current time he couldn’t help but feel he would be happy even if he was simply stuck repairing computers after working with such a large corporation with so many shady dealings he couldn’t help but think it would be better working with a small group that you didn’t have to worry about them having something going on behind the scenes so while he did send in applications to a few large companies he also took the time to send them into a few small businesses as well.


As he was beginning to prepare his dinner though a thought came to mind. Digging his wallet and checking to see if he had the money to spare, he resolved that he would bring Kate something nice to eat instead of the hospital food besides he really needed to make sure she was eating. Stopping by a local stake house on his way to the hospital he went with one of the larger stakes wanting to get as much protein into Kate as he could while only getting himself a chicken dinner. Arriving at the hospital shortly after he approached the receptionist who looked up at him having only seen him the previous day. “Glad to see you, will you be visiting your lady friend again.”


Jack nodded as she handed him a form and proceeded to feel it out. “I hope it is alright but I brought her a little something.” The nurse looked over the counter taking note of the carry out bag and the trays of food within she only nodded as once again a nurse was called to escort Jack to Kate’s room. Everything seemed alright as the door was opened at least until he stepped into the room and noticed four trays stacked up were the previous day there had only been one and it hadn’t even been touched. Kate still looked rather sickly as far as Jack was concerned but she didn’t seem to be in as much pain as she had been before actually over all she looked far more alive then she had only a few hours ago.


“Well hello there.” Kate grinned as she looked towards Jack having spent the day eating and resting she wished for a moment that the trays had been removed before he came by. These thoughts left her mind though as the sent of the steak Jack had brought with him hit her nose.


“Hmm is that for me?” Jack blinked as he wondered just how recently Kate had finished of the four trays he now found himself looking at and now she wanted more. Still he did tell her to eat so instead of saying anything he simply walked over to her bed pulled up the little table and began to lay her food out for her. Kate just grinned and watched as Jack placed her food out before her and even took the time to cut up her stake into little pieces she could do it herself by now but she didn’t mind letting him pamper her. Finishing this off Jack moved away and laid his own food out and the two begin to eat their meals Jack occasionally looking over his shoulder to check and see if Kate was doing alright.


“So has your family come to see you.” Kate only shook her head as she currently had a mouth full of stake. They had been in earlier but not since Jack had started coming after all they all had a life and work to be done. This made Jack some what glad that he hadn’t gotten a job yet as it would allow him to visit Kate frequently and observe to see how she is doing.


“They haven’t been around in about four days now but that is okay besides I am glad you didn’t have to sneak me that little nick earlier well with them in here. Jack do you think that I am going to live through this I mean I am feeling better the pain has gotten to be a lot less compared to what I was in actually I feel fine.” Jack fell into a thoughtful state as he considered how long it would take for the treatment to completely go throughout Kate’s system and deal away with every old cell within her body. The only reason she felt good right now was thanks to how bad she had been feeling earlier still he could at least make a guess.


“Well you have made it further along then anyone else I will say that much so I think you are well within the safe zone now. As for how long it is going to take I would say in a week or two everything will have been completed though following the past behavior of the altered cells I saw during testing they are probably focusing on the cancerous cells at the moment trying to destroy them as quickly as possible and make use of the raw material to create more of themself.” As Jack said this a odd thought came to mind as he considered that all the people that the drug had been tested on had been healthy at the time while Kate had a good deal of her body is rather bad shape. This gave the now altered cells something to focus on other then simply replacing the healthy cells that hadn’t been altered. He couldn’t help but wonder if that wasn’t the reason the test had felled and why this one might succeed.


“Well I am glad that it seems to be working … are you going to finish that?” Jack looked over noticing Kate had already finished off her entire steak dinner and was now eyeing what remained of his chicken dinner. Chuckling he simply removed her trey and placed what remained of his in front of her. Now feeling good enough to really eat Kate was not only making up for the last few days were she had hardly eaten a bite but also the demands of her now altered cells as they strove to make more of themselves.


As Kate ate Jack couldn’t help but laugh at how the hospital staff must be feeling at the current moment. A look of concern crossed his face though as he turns his attention back towards Kate. “Kate I want you to refuse any more blood test.” Kate looked up for only a moment as she took time to consider why. She didn’t have to ask the reason as she remembered what had been done to her very well and only nodded her head. She didn’t like the idea of what might happen if the doctors were to take a blood sample from her and find a new strand of blood cells going through her entire system. As Kate finished up the chicken dinner she leaned back within her bed once again. As she did so she regretted her choice of actions as sleep once again over came her and by the time Jack looked over he noticed she had fallen fast asleep.


Grinning at this Jack walk over to her and gave her a slight kiss on the forehead. “Sleep well pretty lady.” Throwing away the trays Jack made his way out of the room figuring that he would make visiting Kate a regular thing since her family hadn’t been by for a while besides once they started coming he imagined he would hardly ever get to see her at least until she got out of the hospital.


“Unless you want taken to court you will get the fuck away from me.” The doctor blinked as he looked at Kate who had been rather close to death just a few days ago. Now the woman was not only showing signs of recovery but was showing an extremely quick temper which almost matched the fiery color of her hair. It had been three days since Jack had stopped by with the stake dinner and he had visited every day since then each time bringing Kate something to eat though the food had changed as Jack quit focusing so much on taste and went for what was the most nourishing for Kate. With each passing day Kate had felt better until the previous day she had removed the iv that provided her body with the pain killer no longer feeling she needed it.


“Now miss we just want to get a little blood work done.”


“I am warning you if you don’t back off right now you will be in court in fact I want to use the phone. I am feeling better now and I want to sign myself out.” The doctor couldn’t believe what he was hearing as Kate gave him a rather stern look he really couldn’t keep her though after all she was a groan adult and perfectly capable of signing herself out if she should desire to. So it was with a sigh that he did as Kate requested and handed the phone to her. Kate didn’t bother calling any of her family though all of them living rather far away instead Jack found his phone ringing waking him from his slumber.


“Hey Jack would you mind coming and getting me from the hospital?” Kate’s voice came across the line quite clear and rather full of energy a bit of a surprise as he wondered if she had already recovered.


“You already recovered or something?”


“Or something I am still pretty weak to be honest but I am feeling better and these white coats keep trying to stab me.” Jack chuckled as he drug himself out of the bed and began to get dressed while holding the phone to his ear.


“Sure thing still if you haven’t fully recovered yet I am going to have to insist you stay here for a while after all you are going to need someone to take care of you.”


“Just how big is your apartment?” Jack as taken back by the question as he looked around the room. His apartment was a decent size but not huge despite his previous job Jack was a avid believer of a penny saved is a penny earned so he had chose a comfortable apartment but nothing to fancy and instead spent the time putting back his money and occasionally investing it still it was a nice enough apartment he still ended up being a bit shocked though when he told Kate the size.


“What you have got to be kidding me I am not staying in that little apartment we are going to mine so you pack some of your stuff.” Jack didn’t have time to argue before Kate hung up on him not wanting to give him a chance to argue with her. Taken a moment to consider it Jack realized that he had never actually seen Kate’s apartment he had met Kate while she was attending college and had been in need of a tutor Jack had been so taken back by the stunning young lady that he had refused to allow her to pay him for the lessons he gave. They were all on campus though and when she did visit him even after college it was always at his apartment or meeting at one of the various restraints they frequented. They tended to speak online actually greeting each other about every morning.


Now as he prepared a few things he wondered just what he was going to see. Kate didn’t have to wait to long before Jack showed up at the hospital. Kate currently in a wheel chair did look a lot better but weak Jack imagining she looked about like she would if she had just went through surgery and was ready to come home. “Well it is about time you got here slow poke.” Jack only grinned and moved to help Kate get out of the chair imagining he would lift her up then he remembered something about Kate. Kate was not a little woman at least by most peoples standards standing a total six foot tall and weighing in at 180lbs of very toned muscle. The cancer had taken a tole on her muscle mass but even then the computer nerd Jack doubted that he could actually pick her up.


Kate only laughed as she realized Jack’s dilemma and ended up having to help herself into the vehicle. “So just were do you live?” A tapping on his seat belt buckle got Jack’s attention as he began to start the vehicle. Looking over he noticed Kate had buckled herself up already and expected him to do the same. Sighing he snapped the buckle into place as pulled out of the parking lot allowing Kate to give him directions.


Jack felt poor as he willed Kate into her apartment looking around at the large area he couldn’t help but think one thing. “Alright young lady are you a crooked cop?” Kate burst out laughing the moment the words left Jack’s mouth as she had been wondering what he would accuse her of. In all truth she really couldn’t blame him she did have a rather pricy apartment that was for sure.


“Of course not however my family is umm financially well off.” Jack grinned as he looked around resolving quite quickly there was no way she could afford such a nice rom without either doing something illegal on the side or as she had said having a financially well off family.


“Oh and just how rich are you young lady, I imagine it was a real shock to your parents when you decided to become a cop.”


“Yup that is quite true however we are not rich remember I said financially well off there is a difference.” Jack only chuckled as he pushed Kate’s chair over to a sofa and helped her out into it. Laying back a long sigh came from Kate as she smiled up at Jack who actually gave a slight yelp of surprise when her hand landed on the back of his neck. Kate didn’t yet have the strength to force Jack to bend down but he didn’t exactly resist as she pulled him down and gave him a kiss on the cheek.


“You have a real bad habit of stealing those you know.” Jack blushed as he realized that Kate hadn’t been fully asleep when he had taken the time too still a few kisses from her. Going by her body language though he really doubted she minded. “My mom and dad take care of the rent for the place as well as the utilities.” Jack could only sigh as he wished he had parents like her still as he considered the past he realized Kate never seemed to complain about having a lack of money even as a college student. Kate grinned as she watched Jack wonder around for a few moments before speaking up.


“There is a spare bed room that you can make use of since you are going to be my nurse for the next few days. Lucky thing for you I am strong enough to get around now. You will need to go grocery shopping though after all I have been a bit laid up.” Jack just nodded as he looked at his patient musing over how he thought the doctor was suppose to be telling the patient what to do.


“Oh and Jack don’t worry I am not asking you to use your money to pick up the groceries just go into my room and check in the third dresser drawer down.” Jack started to ask which room that was when he noticed the direction Kate was pointing. Heading on in and checking the dress what he found truly surprised him as instead of a few pairs of socks and maybe a purse he found various lingerie items inside the drawer. “Woops did I say third one down I meant on trop of the dresser in the little drawer.” Jack walked into the room a few moments later packing two hundred dollars bill blushing a bright red as Kate seemed strong enough to tease him at least.


“Alright young lady just how rich are your parents so I can decide if I need to ransom you or not.” Kate puffed up her cheeks for a moment as once again Jack accused her of having rich parents.


“As I said my parents are not rich we are just very financially well off.” Jack grinned realizing that he had probably found something that Kate had probably been accused off before and never really gotten use to it.


“Alright but still how does a financially well off girl like yourself decide to become a police officer.” Kate seemed to muse on the question for a moment as she tried to decide the best possible response finally she settled on a option.


“I like being able to write tickets and give other people a hard time.” Jack couldn’t help but laugh at his friends comment which of course got a grin from Kate. “Other then that I do it because I like the thought of helping out others and besides it was my pretty much what I wanted to do even when I was growing up heck it even lets me rebel against my parents a little bit as they wanted me to have a nice desk job.” Jack just shook his head as he walked into the kitchen and found a pin and paper on the fridge removing the pad from the fridge he began to search through the kitchen taking note of things that Kate seemed to have a lot of but had been eaten. As he did this he quickly began to notice that there was a nearly complete lack of any candy while an abundance of fruits vegetables and the remains of such as the stems of apples.


“Alright I think I have a few things but you need to feel out the rest of the list.” Kate took the list from Jack’s hands as he returned to the living room. Looking it over for a moment she then took the pin and added in a few more items before handing it back to him. As he started to leave though a slight ringing got his attention turning around he noticed Kate holding a key out to him realizing that he had been so caught up that he had forgotten this simple but crucial item he took the key and proceeded to head on out the door. Taking a moment to insure that he could find his way back by writing down the room number as well as the address of the apartment complex just to be doubly sure.


As Jack left Kate simply stretched herself out on the cough and let herself fall asleep once again. All the moving around having tired her out a bit as her eyes drifted shut she wondered just how good of a nurse Jack would make over the next few days. Really she wanted to keep Jack around for more then a few reasons as she wondered just how far the drug he had given her would take her there was also the little matter of just how she was going to thank him for what he had done for her.


Jack was in pain to say the least it had been five days since he had arrived at Kate’s apartment and started taking care of her. During which time Kate had recovered far more quickly then he would have imagined it possible even under the influence of the drugs. While this was a good thing as far as he was concerned he found he didn’t like what the now nearly fully recovered Kate insisted on him doing. Kate being a avid fitness nut whom had no trouble passing the police physical exams had decided that he would be joining her as far as physical exercises went. It being the first day of such activities Jack felt like he was going to die. Still as he lay out on the floor he couldn’t help but admire the view as he turned his attention towards Kate.


Watching as she pressed the 150 pound bar he shuddered a bit as he watched the muscles in her arms work and realized that the only reason Kate was pressing a 150 pounds is that she was still some what drained from the whole experience and couldn’t go with her normal of 180 pounds. The thought that Kate was capable of bench pressing her own weight was actually a immense turn on for Jack as he admired her athletic figure. Having seen her in uniform most of the time he found he didn’t want to take his eyes off the red and black clad amazon that currently busied herself.

Kate’s arms and legs had always looked fit but now as he watched her he got a new appreciation for just how toned Kate truly was. The only odd thing he could really find with it though was the fact that despite Kate’s strength she didn’t appear bulky in the least rather she appeared to be built for swimming, long distance running or perhaps martial arts as he considered her job. Kate grinned as she felt Jack’s eyes on her as she rather enjoyed it when a guy appreciated a women with a little bit of strength. She regretted she wasn’t fully recovered though so that she could really show him up having noticed how Jack seemed to focus on her even more so after she topped him at every exercise.

While he could bench 100lbs she had benched 150lbs and could go higher once she had her full strength. He had managed to curl 20 lbs in one arm while she was able to do 36lbs and while he was laying out feeling entirely drained she still had plenty of energy to continue pushing herself. “Hey Kate I was thinking shouldn’t of your parents have come to check up on you by now.” The sound of the bar being set down rang through out the room as Kate set up in her seat.


“What you don’t like taking care of me.” Kate put on a pout that got quite a reaction from Jack’s loins as the mixture of the innocence in her face her powerful body and her emerald green eyes looking back at him seemed to over whelm his senses the only way he could define Kate would have been striking. As he attempted to stutter a response Kate giggled and feel backwards once again starting on the bar.


“My parents called a few days ago when they learned that I had left the hospital you were just out then. I told them that I was fine and I had a friend taking care of them they offered to come down but I was able to talk them out of it. My mom and dad stay pretty busy with work so that it is hard for them to brake away without a plan. Which made it pretty easy to just stay home and relax.” Kate finally settled the bar down for the last time and climbed off the bench walking over to a counter she leaned against it so that her rear was shown nicely and used her right hand to pick up a bottle of water. As she drank she gave her rear a few shakes as she could see Jack’s admiring gaze through the reflection in the window. Some of the water sputtered out of her mouth as she noticed Jack quickly turn his head away from her as he realized what he had been doing.


“Umm sorry about that.” Kate grinned as Jack apologized and pushed herself off the counter. Slowly she walked towards Jack’s still drained form and much to his surprised settle down on his stomach resting her firm tush against his chest.


“Jack I take you into my personal exercise room and I put on a incredibly tight work out suit at which time I proceed to make you exercise when while you are laying on the floor I continue to prance around you and show off my body. Do you really think that I don’t mean for you to look at me.” Jack only blushed more as he felt the weight of this divine creature setting on top of him.


“Well it still seems a bit rude of me.” Kate couldn’t help but laugh as she looked down at Jack and ran her fingers along his arms feeling of them. There wasn’t much tone there but she wasn’t testing for strength but rather potential and that is what she saw in him potential both physically and mentally. Jack gave a slight groan of pain as Kate bounced on his stomach lightly a moment later just enough to nock some of the wind out of him and keep him from talking for a while.


“Oh come on Jack you know I like you and I want you to look at me I like the attention being a spoiled brat and all.” Jack went wide eyed and wished that his arms hadn’t been penned to his sides by Kate’s well developed thighs as nice as they felt he was feeling a little embarrassed having this woman come onto him so strongly. “And besides I have other things I want to talk to you about.” Kate’s thighs relaxed as she blushed a little bit something that didn’t escape Jack as he looked up at her lovely face.


“What do you need to talk to me about.” Kate gave Jack a large grin one that made him worry a little bit despite the fact that she seemed a bit shy about what she was about to ask.


“Well we have been friends for a while now so it isn’t like we don’t know one another and to be honest I like you. So I was thinking that it would be nice if you moved out of that dinky little apartment of yours and moved into mine with me.” Jack could hardly believe that he had just heard it was true that he and Kate had been friends but he had never thought of going any further with that after all he had been dating at the time and also thought Kate was far out of his league. While she was a powerful built amazon he happened to be a computer addict with a complete lack of any tan or real muscle tone thanks to the amount of time he spent inside and now he had learned that Kate came from a financially well off family as she had put it.


“I don’t know err I am not sure about that I mean we have been friends for a long time now.”


“To true which is why I am asking you to go ahead and move in with me after all you have been with me for these last few days only going home to check on your answering machine. Besides I think it is time we got to know one another better and by moving in with each other we can get to know if are habits really match up besides.” Kate leaned in rather close allowing Jack to look into her green eyes “Since you put that drug in my system will I ever return to normal?”. Jack swallowed a nervous look on his face as he realized that he had made the same mistake of several great minds and hadn’t considered what would happen to Kate if the drug did work on her. It wasn’t exactly something that would just be reversed after all weather he liked it or not Kate had been permanently changed right down to her very DNA.


“No there is no way to reverse the treatment I mean you are the first success story and without being able to repeat the results there is no way we can reverse the effects.” Kate slowly nodded as jack state what she has expected the entire time. She wasn’t mad at him after all the treatment had saved her life and as far as she knew would have some other benefits but it meant they were going to have to be some changes in her life.


“Just what kind of alterations did the drug make I mean will I get to be super strong, super fast umm maybe able to fly.”


“Oh no nothing like that least as far as I know what the drug is meant to do is allow the body to better fight of illness and adapt to new environments more quickly. I really can’t say how effective it is but who knows perhaps you never need to worry about getting sick again.” Kate smiled as the thought did seem rather appealing to her but it still left a problem.


“That is nice and I am grateful but you do realize that I can’t return to work without a physical especially since just a few days ago it seemed like I was going to be dead for sure. Thank goodness my parents aren’t a bunch of religious nut jobs or things would get really complicated I am just glad I was able to keep them away really. Still as I don’t want to be used as a lab rat when it comes time for blood work to be done on me I am going to need some help. Now I can take the physical without getting blood work done of course but you know I still need someone who can check me out and make sure I am alright and since we are keeping this a secret that someone has got to be you.”


Jack blinked for a moment as the words sunk in “Woe woe I don’t have the degree needed to be a doctor I mean I got a pretty good deal in but nothing that advanced.”


“Jack you were just telling me a few days ago how I have been changed all around so I doubt a normal doctor’s degree would do you any good in working with me. Though I really can’t force you after all I oh you my life but.” Check gasp as Kate’s legs moved back as she let her form fall down upon his wrapping her arms around him she pulled his face closer to her own. “Please won’t you continue taking care of me.” As Jack laid there he quickly considered his option here a lovely woman who he at one time considered totally out of his league had her legs and arms wrapped around him, he had just found out she had a wealthy family and to top everything off she was already a very close friend it didn’t take him long to decide.


“Alright but it still doesn’t need me to move in I mean you could just stop by for regular check ups.” Kate grinned as she rolled off Jack and then stood up.


“Oh I know that but I get lonely living alone and besides I am going to help you get into shape.” Kate grinned as Jack’s face seemed to sink a little at the thought of exercise.


“Now don’t give me that look the only reason why I lasted long enough for you to save me is I was in such good shape after all. Don’t worry I am not going to push you too hard but you really need to put on a little muscle tone.” All Jack could do was grumble as he couldn’t exactly disagree with her. Over all the deal was quite good though he knew he wouldn’t be getting in the sack with Kate any time soon. Actually as far as he knew Kate had never slept with anyone despite her charms and her teasing nature she had never let anything go that far. He was never sure why after all she could have had her pick of a good deal of men but she had always held back Jack had eventually learned that her religious beliefs which held her back as well as her own personal feelings.


“We will get everything set up later but until then how about we just go relax.” Kate offered her hand to Jack who promptly took it allowing her to help him to his feat as they walked into the main room Jack was some what wobbly still getting a laugh from Kate who gave him a playful poke in the stomach. Jack soon took his seat next to Kate and couldn’t help but feel a little bit of excitement as he considered what had just happened. While at first he couldn’t help but think how strange it was for him to be moving in with her she had made a pretty good argument at least in his opinion and it did at least mean he had a chance with her. At least if he proved that they were capable of living together Kate might be willing to move things a step further.


Kate for her part had chosen to go ahead and skip to living together as in truth dating wasn’t really required between the two of them. Having spent so much time together simply hanging out she had a pretty good idea of Jack’s behavioral pattern and didn’t find anything particularly annoying.


Kate was up early the next morning while Jack was still asleep in the spare bedroom as she set on the phone she had a big grin on her face. Howard Low set at his desk when the phone began to ring as he picked it up he was surprised by the voice that he heard on the other end. “Hi there chief I was just calling to let you know that I am out of the hospital.” Howard’s jaw nearly hit the floor as he heard Kate on the phone some of the department had sent her get well cards when they had heard the news but none of them had really expected her to recover.


“Kate how are you doing I mean are you alright.”


“I am doing just fine Chief well I was actually calling to see when I could start coming back into work.” Howard couldn’t believe what he was hearing not only was Kate on the phone and sounding just fine but she was also talking like she was fully recovered.


“Umm Kate I mean how are you even at home I mean last time I heard anything about you well you weren’t in very good shape.” Howard could hear Kate giggling on the other end of the phone as she couldn’t help but find everyone’s shock as of late rather amusing.


“I got better of course and I am wanting to know when I should start coming into work again.” Howard could hardly here his ears but resolved he wouldn’t push the issue any further but would rather to see if Kate was really alright.


“Well why don’t you come in tomorrow if you feel able to and we can see just how you are doing.” Kate grinned as she flexed a bicep even though she wasn’t fully recovered yet she did feel more then able to return to work and she didn’t want to just leach any longer then she needed to.


“Sure thing I will be in tomorrow.” As Kate hung up the phone a few moments later she mused over what she needed to do in order to get ready. She had already offered to Jack to have him move in so she figured that would be the first order of business for today. He would need to get hold of his land lord first of course and start closing his accounts while they would move his stuff to Kate’s. Jack probably would go ahead and finish paying up his contract rather then risk leaving anyone in a sour mood and if he didn’t do it on his own Kate figured she would just have to give him a push to do so. Leaning her head to the side Kate began to consider waking Jack up before changing her mind opting for a more pleasant way of getting him out of bed then just dragging him out.


Jack awoke quickly as the sent of eggs and bacon hit his nose he slowly rose from the bed. Taking in a deep breath of air he made his way to the kitchen finding Kate at the stove making a rather large breakfast as he started to ask her why so much though he recalled the changes her body was undergoing and opted to keep his mouth shut. “Well good morning sleepy head I figured we should start the day with a good breakfast after all we have some moving to do.” Jack nodded as he joined Kate in the kitchen area and began to rummage around the cobnuts until he found a few glasses.


“What do you want to drink?” Kate grinned as Jack went about helping her to prepare breakfast though she was nearly done already she was glad to see he was willing to help. Kate taking orange juice Jack found he didn’t have very many options as the health conscious Kate limited her beverages to milk, juice and water he finally settled for orange juice as well and took his seat opposite of Kate.


“So you sure want me to move in with you?” Kate grinned as she took a few moments to finish chewing a mouth full of eggs.


“Yes I am after all after what all you told me you’re my doctor now.” Jack grinned as he only hoped he wouldn’t have to do to much with Kate.


“Hmm well then I guess the only thing I have to regret is that all the job applications I put out earlier have the wrong address.” Kate chuckled as she began to wonder just what she was going to do about Jack’s job a grin formed on her face.


“Well if you live with me you could just be my 24/7 doctor.” As Jack looked at Kate she noted that he seemed completely shocked by what she just said.


“No way I couldn’t ever do that I mean I am grateful that you invited me to move in after all this places is a lot better then my old one but there is no way I am could just stay and not help out. I am not a leech after all.” Kate couldn’t help but grin as she noted Jack still held onto the notion that a man was meant to provide and even faced with a chance to just lay around he had put it down so quickly. What was more is the shock he showed in his voice at least hinted at the fact that he was being honest of course his choice wasn’t purely based on old ideas. Having gone to college for 7 years and worked his fingers to the bone Jack had put a lot of effort into getting his degrees and he was going to use them.


“Hehe alright well then I guess we will just have to find you some other work then. Who knows perhaps I can help you out.” Jack only nodded as he resumed eating noticing the wide grin on Kate’s face as if he had just done something that she approved rather strongly off. It was strange a few days ago Kate had been laying in bed near death and he had been the one taken control making the effort to help her. Now just a few days later with her health rapidly recovering Kate seemed to be making all the decisions for him. He couldn’t help but think it had something too do with her job though after all as a police officer she was probably use to taking charge of a situation.


“Hello yeah this is Jack Hunter I am calling in regards to my apartment … yeah I would like to close my account …. no I will finish paying up this months rent … yeah I will be stopping by later today.” Jack felt a little nervous about what he was doing he had the money in his bank account to pay of the months rent and then some in all truth that being one of the reasons he didn’t feel worried about losing his job at least not as badly as some. Since he would be moving in with Kate he didn’t have to worry about that anymore though one part of him still worried about the trouble it would cause him should she just decide to kick him out. He felt he could trust Kate more then that considering how hard she had always tried to keep her word. Kate for her part was going over a checkless in her head to see how Jack matched up with what she liked and what she didn’t like.


He had so far done quite well except she didn’t care for the fact that he liked to sleep in late really sleeping more then 8 hours always left Kate feeling that she had wasted part of the day. Other then that he was doing well but the real test would begin in a few days now that she was entirely healthy. She knew that Jack would help around the house and take care of her while she was ill thanks to him baby sitting her while she was recovering but now she needed to see how he would behave other wise. “Well then shall we get going?”


“Sure thing whose vehicle are we taking.”


“Mine I haven’t gotten to drive around in a little while.” Jack nodded as he figured Kate’s vehicle would do better then his anyway considering that she chose to drive a Humvee. Kate slipped on a clean pair of clothes deciding to bath when she got back while Jack put on a few items he didn’t mind getting messed up. As the two made their way down the hall Jack got another surprise when Kate didn’t go to the elevator by stopped at the stairs and took hold the back of his shirt.


“Now don’t be lazy we are going to take the stairs.” Jack groaned visibly as Kate opened the door and they began to make their way down the steps. The whole time wondering if he would be stuck walking up them upon their return. This was Kate’s intention of course as she preferred to get a little exercise in on the side and really walking down the steps wasn’t all that good of exercise. Jack remembered to buckle up this time as they finally made it to Kate’s vehicle knowing that she wouldn’t leave until he was firmly strapped in.


Jack had at least been inside Kate’s vehicle before hand but he couldn’t help but take note of the interior and how particular Kate was about keeping it clean. It brought back other thoughts as well such as when even before she joined the police force he had went to throw a pop can out the window only to have Kate stop him. Kate had never been the type to pick up a sign and strap herself to a tree or anything but she at least tried not to make things worse he had found. So while she didn’t join with a large group and go pick up cans she made sure all hers ended up in a recycle bin it seemed to be the way she treated most things in life.


“Aha I think I know another reason why you like to be a cop I just remembered every time I tried to throw something out the window you wouldn’t let me. Heck you even started insisting that I ride with you so that you could prevent such activities. I bet you like being a cop since you can help force people to clean up the roads.” Kate gave a rather large grin as she came to a red light she looked over at Jack.


“Yup and I can also force them to donate to the city by writing them a ticket.” Jack grinned as he wondered if Kate was really as bad as she made herself out to be.


“So do you always write people a ticket.”


Kate’s first temptation was to say yes but she knew that wasn’t anywhere near the truth. “Naa actually I tend to let people off more often then write them a ticket so long as I don’t catch them going more then ten miles over the speed limit well and I like to write tickets on Wednesdays for some reason.”


“What do you have against Wednesday?”


“I think it is probably because it is the day when you are neither almost done with the work week or just starting out but you are write in between. Which means I don’t know if I should be happy or angry so I just opt for angry and become a real pain in the but.” Jack rolled his eyes at Kate’s answer as the two of them made small talk for the rest of the ride Jack deciding to try and find out just how strict Kate was at enforcing them law. When they finally arrived at the apartment complex Jack had resolved that she wasn’t nearly as strict as she made herself out to be rather they were just a few things that got her after someone quicker then others.


“Alright I want you to go ahead to your land lord’s office and get things dealt with there I am going to go on to your room and get to packing your stuff.” Jack cringed as he wondered if he really wanted Kate going through his apartment and seeing some of the items he had. Though finally he resolved he didn’t have too much to worry about as despite being a cop Kate was a friend and she wasn’t on duty at the moment so he finally handed over his room key and they went their separate ways. No longer having Kate with him Jack took the elevator while Kate opted for the stairs once again.


As Kate entered into Jack’s rooms he looked around for a moment and let out a slight huff wondering why he chose to live in such a small apartment when she knew he made better then that. A worried look appeared on her face as she hoped she wouldn’t have to count Jack as cheep it might have seemed shallow but simply put little annoyances could become big problems if you were stuck living with someone. Then again as she recalled Jack had never went cheap on her when he took her out to dinner even though they weren’t dating and he had shown a strong incentive to provide earlier on. So she held back on this as she began to roam around his apartment searching his closet she found a carrying case for his clothes and began to load them up as well as a few other items.


“You didn’t have as much porn as I thought you would.” Jack blushed bright red as these were the first words that hit his ears the moment he stepped into his apartment. The land lord having decide to stop by later on and make sure it was in the same state as when Jack had first began renting it.


“Well of course not I have the internet after all.” Jack grinned deciding to play along with Kate who just laughed at his comment. As Kate packed his clothing out Jack wondered over to his computer and began to disconnect it having spent the last few days in the guest room he already had a few ideas of where he was going to put his stuff. It was kind of amusing as he considered that the guest room he was going to be moving into was bigger then his old one.


Jack couldn’t help but feel lacking as Kate helped him move out of his room not only could she pack more then he did but she was still able to move significantly faster. Of course she continued to use the stairs while he made use of the elevator but that didn’t really help things as he didn’t live far from ground level and to make matters worse Kate could more then make up for lost time in the parking lot. As the final items were being brought down Jack was surprised when Kate dove into the elevator with him having expected her to continue taking the stairs she smiled at the look of shock on his face. “See didn’t take long at all to get your stuff with me helping out. I was thinking that you could start putting in job applications to a few businesses tomorrow. How many have you already put in though.”


“Just a few I mostly put them into small businesses you know just little computer repair shops.” Kate looked at Jack for a moment as he mentioned this.


“Now that is just silly why would you put in a job application when you know you would rather be in a lab working for a larger company.”


“I don’t have that many job references though Lex Corp is a really good one I don’t know how much that will help me in getting other jobs though.” Kate rolled her eyes at Jack it was true that he probably wouldn’t be picked up right a way with his lack of experience but still.


“Well you can forget that you are moving in with me now so unless you are getting a decent job you are just going to stay back and keep putting in applications.”


“Lex Corp owns most of the good research jobs in this city and you know it so what else am I suppose to do?” Kate exited the elevator with Jack as it finally put down and they began making their way across the parking lot.


“They are other companies to work for and really you put to much effort in college to just settle for something that wouldn’t require half as much education. Don’t worry if you feel bad about living with me then I will just start drawing up a tab.” Kate giggled as Jack smiled at her as Jack considered her option he felt a little bit of greed poking into the back of his mind. He could just leech of Kate for a little while and not feel to bad after all he would be looking for a job but still he didn’t want to take from a friend and he really hated feeling like he owed someone a debt so it was with a bit of reluctance that he responded.


“That sounds fair so what utilities will I be covering?” Kate looked at Jack for a second as she had only been joking she didn’t plan on making him pay for anything though the offer was nice.


“Jack I was only joking with you after all my parents have the utilities and rent covered all I have to buy is grocery clothes and a few other misc items there is no way I am going to let you start paying now. It is nice that you want to help out but it isn’t really a big deal now if I was some little poor girl then I would have to take you up on that offer.” Kate heaved the last of the items into her vehicle and helped Jack get a few of his into the trunk as well before she climbed into the drivers seat and he the passenger.


“But I don’t want to be a burden and besides I hate feeling like I owe a debt.”


Kate giggled at the thought of Jack owing her a debt especially considering what had happened only a few days ago. “Jack you know the only surgery that would have saved my life just a short while ago was beyond even my parents ability to pay for. Heck what we thought was needed was not only highly controversial but would have required one to have money along the lines of Luther to pay for it. So if you look at it that way then I am very much in your debt.”


“That was to save your life though it is different …” Jack didn’t get to finish talking before Kate’s hand clamped down upon his mouth.


“Still it isn’t a burden on me and it doesn’t change the fact that you saved my life though threw a method that is a little illegal I think we can over look that. Now if you still want to help out then I guess you can pay for some of the groceries and maybe take me out for dinner a few times but other then that I expect you to just accept my offer.” Jack grinned as he finally gave into Kate’s offer after all no matter how nice of a fellow he was there were only so many times he was willing to try and convince her to let him pay.


The rest of the day went smoothly as Kate helped Jack to bring his stuff inside and get him set up he actually found that he had room to lay out quite a bit of his equipment that had to keep in storage. Having taken care of everything that he could think of Jack figured he would spend tomorrow checking around to see how things were going while Kate returned to the police station to resume work. At least that was the plan though considering that she had been expected to die only a few short days ago Jack doubted things would be that simple especially with Kate having signed her out. Officially she was still dying of cancer a rather amusing thought since as far as Jack knew she might now be the healthiest human on the planet.


Kate glared at Jack’s sleeping form the next morning having once again woken up before him. At first she thought of cooking breakfast again but quickly changed her mind it was clear to her that if she wanted Jack to develop good sleeping habits on her then he would have to be trained to wake up at a certain hour much like she had trained her own body. So turning around she proceeded into her room and removed her alarm clock. Setting it down on the table next to Jack’s bed she set the volume for full and set the alarm to go off in thirty minutes.


She would have to pick herself up a new alarm clock on the way home but at least she now knew Jack would be woken up. Returning to her room Kate removed a pair of thong panties, a white bra and her police uniform before proceeding to the bathroom. Locking the door she placed the items on top of the sink and began to strip. As Kate stripped she examined her body wondering just how badly her time spent in the hospital had damaged it. It had surprised her the previous day when she found that the 150 pounds she had been bench pressing felt a little light now as she looked herself over she couldn’t find anything wrong with her.


Kate admired her form in a mirror as she sought to think of a way to define herself. Her arms and legs were both extremely well toned that was obvious even when she stood relaxed however become apparent even to the least observant of them all when she flexed. The muscles expanding if she so much as bent her arm while her stomach sported a four back she couldn’t help but admire her figure. Having spent so much time and energy on herself she couldn’t help but feel she had the right to be a little vane about her appearance. Despite this however her figure remained slim in her over all appearance as she had focused more on tone them on actually building muscle mass in an effort to maintain her agility.


The most difficult thing for her to maintain had been her measurements even though she wasn’t the best endowed of females Kate was quite happy with her measurements of 38C-27-36. The only thing she didn’t care for was the fact that she had went down a cup size from before she had started exercising. As her thoughts turned to her chest Kate’s hands came up to cup her breast her fingers gently messaging them she let out a slight moan as her fingers moved over her nipples. While she couldn’t boast a large cup size, any more Kate could boast that her breast remained standing even without a bra to support them.


It made Kate extremely happy that she could boast that there was no sag anywhere in her body as even her breast stood proud and firm on her chest. This had allowed her to pick and choose almost anyone male she wanted so long as they weren’t scared of a physical capable woman. The fact that she came from a well to do family helped things quite a bit as well but had also caused problems. As Kate had learned early on she really didn’t have any desire for a man that was stronger then her actually she preferred to be the stronger of the two to be able to rap her arms around a fellow and know she was in control of the situation. She had stayed away from most athletes for this reason as it seemed the stronger a man was the more of a turn off it was for her.


Of course she liked the guy to be in shape just not to be stronger then herself. This was one of Jack’s short comings of course as years in front of a computer screen and his own refusal to exercise had left him a bit on the unfit side but Kate planned on taking care of that. She would just have to encourage him to start working out with her on a regular bases and before long she was sure she could mold him into what she wanted him to be. Of course she couldn’t force him to exercise but that wouldn’t stop her from giving it a try. Climbing completely in the bath Kate shut the door and flipped on the water stepping back for a moment and allowing it to strike her breast first she let out a slight yelp as the water started cold and then warmed up.


Turning her thoughts to Jack Kate finds that being laid up in the hospital for so long had left her a little more hormonal charged then normal as she began to imagine what he would be like if she could just get him to trim away the slight bit of fat he was packing and put on some muscle tone. He would still be small compared to her and she had no doubt that unless he began to push himself as hard as her that she would remain the stronger. The thought of wrapping her arms around him and holding his weaker body to her own excited her as she played with her nipples.


Her left hand drifted from her nipple to take a firm hold of her breast and slowly began to message it her right hand soon working on her right breast as well. Moving the globes of flesh in slight circles Kate leaned up against the shower wall letting the warm water hit her red main and run down her back. Her right hand finally abandoning her breast to move down to her stomach. Kate fingers pressed firmly into her abs feeling the strength of her abdominal muscles while her left hand now gripped her right arm feeling of her biceps. It was odd but feeling the strength in her own body compared to others always seemed to excite Kate. Her right hand finally left her abs and traveled down to her lips.


Lightly moving her finger against her pussy lips Kate’s left hand once again returned to her breast as soft moans began to escape her mouth. Kate index finger began to press inside her vagina. Her internal muscles were still quite tight from having never known a man it didn’t take much at all to stimulate herself as she moved her finger around. Her hand began to play with her nipples once again moving some what quicker then they had before as Kate began to take in sharper gasp of air as Kate did this though the years of living alone caught up with her as she forgot that she had company.


Jack was never woke up by the alarm clock as instead he was awoke by a much more pleasant sound. The sound of Kate’s pleasure waking him from his sleep it took him a moment to realize what was going on until he realized he could hear running water and that the moans of pleasure he was listening to were Kate’s. Not knowing exactly what to do Jack first thoughts were to go to the bathroom and ask if Kate wanted someone to join her. The image of her fist propelled by her powerful arms sinking into his soft stomach quickly took those thoughts away. The thought of Kate’s strength though and how much power she could pack into a single punch only excited him even more though.


In truth Jack had a thing for a strong woman and had spent many nights lusting after wonder woman. It was odd though as he much preferred Kate’s build as unlike Wonder Woman Kate wasn’t only strong but she also looked it. The thought of Kate having the same pound for pound strength as Wonder Woman was an immensely exciting thought as he pictured just how much stronger that would make her. Having never seen Wonder Woman pop a biceps nearly as large as Kate’s he imagined that if they were of the same group Kate could take her apart. These thoughts plus the sound of Kate’s moan got a rather strong reaction from Jack as a pop tent appeared in his trousers and he found himself taking care of his own needs.


A long moan finally came from Kate as she felt her body go weak and found herself leaning quite heavily against the shower wall a wide grin across her lips. It took a few minutes before Kate finally pushed herself up from her resting position and began to the task of getting herself cleaned up. Kate humid to herself as she stepped out of the shower at last and began to dry herself off first drying her body before placing the tow over a stool in front of the sink mirror. She began the process of coming out her hair before it could dry having made the mistake in the past she did not like having to get nots out of her hair especially since it came down well past her mid back.


Finally brushing her teeth and slipping into her uniform Kate checked herself in the mirror one last time before stepping out. Making a quick stop in the kitchen she grabbed a apple before stepping out calling out to Jack before she left. “I am going to head on into work now I imagine they will want to see me to make sure I am still alive. Don’t burn down my home while you are gone.” Kate giggled as she stepped out and locked the door behind herself. Jack for his part still remained in bed having noticed the alarm clock and turned it off not wanting to get Kate’s attention. Having no idea if she had meant to get his attention like that or not the exact method one should deal with such a situation escaped him so he simply kept quiet.


Howard was stunned as he looked at Kate who had bounced into work a good ten minutes early. Having went to see her a few times while she was in the hospital he had learned that she was dying there and the best they could do was ease her suffering. Now she stood before him looking to be as in good of condition as she had ever been. He of course had talked to her over the phone but it wasn’t quite the same as seeing her now in perfect condition. “Well um I don’t know what to say.”


“How about you are glad to see me?” Kate grinned having actually liked the looks all the police officers had given her upon her return to work. It was nice to see that they had been worried about her of course everyone had developed a good deal of camaraderie it was sort of a requirement for people trying to enforce the law in a city were villains like the shade liked to make their appearance.


“Oh I am but well to be honest we thought you were as good as dead so we sort of already filled your position.” Kate face sunk as soon as she heard this news she had expected as much though after all one doesn’t hold a spot for someone whose death is about assured. “Don’t worry though your job is still here we just don’t need anymore cops on the beat and besides after that little brush with death you had are you sure you are fine?”


“I am feeling just fine Chief.” Howard nodded before he began typing on the computer bringing up Kate’s file he began to make some changes on it before printing out a document.


“I am going to send you to have a physical to make sure you are alright. I hope you don’t mind but the last time I saw you. You were holding onto life by a thread.” Kate nodded as she took the paper in her hand the document requiring the signature of a doctor.


“Now you just go ahead and get that taken care of and then once we know that you are fine you can come back. Still I don’t understand how you recovered do the Doctors.” Kate shook her head no a wide grin on her face.


“Must have been some people preying for me.” Howard could only nod as he watched Kate head out the door. As Kate left she looked down at the document in her hand. Until she had it filled out there would be no way for her to return to work which of course meant she might as well head over to a hospital and get to waiting around. Normally she would have gotten a appointment but she didn’t want to return home just yet and since she had went planning on working she figured she might as well head on to the doctor’s officer. Taking a look at herself she grinned as she decided she would head to the doctor’s office as soon as she went home and changed clothes.


Jack looked up from the computer screen as he heard the front door opening. Walking into the living room he was a bit surprised to see Kate back early. “Hey how did things go?” Kate was smiling as she walked past Jack showing him the paper before vanishing into her room and calling out from behind the closed door.


“I have to go to the doctor and get them to sign this little form saying that I am as healthy as can be. I would normally prefer to have an appointment but since I don’t have anything else to do I figure I might as well. So just how is the job search going?” Jack leaned up against the door so that he could here Kate better and so he wouldn’t have to yell so loud.


“It is going pretty good it turns out that there is a branch of InCon Ltd in the city. I was reading through some more information on them and I think I might actually send in an application.” Slipping out of her uniform Kate stopped for a moment to try and recall the name she couldn’t help but feel that she had heard it before but wasn’t sure.

“I can’t seem to place the name but I know I have heard it about how big are they?”


“Well they aren’t nearly as huge as Lex Corp but then again it is pretty hard for a company to really grow in size with some of the giants hanging around. I mean even Skunk works has been having trouble with places like Star labs opening up and taking up so much of the market. Still they do well enough to survive and make a decent profit so I figure I might as well go with them. Maybe they won’t might picking up a Lex reject.” Kate chuckled as she listened to Jack it didn’t sound like the exact spot she was hoping he would get but it sounded well enough.


“Well so long as you can get a decent pay check I guess everything is alright and don’t sell yourself short. I am sure those pencil pushers will regret dumping you eventually.” Jack couldn’t help but laugh at this as Kate recited one of many employees dreams the desire to get back at their employers.


“Yeah well at least there is one thing I can say for sure I doubt they have as many rumors going around about them then Lex corp and since they are smaller I imagine they have less brake ins at least I hope.”


“That is always a good thing in this city kind of frustrating I imagine for the companies though. As soon as they develop some real top of the line technology some over powered nut job like Copperhead or The Shade brakes into your lab. Well let me know if you decide to put in a application or not when I get back.” Jack stepped away from the door as Kate stepped out were a baggy t-shirt and some jeans’ Jack couldn’t decide if he liked Kate better dressed up or in her casual clothing. Once again watching her leave he returned to his computer a few moments later and located the looking for employment link. Clicking on it a moment later he found himself feeling out a job application even if he wasn’t completely sure if he wanted to work for the company he figured that an interview couldn’t help and planned on even feeling out applications for jobs that he wasn’t likely to get such as those at Star labs.


As Jack finished this up he looked at the computers block. “A few more hours before Kate will be home.” Turning his gaze towards the living room his first desire was to see what channels Kate had when he changed his mind. Standing up and proceeding into the kitchen he soon found himself rummaging around through the fridge and drawers laying out various pots pans and food items. Kate had been nice enough to prepare breakfast for him the previous day so he would be nice enough to prepare her dinner while she was away getting herself checked out. Having lived by himself for a while now Jack had developed at least a bit of cooking skills still as he began to prepare dinner he hoped Kate didn’t have anything planned for the stakes in the fridge.


Kate for her part was experiencing just what she had expected to upon her arrival at the doctor’s office. She had to wait a rather extensive amount of time to get let in and now that she actually was the doctor was being a pain and wouldn’t give her a simple physical like she requested but rather kept questioning her about her medical records and why they say she was dying of cancer. Finally getting fed up with him her temper showed “Listen are you going to give me a damn physical or not. I don’t have any cancer and if you would just check me you would find that I am in perfect health.”


The doctor finally relented at having the six foot tall amazon shout at him and began to give Kate the physical that she had been requesting. Still as he checked her over he could hardly imagine that she had been dying of cancer and couldn’t help but wonder if the previous hospital had been up to something. Kate for her part couldn’t help but hope she wouldn’t have to put up with to many questions for to long. As she began to consider the situation she thought of her available options. 1. She could say she didn’t know anything and get pestered for who knows how long. 2. She could tell the truth but at least for now that was out of the question. 3 She could say aliens abducted her and Jack while he was visiting at. Then proceeded to have wild alien sex with them and heal Kate of her cancer not an entirely bad story so she considered it. Fourth and last she could say that she saw a angel come into her window and perform a miracle.


As she considered the options of what she would start telling people she finally opted on asking Jack if he would rather be an alien or an angel. Jack looked up from the stove seeing Kate enter and hold up the paper proudly she only did this for a moment as she noticed Jack in the kitchen. “Welcome home I hope you don’t mind I decided to go ahead and prepared dinner.” Giving Jack a curious look Kate made her way into the kitchen and began to look over what he had prepared taking her time she was glad to see the food he prepared was simple items.


A moment later Jack felt Kate’s arms wrap around him from behind. “It looks good but which stake is mine.” Jack grinned as a moment later he felt Kate’s lips press against his cheek. Using a fork he pointed towards the larger of the two stakes indicating that it was the one meant for her.


Taking her seat while Jack put on the finishing touches Kate grinned, “So Jack are you a angel or a alien?” Jack quickly turned around a moment later giving Kate the ultimate what the fuck look which got a giggle from her.


“Well I was thinking what I am going to start telling people as far as my recovery and I figure it has to be one or the other saved me. So which one are you going to be a angel or a alien?” Jack couldn’t help but grin as Kate asked him the question and he considered his options.


“Well I am not going to risk you turning me into some tentacle creature so if anyone ask say you got a message from god and a angel saved you.” Kate giggled at this as Jack carried over the stakes and a few other items serving Kate and then himself.


“Alright then Mr. Angel.” Jack just rolled his eyes as he had no idea what religious group Kate was going to give most of the credit to. It didn’t really matter much to him as even though he considered himself a Christian he was not of any particularly strong conviction and tended to only make his appearance in church when it was convenient to do so.


“So did you send in any job applications?”


“Yup I sent in a few of them not sure the odd of getting them but I figured I might as well try. Heck I even sent in one to Lex Corp despite their recent choice to remove me from my position.” Kate just nodded her head at this as the two’s conversation broke down into small talk and later setting on the couch where much to Jack’s surprise he found Kate’s powerful legs wrapped around him from behind. Pulling him back to rest on her he could feel the strength in the legs around him and the arms that hugged him to her body.


“Hey Jack I was wondering if you would like to get into shape.” Jack looked at Kate out of the corner of his eyes.


“Yeah I suppose I would after all how am I ever suppose to get the girl if I don’t.” Kate grinned and messed up Jack’s hair a bit.


“Alright then starting tomorrow you are going to be my work out partner. You don’t have to join me for my morning warm ups but you have to join me for my 6 to 7 work out.” Jack gave Kate a concerned look as he didn’t particularly like the idea of having to work out for a entire hour.


“Don’t worry sweety I am going to go easy on you I just want you to lose that spare tire of yours. You only have to work out from 6 to 6:30 and the rest of the time you can just admire me. After all I don’t want to risk you catching up to me other wise I would worry you might try to take advantage of me.”


“Oh so you prefer to be able to rape me.” Jack laughed slightly as Kate nodded in the affirmative.


“Well I hate to tell you but you can’t rape the willing.” Now it was Kate’s turn to laugh as she continued to pet on Jack. While she did this Jack found his hands exploring Kate’s arms and even some of her leg feeling the muscles underneath her skin he had no doubt that she could over power him if she chose to. Looking down at his stomach he gave it a few good taps watching the flab shake just a little and decided that so long as Kate wanted him to he would be her work out partner.


Howard couldn’t help but be a bit shocked the next day as Kate stopped by and simply handed him her physical examination results. Looking up at the now beaming Kate he just chuckled. “Well alright I guess I will show you to your desk.” Kate’s face immediately showed her opinion on Howard’s statement as he stood up.


“Wait you mean I am going to be stuck doing a desk job.”


“Sorry Kate but it is the only position we could really find for you. A lot of people find it hard to believe that you are alright especially after what the doctors had been saying. So I can’t risk giving you something physically demanding.” Kate grumbled as Howard showed her to the receptionist desk and pulled out a seat for her. Now this was truly a shocker for Kate as she set down. She had been expected to be put back on patrol not given a desk job finally she simply shrugged her shoulders and resolved that she was back on the force and that would be good enough after all once they saw that she was healthy she felt sure they would put her back on patrol.


Jack felt useless as he lay on the floor watching Kate exercising. It had been a week since she had gotten her old job back and yet he hadn’t even called in for a interview. He had thought about getting a job for a department store or the likes but each time he would even mention it Kate would scold him and tell him it wasn’t happening. He hated how not working was making him feel like he was taking advantage of her thought. Kate on the other hand was actually getting kind of use to having Jack around the house and having dinner prepared when she got him. She would prepared their breakfast each morning while Jack would take care of the dinner. It had worked out quite well as far as she was concerned and she loved having someone to exercise with her.


The fact that Jack was there seemed to make her push herself even harder. This tended to stem from the fact that Kate did enjoy showing off her body and what she could do and even more so if she happened to like the person. Jack’s admiring gaze always seeming to push her even further. It was a enjoyable routine for her every other day she and Jack would work out and every time he would end up giving out long before her. It only made it more fun as Kate strived to see if she could double or even triple the amount of time he had spent working out. On this particular day though the 180-pound bar bell felt wrong. Each time she lifted it she couldn’t help but notice it seemed to be lacking in weight she had been having the problem all day though with every weight she did.


“You know Jack I think it has been good for my exercise routine having you around.” Jack gave a slight hum as he looked towards Kate and watched as she set the barbell down. As he admired her form Kate walked over to each side of the barbell and removed the bolt that held the weights in place before slipping on another five pound weight on each side and placing the bolt back in.


“Hey now isn’t that a little dangerous I mean I am a bit drained right now to spot you and isn’t your max 180?”


Kate just shook her head as she laid back down. “Don’t worry it isn’t that much more then what I was lifting before and besides the 180 just feels lighter then it should for some reason.” Lifting the bar from its stand Kate lowered it slowly to her chest feeling the weight before slowly lifting it up trying to gage how it felt. As she did this she resolved that it still didn’t feel quite as heavy as it should but required enough effort on her part to be worth her time. Jack for his part watched as Kate’s muscles swelled as she lifted and lowered the weight watching as her muscles came out in greater relief. While Kate worked out it was the one time that he could really admire her muscles for all they were worth.


Jack was actually surprised when he got to admire this view for longer then he had expected as the weight remained a bit lighter then Kate would have liked also her stamina seemed to have improved since he last saw her work out. Jack didn’t really know what to think as he watched Kate completely multiple sets of twelve except that she wasn’t kidding that she had improved since he was here. “Dang I didn’t know exercising just a week could pay off that well.”


Kate gave Jack an odd look before speaking, “It doesn’t at least not normally I mean I could bench 180 when I went into the hospital and I was laid up pretty bad for a while so it should have went down. Now here a week later I am benching 190 and I can do more sets then I use to be able to.” Jack nodded his head as he wondered if it had something to do with the drug helping Kate to recover he didn’t exactly see how. The drug had been meant to help the cells adapt to illness as well as to handle things like radiation, cancer and viruses not to increase strength. Still perhaps the fact that the cells had been slightly altered and made healthier were having something to do with it.


“All well guess you should just be grateful maybe just being healthier in general is helping out.” Kate nodded as she went to the free weights and picked up the 35's stopping for a moment she set them down and lifted the 40's before taking a seat. Having worked with the free weights earlier Kate couldn’t help but want to start over finding that she wasn’t nearly to the point she liked to be after working out. She still felt a lot of her stamina and in truth unless she burned up the energy exercising it would take her forever to get to sleep. As Kate moved from exercise to exercise she found herself adjusting the weight on every weight she used in order to get the same feeling she had before hand.


“Yup something is different alright I wish I could get these kind of results all the time.” Jack only nodded as he finally recovered enough to set up though he didn’t leave the room. Instead he continue to watch Kate particularly on legs curls and extensions the extensions allowing him to watch the muscles in her legs and as she was setting up he felt that it gave a better view of her breast then just about anything else except of course when she warmed up by doing push ups. The leg curls on the other hand afforded him a wonderful view of her rear. As Kate worked with her leg curls Jack could get a idea of what kind panties she wore as the material hugged her but so firmly he could make out the impression of her panties the material just about small enough to be considered a thong though not quite there.


Each time Jack saw this he would remember the first time he had exercised with Kate in her home and having her firm rear pressed against his chest. Despite Kate being some what heavy he had rather enjoyed the experience and wondered if he would ever get to feel her well toned rear again. This only encouraged him to work out harder though as well as increased his desire to get a decent job as he hoped to show Kate that he was willing to work for her. It was a odd notion but now that Kate was no longer holding him as a friend he felt a incredibly strong desire to prove himself to her. Kate had realized this long ago and was glad to see Jack working out even though it had only been for such a short while. The fact that he was trying to better himself for her enjoyment was something Kate found immensely appealing.


This what not a one way street of course as Kate was very much willing to improve herself for his sake as well. The fact that Jack liked how strong she was and how weak she made him feel was something Kate delighted in and it only pushed her improve herself more. Of course they did differ on some things as Kate had already learned to hate how often Jack watched the discovery and history channel while Jack didn’t exactly care for Kate’s interest in police and court shows these were minor differences that they felt they could each adapt too at least in Jack’s case. Kate simply planned on getting another tv and having one in her room while she allowed Jack to have the living room television that way they could both watch what they wanted.


Finishing with the weights Kate let the bar return to his resting position and looked at Jack who now seemed lost in thought. Chuckling she took a rather large swig of her water bottle before walking over to the punching bag. A moment later her fist struck the cloth the impact actually loud enough to get Jack out of his musing and turn his attention back towards her. As each punch slammed into the cloth Jack soon found himself focusing on Kate’s arms and fist as he wondered what it must feel like to be hit by them. Kate finally finishing her routine with a light jog on the treadmill to completely burn herself out. Jack grinned as she climbed off the machine very muscle in her body fully pumped up.


Grinning Kate flexed her right arm “Lets get cleaned up and you can fill of them later.” Jack nodded as he watched Kate leave the room her words taking a moment to sink in. Quickly dashing into his room Jack retrieved a few set of clothes before making his way to the smaller guest bathroom. As he climbed into the small shower he would have normally liked to wait for Kate to finish and just used the main one but in this situation he figured he would make an exception.


In his hurried state though Jack found that he had actually managed to beat Kate as far as taking a bath despite her having started sooner. Of course considering how long it took Kate to wash and condition all of her hair he didn’t exactly blame her for taking a long time. It was one of the few features about Kate that wouldn’t serve her well if she got into a fight. Still she remained very adamant about cutting her hair.


This at least did give him time to wonder just what Kate would be wearing when she came out. As Jack waited he couldn’t help but hope she had chosen to wore a tight t-shirt and low cut shorts what he got a few moments later was even better though. Kate proceeding into the living room her body still dripping with some water from the shower. Jack was surprised to find that instead of wearing low cut shorts she had decided not to wear anything at least none that he could see. Kate wearing a rather large t-shirt that reached almost down to her mid thigh. The shirt didn’t show off her breast as much as he would have liked but that was easy to ignore as it allowed a wonderful view of her legs.


Kate grinned at Jack as his eyes locked onto her walking over to him he was a bit surprised when he felt Kate’s arms go under him then she lifted him from his siting position in a cradle hold. Laying herself down Kate settled Jack down on top of her and wrapped her legs around him from behind. With his back resting against Kate’s chest Jack remembered the position from a few days earlier. A moment later Kate’s right arm draped around his chest allowing his hands to explore it. At the same time Kate’s left arm began to feel of Jack’s arm playing with the weaker muscle. This did make Jack a bit self conscious and made him eager for the day that instead of playing with a weak little muscle and flab she would fine a nicely toned arm where her hand currently rested.


As Jack laid there it might not have been as good as sex but being cuddled by Kate was nice enough and he had no desire to leave the embrace of this powerful lady. The two actually ended up falling asleep like that both of them rather exhausted from their work out, relaxed by the bath water and enjoying each others company the two soon nodded off wrapped up in one another’s arms.

Jack woke up a few hours later still entangled by Kate’s arms and legs. Realizing how late it was he looked towards Kate and once again started to steal a kiss before he stopped himself resolving that he would quit that and just hope Kate would give him a kiss. Moving to get up so that he could go to his own bed though Jack found a problem. Kate had always been a heavy sleeper ever since she was a little girl and on top of that she had often had stuffed animals to cuddle when she was a little girl a few of them larger then herself. In this comfortable state it seemed Kate’s body was back to its child hood and Jack found that her arms and legs had quite a firm grip upon him. So that as he tried to remove himself from Kate’s grasp he found that he couldn’t get her arms to release him and he didn’t want to try to hard for fear of waking her.


Finally an idea came to him as he reached up and began to tickle Kate along her collar bone she let out a slight giggle and squirmed a bit at first her legs tightening up around Jack causing a bit of pain but a moment later releasing as she squirmed about. Seeing his chance, Jack quickly moved from Kate’s grasp by rolling into the floor. Slowly setting up he noted an odd feature as Kate’s arms seemed to still reach out to him as if looking for something to cuddle. The action even though she was asleep made Jack feel a bit guilty about slipping away from her like that.


Having intended to return to his room instead Jack opted for a quick trip to the rest room before returning to Kate’s arm. After all he didn’t know how often he would get a chance to sleep while held to her form so he felt that he should make the most of it. Once again back in Kate’s arms the two of them slept for another four hours until Kate’s natural habit of only getting eight hours of sleep kicked in and she found herself waking up at four in the morning. Looking around for a moment and realizing she wasn’t in bed she didn’t take long to notice Jack either. Looking at him she chuckled lightly to herself as she realized what must have happened.


Standing up Kate lifted Jack with her being careful not to wake him as she packed him into his room and placed him in the bed. Looking at the equipment he had brought with him she couldn’t help but imagine Jack as the mad scientist type. Curiously she began to search through a few of the items before looking at Jack. “Oh you naughty boy well I guess it is natural to take a few souvenirs from your job when they can you for no reason.” Kate gave Jack’s sleeping form a kiss on the cheek as she noticed a few of them items had the Lex corp logo and considering the complexity of the items she doubted that they were all purchased.


It helped to explain why he was able to develop such a advanced drug as what he had used on her after he was fired. Curiosity got the better of her as she began to look through Jack’s stuff wondering if she could find some notes on just what was in the chemical. It didn’t take her very long to find Jack’s notes but she ran into a problem the moment she saw them. While Jack did take notes often these were mostly rough notes only meant to jog his memory so that anyone else who looked at them could hardly make since of them. Further more he had the horrible habit of making personal notes for other events which were nearly impossible to tell apart from the scientific ones.


Shaking her head Kate was a little disappointed but even if she had found rather clear notes she doubted she could understand it. She didn’t have nearly the level of medical training as Jack she would just have to ask him later on if she felt like it. Kate snuck out of Jack’s room a few moments later and proceeded into her own. Stretching her arms above her head Kate began to move around to get her blood flowing and loosen up her muscles. She and Jack had a fairly good work out session the previous day so her body was still fairly sore still she liked to start each day with some light exercise to help her wake up. These days were mostly meant for building up her agility so they mostly centered around exercises that would help her remain limber.


The next week would follow roughly the same pattern Kate spending her mornings working out and cooking breakfast and leaving for work. While Jack would prepare dinner and spend his mourning looking for job opportunities and checking on the ones he had already applied for. Jack began to get more into the work out routines as well as he noticed that on the ways he happened to join Kate they would often end up snuggling on the couch which often ended with him getting to sleep trapped in her embrace. One thing he did notice though with each day it seemed Kate’s grasp on him grew a little more solid not painful of course but he could budge her arms less and less he would find out why only a short while later.


“This can’t be right.” Jack looked over at Kate as he set doing leg extensions while she was working on the bench press. Kate didn’t respond right away but instead seemed to start testing the barbells weight as if something was wrong with it. A few moments later she set the barbell back down and proceeded to stand up. Walking over to the weights she retrieved two fifteen pound weights and removed the bolts that held the weights in place. Removing a 5 pound weight on each side she replaced them with the fifteen bringing the total weight to 210. Setting down Kate then proceeded to heft the bar much like she had done the previous week except this time she only went a few reps before setting the bar down.


“Just two weeks ago I was only benching 180 and to be honest I was pretty happy with that. This week I am benching 210 Jack I shouldn’t be able to bench press 30 pounds more in just two weeks especially since this seems slightly easier then when I was just benching 180.” Jack just looked at Kate for a second as he considered what she said and then considered himself. Kate had already been fairly fit before they started working out together while he on the other hand had just been starting. It only seemed to make since that with Kate’s greater amount of development it would take her longer to improve then him and yet he couldn’t lift nearly 30 pounds more then what he could two weeks ago.


“I guess we need to take a look at this don’t we?” Kate nodded as Jack stood up and proceed to head into his room Kate following him just a second later. Setting down at his desk Jack proceeded to dig around for a few moments before pulling out a case. Taking out a sterile pin as well as a glass slide he laid the slide on the table.


“Alright come on over Kate I am going to get a sample of your blood.” As Kate set down Jack couldn’t help but think he should have done this earlier. He had just wanted to think everything was going to turn out alright and Kate’s dna had only been altered along the predicted guide lines now he wasn’t so sure it was the case. Pricking Kate proved to be a bit tougher then he had prepared for as her skin put up more resistance but the needle did get through and a few drops of Kate’s blood feel onto the slide. Jack grinned as he put a bandage on Kate’s finger and gave it a slight kiss. This got a grin from Kate who just watched as Jack slip the slide into a microscope.


Instead of looking into the lense Jack proceeded over to his computer and brought up a program. Curiously Kate looked on until a image of what must be her cells appeared on the screen as Jack pushed a few keys the microscope made a few noises as the tiny motors in it were adjusted. At first Jack felt Kate’s cells looked completely normal until the image began to focus and he could make out the predicted alterations. These were the alterations that he had seen in test batches so he didn’t think much of them. As he looked on though things began to change as the computer provided more information Jack found himself focusing more and more on the image.


“So can you tell what is wrong?” Kate was by now leaning over Jack’s shoulder her eyes focused on the screen. As she did this Kate could tell something was different about her cells and the models she had seen in college and high school that said she couldn’t tell what changes had been planned and what was now causing her strength to increase more quickly then normal. Jack didn’t respond right away as he took note of Kate’s cells in particularly a few adaptations began to get his attention such as the fact Kate’s cells seemed to be sporting a unusually high amount of mitochondria and the general structure of the cell had been slightly altered.


At last he took in a deep breath and spoke. “Your cells seem to have a few more mitochondria then normal I assume that is helping with the increased stamina but it isn’t only that your cells configuration seems a little odd. This might be so that they can make use of the greater amount of energy. Have you weighed yourself recently?”


“No not yet should I?” Jack nodded and gave Kate’s hand a slight pat. Shaking her head Kate proceeded out of the room and into the rest room were she climbed onto a scale. Looking down at it the electronic scale read 180.2lbs nodding her head Kate returned to Jack’s room a second later.


“Not a pound more then I did two weeks ago.” Jack nodded his head as it didn’t take him long to develop a theory about what was going on. Kate’s cells had slightly altered themselves in order to yield greater strength without having to increase in actual muscle mass. The exact reason why they were doing this escaped him at the time as he wasn’t sure of just how they functioned. The reason could very well have been so not to hinder her agility but he still couldn’t be sure of that without further testing.


“Well I would normally want to do some tissue testing but it is pretty obvious that something is going on here. Your cells have only altered a little bit so far but to be honest they shouldn’t have even changed that much.” As Kate listened she didn’t feel worried as at least Jack wasn’t saying her cells were degenerating all of a sudden though now she had to worry about that happening. Jack for his part was plenty worried as his demeanor changed and he went from room mate and friend with hopes of forming a deeper relation ship to scientist. At the moment the changes that Kate’s cells had went through were relatively minor the problem was they shouldn’t of happened at all and he had no way of knowing just how far they would go.


“So do you think we need to take a little vacation and see how far this is going to go.” Jack looked up at Kate who was once again leaning over him.


“Err well it might be safer that way so we could get a idea of just what changes were going to happen but I am not sure if I have the money for …” Kate’s hand smacked Jack upside the head playfully as she pointed towards herself.


“Like I would let you pay for my vacation you silly. My parents have a place up in Appalachia that we could go to and hide out to see if I am going to turn green or anything.” Jack grinned forgetting who he was talking to still it surprised him how relaxed Kate was.


“That would work out well but hey I thought you said your parents weren’t rich.”


Jack received another playful smack from Kate. “They aren’t just financially well off besides it isn’t like they had it built for the sole reason of vacations. It use to belong to my grandma and grand father. When they passed away my parents thought of selling it but considering the raise in land value they figured it would be a wise investment to simply hold onto the old place. How long of a vacation do you think we need to take?”


“Well I would like to say until your strength quits increasing but we don’t know how long that will last hopefully before we started needing money. Also I am kind of worried how your parents will react I don’t exactly want to tell them what happened just yet.” Kate rolled her eyes as Jack still didn’t seem to understand the situation. A moment later she put her hand to her head as if she was talking on the phone.


“Hello Mom and Dad this is your little girl I was calling to ask you a favor. You know how I work at police work and how you just hate it well it is finally getting a little to dangerous for me and I would like to quit but I don’t know what I want to do. Would it be alright if I made use of my grand parents house and took some time to think it over? … Oh take as much time as I like and Daddy says he will take care of the necessities … Thanks Mommy see you on the holidays.” Kate then proceeded to act as if she was hanging up turning her attention to Jack. “That is roughly how the phone call will go my parents really don’t like that I became a police officer after college and even told me to take a year off to think about it.”


Even though Jack was trying to remain scientific at this time he couldn’t help himself. “Lucky rich girl I wish my parents could have given me that many options.” Kate didn’t bother smacking Jack this time as she had to admit it was a pretty nice luxury she was given.


“Well my dad will pay for the utilities and even send some money for groceries and maybe a few amusing things just so long as I don’t start asking for cars … well more then one or two.” Jack blinked as he was now quite sure that Kate’s version of financially well off was his version of rich.


“Just what do your parents do anyway?” Kate grinned as she leaned in closer to Jack and acted like she was going to whisper it to him.


“It is a secret.” Jack gave Kate a odd look as she took the time to tease him even during these times at least the alterations didn’t seem to be effecting her way of thinking. She was still every bit the tease that her remembered her as.


“Alright but I think we need to start getting ready I imagine you will want to give the force a weeks notice before you take off. “Kate nodded her head as she sighed regretting that she was taking off so soon just after getting back and all Howard had done for her sticking her on the receptionist desk and all. Kate gagged a bit at the thought and grinned perhaps when she came back she would be able to get to working the streets again. Flexing her arm she didn’t really think she would end up super human or anything but she imagined what it would be like to be able to pick a full-grown male up with just one hand.


“Well then I guess there is no reason putting it off.” Kate proceeded to take a closer look at the screen once again nodding her head at the site. “I guess this isn’t one of the things you just ignore and hope it goes away.” Jack nodded in the affirmative watching Kate leave the room he leaned in closer to the computer screen and continued to watch the cellular activity. Biting his lip he couldn’t help but wonder how all of this had happened the drug hadn’t been meant to make that many alterations. Looking out the door a thought hit him a moment later the drug had been adapted by him a bit more before he gave it to Kate but he doubted that it was the drug alone that was causing this.


The drug hadn’t been made to make the exact alterations Kate’s were currently showing but rather it may not be the drug that caused the alterations. Instead he began to wonder if the drug had simply allowed the cells to make the alterations to themselves. It was a some what trouble some yet exciting thought at all at the same time as he considered what it could mean. If the drug had made the alterations then it may very well quit soon and Kate wouldn’t go much further however if the cells were the ones that were now making the alterations by a form of adaptation then this could go on for much longer perhaps even indefinitely. Looking around for a moment Jack soon found his old notes and took a moment to organize them before flipping them over on their backs and numbering them.


Kate could hear Jack’s pin scratching in the paper as he began to take random notes and points of interest. Realizing that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to pull him away from what he was currently doing she made her way back into the gym and once again took her position under the barbell. “210 pounds.” She grinned a bit it was odd but she really wasn’t scared of course that was partly because she didn’t see a reason to be scared. Panicking right now wouldn’t help anything after all and besides working out helped her to relax. With that Kate began her exercise routine leaving Jack to his business deciding to have faith in his scientific ability.


The irony of the thought didn’t escape her as she realized it was that faith that had caused the mutation in the first place. Of course it was also that faith that had saved her life thus she felt no ill will towards him. As she lifted the weight though she actually found herself hoping that Jack wasn’t actually trying to stop her body from strengthening as in all truth she liked the idea of her body increasing in strength so quickly. She simply didn’t want to turn into some abomination with green or blue skin is all. As Jack took notes he heard Kate exercising and smiled at least she wasn’t letting it get her stressed out.


Jack actually finding himself regretting that he couldn’t join Kate in today’s exercise routine but at the moment he felt he had something more important to take care of. Making sure the changes weren’t endangering Kate in anyway. Halting for a moment he looked to the notes before writing down 180, 190 and 210 recalling what Kate had went up to the previous week. As he noticed a trend in her strength increases from the past two weeks at first he wanted to assume that her strength would continue to follow the trend before he pushed it out of his mind. He would need to keep track of Kate’s strength increases for several weeks before he could make any such assumption.


Kate looked at the phone having finished her work out a short while ago she wished she had been as relaxed about calling her parents as she had pretended to be. It was the truth that her Mother and Father had attempted to prevent her from becoming a police officer and even offered a year off but Kate had refused it. She had did what she wanted to do despite her parents thinking it was too dangerous for their little girl. Of course they had still been proud of her they just didn’t like the idea of their daughter getting shot at.


The reason Kate hesitated is she didn’t want to ask her parents for more then they had already given her. In truth she had come to feel that she was taking advantage of her parents despite their willingness to give her what she wanted. It was the way her father tended to make up for his inability to be with her keeping a business alive when you had so many giants to compete with took up a lot of his time. Kate knew this and tried to console him but he still insisted on giving her things in order to make up for not being there. It had hurt her a little while growing up but when she had needed him he had been there he just wasn’t hardly any other time and she had gotten use to it. After all it was more then what some kids had while growing up so Kate held a great deal of respect for her parents.


This was a important matter though so at last she dialed the number. A few rings later and a voice came on the other line. “Yes Hello I would like to speak to Mr. Stonecutter tell him that it is his little girl.” A moment of silence and she heard the phone being picked up. “Hi dad I was calling because I need to ask a favor … well it is going to be a little costly … Okay well I have decided to quit the police force … Well you don’t have to sound so happy about it … Yeah I know you can’t help it … the reason I am quitting … Well it just seems to be getting a bit dangerous for me and to be honest I think I haven’t fully recovered from my little bout with death … don’t worry dad you don’t need to apologize you visited me as often as you could … anyway I was wondering if I could use grandma and grandpas old home for a while wile I think about what I want to do … really thanks daddy is it alright if I have a friend along? … oh he is a rather nice fellow you will have to meet him some time … of course not daddy … we will probably head out there in a week … okay daddy love ya bye and I will call more often.”


Kate hung up the phone musing over how easy that was grinning Kate flexed her muscles for a moment. Her father never really seemed to worry about the men she hanged out with confident that his little girl could bust their heads open if they tried anything. Heading into her room Kate finally wrote up her weeks notice planning to hand it into the chief in the morning she knew it was rushing things but she did need to get away soon. Finally climbing into bed it took a while for Kate to nod off her body having already adapted to having someone to cuddle on these days she could still hear Jack clicking away in his room so she doubted he would be up for anything tonight.


The scent of coffee and biscuits hit Kate’s nose the next morning waking her from her sleep early. Setting up in bed her hair a mess Kate glanced around the room and wondered just what was going on until she noticed the clicking of a keyboard and then rapid scratching on some paper. Jack having spent the entire night observing the sample of blood from Kate had taken the time to go ahead and prepare Kate some breakfast as well as some for himself. This actually surprised Kate as she wondered into the kitchen to see a plate laid out for her with three boiled eggs, some toast, biscuits and a good deal of oatmeal. Walking over to it Kate grinned realizing Jack and probably chosen boiled eggs so that he wouldn’t have to watch them she picked up one of the eggs and bit into it before locating the coffee.


Pouring herself a cup she was surprised how thick Jack had made it when she realized that he had probably been up the entire night. After adding a good deal of milk and sugar to her coffee Kate poked her head in on Jack who had his dirty plate setting besides him on the table as well as a rather large cup of coffee. “I didn’t think you liked your coffee this thick.”


“I don’t but I needed caffeine to keep me awake and you don’t have any soda.” Kate grinned and walked over to Jack giving him a kiss on the cheek before looking at his eyes.


“You were up all night trying to find out if I am going to be okay weren’t you.” Jack nodded lightly before getting another peck on the cheek. Walking back into the kitchen Kate proceeded to eat her breakfast figuring that she would drag Jack away from his computer screen after she got home from work even if he didn’t like it. She didn’t want him spending all his time with that machine after all. Grabbing another one of the eggs Kate downed it before heading back into her room and beginning her mourning exercise routine having forgotten to do them before eating. “Hey Jack don’t bother cooking lunch today I am going to stop by a restaurant on my way back from work.” Jack hmed his okay never once looking away from the screen except for a few moments to take down a few more notes once in a while.


Howard was surprised as he looked at the paper Kate had just given him finally he pulled a drawer from his desk pulled open a file and slept the paper into it. “So do you have desk work that much?”


“Oh no it isn’t that it is just that time I spent in the hospital so close to death seems to have effected me in ways that I didn’t predict.” Howard gave a understanding nod as he figured it was because she had come so close to death people at times felt such emotions when they got hit with a bullet and even though Kate’s near death experience wasn’t work related he imagined she was feeling similarly.


“Well then give us a week to find someone to replace you and then you are free to go.” Kate nodded and left the room as she walked to the front desk and took her seat she grinned a bit as she wondered just how long it will take to find someone to set at the desk and handle people that come in.


The noise of the door opening got Jack’s attention as he listened the foots steps came closer to his room until Kate peeked her head around the corner seeing him still at the computer. Her hands holding to bags with the take out she had bought them. “Hey there time to get away from that computer.”


“Could you give me a while longer Kate I really need to get this down if I am going to help you.” A moment later Jack was surprised to see Kate enter the room and even more surprised when her hands took hold of his.


“Nope it can’t wait you are going to join me for dinner and take a rest from this. After all you have been watching that screen for a few hours now so I doubt anything new is going to change.” Jack went to argue but as Kate pulled on his hands he realized it wasn’t really a request she was giving him. “And Jack from now on don’t set up all night like that it isn’t good for you I am glad you want to take such good care of me but I am not going to have you make yourself sick for my sake.”


Jack tried to resist but he found he didn’t have the strength neither physically or mentally to resist Kate. As he was drug into the dining room he picked up one of the bags Kate had been carrying while she got the other. The two of them setting down for dinner Jack was glad to see that Kate had went with the same chicken dinner she had seen him bring to her room. He didn’t much like the idea of her going with something that he might not like. “So what have you found out since yesterday?”


“Nothing really I was just taking notes and getting general data I will analyze it later and see if I can come up with any theories. Really though if your cells would stay the way they are now you would be fine the big thing is finding out just how they are going to change and maybe how to stop it.” A hush feel over the room as Kate leaned forward a bit getting a better look at Jack.


“So long as the changes don’t alter my appearance to much if at all and I remain healthy would be really need to stop it.” Jack looked up at Kate for a moment considering what she just said he shook his head.


“No not really if you want to just let it go still we need to make sure it isn’t going to do anything strange to you.”


“Fair enough but I am wondering if you didn’t expect to really find anything why did you set up all last night.”


“Well I was detailing as much about your blood cells as I could so that I could tell just how much they had changed from time to time. I figure that we can get a blood sample from you ever so often and see which way the changes are going. Perhaps I can find a pattern that way we will know if you are going to grow a tail or the such.” Kate giggled at Jack’s statement considering what she would look like with a tail.


“Well I think you got enough data so how about we just enjoy our dinner.” Jack nodded and the two simply began to enjoy their meal. As they ate Jack noted for the first time that Kate’s eating habits were actually a bit different then he had expected mostly since she ate more then he had expected her to. Considering her exercise habits though he really didn’t have to guess why she didn’t ever seem to put on any weight unless it happened to be muscle.


Jack sighed as he walked behind Kate heading towards her vehicle a few things of luggage under his arms while Kate carried the bulk of what they were going to be taking. Checking over her shoulder at Jack she smiled. “Don’t worry Jack so what if we are getting away a week late it isn’t like you don’t have all the data you would have even if we had left on time.” Jack after all the only reason they were leaving was incase the alterations to Kate’s body began to become overly apparent. Over the last two weeks Jack had watched as Kate’s strength had steadily increased three weeks ago Kate being able to bench 210lbs the week after that she was benching 240lbs and now she had recently hit 260lbs.


Jack found it some what amusing but despite himself he only found himself getting more attractive to Kate as her power increased. As for Kate she was getting closer to Jack living with him proving to be a rather enjoyable experience. Also he was getting more physically attractive as well as his body was responding to the exercise routine fairly well he no longer was as drained after a decent work out, his waste line was going down and his body was showing some general tone. Loading the last of the things into the vehicle Kate climbed into the drivers seat while Jack took the passengers.


“Well say bye to the old place Jack we are heading out.” Jack only grinned as he buckled up now without Kate even having to give him a second glance. As the two drove off Jack couldn’t help but wonder just how long this was going to take and just how far Kate was going to go by the time it was over.



End Chapter: 1

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