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Alicia at the Beach

Written by Dumano1r :: [Thursday, 28 April 2022 07:54] Last updated by :: [Friday, 29 April 2022 18:48]

Alicia at the beach

The queue of cars heading into the beach car park stretched for miles along the sun-baked road.

Alicia sat alone in her unremarkable blue Ford Mondeo, feeling slightly foolish in a loose-fitting, cream coloured crop top and a short blue skirt that exposed more cellulite than she was happy with. Her beach bag lay beside her on the empty passenger seat and on top of the bag lay a small unmarked vial of green liquid.

When she finally reached the front of the queue she handed over her money to the parking attendant who waved her through disinterestedly. For a short time she drove around the car park, searching for an empty space, until she spotted one beside a large 4x4. She pulled over towards it, when suddenly a man driving a red Audi cut across in front of her and into the space. Alicia waved at him angrily and in response he laughed and flashed her the bird.

She was still fuming when she finally found a place to park, about as far from the beach as it was possible to be whilst still in the beach car park.

She undid her seatbelt and reached across to pick up the vial.

She was nervous now, all her irritation at the day vanishing behind a veil of deep anxiety. Her hands were shaking as she used a thumb to pop the rubber cork free of the top of the vial. She had worked towards this moment for so long, and now that it had finally arrived she was terrified. With trembling fingers she raised the vial to her lips. Her heard was pounding against her chest. She tilted her head back.

She drank.

She felt the liquid flow down her throat, a surprisingly unremarkable taste left behind in her mouth as the substance poured into her eager stomach.

And then it hit her.

A feeling of pleasure more intense than any she had ever known coursed throughout her body. Every muscle, every organ, every every inch of skin burned with overwhelming delight.

Instinctively, her right hand found its way to her quim, slipping beneath her skirt and bikini bottom to derive still greater ecstasy from a clitoris engorged with inhuman sensitivity. She drew her left hand up inside her crop top, searching for a nipple only to find massive breasts where once her nipple had been. The crop top, once loose and baggy, now strained to contain her huge, firm mammaries.

“Fuck!” she gasped breathlessly.

She felt her feet pressing against the metal floor of the car. She felt her back pressing against the metal within the driver's seat. She felt both yielding to the now overwhelming power of her toned muscles. With a sharp crash of tortured metal she felt her flawless feet punch through the frame of her car, followed seconds later by a loud snap as the frame of the seat gave way to the muscles of her flawless torso. Unable to contain her passion any longer she let out a scream that shattered every window of her plain and unremarkable vehicle.

And it was over.

Alicia opened the door and stepped out of the car. She was still trembling, though now it was with pleasure rather than trepidation. She reached out a flawless hand, admiring her toned and slender arm as she did so, to snap the wing-mirror from her vehicle. She held the mirror at arms length and used it to admire her incredible new figure. Flowing red hair cascaded around a gorgeous face, with sparkling green eyes and full, cherry-red lips. A graceful neck led to broad shoulders above her huge, pert breasts, breasts that stretched her crop top upwards to show off her muscular abdomen. She admired her full hips, turning to gaze at her magnificent ass pressing against the fabric of her short skirt, a skirt that fully showed off her fantastic, toned legs. She realised she was getting turned on just looking at herself.

The car park was deserted now, as all of the people had left towards the beach. Alicia was disappointed that there were no people around to see her, as she strolled with swaying hips across the tarmac, but then she spotted the red Audi in the parking space stolen from her.

She placed a dainty hand flat on the car's bonnet, then gave it a firm squeeze. She giggled with delight as the metal crumpled in her grasp, the steel sheeting feeling about as solid as wet-tissue paper beneath her mighty fingers.

She folded the bonnet to one side, then bent over to grab the engine with both hands, snapping it in half with one easy motion. She stepped forward, relishing the feeling of the car's bumper buckling beneath the casual pressure of her long, toned legs. She reached out a finger to the windscreen, and with a nail harder than diamonds carved the words “This was my space, dickhead!” into the glass. She took a moment to admire her handiwork, before continuing towards the beach.

The parking attendant who had barely glanced at her as she drove in stared at her as she went past, wanton lust etched across his face. She flashed him a smile as she passed, and her dramatically improved hearing allowed her to hear that it made his heart beat faster.

She followed a short path down to the promenade, which was thronged with people. She felt everyone staring at her glorious form. Feeling playful she paused, slowly drawing her hands up her body and over her huge chest, letting her palms rest for a moment on her nipples, before carefully unbuttoning the top two buttons of her top to display the creamy depths of her magnificent cleavage. Her enhanced hearing could hear the gasps from watching men and women, as she continued her leisurely stroll along the promenade, drinking in the lustful stares as she went.

She stopped at the end of the promenade, well aware of the small group of men and women that were following her, and the men sitting outside a beach front cafe who stared at her wantonly, as angry wives and girlfriends tutted or kicked out at their partners' shins.

She stretched out her long arms, then brought her hands to her chest to slowly, sensuously undo the few remaining buttons of her straining crop top, before slipping it off and into her beach bag. Now all she wore was a string bikini top, tented by the swell of her nipples, nipples that the fabric barely covered. She giggled to herself. Less than an hour earlier the bikini would have swallowed every inch of her breasts. Now it barely covered her nipples alone.

Without hesitation she slipped off her mini-skirt, slipping it into her beach bag. Now all she wore was the skimpiest of skimpy bikinis, essentially leaving her incredible body naked except for a few small triangles of fabric. She felt hornier than she ever had in her entire life.

She flashed a cheeky wink at the crowds watching her, then turned on her heel, sauntering sensuously across the beach towards the waves that lapped gently at the sand. She playfully kicked off her sandals, slowly and sensuously bending over (with a playful shake) to collect her footwear and add it to her beach bag.

From there she followed the tide-line, walking further away from the promenade, her perfectly manicured feet splashing through the frolicking foam, her hips swinging alluringly for the small crowd that was following her. Once she would have been embarrassed by all of the attention, but now she revelled in every lustful glance.

She looked out across the wide ocean, enjoying the enhanced power of her eyes that allowed her to look closely at the yachts anchored out in the bay. Some were big, some were small. She saw a man on one yacht peering directly at her through a pair of binoculars. She paused, turning to face him, hands on hips. She raised a hand to her lips, pouted playfully and blew him a kiss. To her intense satisfaction, she watched him drop his binoculars into the ocean as a wet stain spread across his crotch.

She continued along the shore. The crowds on the beach were thinner now, though she still drew admiring glances from every adult as children played obliviously. Far out to sea lay another yacht, far bigger than the others, a super-yacht, she knew, the toy of a Russian arms dealer whose actions she had come to despise, an exploiter of all of her research. Her eyes scanned the decks, noticing three large men in casual clothes, obvious bodyguards, and two attractive young women dressed only in skimpy bikinis, obvious escorts. The yacht had a Russian name, though as she looked at the unfamiliar letters her mind instinctively and effortlessly translated them. “What I deserve.”

Finally, her saunter along the shore brought her to a large sign fixed on two poles embedded deep in the sand, a sign that simply read “Nudists beyond this point.” She turned to face the small crowd that had followed her seductive path beside the ocean, placing a hand on the edge of the sign and flashing a flawless smile. “Well, boys, it looks like I'm a little overdressed...” She slipped her free hand behind her back, undoing the bow that tied her bikini together, letting the fabric flutter to the ground with a sensuous movement. Her breasts barely moved as the bikini fell away. Huge, firm and entrancing. She slowly led her hand down her flank, fingers tracing the firm ridges of her abdomen, to reach her waist, where a single string held the fabric that covered her sex. She snapped the string with a flick of her finger, smiling as her bikini bottom fell to the sand to join her top. Totally naked now, she leaned into the nudist sign, a perfect photographic opportunity, though one that none of the people now collapsed in the sand could realise.

She laughed, delighted at her power over those who so desperately lusted after her. She hung her bag upon the sign, then stepped out into the water, marvelling at how little the water resistance affected her phenomenal muscles. Striding through the water was like striding through air, the cold liquid erotically cascading over her perfect flesh as effortlessly pushed deeper into the water. Finally, the chilled water was lapping at her breasts, teasing around the edges of her flawless areola. She gracefully raised her arms, and in a flawless arch, dived into the sea.

A small movement of her phenomenally powerful body sent her hurtling through water, faster than any torpedo, towards the unsuspecting super-yacht. In mere seconds she found herself beneath the hull of the vessel, the vast length of the ship blocking out the sunlight. Unseen beneath the waves, she smiled to herself.

It would have been simplicity itself to tear the hull of the ship apart, to let it sink beneath the waves. But that was hardly a test of her newfound might...

She reached out with her left hand, laying it flat against the keel of the ship. With a simple movement she closed her hand, twisting the hardened steel of the yacht's keel so that it was integrally wrapped around her perfect digits. Curious, she gently twitched her legs, driving the vessel backwards through the water.

She wondered what the people aboard the ship were thinking. Not that it mattered.

Keeping her left hand gripped within the steel of the ship's keel, she swung her body around so that her long, slender legs were stretching up towards the glistening surface of the water.

Even with her massively enhanced brain, she couldn't comprehend the amount of power required to do what she was about to do.

She flicked her legs, the awesome muscles of her incredible body driving her down towards the seabed.

And the ship came with her.

Down she swam, the power of her body driving the huge ship towards the seabed, the vast buoyancy of the vessel destroyed by the casual power of her limbs.

By the time she reached the ocean floor, everyone aboard the vessel was already dead. Perhaps that had been too quick, but still it made her smile. With a powerful twist of her wrist, she smashed the yacht into the rocks of the seabed, giggling as the vast ship shattered against the murky depths, a victim of her fantastic strength.

She paused for a moment, hanging still in the sub-aquatic darkness, revelling in the sensation of her immense power.

Little to no sunlight pierced the depths in which she hovered, yet still her eyes could clearly see the surface of the ocean and all the hulls of the other yachts that rested there. Lazily she scanned them, enjoying her power over them, marvelling at how she could destroy them whilst they were oblivious to her. She felt so orgasmically powerful.

Perhaps it was time she had a little fun...

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