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Aleesha Chronicles - The Hit List

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Clouds covered the night sky faster then Devi had ever remembered them doing so before. The wind began to pick up and a flash illuminated her surroundings followed by a thunderous boom.

Not tonight, she thought, anything but tonight. Just as soon as she had finished her thought the rain came down. The wind blew harder and then the rain intensified. Her thin jacket became soaked and the blue fabric of her SuperWoman top began to stick to her body. She leaned into the wind and placed one had in front of her face as she continued to brave the elements. A flash of light and the simultaneous boom of thunder stopped her in her tracks. She needed to seek cover. All the businesses were closed but to her surprise there was a bar right next to her. She burst through the door and looked at her surroundings. There was nobody in the bar except for the bartender who was holding a rag and cleaning a glass.

“What can I get you?” the female bartender asked.

Devi looked again to confirm if anyone was in the bar. There was nobody. “I’m just waiting for the weather to ease up and then I’ll be going, if that’s okay?” She said in a sweet voice.

The bartender looked at Devi. Devi was a short heavier set east Indian girl. Her hair was in a long pony tail and was raven black. She was wearing a yellow wind breaker which now clung to her like a second skin. She was wearing blue sweats which were also drenched to her skin. “Can I get you a drink while you wait?” The bartender asked.

Devi smiled uncomfortably. “I sort of lost my wallet”.

The bartender smiled at the girl. “Then drinks on the house”.

“If it’s all the same, I’d rather just wait at the door. I don’t want to get your floors wet”.

“I’ll have to insist” The bartender said.

Devi sighed. She walked out of the dark entrance and toward the bar. Her red boots squeaked and left a wet imprint on the floor as she walked. Her eyes went to the ground as she approached the bar, knowing full well that the bartender was looking at her ensemble.

The bar tender smiled at her “Superwoman I presume?”

Devi rolled her eyes. “umm yeah, I guess”.

The bartender poured her a glass of ale. “Is it Halloween already?”

Devi sighed “No, It’s a long story. Thank-you very much for the drink”. Devi looked up at the bartender. She was absolutely stunning. She was wearing jeans and a tank top. The tank top’s collar was low enough to proudly show off the bartenders incredible cleavage. Devi made eye contact with the bartender then looked quickly down at her drink.

The bartender bit into a carrot and propped her self up onto the counter across from Devi “No. Its not”. The Bartender said.

“Sorry?” Devi replied.

“A long story. It’s actually quite short. The people that you think are your friends tricked you into believing that they were having a costume party with a hero theme. You walked in and hung up your coat and then strolled into a formal dinner event. While everyone was laughing at you, Kathy pinched your wallet from the jacket you had hung. She’ll return it to you, she just wanted you to either come back to the party once you had undoubtedly stormed out. Or have you walk home in your ridiculous outfit.. Either way, they’re all still laughing at you”.

Devi looked at the bartender with a stunned expression. “How could you possibly….”

The bartender giggled “Know? What’s there to know? That this has been happening to you all through your pathetic life. No. What I would like to know is, how is that your still so sweet? Kind? Forgiving? Tomorrow you have to help tutor Dillon. And you will. Knowing full well that he was one of the masterminds behind your humiliation. And you know what…he’s really not that cute.

“It was just a joke! How do you even know all this!”

“No Devi, you’re the joke. You always have been and you always will be. When you die, no one will care. You give and you give but in the end it’s all for not and you will be entirely forgotten. You know why? Because at the end of the day all you are is a fat ugly orphan that no one cares about and no one ever will. Just ask your real parents”

Devi began to tear up and she was filled with rage. She grabbed her drink and threw its contents at the bartender. Devi’s drink splashed in her own face. She blinked a few times and then wiped her sleeve across her beer soaked face. Devi was lost for words. “What are you?” She finally asked.

The bartender smiled, “Now that’s a very good question. I’m looking for that answer even as we speak. Sadly, its not here. I’ll be leaving this reality or whatever you want to call it. But before I do, I want to leave something behind. My signature, I guess you’d call it”.

Devi was becoming increasingly nervous.

“Devi, the only reason why you’re here is because your wearing that ridiculous S on your chest. For some reason it’s the only thing that seems familiar to me. Do you know who you’re supposed to be?”

“SuperWoman?” Devi said

The bartender grabbed another carrot and began eating it and then smiled. “That’s right. But, every where I look, it seems as though this Superwoman or Superman is entirely fictional. Created by the neuron path ways of your primitive brains”

Devi spoke cautiously to the bartender. “That’s because Superwoman is fictional”.

“Is she?….Is she?” The bartender grabbed another baby carrot and began eating it. “Devi, I’m going to give you something. I don’t usually give gifts like this to girls like you, so there’s going to be a catch.

“I don’t want anything from you”.

“Well….We’ll just see about that”. The bartender crossed her arms and observed Devi. “You really do have a pretty face, aside from the double chin and those blemishes. I’ll leave your face alone, besides, we wouldn’t want people to not recognize you. And your boobs. They‘re quite large but your other curves distract from them”.

Devi could feel something happening to her body. It was changing. She was getting skinnier and skinnier. She could feel her waist line shrinking. She put her hands where her love handles used to be. “This cant be real!”

The bartender looked her over and removed the blemishes from her face with but a thought.

Devi stood up from her chair and cupped her face. “Stop what your doing! This cant be real!”. She got off her stool and hurried toward the door. Although she was much skinnier her bust size had remained the same size and looked dramatic on her 20” waist. Devi attempted to view her tight form but her breasts obstructed her view. She opened the door only to be greeted by the bartender.

“One last touch” The bartender said. Her hand reached out and her index finger pressed into the S symbol on her soft breasts.

Devi looked down at her bust. The S symbol on it began sparkling and the red S became brighter. Her yellow coat turned into a belt and wrapped tightly around her waist and the loose fabric of her super top became tighter and shinier. Her blue sweats wrapped tightly around her legs and turned into a spandex material which went underneath the yellow belt. Her breasts began rising. The tight fabric which once flattened her sagging breasts was now yielding as her breasts seemingly appeared to grow but in actuality firmed. The S symbol began to stretch across her chest and Devi gasped as the tight material loudly began to strain as if someone was stretching rubber to its absolute limit. Devi was mesmerized. The costume didn’t have a single crinkle on it. It molded to every curve of her body like a second skin.

The bar tender looked her over. “Much better” She said as she untied the cape from Devi’s neck and then tucked it underneath her neck line. “So…How does it feel to be super?”

Devi was stunned. “This a dream, this isn’t real, I need to wake up!” she said over and over again.

The bartender smiled. “You don’t like what I’ve given you?”

“No!” Devi yelled. “Change me back!”

“I intend to. You’ll change back in exactly 24 hours. Unless of course you kill your 5 friends who played that horrible prank on you. But a sweet innocent girl like you would never resort to murder for personal gain. Or would she?” The bartender laughed and then in a blink, she disappeared.

Devi was outside. The cars that drove by her honked their horns in salute to the busty east Indian girl Super-woman. She needed to get home. She was so confused and embarrassed. She started running. She ran like a woman with 3 inch heels on, awkwardly and cautiously. Yet she felt as though she was running faster then she had ever run before. She felt like she could run faster and so she did. Her awkward run was now passing cars moving in her direction. She increased her speed faster and faster. She was now a blue blur. The people she shot by fell shortly after she passed them as the sonic boom that trailed behind her hit them by surprise. Shops and parked vehicles windows blew out as she past and before she knew it Devi was in front of her building. She opened the door to the building and the door simply came off its hinges. She looked in disbelief as she held the steel framed door in her hand as easily as if she was holding a feather. The elevator door binged and she dropped the door and walked toward it. A man watched in disbelief as the busty Superwoman walked toward him. She entered the elevator. “Are you getting off?” Devi asked him.

The man didn’t answer her. He just stared at her body.

Devi was already embarrassed and now she was getting frustrated. “Sir! Are you getting off?”

“I most certainly am”.

Devi crossed her arms in front of her chest as the man stared at her exaggerated body and the way her forearms pushed up into her boobs. He was noticeably getting turned on.

“Ugh” She said in frustration as she got out of the elevator and took the stairs. She zoomed up the spiraling stairs in an instant she arrived at her 15th floor apartment. Shit, she thought, her key was in her jacket. Devi traced her finger on the inside of her belt and sighed in relief when she found it. She cautiously put the key in the key hole and then slowly opened the door. She went straight to the bath room. She looked at her self for a long time. She was still 5 foot 4 but the high heels of her super boots made her seem 4 inches taller. Her face was the same, besides the fact that she had no blemishes and no double chin. But her body!, her body was something out of a comic book. Devi just stared at it. It took sometime before she watched herself actually touch it. “Impossible” she whispered. Her small hands came up to her huge chest and she lightly caressed them. Her chest was firm, even to her own touch. But what especially surprised her was the way her Superwoman shirt felt. It felt like nothing she had ever felt before, almost like metal, but had the elasticity of spandex. She pinched the costume away from her body and marveled at the audible strain. She let go of the material and there was a loud pop as it snapped back to her chest. She put her hands on her hips and showed herself the side profile of her changed body. She pushed out her bust and raised her chin. “No way!” she said. Her tight little waist and petite arms added emphasis to the size of her super breasts. She had to see them. Her fingers reached into her neck line and she pulled the tight blue fabric away from her collar. The blue costume strained loudly and should have ripped, but did not. Devi had no comprehension of how much force was needed to do what she was doing. And as she continued pulling the tight neck line away from her body more and more of her cleavage was revealed to her. She leaned into the mirror and gasped at the sight of them. Her brown cleavage looked shiny, smooth and flawless. Her dark nipples were erect and perfectly symmetrical. She let go of her costume and it snapped loudly back into place. The snap was so loud that people living in the next door apartments ducked thinking that a gun shot had been fired. Devi left the washroom and walked to her living room, she closed her eyes and rubbed her temples then sighed. She heard a loud bang. The picture on her wall had fallen off the wall and the TV had fallen off its stand. She swallowed nervously, suspecting immediately that it was her breath that was responsible for the damage. She puckered her lips and blew gently at her table. The remote control and the books that were on it shot across the table and landed on the floor. Her heart skipped a beat and her fingers pinched her arm. She continued pinching until it hurt. She didn’t wake up. She walked to her balcony and stared at the building across from her. She could easily see the chimes hanging on the roof top of the balcony across from her and she blew at them, gently. The chimes started to ring and dance in the wind she had created. Devi looked below, there was a man on his cell phone sitting on a bus bench. She took in a deeper breath and puckered her lips and blew. There was a loud squeal as the wind fired out of her pursed lips. The man’s hat blasted off his head and he turned his head away from the blasting wind. A cyclist passing by flew off his bike and rolled toward the building. She stopped blowing and the winds immediately subsided. Devi left the balcony before anyone realized that it was her. Not that anyone would believe it was her even if they watched her do it. Devi flopped onto her couch and stared at the ceiling with one thought, which recited itself over and over, this can not be real! She had just ran at an impossible speed. Ripped a door off its hinges and now had just blown a hurricane out of her mouth with out really trying. As impossible as the notion seemed, she began to come to terms with the fact that she may very well be……Super-Woman. She stood up from the couch and thought back to what Superwoman was actually able to do. Super speed she thought, In an instant her TV was back on its stand and the picture was hanging where it was, the table and the articles that were on it were perfectly in place. “Check” she said.

Super strength she thought. She bent down and grabbed the oak table and easily hoisted it up and over her head. She brought it up and down, then left and right with ease. She looked at her petite arm in the tight blue fabric while she did it. Her muscles weren’t straining at all. She put the table down and felt her bicep. She made a muscle and tensed up. Her bicep began expanding. The tight fabric began making the straining noise once again as her bicep expanded in its tight confines. She felt her bicep with her other hand and had the instinctive feeling that there was nothing on the planet she could not lift. She eased up and her arm returned to its petite form. She lightly karate chopped the oak table and it splintered and snapped in half. “Check”

Invulnerability she thought. Her hand came to her chin and she scratched it in contemplation, how did she intend to test that. Devi walked into her kitchen and turned the stove to hi and waited. While she waited for it to heat up she saw the butcher knife on the counter. She placed the point of the blade into the palm of her hand and started applying continued pressure until it hurt. It did not. The blade bent dramatically before snapping loudly. She wasn’t ready to check invulnerability just yet. She grabbed another knife and poked it into her boob. Her boob dimpled at the point and then the blade began to bend further and further before snapping loudly. Devi gasped. She took her own finger and pressed it into her breast and her breast dimpled deeply, far deeper then the blade was able to. She put more and more pressure on her breast until her boob was compressed and pushing against her other breast. She removed her finger and her breast bounced back into its perfect form. She then grabbed a fork and poked it into her chest. It bent almost as soon as it made contact with her breast. The stoves grill was now red hot. She placed her hand on it and removed it immediately. She felt nothing. She placed her hand on it again this time for awhile longer. The grill began to sizzle but she felt nothing. She put her hand to her face and it wasn’t even warm “Invulnerability, check”.

What else could Superwoman do, she thought. She hoisted her self onto the hot stove and sat on the grill without even realizing it. Heat vision, she thought. Still sitting on the hot grill she looked at her refrigerator and stared at it intently. Her forehead furrowed and her eyes brow arched and then she could see what was in the refrigerator. And next door! And outside! She had X-ray vision! But it was heat vision she was going for. She tried again this time she relaxed. She squinted her eyes and thought about blasting the refrigerator with heat. She could feel a rush building up behind her eye balls and then twin beams of concentrated power seared through her refrigerator and into the next door neighbors apartment. As the beams emitted from her eyes there was a high pitched whistle. She blinked and the laser beams stopped. Her refrigerator’s door was melting. So was the back of the refrigerator. She used her xray vision to inspect the damage further. The wall behind the fridge was smoldering and the neighbors toaster was melting but other then that there was no fire and the neighbors didn‘t hear or notice anything. She reached for her cutlery again and grabbed a spoon. She stared intently at it again. The kind of look you’d see on a woman who looked especially cross. The high pitch whistle started again as the beams fired into the spoon and it instantly melted in her fingers. The liquid metal dripped onto her fingers and sizzled into her linoleum floor “Heat vision….Check”.

Devi hopped down from the stove. This was crazy, impossible, and yet happening…Actually happening! She walked over to her kitchen chair and sat on it. What else can SuperWoman do? She began to wonder. The chair she sat on began to smolder and then it collapsed. Devi prevented herself from falling and she looked down at the damage of the chair. Her ass had burned deep into the wood and she couldn’t help but giggle.

“Okay..okay what else can Superwoman do, Fly! she thought. But how did she intend to test that? She opened her patio doors and looked down 15 floors. No way! She thought. There’s got to be a better way. She began walking away when the spontaneous urge to jump off the balcony overwhelmed her. “Screw it” she said and then leaped off her balcony. She descended floor after floor to the ground below. She balled her hands into her fists and flexed all the muscles in her legs and just before she hit the ground she rocketed forward. “Whoooooo-Weeee!” She yelled as she rocketed through the city and then began to ascend higher and higher. The sensation of flight was the most exhilarating experience she had ever felt. She was traveling faster and faster. She looked down below her, the terrain was changing with every second as she rocketed overtop of it well past supersonic. She looked behind her and her telescopic vision spotted the city she had left increasingly becoming further and further away. She looked up. “Oh my god!” She managed to say just before she crashed into a mountain. It looked as if a streaking blue missile blasted into the side of the jagged mountain. The part she struck exploded sending thousands of rocks and pebbles blasting in every direction and then she fell, along with the several of boulders she had jarred loose. She was too shocked to recover and before she knew it her left butt cheek struck a ledge which caused her to spin like a top. She hit another ledge and another. Her body grinded against the side of the mountain for a 1000 feet before she once again approached another rocky ledge. She screamed and crossed her arms in front of her face before she blasted through it. She plummeted another 500 feet before doing a face plant into the stony ground below. Boulders the size of cars dropped onto her smashing violently over top of her head and body. She lay there motionless for a moment and then slowly stood up. She extended her arms and stretched her legs, but she felt no pain, not even a minor muscle ache. She looked up at the mountain and looked how far she had fallen and then started laughing. She laughed harder and harder until her laugh echoed through the rocky canyons. Devi eyed one of the large boulders that had crashed upon her. She brought her leg back and kicked it. It blew into a powdery substance but a small chunk remained intact and shot out as the power from Devi’s Super kick transferred into it. It streaked away from her and across the landscape. The boulder careened through a valley, echoing a sound similar to that of an artillery shell. She watched as it finally struck the side of another mountain with a tremendous bang. Devi placed her hands on her hips and her red boots left the stony ground. She floated higher and higher until she reached the part of the mountain she had crashed into. The hole was massive. She grinned at the mountain and then floated in the hole she had created. She never did put her super strength to the test. She put her hands on the stony surface began lifting. Her arms showed definition as she continued pushing upward. She was rewarded with a loud crack. The side of the mountain had fractured and now she was holding a giant rock. She marveled at the sheer size of the massive rock she was lifting. There wasn’t a machine in the world that could do what she was doing. And while she definitely felt its weight, she knew this was barely testing her strength. The giant rock began to fracture and Devi tossed it aside and then rocketed away. If this was a dream, she no longer wanted to wake up. She cruised across the sky and shot above the ocean below. Devi was zig-zaging and then she saw the commercial airliner. She smiled as she positioned her self directly in its path.

The pilots were lost in their own conversation when one of them looked up to see the Super Woman.

Devi moved away in the last second.

“Did you see that?” One of the pilots asked.

“See what?” the other pilot responded.

“That!” the pilot shouted and pointed to the window.

The other pilot looked to his left and watched as the east Indian Superwoman flew along side the plane. She smiled at them, waved and then veered off. There was a moment of silence in the cock pit before one of the pilots said “What say we just keep this to ourselves”.


Devi flew for hours. Enjoying the brisk wind that crashed across against her body. She looked down below and observed the Ocean. She was in her second year of university where she specialized in oceanography. What an opportunity she thought as she turned her body vertically and blasted downwards. She had one fist on her hip and one facing the ocean as she picked up speed. A blue streak moving at an incredible speed splashed into the ocean creating a massive plume of water followed by a great wave. Devi traveled into the far depths of the ocean floor and marveled at it. She explored the depths for hours before eventually making it to shallow waters. Her red boots touched the soft sand of the sea bed and she walked up into shallow waters. No one was on the vacant island but if there had been, they would have marveled at the sight. Devi’s head popped out of the water and as she walked out of the ocean she revealed more and more of her body. Her Superwoman costume was soaked and glistened as the hot sun reflected off of it. She ran both her hands through her wet hair, pushing her chest out while she did so. She took in a deep breath and then relaxed. She unlatched the yellow belt from her waist and the tight blue fabric loosened and she pulled her wet Super top off her body. She tossed it aside and arched her body. The hot suns rays felt fantastic on her big brown bust. She removed her red shorts and then the blue tights and finally her red boots and lay down on the hot sand completely naked. This was the life she thought. The world was her backyard. She was Super but she knew it wasn’t going to last. Whatever granted her this power was certainly going to take it away. Unless of course she did what the bartender had asked. There was no way she was going to kill anybody. For anything! Even this. It simply was not in her nature. But that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to enjoy the 24hours. She suddenly remembered that she had to tutor Dillon early Sunday morning and even though there was a world to explore, she did feel like showing off her super body. With Super speed she dressed back up and took off to the skies.

Dillon’s phone was ringing but he was fast asleep. On the 7th ring he finally picked up. “Hello”

“Hey Dillon its Devi!”

Dillon rolled his eyes, “Yeah…what is it?”

“I’m supposed to tutor you….Remember?”

“Yeah…uhhh…lets do it some other time. I’m pretty tired. I had a late night”

“I’m right outside your door”

There was a long pause before Dillon finally said “Yeah I’ll be right there”. He slowly got out of bed and shuffled toward the door. He simply unlocked the door and went to the washroom.

Devi walked into his apartment. “You alright? You look rough”

Dillon was brushing his teeth in the washroom when she had asked that. He shook his head in irritation. How would she know what he looked like this morning, God she was annoying.

“So about yesterday?” Devi said.

“Yeah, Kathy thought it would be funny and said you’d be cool with it. Hope we didn’t cross the line” Dillon said from the washroom.

“I’m not going to lie, I was angry at first. But now. I’m glad it happened”.

Dillon washed his face and again shook his head, there simply was no way to get rid of this girl. Dillon left the wash room and went into his living room. “I’m going to make some coffee did…you…” He stopped in mid sentence as he stared at Devi. “Devi?”

Devi smiled at his reaction. “You wouldn’t believe the kind of day I’ve been having”

Dillon blinked hard and then looked up and down her feminine proportions dramatically emphasized by her super outfit.

The two chatted on the couch for an hour. Devi tried to explain to Dillon about the bartender and what she had done for her. But it fell on deaf ears. Dillon wasn’t buying it. In fact, he believed that this was some sort of practical joke being played on him. But he more then enjoyed playing along. He could stare at this SuperWomans tits all day long.

Devi stopped trying to explain to him what happened to her. “You don’t believe me? Fine! Let me show you. Pick something that only Superwoman can do”.

Dillon smiled at her. He looked over her body. Stared at Devi’s big bust which was not at all proportioned to rest of her body. “I have a better idea. I don’t think its that big of a secret that Devi had a huge crush on me”.

Devi smiled uncomfortably. “Well, I kinda thought it was a secret”

Dillon moved closer to Devi. “So I doubt Devi would have any objections if I did this?” Dillon placed his hand on Devi’s thigh and ran it over the surface her smooth blue tights. It was a strange sensation. It felt as though he was running his hand overtop the softest steel.

Devi looked into his eyes as his hands rode up her thigh. Up over her yellow belt, which in itself felt like metal and then overtop of her tiny waist. The soft touch was electric for her. She stared at Dillon, her mouth half open and her big brown eyes all but invited him to go higher. The tightly contained perfectly proportioned spheres on her chest responded as his fingers traced over them. Her nipples began to pierce into her costume.

“Or this?” Dillon asked as he continued looking into her eyes but began squeezing the most incredible breasts he had ever felt. Dillon grabbed the back of Devi’s head and embraced her in a kiss. They both kissed each other for a long moment before Dillon broke off the kiss and moved back down to her bust.

Devi gasped as Dillons mouth found her erect nipple. He gently closed his teeth on them. “Mmm harder” Devi pleaded as her hand moved down to her waist and she snapped off the yellow belt. She pulled down her pants and Dillon did the same.

Dillon bit down on her chest harder then before. His other hand fondled her other breast roughly.

Devi moaned. “Harder! As hard as you can!”

Dillon squeezed her chest. And kissed her body. He had never been more turned on in his entire life. He attempted to enter her but his member deflected off her super pussy.

Devi reached down and helped out as she created an opening for Dillon. He pushed himself inside of her. Devi moaned as they quickened their pace. Devi began vibrating faster then softer and then faster again. Dillon’s eyes rolled back. Never before had he experienced sex like this. Devi was on the verge of climaxing and she forgot herself. She removed her hand from her sex and brought both hands to the back of Dillons head and she pumped down on him simultaneously pulling Dillons head into the big red S on her super bust. He screamed. Devi had mistaken his muffled scream for one of passion as she climaxed. “Mmm that was fantastic!” Dillon ….Dillon!?” She didn’t have to check him twice to know that he was gone. She had killed him. “Oh my God…Oh no!” She got up and began pacing the room. No one is going to believe that he died having sex with her. They’ll think she did out of revenge for last night. After all his face looked like it got hit with a demolition ball. She was upset that he was dead but self preservation was foremost on her mind. She thought long and hard. Maybe in 24 hours everything will simply go back to the way it was. Like none of it ever happened. But, maybe in 24 hours all that will happen is that she’ll revert to her old body. ‘Shit! I can go to my house, pick my car up and fly to California. No one would believe it was me if I was in California at the time this happened. Unless of course no one finds him for a day’ She shook her head and grabbed Dillon’s cell phone. She looked through his texts to see if he had notified anyone of who he would be with that morning.

Dillon: I’m serious, enough is enough, get rid of her

Kathy: Relax, She gave me the money, tonight will be the last night we spend with her. I just want to have a lil more fun with her.

Dillon: I cant believe she gave you the money. How stupid is she?

Kathy: lol we’ll find out tonight if she shows up at the party as a superhero lol.

Dillon: lmao

Devi scrunched the phone in her hand. She gave the money to Kathy because she told her that her mother needed money it for a surgery. “That bitch!” Devi screamed “Oh when I get my hands on you! And you!” she pointed at Dillon “Got far more then you ever deserved. I’m keeping this body! And these powers! Things are going to start changing around here!”

Craig had filled up his car with gas and finished paying for it. He immediately noticed the busty brown girl in a super girl costume standing by his truck. He looked at her face. It couldn’t be, he thought. “Devi?”

The woman giggled. “Umm no. My car broke down and I needed a ride. As you can see, I have no wallet”.

“Why don’t you just fly to wherever your going?”

Devi smiled “Very funny”.

“Yeah, I can give you a ride…hop in”

Craig watched as the Superwoman got into the passenger side. He checked out her ass just before she sat down. Wow, he thought. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat “So, where to?”

“Just follow the road, I’ll tell you when to turn”

Craig put the car into gear and merged into traffic. “So, dare I ask, what’s with the costume?”.

Devi smiled, “I was at one of those Comic-ons and they wanted me to go as Super-Woman”.

“It’s a great costume” Craig said.

Devi nodded her head “It is. I thought they were going to give me one of those cheap ones but this one’s really nice. It really accentuates my curves”.

Craig looked over at her and stared at her bust and was impressed how the costume wrapped around her chest. It was as if the costume was designed specifically for her. “It certainly does that” He finally said after checking her out for longer then he should.

Devi was smiling as Craig looked up and down her body. “The road?” She said casually.

Craig snapped out of his temporary trance. “Right!….Sorry!” He said as his attention went back to driving.

There was a brief pause when Devi asked. “So did you think I looked like your friend?”

“What? Oh!…I guess at first…But I really should have known better”.

“Why’s that?”

“Because the girl I had mistaken you with is…well…Nothing like you”.

“Nothing like me?”

“No, she’s fat and ugly”

Devi stared at him showing him her irritation.

Craig kicked himself for saying that. “Not that you are!…Its just that!…We played a joke on her and she wore a Super-woman costume, and she’s brown and you are and…I’m just going to stop now”.

“But you regarded her as a friend of yours. Do you call all your friends fat and ugly?”.

“No…Just her” Craig said and then half laughed. “She’s not really a friend of mine. A friend of a friend I guess I’d say. Personally I can’t stand her. She’s one of these tag alongs”.

“And so….What kind of joke involves someone wearing a Super-woman costume?” Devi asked.

“Long story, but I recorded it. It’ll be worth a few laughs tomorrow at School” Craig said and then started giggling.

Devi smiled and there was a moment of silence. They were crossing a bridge when Devi reached over and grabbed the steering wheel and pulled it toward her.

“What are you doing!?” Craig screamed as the truck veered hard to the right and hit the protective barrier of the bridge and then switched directions. The truck hit the side of an oncoming sports car and flipped over the concrete barrier and into the valley below. The passenger side of the vehicle crumpled as it took the brunt of the impact after the truck plummeted 50 feet before striking the side of the valley. The truck began violently rolling down the valley and into the trees below before finally settling in its upright position. Craig was hurt. His breathing was labored and he had small cuts all over his face. He looked over at the girl beside him. He could only see the side of her body, the rest was encompassed in the wreckage. He had no doubt she was dead. He could smell propane and attempted to get out of the truck. The door was jarred shut. The woman beside him began to move. She took her free hand and unbelievably began pushing the mangled steel away from her body. There was a loud groan as her arm extended to its fullest. She smiled at him “What a rush!”.

Craig was lost for words. “How…why…I don‘t”

Devi ignored him, She ran her hand back and forth through her hair and glass began shaking out of it.

“H-how?” Craig managed to stammer.

Devi smiled at him. She shifted in her seat so that she was facing Craig. She pushed out her bust so that it was only inches away from Craig’s eyes. “Does this help explain things?”

“This is…Impossible”.

“Uh oh looks like you’ve got a propane leak”. Devi said, half excitedly. “You don’t have any matches do you?”

Craig’s mind could not comprehend what he was witnessing. Devi looked in the glove department for some matches, there wasn’t any. Devi looked at Craig unsympathetically. “Lucky you, no matches”

Craig swallowed, “Why are you….”

Devi beamed with delight. “I nearly forgot!” She pointed at her eyes. “I have laser eyes!”

“Who are you?” Craig finally managed to say.

“I’ll give you one guess” Devi said as she opened her eyes wide and hinted with her fingers as she traced the big red S on her bust.

Craig looked at her, desperately wondering if this was a hallucination. He watched as her finger traced the outline of the red S of her curvy bust. “Super-Woman?”

“Judges? Are we going to accept that answer?” Devi said as she looked the other way. She looked back at Craig “No. I’m sorry, The answer we were looking for is Devi”.


“Impossible? You would think so, wouldn’t you? Surviving such a horrific accident and then the explosion afterwards”.

“Explosion?“ Craig asked as she began squinting her eyes. Twin beams of energy shot out of Devi’s pupils. The energy seared through the back window and rapidly heated the tank in the back of the truck. The truck erupted into a massive fireball. Devi remained in the car for moments after. She enjoyed how the flames consumed everything around her but had little to no effect on herself. She kicked her leg out and the door blasted away from the truck. 2 down 3 to go, she thought.

Devi was in the air and looking for Penny. She flew by her home and squinted her eyes, she looked intently through the home in search of her. There was no sign of her. She hovered in the air standing upright as she turned slowly 360 degrees. Her telescopic vision darted from car to car and person to person at an astounding rate. After 20 minutes of looking Devi became worried. What if she was unable to find her before the 24 hours was up? Her panic subsided when she heard her voice. Devi put her hand to ear as Penny’s voice became a homing signal. She was driving back to her home and talking with someone on her phone. Devi smiled and changed directions. She saw a man on his cell phone and dropped in on him.

The man was startled by her presence. “I need to borrow this” she said to him, then took away his cell phone and blasted back to the sky.

Penny got off the phone with Krista and the phone rang immediately after. She looked at the number. It was unfamiliar to her. She pulled up to her drive way and answered the phone. “Hello?”

“Hi Penny, its Devi!”

Penny grabbed her things from the car “Yeah…what is it?”

“Well, remember how you guys played a joke on me and I came dressed to the party dressed in that ridiculous outfit?”

Penny started laughing, “Devi, that was yesterday. Nobody is going to forget that for a long-long time”.

“Yeah…well. An interesting thing happened to me. I actually did turn into Superwoman on the way home from the party. And I’m just a lil bit angry about the whole thing”.

Penny rolled her eyes and opened the door to her house. “Whatever Devi. I think you finally learned that you shouldn’t hang out with people who don’t like you. And you must know, I‘ve never liked you”.

“Well, I’m on my way to your house now. Maybe you’d like to tell me how you feel about me in person. But, I think its only fair to warn you…I really am Superwoman”.

Penny shook her head in frustration. “Alright, listen you psycho bitch. Stay the fuck away from me!….Understand?” Penny hung up the phone and went into her kitchen when the door bell rang. She walked to the door and looked through the peep hole. All she could see was Devi’s smiling face. This bitch simply does not get it. “Just a second!” she yelled as she went back to the kitchen and opened her purse and pulled out the mace. She walked back to the door and opened it. Penny extended her arm and fired the mace into Devi’s face “Get the hint? Bitch!”. Devi puckered her lips and began to inhale the chemical. Penny continued spraying it in her face and Devi continued her inhalation. Devi’s expanding S symbol on her incredible costume distracted Penny and she stopped spraying the mace. She looked at Devi’s body, her incredibly tight busty body. “What the hell?” she said.

Devi was smiling and then her eyes widened and she pursed her bright red lips and began blowing gently into Penny’s face. The now concentrated chemical hit sprayed into Penny’s face and she screamed in pain and fell to the ground. “Now was that any way to greet SuperWoman?” Devi asked.

Penny got up and ran to the sink and began spraying water in her face. She didn’t need a mirror to know that her face was severely damaged. “Bitch!” she screamed and turned back to Devi who was walking into her kitchen. Penny spit on her.

The spit splattered on the big S on Devi’s chest. Devi looked down at her bust. “So that’s the way you want to play?” Devi built up a bit of saliva in her mouth and then spat it at Penny. The saliva blasted into Penny’s arm and then through it. Penny grabbed her shoulder in shock as Devi built up a bit more Saliva. Penny watched as Devi took in a quick breath through her nostrils and then spat at her again. This time Devi’s saliva blasted through Penny’s head and Penny fell to the ground. Devi’s boots click clacked on the ceramic tile as she walked over to the stove to find out what time it was. It was 4 Pm. She tried to think back to what time it was when she was granted these powers. She was at the party at 8 and she left right afterwards. She figured she had till 9, but she wasn’t going to take any chances. She picked up Penny’s cell phone and dialed Kayla.

“Hey Penny! Whats up!” Kayla asked.

“Actually its Devi. Where are you right now?”

“Ummm why?”

“Cause I cant get a hold of Penny and I have her cell phone. Can I drop it off with you?”.

Kayla was suspicious “And why do you have Penny’s cell phone?”.

“We bumped into each other at the mall and she left it at the table she was sitting at”.

“I just spoke to Penny, like, 10 minutes ago! On her phone! What did you do to her Devi!?”

There was a pause, “To be honest, all I did was spit on her. Why don’t you just tell me where you are. I really don’t have the time to come looking for you”.

Kayla hung up the phone on Devi and dialed up Kathy.

“Hello” Kathy answered.

“I think Devi just went off the deep end”.


“Yeah, I was speaking to Penny one second. Then Devi called me from Penny’s phone the next second saying that Penny had lost her phone and she wanted to know where I was”.

Kathy was getting concerned. “I’ve been trying to call Dillon all day. I think he mentioned a few days ago that Devi was supposed to tutor him today…You don’t think that!?”

“Kathy, lock your doors! I’m going to the police”. Kayla hung up the phone and ran out of the library and to her car. She sped off toward the police station. Kayla was speeding through an industrial area when her tire popped. “No!…Not now! You stupid car!” she got out of the car and looked at the tire. The tire looked like it had exploded. The rim was smoldering and the tire was only half attached. “Shit!” Kayla walked into an open garage. “Hello?” she called out. “Is anybody here?”

“Nope! Just me and you!” Devi answered.

Kayla turned to her and looked in shock at Devi. “Devi….Is that you?”

“The one and only! Like my costume?” Devi replied as she ran her hands up her thigh up to her chest.

Kayla backed away from her. “I don’t know what’s going on, but I had nothing to do with yesterday!”

“Unfortunately. I believe you. But I really don’t have a choice” There was a genuine sympathetic tone in Devi’s voice.

Kayla looked at Devi’s body. “How is this possible?”

Devi giggled, “What? This?” Devi spun 360 degrees. “Would you believe that I ran into this bartender and she granted me all the powers of Superwoman. Not to mention this killer body as well. My boobs are a lil outrageous, but I’m starting to get used to them. What do you think?” Devi pushed her chest out and showed Kayla a side profile “Too much do you think?”

Kayla backed into a table and her hand slowly crept to the nail gun that rested on it “Your crazy!”

“You know! A part of me wishes that’s true. To think that one woman with a simple thought can give me all this! Well. It’s a little unsettling”.

“So what do you want with me?”

“You wouldn’t understand how much power I have. I feel like a God! Your familiar with Superman, right?! Flight!, Super strength! Laser vision! I have all that! And in order to keep it. I have to get rid of you” Devi was getting right up to Kayla.

Kayla waited for her to get into arms reach before her finger wrapped around the handle of the nail gun.

Devi was directly in front of Kayla, she looked at her sympathetically. “You’d do the exact same, if the situation was reversed”.

Kayla pulled the nail gun off the table and pressed the nozzle onto Devi’s chest and depressed the trigger. There was a loud pop as the compressed air fired the nail into the top part of Devi’s boob. The nail collapsed into itself and when Kayla removed the gun from Devi’s chest, the flattened nail fell to the ground.

Devi smiled at Kayla “Did I forget to mention invulnerability?” but that did feel nice. Can I see that?” Devi took the nail gun and put the nozzle onto her nipple. Pop! Pop! Pop! “Oooo baby! that does feels good!”.

“This can’t be real!” Kayla said under her breath. And then yelled it “This cant be real!” she started running away. She ran out of the garage and down the driveway. She looked back to see if Devi was chasing her, before she had a chance to look in front of her, she ran into Devi. Devi’s boobs cushioned the impact but Kayla fell to the gravel hard. She looked up to see Devi, her hands were on her hips, cape flapping behind her big cocky smile on her face “This can’t be happening….This can’t be happening!”

“There there Kayla lets go to your car, everything will be alright when we get there” Devi picked up

Kayla and cradled her in her arms and flew momentarily to Kayla’s car. She put her in the driver side and shut the door. Kayla immediately reached into her back pocket and grabbed her keys. She started the car and drove away. The car was hard to control with one tire out, but it was picking up velocity as it sped away from Devi.

Devi smiled. Her red boots left the ground and her body motioned toward the car. In no time Devi was flying along side the car. The big red S on her bust was facing the drivers side window. Kayla looked at Devi. Devi had a huge grin on her face and she waved at Kayla. Kayla pressed on the gas and increased her speed. Devi matched her speed and opened her mouth and patted it with her hand signaling to Kayla that she was getting bored. They took a turn across a sharp bend and an un-coming Semi smashed into Devi. “YES! FUCK YOU BITCH!“ Kayla screamed triumphantly.

The driver of the Semi felt a large jolt, and then heard the clanking and grinding in his massive diesel engine. The trucks rpm meter went to 0 and the truck came to a stop. “Fuck!” he said as he opened the trucks doors and hopped down. Before he got to the front of the truck he could see that it was smoldering. He looked at the front grill of his truck in curious disbelief. It looked like something had blasted into his engine. He heard the clanking sound of metal. The massive hood on the semi’s engine began groaning and bending and then it popped open. A brown woman dressed as superwoman with fresh oil covering parts of her costume hopped down from the truck and approached him.

“Are you okay sir?” Devi asked

“Uhhh….yeah…..I think so”.

Devi smiled at him. “Sorry about your truck” she said as her boots left the ground and she blasted away.

Kayla had taken a few turns and was now on a straight away when a woman floated down from the sky and landed 100 yards in front of her. “No!” she screamed “That’s impossible!” her foot hit the gas and she raced toward Devi.

Devi was rubbing some of the black oil on her chest wondering how she intended on removing the stains on her costume as Kayla’s car rapidly approached. Devi looked up at Kayla and watched her carefully. She wanted to see Kayla’s reaction when the inevitable happened.

Kayla’s car smashed into Devi. The front of it crumpled a good 2 feet around Devi’s waist and aside from a massive jolt, the car kept moving. The car was still moving quickly but its speed was declining despite the fact that Kayla had the pedal to the metal. Devi simply smiled, her body language unchanged as her arms remained crossed just under her bust. Her red high heel boots grinded against the concrete creating a plume of smoke that dragged behind the vehicle. The car traveled for another 100 meters before it died. Devi smiled at Kayla’s reaction, then simply put her hand underneath the vehicle taking a firm hard grip of the frame and then began lifting. The car creaked as the wheels left the ground and then it began rising. Devi turned her body and began her ascent. Kayla screamed as they rose higher and higher into the air. Devi was now traveling vertically and moving faster and faster, as soon as she left earth’s atmosphere she let go of the car. She watched as moments later the charred vehicle cratered into the moon. She smiled. Let the boys at NASA figure that one out. She dusted her hands. “One more to go!” She flew through the atmosphere and it ignited the oil on her costume and returned it to its original shiny form.

Kathy was pacing in her apartment. She couldn’t get a hold of anybody. Even Kayla wasn’t picking up. After moments of contemplating and paranoid thoughts she called the police. They said they would send a car right away. The water she was boiling for the pasta she was making began to sizzle and boil out of the pot. She got off the chair and walked to the stove when she heard someone humming a tune.

“Doo do de DooDoo…Doo Dooo Dooo…Doo do de da Dooo!…Do-da-Dooo!”

It was the Supermans theme song. Kathy turned the corner and looked at her balcony. The scene was rather dramatic. A half smiling woman with a red cape billowing behind her, wearing a Super-woman costume stood on her balcony with her arms folded just below her very large chest. She paused momentarily and stared in disbelief at the Super-Woman. “Who are you?”.

The Super-woman laughed, “Ummm hello!? red and blue tights, red underwear on the outside of my tights. Big red S? need I say more?”

“I called the Police. There on their way”.

“Well then I should probably make this quick”.

Kathy ran to her kitchen. The brown woman in the Super woman costume was already there leaning against the wall. “You do know who I really am, don’t you?”

Kathy’s heart began to race. Devi?….But!…How?”

Devi laughed, “What’s interesting is that I found out why you swindled me out of 3000 dollars. It wasn’t for your mothers surgery. It was for yours. An appointment with Dr. Phillips. Plastic surgeon. You wanted to get breast augmentation. Sooo I’m guessing you must be crazy jealous that I got these”. Devi folded her hands overtop her chest and her fingers playfully bounced over top of her breasts”.

“No Devi! that’s not true!”

Devi snickered “Kathy. I can see the letter from here. Its right on your night stand. Would you like me to read it for you?” Devi squinted her eyes and she looked into the next room. “Dear Miss Kathy Jennings we are pleased..”

Kathy grabbed the boiling hot pot of water and threw it into Devi’s face. The boiling water splashed all over Devi’s body and steam began emanating from Devi’s costume.

Devi blinked a few times. “Now that wasn’t very nice! I just washed my costume”

Kathy rushed for the knife drawer and grabbed the largest butcher knife she could find. “Just stay away from me bitch!”

Devi laughed. “Oh my, what ever shall a super woman do if someone pulls a knife on her hmmm...Oh!…I know!” Devi squinted her eyes and two red beams fired out of them and into the blade. The metal melted almost upon contact and leaked onto Kathy’s hand.

“Ahhh!” she screamed and released the blade. “What the fuck is going on!”

Devi’s hands unclasped her belt and she pulled off her Super Woman top. Her breasts bounced as the tight fabric left her chest. She tossed the long sleeved Super shirt on the table. “Do you think you would have gotten them this big…Or maybe a little bit smaller. Devi had her hands on her 20” waist. So, they look good or what?” Devi asked as she flexed one breast at a time. Each time she flexed her big boobs bounced dramatically.

“How! How is this possible!”

Devi smiled. She could tell Kathy whatever she liked and she’d believe it. “You know when you told me to go get a costume for the party. Well I bought that shirt, and it changed me into what you see now”

Kathy motioned toward the shirt. “That shirt there?”

“That’s the one”

“And you became Super-Woman?”

“Crazy isn’t it”

Kathy grabbed the shirt and pulled it over her body. The elastic fabric was far too tight for her to get over her body and there was no way she could get her head through the tight collar. Or even her arms down the sleeves. She struggled comically as she attempted to put on the blue shirt.

Devi smiled, “Here, let me give you a hand with that. Devi’s hands went underneath the costume and she pulled it outwards stretching it out for Kathy. Kathy got her head through the collar and eventually her arms down the sleeves but not all the way. Devi smiled and then released the costume and it slapped tightly across Kathy’s body. She gasped. The shirt was crushing her. She desperately attempted to pull it off but simply had no chance. Her breasts looked as if they were non existent as the shirt pressed against them so hard that they were crushed against her own body. Her hands came to her chest and she desperately scratched at the smooth S symbol frantically trying to pull the costume away from her chest. Her face went purple and then she collapsed. It was done.

Devi walked over to Kathy to get her shirt back when the door behind her blasted open.

“Freeze! Police!” A female officer screamed and then began shooting.

Devi couldn’t believe that the police was shooting at her. They didn’t ask questions or anything. They just barged in and started shooting at her. 3 rounds hit her breasts and much to Devi’s surprise. Really, Really! Stung.

“Bitch!” Devi screamed while massaging her chest at the points of impact then followed up with an incendiary blast of her heat vision.

The police officer was struck in the chest and the blue outfit burned away from her body, But she still remained standing and unharmed. “Ooooh that is hot!” the officer said as she began fanning her boobs with her hands.

Devi swallowed nervously. It was the bartender. “I did what you asked”.

The bartender looked at Kathy’s lifeless body. “You certainly did! And with style! It’s what you do afterwards that has me concerned”

Devi sighed “I don’t know what your talking about”.

The bartender hopped onto the counter and looked at Devi’s breasts. “Nice tits! I’m almost jealous. They might even be better then my own. But I doubt it….But they certainly are bigger”

Devi crossed her arms and clenched her jaw.

The bartender smiled. “You’re thinking of attacking me? Just some friendly advice. I wouldn’t”.

“What do you want!?” Devi demanded

“Here’s the thing, I came across your pathetic sweet soul and I thought, I can make something incorruptible…Corruptible. So I gave you Super powers and I thought that once you broke your morale barrier it would have a cascading effect. But that doesn’t happen. In fact! You become a hero in this world. You save it 5 times from cataclysm. You are loved by all and in 100 years you achieve world piece and bla bla bla. And you were off to such a good start! I swear I will never give powers to girl like you again. I should have granted Super Powers to Sarah Palin again, she’d show you how its done”.

“Who?” Devi asked.

“Sarah…” The bartender motioned her eyes up “Oh right. She doesn’t exist in this reality”.

Devi was getting irritated. “I’m done with you! You want to take these powers away from me! Then do it! I don’t care! Just leave me alone!”.

The bartender tapped her finger on her chin. “Umm no. This is what’s going to happen. You have 5 years to rule this planet. Every parliamentary building across the globe will have this flag hanging over it” The bartender shook her hand and a giant blue flag appeared in it. It had a giant S symbol on it.

“Go to hell!” Devi said fearlessly.

The bartender smiled at her. Devi…You should really just do as I say”

“Or else what!?”

The bartender smiled “Or else this!” The bartender snapped her fingers.

Devi was back 5 minutes in time. She released the Superwoman shirt and it snapped loudly onto Kathy’s body.

“Oh my God!…Oh my God!” Kathy screamed! “It’s working!” Kathy’s bust began getting bigger and bigger. The costume strained audibly and Devi’s breasts became smaller and smaller. “I can feel power in me…Such power!”

Devi backed away from Kathy and Kathy grabbed her expanding bust.

Kathy shook her head and her long blonde hair swung across her shoulders. Kathy’s bright blue eyes looked at Devi. “I believe your wearing my pants” she said with a giggle.

Devi swallowed hard “Okay!.. You made your point!”

Kathy walked up to Devi confidently “And my boots!”

“I said you made your point!” Devi screamed

Kathy’s bust pushed into Devi’s small chest and she began crushing her. Her lips homed in on Devi’s ear. “I’m so glad to hear that”. Kathy backed away from Devi and removed the Super-woman shirt and tossed it back to Devi who’s bust had returned to its super size. Kathy smiled brightly at Devi “You should get going. 5 years is not a lot of time to rule the world”.

Devi looked angrily at Kathy who she knew was actually the Bartender. She put the Shirt back on and turned away from her and walked to the balcony.

The bartender smiled as she watched Devi walk away. “Oh and Devi!…”

Devi looked back at the bartender. “What!?”

The bartender smiled at her “Have fun!”


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