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A Superworld – Shazam: Cherry Bomb, Part 1

Written by erikphandel :: [Saturday, 27 December 2014 03:55] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 31 December 2014 10:07]

tumblr ngc7llln8F1r5kgkuo1 1280Chapter 1

A young woman was driving a crowd wild. She did not have to do much to achieve that: she was a very beautiful and spontaneous person, with a lot of personality. So when she grabbed her bass guitar and started singing with her band in any small underground club in New York, that would sure be a night to be remembered.

Can’t stay home, can’t stay at school

Old folks say, “you poor little fool”

Her bright bubblegum-pink hair gleamed as the spotlights reached them, as if glowing on its own. Her lips almost kissed the microphone as she sang with a sultry and rebellious voice.

Down the streets, I’m the girl next door

I’m the fox you’ve been waiting for!

She screamed and shouted, completely lost in the lyrics of the song, which she claimed that Joan Jett wrote just for her. It had always been her favorite.

Hello daddy, hello mom!

I’m your ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

Hello world I’m your wild girl!

I’m your ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

She stopped playing for a bit to strip out of her leather jacket. With a playful swing, she threw it at the audience, making a lucky fan very happy. Her bare, round breasts were now exposed, barely covered by a black bra.

Stone age love and strange sounds too.

Come on, baby, let me get to you.

Bad nights causing teenage blues.

Get down ladies, you've got nothin' to lose!

Rose went out of control at the chorus; she just stopped singing altogether, while the crowd carried on the lyrics.

Hello daddy, hello mom!

She threw herself at the audience.

I’m your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-

She was crowdsurfing while completely lost in the notes of the song.


She started touching herself.

“Damn, that was some hot stuff tonight, Rose!” said the band’s main guitarist, Brendan, that was also her boyfriend. She greeted him with a tender kiss, which immediately turned him due to her almost naked breasts rubbing in his chest.

“I dunno, man, that song … That damn song just turns me on every time. I just have to get off at that last chorus.”

“Pretty sure the crowd didn’t mind that”

“Pretty sure we won’t be able to do that at Wembley when we get famous.”

“Fuck Wembley, then. Who needs to be famous anyway? We got true Death Rattle fans, right here, in NYC. They’re the ones who matter.”

Rose loved when he got naively idealistic. “We sure do, baby. C’mon, let’s go home. I need to have sex.”

In half an hour, they were in their room, exchanging French kisses in their beds.

“Ya know, baby, I feel like we should celebrate tonight.”

“Celebrate? Celebrate what?”

“Hmmm … Our awesome show?”

“Our shows are always awesome.”

“That you have a gorgeous boyfriend?”

“Dude we’ve been dating for a year already!”

“Would you … would you just put on the costume already!”

Rose smiled playfully. Her boyfriend was the guitarist of a punk rock band, with lots of women wanting to be with him and guys wanting to be him, but in his heart he was just a geek.

“All right … But you’re paying dinner.”


She went to the wardrobe and got the costume, then went to the bathroom to change. After several minutes, Brendan was already getting quite impatient, and began caressing himself softly.

“Are you ready, darling?” she said, still with the bathroom door closed.

Brendan was turned on like a log. “You bet baby.”

“SHAZAM!” she screamed, just to tease him.

The door swung slowly, revealing his girlfriend in a very tight spandex red superheroine costume. The fabric hugged her generous breasts and nice curves tightly, revealing her nipples underneath the lighting shaped insignia that covered her chest. A red mini-skirt, with details of golden and white, covered her hard-earned butt.  Her delicate feet were wrapped in a pair of golden strap sandals, making her look like a Greek goddess. A white short cape with golden details completed the ensemble, covering her right arm and her back.

“Seems like you’ve been a naughty boy lately, Brendan.”

“Oh shit, I’ve done things you can never imagine.”

“Looks like you’ll have to be … Punished!”

Chapter 2

Rose was about to jump on her boyfriend and give him a good blowjob. However, when she did jump, she landed elsewhere. She landed in a carpet.

“What the …”

“Rose Meredith.”


“You have been chosen.”

“This better be good ‘coz I was just about to have sex.”

Rose then raised her eyes, and they met with the Mother’s. Immediately, she knew she had been disrespectful. She knew that she might have offended someone important. But she had never seen that woman in her life.

She had never seen someone so beautiful in her life.

“I’m … sorry.”

“Do not be, child. You have personality. You are quirky, and always speak your mind. I like that.”

Rose stood up, and for some reason the Mother’s compliments made her completely forget that she was supposed to be mad at her. In fact, she now was completely enamored by her. Nevertheless, she was not going to let it show.

“So … What’s this about? The fuck I am?” she said, trying her best to keep her tough girl act. However, it was getting harder by the moment: the very aura of that woman drew all her thoughts and senses to her, and she began to get aroused again.

“I have a mission for you.”

“A mission.”

“Yes. I have chosen you to protect the people of your planet against a new source of danger that has awakened today.”

“A … What? I heard nothing in the news.”

“Because such danger has not revealed itself yet. But it looms and lurks in the darkness, its power ever increasing.”

“Would you tell what it is already?”

“One of the humans discovered magic.”

Rose laughed sarcastically. “Magic? What’re ya, the Dungeon Master?”

“Rose, open your eyes. Look around. Then look at me. And tell me magic doesn’t exist.”

Rose then noticed the strangeness of the place where she was. There was the red carpet floor, and that was it. Nothing else separated Rose from dying asphyxiated in the vacuum of space. She and the Mother were floating on a red carpet right in the middle of space.

“What the fuck …”

“I am keeping you alive with my magic, providing you oxygen and heat so you do not choke or freeze. If magic is unreal, I might as well revoke my spells, might I not?”

“No! No, no, no … Okay. Magic is a thing. As in, a real thing. Okay. I’m not freaked out.”

“Now that you believe me … Will you accept my mission?”

“Look, ma’am, you must’ve been mistaking me for someone else. What can I do if some crazy bastard managed to uncover the ancient secrets of some dark spell? I’m just a singer.”

“You have courage, child. You have passion. You are driven. Above all, I like you. When a Mother has so many children, you cannot blame her if one or two get to be favorites.”

“Well, I’m flattered, really. But still just a singer.”

“Do not worry about that. I shall give you power to face any threat.”

“Power? What kind of power?”

“The strength of a thousand men, speed far higher than a bullet, just to name a few.”

“So I’m gonna be a superhero? You’re telling me you’re a geek?”

“I’m not a … Geek. I just find it amusing to bring human fiction to life to do my deeds.”

“You have a weird sense of humor, lady.”

“Do you accept my gift?”

“Meh, if anything, Brendan will enjoy it. Hit me.”

“Then come.”

Rose came closer to the Mother. Just by getting closer to her, all her senses became excited, and her nipples were rock hard. It took all of her mental strength not to touch herself.

“Your mission, Rose Meredith, is to protect the humanity from themselves. Whenever a human would acquire magic power to cause harm to others, and intends to do so, you shall be there to stop. For that, you can summon your own power. If you utter the power word, thunder and lightning will come to your aid. Say it.”

“Say what?”

“Just … Choose an appropriate word to summon your power.”

“Okay … Here goes nothing. Shazam!”

As soon as she said that, the Mother out her right hand around her neck, causing Rose’s senses to overload in a powerful orgasm. From the farthest corners of the universe, lightning traveled and hit Rose, but she did not feel pain. Thunder came from everywhere, and each one that struck Rose imbued her with power. And with each wave of power she received, she cried and screamed in loud, mind-numbing sexual bliss. When the last thunder struck her, she moaned as loud as could, in the biggest orgasm she had ever had, and passed out.

Chapter 3

Rose opened her eyes, and felt something in her crotch.

“Dude, am I that good?”

She was on top of her boyfriend, who had a confused, but satisfied look on his face. She was still wearing the costume.

“What … What the fuck just happened?”

“You tell me, girl! My dick barely touched that sexy costume of yours and you just came for like, a whole minute!”

“I … what?”

“Rose, you OK?”

She rolled away from him, panting.

“I’m … I’m all right. I’m fine.”

“S’okay if you’re not feeling like it tonight. You’re gonna have to sleep in your uniform though.”

“My uniform …”

“Dude, stop saying vague shit like that, you’re freaking me out! Are you seriously ok?”

She actually was. “I’m more than OK. Shit, I feel awesome!” she said with a smile. All her body was pulsing with a strange, warm energy, which made her feel powerful, capable of doing anything. It also made her horny, as she began caressing her nipples through the fabric of her costume.

“Hmmmm … This feels so good …”

Brendan noticed the opening, and quickly positioned himself to give his girlfriend oral sex. He removed her white and golden panties, and began licking her pussy, at first gently and slowly.

“Oh yeah … Don’t stop baby …”

Rose was so lost in pleasure that she forgot completely what she was worried about. She didn’t even notice when she began floating away from her bed, and her boyfriend had to almost stand up in the bed to keep pleasuring her.

“Go harder! I’m cumming!”

Obedient, Brendan dug deep into Rose’s sex, rubbing her lips and strong and as fast as he could with his tongue. She moaned louder and louder, until she burst in a thunderous scream shook the whole building, breaking all of its windows.

“Holy crap baby, that was good!” she said, almost moaning the sentence. “Now come over here, I’m gonna suck your cock dry.”

Brendan was completely turned on; Few thing got him going as fast as seeing her girlfriend display her powers while pleasuring herself. “OK, but first you’re gonna have to get down here.”

“I … what THE FUCK?” she finally noticed that she was almost hitting her nose on the ceiling of the bedroom. With a shriek, she fall back on her bed, crushing it to pieces when she landed.

“Rose, what’s going on?”


“Of course I saw it I had to stand up to keep licking you! What’s up with that anyways? You do it all the time!”

“What, flying?!”

“Yeah, duh! And now you owe me a new bed. And seems like you owe everyone in the building new windows also.”

“I … Wow … That crazy space nerd … She was speaking the truth!”

“Rose did some evil wizard erase your memory?”

“Brendan, what do I do for a living?”

“You beat the crap out of everyone who tries to use magic to kill people! What a stupid question man.”

She stood up from the wreckage of Brendan’s bed, lost and confused.

“Dude, if you love me, help me now. What can I do?”

“What do you mean?”

“What powers do I have?”

“Hmm … Lemme see. It’s a long list. Super-strength, super-speed, super-senses, flying, the thunder thing, invulnerability … Yeah, I think that’s it.”

She looked at both of her hands and clenched her fists, a wide, satisfied grin on her face.

“Ya mean I’m as powerful as those superheroes on your comic books?”

Brendan then went to a table at the other side of the room, picked a comic, and returned with it. “Dude, you are IN the comics.” He said, pointing at the cover. It was, indeed, a girl with a striking resemblance to her in the cover, flying towards the skies, her arms pointing upwards.

“I need to get some air.” That said, Rose completely vanished, rising all the dust from the broken bed as she left in super-speed. After a couple minutes, Brendan reached her at the building’s roof, staring at the night stars. He gave her a warm hug from behind, and kissed her gently in her neck.

“Hey girl, chill … Dunno what’s going on here, but I’m here for you. Everything’s gonna be fine, ok?”

She turned around, and have him a long French kiss, one that only a couple in love could enjoy.

“I know, man. Look …” she had a concerned look on her beautiful face. “I just received a goddamn huge responsibility. And also the best fucking gift I’ve ever got. It’s all just a bit overwhelming.”

Brendan smiled at her, a smile that he knew she loved. “I love you, Rose.”

“I love you too. Let’s just get some sleep ok?”

Chapter 4

Rose woke up early in the morning, way before Brendan, so she got silently out of bed to get ready for the day. She freshened up very carefully, for she knew that a movement with more strength than needed could destroy the bathroom sink, or put an unnecessary hole through a wall. Despite having just woke up, she noticed that her hair was already perfectly combed and dressed, as if she had just got out of the beauty saloon. She was still wearing her uniform, but it was not smelly or crumpled, but looked like as if it was just washed.

“Now those are some handy powers to have.”

Further analyzing herself, she found out that her transformation also affected her body. Rose was not at all a chubby or ugly person before. In fact, she was known as one of the hottest women in the underground rock scene in New York. Now, her body had changed to a point where it would surely drive any man crazy just by looking at her. Her C cup breasts had grown to a D cup, and had perfectly round shapes, like two heavenly globes that seemed to not care if gravity existed or not. Her curves had been accentuated, her waist diminished and her hips enlarged. Her butt was reshaped significantly, toned and round like she always dreamed to have, and had spent all her life in the gym to achieve. Her legs and arms now showed slight muscle lines, enough to show that she now was not someone you would want to mess with, but still not enough that it still matched perfectly her feminine, petite body.

“Hot damn! Brendan, ya lucky bastard!” she thought, while flexing in the mirror.

She then sped to the building roof again, getting there almost instantly.

“Ok … Now lemme try some of this new stuff out.” She thought. Flying was the first thing she wanted to try out. She inhaled slowly, and exhaled, almost like a monk meditating. In a few moments, she managed to float away from the ground.

“Holy shit I really can fly! Hahaha!” Rose could not stop giggling. She quickly managed to get how to control her new ability, and after a few minutes of practicing, she shot upwards, distancing herself from the city. She was now high above the city, and yet she could easily distinguish every face and hear every conversation that was going on below her. The whole city just seemed so tiny from where she was.

There was only one ability she had not tried yet.

“I’m gonna look so stupid if that doesn’t work.” She thought, closing her eyes.


Despite the clear sky, a thunder rumbled out of nowhere, hitting Rose in the chest. But again, she did not feel any pain. What she felt was a wave of power surging through her, as her true power had now been unlocked. She opened her eyes, which were now glowing orbs of pure electricity. She looked at her hands, where sparks fizzled and jumped around, like she was a high-voltage live wire.

“Oh yeah baby!” she screamed in joy, shooting lighting from her hands at random places in the horizon. Her voice vibrated with the electricity in her lungs, making her sound as an otherworldly goddess.

“Hey! Be careful where you’re shooting that stuff, Electro!” a voice shouted from behind her.

“How the hell are you … Oh man …” her sentence was interrupted when she noticed who interrupted her: Supergirl, new city’s brand new Maid of Might.

“Look, we’re gonna have to have a serious talk about this super- wait a minute. Are you … OH. MY. GOD!” Supergirl shrieked, a tremendously excited smile on her face. “ROSE MEREDITH! ROSE MEREDITH IS FLYING UP HERE WITH ME!”

Rose was caught completely off-guard as the superheroine dashed in her direction, jumping her on a monstrous hug that almost sent them both falling down towards the city.

“I’m soooooo your fan! Death Rattle is like, the BEST band in NYC!” Supergirl said, her grin from ear to ear.

“Oi, chill dude, you’re totally crushing my spine!” Rose said, shoving her away. She seemed not to take a notice of that, and was still engaged on full fangirl mode.

“I didn’t know you had superpowers, girl! That lighting stuff is so cool! You totes should use that in your concerts.”

“Yeah … That’s the thing. Can we talk?”

Supergirl noticed the worried looked on her face, and calmed down a bit.

“What’s up?”

“Look, the craziest shit just happened to me. I just got those. Like, yesterday.”

Supergirl suddenly comprehended what was going on. “I see. I’ve been there. Looks like you’re alone to deal with it, right?”

“Everybody I know just seems to know that I’ve had those superpowers all my life!”

“Well not anymore.” Supergirl extended her hand to her. “Donna Summers. Nice to meet’cha.”

“Rose Meredith. So I’m assuming you also had a meeting with space chick?”

“What, you mean the Mother?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“I did. She touched my heart and gave me Superwoman’s powers. And then Superwoman became my teacher. Best day ever!”

Rose could not help but smile at that girl. She was just enjoying herself so much it almost made her jealous.

“So what’s your mission?” Donna asked.

“Seems like I have to stop magic from falling in the wrong hands. Or something.”

“Magic is real, huh? Cool!”

“You accepted that way too fast.”

“Dude, we’re both flying miles above the city, and I just saw you shoot lightning from your hands. World’s a pretty crazy place right now.”

“Point taken. But how am I supposed to now where I should be? How do I not get to the bad guys before it’s too late?”

“Geez, I dunno. Supes and I just listen to people crying for help, and go there. Your case seems a bit more complicated.”

Rose was hoping that Supergirl could help her carry out her new mission, so she could not help but feel a bit disappointed with her answer.

“Hey, don’t be like that, girl! Look, I’ll help you any way I can, OK? Wait a minute.” She plummeted down towards the city, and soon came back with a piece of paper in hands. “Here, my cell number. I gotta go now. Duty calls! Whenever you feel like talking about this stuff, just give me a call!”

Rose let a smile show from a side of her mouth. She was beginning to like that goofy girl.

“Sure thing.”

Donna then fell towards the city again, waving her goodbye. However, in a few instants, she came back.

“Don’t you wanna come with me?”

Rose seriously considered her offer, but she did not feel like it was time to reveal her powers, if not everybody knew about them. She needed some time to get used to all of this.

“Nah, I don’t wanna steal your thunder. Pun intended. If you find some evil wizard though, I’ll be there.”

Donna giggled. “Man, I still can’t believe I’m friends with Rose Meredith! I’m so taking Rachel to your next concert!”

“Dude, people, help, your stuff? Get going!”

“Oh, right! Bye Shaz!”

Rose stood in place, floating in the air, watching while Supergirl rescued the survivors of a building on fire. Things were getting crazier, but at least she now got someone to help her.

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