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Little Firebug – Chapter 02, The VelinkenCrist

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Little Firebug – Chapter 2

The VelinkenCrist

by Sharon Best and IHCOYC XPICTOC


The Princess’s invitation to stay on the island jolted Kara from her pleasant reverie. She suddenly realized that she hadn’t given any thought to what had been going on in her life prior to waking up here. Overcoming the Orgone energy, and the constant attention and immersion into Amazon life, had absorbed all her energies and her thoughts for the last days, or was it, weeks? She realized that she didn’t have a clear idea how long it had been since she had been captured. Time just didn’t seem to mean the same here; she was beginning to think that ‘timeless’ might better describe this place.

Her eyes fluttered and then closed as Diana’s fingers worked up her sore arm and across her shoulders. She slowly relaxed and slid forward to rest her body on two of the pillows. Soft murmuring sighs came from those pillows as Diana’s fingers working deeply into her muscles. Her amazing fingers found and then relaxed the knots that were still deeply buried in her muscles. She remembered that Mark, despite his greater than human strength, had never really been able to do this properly. He could barely bend steel bars with his bare hands, yet he still lacked the strength in his fingers to deform and crush that same steel. Yet strength that could force fingers deeply into soft steel was exactly what was needed to massage her tensed muscles. He had only been able to give her a pleasant massage when she was almost totally relaxed, at which time it wasn’t really necessary.

Kara had learned from experience that her tensed muscles had the approximate hardness of pure steel. A blow from another steel object against any of her fully flexed muscles or bones would cause the steel to ring from the impact, truly sounding as if it had hit something of equal or, if the truth be known, greater hardness.

She now felt Diana’s fingers massaging deeply into her very tense shoulders as the woman’s fingers amazingly proved equal to the task. Kara could not believe that another woman, not from an Arion or Velorian background, could have such strength! Aurora had always told her that their two closely-related races were the most powerful and physically perfect beings in the universe. Yet this Princess and her incredible island were proof that Aurora had been a little too narrow in her thinking.

Kara was gradually coming to realize that the universe was more diverse and complicated than she had first thought, but that was hardly a sin for an inexperienced girl of 17 years of age. Despite the adventures she had experienced, she knew she was still more girl than woman. In fact, it had only been six months since she had ‘awakened’ the latent powers of her body while being nearly electrocuted after the earthquake in LA (Author’s note: Adventures of Aurora, Chapter 6 and 7). If she hadn’t graduated from high school a year early, she would even now be sitting in classes with her friends. A little smile lit up her face as she realized that instead of attending Geometry class, she was lying nude in this place called Paradise while one of the most powerful and beautiful women she had ever seen was giving her the massage of a lifetime.

Kara had always known she was a special girl, even before her powers manifested themselves. The car accident that she had walked away unscathed from when she was 13, while her friends had been hospitalized, had proven that. But she had never imagined she was as special as she turned out to be. She had never imagined that she was actually Supergirl!

She closed her eyes again as she felt herself drifting off. The sensuousness of Diana’s strong and expert massage began to make her entire body tingle as her hands slowly worked their way down from her shoulders and then across her upper back. She remembered their earlier contest of strength, one that Kara knew full well that she had been winning before the marble pedestal cracked. She had never exerted herself as strongly or as constantly as that before and had been shocked as her body heated up the way it had. She had seen her arm, and then most of her upper body, grow so hot that her skin was glowing orange-white with the incredible heat. Her bicep had seemed to become translucent as the incredible heat had brought her body to incandescence.

She had never known that her muscles could heat up like that! In the past, whatever object she had been using her strength against had yielded to her incredible strength quickly enough for her to not have to maintain her exertions for more than a few seconds. The contest with Diana, however, had forced her to exert herself at her full strength for several minutes. She remembered how everyone around her had been forced to back up a few steps from the intense heat, yet Diana’s hand, strongly embraced in her own, was only slightly burned from the prolonged contact with her own nearly white-hot skin.

It was obvious that Diana wasn’t nearly as invulnerable as Kara was herself, but she was clearly a lot harder to injure than any Terran woman would have been, that was for sure!


Diana was in heaven as she used her full strength against another woman for the first time in her life. She was also thinking back to the afternoon’s contest of strength and was only now admitting to herself that she had clearly been losing! No one had even come close to equaling the strength of her muscles before and she hadn’t initially enjoyed the experience at all. Much of her identify and her incredible confidence was based on the fact that she was the most powerful woman that had ever lived. Yet this young girl had just proven to her that she was wrong! Diana’s arm, still sore and a little cramped from their arm wrestling, was testimony to that.

She was glad she had been able to press her elbow into the pedestal hard enough to get it to shatter. She had not wanted for her sisters to see her defeated by this mere girl. Her own physical superiority over all other men and women was a large part of what allowed her to lead the Amazons in their quest to bring a measure of sanity and peace to Earth. Their island, called Paradise, floated in a different dimension that Earth, but occupied the same physical space. She and a few of her sisters had often crossed the dimensional boundary to fight evil and injustice on that unhappy planet.

Despite the fact that Paradise also occupied the same dimension as Velor and Aria, these races had not met each other prior to the surprise raid by her sisters on that trading ship the previous week. She thought of the other dimension she often visited, the one that looked like the Earth that this girl said she had come from, but had in it this incredible man who called himself Superman. This was clearly a different Earth than Kara’s as she had never heard of Superman and Diana, despite many visits to Earth, had never heard of Supergirl.

Diana and Kal had become friends long ago and she had learned much of his background, or at least as much as he knew. He had always been a little hazy in his memories about where he had come from and had assumed, based on the partial information in some broken crystal data stores that he had found himself with, that he had been from a doomed planet called Krypton. Diana now wondered if, instead, he was from the same place that this girl had described to her, a planet called Velor. Or perhaps they just knew it by different names.

The firm feel of this girl’s body, except for the softness of her skin, certainly reminded her a lot of Kal. She felt a flush of hormones through her body once again as she remembered giving Kal much the same type of massage once upon a time. At that time, she had found that she was getting so aroused by the feel of his body that she had been forced to quickly leave Earth, and return here to Paradise, lest she forget her vows to never share her body with a man. Despite the fact that Kal had been different than all other men on that strife-filled planet, she had fled, aroused and confused, back to her palace.

Her hands worked more deeply into the strong muscles of the girl’s shoulders and arms as she started to wonder if perhaps this girl and Kal did share the same incredible genetics. Despite claiming to be from different worlds, the look and feel of their bodies, except for the obvious differences in sex, were very much the same!

Diana paused to brush the girl’s long silky blond hair to the side as she ran her fingers lightly across the perfectly tanned skin of her back. Despite the near physical perfection of her sisters here on Paradise, she had never seen a girl this beautiful, perfect and strong. There was no aspect of her body that she would have wanted to change or improve on. She remembered how her sisters had told her that the girl had claimed that her race had been genetically engineered from Terran genes.

Diana shook her head. The power and perfection of her body seemed to make a Terran ancestry and impossibility. Yet she had no way to know what amazing changes could be made through what the girl had called ‘genetic engineering’. The presence of their own Gods had proved that there were clearly older and wiser races among the myriad dimensions of space than even Diana could comprehend. Her own powers and strength were a direct gift from the Goddess. She had always thought that it had been some kind of magic, but what if it was some kind of genetic enhancement such as the one that this girl seemed to possess? If that was the case, she knew that there could be thousands of beings in this dimension that were this girl’s equal!

This thought staggered her as she forgot herself for a moment while spreading her legs to straddle the young girl. Yet her fingers continued worked their way down her back with well practiced moves. She shook her own long black hair to the side as she pushed those unquiet thoughts to the back of her head. She again focused on how good it felt to work the soreness out of her arm by using this much strength on the girl. She would have normally required the equipment in her special gymnasium to exert herself like this as mere steel and stone would crush or shatter at lesser strength than she was using now. Yet the firm flesh of this young girl’s steel body absorbed the power of her sinewy hands as the girl merely sighed with pleasure. Diana was soon continuously using the full strength of her amazing muscles to gradually relax the steely muscles of Kara’s back.

Diana finally reached the girl’s waist as she ran her thumbs firmly along both sides of her deeply indented spine while her fingers spread around the firm contours of her tiny waist to brush against her abs. While the young girl didn’t look particularly muscular when relaxed like this, Diana’s fingers were not fooled as she felt the steel muscles beneath the soft skin of her stomach. This girl was definitely unlike any other girl or woman she had met!

This thought, along with the wonderful sensation of working the oils into her beautiful back, was having a significant effect on Diana. She looked down to see her nipples fully erect as they now extended more than an inch from her large breasts. She knew she had once left an impression in soft bronze metal with her nipples when they became this hard. She found herself wondering what affect they would now have on the steel of this girl’s body. Just the thought of testing the firmness of her body against the girl excited her as her hands slowly slipped below Kara’s waist to begin rising over her cute firm ass.

Diana leaned her body forward as she began to trace her hard nipples down the girl’s bare back. She felt the complex steel contours of her back as they flicked her nipples back and forth as she leaned against the girl with much of her strength. She suddenly raised herself up again as she began kissing her way down the middle of her back until her kisses finally met her hands again, just below the girl’s waist. Diana heard the girl sighing softly as she felt a powerful wave of ripples moving through her strong muscles. She knew that this was the girl’s grateful acknowledgment, and anticipation, of her intentions.

Diana sat back upright to straddle Kara gorgeous thighs between her own. Diana’s powerful legs, legs that had proven on more than one occasion that they could bend the hardest and thickest steel, now surrounded this girl’s thighs of hard naked steel.

Diana hesitated for a moment as she reached to the side to wet her hands with the warm oils from the lamp beside her. She basked in the warm glow of the girl’s burnished and oiled tan skin as she felt the soft firmness of her body between her thighs. She finally moved again as she opened her hands to allow her fingers to surround the well rounded firmness of Kara’s ass. All the power of Diana’ s powerful hands, hands that no steel or rock could long resist, were suddenly unleashed as she worked her fingers deeply into the firm rounded buttocks of this incredible girl! She heard the girl gasp much louder this time as her body began to move sensuously beneath Diana. She momentarily felt the girl’s glutes becoming so firm that her fingers were pushed upward. Her ass became perfectly round and much harder than mere steel, harder than Diana’s grip, before the girl finally relaxed her body once again.

Diana was shocked as he realized that this sudden tensing of the girl’s incredible ass had overpowered her hands. The impossible dreams that had sometimes found her in her sleep, dreams of loving a woman even stronger than herself, were now suddenly not so impossible anymore! She was still astounded that this beautiful girl could possess such muscles at such a young age, but it no longer mattered. Diana’s body began to tingle as if she was on fire!

Diana’s fingers slid over the firm rounded contours of Kara’s ass as her thumbs began to work more deeply between her cheeks. She wet her hands again in the oil as she allowed the warm oil to flow between Kara’s cheeks as her thumbs began to trace her crack downward. The girl began to move more urgently beneath her now as Diana smiled at the effect she was having on her. She felt the girl trying to open her legs slightly, but resisted her with her own immensely powerful thighs. She felt the girl’s buttocks tensing slightly as Diana soon found that she had to use the full strength of her powerful arms to continue her sensuous massage. By the Goddess, she thought, this girl’s muscles made steel feel soft in comparison!

Impossibly, Diana began to feel her own thighs opening as the girl’s legs moved slightly apart! Diana opposed her with all the strength in her muscular legs and was barely able to meet the girl’s amazing strength! Her own thighs were being spread open further now as their powerful legs began yet another contest of raw strength. Diana found she was struggling for all she was worth, and losing once again, as she suddenly felt a rush of wonderful heat rising up between her legs. The warmth reached deeply between her slightly spread labia as she knew the girl’s body was heating up as it had during their earlier contest of strength. Diana’s hands slid down over the outside of the girl’s hips to her thighs as she felt the muscles that were now impossibly overpowering the strength of her own inner thighs. The girl’s smooth flexing muscles were now far too hard for her to make any impression in with her fingers, yet she found that she was using the full strength of the muscles that only Wonder Woman possessed!

Amazingly, Diana felt her legs being spread ever wider despite her extreme attempts to match the girl’s strength. The girl slowly but inexorably began to rotate her body as a keening sound, much like that of hard steel being forced against steel, filled the room. The sound came from the hard muscles of their lower bodies, muscles now easily as hard as steel, as Kara rolled over on her back. Her hands reached down to touch the huge hard flexed muscles of Diana’s thighs as the girl seemed to appreciate the power of the legs that were holding her. Diana’s most impossible erotic dream came back to fill her consciousness as she realized that this girl was the one that her dreams had foretold!

Diana suddenly relaxed her body as she reached down to began to slide her fingers between the girl’s now outstretched thighs. She traced her fingers from her pink rosebud firmly downward until she felt the soft folds of her labia against her fingertips. Supergirl’s soft gasps turned into little cries of pleasure as Diana eased her oiled fingers between her very moist nether lips. The girl suddenly moved so strongly that Diana was thrust into the air as she used two fingers to begin entering her amazingly firm vagina. The young girl’s cries filled the room as Diana thrust her long fingers deeply into her as her thumb moved up to caress the largest and hardest clit she had ever felt! It felt like none other that she had experienced as it extended outward more than an inch from her labia! Diana’s thumb stroked it firmly while her two strong fingers reached in to expertly find the girl’s G-spot as she began to ride her powerful writhing body beneath her. She looked down to see that all the super muscles of her arm were flexing at her full strength as she realized that this girl’s most fragile and sensitive areas were made of the same steel as the rest of her body! Diana was shocked as she finally realized that the girl was truly invulnerable as she only seemed to feel greater pleasures the more Diana used her superhuman strength against her!


Kara had at first been concerned as she felt Diana’s hands sliding up over her buns while her thighs surrounded her own. She felt the pause as she heard the oil tinkling in the lamp beside her as she realized that Diana was not stopping, but merely preparing herself for what was to come. A thrilling tingle rushed through Kara’s body as she realized that Diana’s wonderfully strong hands were going to continue in this more intimate way. She could never remember her body feeling like this before as Wonder Woman’s strength created sensations within her that were new to her. She realized she was now experiencing a realm of arousal that was reserved for beings like herself and perhaps Diana herself as a sense of extreme physical and sensual power suddenly infused her body. She realized that for the first time in her life, she was completely at peace with her powers and abilities as the fabulous Supergirl!

She suddenly cried out in pleasure the moment she felt Diana’s fingers moving between her tightly pressed cheeks as she began to open her legs to give her the deeper access that her body demanded. She felt the woman’s powerful thighs resisting her in another little contest as she had to use more and more of her strength. She felt a flush of warmth through her lower body as she finally had to use nearly her full strength to overpower Diana as she once again proved she was the strongest girl in the universe! She had lived with this realization for the last six months, but only now was she realizing the joys of having such incredible muscular powers!

Kara now moved her body sensuously against the soft fabric of the pillow below her as she felt her protruding clit rubbing against the fabric. She began to twist her hips around as she rotated her body slowly until she was laying on her back. It had taken a lot more strength than she had thought it would to overpower Diana’s long legs, yet there was nothing that her own muscles could not overcome. She felt a thrill as she reached down to touch Diana’s powerful thighs as she felt the size or hardness of the muscles she had just used her full strength to overcome. She cried out while thrusting her hips into the air as Diana reached down to ease her thumb and fingers into her moist slit. She hadn’t thought she had any more capacity for sex after the last week, but was astounded as her body felt so excited, almost as if she hadn’t had sex for a lifetime! There was something about Diana, maybe her aura, her strength, the beauty of her strong body, her regal presence … something, that made being with her totally different than any other woman. Kara felt her body again building toward her climax, but wanted to savor and delay it as she brought pleasures to Diana’s body as well. She easily created the glowing warmth in her breasts that would enable her to fly as she floated upward to rotate her body in midair.

Diana gasped loudly as she felt the girl’s body rising from the floor as she lifted the two of them into the air. She lowered her upper body to press her large breasts firmly against Kara’s smaller chest. Diana’s firm breasts supported her weight while the hard points of her nipples pressed noticeably into the softness of the girl’s oiled skin. Diana gradually began to feel the bronze-hardness of her nipples being pressed backward by the steel-hardness of Kara’s own huge nipples as she became fully aroused!

She was still completely astounded that this girl could fly as well as possessing such incredible strength! Diana had thought that the Gods had yielded that gift only to her, yet she immediately knew that this girl was equally capable of such flight as she felt her body rising beneath her. Sensations that Diana could not put into words or even attach names to exploded through her body as she felt Kara’s slim body flexing beneath her. She felt Kara slowly and powerfully wrapping her legs around Diana’s strong hips. Her long gorgeous legs immediately began to hold Diana against her with her own superhuman strength.

It was now Diana’s turn to cry out as she felt the girl’s hard clit pressing against her own labia as she rotated her hips downward. She felt her huge clit teasing the lips of her own labia as Kara finally succeeded in spreading them apart as Diana felt her clit entering her slightly! An analog of Diana’s most powerful and forbidden fantasy, of being penetrated by a man during intercourse, suddenly flooded her mind as she felt Kara twisting her body further to penetrate her by nearly a full inch! Diana’s own clit, much smaller but equally sensitive, grew to meet Kara’s as the two of them exploded into the most intense orgasm’s either of them had ever felt.

Kara’s body surged against Diana’s again and again as her slim but uniquely powerful legs surged against Diana’s more muscular hips and ass. She knew their bodies would be but a faint blur now to any observer as super muscles flexed against super muscles as these two women engaged in a form of sex that neither of them had ever imagined was possible! Kara felt her clit growing even larger, as her body responded to the wild thrusts of Diana’s own body as their most sensitive of organs rubbed strongly against each other. The incredible sensation of growing penetration, limited that it actually was compared to even the smallest male, was an entirely new and exciting sensation for Diana. It also quickly brought her to a final wild shuddering climax as her loud cries were heard throughout the palace.

Menalippe was walking from the Archives when she heard the Princess’s loud cries echoing down the halls. Her first thought was that the she was in pain and danger. Menalippe reacted without hesitation as her feet were suddenly carrying her down the long hallway at her full speed. She had never heard her Princess cry out like this before! She discovered that the loud cries, echoing ever louder through the hard stone walls of the palace, were coming from the Princess’s dining area. Menalippe raced forward to fling open the doors just as another more soprano voice, clear and melodious, joined Diana’s with equal authority.

Menalippe was puzzled when she initially saw no one in the room. She suddenly heard gasping sounds and a soft cry coming from above her. She looked up to see two women, entwined in passion, floating far above the floor. She saw her Princess and the young blond girl who had recently joined them embracing in a way that she had never seen before. If she didn’t know better, she would have thought that the girl was having intercourse with Diana as she watched her thrust her pelvis against the Princess with such power and speed that their bodies were only dimly visible. A strong wind was blowing downward from the fanning of their bodies as the vibrations of their powerful muscles became strong and fast enough to create an audible ‘keening’ sound in the room. Menalippe stood and watched them in silent amazement and awe. She had never known that Diana had such control over her power of flight that she could hold the two of them in midair during such passion.

Menalippe had been the scholar primarily responsible for maintaining the knowledge of how the Goddess had provided her gifts of strength and power to the Amazons, and most particularly, to the Princess. All of the Amazons, including Menalippe herself, were many times stronger than any man. Yet the Princess, who herself was vastly stronger than any other Amazon, uniquely possessed the power of flight! This had been Menalippe’s principal passion as she had sought to understand this gift so that it might someday perhaps be shared with the others. Her own personal fantasy of flight drove Menalippe to design many experiments so that she could work with Diana to understand her ability. The two of them had often soared high among the clouds as Menalippe’s spirit soared even higher when she was alone this way with her Princess.

She had studied Diana now for years and was amazed to have found that her power of flight was approximately equal to that of her muscular strength. It therefore allowed her to counter-balance herself so that she could exert those incredible muscles to nearly their full strength, without losing her pose or her balance.

Menalippe watched as the glowing blond hair of the young girl whipped through the air and covered the Princess’s upper body as she saw the women’s powerful orgasm’s finally winding down. Menalippe, like many other of her sisters, had been intimate with Diana before, but she had never seen the Princess’s passion exploding like this. Silly as it seemed, it almost looked as if the young girl was the one holding Diana in the air. They floated blissfully as Diana seemed to have collapsed from exhaustion in the girl’s arms! Menalippe knew this was impossible as the taller and obviously stronger Diana was clearly superior to all other women. And only she had the gift of flight.

Menalippe was preparing to leave them to their private passion when she saw the most incredible sight she had ever seen. The young girl floated out away from Diana as the two of them hung separately, like wonderful ornaments, in midair! She could not believe her eyes as it was immediately clear that this girl also possessed the gift of flight!

How this could be possible, when the girl was not really even an Amazon, let alone Wonder Woman, was beyond the ken of this most accomplished of scholars and the expert on such powers. Surely the Goddess had not given her gift this freely that this young and unprepared girl would possess such a precious gift! If anyone deserved this gift, it was another long practiced and knowledgeable Amazon, such as herself.

Menalippe felt a sensation within her body that she had never felt before. It took her several moments to even understand the foreign feeling. She eventually understood it to be the most dangerous of all emotions, that of dark Jealousy!

She seemed rooted in place as Diana took the girl back in her arms as the two of them used their flying abilities to again perform feats that had never been seen on this ancient island in all of recorded time.


Kara slid her body over the ridges of Diana’s strong abs as she spread her legs straight out to the side. Her clit was now more relaxed as it barely reached beyond her labia as she slid it up along Diana’s body. The hard ripples of Diana’s muscles flicked against it as Kara felt herself starting to become very aroused again as she moved upward along her body. Her tingling clit grew to its remarkable size again as her narrow hard organ, barely a quarter of an inch in diameter, traveled the contours of each ridge of muscle on Diana’s gorgeous abdomen. Kara used the flexibility of her slim body to extend her legs completely to the side as Diana’s hands held her firm thighs. She pulled Kara against her body with all of her incredible power as Kara felt incredibly passion as her clit traced higher and higher along Diana’s body. She finally felt the softness of Diana’s breasts rising against her as she felt herself moving over them. Suddenly, she gasped loudly as one of Diana’s huge nipples, well more than an inch long and half that in width, touched her super sensitive clit!

Kara’s soft cries filled the room as her body exploded with desires the like of which she had never felt before. She cried out even louder as she felt Diana’s hard nipple working its way between the soft lips of her labia as she felt the Princess penetrating her in this uniquely feminine way! Kara reached down to help spread her nether lips as wide as she could as she pressed downward against Diana’s wonderful full breasts. She felt her body taking a portion of her firm breasts into herself!

Diana could not believe that this girl was inviting her to press her tit deeply inside her. She quickly felt the warm wetness of her pussy covering the nipple and aerola of her breast! She flexed her powerful chest muscles to support her breast while thrust her very firm tits deeply into her. The girl’s warmth surrounded her and held her in this most unique and wonderful way. She quickly felt Kara’s body exploding with passion as she realized that this must be this girl’s strongest fantasy!

Diana pressed her breast even harder against Kara as she felt her hard nipple penetrating deeply within the girl’s warm vagina. Nipples and tits that could leave an impression in soft bronze metal were put to a completely different use as Diana’s powerful arms and chest were flexed to their full strength. Diana’s arms exploded into hard muscle as she gripped Kara’s firm outstretched thighs as she pressed her breast against and into the girl’s pussy with all the power that had been granted to her as Wonder Woman! She had never directed the incredible strength of her powerful arms against her chest like this and was surprised at how wonderful it felt to use her body like this. She thrust herself again and again into the girl as she felt the girl’s hard pubic bone pressing deeply into the depths of her breasts. The underlying steel of Diana’s muscles worked to press her breasts forward firmly against the soft inviting warmth of Kara’s widely-spread pussy. Diana soon felt her huge nipple being gripped strongly by Kara’s tight vagina as she stroked that nipple as firmly into the girl’s body as she could.

Diana suddenly gasped as Kara’s cries of passion filled the room as she felt her breast being held in a powerful embrace that almost hurt her. Kara’s tight vaginal muscles contracted with immense power to hold her protruding aerola and nipple inside her. The moist soft steel of her embrace, combined with the rippling contractions that were exploding from inside the girl’s body, sent wonderful tingles throughout Diana’s body. She felt her own climax quickly approaching as the girl’s fingers suddenly reached down to slide between her own nether lips. Diana felt the girl’s strong fingers stroking her own clit as she realized that while this girl may be young, she was certainly not inexperienced in the ways of female loving. This knowledge, added to the physical pleasures of Kara’s fingers, to cause Diana’s own body to explode once again into wild climax. She was thrilled as she felt Kara’s body continuing to contract rhythmically against her hard nipple as it was held deeply within her. Their long and impassioned cries again mingled and shook the palace as the two of them were once again lost in their passion and oblivious to all else.

It was nearly fifteen minutes later before the last vestiges of their powerful orgasms had subsided and Kara flew downward holding the exhausted Diana in her arms. She set her gently down on the pillows as she turned around to see another Amazon staring at her. Kara had no idea who she was, but she observed that the look in her eyes was unlike what she had seen in the other Amazons she had met. She quickly recognized an element of jealousy and envy in her face, two emotions that made her face look strained and unattractive.

Kara picked up a towel to wipe the excess moisture from between her legs as she stood naked before this other woman. She finally set the towel down as she walked forward to introduce herself.

“Hi, I’m Kara. And you are …”

“Menalippe, I’m Diana’s personal scholar.” Kara heard the emphasis on the word ‘personal’ as she quickly understood what the problem was. The General had told her that love was very free here and without jealousy, but Kara could now see that there was at least one exception to her claim.

Kara turned toward the slumbering Diana as she said, “Your Princess is a truly remarkable woman. I didn’t think anyone other than we Velorians had the gift of flight. Her dark hair makes it clear she doesn’t have any Velorian genes in her, how did an ordinary woman like her manage to gain the power to fly like a Velorian?”

Menalippe couldn’t believe the girl’s words! She talked like there were many others like her who had the gift of flight! And calling Diana an ‘ordinary’ woman! The Goddess had always shown that only the Amazons were so favored, yet this girl uttered complete blasphemy!

“W-Where did she get the power?” Menalippe stuttered. “From the Goddess of course, just like we all did.” Menalippe voice was almost a growl now. The girl was really starting to upset her as she watched her walking lightly around the room casually eating hungrily of the fruit as if she had just had a nice light workout. Menalippe looked again at the exhausted and sleeping Princess as this girl looked as fresh as if she had just woken up. She knew enough to know that the girl’s sexual skills had been responsible for the Princess’s exhaustion, but how could the girl not be exhausted herself? Diana was clearly stronger than any non-Amazon could ever be, especially such a young girl as this.

Menalippe saw the girl walking over the shrine of the Goddess that was in nearly every large room as she ran her fingers over the carved figures of Diana’s predecessors. She grew uncomfortable as the girl handled them casually, without the reverence they deserved. She finally found the one that was more crudely formed than the rest as she picked it up and examined it. Menalippe gasped she saw her holding the special image of Artemis that only Wonder Woman was allowed to hold. It had been formed by her own bare hands from a solid block of bronze. One of the ultimate tests of who would become Wonder Woman (only one woman each generation) was to shape this figure with nothing but the raw strength of her fingers. Diana had formed this one at the end of the long and grueling journey where she had proven that she deserved the special powers that only Wonder Woman possessed; most significantly the power of flight.

“Put that down,” Menalippe shouted to her. “Only Diana can touch that because only she has the strength to form that with just her hands. We are all forbidden to touch it and you, as a foreigner, most of all!”

Kara deliberately ignored her as she turned it over in her hands. Menalippe was not bringing out her good side with her arrogant statements! She indeed saw the crude shape of a woman that Diana had forced into it with her fingers. It was clear that she had worked very hard to do this and it was indeed interesting. But it certainly wasn’t impressive to a girl whose muscles were born on the planet of Velor. Kara closed her hand about it as she stood and looked back at Menalippe. Kara watched the woman’s angry eyes staring at her as Menalippe suddenly strode across the floor to grab her hand.

Menalippe was shocked as she found that she could not budge the girl’s arm nor loosen the fingers holding the artifact! In fact, the girl took both of her wrists in her left hand to hold her still. Menalippe struggled against her as she saw the girl raise the figure over her head. Her long blond hair began to glow as a passing cloud suddenly uncovered the sun as it came through a skylight to shine on her. She stared at the girl’s hand as she saw all the muscles of her arm beginning to flex as the tendons of her hand and wrist stood prominently out from her tight skin. Menalippe gasped as she saw the small figure crushing in the girl’s hand as she stared smiling into Menalippe’s eyes.

“No, you must not! Only the next princess can deform the statue of the previous one. You must not do this Kara!”

Kara didn’t see what the big deal was, it was only a crude statue and she could easily make another. One made from far harder steel if she wished. She gripped it very strongly now as she felt the soft bronze squeezing in her hand as she poured the full strength of her grip into it. The bronze gave way easily, like soft wax, before she felt it starting to melt from the incredible force of her grip. She saw Menalippe’s horrified eyes watching her hand as she also looked up to see the first rivulets of glowing molten bronze flowing down along the strong tendons of her powerful wrist.

It was several minutes later and Menalippe was sobbing on the floor as she had watched this young girl do something that should have been completely impossible, even for Wonder Woman to do! She had watched how the molten metal had flowed down her arm, across her chest to drip onto the marble floor from her firm nipples. The girl’s skin still glowed faintly from where the white-hot metal had flowed across it as she even now was peeling the partially hardened metal from her body. Menalippe’s world was shattered as she suddenly realized that the Goddess had not chosen her people to be unique in all the universe as her scriptures had told her. There were others, including this girl, who were even more powerful. Somehow, this had to remain hidden and could not be known to her sisters. She ran from the room as she headed back to the archives to get her sisters to come and help her restrain this girl.


Diana gradually woke back up as she felt her strength returning. Her first thoughts were of Kara as she saw her standing before her shrine. She saw nothing of the molten pool of metal at her feet, she saw only the face of the most beautiful young girl she had ever laid eyes on. Kara felt the similar feelings as her eyes moved over Diana’s gorgeously strongly body as if it was the first time she had ever seen her. She saw Diana shiver for a moment as a cold breeze blew in the open window. She smiled as she gently played her heat vision across her body to warm her.

Kara’s excitement grew stronger as Diana moved closer toward her, kissing her deeply on the lips, and then fell back a bit. Diana lay back on the large expanse of the couch, half lifting up Kara with her one arm. She looked at Kara deep in the eyes and said,

“Take me. Work me.”

and fell back, spread-eagled on the couch, inviting Kara on top of her. Kara leaped upon her much like she had done to Solveig earlier, wrapping her own arms around Diana’s firm and inviting body, kissing her hard even as Diana kissed her back gently in encouragement.

Diana felt more blissful than she could ever remember. It wasn’t merely the physical sensations of pleasure combined with exertion. It wasn’t merely the fact that Kara was so very very beautiful, or that she had received such an education recently in the arts of pleasure. It was mostly that she had never felt so -free- in her passion before. Always, she had to hold back. There was that unfortunate incident with the broken arm a few months ago. But she knew that she could let herself go with Kara, and that she could not harm her even if she lost control of herself.

Aye, both women felt like they were floating on air.

There was a Scientific Explanation for this.

So engrossed they both had become in their gentle yet firm caresses, so excited they were with the sweet yet salty taste of their kisses, they had completely failed to observe that they were hovering several feet above the couch. Moreover, the climate of Paradise Island encourages large, open windows. They were too busy to care about the source of feminine laughter beneath them. They rolled and writhed in midair, tumbling head over heels as they playfully struggled with eyes closed in bliss. And wherever they went, a crowd gathered underneath.

Most found this a most amusing spectacle, but there was one woman who found it a sad occasion. Solveig saw them floating and began to weep softly.

As Kara worked her way down Diana, Diana began reversing polarities with Kara, until both women were firmly grasping each other head to loins. With scarcely any awareness of their environment other than the other one’s arms and mouth, they rose higher and higher into the air. The many observers gathered on the ground could only follow them with the aid of telescopes.

Eventually, they disappeared into the belly of a mustering summer cloud which turned into a thundershower. Cool rain pelted every exposed inch of their bodies, and rivulets of water poured over and through them. They did not care. Rain turned into a mist of fine snow and ice crystals, which melted almost immediately when they touched them. The cool sensations only brought them clutching closer together. They did not care. Lightning struck them in midair. The electrical discharge brought them only a delicious shudder deep within their bodies. They did not care.

Observers on the ground were forced to take shelter as Paradise Island was hit by an electrical storm of unprecedented violence.

Kara and Diana were lost in their own passion and did not notice the violence of the cold violent storm as it gathered about them. The first stroke of lightening only accented Kara’s building climax as her body was energized and excited by the close passage of the bolt. She saw that Diana was stunned for a moment, but was unhurt, as she resumed her careful ministrations on Kara’s behalf. The snow and ice crystals turned to pelting hail as lightening bolts crashed around them with ever increasing fervor. Kara flew upward to clear the top of the storm as she wanted only to feel the warm sun on her body again.

She suddenly felt Diana becoming limp in her hands as she rose higher and higher in an attempt to clear the top of the storm. She cursed her stupidity as she realized that a really huge storm like this might reach 70,000’ in altitude! That would not bother Kara, she could travel through the vacuum of space if she so desired, but Diana was made of more fragile tissue. Kara suddenly flew downward and to the side to exit into the clear air beyond the reach of the huge cloud. She looked down to see nearly continuous lightning bolts hitting the island as the most spectacular thunder storm she had ever seen was apparently stalled over Paradise Island. She felt Diana stir in her arms as she quickly regained her own power of flight to hover beside Kara. They both watched the storm for a few minutes before Kara heard Diana gasp. She followed her gaze to where a lightning bolt had struck a building causing it to burst into flames. They saw the same thing happen to another building as Diana realized that this was no ordinary storm. This was the VelikenCrist, the type of rogue storm that happened only once every hundred years in this dimension. She had read how the last storm of this type had nearly leveled Paradise Island, long before she was born.

Diana forgot all else as she dropped downward to fly toward the island. She had no idea what her powers could do to stop such a storm, but she could at least help the people in the buildings that were being struck by the immense bolts of lightning.

Kara also closely observed the storm as she used her super vision to confirm that it was a very unusual storm, just one with perhaps ten times the electrical energy of any she had seen before. It seemed to be stalled out and sitting over the island as several lightning bolts hit the island each second. She remembered the one time in the Rockies where she had stood on a mountain top and let several bolts of lightning strike her. Beyond the fact that they had immediately burned the clothing off her body, she remembered the comfortable warm feeling of nearly unlimited energy she had felt afterward as she realized that her body had absorbed that energy. She had also remembered, as had Chris, how her blouses didn’t fit her for a few days as she seemed to be much better endowed for a while than was normal. She had thought it was merely interesting but Chris would have described it a bit differently as he enjoyed the fact that his girlfriend was suddenly a lot better endowed than normal. Kara also remembered how she had almost felt she could attract the lightning as more than five bolts hat hit her in only a few minutes. That seemed unusual to her, but she hadn’t been really sure how often lightening struck the summit of a tall peak under normal circumstances.

She followed Diana down toward the island as she felt the rain and hail pelting her skin when she flew back under the massive cloud. She saw many bolts striking the gold plated top of the largest building on the island. The top of the dome was covered in gold leaf that was even now beginning to melt and distort from the incredible energy of the discharges. Kara flew down toward the roof as her eyes were dazzled by the nearly continuous discharges that were occurring to the nearby buildings. Smoke was pouring out the open windows of most of them as the rain and hail whipped back inside to soak everyone. At least it would keep the fires under control, she thought.

The first mighty bolt struck her as she approached the top of that tallest of buildings. She felt a quick burning sensation as she realized that her body had absorbed the energy. No arc went from her body to the ground, the bolt just ended at her body. The second bold struck her left nipple a moment later as it caused her breast to glow dull read for a few moments. Somehow, these bolts seemed much stronger

than the ones that had struck her back on the mountain in Colorado.

She finally landed on the pinnacle of the roof as she put her hands on her hips with a her legs spread out a bit while she waited for the next strike to occur. There was a brief pause in the storm as she noticed that the strikes to the surrounding buildings were slowing down. She felt an incredible crackle of static electricity that made her long hair stand on end as all the lightning bolts stopped from all over the island.


Diana lifted the huge barrel of water and threw it on the fire in the Archives building. The smoke and flames were replaced by steam as she sensed that the lightning bolts were somehow slowing down. She had no idea what was happening, but she walked quickly outside to see. She was glad to see that the storm seemed to be letting up, at least the lightning. However, the cloud over their head was boiling even darker now as the storm seemed to be gathering energy. She saw a faint glow as her eyes peered through the rain to see Kara standing on top of the Acropolis. A faint glow seemed to project upward from her to disappear into the base of the angry cloud.

Kara tried to achieve the feeling she had felt on the mountain top in Colorado that one time when she had gotten five lightning bolts to strike her. She again felt the ‘empty’ feeling in her chest that she had created at that time. The emptiness seemed to move into her breasts as they suddenly felt like they were vast reservoirs of energy, empty and waiting to be filled. She looked up to see a glow extending from her body to the storm overhead as no lightning bolts struck the island for several minutes.

Diana started to fly toward Kara as she realized that the girl was about to do something incredible. She probably had no idea of the magical nature or power of the VelikenCrist. Diana could feel the magical tension building in the air as all the lightning discharges stopped at the same time as she saw Kara’s body beginning to glow softly. She thought Kara probably knew what she was doing, certainly her race had learned how to harness magic like the Amazons had. But she still had no idea how she was going to contain the power that she was forcing to build by standing on the Acropolis like that!

Diana was still a hundred feet away from Kara when the sky was suddenly split by an incredible bolt of electricity that seemed to be fifty feet wide! Diana was thrown to the ground as she smelled her hair burning slightly as the fringes of the discharge reached her. She had seen it strike Kara, but her eyes were so dazzled by the light that she couldn’t see anything else for a few moments. When she finally could see again, she saw that Kara’s body was glowing white-hot from the massive discharge. Suddenly, dozens of powerful bolts reached down to begin striking her body. Diana saw the nearly continuous flashes as they dazzled her eyes as she saw Kara’s body gradually glowing more and more brightly until the light from her body was as bright as the lightning itself!

Kara was staggered as the first incredible bolt struck her. She could not contain all the energy as some of it arced from her to the adjacent buildings. She worked to create the empty feeling in her breasts against as the sky suddenly opened up and bolt after bolt arced down to find her body. They struck mainly on her bare breasts as the emptiness inside sucked the energies into her body. She looked down to see her breasts glowing first red and then white-hot from the energy as dozens of powerful bolts struck her. Suddenly, it seemed like the entire energy of the storm was channeling through her body as dozens of bolts per second began to strike her. She gasped and cried out in pain as the energy was suddenly rushing into her body far faster than she could handle it!

Diana held Menalippe under her arm as the two of the watched the energies of the freak storm channeling into Kara’s body. They saw her body grow brighter until they could not look at her anymore. They moved their eyes upward to see that the storm was starting to dissipate as all the incredible energies it contained were being channeled into Kara. Suddenly, there was an incredible explosion from the top of the Acropolis as a final massive bolt of lightning struck the girl. The entire top of the Acropolis was blown off as they saw a bright glowing ball of plasma growing outward from where Kara had stood. The glowing plasma suddenly shrunk back in on itself as they saw a final bright burst of blue light and then, nothing!

The storm now dissipated rapidly as Diana and her sisters searched the island and the waters around it for the young girl. After three days, they gave up, having found so signs of her body at all.

Diana was somehow different after this as she asked Menalippe to spend more and more time with her as they searched through their thousands of years of handwritten records. They searched to find any reference to an amazing race called the ‘Velorians’. They found none …

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