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An Incident In A Dormitory

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Could you stop an indestructible alien supergirl urging for unlimited sexual experience?

By Sidd XIII





The girls rushed in seething with anger but what they discovered was beyond any limits. There on a chair their roommate was having sex with all their three boyfriends, simultaneously loved in all her three available holes. An impartial mind would admire physical strength and flexibility displayed by petite girl in the middle, who was holding the three other participants together dealing with an impossible geometrical challenge. Each man was heavier and a head taller than her, but firmly embracing her three lovers, one head over heels, with her strong shapely limbs, didn’t seem to hinder her movements. The impressive picture was supplied with a mind-blowing soundtrack of beast-like moans and growls.

“Leila! You little bitch!”, shouted Karin. Men noticed the intruders, displaying a pattern of conflicting emotions, but Leila continued her rhythmical movements ignoring the girls’ rightful indignation. Anyway, at the moment she couldn’t say a word, her mouth busy. One of the men tried to make excuses, vainly struggling against strong swings of Leila’s body, saying most idiotic thing he could, “Jane, sorry, I didn’t … want to … she just forced … me…”. Right at the moment Leila’s inner muscles contracted and, along with the other guy, he gushed for air shooting all his load. The third one came simultaneously.

You won’t believe but what the man was saying was true, in an ultimate sense. Leila was an extraterrestrial occupying a body of a young local female, beautiful and practically indestructible. With a self-forgetful inspiration, she studied local lifestyle from the inside. In the name of reciprocity she would too let herself be studied from the inside. Nothing would averse or embarrass the young researcher.

Half an hour ago, having finished her urban sprint, Leila entered the room that she was sharing with the three other girls and found three men waiting for their girlfriends. Her sweaty girlish body, a petite symphony of tout compact muscles and shapely curves, a true masterpiece of alien art merely disguised by sports top and boxer shorts, drew the men mad. And her 100-pound lead weights that she untied from her limbs really killed them. They talked with Leila about kind of sports she made and very soon the girl was showing them her young fresh body in its pure nakedness, not having any opinion of having crossed some border. On the pretext of checking her muscles the men squeezed her here and there finding her muscles incredibly tight. Occasionally missing her pectorals and abs, they squeezed her pert little breasts dying from their springy firmness. Not yet having accustomed to her young female body, Leila’s mind was unprepared to the sensual rush triggered by intensifying touches of the males. The alien girl just rushed on them, literally forcing them into her. They found that they were not strong enough to resist but they didn’t try it for too long. Leila confidently guided them to their positions and chained them in her embracement.


The girl was still spasming, her face beaming with happiness, while the men regained their awareness. Now they easily got off Leila’s relaxed body, modestly covering their crotches. Leila opened her eyes with a happy smile under piercing glances of the three neighbors. She parted her lips, licking off a few white drops. “Hi girls!”


“There she is, little *****.” Jane was enviously observing Leila doing physical exercises in a quiet part of a park, dressed in tight panties and a short T-short. Leila was standing on her right arm making pushups, her shapely legs lazily pointing to the sky. How could she be that strong? Her other hand was holding the edge of her top not to cover her face, but her right breast bounced out of her top and was jumping up and down.

“Let’s go!” Girls emerged from the bushes in front of Leila holding baseball bats. Leila displayed a cute expression of surprise, still standing head over heels. “Leila! You now get what you deserve!”, hissed Jane and smashed her weapon right between the girl’s slightly parted legs. The heavy strike stopped dead on the girl’s crotch, and the recoil stung Jane’s hands. Leila didn’t at all seem to lose her balance. Under the astonished looks she accurately placed her feet on the ground behind her head, displaying perfect ripped abs, and smoothly came to a normal position. She stretched her limbs a bit, than she examined her panties finding fabric of the lower part totally torn and said, “Do I deserve ruined panties?”

Ignoring what they just saw, the three attackers rushed forward with their bats striking Leila’s body from all angles, but painful recoils in their hands forced them to stop after a dozen blows. Leila was now standing naked. ”Is that a local custom?” The girls knew that a teenage girl has no chance to withstand a strike of a bat. So what was it? They fled away from where they emerged leaving Leila alone with a few bewildered men having noticed the naked cutie.

Trying to figure out how it could be, the girls supposed that Leila knew some martial arts that allowed her to concentrate her inner power and withstand such blows. That is why they decided to take a solid step.


Leila was right from the park beaming with satisfaction after spending time with the passers-by. She took a T-short from one of them, walking barefoot and almost bare-bottomed upon pavements of the student quarters gathering gazes of all males around. She walked into her room finding girls do their usual things. They spoke friendly and acted as if nothing had happened. She thoughtlessly didn’t pay attention at the smell of gasoline.

Suddenly the girls pounced at Leila. Two of the girls grabbed Leila’s hands and pushed her on a chair. Being curious, Leila didn’t resist much and let them do what they intended to. Jane pulled a chain saw from under her bed and started the engine. Without saying a word, she pushed the hot running chain blade into Leila’s crotch. A scream filled the room, Leila howling and twitching under girls’ hands. But her scream was accompanied with a loud metal screech. Sparks and smoke emerged from the saw blade, as if it was cutting some super hard metal. And there was not a single drop of blood. Finally it was clear that Leila’s scream was a yell of pleasure.

“What the ****…”, shouted Jane, bringing the saw blade away from Leila’s trembling flesh. Enormous amounts of girl’s love juices emerged right onto the red hot metal, hissing and filling the room with pleasant intimate smell masking even the smell of burnt oil and metall. There was not a single scratch on Leila’s pussy, while the teeth of the saw looked worn off. That was really crazy, it just couldn’t be! No martial arts can give that kind of durability! The girls dropped their jaws, while Leila’s pussy was beating harder and harder as if it was her heart, thrashing like a little furious beast tied in her lower tummy.  “More, more, don’t stop!”, she growled. Then she grabbed the saw right from Jane’s hands and guided the blade to her most sensible parts, filling the room with screams of pleasure and agonizing metall. In half a minute the saw was dead. Holding their tears, desperate girls rushed at aroused Leila, digging their nails in her face and tits, biting her nipples, ears and lips in a vain try to hurt her. Suddenly Leila sat over Karin and hugged the other two girls with her mighty hands. In futile struggle for freedom, the girls burst in tears, but their bodies were already responding to Leila’s kisses and deep roundish movements of her body.


The guys rushed in …




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