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Author's note: There is a fairly loose story that binds this piece together, but if I'm honest it really is just an excuse for gratuitous depiction of super-human strength by a particularly attractive woman. This is an idea I've had for quite a long time and I wanted to get it down “on paper”, I hope you enjoy it.

Warning: there is no gore in this story whatsoever, but there are scenes of a sexual nature. 18+ only.

She instinctively groaned softly as she suddenly regained consciousness, feeling suddenly energized more than she had ever felt before. Amanda was lying on the floor in the bathroom of the army school that she hated. Amanda hated this school. When her Mum died a few years ago, Amanda's life was turned upside down. Her life in sunny suburbia with all her friends was shattered as she was forced to stay with her Dad as he toured military bases around the world. She loved her Dad, but she hated having to move so much and she almost always hated the schools she was forced into. She had been at this school for about 6 months now and she hated every day – it was always the same thing – relentless torment from the other girls. She was still the new girl, and despite the fact she had now just turned 18, and only had months to go, she was still the same shy, reclusive girl that she had always been – well, at least since her Mum died. The bullying made her sad. There was one girl in particular that Amanda hated, she was the leader of the group that always bullied Amanda. Kate was the popular one, the beautiful one, the one that always got the boys. Kate was a bitch.

The only thing that Amanda enjoyed at school was drama. It gave her a chance to get away from the grind of normal life and be someone else. This year they were putting together a production for the end of year – Romeo and Juliette. Amanda really wanted to play Juliette, she knew she was good at acting – it was the only thing she was good at. Years ago, before her Mum died, she had got the school prize. Unfortunately this year, Kate was doing drama too. Today they had been doing the auditions.

Several hours earlier:

Amanda bumped into Kate as she was heading in for her audition and Kate was leaving hers.

Kate: “Do you really think you're good enough for this Amanda? You only got that prize because the teachers felt pity for you … pity for someone so ugly. I've just nailed the audition, I wouldn't be suprised if they just stop now – they've seen the best and most beautiful actress today.”

Amanda didn't know what to say, so she ignored the comment. Before she could depress herself by thinking about her barren sex life, she focused on her target. She was going to get this part, and crush Kate in the audition. She continued to walk into the auditorium. Inside was a table, with Mr Hawkins, the drama teacher and another judge, Jeff, sitting there looking bored.

“Come on in Amanda, please read the lines that you were told to practice. You've got 2 minutes.” Amanda read the lines, but as she did so she could see that the judges weren't paying much attention. Her heart sank. Just before she finished she thought that she heard the judge say that only Kate was pretty enough for the role.

“Thank you, we'll let you know in due course.”

“Come on Jeff, lets go home – I think we've found the one”.


Amanda walked as quickly as she could out of the room, she had to use all of her self control to stop herself from crying. Why did Kate always have to ruin everything! As the door closed behind her she rushed to the bathroom cubicle just down the hall and locked herself in. She put the seat cover down and sat down, her head in her hands, sobbing to herself. There was a rumble of thunder outside as the heavens opened and it began to rain.

“Why does Kate always have to do everything better than me?!”, Amanda sobbed. It wasn't fair! Kate was 5ft 10, blond, skinny and had nice breasts. Amanda was only 5”2, and awkwardly skinny. Kate was always being nasty to her – saying how she looked like a boy with her very slight frame, flat chest and short brown hair. It was true though. Why couldn't she be gorgeous like the models that she saw in magazines? Why couldn't she be strong like Supergirl? She always won.

As she thought about these two things she looked at herself in the mirror and wished that things could be different. Her call was to be answered. A bolt of lightning struck the building and passed down through the building, right through the hand rail that Amanda was holding onto.

Millions of volts flowed through her. All Amanda saw was a bright white light and then everything went black.


Hours passed, Amanda slowly regained conciousness. She was lying on the floor in the bathroom. There was no light, apart from the moonlight that shone through the window. Many hours must have passed for the storm to clear, but it was still dark – Amanda figured that it must be very late – everyone had gone home so the school would be deserted. Her Dad was away this week on assignment, so no-one would miss her. She felt very odd – somehow incredibly energised, but very dazed.

She slowly tried to get up, this was harder than she expected. She didn't know that her proportions had changed and she was taller than before. Amanda grabbed onto the hand rail and dragged herself up to the sink. She didn't notice the screech, nor the imprints left in the tubular steel by her delicate hands as she gripped it.

She walked slowly forward, still feeling groggy, toward the sink so that she could splash herself with water to wake herself up. She bent down to the cold tap with her hand. She put her hand around the tap and tried to turn it, but instead the tap handle ripped off in her hand.

“What the hell?” she exclaimed.

Without thinking, she dropped the handle and tried the other handle. This time she was a little more gentle. She pressed her hand down over the handle and heard a shriek before the handle came off again. She dropped the handle again. If she had bothered to look down she would have seen imprints of her fingers crushed into the metal.

Still in a daze, Amanda now decided to leave the bathroom. She approached the door and pushed down on the handle, and gave the door a light shove at the same time. Unfortunately, she had forgotten that the door was still locked. The door flew open with a large bang, as the lock mechanism snapped under the enormous force that a skinny 18 year old girl had just casually applied.

Almost in unison, Amanda walked out of the bathroom. As she began to walk out, she didn't notice that she now had much wider, feminine hips. The left of her hips and thighs slammed into the door frame and brick wall behind. Normally this would have made her rebound and wince in pain, but Amanda strode forward like a supermodel on a catwalk into the corridor, entirely oblivious to the obstruction. The door frame didn't stand a chance and exploded under the force. As she stepped forward, the wooden remains of the wooden frame collapsed on the floor and fragments of bricks that Amanda had just smashed apart rolled away on the ground. Amanda didn't notice. She also didn't notice that she had terminally ripped the side of her skirt. As Amanda wiggled her newly revealed, perfect, rounded butt to re-balance herself on her feet, the last strand of fabric on her skirt holding it up snapped and the skirt fell to the floor.

Up until this point, Amanda had barely noticed what was going on – however the shock of seeing her skirt fall off woke her up from her daze. Ahead of her was a full length mirror. Amanda looked at herself and could not believe what she saw. Her jaw dropped. In front of her, staring back at her was a 6 foot goddess. She barely recognised the figure, but it was her. Her short brown hair, was now long, straight, thick and sparkled under the light. Her eyes, previously grey were now deep blue like the ocean. Her face, once marked with spots was now perfectly smooth. Her face had been gaunt and ugly, it was now beautiful with fuller lips, higher cheekbones, it was now supermodel-esque in shape and gorgeous! Amanda grinned with joy, her teeth were now perfect and they sparkled in the light. She started to look down at the rest of her transformed body.

The first thing that caught her eye was her bulging blouse, it was hard to miss. Amanda had always been fairly flat chested and her blouses were always baggy on her, but not any more. She could see the buttons at the front of the shirt barely managing to hold together the two sides, leaving gaps through which she could see her bra. She continued looking down and as her blouse had ridden up with her breasts, she could now see her athletic washboard stomach. As she continued down she could see her new long, long legs. They were much longer and athletic than before – with perfectly toned skin and perfect shape. Amanda looked up at her hips, which were much wider than before and combined with her new flat stomach gave her a perfect hour-glass shape. She turned sideways onto the mirror to admire her perfect new bubble-butt that was on display below her blouse. God she was gorgeous, she could wipe the floor with Kate in a beauty contest and she wouldn't have any problem with the boys any more!

Amanda looked up and her attention was stolen again by new breasts. Amanda had always felt particularly lacking there, so she couldn't wait to see how hot she was now. Amanda undid a few buttons at the top of her blouse and could see her old A-cup bra that had previously been loose on her now straining (and failing) to contain her new, enormous breasts. Unthinkingly she licked her lips in excitement as she slowly brought her arms together by her sides to make her breasts more pronounced. She heard the elastic fibres snapping one by one, as they were stretched beyond their limit, but this only encouraged her to squeeze a little bit more. As she looked down she could see her nipples expanding, each proudly pressing into the bra fabric and beginning to rip through.

Amanda breathed in, as she did so her chest rose – it was the final straw for her old bra. “Crack”, the clasp at the back of the bra failed under the immense forces on it. Amanda smiled with joy and undid the remaining buttons on her blouse and pulled off her blouse and the tattered remains of her now utterly defeated bra. As she looked at her naked torso her heart started to race, she could feel herself getting turned on! She couldn't blame herself – in front of her were the best breasts she'd ever seen. They were enormous, and seemed to defy gravity as they sat on her chest. Amanda had always been jealous of Kate's C cups that she flaunted with her collection of low-cut tops and push-up bras, but these beauties were in a different league.

“Wow, my breasts would burst Kate's pathetic C cup bras” Amanda squealed in awe, as she examined herself in the mirror. Amanda was right – her breasts were much bigger – at least a G cup, if not even bigger! Her nipples were also huge, the areola were almost as big as beer coasters and after the excitement of destroying her old bra her nipples had grown to almost an inch long. Amanda brought both her hands up to touch them. As she stroked them they hardened again. Amanda thought they were pretty hard, but in fact her nipples were now harder than diamond.

As Amanda rubbed herself, she finally managed to tear herself away from studying her new nubile, lithe body. She saw the smashed door frame and wall behind her, out of the corner of her eye.

“Oh shit, did I do that?” she said to herself.

She walked over to the bathroom and began to investigate the damage that she had done. Amanda glanced at the mangled door, held upright by only one hinge as the other had been ripped off when the door was flung open. What really grabbed her attention was the door frame that she had reduced to splinters and the bricks lying on the floor that she had pulverised with her hips. She gulped as she realised the enormity of it all. Was she really as strong and invincible as Supergirl? She had to find out.

Amanda looked around for something to try her new powers on, when she noticed the steel hand rail that she had gripped earlier. She saw the deep imprints from her fingers. She put one hand around it and slowly pulled it away from the wall. There was a screech as the metal began to bend in the middle, but she continued to pull. Amanda grinned as she heard the steel being defeated by the merest fraction of her strength. It wailed as it bent further, until finally there was a series of thumps as the bolts securing the bar to the wall were ripped out one by one. After she had defeated the last bolt, Amanda held the bar in her hands, it felt practically weightless! She brought her other hand onto the bar and began bending it into itself, crushing it first into a rod, then into a ball. It was all so easy for Amanda that she kept crushing the metal in one hand. As she clenched her fist around the metal remains, scorching hot liquid metal oozed out of her hand and dribbled onto the floor.

Amanda couldn't believe what she saw! She beamed with delight, she had ripped the steel bar off the wall and crushed it, melting it in her hand with almost no effort. She was strong … unbelievably strong! She felt her heart racing again … what a turn-on!

Amanda looked around the room for something else to try her new found strength on. Nothing nearby caught her attention, so she strode toward the door. As she walked she glanced down at her huge new breasts and saw them moving in time with her stride and grinned. She loved her new body! As she reached the door, she looked up and had an idea. Instead of using the door, she was going to test herself against something more difficult – the wall. She walked towards the wall and as she got closer, she slowed down and stopped just before she touched it. She carefully placed her hands together behind her back, to not spoil the experience, and thrust her naked chest forward. Amanda slowly moved forwards until she could feel her nipples gently brushing the cool paintwork.

She wasn't entirely sure whether what she was going to try to do next would work, but she was desperate to give it a go. She had yearned to be as strong as SuperGirl and had already proved herself strong enough to crush steel. Was every part of her body now harder than steel? Before doubt got the better of her, she slowly eased herself forwards. As she did so, she could feel the wall pushing back against her breasts, but then as she continued to advance she looked down and heard a crunching sound as pieces of plaster and brick began to fall away around her incredible naked bust.

“God, this is so fucking easy!” Amanda purred with delight and kept going.

The crunching sound got louder and louder as more of the wall disintegrated around her enormous breasts as she continued to lean forwards into the wall. Amanda's heart rate increased and she could feel herself getting turned on again! As her face finally touched the wall, the battle was turning into a massacre with the wall beginning to collapse around her. She closed her eyes and mercilessly pressed forward. She barely noticed any resistance as her face ploughed through the wall. Her athletic flat stomach and knees were next … but by this point the wall was in full retreat. Bricks crumbled as she ploughed forwards through the foot-thick wall like a wrecking ball. She finally emerged out the other side, covered in brick dust but with a huge grin on her face and feeling incredibly turned on by her own strength.

Amada swept her hand through her long brown hair to sweep it back over her shoulders once again. She then brushed herself down, brick and concrete dust was all over her perfect body. As she looked down to wipe her stomach she noticed a large fragment of brick perched on top of her breasts. Instead of brushing it away, she had a sexier idea that would prove her superiority. She brought her hands up to cup her breasts and jiggled them to allow the piece to fall further between them. Her breasts were so big that the brick quickly disappeared behind them. She slowly pushed them together and as the gap between them closed, Amanda heard a series of loud cracks as the brick was crushed to oblivion. Amanda licked her lips and moaned softly as she increased the pressure. She was barely stressing her superhuman muscles, but soon enough a stream of molten brick emerged from the bottom of her cleavage and ran down her taut midriff.

“Ooh that tickles” Amanda purred.

Using her strength was a huge turn on that Amanda couldn't ignore, she needed to find her next target to destroy. She strode forwards through the pile of rubble at her feet, not slowed down at all by the bricks and concrete that she casually kicked out of the way and crushed to powder as she strode forwards into the dark, quiet car park.

Amanda stopped and examined her surroundings. Now that Amanda's brief wave of destruction had stopped, it was quiet. Her school was a long way from anything – so no one would have heard any noise. She was alone in the car park, everyone else had gone home many hours ago. Everyone except for Kate. Amanda could see her car parked alone in the far corner of the car park. The cabin light was on and the windows were steamed up. Amanda began to walk towards the car. As she got closer, she could see the car rocking around on its suspension. Clearly, Kate was staying up way past her bedtime. With her newfound strength, Amanda wanted to give Kate some payback for all of the years that she had suffered. Amanda thought about ripping off a door to suprise the lovers, but then she had a better idea. She walked up to the front of the car as quietly as she could and leant down, stretching her arms as far as she could across the bonnet. Her outstretched arms didn't quite reach far enough, so she lowered her body slowly onto the bonnet. As she pressed herself down, her arms indented the wings of the car and her hands tore through the sheet metal wheel-arches as she found somewhere solid to grip onto.

Amanda's attack was interrupted by Kate's moans of pleasure that resonated from the inside of the car. Clearly the lovers hadn't been disturbed and Kate was having a great time. Kate hadn't planned on it, but she had to thank Mr Hawkins for giving her the part. He was pretty cute and she had felt horny, so why not? Men were just so easy for Kate to get and she loved the attention. Kate thought she could hear something going on outside, but with Mr Hawkins pounding her again against the back seats, she quickly forgot. Kate was close to climaxing, which was a rare thing for her, even with her long list of previous disposable lovers. She moaned loudly again with pleasure.

Amanda had managed to get her grip on the car without Kate and her lover realising, they was a little distracted after all. All Amanda could hear was the sound of Kate being pumped and her loud moans of pleasure. Amanda couldn't take it, it made her mad, it was time for some payback, time to show her just how much better than her she had become. Her breasts tingled as she pushed her body down further onto the cold metal. As she forced herself down, she could hear the suspension groaning as it was forced down. Eventually the suspension reached the end of its travel. Amanda kept going, uncaring and lost in the lust of her own vast strength. As she continued her assault, she heard the suspension collapse, and then she could hear the metal bonnet groaning loudly as it finally succummbed to her incredible, invincible, slender form. Her tight body was carving out an impression of itself first in the comparitively soft bonnet then in the harder engine block below.

The groans from outside finally caught Mr Hawkins attention, he knew something was wrong. He withdrew from Kate and wiped the inside of the window with his hand to clear away the condensation. What he saw astounded him – a gorgeous young woman was crushing the front of the car with her naked body. She looked up at him and winked. At that point, he instantly forgot about Kate, he was entralled by this beauty. Kate was hot, but this girl was beautiful on a another level. He stared with his jaw wide open …

Amanda looked up at Mr Hawkins and gave him a sexy wink and her gorgeous captivating smile, it was time for her show to begin. Her spectacular body was already embedded in mangled steel, but she still needed to get a better grip. Amanda slowly brought her arms in a little to get a better grip. The wailing from the steel increased but Amanda was getting used to it now. She slowly stood upright and as she did so began to lift the car into the air, using the merest fraction of her almost unlimited strength. Within a few seconds the rear wheels were off the ground and they were followed a few seconds later by the squashed remains of the front. The sight of the 18 year old bombshell holding the 2 tonne car, with him and Kate in, in the air like a toy was impossibly sexy. Mr Hawkins jaw was still dropped in awe, he had never experienced lust like it.

“What the hell is going on?! What are you looking at?!” Kate exclaimed as the car lurched higher off the ground. She wiped the condensation away and peered through. “Oh my God, is that Amanda?! Fuck!”. Kate didn't know how Amanda had changed into this vixen, but she knew that she had to get out of there, so she quickly grabbed her coat to cover herself and clambered to the door. She pulled on the door handle and she clambered out, dropping down to the tarmac 6 feet below.

Amanda could see that Kate was scared of her and was running away, she didn't care anymore, she had won. She was vastly superior now in every way. It was now time to claim her prize. She carefully set the remains of the car back on the ground. As she put the car down, she noticed the deep impression of her body crushed into the front and bonnet. Totally fucking cool! She could feel herself moistening between the legs, using her new stength was a huge turn on. Her strength and body wasn't just a turn on for her, Mr Hawkins was in awe too. As Amanda approached the still open door that Kate had used to escape, she decided to complete her show. She grabbed the door frame with one hand. Before Mr Hawkins could determine just how her fingers were indenting the metal, she squeezed her fingers together and drew her arm back violently, ripping the door hinge apart. She released her crushing grip a moment later, as the door accelerated away. The door flew across the car park and crashed into a wall.

Mr Hawkins saw Amanda approaching the door, his heart raced with lust for this goddess. As she got closer he tried to compose himself, but when she grabbed the door and violently ripped it off the car like a normal person would rip a page from a book, he lost composure again, he needed her.

Amanda carefully put her hand on Mr Hawkins and casually lifted him out of the car, held him in the air and placed him down on the ground thirty feet away. Amanda then purred, “Remember me? My name's Amanda. I'm going to show you what a real woman can do, then I'm going to fuck your brains out”. She went back over to the car and stood in front of the remains of the crushed bonnet. Amanda raised her fist into the air and then brought it down, faster than the speed of sound. Her fist slammed through the bonnet and through the engine beneath, like an artillery shell going through marshmallow. She kept going until she hit the tarmac below. Amanda watched in slow motion as the enormous force that she had so easily applied smashed all the car windows simultaneously, lifted the rear of the car three feet into the air, and obliterated the front into the ground. There was nothing but loose wreckage remaining of the front, broken parts were spread around on the ground.

Mr Hawkins sat on the ground, utterly unable to move as he was in awe of the goddess in front of him. Not only had she picked him up like he was weightless, but she had lifted the whole car in the air with him and Kate in like it weighed no more than a feather. He couldn't believe just how beautiful she was either. She was completely naked. Her legs were so long, shapely and tight, her hips were wide, her stomach was flat and showed a glimpse of her power with its gentle muscular undulations, her face was that of an angel and her eyes were dazzling. Mr Hawkins couldn't believe the destruction this girl had caused with her enormous breasts. They were absolutely enormous, but firm and seemed to be able to sit high on her chest and mangle steel without the support of a bra. As Amanda had demonstrated her obscene strength by crushing the front of the car with her impossibly tight, perfect body, Mr Hawkins forgot everything else in his lust for Amanda.

Amanda casually withdrew her hand from the wreckage and took a glance at Mr Hawkins, he was still sitting on the ground with his jaw hung upon. For the first time in her life, Amanda knew what it was like to be hot. She was so hot, that Mr Hawkins lust for her had practically paralysed him – she had complete control over him. She loved it!

Again she gave him a sexy wink and licked her lips, before she strode gracefully to the remains of the back of the car which was still in one piece. She put her hands underneath, and lifted the car into the air in one swift motion. Amanda had one hand on each side of the car and yearned to complete her destruction. Up to now, Amanda had been taking things slowly but she had lost patience with that, it was time to see what she could REALLY do. She brought her hands together above her head, like a normal girl would when clapping, but Amanda had 2 tonnes of steel above her head. Her hands sliced through the metal with ease and impossibly met in the centre. As Amanda re-balanced herself on her feet and shone her perfect smile at Mr Hawkins, the newly seperated two lumps of metal crashed onto the ground. Amanda didn't pay any attention as she strolled over to Mr Hawkins, her hips sexily swaying from side to side like a catwalk model as she strode towards him.

Mr Hawkins sat on the tarmac with his jaw wide open. He didn't notice anything but his lust for this girl. She was beyond the pefect female form.

“I'm done with my warm up, now it's time for the main course. I hope you're ready!”, Amanda instructed. She desperately needed a fuck and Mr Hawkins was going to give her one.


Unfortunately for Amanda, despite his enthusiasm, Mr Hawkins had not been able to provide her with any pleasure. He simply hadn't been able to get his penis into her impossibly tight vagina. When Amanda has forcefully relaxed herself, she couldn't feel anything as he tried his best to thrust inside her. She had got a bit excited and at one point used her hands to move him up and down to try and pleasure her like a giant dildo. Unfortunately in her increasing frustration she had killed him by crushing his pelvis against her impossibly firm body.

In her previous life, Amanda would have been devastated. But with her new, improved body, she didn't care. She was now super-human and needed to find pleasure. Everyone else was just her play-thing. Amanda suddenly had an idea – the army base where her Dad worked would have some fun toys with her to play with. It was only a mile or so away, so Amanda started to run there. She surprised herself as she ran along, she could feel herself travelling at incredible speeds. If there had been any traffic around, she easily would have been going faster – but the roads were completely deserted as she ran along. In less than a minute, she arrived at her destination and headed straight for the weapon store, still travelling at ridiculous speeds. The soldiers on patrol didn't notice a thing as she streaked past the entrance, silently. The weapon store was located at the edge of the site, far away from any personnel. So Amanda could make a lot of noise without anybody noticing. Amanda stopped in front of the hefty steel doors that secured the weapon store. She gave them a quick look over to decide what to do next, but then Amanda remembered just how stong she was. To Amanda, the three inch thick doors may as well have been made out of tissue paper. She put one hand on the door and yanked the whole door, with frame from the building. She placed the doors on the ground and stepped inside.

There was a whole range of munitions inside, but Amanda found a box of hand-guns. She had never held a gun before, and as most people are, was previously afraid of their deadly stopping power. However, with her new enhanced attributes, would it hurt her at all? Amanda decided not, and she grinned in excitement as she rotated the gun in her hand. There was an open box of ammunition next to her. She had seen enough Hollywood movies to know roughly what to do. She carefully took a clip and clicked it into place in the gun. Amanda looked around the gun and eventually found the safety switch. Her heart raced as her finger hovered over the switch.

Amanda's mind raced with questions – Should she really be doing this? Could she be hurt?! But Amanda decided that yes, she did want to play. She carefully flicked the switch and uncovered the red dot that presumably meant the gun was ready to kill. Meant to kill normal people – Amanda was doubtful that it would hurt her at all, but she needed to test the theory. Amanda raised the gun, holding it in her right hand. She aimed carefully at her left arm and carefully pulled the trigger. There was a loud bang as the gun fired. As the bullet left the gun, time seemed to slow down for Amanda. She could see the bullet slowly travelling toward her arm. This inspired her with confidence – maybe she wouldn't be hurt after all? She would soon find out as she moved her left hand into the path of the oncoming bullet. A microsecond later, which seemed like an eternity to Amanda, the bullet hit the palm of her hand. Amanda could see the bullet deforming as it failed to even dent her skin. Fragments of lead flew off in all directions as parts of the bullet seperated from the core which itself deformed as it came to a complete standstill. Amanda gazed at the remains of the bullet as she held it in her hand. She beamed with joy – she was bullet-proof!

Amanda pointed the gun at her stomach and fired and just as before, the bullet hit her and used its energy up deforming itself rather than hurting her in the slightest. Amanda carefully inspected her stomach and couldn't even find a mark from where the bullet had hit! She couldn't believe it. She fired off a few rounds with the gun pointed at her forehead, a few at her legs but the results were the same – not even a scratch on her pefect body. She even fired a few shots into her mouth. This was a bit more fun as Amanda got to chew then swallow the remaining bullet fragments, her dazzling teeth slicing through and crushing the bullets like warm butter. However, it was still a bit boring really. Amanda was losing interest, when a stray shot that she had aimed at her chest hit her right areola. “Mmmmm, that feels good” Amanda exclaimed. Amanda fired off a few bullets at each breast, always aiming to provide maximum pleasure. Her breasts jiggled as the bullets made contact, and deformed ever so slightly before re-asserting their breath-taking form and forcing the bullet to bounce away. Pretty soon though, Amanda ran out of ammunition.

Amanda helped to herself to another gun and two new clips. She put the new clips in both guns and held one in each hand, with both aimed at her now proudly erect nipples. It was time for her warm up! She fired both guns simultaneously. There was a loud clang a moment later as each bullet hit its target. Amanda moaned loudly with pleasure as badly deformed bullets ricoched off her invulnerable nipples. She pulled the triggers again and again, her moans getting louder and louder as she pleasured herself with the pistols. After 30 bullets, each gun was empty and all the pistols had managed to do was to turn Amanda on. Amanda had finished with her foreplay and pressed each gun hard against her throbbing breasts. The guns were trapped between the unstoppable force of Amanda's hands and her invulnerable breasts and had no choice but to deform and melt away as Amanda rubbed her breasts in a circular motion, crushing the remains of the guns against her harder flesh. Within seconds there was nothing left of either gun, apart from a stream of molten hardened steel that trickled down Amanda's nipples, past her stomach to the floor below.

Amanda was so turned on and absolutely desperate to finish herself off. She spied a box of grenades, took one and went back outside, casually sitting down on the nearest car, with her ass on the roof and her legs on the hood. She lay back and began to masterbate with her fingers, with one hand stroking her breasts and the other plunging deep inside her vagina and rubbing frantically at her clitoris. There were loud crunching sounds as the steel and glass below her were displaced by her body. Nothing could have stopped her invincible body as it jiggled around in writhes of pleasure. As she approached climax, the moans almost became screams. She leant her head and body back, casually deforming everything in her way. When the orgasm finally hit, her whole body shook with pleasure – it was incredible … it felt thousands of times better than when she had masturbated before.

Amanda lay naked on the crushed car, panting as she recovered from her first climax. Only now, whilst recovering, did she take in her surroundings. Whilst she had been masturbating, without realising, she had carved out a deep channel from the front of the car to the back, where her superhuman body had proved itself vastly stronger than the steel and glass below her. The whole roof of the car had caved in around her impossibly sexy form. Amanda felt herself moistening again at the mere thought of how dominant her new incredible body was over everything else. Amanda had recovered almost immediately and had an insatiable need to climax again. But this time, she wanted to try something a little more deadly – if a grenade could kill several men at once, it should be good enough to make her cum.

Amanda was curious, after all she was invulnerable now – even in the most sensitive parts of her anatomy. She carefully picked up the grenade and pulled out the pin. Conscious of her experience with Mr Hawkins, she carefully parted the way with her fingers and she relaxed her internal muscles as much as she could as she slid the grenade deep into her vagina. “Mmmmmmm” Amanda purred as the cold metal slid inside her and made her hyper-sensitive flesh tingle. She was looking forward to some direct stimulation, although she had to concentrate hard on relaxing to make sure that she didn't damage the grenade before she was ready to enjoy it!

Amanda released her hands from the grenade and moved them up to her chest – she started to massage her breasts to get herself in the mood. Amanda massaged her breasts using many thousands of tonnes of force, but to her it was just gentle foreplay. As she began to get worked up, she arched her back further, pushing her head back and moaning loudly with pleasure. She was completely lost in her own increasing ecstasy. As she moved one hand down to rub her clitoris, there was a loud snapping noise as the last roof pillar snapped under the immense forces applied by Amanda's shoulders, followed by the sound of the final two side windows smashing simultaneously. Amanda didn't notice, as she began to rub frantically, she also didn't notice the other loud groans from the tortured steel below her as she arched her body further, her shoulderblades and legs yet again ploughing through the solid steel like play-dough. The sharp steel below her felt like a soft mattress as she crushed it with her beautiful bullet-proof body.

Amanda was so lost in pleasuring herself that eventually she lost concentration – as she did so there was a loud groan from the grenade as her vaginal muscles reasserted themselves, the tiniest loss of concentration enough for her body to demonstrate its enormous power. Amanda managed to relax her internal embrace just in time to avoid completely crushing the grenade flat, but it was too late.

The charge detonated a millisecond later and Amanda felt a soothing warmth spread and a wave of pleasure overcame her. Amanda moaned loudly with pleasure as the orgasm ripped through her. Pleasure washed over her and she lost concentration again – her vaginal muscles naturally contracted, completely oblivious to the pathetic explosive force and the steel fragments that were rebounding deep within her vagina. The explosion had nowhere to go as the vastly stronger walls of flesh surrounding it closed in. The remaining steel first converted to liquid then to gas as it boiled within her. All the explosion had managed to do was to provide Amanda with pleasure.

Amanda lay there, recovering from another fit of ecstasy. She looked up at the night sky and wondered – what should she do next?

There were so many options … but Amanda knew that now she would be the one in control, she would always win.


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