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Adrenaline Adrienne

Written by marknew742 :: [Friday, 28 July 2006 07:33] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 02 December 2012 22:32]

Adrenaline Adrienne

by Marknew


"I've got a bad feeling about this."

"Stop, Adrienne.  You're such a worrywart," Brad said, ignoring the decayed neighborhood, the gloom of the late October evening.  "The good clubs are always in places like this.  Everybody knows that."

Adrienne pressed closer to Brad and took his arm.  She felt a little more secure with his body against hers.  He wasn't that big, but at 5'10 he was 8" taller than she.  Small everywhere but in her resplendent bust, she really needed to feel his strength. "We'll be there soon," she said, acting positive and brave, but couldn't help adding, "Right?"

"Um, yeah," Brad replied.  He stopped and looked around.  “It should be right here.”

“But it’s not, Brad.  It’s really deserted.”  Adrienne tightened her grip.  “Really ... empty.”  The wind swirled.  A paper blew by noisily.  “I’ve got a bad --

“Quiet!  You think I don’t know where I’m going?  We’ll find this place!  It’s going to be great!” he insisted.

“But --

“Maybe we can help you,” said a large man who appeared out of the shadows suddenly.  Another man, smaller but wiry, with a hard expression, stood nearby.

“I think we know where --

“Is the NWAP Club near here?” Adrienne interrupted.  This was ONE time she wouldn’t let Brad turn down an offer of directions.  Typical man!

“No Work All Play,” said the large man grinning, his deep voice booming.  “That’s on East Place.”  He pointed at the road sign, which said East Road.  “A good miiiile away.  A very good mile!”

“Yeah, Jed,” said the wiry man, patting his jacket pocket.  “A real good mile.”

“Maybe you need an escort,” Jed said, coming closer.  The closer he came, the larger he looked, more than 6” taller than Brad, with broad shoulders and thick arms.  To Adrienne, he seemed a giant.  Her heart pounded.  She tried to speak but managed only a squeak.
“What’s that, little Missy?” he said, looming over her, looking down her dress.

“B-b-r-r-rad?” she quivered.

Having no choice, Brad tried to get between him and Adrienne.  Jed put his large hand on Brad’s chest, keeping him in place.  Brad grabbed his wrist, but he couldn’t budge Jed’s arm even an inch.

“He’s a weakling!” the wiry man gloated.  “Compared to you he’s weak as a girl!”

“Yeah,” Jed agreed.  With a quick motion and a twist of his arm he had Brad’s arm pinned behind his back and a moment later he forced him to the ground.  “A WEAKLING, like a girl!”  He twisted harder and as Brad yelled in pain Jed shoved his head against the pavement.

“Brad!” Adrienne said, trembling, white in terror, wanting to go to him, wanting to run, too frightened to do either.

“Keep him quiet,” Jed commanded.  The wiry man knelt and brandished a knife above Brad’s face.

“No!  Don’t hurt him!” Adrienne squealed.

Jed grabbed her roughly and pulled her to him.  “That’s up to you, Missy.”  She pushed at his chest with complete futility.  He looked at her with contempt.  “Damn.  I like a woman with some fight in her.  You’re pathetic. Skin and bones. ‘Cept for those tits.  Let’s get a better look!”  He pulled her dress open. “Yeah.  Real nice. There’s something to squeeze on,” he said and unzipped himself.

She shrieked.  “No!  Please!  Brad!  No!”

“He’s not going anywhere Missy!” he laughed as he pulled out his long hard pole.  “Heh heh.  You’ll be good and tight for me!”
She beat her arms against his chest ineffectively again, to his amusement, and then started shaking out of control, her head going back, her arms flailing, her knees knocking.  “Whaaah?  Aggghhh.  Agghhhh!”

The man laughed and pushed her down but she kept squirming, her muscles twitching.  Suddenly she stopped. “Heh heh. Yeah, you know. Just relax and enjoy?  Smart."

"No!" she cried, and clumsily slapped at the man with her thin arm.
Amazingly he toppled off her and rolled away. He shook himself in shock.  “Hey, you!”  He leapt on top of her, and she defensively shielded her body.  He pulled at her arms hard, then harder.

“C’mon, Jed!  Stop messin’ around and do it!  I want my seconds.”

“I’m not … FUCK!” Frustrated, he punched her face.

“Oww!” she cried.  She shuddered again then swung her arms at him and again he flew off her, even further away.  She blinked.  “Oh, my!”  Before he could get up she was standing.  It was her chance to flee.  But she couldn’t just run, not with Brad lying there, so helpless.

“What the FUCK!” Jed roared and charged at her.

“Eeek!”  She held her arms out, not knowing what else to do, bracing for the terrible impact of the hulking male bull crashing full on into small feminine hands.

“Aggghhh .....”

-- he cried out, three ribs broken, one lung punctured, coughing blood.
She looked at him stumbling, badly hurt.  Shock, confused, she twisted her tiny wrist, searching for the answer.

“Adrenaline, Adrienne!  Adrenaline!” Brad called out.  “It made you strong! Like the mother who lifts a car to rescue her baby.  You know, fight or flight!”

Adrienne was annoyed.  MEN! Always with THEIR explanations.  “Where’s yours? Don’t YOU have any?” she couldn’t help asking. Not waiting for his answer, she grabbed Jed, lifted his 250 lbs. as though he was weightless and hurled him, smashing him against the building across the street.  She took one step toward the other man and he fled.

Relieved, Brad got up slowly.  He stared at Jed’s crushed body, then back at Adrienne, at her petite frame, her thin, unmuscled arms.  He shook his head, hugged her, then leaned back, his arms around her narrow waist.  “Adrenaline! Wow.  Your moment of incredible strength saved us, eh?”

Her hand rested on his hip.  “I don’t know about that, Brad.” Gripping his belt with her forefinger, she lifted him high over her head, then down, easily up and easily down, testing her strength, her super strength. “I really don’t know.”

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