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A Little Bit of Fun Chapter 8

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“Hah!  I knew you’d like that, Lyda!”

“Oh, it feels so good.  Tara, I never - aiiieeee - knew that you - mmmmm
- had such a gifted - ooooh - such a gifted tongue!”

“Well, I do speak every language on Earth, you know…”

“So do - Oh - I!”

“Then maybe you have a gifted tongue too.”

“You’re - mmmmmmm - right!  Maybe I - oh oh oh - do.  I’ll have to try
- aiiiieeeee - it out on you.  Once you’re - oooooh - finished with -
mmmmm - me.”

“What a great idea!  That should keep us busy until the next batch of
Earthers arrive.”

“And then we - Oh - can continue our - ah ah ah ah - our game.”

“Of course, Lyda.  Maybe you can show them how gifted your tongue is.”

“Oh, that would - uh - be a lovely - uh uh uh  - idea.  Oh, Oh Oh!  Oh  
yes, Tara!  Oh yes!  Yes!  Yyyyyeeeeeeesssssssss!”

“I have provided you with the facts as they have been relayed to me,
General.  All we know is that there seem to be two individuals with some
kind of weapon and some kind of protection from hand-guns who have been
attacking and destroying emergency service vehicles.  As I have already
explained, it is not possible for you or I or anyone else to speak with
anybody at the incident site.  All communications links have been severed.  
Judging by the eye-witness reports, all emergency services personnel at
the scene have been killed.  I cannot ask the local Chief of Police to
continue sending a stream of his men to their deaths.”

“But, with all due respect, Madame Minister, I similarly cannot dispatch
a platoon of men without proper information. What you have told me makes
no sense!  Am I supposed to mobilise a garrison to investigate reports
of a girl in a bikini lifting and throwing a car?  Madame, is there not
a possibility that the police have fallen victim to a hoax?”

“General, I have already considered that possibility.  I have eyewitness
reports of corpses on the scene, of the downing of a police helicopter
and of the murder of several men.   So far, at least fourteen men are
unaccounted for.  There would appear to be a very real danger to the
general population and it is my duty to deal with it.  Perhaps this would
be a good opportunity to remind you of your duty to the elected Minister
of the Interior?”

“Madame!  Please do not think that I am questioning the Government.  I
am merely trying to establish the basis on which my men are to be

“Then let me tell you in the most precise terms, General.  You are to
mobilise all garrisoned personnel within a fifty kilometre radius of the
incident site.  They should establish who is responsible for the police
deaths and arrest, or failing that, neutralise the hostile party.  Do
you think your men are up to the task, General?”

“My men are ready to fight a war, Madame!  I am quite sure they will be
able to cope with a couple of civilians.  Whatever armoury was used against
the police firearms will not be able to withstand automatic weapons.  But
are you certain that we should mobilise so many men?”

“Once again, I must remind you that there have been over a dozen deaths
already.  I want whoever’s responsible contained - and fast.  I will not
stand accused of allowing a massacre through inaction!  You have your
instructions, General.  Please ensure that they are carried out to the

“Of course, Madam Minister.  Right away.”

Chief Inspector Legrand marched briskly down the police-station corridor.  
A man of his status could not be seen to run.  It did not suit the dignity
of his office, nor would it help quell the atmosphere of confusion and
semi-panic that had engulfed everyone around him.  The men needed
authority.  His authority.  

It hadn’t taken long to transform the station’s little-used conference
room into a “Major Incident HQ”.  Two spare radio posts had been set up
and a line of five emergency-circuit telephones.  A map of the incident
site had been affixed to one wall.  A small cluster of coloured pins had
been arranged near the centre of the plan. Blue pins marked the last known
location of police vehicles, white pins represented the two lost
ambulances, and a red pin indicated where the fire-engine had disappeared.   
There was also a black tack for the downed helicopter and two greens
representing civilian vehicles.

Legrand pushed open the swing doors and let them close behind him.  The
nervous chatter of personnel assembled in the “Major Incident HQ” died
down instantly.  Two dozen expectant faces turned to the Chief Inspector.  
Now was the time for him to show why he had been chosen for such lofty
rank.  He moved quickly over to the wall-map, and pointed at the group
of pins.  With effort, he managed to retain an exterior air of calm control
as he addressed the room:

“Colleagues, as you are aware, there is a major incident still in progress
centred around this point on the highway.   A number of our personnel
have been reported as dead and more are currently unaccounted for.   I
realise that some of you may be mourning the loss of comrades and friends,
but I must remind you all that your duty at this time is to protect the
public.  There will be time for reflection later.”

Legrand glanced around the room, meeting a few pairs of eyes on the way,
ensuring that his words had reached their target.  Then he continued.  
“About twenty minutes ago, I spoke with the Minister for the Interior.  
She has taken the decision to hand responsibility for neutralising any
hostile presence at the incident site to the army.  Our task is now fully
focussed on ensuring that the public is not placed at risk.”  The relief
around the room was almost audible.  None of those present fancied the
chance to become yet another blue pin on the map.

“In conjunction with the following prefectures,” the Chief Inspector went
on to list the neighbouring police areas, “our responsibility is to make
sure that the public are kept away from the key zone.  Towards that aim,
roadblocks are to be set-up and patrolled -“ he pointed at the map, “-
here, here, here and here.   We are assigning four cars and eight men
to each roadblock.  No-one - and I mean no-one - is to be allowed through.  
And that includes the media.  Am I being understood?”

A silent chorus of nods showed that he had, indeed, been understood by
his audience.  Legrand selected eight men from those present.  “You will
be manning the northern block.  Do not go any further down the road than
the agreed point and, whatever else, do not let anyone pass the roadblock.  
You have full authority to use reasonable force to arrest and detain
anyone who tries to enter the exclusion zone.  Everyone else, keep on
top of incoming communications and await further instructions.  Any

There were none.  The Chief Inspector left the room as briskly as he had
entered, heading straight for the luxurious solitude of his office.  If
the Minister called him back, he wanted to take the call on his private
line.  And besides, there was a bottle of extremely fine cognac locked
in a cupboard in his room…

The alert siren had been sounding for a full minute already.  The entire
base was alive with activity.  Most of the men were already lined up on
the parade ground. Others, fresh from bed and still tugging on shirts
and jackets were joining every second.

“Move!” Colonel Ferraud yelled at the stragglers in his loudest, harshest
tone.   “This is not a drill!   Get in line!” He didn’t wait more than
a few moments for the late-comers.  Men were still getting into their
columns as he spoke.

“Gentlemen, a hostile force is killing policemen on the highway ten k.
from here.   The government has asked us to intervene and neutralise.  
I repeat that this is not a drill.”

The assembled soldiers were too disciplined to react audibly to the
Colonel’s words.  Slightly unnecessarily, he revealed the other reason
for the urgency he was trying to instil:  “Men are being sent from two
other garrisons.  This is your opportunity to show that all the training
you’ve received hasn’t been a waste of time.  I expect my men to be the
first on the scene and to have the situation under control before the
other garrisons arrive.”

Ferraud knew that such opportunities were rare.   If his men did their
job well and cleaned up whatever mess the civilian authorities had gotten
themselves into, his career would certainly not be harmed.  If they could
complete the entire operation before the other garrisons’ troops even
arrived, then it would be even better.  By all accounts, he and Colonel
Gerbert were still neck-and-neck in the running for promotion.  What
better chance would he get to finally get one over on his old rival?

Colonel Ferraud directed his sergeants to assign their men to vehicles.  
“Get going!” he screamed as soon as the first jeep was almost ready.  
“Hurry up!” he yelled at the men climbing into the back of one of two
trucks.  “Move!” he shouted, banging on the driver’s door of the other

Tara lay on her back, her hand lying across her perfect, flat belly, one
knee slightly raised serving to accentuate the shapely beauty of her long
leg.  Her eyes were closed, but there was little other sign that she was
still recovering from the highs of the tremendous orgasm her friend had
brought her to.

She was not panting.  On Earth, neither she, nor Lyda, were ever short
of breath.  That was just one more aspect of the wonderful, goddess-like
abilities they possessed in this alien dimension.  The frantic glory of
her peak hadn’t even caused her to sweat.  Similarly, Lyda showed no sign
of her own passionate exertions.  They did not perspire when they were
in this world.  Their stunning teenaged bodies seemed to handle any effort
with comfort and ease.

Tara sighed contentedly.  She felt so wonderful here.  Now, basking in
the afterglow of Lyda’s ministrations, she was in a physical heaven.  But,
she considered, she seemed to feel great the whole time she was on Earth.  
Pain, strain, hotness, tiredness… they had left all these sensations
behind when they transported to Earth.  All that they could feel here
was pleasure.

Lyda seemed to read her mind.  “I love it here, Tara,” she said, smiling
down from her seated position beside her friend.  Lyda brushed a few
strands of jet-black shiny straight hair from in front of her eye, tucking
them behind her ear.  “I love feeling this way.  I love feeling so wonderful
all the time!”

“Me too,” Tara concurred.  “And I love being made love to by a goddess.”

Lyda chuckled. “Me too,” she echoed.  Then after a pause, she added, “We
really are goddesses here, aren’t we?”

“Oh yes!” agreed Tara.  “We’re so powerful.  So strong!”

“I just love watching you showing off your strength on the Earthers and
their machines,” the darker-haired girl confessed.

“I like watching you too.” Tara said.  “They’re so feeble and so fragile!  
It makes me hot just thinking about how powerful you are - we are - in

“Yeah,” Lyda warmed further to the subject, “seeing you swatting them
like insects really gets me going, too.”


There was a brief gap in the conversation as both girls lost themselves
in thoughts of each other’s limitless power over the planet’s natives.  
After a while, Tara commented “Isn’t it great the way Earthers react when
they see their weapons don’t work on us?”

“Yeah,” Lyda agreed, “it’s so funny when they think they can actually
hurt us!”  Both girls laughed, sharing memories.

“You know the way they look at you…” Tara began, once she had regained
her composure, “…when they think you should be bleeding or whatever and
you’re just standing there…”

“Yes,” said Lyda.

“It’s such a turn-on to see them looking at you like that.   You know…
like they’re in awe of you…”

“It’s the same for me when they look at you that way.  Makes you look
even more of a sexy goddess!”

Tara smiled.  She liked being called a sexy goddess.  Especially when
the person calling her that was a sexy goddess herself.

“All ready, Colonel!” the lieutenant saluted.

“Good,” pronounced Colonel Gerbert.  He looked up at the array of
assembled vehicles.  Five jeeps and three trucks, their engines growling
in neutral stood poised for his order to move.

He was pleased at the speed with which fifty armed, combat ready men,
had been scrambled.  Of course, he’d been as efficient as ever briefing
them.  There was no time to waste on unnecessary words.  Not when emergency
orders had been issued from the very top.

“Move out!” he yelled at the nearest driver.  The jeep crunched into gear
and lurched forward towards the open barrier that separated the garrison
from the side-road leading to the highway.  The other vehicles followed
in tight formation, roaring past him until all the noise and dust subsided
and the base was quiet and empty.

Colonel Gerbert glanced at his expensive watch.  If his men drove as fast
as they could, he calculated, then there was a real chance that they might
beat Colonel Ferraud’s men to the scene.  He was aware that a third
garrison had also been mobilised, but knew enough local geography to
realise that its soldiers could not possibly arrive until some time after
both his own and those dispatched by Ferraud.

Seeing as all they were being asked to do was take-out a couple of
civilians who’d gone beserk with a rocket launcher or some similar weapon,
he had little doubt that his soldiers could complete the task without
help from his rivals’ troops. He knew how well that would go down in the
capital.  Things like that could make a big difference to a career.

“Tara!  Can you hear that?  Tara?  Tara!”


“Can you hear that?”

“How I am supposed to hear anything with your thighs clamped over my ears?   
Oh!  Wait a moment… yes!  I can hear it!  Earther vehicles!”

“Lots and lots of Earther vehicles!”

“Oh, how exciting!” said Tara with almost child-like glee.

“Yeah,” agreed Lyda, “Loads of opportunities for you to look like a sexy
goddess for me!”

Tara smiled and lifted her beautiful head clear of Lyda’s silky warm lap.  
“Hey!  That’s not fair!  You have to be a goddess for me, too!”

Lyda grinned back at her lover.  In less than an instant, her superhuman
sense of hearing and unworldly speed of thought detected, separated and
analysed the sounds of thirteen distant, primitive engines.  “They’re
coming from two directions!” she exclaimed, delightedly.

Tara caught on to the implications of Lyda’s discovery.  “Well, that makes
it much easier to share them out,” she observed.  “You can have all the
Earthers coming from that side, and I’ll have the ones coming from over

“Seems fair to me,” the shorter girl agreed, with a mischievous glint
in her eye.  “We could carry on with the game we were playing earlier.”

“What a great idea!” trilled Tara, climbing swiftly and smoothly to her

Lyda stood up equally gracefully beside her.  “Shall we pick the score
up at six-all?” she asked.

“Oh, yes,” said Tara with a wicked grin.  “We must play by the rules!”  
She and Tara adjusted their tiny two-piece outfits, re-covering the
intimacies they had uncovered together.  Unspeakingly, they both seemed
to be acknowledging that there were some things that no Earther was fit
to gaze upon.

Despite that understanding, when they stood fully clothed in their native
costumes, there was only a very small portion of either girl that was
not on glorious display.  Sexy faces with generous pouting lips that
parted erotically to reveal sexy white teeth. Beneath, their garments
clung tight to their perfect, voluptuous yet slender, nubile bodies and
left exquisite long limbs, flawless flat abdomens, enticing hips and
glorious firm thighs visible.  And cleavage.  Breath-taking, superhumanly
firm, moment-of-ripeness cleavage.

Both girls boasted magnificent large, rounded busts that thrust
arrogantly outwards from their torsos.  Only the solid, proud nipples
at the centre of each breast and the outer and under arcs of their bosoms
were covered by the thin, sheer fabric of their upper garments.  These
tops clung to the spherical perfection of their charges so tightly that
the shape of every stunning nuance and curve of the flesh they adorned
was visible.

Much of the two girls' breasts were left uncovered.  The silky wonder
of their feminine skin was there for even Earthers to see.  Each of them
presented a dramatic, deep and narrow cleavage that only superhuman poise
and musculature could bring about.  The slopes either side of those
glorious valleys were flawless beyond Earther comprehension, their
blemish-free complexion perfectly sun kissed.  And so very, very, round.

Lyda finished adjusting her clothes first  and narrowed her stunning eyes
at the horizon.  “Oh!” she exclaimed,  “I can already see my ones!   This
is going to be so much fun!”

"What's your location now, Sergeant?"

"We're 2k from the incident site, sir.  ETA under 2 minutes."

"Do you have any visual yet?"

"Negative, sir."

"Sergeant, police reports say your targets may well be female civilians.  
Be alert.  Trust no-one."

"Roger, sir."

"Report in as soon as you see anything."


"Oh, that's interesting." announced Lyda.

"What is?" her friend asked.

"You see the Earther in the lead vehicle?"

"The one with the green eyes at the front or the one with the blue eyes
next to him?" Tara wondered.

"The green-eyed one.  He's talking on his communicator."

"I know.  I can see.  And hear."

"Did you hear what the creature on the other end of the
communicator-thingie said?  That their 'targets' could be female
civilians?" asked Lyda.

"Yes.  Of course I did.  I can hear every word.  So what?"

"Well, do you think he might mean us, Tara?  Do you think we're 'targets'?"

"Oh, now you mention it, I suppose he probably did mean us.  I mean, there's
just us here and the two groups of Earthers..."

"Three groups," Lyda corrected.   "There's another batch coming down the
path behind my ones.  I can hear their engines.  They must be quite a
long way behind..."

"That's so unfair!" pouted Tara.  Lyda caught the sultry look on her
lover's face and felt a tingle in her loins.  Just a faint reminder of
the many orgasms the girl with the light brown hair had provoked that
day.  "There's two batches on your side and only one on mine.  That's
not going to make a very competitive game!" Tara complained.

At that moment, staring into Tara's features, Lyda would have offered
anything to please her friend.  Her mind raced to find a solution, and
found one with lightening speed.  "They’re so far behind the others,"
Lyda pointed out, "and knowing how pathetic those engines are, it'll be
ages before the third lot get here.  Why don't we just play with the first
two batches for now and then we can share the last bunch when they finally
get here"

Immediately, Tara's expression lit up.  The pout was replaced by a
dazzling display of perfect teeth as she grinned.  Lyda found the smile
just as attractive as the scowl had been.  Tara didn't need to say "Yes!  
Let's do that!"  But she did, anyway.

Lyda grinned back at her, her own teeth just as flawless as her lover's.  
"So, all these Earthers are converging on us because we're targets!" Lyda
changed the subject, if only very slightly.  "I wonder why?"

"Maybe it's because of the other ones we were playing with earlier," Tara
theorised.  "These ones are coming to see whatever happened to the last

"So, you mean," Lyda said, taking the concept to a particularly cruel
conclusion, "the more we destroy, the more they'll keep sending?"  Her
eyes were aglow with an unmistakable glint.

It stirred something in Tara to see the shorter girl's obvious glee.  
"Maybe," she said.

"Let's find out!" breathed Lyda.

"What's your ETA, Corporal?"

"Approximately ten minutes, Colonel."

"Ten?  Ferraud's boys'll get their first at this rate!  Dammit!  Tell
your driver to go flat out!"

"Yes sir!"

"Report anything you see to me immediately and detain any civilians you
encounter regardless of age or sex."

"OK sir."

"And corporal?"

"Yes sir?"


"Yes sir!"

"He still hasn't seen us, Tara!"


"The green-eyed Earther.  He's using those funny lens things and he still
hasn't seen us.  What pathetic eyesight they have!"

"What are those things so many of them are carrying?" asked Tara.

"Weapons I guess," answered Lyda.

"They won't work on us," the taller girl commented with absolute

"Of course they won't!  This is Earth.  Nothing works on us here.  But
the Earthers don't seem to realise that."

"Then you'll just have to show them, Lyda," Tara said, her voice suddenly
heavy with lust.

"Well, if you insist..." teased Lyda, grinning wickedly.  A moment later
she announced "Green-eyes is on the communicator again!  I think he's
finally seen something..."


"Sir, I have a visual."

"Go ahead, Sergeant."

"A civilian ambulance on its side next to the road.  A piece of another
civilian vehicle... a taxi I think, sir.     An overturned squad car...
looks like it was hit by several cars or something."

"Any signs of life, Sergeant?"

"Negative.  Just the veh- wait a moment.  Affirmative sir!  Two civilians
standing in the road.  Colonel, they're... they're chicks!  In bikinis!"

"Sergeant, tell your men to surround them immediately.  Intercept, arrest
or neutralise them."

"Y-yes sir."

Sergeant Thompson switched the frequency on his walkie-talkie and relayed
his orders to the rest of the company.  Then he turned to his driver.  
"I can't believe they've sent us to pick up a couple of hot chicks!" he
shouted.  The driver flashed him a smile.  The jeep jumped twice in quick
succession as something went under the front and then the rear tyres.  
"What was that?" Thompson yelled.

"A piece of a car, I think," the driver shouted back.  "There's more and
more debris on the road the closer we get."

The sergeant looked for himself.  He saw something dark blue flashing
past.  A bit of police uniform.  With a bit of policeman still in it.  
The driver had to serve to avoid some parts of two other corpses.  Possibly
three.  It was hard to tell.  "What the hell happened here?" Thompson
asked out loud.  The driver did not answer.  Behind them, the other
vehicles in the convoy were beginning to fan out and leave the road,
preparing to carry out their instructions and surround the two civilians
that the Sergeant had spotted.

"Look, they're spreading out," Lyda observed.

"They're going to try and surround us.  That's what green-eyes said."

"Shall we let them?"

"It's up to you.  They're your Earthers, remember.  I get the next batch.  
I'm just, um, watching for now." Tara answered.

Lyda said nothing.  She stood, facing the convoy of on-rushing vehicles.  
Despite the scale of the group preparing to challenge her - five smaller,
open-topped machines with four men in each and two, large, long
transporters, twelve men seated in the back of one and fourteen in the
other - she was calm.  She knew she had nothing to fear from forty-six
Earthers or their weapons.  She decided to allow them to encircle herself
and Tara.  She remained upright, her magnificent body erect, her long
shapely arms hanging comfortably by her sides.  Her beautiful face
betrayed little emotion as she watched the activity all around.

Beside her, their flanks almost touching, Tara was waiting and watching
too, her features as unrevealing as her lover's.  The taller girl's right
leg was slightly bent at the knee, and she rested her hand on her thigh
in a relaxed, sexy pose as she observed the approaching Earther vehicles.  
Her eyes sparkled as they saw through the metal casings of the
transporters, allowing her to study the men inside with arrogant disdain.

"Moving into position now around the targets, sir."

"Good work, Sergeant!  Any sign of Colonel Gerbert's men?"

"Negative sir."

"Excellent!  Proceed with the arrest."

"Yes sir!"

After what seemed an age, the ponderous machines finally reached their
intended positions and stopped moving, although their engines kept
running.  With slow, clumsy movements, the twenty-six Earthers in the
back of the two big vehicles climbed out onto the ground.  Then they spread
out, forming their own circle around the two girls, each man pointing
his useless weapon at them.

The men in the opened-topped vehicles stayed in the machines but stood,
forming an outer-circle.  Most of them also held weapons trained on Tara
and Lyda.  As the men settled into position, an uncomfortable quiet fell
over the scene.  Tara broke the silence by asking Lyda in their language
"Do you think they're trying to intimidate us?"

"Maybe," Lyda answered with a careless shrug.

"What do you think that thing is?" Tara asked, nodding towards an Earther
standing in one of the smaller vehicles.  In his hand he held a strange,
cone-shaped contraption.

"Some kind of sonic weapon, I think," said Lyda.  "Look!  He's going to
use it!"

Sergeant Thompson brought the megaphone up to his lips and squeezed the
lever on its handle to activate it.  He stared over the cone of the
loudspeaker at the two girls he was addressing.  Even from his position
thirty metres away, they were stunningly beautiful.  Dressed in those
tiny bikinis, the top halves of their costumes so deliciously overworked,
they looked completely out of place amidst the wreckage and the carnage,
surrounded by a ring of two dozen foot soldiers and an outer circle of
men in jeeps.

Their hands were empty, Thompson noticed.   And, although he checked
several times, there was little chance of either of them having concealed
a weapon on her person.   Such slender, youthful bodies!  There seemed
no justification for the forty powerful automatic weapons that were being
simultaneously aimed at them.  What possible danger could two gorgeous
young girls represent?  Still he had his orders, and those orders said
he had to arrest the pair of them.   He could think of worse prospects
than a ride back to the garrison with these two sitting in the jeep with

He spoke into the megaphone, calm and confident in his words.  "Put your
hands in the air and walk slowly towards me!" he commanded.  This was
going to be the easiest mission of his entire army career.  He found
himself hoping that the two girls would not be co-operative, so he would
have an excuse to intervene.  How he'd love to get his hands on either
of those fine, fine bodies!

"Sonic weapon!  It's just a shouting machine!" laughed Tara, whilst Lyda
responded to the instruction to raise her hands by cocking her head and

"Hey you!  That's no way to talk to a goddess!" Lyda shouted back at the
Earther with the amplifier in his own language.  Her defiance caused a
noticeable shuffling amongst the men all around, and a mass realigning
of weapons.  Now the barrel of every firearm there was pointed at her
slim body.

"I repeat: raise your hand in the air and walk slowly towards me!" the
creature barked into his device.

"No.  You come towards me." Lyda yelled back.  She was surprised to see
how quickly the Earther decided to accept her invitation.  Almost
immediately, he put his shouting machine down and, picking up a weapon,
climbed out of his vehicle.  He walked through the inner circle of men
and lifted his weapon to his eye, taking aim at the darker-haired girl's
face as he approached her.

"I have orders to detain you and your, er, colleague." he announced, still
peering along the length of his firearm into Lyda's face.  "I'd rather
take you both back alive, but that's up to you."

"Do you think that's a threat?" Lyda asked Tara, speaking in their own
language so that the Earthers wouldn't be able to understand.

"I think so," Tara responded, still using their alien tongue.

"How dare he threaten me.  I'm a goddess!" said Lyda.

Confusion flickered across the Earth's face as he tried and failed to
understand and then even identify their language.  His lack of
comprehension of the two girls' conversation was clearly unnerving him,
just as Tara and Lyda intended.

"Maybe," said Tara, a trace of wickedness in her voice "he doesn't know
that you're a goddess.  Perhaps you should show him."

"Yes," agreed Lyda, "perhaps I should."

Thompson was confused.   The girl’s response to his surrender order -
something about that ‘not being the right way to talk to a goddess’ had
slightly unnerved him.  He was also perplexed by the two girls’ air of
serene calm despite the dozens of machine guns pointed at them.  
Nevertheless, he couldn’t resist the shorter one’s invitation for him
to come towards her.  How could anyone turn down an offer to move closer
to a body as desirable as hers?

Then, as he was walking towards her, his rifle readied, the pair had
started a conversation between themselves in a bizarre unrecognizable
language.  Were these foreign agents?  And why did they seem so relaxed
despite all the guns trained on them?  He was just ten metres from them
now, isolated from his men who remained in formation encircling the
gorgeous couple.

The conversation seemed to stop after the darker-haired one grinned and
said something to her colleague.  The smile seemed out of place.  It
worried him.  It was the smile of someone anticipating something.  A
mischievous smile.  Something did not make sense here.  Thompson was
becoming increasingly convinced that there was more going on than what
met his eye, although even in his state of nervous readiness, he had to
admit that what met his eye was very pleasant.  Very pleasant indeed.

The darker-haired girl turned her lovely face towards him.  “Come closer,”
she said.  That wasn’t right.  He was the one who was giving the orders.  
Not the girl he was supposed to be arresting.  At least she’d stopped
using that weird language.  But her tone added to his discomfort.  Sure,
he wanted to get closer to her.  But not under her terms.  He had the
gun. And the forty-five armed colleagues.  It was time to end the farce.

He stood his ground.  “OK.  Fun time’s over, princess,” he hissed.  “You
and your friend start walking towards the jeep behind me, now.”

“Princess?” said the shorter girl in a mocking tone.  “I’m not a princess.  
I’m a GODDess.”

“Whatever, babe,” muttered the Sergeant, his patience exhaused.  “Now..

Lyda resisted the temptation to laugh at the Earther’s disrespectful tone.  
Instead, she seemed to be obeying his command.  Languidly, her hips
swinging erotically, she took a few steps towards him.  Tara, meanwhile,
remained rooted to the spot.  After all, the male was one of Lyda’s.  She
was only observing for now.

As Lyda moved, the Earther kept his weapon carefully trained on the centre
of her face, watching her intently.  She could hear his thumping heartbeat.  
She knew that was partly due to his lust for her.  Earth males could not
help being hopelessly attracted to her.  She was well aware of that.  She
glanced down, peering through the material of his clothes, and saw the
erection her sexy walk was inspiring.  She grinned.

Something still wasn’t quite right.  The shorter girl had finally obeyed
and began to approach him.  But her friend wasn’t moving.  And the one
who was walking didn’t seem to be looking at the jeep he had ordered her
towards.  She was looking at him.  He stared back, hypnotized by the way
her sexy body moved as she took each step.  So many curves, swinging and
bouncing.  He felt himself getting hard for her and then, to his
embarrassment, noticed the girl glancing down towards his crotch.

She smiled at him, increasing his discomfort.  Still she continued to
walk forward.  But she did not seem to be intending to stroll past him
to the jeep as he wanted.  She seemed to be heading directly towards him
instead.  Each step with its accompanying thrilling movement of her body
brought her closer to him.  He kept his rifle up, pointing it at her.  
“Don’t make me use this!” he warned, but a trace of nervousness had entered
his voice and detracted from the weight of the threat.  The girl’s lovely
smile did not even flicker.  She continued to advance on him.

Just a couple of meters separated them now.  There was no longer any room
for doubt.  The girl was walking up to him, not towards the waiting jeep
far behind him.  Thompson made a decision.  At this distance, his hands
were more appropriate than his rifle.  If the girl was refusing to
co-operate, he would drag her to the jeep himself.  Such a petite young
woman would not be able to resist a large, muscular soldier like himself.  
What was the worst she could do?  Pull his hair?

He lowered his gun and took a half step towards her, reaching out to grab
her long slender arm with his big hand.  But he never made it.  Without
warning, the girl’s other arm flashed across him, far faster than he could
react.  Her small, delicate-looking fingers curled around his wrist.  For
a split-second, he looked down at her hand in surprise.  And then, suddenly,
he felt a tremendous pain in his forearm.

Thompson screamed as the girl gripped him.  Under the sound of his own
yell, he distinctly heard the crunching sound as her petite hand crushed
the bones in his wrist.  He dropped his rifle in shock.  How had she managed
to do that?  There was no let up in the terrible pain in his arm.  In
panic, he placed his other hand over hers, his thick, hairy masculine
fingers dwarfing her flawless, slender digits.  But for all his desperate
efforts to prise even a single fingertip off his arm, he could not budge
her grip.

Sweat poured onto his forehead as he fought in vain to free his wrist.  
Through emerging tears of agony, he caught a glimpse of his tormentor
and saw that she was still smiling at him.  She wasn’t even exerting
herself!  “What the fuck is going on here?” he thought.  “Who the fuck
is this girl?”  The pain was unrelenting.  He balled up his free hand
into a fist and drove it, with all his might, into the smooth flat
perfection of the girl’s abdomen.

It felt as if he had punched a block of steel.  He could feel the bones
of his hand collapsing against the unfeasibly solid flesh of the beautiful
young woman.  He screamed, half in terrible agony, half in confused fear.  
The girl failed to acknowledge the blow in any way. Her smile was
unflinching, her crushing grip on his wrist unaffected.   He caught her
eye for an instant.  Was she laughing at him?  He was distracted by a
movement of her arm.  The one holding him.  He felt a new agony in his
shoulder as something tore.  Then he stopped feeling altogether.

Lyda let the Earther punch her.  It was always fun when they destroyed
their hands trying to hurt her flawless skin.  She didn’t feel the blow
as anything more than a feather-like caress, but she heard the sound of
the creature’s knuckles shattering with total clarity.  Tara, standing
some paces behind her, heard it too.  She smiled as she thought of Lyda’s
smooth thin belly and the way the powerful-looking Earther’s fist had
dissolved on contact with it.

After that, Lyda was finished with the creature.  His screams were
beginning to bore her.  So she just jerked his trapped arm upwards in
an almost unthinking gesture, releasing him once she’d leant him enough
momentum so that his whole body shot towards the sky.  He stopped yelling
straight away, but he continued to rocket away from the ground, his flight
testament to the phenomenal strength of Lyda’s deceptively slender arm.

The Earther’s body was still climbing towards the clouds, but the other
men were already reacting to Lyda’s throw.  Weapons were clicked all
around her in preparation for use.   The petite brunette paid no attention
as she glanced at the men in front of her.  Meanwhile Tara was still
following the corpse shooting upwards.  Her head was bent back as she
watched it, her amazing eyes allowing her to see the flesh burning as
it encountered the resistance of the edge of the planet’s atmosphere.  
She didn’t look back towards ground-level until she heard one of the
Earthers shouting “Open fire!”

The men needed no second invitation.  Having just witnessed the
inexplicable murder of their Sergeant at the hands of one of the two girls,
they were finally aware of the threat she represented.  Anger too, at
the death of their colleague, was in their motivation-mix.  They demanded
instant revenge.  The girl’s life for their Sarge’s.  Every single weapon
on the scene, bar the abandoned rifle at the brunette’s feet, cracked
into life.  And every single one of them was pointed at the slim, sexy
teenage girl.

The combined noise of the guns was hell itself.   Automatic weapons poured
out their deadly streams of hot steel and lead onto their shapely target.  
They expected to see her body jerking backwards as their bullets tore
into her flesh.  They expected her mangled remains to slump instantly
to the ground.  

But it didn’t happen.  Through the haze of flying bullets, the men could
still see her.  They could see she was still standing.  They could see
that there were no red tears appearing on her stunning body.  Confused,
they continued to fire.  From time to time, some of the men caught glimpses,
amidst the metallic blur, of misshapen bullets ricocheting from her.  The
realization spread quickly through them.  The girl was bullet-proof!

The soldiers maintained the constant barrage of fire, despite the
evidence that it was ineffective.  None of them could believe that the
girl was completely impervious to the thousands of bullets striking her
every second.  Surely, if they kept shooting, the cumulative effect of
so many impacts - each one supposedly deadly in its own right - would
bring her down.  What was happening - what they were witnessing - just
wasn’t possible!

The first wave of little metal pellets came out of the encircling weapons
so slowly that Lyda and Tara could easily have evaded them.  They chose
not to, because they both longed to see the shock and awe on the faces
of the Earthers when they saw the ineffectiveness of their noisy weapons.

The devices being used on them, Lyda noted with only the vaguest interest,
were different from those she and Tara had encountered on Earth before.  
Instead of individual little bits of metal, these machines spat out a
constant flow of the things.  Perhaps, she thought, the Earthers
considered these weapons more powerful than the other type.  But when
the projectiles started to hit her body, they felt as pathetic as those
she had already experienced.

To show the creatures how useless their weapons were, Lyda defiantly
placed her hands on her hips and let the barrage of pellets bounce
harmlessly from her.  For every beat of her heart, ten or more little
bits of metal struck her face - her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, her chin,
her sultry lips - and just crumpled up under their own momentum before
pinging away to the side.

She showed her total disdain for the wasted effort with a sneer, raising
one lip and exposing a few of her lovely teeth.  Some pellets found their
way past her lip to the sexy whiteness she was displaying.  They merely
met the same futile fate as all the other bits of metal that struck her,
her teeth proving complete immune to Earth weaponry.

The rest of her body was not ignored, either.  Streams of projectiles
bounced from her prominent breasts in all directions, a few trying to
bore their way, unsuccessfully, into her deep cleavage.  Her abdomen was
no more vulnerable to the metal onslaught than it had been to the Earther’s
fist moments before.  Her crotch, too, remained untouched despite the
countless pellets ricocheting from it.

The men behind her unloaded their ammunition into her flawless back with
a similar lack of success.  Bits of metal bounced harmlessly from the
perfectly spherical curves of her superhumanly pert rear, too.  Wherever
she was struck, her skin remained unblemished.  The projectiles merely
folded into themselves as they pressed uselessly at her invulnerable
flesh before rebounding away.

Behind her, Tara was absent-mindedly looking at the Earthers operating
the weapons.  Occasionally, a piece of metal would glance off her friend
and strike her.  More often, a projectile intended for the shorter girl
missed its target and impacted with Tara’s body.  She completely ignored
them as she amused herself observing the growing shock and disbelief
displayed on the male faces all around.  Over the racket of the weaponry,
her ears caught the sound of an Earther shouting into a communicator.  
With mild amusement, she listened to the conversation.

“I don’t know, sir!  She just seemed to throw him into the sky.  With
one hand!  We’ve opened fire but it’s not having any effect!”

“What did you say?  Repeat that, soldier!”

“The guns are not having any effect sir!  Our bullets are just bouncing
off her!”

“Say again.”

“Our bullets are bouncing off the girl’s body!  She’s bullet-proof!  
Totally bullet-proof!”

“Is she wearing some kind of armour?”

“No, sir.  Just a bikini, sir.  The bullets are just bouncing off her
all over!  Her face, her tits…  Nothing’s getting through to her!”

“That’s impossible, soldier!”

“Sir, I know.  But that’s what’s happening!  She’s just standing,
perfectly still with her hands on her hips like she’s showing off or
something.  We’re hitting her from all angles and nothing’s happening!”

“Are you sure, man?”

“Yes sir.  The girl is bullet-proof.”

“Understood.  Tell the others to keep her pinned down.  We’ll get you
some heavier support.”

“Yes sir!”

“This is getting boring,” Lyda called out above the din over her shoulder
to her friend.

“Look at their faces!” Tara responded.  “They’re all in shock!”

“Yes,” laughed Lyda.  “Pathetic, aren’t they?”

“You’d think for all this noise that those weapons would actually do
something.” Tara commented.

“Maybe they’re not using them properly,” suggested Lyda.  She cast her
gaze imperiously over a few of the Earthers, and, at her leisure, selected
one.  Casually, her hands still planted on her hips, she sashayed towards

The constant stream of hot metal continued to strike her from all angles
as she strolled.  Lyda made sure the Earthers could see her ignoring it
completely.  She noticed that a number of them were moving about in
response to her changing position.  Some of the men seemed anxious to
maintain the same distance between her and themselves.  Others apparently
were keen to find out if their weapons were any more effective from shorter

As she continued to walk, one Earther separated out from the others and
began to run at her, his weapon spewing furiously all the while.  A yell,
which Lyda took to be some kind of war-cry left his lips as he charged.  
The brunette paid him no attention as he neared, the projectiles from
his firearm not disturbing her any more than those fired from much further
away.  Then, suddenly, he stopped in his tracks and fell to the ground.  
It took her an instant to understand what had happened.  He’d been cut
down by one of his own pellets that had bounced from her body.  She laughed,
both at the irony and the fact that just a single projectile could be
fatal when hundreds of thousands had failed to even mark her skin.

Panic was beginning to grip the men now.  They started to run in different
directions, firing at her all the while.  She remained calm as she kept
advancing.  In the confusion, an Earther ran right in front of her,
spraying her face with hot metal from only a few paces away.  She quickly
closed the gap.  “Give me that,” she ordered, reaching for his weapon.  
The man had no time to react.  She had to lean down to grab the thing
from him as he fell, his body riddled with holes caused by projectiles
either intended for her or ricocheting from her.

Lyda ignored the Earther collapsing at her feet just as she ignored the
thousands of pellets still striking her.  She turned the weapon over in
her hands, her eyes seeing beyond its casing to examine the primitive
mechanism inside.  She found it astonishing that the creatures could think
such a pathetic contraption would harm her.  Adjusting the thing in her
grip so that the end of it was barely the width of her small hand from
the bridge of her nose, she experimentally activated the little lever
on the handle, taking care not to squeeze with any force and mangle the

Bright flame emerged from the barrel right in front of her eyes as the
weapon spat out a succession of metal lumps.  There was barely enough
space for the projectiles to leave the weapon before they slammed into
her face, squashing into flat, disc-shapes against her beautiful,
invulnerable features.  It was a curious sensation, almost like being
tickled, but too gentle to make her actually laugh.  Her only reaction
to the point-blank blast was to instinctively blink.

She released the firing mechanism and the pointless weapon fell silent.  
So much for the theory that the Earthers weren’t using the things properly.  
Looking up, she noticed a group of three of them standing about ten paces
away from her, their own weapons still discharging their ammunition at
her.  Clearly, the trio had witnessed her playing with the weapon and
could not believe the result.  Each bore a lock of complete shock.  Lyda
grinned at them.

The three Earthers stared back, the stunned expressions seemingly fixed
on their faces.  The brunette adjusted her grip on the weapon she had
stolen, holding it in both her hands.  She kept her gaze on the men as,
with an effortless twist of her wrist, she tore the steel weapon in half.  
Then, holding one half of it in each hand, she casually tossed them,
underarm, at two of the males.  The broken bits of metal ripped right
through the chests of the two targets she had selected, emerging with
a splatter of gore from their backs as they slumped to the ground.

The Earther who had been standing between the slain pair suddenly found
himself isolated, face to face with her.   The blood appeared to drain
from his features.  He stopped firing his weapon, perhaps an
acknowledgement of the futility of using it, perhaps the result of fear
making his fingers limp.  “Don’t kill me.” he said.  Lyda flashed him
a smile.  This was fun!

When Lavarre first saw the girl walking towards his way, strolling through
the impenetrable hail of machine-gun fire as if it were nothing more that
a spot of light rain, he instinctively knew he had to move away from there.  
But movement was difficult.  There were bullets streaming through the
air all around, and men running, some of them clearly panicking.  He
spotted two colleagues and, opting for the relative safety of the group,
stationed himself between them.

He watched as another soldier ran almost into the girl and saw him wounded
by a series of bullets that appeared to have glanced from the side of
one of her generous breasts.  Continuing to fire his own gun at the girl,
more in hope than expectation of wounding her now, he saw her snatch up
the fallen man’s gun and, to his shock, point it right at her face.  When
she pulled the trigger and the bullets hitting her skull from no more
than ten centimetres out only made her blink, he assumed he was

Then she’d snapped the machine gun in half as though it was as brittle
as a dry twig.  Before he could even try and take in what he had seen,
she’d thrown the two pieces of gun right through the bodies of the men
either side of him.  The safety in numbers he had sought had been suddenly,
and bloodily, stripped away.  Fear gripped him.  He found himself letting
go of the trigger of his gun.  Then he heard himself begging for mercy.  
It was as though his mind had left his body, so completely had terror
overtaken him.

The girl smiled at him.  Such a beautiful smile.  It confused him.  How
could someone smiling so warmly at him wish him harm?  She was walking
towards him now.  He heard someone shouting nearby over the racket of
the guns.  “Hold fire!  Hold fire!”  There was movement behind him, the
sound of a jeep engine revving.  But he could not tear his eyes off the
girl.  The way she moved, her body swaying so sensuously as she strolled
towards him, her large breasts bobbing with each confident stride, that
stunning smile on her gorgeous face…

She was so close now.  He felt himself grow hard at the sheer eroticism
of her movements.  A small part of him clamoured for attention, urging
him to run away, but he was powerless to obey, so utterly was he enraptured
by her beauty.  Standing right in front of him, her fabulous body so near
to his own, she tilted her face up towards his and slowly reached up,
putting her hand behind his head.  He felt her pull his face down towards
hers and made no effort to resist.

She pushed out her ripe lips, inviting him to kiss their feminine
perfection and he responded, placing his own lips against hers.  She
kissed him firmly, the wonderful sensation of her mouth pressed against
his triggering an involuntary orgasm, his loins unable to resist her
allure.  He shook with the spasms in his groin, but the girl did not
interrupt the kiss.  If anything, she intensified it, making his release
last longer than any he’d every experienced before.

Suddenly, he realized that he couldn’t breathe.  He felt a tightening
in his chest that quickly became a burning, stinging pain.  Franticly,
he tried to pull his face away from hers and found that, no matter how
hard he struggled, he simply could not move.  The pain grew to new levels.  
He tasted blood.  A second later, his world faded to black and ended.

Lyda broke the kiss and let the dead body fall.  She’d enjoyed her brief
mastery over the Earther, hypnotizing him with the way her body moved
before making him cum merely by kissing him.  After that, she had slowly
begun to inhale with her lips locked over his mouth, carefully increasing
the force of her suction so that she could remove all the air from the
creature, but still allow him a few moments to panic before his lungs

Most of the men had stopped firing their weapons now.  She saw a couple
of the vehicles ahead of her moving.  Turning, she saw Earthers running
in all directions.   Most seemed to be trying to get as far away from
her as they could.  She saw a couple sprint right past Tara.  Perhaps
they assumed, given the taller girl’s complete inactivity up to that
moment, that she was no threat to them.  Tara merely raised her hands
from her sides and grabbed each of the two passing Earthers by an arm.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Tara asked her two prisoners as
they squirmed in her unbreakable grasp.  “I don’t remember anyone saying
you could leave.”

“Let me go!” one of the men shouted through clenched teeth.  The other
attempted to drive the sharp point of his elbow into her face.  He screamed
as the impact broke several bones, leaving his arm hanging uselessly by
his side.  Tara continued to hold him by his other arm.

“Lyda!” called Tara.

“Yes?” asked her friend.

“What do you want me to do with these two?”  The two Earthers, terrified
by the way their fates were being so casually discussed, renewed their
futile struggles with extra vigour.  Tara merely ignored their hopeless

“Hmmm,” thought the darker-haired beauty.  “I’ll decide in a moment.  
Would you mind holding them for me in the meantime?”  

“Of course not,” said Tara.  One of the men leant in and, opening his
mouth wide, bit down on her smooth upper arm with all his might.  A trickle
of blood appeared on the teenager’s blemish-free skin.  The source of
the blood became apparent when she pulled her arm away from the Earther
and a dozen of his teeth flew out with it, leaving him with a bloody,
gummy mouth.

“I’ll be back for them in a moment,” Lyda said.  She looked around.  There
were men scattered everywhere.  Most of them were trying to make it to
one of the various vehicles arranged around the scene.  Selecting an
Earther at random, she jogged after him, catching up with him in only
a few strides.  She reached for him, grabbing his arm with her left hand.  
Then, she turned, pulling the man off his feet as she started to run
towards a group of four other Earthers who were sprinting towards the
sanctuary of one of the big, long vehicles.

With the screaming man in tow, she effortlessly overtook the bunch of
four men before turning to face them.  “Hey!” she said, not even needing
to pause for breath, “You forgot your friend here!”  The quartet of
Earthers almost lost their feet in their panic to stop before they
clattered into her.  Panting, terrified, they looked at her.  She had
adjusted her hold on the man she was dragging, still gripping him with
her left hand by his wrist, but now also supporting his hip with her other
hand.  She raised him over her head, holding his body parallel to the

The four men looked up at their comrade and then down at the slim, sexy
young woman supporting his weight with ease.  She smiled at them, only
increasing their fears to new levels.  “Would you like him back?” she
asked, sweetly.  Transfixed, the men said nothing.  They just stared.  
“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’,” Lyda announced.  “Here!  Take him!”

A minute before, Corporal Ferol thought he was going to escape the
nightmare unfolding all around him.  He saw the two beautiful,
bullet-proof girls tormenting a couple of his comrades and ran towards
one of the two waiting trucks, hoping to get clear the area whilst they
were distracted.  Looking back over his shoulder, he saw that he was
already fifty meters from them.

Adrenaline pumped through his veins as he focused on the lorry he was
running to.  “Not far to go,” he thought.  “I’m going to make it!  I’m
going to-“  In an instant, his world had become nothing but pain.  He
was no longer running.  His arm had become trapped and he could not pull
it free.  The agony was centred on his forearm.  He turned to look at
what might be causing it, knowing already what the answer would be.

It was the shorter girl.  She’d grabbed him.  But how had she caught him?  
Just a second before, he’d seen her fifty meters away!  She didn’t look
like she’d been sprinting.  She wasn’t gasping for breath.  Her sexy face
was as serene as ever.  Her calmness amidst all the panic and bloodshed
was terrifying.   Ferol knew he had to escape her clutches.  He pounded
her arm with his free fist until the bruising made him cry out.  The girl
didn’t even appear to notice his efforts.

Suddenly, she turned on her heels.  He found himself being jerked off
his feet.  Before he could think about recovery, the girl started running.  
He was dragged along behind her like a child’s rag doll, his boots bouncing
on the ground, unable to regain his footing as she moved as fast as a
car.  In panic, fearing for his life, he began to scream.  She moved so
quickly!  He felt nauseous as she turned sharply, pulling him helplessly
along behind her.

Finally, she stopped.  He tried to catch his breath.  Before he could
even begin, she put her other hand under his hip and turned his whole
body sideways.  Then she lifted him over her head like a weightlifter.  
She’d run in front of a bunch of other soldiers, cutting off their escape.  
Through the pain and the sickness, he heard her talking to them.  His
mind was too riddled with shock and agony to take in most of her words,
but he distinctly heard her saying “Here!  Take him!”.  “Oh fuck,” he
thought.  “She means me…”

After that, he felt a sudden stab of pain in his shoulder, followed a
split-second later by another jolt, this time in his abdominal muscles
and then a third agony, almost immediately, in his groin, as if his body
was being sharply stretched out.  He was aware of a feeling of his legs
moving through the air, but only for a few instants.  His shins hit
something with such force, the shock almost made him black out.  Something
warm splashed all over the lower half of his body.  He was too short of
air to yell as the pain in his legs grew and grew.  He hardly noticed
that he was no longer moving.  Forcing his eyes open, he blinked away
tears of agony and found himself staring into the stunning bright eyes
of his beautiful tormentor.

From her position, holding the captured Earther over her head, Lyda had
paused for a moment to glance over at Tara.  As she hoped, her friend
was watching.  They caught one another’s eyes for an instant, exchanging
a look of fiery passion.  It was a momentary, wordless communication,
but both girls knew what the other was saying.  Tara was imploring Lyda
to display her power and Lyda was imploring Tara to watch her do it.

Sure of her audience, Lyda had removed the hand supporting the male’s
hip and used the other hand gripping his arm to swing his whole body around
in an arc.  Such was the force of the swing, the legs of the man she was
holding carved clean through the torsos of the four others, killing them
instantly.  Then she lowered her “weapon” until he was almost kneeling,
facing her, his shattered legs partially on the ground, his weight still
supported by her delicate hand on his wrist.

Barely conscious now, his wrist, shoulder and legs broken, he already
screamed himself hoarse and had no means of expressing his agony bar
silent tears that rolled down his cheeks.  Lyda looked into his eyes,
carefully adjusting her grip on him so that she was holding him with one
hand under each arm with their noses only a small distance apart.  “You
poor man!” she mocked.  “It looks like your friends don’t want you after
all.  Never mind!  I want you!”

He couldn’t talk.  He tried to say something in reply, but the wheezing
sounds he made were incomprehensible. “Sshhh,” said Lyda to him, gently.  
“Don’t talk,” she breathed.  “Don’t spoil the romance!”

She pulled him a little closer to her, until the large, firm points of
her big breasts touched his chest through their clothes.  “Isn’t this
lovely?” she said.  “Me holding you tight…” She increased the pressure
of the hug a little, feeling his upper body yielding very slightly to
her generous round chest. “…my breasts pressing into you…”  Lyda drew
the Earther a bit closer still. “…squeezing you, driving the air from
your body….” She tightened the embrace once again “…making your ribs
bend….” The creatures eyes were wild with terror, but she could feel his
erection throbbing against her thigh.

“You like this don’t you?” she smiled.  “Feeling my big breasts so firmly
against your soft body.  Can you feel them slowly crushing you…”  She
pulled him another tiny measure closer.  They both heard the muffled “pop”
sound within his chest. “...breaking your ribs one by…” Another step
tighter.  Another “pop”.  “  My breasts are killing you…” She hugged
him tighter.  Pop! Pop! Pop! “…aren’t they?  What’s it like?”  Another
squeeze.  There were no more ribs to pop.  His eyes were becoming glazed
over.  “What’s it like to feel my breasts crush the life out of you?”
Lyda asked with a smile as she pulled him a little closer still, so that
his chest yielded completely to her superhumanly firm bosoms.  Blood
poured from the Earther’s mouth.  A moment later, he went completely limp.

As Lyda let his body fall at her feet, admiring the newly concave shape
of his chest, she heard an involuntary lustful gasp from Tara and smiled,
then winked at her lover.  Tara responded with a look of smouldering desire.  
The two Earthers that Tara was holding glanced at each other in sheer

No-one needed to give the “Retreat!” order.  The surviving men were
already sprinting towards the hope of escape offered by their vehicles.  
While the shorter of the two terrifying, teenage girls was occupied
torturing one of their colleagues and her friend seemed content to stand
on the spot holding two others captive by the means of a single-handed,
casual-looking grips, most of the remaining men had made into one of the

Quite a few had also piled into one of the trucks.  The driver of the
other lorry was dead, and it stood empty.  As the last of the survivors
raced towards it, the soldiers in the first truck diverted them.  “No
driver!   In here!”

Engines were revving.  The driver of one of the jeeps put his machine
into gear, and pressed down on the accelerator.  Like most of the others,
he wasn’t sure what he had witnessed in the previous minutes -
psychopathic gorgeous young women with astonishingly sexy figures who
were immune to machine-gun fire and strong enough to throw men into the
sky had not been included in basic training - but he knew one thing:  
‘Survival’ meant getting far away from them as quickly as possible.

“Lyda,” Tara warned, “you’re going to lose points!  Your Earthers are
all running away!”  She spoke in the local Earther tongue, so that her
two prisoners would not feel left out.

“Well, I’ll just have to stop them then, won’t I?” said Lyda, putting
her hands on her hips and thrusting out her stunning chest in a power-pose
intended purely for her friend’s entertainment.   Then she addressed the
two Earthers Tara was keeping for her.  “You stay right there, boys. I’ll
be back to play with you in a while.”

Lyda turned on her heels and set off at a sprint towards the vehicle that
had already started to drive away.    She’d covered barely half the
distance to the thing when, mid-stride, she bent her knee and sprung
upwards off her dainty toes, launching herself in an astonishing,
graceful leap.  Tara watched her long, low jump intently.

Everyone in the jeep bar the driver was turned to see what was behind
them.  Terrified that one of the two extraordinary girls might pursue
them, they’d been relieved to see the two of them chatting as the jeep
put more and more ground between soldiers and girls.  They were two hundred
meters away already and that distance was increasing by the second.  But
then, the shorter one had suddenly become a blur - a blur that was headed
in their direction.  

Before anyone could even shout a warning, the blur had halved the gap.  
Then, it launched into the air, still heading straight for them, but now
on an arc that peaked about five meters above the ground.   By the time
the stunned observers had calculated where the arc was likely to finish,
it was too late.  No-one got the chance to alert the driver.  He never
knew what hit them.

Lyda judged her leap to perfection.  She saw the flicker of panic on the
faces of some of the Earthers in the vehicle as she soared down, feet
first towards them.  Her petite heels landed on the front of the
transporter where the primitive engine was located.  The metal covering
tore instantly beneath her, the soles of her feet carving downwards
through everything they encountered including solid steel.

The back end of the vehicle lifted slightly as Lyda came down at the front,
catapulting the men from the vehicle.  Before they could rise any great
distance into the air, however, the thing’s fuel supply ignited and the
entire machine exploded in a massive ball of orange flame that quickly
engulfed both Lyda and the flying Earthers.

The males bodies were instantly burnt to charcoal.  Lyda stood amongst
the flames and wreckage as large pieces of broken vehicle rained down
on her, bouncing from her invulnerable head, chuckling to herself.  Calmly,
she strolled out of the carnage, walking through the raging fire without
a second thought, her beautiful skin untouched by heat or shrapnel.

She surveyed the area around her imperiously.  There were Earthers in
two more of the small, open-topped vehicles, headed in opposite
directions.  One of the two big, long transporters was also moving,
following one of the smaller machines.  She headed towards it, at a relaxed
jog that very quickly brought her close.

The soldiers in the back of the moving truck saw the jeep exploding almost
half a kilometer away.  Their horror at the fate of their colleagues was
also mixed with relief.  If the architect of all this destruction - the
slim, dark-haired girl - was with the blown-up jeep, she could never catch
up with them in the lorry.

Then, as they watched, they saw something.  It was like a pink smear that
stretched across the landscape from the site of the explosion, heading
towards them.  Most of them knew, even before the smear solidified into
a recognizable shape, what it was.  Suddenly, she was only about twenty
meters behind them.  She was matching the truck’s speed, running along
the ground.  She smiled at the startled men.  “Oh fuck, no!” someone
screamed.  The girl winked at him as if to say “Oh, yes!”

They stared in hopeless dread as she lowered her head and then, taking
them completely by surprise, dived forwards as if into a swimming pool.  
She passed right under their gaze and disappeared under the truck.  An
instant later, everyone was thrown forwards.  There was the sound of the
windshield at the front of the lorry smashing.  The floor seemed to lurch
up as they were crashing down.  Men slammed into each other, injuring
themselves, some fatally.    The lorry was no longer speeding.  Now it
was almost still, apart from a strange, almost boat-like swaying.

As she followed the big Earther transporter, Lyda used her ability to
see through solid objects to check that the smaller vehicle was still
travelling in front.  Seeing that the open-topped machine was indeed there,
and noticing the gap beneath the body of the big vehicle and the ground,
she made a quick decision.  She bent her knees and flung herself low and
forwards, head first.

She flew under the back of the transporter, coming down about two-thirds
of the way beneath it.  Her large breasts slammed into the ground first,
smashing out a small crater as her feminine curves pulverized the rock
and stone in their way.  Her face made a shallower indentation and her
knees each made small pot-holes as they hit.

The petite but curvaceous brunette didn’t pause to admire the imprints
she’d created, however.  In an instant, she raised her face from the ground,
reaching up with her palms upturned.  The big vehicle was speeding over
her. She gathered her legs, and pressed up quickly with her hands,
grabbing hold of the machine’s frame so that when she lifted it sharply
from the ground, her slender arms not only supported its massive weight,
but also overpowered its powerful forward momentum.  In a single,
effortless gesture, she brought the vehicle to a sudden halt and raised
it in its entirety, into the air.

She stood up fluidly and easily, lifting the huge transporter above her
head as she did so.  She glanced upwards, peering through the floor of
the thing, enjoying the chaos within.  Then she turned her attention to
the smaller vehicle now trundling away in front of her.  As she drew her
arms back, making the enormous machine overhead creak and lurch, she hoped
that Tara was watching her.

“Oh my god!” screamed the Private in the back of the jeep.  He’d only
turned around to confirm that the truck was still following them when
he saw it suddenly jerk upwards off the road.  The driver and another
man in the cab were thrown violently forwards through the windshield and
came crashing down to roll in the dirt and then lie still.  The lorry
rose swiftly.  Soon, he saw what was raising it.

“It’s her!” yelled the Private.  “She’s got the truck!   She’s picked
it up!  She’s picked up the whole fucking truck!  Oh god!  She’s… she’s
going to throw it!   She’s going t-“

Lyda tossed the big transporter gently at the little vehicle in front.  
She didn’t want to put too much into her throw so that the huge vehicle
would soar far overhead.  She wanted the larger machine to crash down
on top of the smaller one.  Her judgement, as it always seemed to be on
Earth, was perfect.

The enormous vehicle sailed through the air on a graceful trajectory that
ended with it landing exactly over the open-topped transporter, shaking
the ground as the little vehicle instantly crumpled flat.   Then, both
machines erupted in a massive explosion that echoed across the landscape.   
A column of flame leapt skywards as the blast ripped the vehicles to shreds
and scattered them in every direction.  A few bits of twisted charred
metal smashed into Lyda’s perfect body and bounced away, defeated.  The
rest dropped to the ground all around.

Lyda turned around and focused her superhuman vision on her remote friend.  
They were so far apart that two Earthers in the same situation would not
have been able to spot each other at all.  But Tara and Lyda were able
to look each other in the eye so clearly over that distance that Lyda
could see how impressed Tara was.  She ran happily back towards her waiting

“What was that?” the driver of the last remaining jeep asked as he saw
an explosion in his rear-view mirror.

“One of ours,” answered a Private in the back.

“Oh god, she’s just picking us off,” someone else observed.

“No.” said the driver, defiantly.  “No.  She won’t get us.  We’re too
far away now.”

“That was awesome!” Tara greeted Lyda moments later as the brunette jogged
up to her side.

“Thanks!” said Lyda, immodestly.  Turning to the two Earthers trapped
helplessly in Tara’s unbreakable grip, she asked “Did you see that boys?”  
They mumbled something in reply, too scared to speak properly.  Lyda
grinned at them.  “It’ll be your turn soon,” she reassured them.

“What about the other little vehicle?”  Tara asked.

“Where is it now?” Lyda wondered, turning on the spot as she scanned the
landscape.  “Ah,” she said.  “I suppose it would be rude to let them leave
without saying ‘goodbye’,” she said.

“Very rude,” agreed Tara.

“I won’t be long,” Lyda announced, sprinting away once more.

In the back of the jeep, Private Deriva muttered a silent prayer.  After
all that gunfire had proved a waste of time, and the shorter of the two
girls had killed two of his colleagues right in front of him, he knew
that the only course of action was to get the hell away from her.  She
was not of this world, he was sure of that.  As he’d run to the vehicle,
he’d seen the other girl holding two more men against their will,
apparently with complete ease.  There was no doubt in his mind that he
had made the right decision.

He was one of six who had made it into the vehicle before the driver,
understandably unwilling to wait any longer, had thrown it into gear and
turned it around, heading back towards the highway.  The jeep shuddered
as its engine worked flat out to pull the weight of its cargo with the
accelerator pedal depressed all the way down.  Soon after that, they’d
started to see explosions as the girl began destroying the other vehicles
in which their colleagues were fleeing.   But now, they were almost at
the road again.   Surely they were safe now!

Then, someone in the back screamed “Oh shit, no!”  He didn’t need to add
the explanation “She’s following us!”

Everyone but the driver turned to look.  Sure enough, there was the girl,
her lovely long legs moving in a blur as they carried her over the ground
at an apparently impossible speed.  “She’s gaining on us!” someone cried.  
“Go faster!  Go faster!”

“I can’t!” shouted the driver.  He looked quickly down at his speedometer.  
They were doing nearly 100kph!  How the hell could the girl be gaining
on them?

She was only about ten meters back now.  Deriva grabbed his machine gun.  
It was hard to aim accurately in the back of the bumping, moving jeep
so he sprayed the girl indiscriminately with lead.  He saw the flashes
where some of the bullets struck her, and spotted where some of the others
bounced from her perfect skin.  But the barrage did not even slow her
down.  In desperation, he flung the useless weapon at her.  She didn’t
even flinch as it clanged against her face and fell to the ground.  
Inexorably, she continued to close the gap to the jeep.

Panicking, two of the men in the back tried to clamber into the front
to get away from her as she neared.  “Get off!” shouted the driver as
a careless foot on his shoulder made him swerve before regaining control.  
One of the clambering men lost his footing as they hit a small divot in
the ground.  He was thrown free of the vehicle.  Deriva watched in silent
horror as the displaced man fell towards the ground.  He saw the
raven-haired girl flash out her right arm and catch him by the back of
his neck.

She kept running, carrying the soldier with her left hand, letting his
boots drag on the ground.  The trapped man tried to match the superhuman
pace of the girls’ feet, but immediately realized it was an impossible
task.  Smoke rose from his soles as they scraped at over a hundred
kilometres an hour along the ground.  The material was rapidly being worn
away by the friction.

Knowing what would happen once his boots were finally ground out of
existence, the man fought with both his arms to remove the three-fingered
feminine grip on his neck.  He was still vainly struggling when the last
shreds of his military soles wore away.  His screams curdled the blood
of everyone in the jeep as the flesh of his feet proved far less resistant
that his boots.

Deriva looked down and saw the horrific sight of the man’s
blood-splattered legs, cut off just above the ankles.  The girl was
glancing down at the crimson mess too.  Her reaction to the gory sight,
however, was one of delight.  The Private realized that she was enjoying
the torture.  He felt an emptiness in his stomach as the girl slowly
lowered the arm gripping the back of her victim’s neck, pushing his body
down towards the earth, causing more and more of his legs to be worn away
by the rough ground zipping past beneath.

The soldier stopped screaming when his legs had been ground away to just
above his knees.  The girl opened her fingers and let him drop, leaving
him behind as she continued to chase down the jeep.  Deriva found himself
frozen with terror now.  He watched, helpless as she reached for the back
of the vehicle and curled two fingers around it.

The next thing he knew, he was flying through the air.  In flashes, he
saw see the girl, standing next to the jeep, ever more distant behind
him as he shot away.  He also saw the other men from the vehicle, airborne
all around him.  Then he saw the ground, rushing towards him.

Lyda played with the Earther who’d been dislodged from the vehicle she
was chasing, using the friction of the ground to shorten his legs until
he lost consciousness and stopped being entertaining.  After that, she
turned her attention fully to the transporter.  An effortless increase
of her pace brought her within reach of it.  Then she just grabbed it
and stopped dead still, her slim arm more than strong enough to cancel
out the pull of the machine’s engine.

The sudden stop caused the five men left in the vehicle to be immediately
thrown forward by their momentum.   Watching them crash down, the speed
and force of each impact enough to instantly kill each of them, Lyda felt
pride in her power.  She turned towards where Lyda was waiting and waved
at her.  The taller girl grinned and waved back.

Despite the large distances she had covered at phenomenal speeds, Lyda
was still as fresh and full of energy as ever.  She wasted no time as
she ran happily back to her friend’s side, moving faster than any Earth
vehicle could ever travel.

“What?” said the General.  “The entire unit?  You lost contact with your
entire unit?  How?”

“I have to assume the worst, sir.   My men were reporting that one of
the girls was massacring them.   They said that the automatic weapons
fire had no effect on either of the two hostiles.  Then we started getting
reports of casualties.  I ordered a complete retreat, but from what I
could gather, the hostiles were chasing the men down.  That’s when we
lost contacts, sir.”

There was a long pause at the other end of the secure telephone line.

“Thank you, Colonel,” the general finally said.  “That is all.  Please
await further contact.”

“Yes, sir,” said the Colonel, replacing the receiver.  He lifted his
elbows onto his desk and dropped his head into his hands.

“Why do you think they abandoned the other big machine?” Tara wondered,
with a nod in the direction of the empty vehicle, just moments after Lyda
had returned to her side.

“I don’t know,” Lyda admitted, not needing to catch her breath even though
she’d just completed a long, supersonic sprint.  “Maybe these two have
an idea,” she suggested, looking at the last two Earthers - the ones Tara
had kept for her.

“They can’t even speak anymore,” Tara dismissed Lyda’s thought.  “I tried
talking to them while you were running around before.  The poor little
creatures seem to have lost their voices.”

“Lost their voices?” Lyda asked, with mock incredulity.  “That’s too
pathetic even for Earthers!  Are you sure they’re not just pretending?”

“Oh yes,” said Tara.  “I’m absolutely sure they’re not pretending.  Look,
I’ll show you.”  She adjusted her grip on the two men, releasing their
upper arms and talking a new hold by curling her thumb and two fingers
around the back of each Earther’s neck.  With that grip, she bent her
wrists to turn them both around to face her.  “Would you two like to me
to let you go now?” she asked.

The two men made rasping, wheezing sounds but nothing that could be
classified as actual language.  “Just say the word,” Tara told them, “and
you can go.”   The pair made some more desperate, strange noises.  “Come
on,” Tara encouraged.  “One little word, and we’ll let you walk away.   
No?”  Looking back at Lyda, she said, “You see?  They can’t talk.”

“That’s ridiculous,” said Lyda.  “I’ve never heard of a creature losing
its voice.  It’s obvious that they didn’t say anything just now because
they don’t want to go.  They want to stay.  They’ve been waiting all this
time for me, and now I’m back they don’t want to go anywhere.”

Tara smiled.  “I don’t blame them,” she sighed.  “You’re gorgeous.” She
meant it, too.  She looked at the two men in her hands.  “Isn’t she
beautiful?” she asked them, straightening her wrists so that the duo were
turned, whether they wanted it or not, towards the brunette.  Tara held
their heads firmly in front of Lyda’s sexy face.  The men tried with all
their might to agree, but their efforts at speaking failed once more.

“I said ‘isn’t she beautiful?’,” Tara reiterated the question.  “What’s
the matter with you?”

“Maybe,” Lyda said, slowly, biting her lip saucily, “maybe they need a
closer look?”

Tara caught the glimmer in her lover’s eye and smiled in understanding.  
“Yes,” she said.  “A closer look.”  She moved her hands away from herself,
pushing the two Earther’s heads towards Lyda.  She and Lyda grinned at
each other as Tara slowly pressed each man down past the darker-haired
girl’s face.  She stopped when she was holding them with their noses almost
touching the magnificent spherical protrusions of Lyda’s bust.

“How’s that, boys?” asked Lyda.  “Can you see OK now?”  Unable to move
their heads because of Tara’s grip on the back of their necks, the two
males muttered their pathetic responses to Lyda’s breasts.

“What did you say?” Lyda teased.  “Did you say you still can’t see?   Tara!  
I think they said they still can’t see.”

“What shall we do about that?” Tara asked, joining the game.  “Should
I give them an even closer look?”

“Oh, I think you’ll have to,” said Lyda.  She arched her back, thrusting
her big breasts out towards the men.  Tara matched that movement by
pressing the Earther’s faces slowly down onto Lyda’s chest.  The two girls
stared deep into each other’s eyes and listened to the sound of crunching
bone as Tara crushed the men’s noses against the silky, erotic flesh of
Lyda’s breasts.

Blood poured out onto the shorter girl’s skin. Tara continued to press
the men into Lyda.  Their skulls cracked, unable to resist the firmness
of the brunette’s beautiful bust.   Flesh tore and muscle yielded as each
man’s face lost its struggle to dent the perfect roundness of Lyda’s
breasts.  Instead, it was Lyda’s breasts that dented the Earther’s faces.  
The males went limp in Tara’s grasp.

Lyda sighed deeply, her hot breath washing over Tara’s face.  Tara
responded by letting go of the dead men’s necks and throwing her arms
around her lovers head.  The two bodies hung unaided, so deeply were Lyda’s
breasts embedded in the front of their heads.  Tara ignored them as she
pulled her lover to her.  Lyda’s arms encircled Tara’s waist.  The two
corpses were ground into paste as the girls’ bodies came together,
destroying everything between them.  They kissed deeply.

“Colonel, tell your men not to proceed to the incident site.”

“But sir, they’re one minute away from the rendezvous point!”

“Then, tell them now!  Tell them to hold their position and await further

“Right away, sir.”

“You know you scored forty-six points there,” Tara breathed between
kisses.  “I’m impressed.”

“It’ll be your turn soon.  Your Earthers must be nearly here by now.  I
can’t believe how slow their vehicles are.”

“Wait a second!”

“What is it, Tara?”

“Listen!  They’re stopping!”

“Oh yes.  I wonder why…”

“It’s not fair!  We’re in the middle of a game here!  Don’t they realize

“New orders, Corporal.  Under no circumstances are you to engage the
hostile parties.  Hold your position and wait for reinforcements.”

“Yes sir.”

“I’ll let you know more when I can.”

“Thank you, sir.  Ah, sir?  There’s a lot of smoke on the horizon.  It
looks like several vehicles on fire.  I could send a foot party to
investigate in the meantime...”

“Negative, Corporal.  Hold your position.  Stay away from the original
incident site until you receive direct orders to the contrary.”

“Roger, sir.”

“And how long will it take the tank column to reach the site, General?”

“ETA is twenty minutes, Prime Minister.”

“I see.   The Minister for the Interior tells me you are keeping other
ground forces away for now.  Please keep it that way.   From what I can
gather, we have suffered far too many losses already.”

“I agree, Prime Minister.”

“The civil authorities have closed off the area to the public.  I’ve
instructed the security services to give you every assistance in this
matter.  Let’s try and keep further casualties to a minimum.”

“Of course, Prime Minister.”

“Thank you, General.  Please let me know when there are any further

“I can see them!  They’re just sitting in their vehicles with the engines
off!  What are they waiting for?”

“I don’t know, Tara.  Shall we go and ask them?”

“Yes, let’s!”

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