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A Kind of Magic

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Hi folks …

This is Anterion and this is my first attempt to write a decent story in English. It is meant to be a continous story in several chapters. Every comment or critisism is welcome. Please mail me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And again, please be kind about my grandma, eh.. gramma :-) This part doesn’t contain any adult stuff … YET!!! Be patient for one of the next chapters. And now, let the story begin.

“A Kind of Magic …”

Bianca was on the run. A bunch of guys had intercepted her on her way home. The way they had talked left little doubt about their intentions.

Although she never would think so of herself, she was a good looking girl. She stood 5,6” tall and was slightly more curvy than the average. Her dark brown hair reached her shoulders in the rare times, when she didn’t wear it in a mousey pony tail. Her face was cute with a little nose, dimples and green eyes. A lot of people wouldn’t recognize this because of her thick glasses.

The boys had her now cornered in a dark alley. Looking for an escape all she could do was to hide behind a large dumpster. A few seconds later she heard the footsteps of the gang. She dared not to look, fearing to reveal her hiding place. “Ok baby. We know that you are in there. Better be a good girl and come out now. Perhaps we hurt you less then. Or … . maybe not.” The loud laugh of the gang made her shiver. She was just about to leave her place when she heard a new voice. It was a voice like she had never heard before. Rich, melodius and soft. She wasn’t sure, if it was a man’s or a woman’s voice. It would fit to both sexes.

“Greetings, oh small minded ones. I’m afraid tonight is your unlucky night, for you have chosen the wrong person to bully around this time.” Bianca still stayed put but the self confident voice raised hope in her, that someone was about to help her. “You better leave no in peace or else …”

“What ‘else … ‘ wise guy?” shouted the gang leader. “You want to stop us all alone?” The gang laughed again, but Bianca could have sworn that there was a hint of nervousness in their laughter.

“Or else … “, the voice continued, “I have to leave you to the mercy of the one you were chasing.” “What?” The shout came from Bianca’s mouth as well as from the gang leader’s. “Are you insane. And what about this outfit? It isn’t Halloween, you know.” The voice sighed. “Well, then it has to be done. You know, I don’t like violence, but the comming events will be quite spectacular.” Suddenly everything was quiet. The city’s sounds had vanished and a breeze was now blowing through the dark alley. Then Bianca heard the voice again, but this time louder, filled with authority and might. It talked in a language she had never heard. “Anel Natrach, Utas Betad, Oswel Dien Weh!”.

The last syllables seemed to be shouted with unearthly loudness. Suddenly a strong wind blew through the streets some of the distant lamps died and some dogs could be heard, howling in the distance. Then everything returned back to normal. The distant sounds of the cities returned.

“Hey, where did he go?”

“He just blinked out of sight.”


“Who cares. Come on lets get the girl.”

Bianca felt tears welling up in her eyes. She had hoped that someone would help her. But this someone turned out to be totally mad. And here she was now. Squeezing herself even further in the space between the wall and the dumpster. Perhaps that guys couldn’t get her there. They were too big to reach her and the dumpster seemed heavy enough to withstand the gang. Now she heard the gang searching for her.

Her fear took her breath and it felt to her as if the dumpster moved closer to her. No, it didn’t only feel so but it was not the dumpster that moved. It was her who filled the space more and more. Her fear of the gang was suddenly replaced by the fear of what happened to her. She felt her shirt geting thight as her bust swelled, trapped against the cold metal of the dumpster. Then she began to feel something new. A feeling that slowly pushed away the fear. It felt like a warmth spreading through her body, starting from her chest. Filling her with energy and new courage. And suddenly her vision became blurry as if she had lost her glasses. She struggled to take take them off. Her vision instantly cleared. In fact it seemed even clearer than it had ever been. Amazed she dropped her glasses. They broke as they hit the floor.

“Hey. She’s over there.”

Bianca instantly forgot about her strange changes. Although the feeling of confidence was still inside her, the fear had come back. She struggled, nearly in panic to get free. All of a sudden she felt room to move. Instantly she hurried away from the dumpster.

“Hey guys. She’s getting away.”

Bianca ran like she never had ran before. To her surprise she quickly lost the gang. Her feet seemingly light as feathers. “Must be the adrenalin.” she thought.

Not knowing where to run, she found herself at the backdoor of a house. Hecticaly trying to open it she almost fell back when the handle suddenly came loose. There had been a loud “twang”

“How did this happen?” she talked out loud.

“Well, how indeed.”

Bianca froze. That voice. It was the voice from the alley. Slowly she turned around. She had not known what to expect, but she was nevertheless surprised by what she saw. On the end of a fireladder sat a strange man. He was tall and slender. He wore black leather trousers, brown leather boots, green shirt and a black vest. He had long blonde hair that reached his shoulders hold back from his face by a black bandana. His face was handsome in a fragile way. High checkbones and slightly asian looking eyes. Then she became aware of his ears. They were pointy, almost like Mr. Spock from Star Trek. He had a devilish smile on his face and his green eyes seemed to flash in their own light for moment. With a fluid motion he jumped down and stepped up to her.

“Are you afraid?” His melodic voice engulfed her and for a moment she couldn’t move.

He took her hand, that still held the doorhandle. Slowly he closed her fingers around it. Like in trance she followed his motions. “Well, personaly, I couldn’t imagine, why a beautiful and likewise powerful young woman like yourself should be afraid of a weak and gentle person like myself.”

“Me?” Bianca said. “Beautiful and … powerful?” “Of course, only someone with at least the strength of an ogre could do, what you have just recently done with you small and delicate hand.” He pointed at her hand. Following his hand, she looked at her own hand. Without her noticing it, his fingers had left hers. She opened her fist. The doorhandle hand been mangled in her grip. Her imprints of her fingers were left in the metal. Then it occured to her, that her own strength had done this. The handle hit the floor a few moments later. Bianca stared at her own hand in complete disbelieve. The strange man had walked around her in the meantime.

“Do you believe me now?”, he said. “And if you should have any doubt about being beautiful …” He made a quick gesture and slowly the air in front of them began to whirl. It got thicker and slowly became silvery and shiny. After a few seconds some kind of mirror had appeared in front of them.

Bianca took in her breath as she saw herself. She had grown one or two inches. Her bust also was now a lot bigger. Without her glasses even she herself saw her pretty face. With her enlarged breasts her shirt only came down just above her abdomen. Her stomach was flat and showed heavy hints of abdominal muscles.

“You see now my Lady, I tell the truth. Yours is the beauty of a nymph, and the strength of a titan.” “How … “

“This is possible you ask my Lady? Simple. Magic.” He shook his hand and the mirror disappeared. Bianca felt his hands around her waist as he hugged her gently from behind.

“And the power you posses now is only a fraction of what is to come my dear.” She slowly turned around in his arms. A smile crossed her face. “So, my oh so gentle mysterious friend. Are you going tell me more about you and why you gave me this gift? Or do I have to squeeze it out of you?” With that she gripped his belt and slowly lifted him up, with only one hand. She was amazed at how little effort it took her. His smile never faded although he was now floating one foot above the floor.

“I see you already get a feeling for your abilities. Very nice. So where shall I begin? My name is Anterion Tiralassandria. I am what you would call an elf. You think of us as a legend because we wanted it to be this way. Our magical powers allow us to alter reality to our whishes. We have a feeling for hidden beauty, so I saw your potential a while ago. And all I did was unlock it.”

“If you decided to stay hidden, Anterion, why have you now revealed yourself?” “Because I myself think, that it is time for some … fun!” His smile widened. “And you looked like someone who can appreciate fun as much as I do.” Bianca had to laugh. Here she was, holding a man in the air with only one hand. Feeling stronger and sexier than ever before in her whole life.

“And if you would release me now, my invincible queen of beauty, the fun can begin and with it the further development of your powers …”

Well, here we go again. At first I had thought this story to be more than two chapters long, but there are other ideas in my mind, and I hate to leave things unfinished so I made a quick end to it. I hope you like it nevertheless …


Anterion (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

“The Memory Remains …”

Sequel to “A kind of magic.”

“Lets see. What shall we do first my friend? How do you want to explore your new body? Holding a thin elf like me in the air isn’t much of a test, isn’t it?” Bianca had to agree. She was holding him without any real effort at all. She slowly lowered him to the ground. “I … I don’t know. I haven’t been in this situation before. How could I’ve been, anyway? This is just so unreal.” “Do you want some advice?” “Yes, please.” “Why don’t you take it easy for the first time. Do something you really would like to that is not so ‘unreal’, like you put it. How about those goblin brains back in the alley? They have disbanded for the night after they lost you, but their leader is only a short distance away. I think he would be in for a real surprise, wouldn’t he?”

Bianca’s eye flashed when she thought about the gang leader. He was responsible for the fear that she had endured. Yes, that sounded like a great idea. “So where is he now?” “One block away. In a bar, drinking for all he is worth.” She turned to go, but felt his slender hand on her shoulder. “Before you go, let me do this first.” he said. With quick motions, he removed the ribbon, that had held her ponytail. Hey brown hair flowed over shoulders, down to her back. It too had become longer with her transformation. When she turned around she saw that Anterion was gone. Like he had never been there. Just to make sure, she quickly checked herself. She was relieved when she still found herself changed.

Her breasts sat high and firm on her chest pulling her shirt strait around her bust. Her bra must have snapped and slipped down during her run, because it was gone. Slowly and hesitantly, she flexed her left bicep. She had to bit her lip when she saw a ball of feminine strength raising from her normally slender arm. It wasn’t that big but it felt like it was made of marble or steel. She flexed and relaxed it a few times. The feeling making her hot and confident. Yeah, she would show this creep.

With a last flex she began to walk down the block. As soon as she was out of sight someone stepped out of the shadows. The person reached down to pick up the distorted door handle. “Interesting.” Then the figure faded into the shadows again. At “Finn´s Inn” Jerry, the gang boss, sat at the bar. He was somewhat frustrated. After the chick had got away, the rest of the gang had left for the night. So he decided to get some drinks.

“Damn. I still wonder how she lost us.” Back at school Jerry had been the top runner at the track and field team. But she had been to fast even for him. “Hey Finn. Give me another one.” he shouted to the bartender. Finn was grateful that Jerry was alone. When his gang was around, he often made trouble. But this seemed to be a quite evening for Jerry was his only guest. He put another glass back on the shelves, when he heard the doorbell ringing. Turing to the entrance he saw a young woman entering is bar. His yaw dropped. This girl was beautiful. She was tall and very well built. The way her white shirt struggled to contain her breasts let him forget about any ID. Her black jeans looked like as they wad been washed too hot. They hugged to her shapely legs like a second skin. She gave him a gentle smile as she walked straight up to Jerry, her movements fluid and graceful like a dancer.

Jerry was too drunk to notice her approaching. “Hi there cutie. Remember me?” she asked him while she gently slid her hand over his shoulder. Her new self confidence, that came with her new strength had put her in a playful mood. Jerry turned around and smiled. Because he sat on a chair his eyes were now at the same height as her breasts. It took him a few moments before he remembered that the face was a few inches further up. His smile faded as he looked into her eyes. Sure, she had lost her glasses and her hair was now longer but he instantly recognized her eyes.

Suddenly he was sobber. That was impossible. That just couldn´t be the girl he had chased earlier but he was so damn sure. Before he could say anything she walked around him. “Looks like you get another chance tonight big man. Want to give it a shot?”. Jerry just couldn´t believe what he just heard. He was just about to say something as she kneeled down. “Now for the fun part.” Bianca thought. With her left hand she grabbed the chair and stood up. A feeling of power surged through her as she saw the chair leaving the floor with Jerry still sitting on it. Two jaws dropped as she did this. Jerry´s knuckles turned white as she clenched his hands in the chair for his dear life.

Bianca closed her eyes and bathed in the feeling of strength. She could feel every slight flex in her muscles. Her body now so sensitive. With every inch she raised her victim higher she felt more and more excited. She didn´t stop until Jerry´s head hit the ceiling. “Hey, how´s the air up there?” “OK Lady. That´s enough. Put him down now.” Finn stood behind her, a metal bar in his hand tapping her back with it. “Alright.” she let go of the chair. Jerry crashed down hard. At the same time Finn swung the bar at Bianca. It hit her on the shoulder and sent her stumbling a few feet to the side. That had hurt. Finn thought her to be out cold, so he dropped the bar and helped Jerry. They both had just stood up when they saw Bianca standing in front of them, holding the bar in both hands.

She smiled. “That can´t be,” thought Jerry, “she may be able to lift me, but that bar is one inch solid steel.” Bianca waited until the two of them looked right at her, then she began to apply pressure to the ends of the bar. The two men saw her muscles tighten held their breath. Then they recognized the look of effort of Bianca´s face. She was pushing with all her might, but the bar stayed straight. Finn and Jerry sighed. OK, she was tough, but not that tough. Together, they could take her. Bianca stopped her attempt to bend the bar. It hadn´t even budged an inch. But Anterion had said she was strong as a Titan. No, she wouldn´t give up so easily. Again she pushed the bar´s ends with all her magical enhanced strength. It resisted still. Just as she was about to give up, the familiar warmth flowed from her chest through her body. It just felt so right, so much like an orgasm that she had to moan. The warmth hit her arms and suddenly she heard the sound she had been waiting for. The sound of solid steel bending under her strength. With each inch it moved it got easier and easier until she could hardly feel any resistance at all. Her eyes snapped open as she tied the metal bar into a knot.

Both men watched in horror, as this luscious babe did something absolute impossible. The way her breasts were pushed even further out by her flexing pecs and her quiet moaning made it hard to look away. Satisfied with her success Bianca threw the metal knot away. It smashed through one of the windows. “Want another taste?” she breathed, still clenching her fists, just to feel the strength pulsating in her arms. As she tried to grab Finn by his belt, he tried to avoid her so that she only got a hold on his crotch. The way it felt told her, that the barkeeper had liked what he saw. “So, this turns you on, eh? Well then how about this?”

Still holding him by his crotch she lifted him up. From his elevated position Finn got a good view down her cleavage. From up here her breasts seemed even fuller and bigger. Bianca suddenly felt Finn crotch twitching and felt her hand become wet with his cum. Disgusted shortly flexed her magical muscles and sent him flying behind the bar. She brushed her hand off on Jerry´s shirt, who was still paralysed by what he had seen. A quick look down to his pants showed that she had the same effect on like she had on Finn. The thought of tearing away his trousers and raping him here flashed trough her mind. For the first moment she found it arousing. A man completely at her mercy, raping the man who had wanted to rape her earlier. But despite her new strength and confidence Bianca was still a kind soul and a virgin nevertheless. She did not want to loose her virginity in a rape, no matter if she was raped or the rapist.

A sound of pain reminded her of Finn who just got up behind the bar. Bianca walked over to him and pulled him over the bar by his collar. Then she put him down on the floor. “Didn’t you Mom tell you, that it isn’t very polite to hit a girl with a crowbar? But I have no business with you. If you leave now, I’ll deal with this ass hole here and maybe I’ll let this place stay in one piece.”

To make her point Bianca clenched her small fist and crashed it down on a nearby table. The wood splintered under the force. Her face remained motionless but her thoughts raced. “Wow. That was even easier than I thought. It felt like I had hit a sheet of paper. I seem to get stronger every time I exert myself.” In the meanwhile Finn’s face had lost all color. “Yes, yes alright, but please leave my bar alone. It is all I have.” Bianca brought her face closer to his and whispered. “Then go. Don’t come back here until tomorrow.”

She pulled him a little bit to the door and he almost flew through it. She had to smile. She was no longer the shy little girl that was afraid of every shadow. Her strength made her bold. And without knowing it she showed some hints of a really mean behavior. The sound of a door being closed brought her back to her senses. Jerry had made his exit through the back door to the parking lot. When she arrived there he had locked it from the outside. “Now lets scare him a little bit.” She placed her index finger in the center of the door and slowly started to push. At first nothing happened. Bianca had closed her eyes and imagined herself getting stronger and stronger, overpowering this metal door with the strength of just one finger of hers. The now familiar warmth washed over her and she could feel the steel giving way to her finger tip.

Jerry was outside searching his pockets for the keys to his pickup truck when he heard the feared noise from the back door. Full of fear he turned around. The was a dent in the door. As if something thin, yet impossible strong pushed its way through the metal. Suddenly there was a loud “TWANG” when a single finger poked through the steel. “Oh my god. What can stop her?”. Finally he found his keys. Jumping into the car he started the tuned up 250 HP engine and floored the accelerator. In the headlights he could see the girl tearing the door apart and stepping out into the yard. With squealing tires he tried to escape. Then he saw Bianca stepping into his way.

“Crazy bitch. Now I’ll kill her.” He gripped the steering wheel tight and braced for the impact. Bianca was still somewhat on a high from her latest strength burst. She acted more out of instinct than out of reason. She knew she had to stop this creep from getting away, so she stepped in front of his car put out her hands in front, and braced herself against the tarmac for the impact.

When the Pickup Truck hit her several things happened at the same time. In the smallest fraction of a second the magic in Bianca’s body increased her strength so much that she could have stopped the incoming car with her pinky and not even noticing it. Her hands embedded themselves into the steel, crushing through it an half tearing apart the engine.

Bianca felt like a sexual nuclear bomb had gone off inside her. She screamed out in orgasmic pleasure clenching her fists in reflex now totally crushing the engine between

her fingers. Jerry was saved by his seat belts from the impact and was thrown back into his seats. He was on the edge of going insane. This was all impossible. In front of him through the shattered windshield he saw the girl seemingly still engulfed in sexual pleasures. Laughing hysterically he escaped the car and crawled back to the wall trying to make himself as small as possible just to get away from his nemesis.

He couldn’t see the girl now. But then he saw something else. The car began to raise from the ground, somehow lifted by something that made its massive weight meaningless. “Oh my goodness. NOOO!” he screamed. Now he saw her. The girl had lifted the whole truck over her head and was now slowly walking towards her with a grace of a someone how walked without any effort despite the fact she was holding his car in the air like it weighed nothing.

She had changed again. She had to be 6 feet tall now, her clothes hanging in rags from her body. While she had looked like a fitness competitor last time, she now looked like a lightweight bodybuilder. At least as far a her muscles were concerned. Her breasts had also grown so large that her t-shirt was split apart in the front. Two breasts of soft yet firm flesh, totally defying gravity. Now she stood in front of him. “What is it ass hole?” she yelled. “Am I too much of woman for you now? Now you know fear, don’t you? But that’s not enough. I will make sure, that fear is the last thing you’ll ever feel.” With that she reached back to throw the car upon him.

“BIANCA. STOP.” She turned around. In the remains of the mangled door stood Anterion. His eyes looked like slits. “This wasn’t what I gave you this power for. You will leave him alone. NOW.”

“Or what elf? You’ll take my strength away?” “No, I’ll make sure I never gave it to you! MORGULA ULTIMASTA HATSERU!” Bianca tried to throw the car upon Jerry, but suddenly everything went white in a big flash.

Bianca was on the run. A bunch of guys had intercepted her on her way home. The way they had talked left little doubt about their intentions. Because of her thick glasses. The boys had her now cornered in a dark alley. Looking for an escape all she could do was to hide behind a large dumpster. A few seconds later she heard the footsteps of the gang. She dared not to look, fearing to reveal her hiding place. “OK baby. We know that you are in there. Better be a good girl and come out now. Perhaps we hurt you less then. Or … . maybe not.” The loud laugh of the gang made her shiver. She was just about to leave her place when she heard the sound of a police car pulling up into the alley. “Shit. The cops. Let’s move it …” She heard gang run off into the night. “Miss, are you okay?” Bianca slowly came out of her hiding place.

“Y … Yes Officer, thank you.” She rearranged her glasses. She was nearly blind without them. While brushing off her shoes, she found something lying next to her foot. It looked like a door handle. She picked it up. There imprints on it, like a ridiculously strong hand had crushed it. She put it in her hand and found that the imprints were the same size as her own hand …

In the distance a tall but slender figure sighed faded into the shadows for places unknown to mankind.

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