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Little Firebug – Chapter 23, The New Lois and Clark

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Little Firebug – Chapter 23

The New Lois and Clark

by Sharon Best (Revision: 2)


Author’s Note: This chapter picks up from LF #21 where Lois and Kara are sharing Kara’s (Supergirl’s) body. In addition, in LF #22, Janissa took over Sharil’s mind (the Arion Supergirl clone) to control her, to keep her from leveling Metropolis. Lastly, Sharon has finally awakened and has taken control of Kirrin’s body. OK, I know, this is really getting confusing. Trust me, I’ll fix it all in this chapter.)



Clark Kent’s penthouse suite, Metropolis

The gas logs were burning brightly in the fireplace as Kal sat on the couch with Lois, both of them listening to Sharon, who was currently dominant in Kirrin’s body, while she brought Lois, her mind currently dominant in Supergirl’s body, up to date on what had happened while she had been out of it. Sharon also drew upon her own memories of Kirrin’s actions – her mind had been in the background of Kirrin’s for some time – to describe some other events of the last few weeks to Kal.

Lois, looking gorgeously blonde and so young now, was curled up against Kal, her strong embrace meeting his: these two aliens were a perfect physical match for each other; both so strong and so very beautiful. They both laughed freely at Sharon’s description of the red-headed girl on the Arion ship, the one that looked and behaved so much like a Kryptonian, who thought she was rescuing Kirrin but had actually rescued Kal from her!

Sharon struggled to tell her tale, feeling Kirrin shifting angrily inside her mind as she described her rescue, her struggling presence just barely under control as Sharon worked hard to contain her. Her face sometimes twisted a bit with the effort, a frown occasionally replacing her smile as Kirrin’s thoughts kept trying to intrude to the front of her conscious mind.

Sharon had decided to remain awake until she was able to return to Earth-1, desperately afraid that Kirrin would take over when she fell asleep or perhaps would wake up first. Fortunately, Kirrin’s remarkable body didn’t need any sleep, at least not physically.

As they talked into the late evening, Sharon began to notice that Lois seemed to become more and more distracted, a sure sign that Kara was struggling to become dominant in her mind again, Lois growing gradually weaker as Kara’s very strong mind worked on her. Her head finally fell backward on the couch as she appeared to fall asleep for a moment, her eyes slowly rolling up into her head as she lowered herself onto the cushion. Kara eagerly came to the forefront, taking over as the conscious mind in her own body again. Her urgent voice, the youthful way she phrased things, suddenly startling Kal as he realized that his Lois had just disappeared again!

"Kal, we need to get Lois back in her own body! She has been outside it way too long already, and she is becoming far too comfortable in my body. Lets do it now."

She floated to her feet, hovering a few inches off the floor as she took Kal’s hand, leading him back to the bedroom as she moved without walking, his body following hers in the same impossible fashion.

Lois saw what was happening from her new perspective in the back of Kara’s mind, clearly not eager to go along with this. But she remembered her promise to Kal and Kara, the promise to return willingly to her natural body when the time came.

She soon felt Kara’s mind starting to work, creating an emptiness that was just outside her body, and the emptiness drawing Lois into itself. She hesitated for a moment, not wanting to leave the nearly infinite power and warmth of Kara’s body. But she knew she had no real choice, her promise to Kara and to Kal had been solemn. She finally launched herself outward and popped into the empty spot, feeling her own body drawing her downward, quickly and silently entering her own natural body once again.

She was staggered by what she felt, the cold sickly feeling of her body, her weak arms; her body soft and still slightly feverish after days of laying motionless in bed. The sensations immediately disgusted her! Part of it was because she had been asleep for many days without water or food, but she knew that a larger part of it was also that she was only a Terran woman again! A weak frail Terran woman!

Lois struggled for a few minutes to stay in her rightful body, to uphold her promise, but the weakness and pain, along with the unbearable coldness of inhabiting an ordinary body, repelled her. She lost control of herself, her mind suddenly flying outward again to cross the gap, to re-enter Kara’s still vulnerable mine, to enter the warm, powerful and ever so comfortable body of Supergirl once again!

Kara was so staggered by Lois’ return that she fell to her knees, not understanding how Lois could return without her wishing it. Yet she became sympathetic as she quickly shared Lois’ thoughts, realizing that the contrast between Lois’ natural body and her own must have been an incredible shock to her.

She started to ‘talk’ to Lois, telling her to return. But Lois simply retreated, hiding in a distant corner of her mind while ignoring her. Kara kept trying, but Lois remained hidden, isolated from the rest of Kara’s conscious thoughts.

Kara was really worried now as she rose back to her feet, walking over to wrap some additional blankets around Lois’ body, trying to warm her up, to make it a more attractive place for her to return to. But Lois would not budge, the sickly coldness of her natural body was something she never wanted to feel again, her mind now feeling totally at home sharing Supergirl’s body with Kara!

* * *

The Shower, Janissa and Mike’s House

There was a grinding shriek as the shower door was torn violently from its hinges, the glass shattering a few seconds later. The bathroom sink joined the shower door a moment later, the porcelain crushing to powder under the force of hands that were gripping it too strongly, strength that was out of control. Mike was laying on top of Janissa now, on top of this Supergirl clone, the Maid of Steel’s long slim legs wrapped strongly around his waist. Both their bodies were still trembling from the many times they had just made love. In fact, the Mexican tile floor beneath her slim body was now fractured in a hundred places, the 12" wood floor beams supporting it also splintered and barely holding. The both knew that their wild lovemaking had ended barely in time to save their house from total collapse.

They were still holding each other very tightly when Janissa started to feel Mike’s magically-enhanced strength and invulnerability evaporating, the strong magical spell she had cast finally ending. This was particularly disappointing because her own body was still so energetic and so very horny. But she couldn’t risk casting that spell again so soon: his body couldn’t withstand it.

The glass crinkled and ground under her cute buttocks as the two of them started to get back to their feet. They were on their knees when Janissa felt Mike stiffen in her arms, quickly looking back over her shoulder to follow his gaze. She was astounded to see a tall black-haired woman standing in the shattered doorway of their bathroom, her red and blue costume covering very little of her body. The woman was about 6’ tall and very athletic looking, yet there was something distant, almost mystical, in the way her large blue eyes looked. It didn’t take Janissa long to realize who she was. Her long training with her sisters had explored much of the ancient knowledge of the Elder Ones and she knew that this had to be an Amazon, the one named Wonder Woman!

"Well, Little Firebug, we meet again," the tall woman said. "I see that your habits haven’t changed very much, except that I thought you preferred partners of your own sex."

"Ah, excuse me," Janissa said. "I don’t believe we have met. Despite my appearance to you, my name is Janissa and this is my husband Mike. I am, ah, borrowing this body for a bit, trying to keep the rightful owner of it from destroying Metropolis."

"Janissa, rightful owner… what are you talking about? We have met before, Kara, or should I call you Supergirl?"

"I don’t know who this ‘Kara’ is," Janissa said, "but the young girl whose mind I’ve trapped in this body is named Sharil. She is exceedingly violent, a young disturbed Arion girl at her worst, one who indeed calls herself Supergirl."

"Ah, yes of course," Wonder Woman said. "We have been looking for her since we heard she left Aria, we were searching in fact on another Earth, another dimension. I am so glad to find her here after all this time. Yes, she is certainly dangerous. You know of course that she is not the real Supergirl, that she is an Arion clone, made from the genetic remains of a Velorian woman that the Arions captured and tortured to death. She is here to substitute for a girl by the name of Kara, part of an insidious Arion plot to destroy the reputation of Velorian Protectors forever on this planet. Her mission was to be as cold and violent as Supergirl is warm and caring."

Janissa was a very adaptable woman, her long training in her order had exposed her to truths far beyond that of the typical Terran. And while the strange and confusing story she had just heard sounded implausible, she had learned enough of the lore of the Elder Ones to know that this Amazon could only speak the truth, she was incapable of distortion or deception. This was a serious limitation for most people, but the Amazons were unique, living in their own dimension except for special visits to many other dimensions by the leader of their race, Wonder Woman.

"Ok, if that is true," Janissa said, "and I am sure it is, then where is the girl I, or rather this girl Sharil, is supposed to be replacing? I haven’t heard of any other Supergirl on this planet."

"Well, we could not find her on the other planets either. However, there is only one place to find that out, lets pay a visit to Kal. You would know him by his public name, as Superman."

"Superman," Janissa declared with a tinkling laugh, "nobody knows how to find him. He’s like a ghost, only showing up at some huge accident or some crime scene."

She saw the confident look on Wonder Woman’s face, quickly realizing that this woman COULD indeed find Superman – Kal – if she wanted to.

"Well, OK, give me a moment, I need to rinse out this costume before I go."

With that, she gathered up her tiny red skirt, boots and blue top from the corners of the bathroom and dashed down the hall to the washing machine. Mike watched her go, her tight hips and firm young ass wiggling so appealingly as she walked away from him.

Smiling, he got slowly up from the floor, covering himself as the Amazon just stood and stared at him, an expression of mild curiosity on her face as she looked down where he was trying to cover himself, a look that made him very uncomfortable. Still trying to hide his sudden embarrassment, he finally squeezed past her, walking quickly down the hall to throw on some clothes, glancing behind him to see the tall gorgeous woman following him.

Slipping on some shorts, he guided her into the kitchen and made her some tea, the old washing machine down the hall suddenly breaking into a noisy spin cycle as Janissa rinsed out Sharil’s costume. He tried to strike up a conversation with Wonder Woman, but she seemed hesitant to talk, the warm smile that she had given Janissa conspicuously absent when she looked at him. He began to get the impression that she didn’t like men very much.

They finally succumbed to silence, both sipping their tea until Janissa returned, now dressed in her clean shiny costume, her long blond hair quickly dried and brushed. Mike swallowed hard, God the girl was beautiful! He had never seen anyone, not on TV or in print, who was as gorgeous as this young blonde. The remarkable fact that she was stronger than a thousand men and was also, at least for the moment, his WIFE still staggered him.

Glancing at Wonder Woman, he saw a warm sexy smile cross her face as she looked up at Janissa. Damn, he wished she had looked at HIM that way instead of his wife!

"OK, I’m about ready to go," Janissa said. "But I warn you, I haven’t figured out how to fly yet even though I know Sharil can, I just sort of bounce along taking small jumps, maybe a mile or so on each leap."

"Don’t worry my Little Firebug," Wonder Woman said softly, her voice melodious, "I have always known how to make you fly, to make you soar. Shall we go?"

Mike didn’t like the sound of that at all.! If that wasn’t a sexual come-on, he had never heard one! He suddenly realized that Wonder Woman had the hots for his wife, at least for the girl who was now his wife, or wasn’t exactly, or whatever! Damn, this was so fucking confusing! He wasn’t sure if he should be worried or elated, his wife suddenly becoming Supergirl (a very good thing!) but Wonder Woman showing up with romantic intentions toward her (a very bad thing!). His frustration suddenly turned to jealousy and anger, an unfortunate trait that he had never been able to control.

"Hey, look, I’ll tell you two ladies what. Why don’t you just get my REAL wife back here. Janissa, get in your real body and come home. I don’t know much about the rest of you superwomen, but you all seem way too dangerous to me. I just want my wife back and to be left alone!"

Janissa smiled, walking across the kitchen to wrap her arms around Mike, her gorgeously slim body playfully holding his as she began kissing him passionately.

"Ok, Mikey, but one promise: this is the last time you talk about making it with teenaged girls. From now on, its just you and me, both of us content to be older and a lot more mature.. Deal?"

"Deal, babe… now get out of here and come back in your proper body. This was fun but I think I’ll be walking funny for the next week. I don’t think your invulnerability spells work as well as they used to!"

"Why Mike, are you getting just a little old to please the passions of teenage girls now?!" she teased.

"Only when they have muscles and cunts of steel," he said with a smile, his sense of humor slowly returning.

She smiled back at him, releasing him and turning to wrap one arm around Wonder Woman’s waist as they headed for the door, Diana’s strong legs propelling them upward into the cold sky.

Diana now held her close, far too close in Mike’s eyes, as she flew upward, Janissa relaxing in Diana’s strong embrace, melting against her body as they flew across town, eventually soaring down toward a large apartment building, the two of them landing softly on the balcony of a penthouse apartment.

* * *

Lois and Clark’s penthouse suite

After failing in their initial attempt to get Lois back in her own body, Kara had walked back into the living room to join Kal, the two of them curling up again in front of the fireplace as the gas logs glowed brightly, the flames casting a warm glow through the room. Lois now seemed absent, hiding in the dark recesses of Kara’s mind.

"Well, Kal, we have a real problem here. I can’t kick Lois out of my mind if she doesn’t want to leave. Yet her body will die soon if she doesn’t return to it. And I have my own problem. This isn’t my world: I need to find a way back to my Earth, to pick up my life as Supergirl where it left off. Besides, there is a guy back there, his name is Mark, that I am very close to and who I miss. He may be an Australian and just a Terran, but he’s still pretty cool. Besides, I know where you live if I ever, ah, need to find you again."

"Yes, I understand Kara. I just wish I knew what to do. We both have such incredible muscular powers, it’s too bad we don’t also have the mental or spiritual or whatever powers required to get her mind back where it belongs."

"Well, don’t worry Kal, we’ll find a way. If I’ve learned anything during the last year, it is that there are forces swirling around us that even we are not aware of, forces that can cross dimensions and travel back thousands of years. We are part of something very large, something that transcends the experiences these Terrans call ‘reality’."

"Why Kara, you’re getting philosophical in your old age; what are you, 19 now?" She giggled as she snuggled closer to him, his astoundingly hard strong body feeling so comfortable to her.

"Almost, Kal, just another month. But I am wise beyond my years, as you well know. We Velorians mature a lot faster than Terrans."

"Yeah," he grinned lecherously, "I saw that maturity when we went to that cabin at Bryce Canyon. You were REALLY mature there."

"Hey, just because you like robbing the cradle doesn’t suddenly make me immature. Besides, making love to you doesn’t take maturity, just enthusiasm and rather dramatic muscles! Muscles like these!"

With that, Kara let her bathrobe slip off one shoulder, slowly flexing her suddenly bared right arm. Kal’s hand surrounded her perfectly round bicep as she flexed it, the muscle growing amazingly large for a girl with such a slim arm, his hand finally unable to fully contain it as her peaked bicep grew to well more than baseball size.

His other hand slipped up to cup Kara’s even larger breast, one hand now holding the hardest place on her body, the other the softest, both more than filling his large hands, his grip equally firm on each. In fact, he held nothing back as he used his powers and strength once again to hold this young teenage Supergirl in a way that only he was able to do.

Kara gasped as she slipped lower down on the couch, her other arm reaching up to wrap around his neck as she pulled his lips down to hers, their bodies proving once again the uniquely sensual bond that existed between Velorians and their cousins, the Kryptonians. Such an intimate and arousing bond!

Kal was in the midst of easing Kara lower on the couch, her robe drifting open to reveal the rest of her gorgeously tanned body, when he heard a soft tapping. At first he ignored it, thinking it was just Sharon in the other room.

The sound came again, this time more insistent. Raising his head, he was suddenly shocked to see Diana’s face pressing against the balcony window! Whispering to Kara, he began to wrap his robe back around himself, pausing and struggling for a moment as he had to use his fabled self control to relax himself, finally succeeding in closing the robe about his waist as he walked over to unlock the door.

The glass door had hardly opened when he felt Diana’s arms around his neck, her greeting kiss warmer than he had remembered it from before. She held him tightly for a moment before stepping back to reveal – Kara! – standing behind Wonder Woman wearing a costume that resembled his own in some ways! He knew Kara could move quickly, but he had just left her on the couch!

Turning his head, he saw a blonde head peeking up over the back of the couch, his eyes suddenly moving from the girl in the doorway to the one on the couch, unable to see any difference other than their modes of dress. He suddenly was very worried, realizing that this must be Sharil, the counterfeit Supergirl! He sprang too quickly for the eye to follow, twisting her arms behind her back as he forcibly restrained her.

He heard Diana laughing as he noticed that Sharil felt very soft and enticing in his arms, not struggling at all. In fact, she was indistinguishable from Kara.

"Kal, I’d like you to meet Janissa. She has taken over Sharil’s mind in an effort to control her. Janissa, meet Superman; you might have seen him on TV, he goes by the name Clark Kent!"

"Clark Kent, so you’re Superman," Janissa said gleefully, excited by the powerful arms that held her. God he was strong! "Of course I know of you, you did that story on one of the rescues that I was a part of. Clark, I never would have suspected you; good disguise. No wonder you wear such bulky suits, really nice muscles you have there, Clark!"

"Diana, what the hell is going on here?" Kal said angrily. "Why are you revealing my identity to this woman? She has killed more than a hundred police officers since she got here. Are you out of your mind?!"

"No I’m not Kal. This girl only looks like Sharil, or should I say she is only ‘wearing’ her body," Diana said. "In fact, as I understand it, Sharil’s mind is still in her head somewhere, but a woman named Janissa is now in control of this body. Apparently it is possible for more than one mind to share a Velorian or Arion body. Does that sound confusing?"

Kal groaned, very well aware of THAT problem.

"Yeah, I know all about it. Well, come on in and let me welcome you to the multiple personalities league. Ah, Kara, meet Janissa. Janissa, meet Lois, she is watching from the background in Kara’s mind. Lois, meet Sharil; I assume you are in there watching too."

Just at that moment, Sharon walked in from the kitchen carrying a plate of cheese and crackers, a bottle of good wine tucked under her arm. She froze as she saw two images of Kara, one dressed in a familiar red and blue costume, the other in a bright red housecoat, their faces and hair absolutely identical.

"Well," Kal said, "as long as we are doing introductions. This is Sharon, but she is also Kirrin on her bad days. Sharon, Kirrin, meet Janissa and Sharil. God this room seems full of people! Too many minds, too few bodies."

Sharon started giggling, the confusion and frustration she saw on Kal’s face almost comical. On the other hand, in this one room were four women in his same strength class, albeit with seven personalities. All of them were romantically interested in him to varying degrees, except maybe Sharil who didn’t know the meaning of the word romantic, and Wonder Woman, who would not admit her attraction. After so many years living among Terrans, wondering if he was ever going to discover what it was like to be with a woman who could withstand his unrestrained intimate attentions, he now was with at least three who would be willing to take a tumble with him on a moments notice. Most likely all three at the same time! Diana would watch or perhaps enjoy one of the other women at the same time, although he suspected even she really wanted to do more than that!

Kal’s powerful legs were suddenly weak and he had to sit down, the blood rushing from his head. He saw a twinkle in Sharon’s eye as she looked over his shoulder. Kal was startled a moment later as a tiny red skirt and cape suddenly fell into his lap, a silky blue top following it a moment later. A red housecoat a moment after that. He heard Diana giggle, a very uncharacteristic sound for the Amazon, just as two pairs of strong arms suddenly grabbed his and lifted him into the air.

He suddenly found himself being carried off by two very nude Supergirls, both of them looking like the teenagers that they physically were. One of their minds, Janissa’s, was ten years older than the body she wore. Kara, now in her rightful body, had a mental age that matched her face.

The two of them finally sat him down in a chair, turning to stand in front of him as they put their arms around each other.

Kal could only stare! Standing in the middle of the room were two gorgeous girls of his own race, both deliciously nude, both absolutely identical in every way, both beautiful beyond words! He couldn’t tell which of them was Kara, yet he knew that Lois was hiding in her mind, seeing and feeling everything that Kara did!

"Well, Kal, do you think you’re clever enough to figure out who is who? Make the wrong choice and we may give you violent little Sharil back. Make the right one and you might find Lois again!"

He smiled broadly at the game as he stood up, suddenly very aroused as he saw the two of them reaching up to brush each other’s hair from their faces, their beautiful honey-blond hair falling down their backs. They moved as one, almost as if they’d rehearsed this, wrapping their arms around each other’s waists as they leaned closer, their firming nipples meeting perfectly between them. Pulling each other closer, two pairs of identical breasts flattening against two identical chests, their lips just brushing each others lips. They suddenly embraced strongly, their kisses becoming so deep, muscles flexing identically across their strong bodies as their golden hair tangled together as one. Kal’s robe and self-control both proved to be woefully inadequate this time as he responded as only a Superman could, a loud ripping sound filling the room as the tie around his robe ripped, the front of his robe rising more than a foot into the air. Diana had to turn away, gasping in shock, glancing furtively at him. "By the Goddess," she whispered to herself, "he is a true superman. A God!

Blushing brightly, Diana suddenly had to leave the room, her words lost in the wild arousal that Kal was now feeling. "Ah, excuse me Kal, I’ve got something I need to do."

With Diana fleeing to the kitchen, Sharon looked concerned for a moment before following her, noticing the flushed look that had reddened Diana’s face as she had stared down at Kal’s dramatic reflex.

Kal didn’t even notice that they had left, his super-senses all focuses on the two identical teenage Supergirls as they embraced passionately, both of them finally turning to playfully pose for him with broad smiles. God they were lovely!

"So, Kal, how are you going to tell us apart? Who’s who?"

"Well, as I recall," he said slowly, "and I do recall so very clearly, Kara is a little bit stronger than I am. I assume that Sharil’s body, some kind of Arion/Velorian clone, will be a bit weaker. Anyone up for arm wrestling?"

The girl on the left smiled, quickly grasping Kal’s hand as she led him to the huge butcher block table in the kitchen, preparing to show her physically superiority once again. The other girl, he wasn’t even trying to put names to them, floated around behind him, her hands ripping the sash from his rob. The material slid down his shoulders, briefly hesitating at the dramatic obstruction formed by his pronounced erection.

"Oh my, Kal, you certainly do live up to your name, SUPERman! Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer to test my ultimate strength another way?"

With that, the girl in from of him wrapped her legs around him, pressing his shoulders backward as she slowly pushed him down to the floor while tripping him, struggling momentarily to use her unfamiliar flying power to lower him to the floor. It didn’t work as he fell heavily onto his back, her soft body landing on top of him.

Her hands held his, her shoulders flexing for only a moment as she struggled to force his hands up over his head, delighted to realize that he was really trying to resist her; and that he was failing! My God, Diana has been right, as a Velorian Protector, she really WAS stronger than Superman!

She felt a sudden surge of passion at that realization, her legs straddling his hips, squeezing him tightly. Kal gasped as he looked up to see the other girl leaning over the top of the girl who was holding him, their long silky hair mingling together as it fell across his face, her strong hands cupping and squeezing the other girl’s breasts, the flex of muscles along her arms testimony to the uniquely Velorian power of her embrace.

"You have only to say YES, Kal, and you can have both of us. Not here, perhaps, but someplace safe." As she said that, the lower girl’s moist sex pressed gently against him, her moist nether lips spreading open a bit by the force of his huge manhood, both their bodies so ready, so willing to have him!

Kal struggled to say NO, but his body was responding dramatically, both of the girl’s bodies now supported in mid-air only by the 12" of steel that was entering the closer of the two!

It was truly Kara who lay on top of Janissa, gently easing her body downward as she knew exactly what it was that was holding Janissa’s body up in the air! Tightening her cute ass a little, she generated a few thousand pounds of flying power, enough to slowly begin to overpower the tightness of Janissa’s tight sex. Smiling, she saw Kal’s eyes growing larger as Janissa gave off a series of startled gasps, her breathing suddenly fast and frantic.

"So Kal, do you like the idea of making it with Janissa here, or perhaps I should say Sharil. You have never had her before, only me. Is she as tight and moist as I was? You know of course that her body is only 16, although her mind is nearly 30. Would you like to make it with such a young girl, Kal, would you like me to press harder, to push you all the way into this beautiful girl right NOW, this Supergirl? Would you like me to use my muscles and her cute invulnerable super body to please you, Kal?"

Kara smiled as she saw Kal’s self-control leaving him as she spoke this way, his body far too aroused to stop her this time. His answer was unambiguous as Superman’s powerful abs exploded into a washboard grid that would be the envy of any bodybuilder, that strength energizing his flying power as he thrust his superhuman body upward, Janissa’s body trapped between the steel below and the unyielding power above, her moist sex expanding outward as the largest and hardest manhood on the planet Earth was suddenly penetrating her young body! Janissa immediately lost all control, her loud cries joined by those of Sharil herself, two minds in one body, both of them reveling in Superman’s power as it expanded so deeply inside them. One mind an experienced woman, the other that of a girl even younger than her body, both of them momentarily in harmony now as they felt only pleasure and overwhelming desire!

Janissa’s long intimate descent to envelop Kal’s body suddenly stopped, the throbbing steel sending new thrills through her body as she felt it stopping against yet another opening, one that contained even more sensual nerve-ends than her clit! Kara’s smile was infectious now as she looked down over Janissa’s shoulder at Kal’s red face. She knew that he had stopped against the opening of the inner vagina that only a Velorian or Kryptonian woman possessed. She also knew that Janissa was gripping him inside her with uncounted thousands of pounds of force, yet it would take nearly a million pounds of penetrative force to expand her vastly tighter muscular inner sanctum. Kara began to generate just such forces with her own body, flexing her ass and legs with her full strength, her hands grabbing Kal’s shoulders to pull him to her, ankles slipping beneath his ass to pull him closer, sandwiching Sharil/Janissa between them. Her protruding pubic bone now spread Janissa’s cheeks slightly apart with nearly a million pounds of pressure as feminine steel met feminine steel, the resulting force vector meeting Kal’s own as his entire body exploded into hard cut muscles, the power applied so intimately upward to thrust into the young girl that they held between them. Janissa’s body lost any remaining traces of her virginity as her muscular inner lips spread wide as the wonderful friction of steel against a man harder than steel occurred so deeply inside her.

Kara and Kal worked together for some time, Kal totally out of control, Kara very conscious of everything she did, Janissa their compliant love slave, her body thrilled in a way she had never felt before as she brought the same pleasures to Kal and Janissa that she had felt before. They thrust Kal into the young Supergirl’s body again and again, ten minutes of frantic lovemaking passing before the two of them finally could hold off no longer, their combined orgasm shaking the tall building to its very roots despite Kara’s efforts to protect it. Their orgasm went on for nearly five more minutes, both of them at their absolute peak of pleasure, Kal powerfully ejaculating many times, Janissa exploding into sharp orgasmic climaxes again and again, as the prolonged orgasm of Krypton provided just one more proof of the superiority of these two beings.

Finally, Kal was spent, even Superman’s body had limits when using his powers to this degree! A dozen powerful orgasms during a single session of intercoure proving that he was INDEED a Superman! The two young girls now collapsed on top of him, their soft kisses touching his ears and neck as they felt his body slowly relaxing, Janissa reluctantly giving him up as he softened inside her.


Kal’s eyes closed as he found himself nearly drifting off to sleep, his body simultaneously satisfied and thrilled by the touch of Kara’s soft moist lips against his. Yet his body suddenly awoke with a start, his thoughts returning to Lois, of her rapidly approaching death. NO, he had to stop, he had to save Lois, his body suddenly becoming flaccid again as he used the fabled self control of Superman, the control he had needed to learn so well over the many years of living among mere Terrans.

"Look, girls," he finally said, still out of breath, "I can’t do this anymore right now. This may seem like fun to you, but we have a serious problem here. Lois’ body is about to expire and she won’t leave Kara’s body. And no amount of playing around here is going to help that!"

Both girls paused for a moment, suddenly very aware that Kal’s concern for Lois was greater than his passion right now. Kara even felt Lois moving uncomfortably inside her, her private thoughts momentarily transparent to Kara. Kara was startled to find that despite Kal’s concern, Lois could care less about her body’s demise, she simply wanted to stay with Kara, to experience the joys of being Supergirl! The joys of being with her lover this way.

Janissa spoke first, her body still tingling wildly from the titanic forces that had been grounded out so deeply and intimately inside her. "Sorry, Kal, I got a little carried away there – you’re so delicious! But I think I can help." She was suddenly very serious, the trained and mature mind inside her suddenly taking charge. Kara smiled as she heard the voice of an older woman coming from the 16 year old girl as she walked over to retrieve her clothes, slipping back into Sharil’s tiny Supergirl costume! The contrast between the appearance of Sharil’s young body and Janissa’s mind and voice was almost disconcerting. Yet despite Kara’s amused look, Janissa continued talking.

"Kal, I have been trained by the Elder Ones, I’m what some people call a white witch. I am very familiar with mind transfers, often called possessions, including those with unwilling subjects. It is one of the darker skills of being a witch."

"So lets see," she said as she finished putting the young girl’s tiny red and blue costume back on, squinting her eyes as she looked around. "What do we have here? We have Lois’ body, I can see her laying in the other room, we have Kara here with Lois’s mind sharing her body, and then we have Sharil and myself, my natural body is sleeping at this moment at a friend’s house. In theory this is perfect, we have four bodies and four souls, sounds about right. OK, to get started, I need you to retrieve my own body, Kal. Here, let me write the address down for you."

She scribbled for a moment before handing him a slip of paper as he dashed into the bedroom, appearing a moment later in his traditional red and blue costume as he dashed out the open patio door. Kara chuckled as she saw that he was seemingly glad to get out of the house for a moment, his self control hopefully augmented by flying through the cold night air.

Diana and Sharon now came back into the room, their arms around each other and their dark hair tousled wildly, both their faces a little flushed. Kara smiled knowingly at them as Janissa began talking rapidly. They all talked excitedly for the next ten minutes before they finally held hands and made a decision, everyone agreeing with the plan except for Sharil, she didn’t have a vote in the matter. Janissa suddenly felt the young girl’s mind struggling within her like a little trapped animal, almost sorry for what they were going to do to her, but knowing it was the only safe thing to do. She was far too dangerous a personality to possess the powers of Supergirl!

Kal walked through the sliding doors a few moments later, holding a tall white-haired woman in his arms.

"I hope your friends will forgive me," he said to Janissa. "They weren’t too eager to give you up, I had to ‘persuade’ them a bit. They should be getting free of the ropes about now."

"No problem, Kal, they were supposed to be protective, I should have given you a note to say that it was OK for you to retrieve my body. Well, too late now. At least we’re all set. Why don’t you and Diana go out and get something to eat or whatever. We need a few hours alone here to work, and everything will be straightened out when you get back."

"Are you guys sure?" he said with doubt in his voice. "After all, Lois doesn’t have much time left."

"She has plenty of time, Kal," Janissa said. "Please, trust me. You guys get out of here, go have some fun, maybe go to a club or something. Don’t come back until at least 2:00am. We need some time alone here and you are VERY disruptive of my concentration, Kal." She smiled broadly at him, his body unconsciously reacting to her gorgeously athletic body and her frank look. He could not get over how stunning she looked in that tiny red and blue costume, the skirt almost criminally short, her legs so long and shapely, her blond hair so radiant as it fell down over her red cape!

"Come on, Kal," Diana said with a smile, "you’ve had enough fun with young girls for one night. Let’s leave them alone for a while. Besides, I know of a good nightclub across town, one that Steve took me to one time when we were celebrating the completion of a long difficult project."

Kal finally tore his eyes away from Kara and Janissa, Diana holding his hand tightly as they walked out onto the balcony, both of them suddenly feeling a little uncomfortable as their eyes met. Kal was feeling a bit guilty at running off at such a crucial time and also suddenly uncomfortable with being this close to Diana, his earlier arousal still echoing in his body! But Janissa seemed to know what she was doing. Besides, if these three superwoman couldn’t sort this out, then he certainly wouldn’t have a clue how to help them.

A moment later, a pair of shapely Amazon and a pair of powerful Kryptonian calves flexed strongly, launching the two of them high into the night sky to soar over Metropolis.

* * *

"Ok! God…they’re finally out of here; now lets get started," Janissa said impatiently. "We have a lot of rearranging to do, and the last transfer has to be me. I need Sharil’s physical powers and energy to pull this off, to do the forced transfers. I can easily transport myself at the end – that’s the easy part."

The next few hours proved interesting, the old fears of demonic possession being a noticeable part of what needed to be overcome in this penthouse apartment during those hours. Skills that had been passed on from sister to sister, handed down from the Elder Ones, were now put to benevolent use, the bright flames of the fireplace flickering strongly as if in the presence of a strong draft, flickering as strange energies were unleashed this dark night in Metropolis.

* * *

Meanwhile, Kal and Diana wound up at a dark and noisy nightclub, one that catered to the odd and the unusual, almost a punk club, Diana having forgotten the name and address of the club she had earlier suggested. Yet their unique costumes did not seem overly unusual in such a club, only a handful of patrons even suspecting that two aliens were sitting among them, and they were too stoned to care in any case. Besides, the other patrons were used to seeing people wearing parodies of Superman’s bright costume.

Kal and Diana did not dance, however. Kal was still worrying about Lois while Diana was worried about herself, about how she felt herself reacting to Kal, about feelings that were not consistent with her vow of never sharing herself with a male. The loud sharp beat of the music seemed to make her body tingle, her eyes seemingly mesmerized by the contours of Kal’s strong body, her mind wondering what it would feel like to violate her vow with such a man! The other part of her mind was horrified, the idea of sharing herself with a man was in total opposition to her vows, to the beliefs of the sisterhood that she led.

In short, they both had a miserable evening, neither of them daring to speak their minds or show their feelings. Diana in particular spent the evening sorting through the feelings that were just below the surface within her, feelings that would certainly force her to break her vow of male celibacy if she ever allowed any part of them to show now.

Their long evening was finally almost over, midnight having inched past them an hour ago. Kal still struggled to resist the temptation to use his super vision to see what was happening back in his apartment while Diana continued to watch every movement of his body out of the corners of her eyes. Despite herself, she continued to be fascinated by the hard lines of his body, the promise of steely power contained in his muscles. She was just getting ready to say something, to break the long uncomfortable silence during which they had both unconvincingly pretended to enjoy the music, when she heard some loud rough voices at the bar.

"OK assholes, everybody down, DOWN. Now give me the fucking money, man, yeah, everything in the register, NOW! "

Kal sighed as he sagged a bit in his chair. There seemed to be no end to the number of criminals in Metropolis these days. He was about to get up to deal with it when he felt Diana’s hand on his.

"No, Kal, let me handle this. I haven’t been on Earth for a while, I could use the practice with these men."

"Be careful, Diana, the criminals here have been getting a lot more violent lately, often shooting people during robberies for no reason and with no warning!"

"Don’t worry Kal, I have my bracelets, remember!" she said with a smile, rising quickly to her feet to walk purposely across the floor toward the bar.

She strode silently up behind the man with the gun, seizing his shoulder in her strong grip and twisting him around while effortlessly snatching the large handgun from his hand. She smiled, this was still as easy as she remembered it: Terran men were so incredibly weak.

She bent the man painfully backward over the bar with one hand as the hard Amazonian muscles of her other hand flexed strongly, the huge Smith and Wesson revolver slowly groaning under her incredible grip, the steel bending as her fingers crushed inward, the cylinder finally collapsing as her forearm became a maze of hard-edged super muscles. Setting the now uselessly mangled gun on the bar, she slowly tore the metal railing from the edge of the bar and twisted it around the man. She was just finishing with him when she heard another voice behind her.

"Hey you, bitch, you want a piece of something? Come here; I’ll give you a piece!"

Smiling, she turned around. The taunts of ignorant Terran men always exciting her; she knew her Amazonian muscles could silence any braying male very quickly. Her eyes met those of the man who was speaking, her eyes widening as she saw him holding a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun. She had no sooner turned, her arms still behind her back when the man fired, the incredible blow of the 0-0 shot striking her bare stomach before she could raise her arms to block them, the impact doubling her over in pain as she fell heavily to her knees.

Kal jumped to his feet, the table in front of him flying upward nearly to the ceiling as he flew across the dance floor. He knew Diana had only limited invulnerability, her proto-Velorian physique very strong yet certainly capable of being injured by modern Terran weapons.

Diana gasped for breath, her lungs paralyzed from the blow to her solar plexus. She managed to raise her head just in time to see the man aiming at her again, a blast of flame and smoke coming from the shotgun as their eyes met! Her arms again rose too slowly, a violent blow to her chest throwing her backward, the hurtling red and blue form of Superman arriving a millisecond too late to protect her. The 0-0 shot tore half of the top of her costume off, her left breast suddenly bared by the impact of the widening swarm of shot, just before that soft unprotected flesh was struck by the full power of the rest of the blast.

She flew backward to land flat on her back, sprawled across a table as the frightened patrons stampeded out of the room. Her breast and stomach were on fire from the pain, blood visible from dozens of small wounds across her breast. In contrast, there were only bright red pinpricks across her stomach as the steel shot had not been able to break through the portions of skin that were stretched across her inhumanly firm muscles.

Kal was appalled as he saw her bloody breast, the many penetration wounds clearly visible. A quick scan inside her breast with his vision showed that she was not seriously injured, the underlying muscles having been far too firm to be penetrated by the pellets. But she still needed a doctor right away!

He grabbed the shotgun and twisted it around the man’s wrists, his anger such that he was not controlling his strength very well, the bones in the man’s wrists crushing to splinters, the man fainting dead away from the pain as his body crumpled to the floor. Kal ignored him, sweeping Diana up in his arms as he flew upward to crash through the ceiling, flying at super speed to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Diana was in surgery fifteen minutes later, the doctors probing her breast to remove the hard steel pellets, Superman guiding them with his x-ray vision and his own fingers. It was another half hour before the last of the pellets were finally removed, the doctors looking at her breast in disbelief as they saw it healing before their very eyes, the holes shrinking and then disappearing, the perfect unmarked surface of soft tanned skin soon replacing the ragged bloody wounds!

Kal washed her chest clean before finally covering her in a hospital gown, quickly thanking the speechless surgeons. Taking Diana in his arms once again, he flew up into the cold night sky.

"Well, Diana, what did I say about these men getting more violent. They don’t seem to have any respect for life anymore. Are you OK now?"

"I think so, Kal, although I’m feeling a little cold where I was shot, must be a bit of energy loss from the rapid healing."

With that, he felt her gently guiding his hand upward, suddenly disbelieving his own senses as he felt her place his warm hand on her soft bare breast, a slight gasp coming from her lips as she encouraged a man to hold her that way for the first time.

Diana’s entire body seemed to explode in a tingling rush, the sensation of his warm hand on her soft breast almost more pleasurable than she could bear, her other arm instinctively pulling his head down toward her own, her lips eagerly meeting a man’s in a deep passionate kiss for the first time in her life!

Her body suddenly felt so warm and soft in his embrace, her panting breath so soft as she ran her kisses across his cheek. Kal remained steady, thinking that she was just trying to thank him for saving her. He was shocked, therefore, when she finally began whispering in his ear. "Oh, Kal, I want you! Make love to me, show me what it is like to be with a man, with Superman!"

Kal’s reacted strongly to her words, suddenly finding that he was tumbling in mid-air as her unexpected demand staggered him! This was Diana, the Amazon princess, Wonder Woman, the woman who was sworn to never be intimate with a man. He knew she must still be in a weakened and vulnerable state from her injury, not speaking what was truly her desire but only what her shocked body wanted.

"Oh, Diana, I would love that so much. But I already have a lover, Lois, and you dare not break your vows. If you did, you would become an ordinary Amazon again, and your body then unable to please me in any case. Do you really want to trade all that for a few moments with me?"

"Oh, YES, Kal, anything to be with you! Besides, you already made love to that Supergirl clone back in the apartment, and she wasn’t Lois! Sharon and I watched the whole thing! And you don’t really know what will happen to me if we make love, even I don’t know that answer!"

Kal struggled against himself, flying even faster than before as he hurried home, not allowing himself to even think of her intimate request, knowing that he had to resist it, he could not be responsible for removing Wonder Woman’s powers no matter what immediate joy it might bring him to make love to her.

He finally swept down to set a very frustrated Diana back on the outside balcony of his apartment, her arms still holding him tightly as her hand slid down, moving under his characteristic red shorts to hold him, his super manhood swelling far too large to be contained now in such tight pants, her strong grip feeling like that of Kara! He reached down to remove her hands, startled to find that she was now wrapping her golden lasso around his huge cock, his body suddenly unable to resist her any longer! While he might have been in control a few moments ago, he was still a man and was unable to deny the power of the golden strands that now surrounded him so intimately! It was now his turn to gasp as her kisses moved down his body, her lips finally surrounding him as the Amazon used her amorous talents and her golden lasso in ways that did not technically violate her vow of chastity!

Kal’s hands tangled in Wonder Woman’s dark hair as she took him far to the back of her throat, his body strangely unable to resist her now, her hands flexing tightly around his shaft as her lips caressed his head, Amazonian muscles meeting Kryptonian steel, his loud shout coming rapidly as the violent explosion of his release lifted her body completely off the ground, forces that would tear an ordinary woman’s body apart from the inside out easily and joyfully contained by the Amazon’s powerful physique.

Diana slumped to the ground as Kal kneeled down in front of her, his kisses meeting hers as he tasted both his saltiness and her sweetness. They both finally rose weakly to their feet, her lips still passionately kissing his as she felt so wonderful, knowing she had pleased Kal yet had not violated her vow of chastity, at least technically. She said nothing as she laid her head on his shoulder, the two of them slowly walking back into the darkened house.

* * *

It was after 2:00am now, the lights were all out as they walked in, everyone seemingly in bed. Diana kissed Kal once again, her moist lips so soft and intimate, their kiss prolonged as Diana felt him responding to her, strangely pleased that she could create such a reaction in Superman whenever she wished. She finally struggled to pull herself away, heading off to her bedroom, one that she quickly realized was already shared by Sharon and Kara. She stood beside the bed, her heart beating faster as she saw the two of them still gently embracing as they slept in each others arms, blonde and brunette hair intermingled. She quickly stripped the remains of her torn costume off, slipping into bed to curl up with them, enjoying the soft warmth of these women’s bodies against her own, quickly drifting off to sleep in her sisters’ familiar arms.

Meanwhile, Kal entered the bedroom that he normally shared with Lois, noticing that there was someone already sleeping in the bed. He smiled, his eyes suddenly looking through the covers to see that it was Kara. Using his remarkable eyes, he glanced around the house, finding that Lois was still sleeping in the third bedroom. She seemed to be breathing easier and her color looked good again, a very positive sign, and a clear sign that Lois’ mind was back in her rightful body.

He sighed, realizing this was likely to be his last time with Kara, quickly stripping off his costume to slide eagerly under the covers to find her strong familiar body there. God she felt incredible, the soft skin of this young Velorian’s body so unlike a Terran woman’s, so much softer and so much more feminine. And the muscles that lay beneath: God, that was the true magic of Kara! He still remembered the day she had beaten him at arm wrestling, her hard muscles unbelievably strong for their size!

He curled up to her now, her warm body so soft against his as she spooned against his body, his arm slipping under hers to embrace her, to hold her wonderfully full breasts one last time. He was surprised as he felt one of her nipples immediately firming the moment one of his fingers brushed against it, her body stirring slightly as she rolled over on her back, her strong slim arms reaching up to surround his neck, to pull his lips to hers. He was touched to realize that she had remained awake, waiting for him!

They began kissing, Kal immediately realizing that something was wrong. The way her kisses traveled across his cheeks before meeting his lips, her tongue tickling his teeth before meeting his own, the way her fingers moved to caress his earlobes! My God, this wasn’t Kara, it was Lois!

"Lois, I thought you were back in your own body, where is Kara? I thought everybody was back where they started?"

"Shhh, Kal, don’t worry. I am Lois and I am in the body I will now have for the rest of my life, the body that used to be called Sharil. From this moment forth, I am not only your Supergirl, but I am also Lois, your fiancée. I will have just one mind and one body from now on . And anyway Mr. Kent, from what I observed when I was in Kara’s body, you are quite fond of teenage Velorians!"

Everything suddenly came crashing in on Kal as he realized what Janissa had done, joyously realizing that his lover was now also his physical equal! His lips met Lois’ with a passion he had never felt before, the strength of his body unleashed as his soul mate was now his equal, Superman and his Supergirl, together at last, in love forever, lovers everlastingly!

* * *

The night was long for these two lovers, and became long also for many people who were gently awakened in their beds throughout the entire twenty-story apartment building, couples unknowingly responding to the building’s minute oscillations, unaware that a Kryptonian man and his equally powerful young fiancée were gently moving the very building much the same way as their passions moved them!

* * *

Breakfast the next morning was interesting, Kal and Lois seemingly inseparable, a man nearing 40 and his young teenage fiancée, their minds the same age, her body so much younger, so beautiful and so very strong. Lois wrapped herself around Kal, her tiny transparent negligee hiding nothing from any onlooker. Despite his efforts to get up and make breakfast for his guests, her kisses never stopped until he finally gave up and took her back to bed, her body seemingly insatiable, Lois’ libido unleashed like never before in a body that never became tired, a body that was always horny!

Sharon and Diana just grinned at them, happy to see them so much in love, so enraptured by each other, Diana’s own kisses finding Sharon’s lips again as they both warmly responded to the mood. It wasn’t until Kal and Lois were back in their bedroom, Lois’ giggles clearly audible through the thin walls, the building again swaying softly, that Sharil trudged out for breakfast.

She walked as if she weighed 500 pounds, barely able to lift her feet, her soft and tired body barely able to support her. She was starved though, finally eating three breakfasts before Sharon made her stop, her body ballooning up as she tried to catch up after a week of fasting. She finally dumped all her dirty dishes noisily on the counter, not even bothering to rinse them, as she shuffled back to her bedroom. Sharil’s knowledge that she was going to live in this body for the rest of her life profoundly depressed her, painful memories of her glorious days as Supergirl haunting her thoughts. The body she now owned, while fairly attractive by Terran standards, felt like a bag of Jell-O surrounding a bean pole, her strength barely enough to move around the house.

It was at that moment that she decided defiantly that the name that her new body was normally known by, Lois Lane, would never be her name. She would be Sharil for all of her days, no matter what name Janissa had told her to use!

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