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Amy's Isle of Wisdom – Part 3

Written by SilvaDarkmoon :: [Saturday, 02 July 2022 01:34] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 02 July 2022 08:47]

Amy arrived home shortly after parting ways with Angela. Perhaps it was the alcohol in her system, or maybe it was just the shock of the ordeal she had just gone through, but Amy found herself stumbling through the house without processing much thought. As she arrived at the door to her room, she felt it give way beneath her hand. Too tired to process this, Amy collapsed on the bed and fell asleep immediately.

Shortly afterward, Alex got home as well, elated from the test of her powers. She couldn’t believe the unimaginable power she felt coursing through her body, and she had already been superpowered before today! Alex felt like she was on top of the world as she opened the front door. Or rather, she tried to open it. As soon as she pushed the door open, the entire heavy wooden door shot off its hinges and buried itself deep into the wall, partially shattering into splinters from the force of the impact. Alex gasped, there was now no front door and she had a damaged wall to deal with. Looks like she wouldn’t be getting to sleep quite yet. Sighing, Alex flitted through the house at superspeed, needing to clean up her mess by morning.


Amy felt the wind on her face as she stirred. Opening her eyes, she realized she was back on the island she had dreamed of earlier. This time however, the scenery that met her was different. Before, the Isle had been sunny and full of beautiful women living their best lives. Now, it was dark and stormy, huge storm clouds raged overhead as rain pelted the ground relentlessly. Though she was outside in this storm, Amy could barely feel the rain at all. Perhaps that was because this was a dream? Then again, she could feel the tempest winds blowing against her. Her train of thought was interrupted by a loud clap, it sounded like thunder booming loudly throughout the Isle.

Amy looked over at the source of the noise. A woman dressed in regal garb had emerged from the large house on top of the house and held her hands together. Amy’s eyes went wide as she realized the thunderclap she had heard was not from the raging heavens above, but from this woman’s hands as she had clapped. Again the woman clapped, her small, slender digits slamming together with unfathomable force. Amy looked up, following the woman’s gaze. The heavens seemed to be calming. With each clap, the rain had become less intense, the wind howled with less fury, and the sky seemed just a little lighter. Amy had no idea how she was doing that. Was the force of the clap sending a shockwave into the sky? She couldn’t think of why that would stop the rain without parting the clouds as well. Was it some kind of magic spell? Did she even believe in magic? At this point she had no idea.

A third clap from the woman was the end for the storm, turning the skies over the beautiful Isle from a rampaging hurricane to a calm, grey blanket. It was still overcast, and more storm clouds looked on the horizon, but for now the woman turned to Amy and smiled.

“Welcome back Mistress, it seems your power has finally started to awaken.” She said in a mature, motherly voice. Something about it seemed familiar. Amy blinked as she realized this was the same woman who had greeted her the last time she was here, the one who had told her this was the Isle of Amazons.

“What was that just now? What did you do? In fact, who ARE you?” Amy asked, unable to keep her burning questions in any longer.

“I am Tamalia, Queen of the Isle of the Amazons.” The woman said, tossing her hair back as she introduced herself. “Our home has been under assault by dark forces. That was no ordinary storm. My powers have been able to hold them at bay so far, but I am weakening, I cannot last forever.”

Amy frowned. Her first dream of the Isle had been so fun and carefree, this was a very different picture. Though, she had seen the storm clouds in the distance the last time she was here. It was hard to picture a simple storm wiping out an island of super-powered women, but she was starting to think it wasn’t just a normal storm, and that this wasn’t a normal dream. Tamalia seemed like an actual person, not a construct of Amy’s imagination.

“Why do you keep calling me Mistress? Am I supposed to help you? How?” Amy continued her barrage of questions toward the Queen.

“I’m afraid I cannot answer that at this time Mistress, it would bring too much attention to you. Time is in flux here. What you are seeing happened both long ago and in the future. Until you are at your full strength, our enemy cannot know about you.”

Amy understood. She couldn’t quite explain how, perhaps it was due to some magic, but she understood. These women were in trouble, and the reason why everything looked like it was from ancient Greece was that it probably was. Some kind of mysterious power was allowing her to interact with these women from the past in her dreams. And they were in trouble.

“What do I need to do?” Amy asked solemnly.

“Last time you were here, your powers were still dormant.” Tamalia replied, “you could not understand what you were seeing properly, and forgot much of what you saw when you awoke. I fear the same will happen again. If I tell you your destiny, you will likely forget it when you awake. The answers will come to you as you continue to grow in strength.”

The Amazon queen approached her and put a hand on Amy’s shoulder. “If there is one thing you MUST remember when you awaken, it is this. Your bonds are your strength. Keep your sister close, keep your bond unbreakable, and you will know no limits.” Just then, the wind picked back up and several flashes of lightning blinded Amy. She brought her hands up to cover her eyes, but when the flash faded, there was only blackness. She slipped from consciousness again, entering a natural sleep this time.


Amy awoke the next morning feeling energetic. In fact, she felt more well-rested than she had felt in her entire lifeas if she was bursting with the energy of five cups of coffee. Rising from her bed, she wondered if she had dreamed everything that had happened last night. Going out with Angela, beating up the thugs, it all seemed so dreamlike to think about. As she stood up, she saw that she was still dressed in the outfit she had been wearing when she had gone out drinking with Angela and knew it couldn’t be a dream.

Any lingering doubts were immediately dispelled as she saw the door to her bedroom, which was hanging off its hinges, only barely staying in the doorway enough to avoid falling over. Looking at her hands, Amy smiled. She hadn’t been imagining the awesome power she now contained. She sprinted over to the bathroom, looking at herself in the mirror.

Amy had expected some grand transformation to have occurred, that she would suddenly be as gorgeous as Alex, some bombshell superheroine that could turn heads effortlessly. To her initial disappointment, she realized that barely anything had changed at all. She did look different, her hair was fuller and shinier, and her lips seemed a bit fuller, but all in all the changes to her body were minor. At her core, she was still the same old Amy.

Amy smiled as she processed that. She hadn’t changed. She hadn’t magically become someone else, she was still herself. Even though she couldn’t hold a candle to Alex in the looks department, she had always been pretty in her own right, and she was more than satisfied with the way she looked. Her body now contained incredible strength, but fundamentally she was still the same person. That brought her a certain sense of comfort.

She ran through the house, heading straight for Alex’s home gym. Her incredibly gorgeous older sister had always kept a room in their house equipped with decent quality exercise equipment, but Alex had always been effortlessly toned. Amy was almost certain that this room had remained completely unused since they had moved into this house, but that suited her purposes. After all, she needed a place to test her new limits.

Amy immediately headed for the treadmill. She already knew she had some degree of incredible strength, and that strength was likely more than she would be able to measure with the equipment they had in the home gym. Instead, she opted to test her endurance. However, she quickly realized that strength wasn’t the only thing she had attained. Even the treadmill’s fastest setting seemed like nothing more than a brisk power walk to her, and she didn’t feel winded in the slightest. She suspected that she could keep going for hours without breaking a sweat. She began to feel giddy. This was real, a plethora of powers that she had unexpectedly developed and now was finally getting to explore. She hopped down from the treadmill and headed over to the weights, unable to resist the urge to test her strength any longer. As she suspected, the one-handed weights offered no resistance to her. She had to admit, it was rather odd seeing a massive dumbbell lifted so often seen being lifted by massive bodybuilders being easily supported by her slender arm, but she was loving it. 50 pounds, 100 pounds, it was nothing to her. She easily maxed out the leg press and the squat machines and soon confirmed that there was nothing in this gym that could challenge her. Hundreds of pounds of weight, stacked onto the machines in the form of massive plates, offered virtually no resistance. There was nothing that could test her limits. Well, except for maybe one thing.

The new supergirl looked excitedly over at the bench press and began stacking as many plates as she could upon it. Based on her results in the leg press, she knew she would be able to easily bench the bar as it was, but she wondered if she could lift it using only the strength in her arms, not her chest. She stood behind the bar as if she were spotting someone, and lifted. The bar, drooping under the incredible weight of the plates stacked on either side, easily came up in her hands. Amy couldn’t stop herself from laughing at the sheer absurdity that she was witnessing. Her strength was truly incredible. There was only one final test she could perform. She grabbed the bar in both hands and began to twist. It was fairly difficult, offering slightly more resistance than the other tests she had performed, but sure enough, the metal began to bend and deform under her mighty grip. She twisted it into a circle and laughed again.

“Alex!” She called, eager to show her sister the amazing discoveries she had made.

Alex appeared not long after. Amy smirked and triumphantly held up the circle of metal to her older sister. Alex’s jaw dropped as she saw what Amy had done to it, and she took it in her hands. Then, even easier than Amy had done it in the first place, Alex straightened the bar back out and handed it back to Amy.

“Huh?” Was the only sound that could come out of Amy’s mouth. Now it was her turn to be shocked. Alex had super strength too? What?

For her part, Alex simply smiled and clapped her hands together happily. “Finally!” She said, “Your powers are finally starting to come in!”

“But, what?” Amy replied, still shocked and unable to articulate properly.

“It seems like it was a pretty drastic increase in strength. I wasn’t that strong at first, and it looks like your muscles haven’t started to tone yet, so it seems like this is only the beginning for you.” Alex said excitedly, poking her sister’s arm.

“Ok ok wait.” Amy finally managed to recover, her brain catching up to what she had seen. “You have powers too? Since when? What’s happening to me?”

“Of course I do! We’re Amazons. We got it from mom.” Alex replied, folding her arms across her chest. “I started developing my powers at 13, and that’s when mom told me everything. She made me swear not to tell you until your powers started developing.”

“But why? Why not just tell me everything from the start?” Amy asked, a bit distressed. Alex had always been so much prettier and more popular than her, so sure of herself while Amy had felt lost. And now it turned out she had been a superheroine this whole time?

“I’m not entirely sure. I wanted to tell you, really I did, but mom said it was better to wait until your powers started coming in. You were supposed to get them during puberty, but for some reason, you didn’t. I figured that you were just a late bloomer, and by the time I started to think you wouldn’t get them at all, so much time had passed that I was worried you would hate me for keeping it from you.”

“Well you shouldn’t have!” Amy said, it was one thing for Alex to have kept this from her, but both Alex and her mom had kept her in the dark? “And besides, I’m getting them now, so start talking!”

“I don’t really know the specifics myself, mom wasn’t able to tell me everything. But basically, as far as I know, our family comes from a long line of warrior women that dates all the way back to ancient Greece. Our ancestors were sworn to serve the goddess Athena. Apparently, there were other Amazon bloodlines that were dedicated to the other female Olympians, like Artemis, Aphrodite, and Hera. I’m not sure where the source of our power comes from, but all the women of our family develop incredible powers into adulthood.”

“So what, are you like a superhero?”

“Not really. I mean I guess I could be like in the comic books, but I haven’t really seen a need to. There hasn’t been any big natural disasters around here that the authorities haven’t beaten me to, and I don’t believe in vigilantism. Mostly my powers are just a great bonus to live my life. And helping keep the press away from us when I want to be left alone.” Alex smiled, trying to cheer her sister up.

It didn’t work. “You still should have told me all this after mom died.” Amy said, still mad.

“You really think so?” Alex replied. “You think the best thing to do after the worst day of our lives was to tell you that in addition to everything else that was going on, we had superpowers and you didn’t? Really? Cause I don’t think that would have helped, it just seemed like a recipe for jealousy, and I couldn’t lose you. Not after losing mom.”

Amy’s frown faded. Alex was probably right. She had been a bit jealous of Alex’s incredible beauty since long before their mom had passed away, despite her best efforts not to. Who knows how jealous she would have been if she had learned that Alex was a badass superhero? Especially if it seemed like she would never get powers herself. Amy was a grown woman, if what Alex said was true, she should have become super years ago.

“You’re right.” She said, feeling a bit guilty for being upset. “Sorry sis, this is all, a lot.”

“Hey don’t worry Ames, I’m here for you. It sucks that I didn’t tell you earlier, but look on the bright side, at least we’re on equal footing now!”

Amy smiled at that. Suddenly, she remembered something. Words that had been spoken in her head by the Amazon queen, the only thing she could recall from that dream. “Your bonds are your strength.” She had said. “Hold your sister close.” Amy smiled as she felt an overwhelming sense of affection for her sister, and launched into a big hug.

The feeling intensified as Alex returned the embrace, and Amy could feel her love for Alex building up inside her. It turned from a feeling to a force, a warmth that spread throughout her body, rising in intensity. Amy broke away from the embrace, holding her head as she felt woozy. Something was happening to her.

She fell to the ground as her body began to tense up. Even more strength began to flood into her body, sending her to new levels of strength. She grabbed the weight bar from earlier in support, and it crumpled like tissue paper in her hands. The feeling only intensified. Amy rolled onto her back and cried out, but not in pain. Whatever was happening to her, it felt good. She could feel her legs getting longer, and a tightness in her chest told her that this time, her body was changing, and she embraced it. She cupped her large globes in her hand, arcing her back as another wave of immense power flowed through her. She cried out in pleasure, the voice from the scream shattering the window that was in the room.

Alex took a step backward from her ascending sister, not entirely sure what was going on. Amy was changing. Her breasts were growing, her body was changing, she seemed to be becoming the most perfect version of herself that she could be. As the younger sister thrashed on the ground, her round ass and small feet smashed the tile flooring, causing incidental damage to the ground. Alex couldn’t help but smile. After all these years, her baby sister was finally catching up to her.

But why? When Alex had developed her powers, it had been over time. It had taken years for her to develop her full strength. Admittedly, she had received a large boost yesterday, but what Amy was experiencing now was far larger than that. The gap between them, even with Alex’s recent boost, was closing rapidly. Amy’s muscles toned up as more strength began to pour into her. Her slender arms took on some feminine definition, and flexed as she easily ripped her shirt to shreds, freeing her gorgeous torso. Traces of abs were starting to become visible on her stomach, and her legs were not far behind. Amy was gaining the same levels of effortless muscle tone that Alex had. The bar that Amy had been holding on to was now completely unrecognizable, having been reduced to putty by the rising supergirl’s uncontrollable power. As her transformation reached its final stages, Amy started to rise off the ground, finally developing the power of flight. With one final wave, Amy once again cried out in pleasure, the force this shout shook the foundations of the house, the remaining weights in the room rattled and threatened to scatter all over the room as they were shaken by an incredible force. Finally, Amy fell gently to the ground. She was breathing heavily, the transformation process had taken it out of her. The blonde was now the spitting image of her sister, every bit as curvy and beautiful as the older supermodel she had been so jealous of. Alex couldn’t be happier for her.

Moving as a blur, Alex scooped her sister up and laid her on the sofa in the living room, covering her gently with a blanket. She sat beside her while she recovered, humming softly to herself as she waited. There were so many things she wanted to discuss with Amy, so many things she wanted to do. She looked down at her transformed sister and smiled. “So, when you’ve recovered your breath, how about a sisterly shopping trip?”


A man in white robes knelt before an altar. Of course, he preferred to perform his prayers in the church, but given what he had just been told, he decided to pray for guidance in the Order’s base. “Are you sure?” He asked of the woman who had come to him with the information in question.

“Y-yes Father.” She said nervously. “I saw her with my own two eyes. A girl holding up a man with one hand, by the throat. She beat up an entire group of men twice her size with practically no effort. I’ve seen her before, she’s usually with her older sister.”

“I see. Thank you, my child, for bringing this to our attention. We will take it from here. There is tea and snacks in that room just beyond there, please go enjoy yourself and calm your nerves.” The man said gently, guiding the informant out of the room.

As soon as she had left, two other girls entered the room. One was tall with red hair, the other was short and tiny, with long white hair and blue eyes. The redhead walked confidently, while the small girl simply stood beside her with a passive stare.

“We have a target.” The man said, turning to the girls. “From what I understand, we have uncovered an Amazon.”

“Ooooh excellent!” The redhead smiled. “I haven’t had an opportunity to hunt one of the ancient beings since becoming a Hunter.” Her companion just stood silently.

“She has a sister. Since the Amazon bloodline is so powerful, it is highly likely that they are both fully-fledged Amazons. That will make your job hunting them that much harder.”

“Father, with respect, I don’t think that changes much at all. It just gives us each a target. More fun that way.” The redhead said, tossing her hair confidently. “I’ll take out the older sister, as the senior partner.”

“This isn’t a game.” The man said sternly, his priestly tone dropping. “The Amazons, like us, were servants of their gods. They are a living example of the pagan heathenism that this order exists to wipe out. They are strong, and not to be underestimated, and the fact that there are two of them means they can be dangerous. If they are sisters, they can fuel each other’s growth. The bond between them will make them each far more dangerous than they would be on their own.”

The redhead’s confidence wavered, just a bit. If the Father was telling her to take them seriously, perhaps she should. She hadn’t been a Hunter long, but she had been good at her job. She could still remember her last kill, a Valkyrie who had begged for her life. She could still feel her bones cracking as the life left her. Heathens had no place in their perfect order.

“Yes Father.” She said, bowing her head respectfully. “We will not fail you, we will bring His glory to our order and prove that we are dedicated to wiping out heretics and pagans alike.”

The father grabbed a vial full of a clear liquid from where he had been praying. “I have prepared this for you. I trust you know how to use it. Only use it as an absolute last resort.”

The redhead nodded, suddenly much more invested. The contents of the bottle were only given to Hunters on the most dangerous of missions. If the Father was taking this that seriously, then these opponents deserved her respect. She and her partner left without another word, they had their mission. The Father turned back to the altar and returned to his prayers. He would need to consult with the leader of the order directly, two Amazons could be a problem. All he could do was have faith in the two Hunters he had dispatched, and believe that before long, the two sisters would lie dead in the name of his holy order.

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