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Little Firebug – Chapter 12, Sisters

Written by shadar :: [Friday, 01 August 1997 10:22] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 01 August 2013 11:02]

Little Firebug – Chapter 12


by Sharon Best


Kara took a deep breath and started to push Kal down when there was a sudden incredible crash from behind her. All the pots and pans along the wall flew across the kitchen, clanging against the hard-flexed muscles of her body as if they were hitting steel, which they were, sort of. She heard a woman’s surprised cry followed by another impact that felt that it was going to tear the apartment apart. She turned around while quickly relaxing her arm as Kal immediately smashed her hand down hard enough to shatter the 2” thick butcher block top into a hundred pieces!

They quickly let go of each other’s hands as Kara rushed toward the quest bedroom to see what was going on. By now, the outcome of their little match had become obvious to both of them, despite the fact that it was the back of her hand that had shattered the table!

Kal stood numbly in the kitchen, his surging erection imparting several hundred pounds of upward force, lifting part of the massive steel and wood table off the floor, as he seemed frozen in place. He knew Kara had just overpowered him despite the fact that she had suddenly relaxed her arm at the last moment. His mind was still filled with the amazing images of the cuts and curves of her body as she had displayed the most incredible physique he had ever seen on a woman! Her gorgeous muscles straining against his, slowly and powerfully overpowering him all the while with that sexy grin on her face and her incredible breasts, mounding up under the burnt fabric of her top … he was suddenly so dizzy he could hardly stand. He had to get away from here for a moment!

He quickly flew toward his bedroom, he couldn’t even walk the way he was now, before struggling to pull the bottom of his costume on over his surging erection. He had to think about something else, anything else, as he forced his thoughts away from Kara. Yet despite everything he tried, Superman found it very hard to pull his red shorts up on this particular morning!

Kara, meanwhile, had dashed into the other bedroom to find Monica and Pete lying in a corner of the room, half buried in bricks from the fireplace! Their bodies were tangled together as they held each other tightly, seemingly afraid to move. Kara rushed over to kneel down beside them and lift some of the bricks off their backs and shoulders. She smiled down at Monica’s surprised face. “Well, I’m glad to see you’re finally up, Monica. Having a little trouble here? Morning Pete!”

“Trouble, Hell!!!” Monica said. “I pushed myself out of the bed and flew half way across the room to smash into that dresser. When I tried to jump back to my feet again, I flew the other way and smashed into Pete and then into this thing. This fireplace sure is fragile for something that looks so strong! What’s happened to me, Kara?” Her voice sounded a little scared, a little thrilled … not at all her usual confident self.

Kara smiled reassuringly, she remembered what it had been like to regain her own powers. It must be even more dramatic for Monica since she had been without them longer than she.

“I don’t think the fireplace is fragile or anything, Monica. It is you who have changed since yesterday. Here, let me show you, take this brick in your hand, you too Pete. Squeeze it, gently now … Ok, a little harder, harder yet, that’s good … Ok, just a little more now and be ready for a surprise.” Kara saw the strong muscles on her sister’s arm flexing just before the brick shattered in her strong grip, pieces flying across the room. Pete strained for a little longer as he appeared to work much harder at it, but finally his brick shattered as well. Monica’s shocked look, her blue eyes wide in wonder as she looked back up in her face, made Kara chuckle. She fully understood what she was feeling, it indeed hadn’t been all that long ago when she went through the same thing.

“What … how did I … what is going on here? Only Superman could do what I just did, or maybe you. How in the hell …!!!”

“I’m your little sister, Monica. Don’t you see how much we look alike, especially our faces? I hardly dared to think this could be true when I saw how your body was absorbing energy from me last night. Now I am nearly sure of it. I mean, how many Velorian women are there who look like me, live on Earth, one of the Earths, and is the right age to be my older sister.”

“And you, Pete, I knew there was something special about you when we first met. But I have no idea of your background. My guardian, Frank, never mentioned a male Velorian, however, that is clearly what you are, both from your physique and hair plus your strength.”

“I flew you both over and ‘plugged you in’, as it was, into the power grid and allowed your bodies to gain the energy you needed, probably for the first time in your lives. We may have shorted out half of Metropolis doing it, but you now have about the same strength as I do, at least you will, Monica. And, as Kal just found out, that is more strength than he has.”

“My God, you are my little sister?” Monica cried out. “Yes, she … she was named Kara. I thought she was dead, especially after I was taken away. At least, that is what they told me. If this is all true, what happened our mother? “

Kara felt the familiar cold pain in her stomach. “I don’t know, Monica, I never saw either of you again after that. Mom never came back, for either of us, and I was still living in the same place for a while. She could have found me. I think something terrible happened to her, she wouldn’t have abandoned us like that if she had a choice.”

Monica turned her thoughts away from the familiar darkness of her own past, the pain of never knowing who her real parents were, only her adoptive ones. She stared at this younger girl, one that she somehow knew was indeed her sister. It was the only thing that made sense right now. The emotion of finding a part of her family again was almost overwhelming as she reached up to hug Kara to herself, her tears running down her cheeks. “Oh God, Kara it is you …!”

They held each other for a while as Monica began noticing how her body now felt incredibly alive and energetic, like nothing she had ever felt before. She was normally very energetic and strong anyway, energy she needed for her incredibly athletic fitness routines. The fact that she had flown across the room, twice in fact, and then crushed this brick to dust in her hand was something else. Could this all be true, my God, am I really a superwoman of some kind now?

She felt Kara’s hand on her arm as she slowly eased her back to her feet. “Start by walking very carefully and gently, Monica. It might help to pretend you are walking in what you would imagine is very low gravity, where you have to be very careful to not fly off the ground.”

Monica walked gingerly across the floor as she was amazed at how flexibly and smoothly her body moved now. Each step was effortless as her feet almost seemed to be floating across the floor. She suddenly had a wild thought about the upcoming Jan Tana Classic. If she could find a way to control her strength by then, she was going to be awesome! And probably disqualified in a moment once anyone found out that she wasn’t even a Terran woman. She wasn’t sure what the bylaws said about that!

Kara moved swiftly past her as Monica walked around as if she was on glaze ice. She was afraid to exert herself at all for fear of flying off to smash into something again. Kara handed her some clothes, a leotard and a little Lycra miniskirt to wear over it. She quickly got dressed as Kara helped brush her long blond hair back with her hands. Monica felt like a mess this morning, what with last nights fun and games; she also realized she was starving.

“Does Lois have anything to eat here. I’m starving. And what happened to your top? It looks like you were on fire.”

Kara looked down at herself, her T-shirt mostly burned away. “Ah, I guess I was, Monica. Kal found out that I’m a ‘hot property’ a few minutes ago!”

Kara quickly tore the remains of her burned shirt off and tossed it in the trash before pulling another T-shirt on. She took Monica’s hand in hers as she gently led her to the kitchen. Pete followed, he didn’t seem to be having any trouble staying on the floor, at least not as much trouble as Monica was having.

For her part, she occasionally floated off the floor, she seemed to have a natural sense of using her flying power, as Kara finally got her to the dining room table. She had no sooner helped Monica sit down when Kal walked back in wearing his red shorts and a sweatshirt. His body was still doing interesting things to the front of the shorts, both women immediately noticed that, but Kara could see he was getting himself a little more under control now. Especially with the help of those tight invulnerable shorts of his. Of course, they didn’t hide too much either.

“Well, it looks like these guys have trashed your dresser and half the fireplace this morning. I don’t think there is much doubt now, Monica is my older sister. I thought I had lost her forever. Why don’t you shake hands with her, Kal.” Kara smiled as she knew that Monica’s reflexes would still be all wrong.

Kal reached down as Monica used her usual handshake grip as she saw Kal stagger and wince a little. “Wow, that is some grip Monica. I hope you realize what that grip would have done to anyone but Kara or myself.“

Monica was shocked by his words, and even more by the pained look on his face. She had just hurt Superman! The full significance of what had happened to her started crashing in on her. She realized she was going to have to learn to move and touch things all over again as her reflexes were now all wrong for this powerful body. On the other hand, she was thrilled as she started imagining how she would be able to fly through the air, lift massive weights, bend steel bars, etc. This was heady stuff, she realized, and she needed to take it easy.

She put her hand on her bicep and flexed hard. She was astounded when her arm flexed hugely, at least twice as large as it had before. Like most top fitness women, she had been very well muscled to begin with!

“My God, Kara, look at my arm! I’m huge … God, that is a 24” arm if I have ever seen one. How can this be? I never was like this before.”

Kara chuckled as she saw Kal staring in disbelief at Monica’s massive peaked bicep. She was even larger than her younger sister, he thought to himself, a lot larger. He felt his arousal surging again as he was really glad he was wearing the bottom of his costume!

“You have always had the potential, at least genetically, Monica. You just need a few hundred megawatts of stored energy in your body to give you the power to use your body this way.”

“Is this what you are like, Kara?”

“No, actually not so big. Here, let me show you. Kal, would you get a tape measure. We might as well figure out how we all ‘measure up’.”

He returned quickly with a tape as he wrapped it around Monica’s hard peaked bicep. “Close guess, Monica,” he said, “how about 25”. Kara, how about you?”

She placed her arm next to her sisters as she flexed the same way. It ‘only’ measured 21”. “Well, I guess I am still your little sister. But it is still enough to get by with I guess,” Kara said with a grin as she looked up at Kal. “Your turn, big guy.” Both women stared at him in anticipation as he raised his arm and slowly flexed himself up to his full size. Monica gasped, despite seeing a lot of Superman photos over the years, she had never seen a picture of Superman flexing this dramatically. Kara’s stretched the tape around him before announcing, “32”. That’s incredible Kal! You’re monstrous!”

Kal blushed a little as he saw both of them staring at his massive peaked bicep. “Well, what is really amazing, 94” Kal said, “is that Kara effectively defeated me in arm wrestling this morning, despite what she may tell you. If you are as much stronger than her as you look Monica, you would have even less trouble with me. Once you get some control over your body that is.”

Monica looked at him in stunned disbelief. She was stronger than Superman! No way! Although, given the powerful way her body felt right now, not many things would surprise her. But that did. This she would have to experience for herself once she got coordinated.

Pete, not wanting to be forgotten, pulled his own shirt off as he demonstrated his young athletic body, now working at Velorian strength levels. His arm was second only to Kal’s, 30” bicep, as flexed vastly larger than his previously compact body would have suggested. He had the same incredible muscular expansion as the girl’s bodies.

Kara finally turned away from them to make breakfast as Kal said something about going on his morning patrol. He walked uncomfortably across the room before disappearing into the bedroom. Monica just sat at the table, hardly daring to move, as she realized her life would never be the same again. Not for one moment. My God, she was SuperWoman, or something like that!

Kara and Monica spent the whole morning talking about their lives and catching up on so many years apart. It was noon when Kara decided it was time to help them get a better understanding of her powers. She had walked around the house earlier and had found some thick bars of chrome steel, most of them mangled fairly badly by Kal’s hands. She figured he probably worked out with these somehow. She brought four of them out to the living room and set them down in front of the two of them. Each bar was nearly 4” in diameter and about a foot long.

“Ok, guys, grab one of those bars. Try to twist it or bend it somehow.”

Monica picked one up and firmly gripped it. She slowly twisted her wrists are she felt the chrome steel smoothly bending as she easily twisted it into a U-shape. It was a weird feeling, not as easy as bending rubber or clay, but certainly not like what she would have expected steel to feel like. She quickly realized it felt really good to exert herself like this. She spent the next ten minutes twisting and pulling the chrome bar as she felt her muscles warming up from her efforts. She finally grabbed the ends of the now mangled bar and pulled them apart. The steel stretched and thinned out like taffy before it finally tore into two pieces. She continued to work the steel in her powerful hands, tendons standing up strongly on the back of her hands and her wrists, as she squeezed the torn steel portions back together until she held what looked like a big lumpy softball. She was just finishing this when she smelled something really hot, like burning nylon. She looked down to see that the Spandex of her top was melting around her shoulders and across the middle of her chest. While she watched, her left nipple burned a hole and began poking through the fabric.

Pete stared in fascination at her, his own body heating up as he worked the hard steel.

Kara chuckled. “Oh, I forgot to tell you, Monica, exerting yourself like that has two side-effects. One, your muscles get really hot from working that hard, and I mean hot like in several hundred degrees. The second is that you will find, as I can already see from the way you are tearing those two holes in your top, that you will get very turned-on.”

Monica hadn’t even thought about the wonderful glow that was coursing through her body, she just thought it was part of exerting herself like this. She now realized that it was more than that, she was really getting turned-on. A funny thought flitted through her mind … where was Kal when I needed him! She quickly caught herself, after all, she was in Lois’s apartment, actually Lois and Clark’s now that he had moved in. She looked at Pete, a huge mound stretching his cut-offs in front, as he responded the same way to his workout. This was going to get interesting, she thought to herself.

The two girls walked out to the balcony as Kara tore the remainder of Monica’s leotard off to prevent it from melting all over her. Kara, feeling a little playful, took her T-shirt off as well and handed it to Pete as she and tucked her costume top back down into her cutoffs. She reached down to guide Pete’s hands as she had him take one of the bars and slide it into her deep cleavage. She tensed her pecs a little to increase the pressure of her cleavage on it as she spread her legs and put her hands back on her hips as she assumed her characteristic heroic stance. Monica turned around and stared at her for a moment before breaking into laughter. She was impressed, the bar must have weighted forty pounds yet it was firmly held with just the pressure of her tits.

Monica walked up and grabbed the top and bottom of the bar as she pushed it against Kara while she tried to twist it. Her legs immediately came off the floor as her body weight was negligible compare to her arm strength. “Monica, tighten your ass and legs up, hold them tightly together to generate a lot of force. Ok, can you feel a tingling feeling building, almost a sexual feeling, between your legs and across your ass? Ok, concentrate on having that tingling move up your body, it will make your skin tingle as it travels, until it rushes into your chest. Your nipples may feel a little ‘buzzy’ for a moment. Then just imagine yourself remaining completely rigid and immovable. Ok … is it working.”

Monica smiled as she felt Pete ‘helping’, his hands gently holding her tight ass as she tried to feel the things that Kara had described. She quickly noticed that it didn’t feel ‘almost’ like a sexual feeling, it did feel sexual and arousing, but perhaps that was just Pete’s hands holding her. Her nipples snapped erect as the tingling suffused her breasts and then sunk deep into the middle of her chest. She concentrated as Kara had said before grabbing the bar again and twisting. This time, her body was steel-hard and immovable as she bent the bar inward and sideways against Kara’s chest. Kara’s breasts gave for a bit, but finally, it was the steel that gave as she bend the bar about 30 degrees around Kara’s left tit.

The bar was still snuggled between Kara’s firm breasts as Monica put her arms around her sister and hugged her to her own chest. They both looked down to see their large firm breasts squeezing inward against each other, trapping the steel bar between them. Pete put his long arms around both of them as he heard a deep tearing noise as his cut-offs could no longer take the strain. His massive cock, every inch proving that he was truly a Velorian man, reached deeply between Kara’s firm cheeks and her thighs.

Jimmy and Lois walked back into the apartment just at this point. Lois immediately saw the three of them, all looking very young, standing holding each other out on the balcony. Jimmy, for his part, was shocked to see these sisters, two gorgeous supergirls, nude from the waist up, wrapping their arms around each other 2's backs and pressing their bodies together. He was further astounded as he saw their powerful muscles flexing, muscles that he had just learned, from talking with Kal, were even stronger than Superman!

Their bodies flexed, apparently with all their strength, as Kara and Monica’s breasts pressed against each other and then flattened out on their chests. He saw a crackle of energy as super breast touched super breast as the enormous energies of these two girls were expended against each other. Judging by the massive muscles he saw flexing on their arms, shoulders and back, muscles far larger than he had ever imagined, he suspected that the steel bar wasn’t going to fair well. In fact, it was only several seconds later when the steel, compressed with millions of pounds of force between their breasts and unable to resist the pressure, heated up until it turned into molten steel. It slowly ran down over their stomachs until the white-hot steel began to trickle through their blond pubic hair. They both gasped as they felt the wonderful warmth flowing across their trembling labia and down their long legs. Monica particularly felt the passion from exerting her new body like this. It exploded inside her as she gave in to her desires and wrapped her arms around Kara’s neck while kissing her deeply!

Kara was shocked at first, this was her sister after all, but she quickly remembered how overwhelming her own arousal had been when she first regained her powers. Kara met her kisses with her own as she was thrilled to hold someone in her arms again, holding back nothing, as Monica began to meet the demands of her body. It had been a long time since she had been with Aurora and she clearly remembered the joyous time she had with Wonder Woman on Paradise Island.

Kara paused after a few moments and moved aside as she guided Pete into Monica’s arms. She stepped to the side, her own arousal nearly overwhelming now, as she saw the two of them embracing passionately. Pete’s strong arms grabbed her ass as he lifted her up against his body as his massive cock, clearly larger than any Terran man, began to spread Monica’s nether lips in a way that no man had ever done before!

Monica’s passionate gasps and cries could be heard throughout the apartment as she threw her blond hair back and exhaled in the pleasures she felt. She hadn’t thought she could stretch that far, but she was thrilled as she felt that the hardness that was moving into her! She gasped and cried out even louder as she felt Pete reaching her G-spot, his thrusts growing stronger and deeper as she used her own powerful legs to help him penetrate her invulnerable cunt. She could not believe that it felt that good to be fucked this way, a man this large, this hard! She flexed her gorgeous thighs, knowing she must be using horrendous forces against the steel of Pete’s body, yet they both surged upward as their passion overcame them.

Monica had never been with a guy that was even close to this size before and she was amazed now as Pete thrust deeper and deeper into her willing body. Finally, nearly all of his length was buried in her as Monica began to frantically stroke her body up and down his massive shaft as her own fingers reached down to hold her hard clit between her thumb and forefinger. She stroked herself rapidly as Pete fucked her with ever increasing speed. A loud ‘THRUM’ started from inside her as the strong forces setup tremendous vibrations in the steel of Pete’s body. His lips found hers again while he stroked his steel harder and harder and faster and faster. Monica panted and screamed in pleasure as she quickly lost control of her body and began squeezing him with all her strength. He felt Monica’s powerful muscles surging as she used her super strength to fuck him faster and faster as he felt his orgasm rapidly approaching.

Monica was not aware of the steel railing of the balcony, bending behind her, as Pete pressed against her with too much force. Her legs began to shake as her body exploded in wonderful burning tingling ecstasy from head to foot, but centered between her legs. He reached the final peak of his orgasm, his thrusts becoming so powerful that Monica could not fully control him, he was flailing around too fast to keep up with. Finally, his cries of pleasure in harmony with her own cries, their pleasure echoing from the neighboring buildings, he thrust her backward so hard that the entire side wall of the balcony broke off to drop them down toward the street so many stories below.

The two of them free fell 20 stories, landing on Monica’s back on the hard concrete below. Her hard-flexed glutes cracked the concrete for ten feet in every direction as their bodies were half crushed into the roadway. The two of them continued fucking, their bodies further cracking the concrete from their super-powered exertions, as a huge trash truck roared down the street toward them. The trash truck, the driver hardly looking where he was going, ran over them, tilting dangerous to the side as the tires rode up on their invulnerable bodies, leaving tire tracks across the length of Pete’s legs and back. The massive weight of the truck, conducted through Pete’s steel-hard cock and deeply into Monica, drove him even deeper in Monica’s waiting body!

She cried out as his powerful thrust, the entire weight of the massive truck, was conducted through him into her most intimate depths, discovering the unused nerves at the end of her vagina, a place as sensitive as her clit, but unlike a Terran woman, at the point of deepest penetration! Her body surged to a final incredible shuddering climax as her hands reached out to the side, her fingers groping blindly, tearing handfuls of old concrete from the road as she was lost in her passion. She held him to her body again, his hard chest against her softer one, her hands crushing the handfuls of hard concrete to powder against Pete’s rippling muscled back as she held him tightly to her, her body lost in her orgasm, her incredible muscles flexing dramatically, his body withstanding and loving her power, wanting even more.

Their orgasm, now tuned to each other’s, incredible went on undiminished for many minutes, the force of their wild fucking creating more and more damage to the roadbed as their power was blindly unleashed, their bodies aware of nothing except their shared pleasures.

Finally, many minutes later, their energies finally spent, they collapsed in each other’s arms, unconscious. Kara quickly flew down to hug them to her sides as she leaped from the ground to fly upward with her and back to the penthouse.

The amazed bystanders on the street could not believe what they had apparently just seen! An attractive young couple, falling from the 20th floor and cracking the concrete in front of them on impact. They seemed to be engaged in the final throes of sexual intercourse when the massive garbage truck ran over them. Their frantic cries, seemingly from being crushed beneath the truck, but then clearly recognized as the result of their passionate orgasms, echoed from the nearby buildings. They continued to thrust against each other as the truck continued down the street, their frantic shuddering bodies finally collapsing from their passion. They were further shocked when another even younger girl, essentially nude, flew down to grab them and fly back up into air, much like Superman did! The bystanders could not believe their eyes as most of them just shook their heads and went on their way. People in Metropolis had learned to be stoic and were not easily impressed by superhero’s, even by such an amazing couple as this.

Kara flew back in the window as she gave Lois a quick embarrassed smile as she laid the two of them back down on the bed. Neither of their bodies had adjusted to these huge energy surges and they were going to have to sleep some more, Pete especially. She suspected that males had more trouble with absorbing energy like this than females did; she hoped he was going to be Ok.

She slipped a top back on as she walked out to meet Jimmy and Lois. He found only Lois present, Jimmy had quickly excused himself to go process film. The two of them made some coffee and sat in the sun by the wide windows and talked.

“Kara, you did say that Monica was your sister, didn’t you?” Kara nodded. “I guess Velorian customs are a little different than Terran.”

Kara looked at her for a moment, imagining Lois’s reaction to what she had just seen, before answering. “Yes, they are Lois, a lot different. Did what we do shock you?”

“Actually, yes. I mean, you are sisters after all!”

“That would be considered fairly normal behavior on Velor, Lois. At least that is what Aurora, my friend tells me. We have completely different rules as we always reproduce artificially, so incest has no reproductive consequences. Thus it has never been considered unusual, except that it is frowned upon between generations. I understand that concept is very hard for you to understand. We’ll try to be a little more careful around you, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

Lois had also been shocked at the sexual energy in the room when she had walked in. She didn’t know what caused it, but she had momentarily felt like holding Jimmy in a very inappropriate way for a few moments. The smell of flowers had made her head spin and her body flush before Jimmy quickly excused himself.

They stared at each other, the older woman and the sexy half-dressed teenage girl. Lois took a deep breath as she decided to lay it on the line.

“Kara, you came looking for Kal. What are your intentions with regards to him. You know I can’t compete with you physically, but he does love me. But I have seen the way he looks at you, stares at you really when you are around. You are tearing him apart as he must be imagining all the things he has been missing on this planet. If it is your desire to win him away from me, then do so quickly. It is also tearing me apart.”

Kara looked shocked for a moment as she saw the moistness in Lois’s eyes. “Lois, no, you have it all wrong. I came to Kal for only one reason, I want to get back to my own world. I thought he could help! I don’t want him for myself, I mean, he is kinda old for me, don’t you think!” She gave Lois a broad reassuring smile as she lay back on the couch, her feet up on the coffee table.

Lois couldn’t decide if she should laugh or cry or hug her. She just wanted his help, just like everyone else! This was wonderful!

“On the other hand Lois, I could take him away from you in a moment, even without using the pheromones that you felt when you walked in the room earlier. He is one incredibly frustrated man. I still haven’t decided if I am going to seduce him or not. I can tell you that either Monica or I could defuse that tension, at least for a while. He is an incredible specimen of manhood. I’m not sure I agree with his philosophies too much, he is kind of wimp in his own way, but he would be incredible in the sack.”

Lois listened to her talk as she realized that while Kara sometimes seemed very mature, she was still a very young woman at heart. She was relieved to understand that she didn’t want Kal like she did, not as her long term partner. She was only a healthy, super healthy actually, young woman who had a strong physical interest in her fiancee. Yeah … only that, Lois chuckled to herself as she was surprised that she didn’t feel threatened by that thought! She may not be able to compete physically with Kara, but Kal had never made that his priority. Some amazing thoughts started to form in her head as she smiled back at Kara. It was a very mischievous and confident smile that spread slowly across her face.

Lois felt an incredible weight lifting from her shoulders as she made her decision. “Kara, I’m going to get something to drink. What can I get you?”

“A sherry would be find, Lois.”

She returned a few moments later and handed Kara her drink.

“A toast, Kara, a toast to Kal’s happiness, no matter how it is achieved.”

“To Kal’s happiness,” Kara repeated as she wondered what that funny smile on Lois’s face meant.

The next hour was a dramatic one as the two women, one so very young, one mature and confident, made plans regarding Kal, plans the like of which had never been made before.

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