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American Steele Chapter 1, Part 1

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The Adventures of American Steele


Explosions rocked the room sending Valerie sprawling to the floor. In a panic, she scrambled to the safety of a cabinet struggling to control her breathing as the fumbled with a cell phone. Shaking fingers punched at the touchscreen, and after several attempts, she managed to hear the familiar ringback of her father's phone.

 “Hey, scooter? What's up?”

 “Daddy?” She heard gunfire outside the shielded security door followed by screams. “Daddy they're killing everyone.”

 “Valerie, what are you talking about? What do you mean they're killing everyone?”

 “Everyone is dying. These men in black busted in and just started shooting everyone.” She heard her father giving orders to someone away from the phone before he returned to her.

 “Just stay calm. Where are you?”

 The frightened teenager explained her surroundings trying to remain calm. Another explosion, now closer, made her wince further into ball as if she were trying to make herself so small that they wouldn't find her. He asked a question that made everything around immediately less important.

 “Did they get to the samples?” Hopelessly, she stared at her phone. Realization racked her hard as the the phone slowly slipped from her hands to the floor, her father attempting to gain her attention. Hope seemed to slip away as she crawled from her hiding place. She looked at the twenty auto-injectors, each marked for a certain preselected individual. The lights in the room went to generator power and the security door began it's unlocking sequence. Her blue eyes shifted between the door and the samples as a battle of moral raged in her head. She placed her hands on the table and a calm came over her.

 “I'm not dying today. Not today.”

The hydraulic motors of the massive security barrier hummed to life. Valerie plunged the first auto-injector into her forearm. Only a moment later a rush raced through her in a pleasant wave. Her eyes wide she panted. “Whoa...”

 The door peaked open. “Shit...get this fucking door open! Now!”

 Valerie turned to the sound of the soldier's voice and their eyes met. She counted their number unsure that she'd have a fighting chance. Grabbing two more injectors, she pressed them to her thighs frantically plunging one after the other into her body until the sensations sent her reeling to the floor. Her muscles spastic with pain, her senses on sexual overdrive, she managed to get to all fours. Struggling to breathe, her clothes became restrictive as she tore at them for relief.

“Dammit! Fucking bitch!” The team leader cursed their luck counting only twelve remaining samples. The team cleared the room methodically announcing their ready status.

 A thump moved through the floor under Valerie's fist, now on all fours, her body writhing and her hair spilling down her back thickening in waves of gold. Her complaining moans voiced sexual frustration and she looked up at one of her assailants with hungry eyes. Her skirt strained riding up her now muscular thighs as her body tightened, growing by several inches in just as many seconds. Valerie bared her now perfect white teeth through flush, pouty lips breathing in deep and the room felt it. Her fingers anchored themselves into the floor and her nails dug trenches in the steel surface. The hardened killers took a step back unsure what to do to the girl growing before their eyes.

“What are waiting for? Kill her!” The team leader barked followed by hesitation. Freakish mountains of disproportionate muscle bunched and swelled across the young girl's body growing and compacting at varying rates. Her right breast expanded denting the floor like a cannon ball shaking the entire chamber. “Fuck! Fine, I'll do it”

 Without a moment to think, he flipped his rifle to semi, aimed it between her blue, erotic sleepy eyes and pulled the trigger. The satisfying hues of red and white splattered across her back, the blood, brain, and bone exploding from the back of her head. Valerie fell to the ground like a balloon that popped. He inspected the massive cavity in her skull, the back half of her brain missing, making sure she was dead. Pressing against his throat mic he reported, “mission is a wash. Send the bird for extraction.”

 “The chopper is en route, gentlemen. You have three minutes, gather what intel we can. Ambush, make sure you get those samples.” They busied themselves collecting photos of notes, lab and machine settings, even the dead subjects. One man collected skin scrapings for DNA samplings. The squad leader pointed to Valerie's prone, disfigured body. “Make sure to get a sample from her as well.”

 They were efficient, and three minutes later, they formed up readying their exit with an up from each member of the team. From behind a lab table they heard a very feminine voice. “Owww...”

 Without hesitation, guns trained toward the female voice, sights set to kill. They watched as one large, well-manicured hand gripped the steel table, the weight of it collapsing the steel frame. Another, much louder, moan reverberated off the walls as a head of golden locks rose from their hiding place. Valerie gripped her head turning away from her murderers revealing the gaping cavity, lacking brain, bone and blood, that was quickly repairing itself. Her body, cartoonish in size, slowly compacted into a more a useable, yet superhuman, form. Tatters of her clothes hung loosely over her body hiding none of her now profound, perfect figure.

 “ head...what hit me?” Her vision cleared quickly as her ocular nerve regenerated. Their gaze rose with her as her height stretched to what they approximated as seven naked and muscled feet. Valerie stumbled, the impact of her gaining step forcing the highly trained men to loose their footing as the ground gave way under its impact.


 “Sir!” One of them shouted waiting for a kill order. As her skull regenerated, her nerves reconnecting, muscle and bone reforming, sight and sound became clearer sharpening to superhuman levels quickly. The pain of memory made her shudder, shaking the room, when she recognized the man who'd shot her. He glared at her and ordered, “Lunchbox, you know what to do.”

 A burly, muscular bearded man raised his scope to his eye and took aim between her bright, perfect sky blue eyes watching them widen with fear. “Oh sh-”

 Blinking, she rubbed away the obstruction in her left eye almost frantic that she'd lost it. Valerie looked down to inspect her hand when she felt something poke her forehead only now noticing the shot report echoing through the room. She turned to the sound to catch another bullet to her right temple.


 “Did you just shoot me?” The teen questioned with a smile of perfect pearly whites. Feeling the point of impact, she found no blood and felt no pain. “Do it again!”

 Valerie rested her hands on her significantly muscled hips, her confidence soaring, waiting for the soldiers to do what they do best. On the leader's order, they didn't disappoint and the teen looked herself over admiring the way her new body proved more than durable against their small arms fire. Bullets bounded away useless against her breasts and shattered against her hardened muscles. She smiled with rising confidence and gathered her long, golden mane on her head moving her body as if showering in the metal rain.


“The helo is here. What do you want to do, sir?” The team leader heard over his shoulder. Gripping his throat mic he barked.

 “Send in the second fire team! We need back up!”

 “Ack!” Valerie coughed catching an errant round like a bug in her throat. Involuntary reaction took over and she swallowed her eyes wide. “Uh-oh, I think I swallowed it...”

 She noticed more gunmen piling in, the amusement of the situation not lost on her as she suppressed her laughter. Now more relaxed, sure that there was nothing they their weapons could do to harm her, she let her hands rest over her muscled hips. Valerie looked around at the wall of fire they were pounding at her skin, the pile of useless bullets at her feet, and the looks of determination on the mens' faces. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the feeling of their assault. The way it tickled at her skin, her chest, her thighs, her soft lower abdomen teasing the edges of her sex. She felt her body become warm and tight. “This feels so amazing...”

 Her thoughts trailed off and sleepily she opened her eyes to look down at her much larger frame. Surprised, she hefted her large breasts filling much larger arms press into the sides of them. The bullets now shattering on every part of her skin, even the softest parts hard as steel. She flexed her arm giggling almost nervously as it expanded to inhuman size filling her view. Laughing, the eighteen-year-old flexed with abandon watching with curiosity, astonishment, and delight slowly becoming a muscled monolith before the soldier's eyes. The sound was deafening through the gunfire. Muscle fought for space under her stretched skin which seem to take on the polished sheen of metal. Valerie's head reeled as she stretched her arms high over her head. Her face snuggled between her own expanding breasts and her back widened casting a shadow over a portion of the firing squad. Writhing , Valerie cooed and moaned and giggled flexing and expanding her body harder and larger quickly eclipsing ten feet in height.

Determined, their attack continued. The chamber filled with the resonating echo of the shifting mountains of muscle surging from the young titan's body like hydraulic pistons driving the destruction of a massive steel cliff. She cupped her breasts rolling them wrecking balls over each other, clanking them together silly with joy. They watched as her movements slowed, as though her own strength was fighting her, yet she fingered her engorged nipples now nearly the size of a man's fist. Her face seemed pained as she came, her arms high above her head, he massive body steeling into polished, flesh-colored statue.

 It was a moment before the squad of twenty four realized their target was no longer moving, seeming to be frozen in place. “Cease fire!”


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