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Little Firebug – Chapter 10, Monica

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Little Firebug – Chapter 10


by Sharon Best


The street outside Lois’s apartment building

Monica parked her car outside Lois’s building as she headed up. It was late at night for a woman to be walking around Metropolis, but she was strong and knew how to take care of herself. She headed up the elevator, the doorman seemed to be asleep, as she headed for the penthouse. Jimmy had said he would leave the door open; she quietly slipped inside. She was still in shock from his brief description of this girl he had met, a girl who called herself Supergirl. She had always been fascinated with Superman and the idea of a young girl with all his powers was equally fascinating. Monica had been competing in fitness contests for over a year and had been trying to get Superman to appear as a guest ‘poser’ for half that time. She also knew how much attention and press, read that as ‘sponsors’, the event would draw if Superman, or this Supergirl, did a demonstration!

Unfortunately, Superman had refused to even consider it, even after Jimmy had introduced her to him. He had later told Jimmy that it was because of the way strong and attractive women affected him. Monica was both tantalized and worried about Superman when Jimmy told her that. She began to think about his sexual frustrations and worries. Frustrations so deeply felt that he couldn’t even trust himself to show up at one of her events. She wondered how he managed to control his x-ray vision. He didn’t have to show up to watch the whole thing, including the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff. She assumed he must have a lot of willpower.

Monica eased her way into the apartment and headed for the guest bedroom. She dropped her coat and purse in the living room, along with the bag of clothing that Jimmy had asked her to bring for this girl, as she silently began opening the door to the guest suite. She was still wearing a tight T-shirt and a pair of her posing cut-offs; she had just finished her second workout of the day.

Monica had been blessed with the perfect genetics for fitness modeling and competition and had supplemented those genetics with endless hours of exercise. The result had toned and shaped her body to perfection. She was hoping to win her first major competition, the Jan Tana Classic, Fitness Division, the following week.

Closing the door silently behind her, Monica’s eyes slowly got used to the dim firelight from across the room. She saw Jimmy and a guy she hadn’t met before kneeling beside a gorgeous young girl as they were trying to deeply massage her body. She could see the muscles of their arms flexing strongly as they were clearly working very hard; the girl must be amazingly firm, she thought to herself. So this is the female ‘superman’, a girl who calls herself Supergirl, that Jimmy had told her about. There had been a couple of funny reports in the news today about her today, but nobody knew anything about her at this point.

The fact that she was laying nude on a fur rug in Lois’s apartment, while her boyfriend and some other guy were giving her a massage, somehow didn’t seem beyond belief. After all, Jimmy had been around Superman and other aliens since she had met him, one more amazing alien wasn’t beyond belief for her. But, by God, this girl was beautiful!

Monica felt her body tingling as she inhaled the faint odor of flowers and honey in the air. Any jealous thoughts that she might of had about the way Jimmy was touching the girl seemed to suddenly evaporate as the flowery fragrance seemed to make her whole body tingle sensuously. Her muscles were still feeling warm from her late night workout, she had finished later than normal, and that, combined with the wonderful fragrance in the air, made her feel very sexy. She slipped across the floor to silently wet her hands in the oil as she knelt down beside Jimmy.

Jimmy gave Monica a warm smile, he was glad she had arrived, as he continued to use all his strength to work Kara’s perfect rounded calves. He could not believe the strong perfection of her body as every touch of her soft skin and her shapely impossibly firm muscles was driving him wild. He had been sporting the strongest erection of his life for the last ten minutes, but had not known what Kara had in mind when she invited them in here. He didn’t even know if it was even possible for him to have sex with a ‘relative’ of Superman, although that thought was certainly on his mind now. Monica’s arrival helped solve that problem, thank God!

Monica rubbed her oiled hands together to warm them as she looked down at the girl’s perfect rounded glutes as she lay on the fur. She hadn’t really touched a woman intimately since that affair with her roommate in college had ended a few years ago. At the time, she had thought of swearing off guys forever as she had immersed herself in the joys of female loving. But once she had a falling out with her roommate, she drifted back to dating guys and hadn’t really regretted it since.

She took another deep breath of the flowery scent in the room as all the powerful passions from that affair came back to her. She remembered how she had been able to bring her friend pleasures with her hands and her tongue that she had told her were greater than what any man had ever done for her. She paused for a moment before touching the girl as she pulled her T-shirt off and tossed it across the room to land on the bed. She saw Jimmy’s excited eyes staring at her high firm breasts as she leaned over and began to use her strong well-toned arms to begin a sensuous massage of the girl’s ass. Something about the ambiance of this room made this acceptable, fondling another woman this way in front of her boyfriend. Even her own nudity, in front of this other guy, seemed Ok, even exciting!

Kara had drifted off and was nearly asleep, conscious only of the wonderful sensations across her back and legs, when she suddenly felt another strong pair of hands, smaller and softer than the others, as they began caressing her ass! Her body tensed for a moment, turning to living steel beneath the six hands that were holding her, before she relaxed again. She didn’t know who the hands belonged to, but suddenly decided she didn’t care as she let herself drift again. The new hands quickly began moving very differently than the others as they began to excite her as they slowly worked their way deeper between the back of her thighs. She felt a gentle urging to open her legs, she obediently responded my spreading her legs. She was quickly rewarded with fingers tracing down across her little rosebud, sending shivers through her body, as they began to slide downward until she felt them gently touching her labia. A warm flow of oil followed them as this new person poured some down between the cheeks of her ass.

Jimmy’s hands now converged on the ‘new’ pair of hands as he also began stroking upward between her thighs. She noticed that he often touched, and briefly caressed, the other person’s hands as their fingers, one pair smaller than the others, began to work together to gently spread her nether lips apart.

Kara felt a sudden burst of energy leaving her body, flowing upward from her breasts and into Pete’s arms. He was working his fingers deeply into the middle of her back, along both sides of her deeply indented spine, as she suddenly felt him massaging her far more strongly than ever before. She was surprised, as she had felt him tiring a few minutes ago. At the same time, her body began to squirm slightly under the wonderful sensation of the fingers that were gently spreading her labia and starting to caress her moist inner self.

Pete felt an incredible surge of warmth, almost like raw energy, that flowed up his arms from Kara’s back. All the tiredness left him as he suddenly felt stronger and more energetic that he could ever remember feeling. He immediately used all that energy to better massage Kara as her body suddenly didn’t feel as tense. He found that his fingers could reach deeper into her fabulous body as he squeezed his fingers into her tight muscles as powerfully as he could. At the same time, he heard a soft gasp, a very feminine gasp, from behind him. He paused to turn around and was shocked to see a gorgeous blond, large breasts proudly displayed on her nude upper body, as her arms flexed with powerful ripples of muscle! He watched as she used the strength of those muscles to work her fingers deeply between Kara’s legs! He had no idea where she had come from, but judging by the way Jimmy was sharing his attentions with her, they must know each other very well.

At this point, Kara began to roll over as she just had to see who this new person was, as well as to give them all better access to her body. Back, foot and leg massages were wonderful, but she now wanted more, much more. She was surprised to see a beautiful blond, body sculpted and smoothly muscled very much like her own, bending over her. It was clear that it was her strong hands that had begun massaging her most delicate places.

Kara felt how the woman was increasingly having trouble penetrating her with her strong fingers as Kara herself grew more and more aroused. The curse of her existence, that arousal always led to the sensual tensioning of her body, had always prevented penetration from any Terran once she started to get really turned on. She could have sex if she was totally relaxed, meaning not aroused, but could never have a mutual experience. This session, wonderful up to now, was starting to turn the same way as it always did as she felt the woman’s fingers barely entering her now. She saw very strong and shapely muscles flexing on the woman’s arms, muscles that were being gradually overpowered by the unconscious tension of Kara’s pelvic muscles. Damn, this was frustrating! She had this dream of penetration during shared sex that she had never experienced. It made her feel very much like a virgin in that most important of ways, mutual sex.

Monica was astounded that the girl’s vagina had grown so tight that she could not penetrate her anymore, her hands were awfully strong! She slipped her fingers upward instead to caress her clit as the girl’s hips rose strongly from the floor as Supergirl gasped loudly in pleasure. Monica also felt Jimmy’s hands on her own waist now as he undid her cutoffs and began to ease them downward.

Pete was impressed as he finally recognized who the woman was, her name was Monica, an up and coming competitor in the fitness contests he had seen on TV. She was almost as gorgeous as Kara with the same dramatic body, large blue eyes and long blonde hair. If anyone was in Kara’s class, as far as appearance anyway, it would be Monica. He was thrilled as he found that he was with the two most gorgeous women he had ever seen.

Monica was very perceptive as she quickly realized what the situation here was. She had gone over the concept of a female version of Superman in her head while driving over. Kara was everything she imagined, and more so, and was clearly incredibly desirable, to all three of them. But she was not going to be available to either of the men, at least not the way she was sure they wanted her to be. She quickly realized that was to be her role. She felt something thrilling inside her as she realized what that meant as she looked at Pete’s incredible body. While she and Kara looked so incredibly alike, Pete was virtually the male analog of their own bodies. Something about that thrilled her to no end as she leaned over to gently kiss Pete. She was startled as she felt a crackle of energy and a blue flash as she touched her lips to him!

They both pulled back with a start as their hands reached up to touch their tingling lips. What the hell had happened here? For his part, Jimmy was shocked as he once again saw that blue flash that he had seen earlier when Pete had initially run his fingertips over Kara’s back. He had seen several brief flashes since then that he had thought was the fire, but he now realized that it might not have been that.


Kal flew rapidly back toward Earth after he had ensured that the Arion ship had left the solar system and had made the ‘jump’ back to their own dimension through the worm-hole. He thought back, for the hundredth time that day, about Kara’s attitude toward the Arions, and again realized that there was a huge difference between their approaches to them. He would never actively seek the death of any foe, no matter how horrible their crimes. In his view, violence always begat more violence. There was something abhorrent and obscene about that.

Kara, however, had been eager to dispose of both of the Arions if he hadn’t stopped her. For such a young and innocent looking girl, she clearly had a warrior’s spirit in her, he realized. This was not good. Someone that strong, who did not have his reverence for all life, would be a serious threat to peace on this already troubled planet. He also remembered how the Arion and he, both massively muscular and each many hundreds of times stronger than any Terran, had used every ounce of the combined strength in their shoulders and arms to take even a portion of the pressure from her legs off his neck. An incredible thought, lingering in his mind since then, was that she might very well be stronger than he was! The fact that the two men had needed every ounce of strength in their upper bodies to overcome her legs wasn’t conclusive, her lower body was very well developed. Still, she should not have been able to resist their strength as long as she had, especially after he had unlocked her ankles!

On the other hand, his body was tingling just from his memory of looking up along her long legs as he had struggled against those gorgeous muscles. It was another reason he had spent as much time as he had to escort the Arion ship away. He had needed time to cool himself down.

He knew he was going to have to be very careful around her. If strong Terran women were almost too much for him to think about, Kara was a hundred times more dangerous to have in his mind. He quickly cleared his thoughts of her, using the powers of his strongly disciplined mind, as he thought instead of flying back to Lois’s side.

He reentered the atmosphere at nearly a 50,000 miles per hour as the glowing ionized corona of his passage lit up a wide area of the eastern Pacific, between Hawaii and California, like some huge meteor entering the atmosphere. He quickly slowed to Mach 4, his maximum comfortable cruising speed in the atmosphere, as he flew across the coastline at 80,000’. He held this altitude as he took an hour to fly across the US. He wished he could have reentered over the US itself to get home quicker, but had learned that the violence of his reentry scared a lot of people and generated a lot of UFO phone calls which cluttered the 911 switchboards in many a city. Especially at night. The police were working hard enough as it was without his adding any more excitement to their lives.

He gradually slowed as he approached Metropolis as his body cooled down and he dropped below supersonic speed; he didn’t want to break any windows on this night. He finally soared downward to enter the large skylight in the bedroom he shared with Lois. He gently settled on the floor as he saw her sleeping form under the warm comforter. He quickly stripped off his costume as he slipped into the bed to spoon up behind her and pull her warm body to his. She murmured a couple of times in her sleep as he buried his face in her long fragrant black hair. He was just about ready to doze off himself when his acute hearing picked up some soft sounds from the other end of the penthouse. He lifted his head and squinted his eyes as he suddenly had a clear view of the guest bedroom.

Kal was shocked as he saw Kara, along with another woman who looked very much like her, embracing Jimmy and one other man he didn’t know. It didn’t take much imagination, based on the fact that Kara and this other woman were nude, to figure out what was going on!

He was especially shocked as he suddenly saw Kara’s nude body revealed to him for the first time. He had restrained himself from using his x-ray vision on her before. He was amazed at both the incredible shape and definition of her muscles as well as the perfect beauty of her body. He suddenly lost control of his erection as it slipped between Lois’s thighs, spreading her legs slightly open, as the head of his erection extended well past her body on the other side. He felt himself reach his full size, easily twice that of a well-endowed human male. Lois moaned a little in her sleep, but fortunately did not awaken. There was nothing that she could do for him in this state in any case. Kal found himself moving slowly back and forth between Lois’s full firm thighs as he watched, mouth open, at the incredibly athletic sexual display that was starting in the other room. Oh, God, why did this have to be happening right in his own house! He didn’t need this now, not after what had happened to Cat so recently!


Monica saw that she was neglecting Kara as she scooted backward on her knees as she leaned down to brush her lips through Kara’s blond bush. She brought her kisses down over her pubic bone as she was shocked to touch the girl’s long clit, reaching more than an inch beyond her labia! I guess she really is a super girl, she thought to herself with a chuckle, as she took it between her lips. The girl moaned louder as she lifted Monica’s body upward as she surged her hips into the air. Monica sucked and twirled her tongue and lips over this Supergirl’s remarkable clit as she felt her getting more and more excited. She then began to gently drag her clenched teeth along her hard clit, the girl’s moans becoming cries as her body began vibrating beneath Monica. She clenched her teeth even harder as Supergirl’s body seemed to explode in ecstasy beneath her. It was all Monica could do to hold onto her as her musky wetness filled her.

Monica suddenly felt Jimmy slipping between her legs as his hard cock entered her. It was her turn to gasp now as Jimmy began to rapidly and energetically fuck her. She felt her own body soaring upward as Supergirl’s passionate movements raised Monica’s body up and down as she seemed to be moving in concert with Jimmy! Supergirl’s body was vibrating and surging beneath her in a way that she had never felt before. Finally, the young girl cried out as she thrust her clit upward even more deeply between Monica’s lips. Monica clenched her teeth against it as hard as she could as she locked her body to Supergirl. Her own orgasm exploded just at this point as Jimmy’s incredible fucking took her over the edge into her own climax!

Suddenly, she felt an incredible burst of energy and was blinded by a blue light as something seemed to rush from Supergirl’s body, along her hard clit and into her own body! She had no idea what it was, but her entire body seemed to suddenly feel stronger and more energized than she had ever felt it before. She heard Jimmy gasp as he suddenly stopped moving inside her as she realized that her vagina was holding him too strongly for him to move. That wasn’t possible, was it?

Pete had oiled his hands and was caressing Kara’s firm full breasts when he felt the incredible energy release. It clearly came from her breasts and raced up his arms to explode through his entire body. He saw a tingling glow also racing over Monica’s body as he realized the same thing was happening to her. Only Jimmy seemed to be unaffected by it, his face a mask of pain as something was happening to him. The energy flow went on and on as his body felt stronger each second. Finally, he felt and heard a tearing from his tight Levi’s 501’s as his cock shredded the strong fabric. His proudest organ suddenly reached upward and away from his body. He was astounded as he seemed to be bigger and vastly harder than he had ever been before.

It was only a few moments later when he felt such a gigantic rush of energy that it knocked him backwards to leave him sprawled on his back on the floor. He saw Monica thrown to the side the same way as Jimmy was laying behind her and holding himself as if he was in pain. He tried to get back up, but the room grew dim and he had to lay his head back down on the fur rug. He saw that Monica appeared to already be sleeping as he suddenly closed his own eyes as the darkness overtook him.


Jimmy had been surprised when Monica’s vagina had held him that tightly. At first he thought he had been hurt, but he realized now that he was Ok, just a little surprised. He saw Monica and Pete laying on the floor unconscious, a faint blue glow surrounding their bodies. Kara was still laying on the fur, her legs bent beneath her, as she gasped for breath following her incredible orgasm. Both of her breasts had the same faint blue glow.

He watched as her eyes opened and she slowly sat back up to look at him. He couldn’t help but stare at her incredible body as he had the chance to really look at her, without her clothes, for the first time. He saw that she was everything he had expected, and more so. He glanced again at the two sleeping beauties beside him.

“What happened to them, Kara, and what is that blue glow?”

“I’m not completely sure,” Kara said, “but I think we just discovered two people who have a least some Velorian genes in them. They may be children of the ‘lost ones’, a small group of Velorians who chose to stay on Earth and try to mate with Terrans about five hundred years ago. No one except a person with Velorian or Arion genes could have done what they just did. Did you notice how much stronger they both became just before they passed out.”

“Yeah, I just about lost an important organ there as that energy rushed into Monica. Does this mean they are going to be some kind of ‘super’ people when they wake up?”

“I think it does, Jimmy, but I’m not sure to what degree. Certainly nothing like Kal or myself, but definitely a lot stronger and more resistant to injury than normal Terrans, that is for sure.”

“You know,” Kara said thoughtfully, “there is one other possibility, at least for Monica. Frank, the guy who finally raised me, said that my mom had talked about an older sister, but she was supposed to have been killed in an earlier battle with the Arions. But Monica looks so much like me, I wonder if maybe my mom was wrong. I guess the only way to know for sure is to see if she has the capacity to absorb massive energy like I do.”

Kara got to her feet as she picked up Monica’s unconscious body in her arms. “I’m going to test something. I’ll be right back.”

With that, she flew up through the huge open skylight as she quickly headed for the power substation that was down by the river. She landed among the humming transformers and high tension wires. Holding Monica’s back to her chest, she lifted her arms up until they were nearly touching two of the high tension wires. Kara experimentally touched Monica’s hands to the wires as a huge shower of sparks exploded from her body. She pulled her free from the wire as she leaned around to put her ear to her soft chest. Her heart beat was as steady and strong as ever.

She held her hands on the wires for a long time this time, sending a shower of sparks from both of their bodies. Kara enjoyed the sensation as she felt part of the energy rushing into her own body. Again, Monica’s heart was beating calmly and strongly. Kara was sure now, this girl was as much a Velorian as she was. She was suffering from catastrophic energy loss, just like she had for so many years! She raised her arms back up as her hands closed against the backs of Monica’s as she clamped her body to the 100,000 volt line.

The lights in this entire section of the city dimmed slightly as Monica, and to some degree Kara, siphoned off vast amounts of electrical energy. Kara leaned over Monica’s shoulder to see that her breasts were glowing faintly from inside as her unconscious body absorbed the massive energies. Her breasts grew brighter and brighter as each minute passed as megawatts of energy rushed into the woman’s body. Steam rose from her nipples as her breasts absorbed enough energy to power a good portion of Manhattan. Suddenly, the power stopped as all the buildings surrounding them went dark as the power went off. They had apparently drawn too much energy too fast and had shorted out the system!

Kara took Monica back in her arms as she felt her white-hot breasts sizzling against the moistness of her own as she flew back up into the night. She saw that the glow was rapidly fading from Monica’s chest as her body stored all that electricity as chemical energy. She now knew that when Monica awoke, her powers would be about the same as her own. The difference was that while Kara had exhibited her powers from the time she was born up until she was ten, and had learned how to use them, and more importantly, how not to abuse them, Monica probably never did. While Kara was able to immediately use the learned reflexes from her childhood when she regained her powers this same way, Monica would have to learn everything from scratch. She would need a lot of help, help from people who couldn’t be hurt by the accidental misuse of those same powers, at least at the beginning.

She still had a brief hope that Pete was somehow just as special, but she suspected that while he definitely had some Velorian genes, he probably wasn’t a full-blooded Velorian like she, and now Monica, appeared to be. But there was only one way to make sure!

Kara lowered Monica on the bed as she picked Pete’s sleeping body up and flew the other way as she found another part of the power grid that was still working. Fifteen minutes later, a large part of Queens was also dark as they shorted out yet another electrical substation. However, Kara now had her answer; she had been joined on Earth by two other Velorians!


Kal continued, despite his better judgment, to watch what Kara was doing. He was staggered as he saw her fly off with Jimmy’s ‘girlfriend’ (he knew they broke up as often as they made up) and what she then did with her body at the electrical substation. The concept of Velorian women on Earth was startling to him, especially now that there appeared to be two of them! He knew that his race, the Kryptonians, were not known to either the Arions or the Velorians, but shared the same heritage. They were part of a colony that had broken off from the Arions very early and had formed their own world, isolated from all other races, so that they could develop a utopian society, based on the complete abstinence of any kind of sensual physical contact. At the same time, they strove to develop a culture of peace and tolerance where all beliefs and viewpoints were accepted equally. No Kryptonian could ever even imagine hurting another being, no matter what the provocation.

Physically, the Kryptonians had developed in isolation but generally had the abilities and powers of the Arions from whom they drew their genetic heritage. Their scientists had been able to improve their physical form, but mostly to breed out any hostile or aggressive tendencies, as opposed to increasing their physical abilities such as the Velorians had done.

While the Velorians were basically a benevolent culture, generally tolerant of others and having no intention of subjugating or otherwise conquering other races, they were still capable of the emotions of revenge and hatred. Besides, they loved a good battle, good against evil.

The evil Arions, by contrast, dreamed only of conquest and revenge, they were the most disruptive force in the galaxy, especially after they aligned themselves with the previously isolated, but very warlike, Kintzi. In fact, their aggressive stance had forced the Velorian’s role in the universe to become that of ‘protectors’ who put selected individuals on many worlds to protect it from Arion or Kintzi intervention and conquest.

The Kryptonians, while sympathetic to the Velorian goals, had no taste for the kind of physical strife that was required to assist them. They had hidden themselves away with the anticipation of bringing their ideas of peace and shared prosperity to light, across the universe, once the centuries long battle between the Arions and Velorians finally completed. What they didn’t anticipate was that the planet they had chosen, one that also provided a way for them to control the incredible physical powers of their bodies, was inherently unstable. The buildup of radioactive energy at the core that eventually destroyed the planet had allowed for only one known survivor, Kal El, now called Superman, who found his way to one of the many dimensions that contained a troubled planet called Earth.

His father’s goal, as he had learned from the stored memory crystals that had been in his spaceship, had been to send him to a young and raw planet, one that still had a hope to become a peaceful world. He should use his powers to help them overcome the disruptive forces that had caused many a world to remain warlike and hostile long after their people had begun to understand, but not practice, the ways of peace.

Kal had found that Earth was a long way from peaceful, especially with the Aztec influence that seemed to be festering behind everything. The fact that he had recently learned that the Arions had been visiting Earth, along with their Kintzi allies, and had been secretly meeting with the Aztec leaders was very disturbing. Kal was starting to get overwhelmed by everything that was happening on his planet and was desperately afraid that his practice of showing mercy and restraint was getting himself into more trouble than good.

Kara’s treatment of the Arions they had met the previous day, killing one and attempting to do the same to the other, had horrified but also excited him. The idea that she could end a threat, once and for all, by the extreme use of her powers was both his greatest fear and his greatest hope. But could he himself turn away from the Kryptonian way, even if it ultimately seemed to save lives? He didn’t know, the idea was too horrifying to really think about, at least right now.

He also was surprised that he felt a strange sense of relief with the Velorian women here, a release from the horrible burden that only he had been bearing up to now. He didn’t know how strong Monica was going to be, but Kara’s demonstration of her abilities the day before had made it clear that she was at least the equal of an Arion male. That probably meant she was his physical equal as well. He worried whether he could control her in the face of additional contacts with Arions at the same time as he worried if he really wanted to. And on top of all that, the way she looked and moved was doing unbelievable things to him at another level, a sexual level. This was a part of himself he had never explored and he didn’t know how to deal with the powerful and uncontrolled emotions flowing through his body. There was no training, no wisdom, from his Kryptonian memory crystals that could help him with this problem. Damn … things were a lot simpler here before she came!

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