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10 Minutes That Shocked the World

Written by Woodclaw :: [Thursday, 21 May 2009 07:28] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 06 April 2013 11:45]

[168 hours before]

The young lab assistant placed some papers on the table and concluded "…and this is the predicted rate of efficiency with the present formula, doctor."

At the other hand of the table there was a man in his 50s, tall, skinny, grey streaked hairs and with quite a widow peak. His presence and his immaculate attire contrasted wildly with the tropical climate and the atmosphere of old colonial money that transpired from the room of the hacienda. He looked to the young man with some contempt and then studied the papers for s few moments. "Hum… 37% of efficiency… that's only 1.3% more than the last test." He dropped the file on the table.

"You know that this is unacceptable for our employers!" He shouted, "I won't suffer this situation, because some of you… you… you idiotic morons are too busy with your own pitiful lives to make any progress!"

The young man lowered his head, he knew that his chief was very easy to upset, but he tried to answer nonetheless "Doctor, we…"

"Don't dare answer me, you…"

Then another authoritative voice entered in the conversation "What's going on here?"

Both the men turned and swallowed down hard. The doctor was the faster to get his composure back "Oh, it's you captain, I'm sorry I got a little… err… carried away."

The captain name was Caridad Martinez, one of the few women part of the "Milicia Popular de San Jeronimo", and the only one capable of achieving an officer rank. No one knew much about her, except that she was good, probably better than anyone else in the Milicia, and she wasn't afraid to prove it. She had achieved her rank on the bodies of her comrades, literally. Being quite pretty and one of the few women within reach, many militia men tried to have their way with her; she beat the crap out of each one, and three at once on one occasion. Skilled, ruthless and intelligent, Caridad was promoted shortly to the rank of captain and assigned as security chief of the Palo Blanco hacienda, much to the exasperation of doctor Liebovitz. In her late 20s Caridad was an athletic woman, with a head of long black hairs and a dark tan, she definitely lacked any "womanly shape" her body was a hard block of muscles; her strength was even greater than what her size may suggest. As usual she was wearing a camo uniform, combat boots, a bandolier and her trademark sideways cap.

Brushing aside a couple of strands that had escaped a hat she smiled, it wasn't a reassuring smile, it was the kind of smile that a tiger can display in front of a wounded prey. "Emiliano, you were about to say something when I arrived, didn't you. Please go ahead."

The lab assistant swallowed again, gave a sideways look to doctor Liebowitz and, sweating liters, said "Well, doctor, the problem is that we don't have test subjects, so any test have to be conducted completely upon speculations and projections."

Doctor Liebowitz sighed and sat down, he knew were the problems laid but again he let his bilious attitude to take the lead. One of the world greatest experts of pharmacology, his researches upon the nature of neurochemical responses were so high and so complex to estrange him from the rest of the scientific community. Eight months ago he was contacted by a group of businessmen interested in his researches, they offered him a place to continue his studies and an almost unlimited amount of founds. Only some times later he discovered that these respectable businessmen were a cartel of drug lords, who were concerned about the new government of their country had financed a revolutionary group to install a new more accommodating government. Currently outnumbered and outgunned the Milicia tried the way of combat drugs to increase their chances, and Liebowitz's compound were - on the paper - something that made steroids in the K-rations looks like tap water. Since the beginning of this collaboration he had crossed many boundaries, but was still reluctant to use living tests subjects. "We already had this conversation and my answer is still the same. Besides, without a bunch of test subjects that are extremely close to the human norm, something that I believe is extremely rare even in a ‘first world' country, any result will potentially be worthless."

"But without a proper test all we have are projections and speculations, and this is not what our employer wants either."

The argument continued for about a minute, Caridad remained silent for the whole time, with a mischievous smile on her face. As always she managed to stay in the background, it was a useful skill that she had picked in her childhood years, that was naturally complemented by what other people usually thought. Because she was a woman they assumed she was weak, because she was young they assumed she was inexperienced, because she was silent they assumed she had no ambition, but they were deadly wrong on all the three. While used to stay silent in the background she wanted to step forward to get the main scene, but she also knew that to do such she needed a major boost up, and that was the reason for accepting the position as security chief of Palo Blanco, she knew of Liebowitz's ideas and wanted to keep him within her grasp.

"Very well, Emiliano, I'll think about your ideas." The doctor conceded at the end of the argument.

The assistant sighed with relief "Thank you, sir, that's all we need." He hastily left the room, sweating profusely.

Caridad left behind him and as soon as they were out she called him "Emiliano, wait."

"Hu… err… Yes captain." He babbled, as usually scarred and attracted from her.

"I understood that you need some help with the next stage, don't you."

"Well, yes, as I said we need test subjects, human test subjects. We already tried with lab rats but the results were inconclusive, the key elements of the formula didn't work properly."

"Maybe I can help you on this one."

Emiliano faces showed a mixture of horror and hope. "How?" he asked, immediately regretting it.

"I think that there are two ways to do it. Number one: kidnapping some indios from the jungle or some campesinos from a nearby village and use them."

"Are you crazy?!?" Emiliano screamed at the top of his lungs, completely forgetting the polite etiquette he usually employed to address her. "If we do something like that the U.N. will hit us like a ton of bricks."

Caridad kept a serious expression, but inside she was laughing, she was right, despite all his claims and attempts to be detached and ‘scientific' Emiliano was still too concerned with moral and political implications of his own actions to do something like that. She fake a frightened tone "Well, there is still option number two…"

"I… Don't… Want… To… Ear… It!" he interrupted the voice trembling with fear and rage.

"… using us."

Emiliano eyes widened, "Using… us…" he repeated, stunned.

"Yes, are you thinking that I will propose to use someone else if I'm not willingly to take the risk?" she asked apparently wounded by his lack of trust.

"I'm… sorry, captain… but the fact is… is that I'm not so sure that it will work properly."

"So you were asking for a living test subject, for something you are not sure about. That's very irresponsible, you know." She replied, ostentatiously eyeballing him. "But, well, I think that I understand why you did."

"Really?" he asked looking at her with some anxiety. Emiliano was attracted by Caridad since the first moment he saw her, but she always looked so distant and cold. This was the first time they actually had a significant conversation.

"I guess you want to make a good impression on the doctor, right. You wanted to show him that you are a valuable assistant, not some… what he said… idiotic moron."

"Well, I think that you got right, captain. Doctor Liebowitz is a genius, only rough around the edges, and I really want to help him. It can be my launch pad for serious research, maybe in the US, to leave behind this kind of crap."

Caridad nodded, under his façade Emiliano was ambitious like her, which was something she could understand, and understanding was the first step to controlling. "That's understandable, Emiliano." She reassured him "Now, honestly, tell me, apart from all the data, the projections, the hypothesis how secure do you think it is?"

"I don't know, the data says…"

"Screw the data, thrust your instinct, you have studied all this kind of things, you are more than prepared to handle this thing, I know it. How much?"

Emiliano's perspiration tripled while he mentally evaluated all the elements, the toxicity, the known side-effects, the lack of experimentation. Then looked Caridad in the eyes and saw her steely determination and answered "The minimal dosage is safe enough, but his effects are only marginal."

"And what about higher dosage, let say double the minimum."

"Higher the dosage higher the risk, if I'm right the side-effects should grow exponentially."

"So what is the highest dosage that you are willing to use?"

"I guess that anything over five times the minimum is as good as a coin toss."

"50/50 chance, I see, well you are right to be worried it's too dangerous for now, maybe in the future…"

"Yeah, maybe…"

They smiled at each other and went separate ways, Emiliano went back to the basement labs, Caridad headed for the barracks at the limits of the compounds, and both were shivering: one for the sudden sensation of cold, the other for the barely contained excitement.


[47 hours before]

It took almost the whole week to set things up. While being chief of security gave her the access to every level of the compound, Caridad knew better about than leaving any exploitable hole, at least any clearly exploitable hole. To get in required a precise knowledge of the schedule, the personnel and the security system, plus being the chief on a surprise inspection added a measure of safety to the mix.

Anxiously she licked her lips and walked out her room headed toward the lab main entrance, she was trilled like a child on Christmas morning. After her conversation with Emiliano she had fully exploited her influence on him to keep her in check with the research status, a last minute outbreak two days ago forced her to accelerate her plans and to act tonight, tomorrow her bosses would come to evaluate the results, so had to secure the formula before. She went around a corner in full view of the two guards, she knew them very well and she knew how to outsmart them. The two snapped to attention waiting for her to salute, but rather she retorted angrily "What the hell are you two doing?"

The two looked puzzled and gave one another a sideways look "Guarding, ma'am."

"No you are not."


"You are standing at attention, you are not guarding. What does this sign say?" she asked pointing out a metal sign on one side of the door

"It says ‘Restricted area All the trespassers will be shot'."

"Then why didn't you two idiots order me to stop?"

"Because you are the commanding officer, ma'am."

"Right. But what if I'm not, what if I'm a spy or traitor. Your job is to guard this door not standing at attention and saluting. Now open it, I'm going to see if your colleagues in the monitor room is a little more intelligent than you." She concluded snorting.

One of the two moved to open the electronic lock, when the other stopped "Wait, we are supposed not to let anybody in without…"

"For God sake. You are already in big trouble, trooper, want to made it worst by pissing me of, because that's were you are headed, to an angry captain and a swift punishment. Now are you going to open this blasted door?"

The two hastily opened the door, while stepping in she caught a couple of lines from the two. "… surely she is pissed tonight, what'd think? Anger issues?"

"Nah, remember woman, she must have her period or something."

‘My period!' She thought ‘What a couple of jerks, if a man had issues it can be for anything, a woman, must be her body playing pinball with her mind. Morons.'

Moving along the hall Caridad headed for the monitor room. The basement of the hacienda had been completely reworked since the beginning of the experiments, blast proof doors had replaced the old oak ones, almost every room had been lined steel panels to ensure the security and a thick bundle of cable and ducts hanged form the roof. The control was located almost at the other hand of the hall, to ensure maximum security, so it was no surprise that the soldier assigned to monitor duty was ready for her arrival. "Captain."

"At ease, trooper, I'm only here to verify something about your last report."

"Is there any problem, ma'am."

"As a matter of fact, yes there are certain details that are quite strange." Answered Caridad producing a small file. "Take a look by yourself."

The soldier placed the file on the desk and, quite puzzled, starting reading his own report. Before he had finished Caridad took a garrote from her pocket and strangled him. The man fought in vain, she was by nature as strong as he was and the rush of adrenalin coupled with her resolve make her even stronger. Nonetheless he was a quite big and resilient so it took her longer than she planned to dispose of him, but after that last obstacle was removed she silently slide to the main lab.

Armed with the keycard of the dead soldier she opened the thick metal door, inside the cold and aseptic air of the lab greeted her. Without hesitation she reached the fridge, where the sample of various compounds were stored, she took a vial full of a dark red substance and loaded the hypodermic injector. She took moment to verify that the setting where at the right dosage then pointed the small device on her neck. A deep breath and a twitch of her fingers now were all that separate her from the power, but fate was about to play a trick. Suddenly the door swung open and the silhouette of doctor Liebowitz outlined. "What are you doing here?!?"

For the first time in many years Caridad panicked her hand trembled, her thumb slipped on the hypodermic's controls changing the amount of chemicals she was injecting, a sudden nervous twitch of her index sent the mixture through her bloodstream sealing the fate of billions of people.

From Caridad perspective the time suddenly froze, she could fell each molecule of the mixture falling in her bloodstream, each one as heavy as a boulder, she felt waves of energy and pain washing her body with each passing drop of liquid. The doctor's expression was a frozen picture of uncertainty. Then time and pain went back with a vengeance and she drop on the floor gasping for air. It was like having all the air and all the liquids drained from her body, her limbs started wrinkling, her muscle shrunken and her internal organs atrophied until she was just a pathetic bag of bones kept together by a layer of wrinkled skin and grizzled tendons. Doctor Liebowitz moved closer, never in all his years had ever witnessed something like this, his scientific curiosity stronger than the common sense forced him to examine her closer. He had barely touched her shoulder when the next step of her transformation kicked in, first her skin became hot, so hot that she started glowing red, then, without a warning her muscles sprang to life, exploding bigger than ever, fighting a battle against her red hot skin. The effect was abrupt that caused a shockwave like a bomb detonation, flinging the doctor against the nearby wall. The humungous juggernaut that was Caridad rise to her feet and roared a terrifying bellow before flexing the giant pillars of her legs and jumping without apparent effort through the blast proof lining, the 4 floors of the hacienda disappearing in the jungle miles away.

The doctor was still leaning against the wall muttering the word ‘amazing' over and over again, somewhere in his head a little voice noted to the rest of the brain that he had peed in his trousers.

[40 hours before]

During the last hour hundreds of square miles of jungle had trembled before a power unlike any other that had ever existed on this world. Seismographs on the other side of the world had registered every step of her powerful legs, meteorological satellites had picked up abnormal winds caused by her powerful lungs, cubic miles of jungle trees, rocks and soil had been uprooted by her mighty arms. But now everything was silent and still, only a small pile of dirt in the middle of the devastation remained. Some jungle animals, the braver, the angrier, the most foolish went out of their hiding places searching for the source of the havoc, some stopped on the limits of the jungle, a few moved on circling the little pile, they looked, sniffed and waited. Then the pile shaken, a figure emerged from the dirt, a human female figure, but the simple words can describe her perfection, the dark tanned skin glowing under the moon; the long powerful, sculpted legs; the impossible proportioned waist; the big, ripe, unreally pert breasts; and, finally, the lovely, yet terrifying, visage framed by a cascade of dark hair, so perfect and merciless like a marble statue.

Caridad opened her eyes and a cold glimpse of knowledge shine in them, she knew that it worked, she had done it, she had got the power she had dreamed of since her childhood and even more. Experimentally she caressed her body enjoying the smoothness of her skin, gone the scars from dozens of fights, gone the bruises from years of punishment and, more than anything, gone the marks of years of abuse. For long minutes she explored her new form enthralled by her own perfection, before noticing her surroundings. The darkness was inconsequential to her eyes, in mere seconds she surveyed the devastation and smiled thinking that she had caused it. Then she spotted the animals around her, carnivores and herbivores, predators and preys alike were evaluating her. Eager to test herself, she liked her dark lips with the tip of her moistly tongue, she was the supreme predator and the hunt was about to begin.

For the next hours she amused herself hunting every creature that was so unlucky to cross her path and none of them proved much of a challenge. She easily outrunned cougars, snatching colibris out the air, ripping a crocodile in half with bare hands, even the dreaded piranhas proved no match for her since their teeth were incapable of piercing her impregnable skin and a simple puff of her powerful lungs could easily create a tidal wave washing them on the river banks or freezing the river in a solid block of ice.


[18 hours before]

The president was sweating profusely, he was a politician not a man of action and the situation was far beyond politics. It had started suddenly just an hour ago. Something destroyed the barracks of the 1st Armored Division, his personal guard, luckily the majority of the troops and vehicles were out for a drilling exercise. They were immediatly summoned back to the capital, the scout patrols arrived in less than 10 minutes, everything was destroyed, but there were no indications of explosions, no hints of missiles or artillery shells, no apparent sing of enemies. But before they were able to regroup with the bulk of the division the communications went down, scream of terror and yells of pain saturated the airwaves, and then a mockingly female voice was heard, "That was good. I hope there are more of these toys to come." She said.

Confused and enraged the president ordered to the whole division to move in on the last position of the scout patrols. The 1st division was composed of the finest soldiers of the country, half of the division was armed with last generation tanks, the other half included motorized infantry and the usual support units, he was confident that they would be able to crash any opponent, after all his spies had reported that the so-called "Milicia Popular" had very limited supplies of anti-tank weapons and no combat vehicles at all. In twelve minutes they were on in the assigned positions, and in fifteen the first report arrived on the president's private channel, "No sign of enemy, sir, there is wreckage but no other trace. There are strange marks on the vehicles, they look like handprints." Obviously that didn't make any sense, so he ordered the unit to search each possible hiding place in the neighborhood keeping him constantly updated. For the next forty minutes all that could be heard on all the military channels was a cacophony of humans screaming in pain, laughing hysterically, crying for mercy, fringed with the wails of tortured metal and exploding ammo. The few comprehensible reports spoke of a naked young woman tearing apart men and tanks alike with her bare hands, suspecting some kind of hallucinogen toxin, he ordered to seal all the entrances to the presidential palace and waited, surrounded by his most faithful bodyguards, for the events to unfold. Five minutes ago the radio went completely death, only the statics could be heard, and less than a minute ago they heard something smashing through the main door.

One of the bodyguards raise a hand and pointed to the office doors, "There's someone coming, sir. Take cover, we'll handle him."

Nodding and sweating the president moved in an alcove in the wall, while the four massive henchmen positioned behind various pieces of furniture, pointing their pistols to the door. They were trained armed, ready and high with adrenaline, but they weren't prepared for what came next. They expected the door to be blow of its hinges, the keyhole to be shattered, but instead the whole thing was sent flying through the room, one of the bodyguards was right on its path and was smashed between the thick wooden panel and the wall, leaving a bloody outline on the cream colored paint. In the empty doorway a tantalizing brunette stand, hands on her hips, apparently waiting for their next move. As trained as they were, she was something that they weren't trained to deal with, in the two seconds that took them to regain their senses Caridad had plenty of time to evaluate them. She giggled mischievously, after all if tanks and rockets had barely tickled her, what kind of chance these pathetic men had. Plus it was already late, in her mind she should have already being in charge of the country right now, but she had stopped playing with soldiers too long on the way. Before their brains had the chance to give the fingers the order to pull triggers she moved, faster than the eye could see. From her point of view she was simply strolling at a moderate speed, but the frozen expressions of her victims gave her the full sense of how exponentially superior she was, approaching the first she simply swoop her hand decapitating him with the side of her hand; a microsecond later she punched the second one through the chest, crushing the sternum and reducing the heart to a bloody pulp; with the third one she decided to do a little show for the benefit of the last spectator, the soon-to-be-killed president, so she simply grabbed his throat and hosted him in the air. To the president, the woman simply disappeared and reappeared several meter away throat-lifting one of his men, while the other two exploded in a paroxysm of blood and gore. She smiled at him and licked her lips saying, "I hope, you'll enjoy the show. I'm really sorry that you lost the first part, but I'll make this one worth the waiting."

So she started maiming the defenseless bodyguard, applying years of abuse and torture training on him, the effects increased tenfold by her impossible strength and her perfect senses, she was able to inflict the exact amount of damage needed to cause the maximum pain with the minimum effort. After long minutes of this refined torture the poor man brain went out, his muscles went limp and he drooled a little, she simply discarded him, throwing him through one of the windows and focused on the last target. "I believe that we have to discuss about the future of this country."

The president's screams were heard in the whole capital.

About a hour later some brave consultants of the now defunct president dared approaching the office, the minister of defense, an old retired soldier, ventured inside and was greeted by a horrible scene. Not in all his years as a soldier he had ever witnessed such a scene, a slaughter unlike any other, and in the middle of it the most perfect woman that ever existed was sat on the president's chair. She looked at him with some contempt and said, "Well, it's about time for you gutless parasites to crawl out of your holes. I'm in charge now, and I have some orders for you, to carry out immediately."

[6 hours before]

Emiliano and Liebowitz looked at each other for the umpteenth time. Everything happened so fast, the regular army had arrived at Palo Blanco in the middle of the night, they stormed the place, killed the few guards and secured them. From the speeches of the guards they understood that it wasn't a coincidence, the soldier were directed to the hacienda, specifically to secure the two of them. Now they were standing a small room in the basement of the presidential palace, which looked like someone had fought a war in it, the presence of a CNN team in the lawn, strictly under surveillance, only add another mystery to the whole scenario.

A door swung open and a young, impossibly beautiful woman stepped inside, she was wearing a camo shirt, with the end knotted under her luscious breasts and a pair of shorts fashioned from a pair of military trousers. Both of them were taken off-guard by the amount of sexual power and intimidating presence she emanated. Emilano was the first to recover, babbling and trembling of lust and fear, he addressed her, "C… captain, is… is that… real… really you?"

"Yes and no, my dear Emiliano. Yes it's me and no, I'm captain no longer, I'm working on a suitable title, but for the moment you can address me as ‘mistress'."

He nodded completely hypnotized by the amazing sight of her body, enthralled by the sound of her voice.

"And you, my dear doctor, I'm very happy to see that you survived our last meeting." She continued, "Now that the pleasantries had been taken care of, I had you two summoned here for very reasons. First of all I have to thank you."

The doctor eyes widened or a second and Emiliano stood with an open mouth, "Thank… us…" The doctor ventured.

"Oh yes. See, what I'm now is the result of your hard work, without your experiments, nothing of what happened in the last two days could have been possible." She explained, "Maybe fate had a certain part but you two can be considered the main culprits."

"This is incredible." muttered the doctor "You are incredible. This development is even beyond my most crazed predictions. The future possibilities are…"

"The future will be discussed in another moment, doctor, right now I want you to give me the formula."


"The formula, the formula of the drug I was injected with, I want it now! If it can be of help, I had all your notes here."

"Bu… but that formula is extremely complicated, only an expert can understand it, and you are just…" "You'll be amazed of what I can understand. Now the formula please." She ordered placing her hand over his and applying an infinitesimal fraction of her strength.

The doctor eye widened with pain, nodding he grabbed a pen from a small table in the corner and hastily scribbled a few notes that contained the key data to complement the rest of his research.

Caridad examined it and smiled, "Very well doctor I assume that everything is here." He nodded. "Good, now Emiliano you'll have the rare privilege to see what I can do and living to tell the tale." She simply flicked her right index touching the doctor on the tip of his chin, his spine snapped and his head rested on his shoulder with a completely unnatural angle.

Emiliano backed away from the corpse in fear, and with all the residual amount of courage he could muster asked "M… Mistress, what about me?"

"You, well right now I need an advisor someone that can handle the trivial matters while I concentrate on the important ones, so I thought that you were up to the work, if you want it."

In one of his rare glimpse, Emiliano reached his back pocket and offered to Caridad her old cap, that he had found in the lab two days ago.

"See, you have right ideas at the right time." She said putting it on. "This is exactly what I need before meeting the press."

"What for, mistress?"

"Our country is little, but rich, and I don't want some other country to interfere with us. In about six hours I'm going to destroy the NORAD and the entire US nuclear arsenal. Since I'm not merciless I'll give them a friendly warning through the media."

"But, surely, they will try to stop you."

"Really." She said in a fake shock. "Well, I hope they will."

[11 minutes later]

They were warned, they were prepared, they were the most powerful nation in the world, but it was all in vain. Ten minutes, it took only ten minutes to a single woman from a third world country to completely annihilate the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world and to destroy one of the largest and high defended structures in the world. The joint chiefs looked in disbelieve at the huge crater that rested on the site of the former Cheyenne mountain complex.

[30 minutes later]

Emiliano was waken up by a sound in the lawn, half-asleep he looked out of the window and crawled away in fear, a huge dark mass blocked the light and loomed toward the building. He ran out on the lawn, where he spotted Caridad surveying a huge pile of massive objects that looked like missile nosecones.

"What are those?" he inquired in fear.

"These?" she answered mockingly, "Oh, just some souvenir from my last exploit. See I'm a very needy girl, and good sex toys are hard to find, besides they tend to wear out so fast. I fear that in a while I'll have to replenish my supply, maybe from North Korea or France, next time."

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