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[Just like] … a superwoman.

Written by JpHr3 :: [Friday, 31 August 2012 05:51] Last updated by ::

Note: This is huge for me, since it is the first time that I decide to fully participate with a story for Superwomenmania. I hope that you like it. This is a single story for now, but it could be the middle of something more elaborate if it becomes successful.




[Just like] … a superwoman.




12:10 a.m.


I saw her standing there at the entrance. She looked different: No glasses on her eyes and a daring black jumpsuit that seemed like a second skin. I had never seen her as perfect and spectacular as on that very night. If her hourglass silhouette was not enough reason to “hypnotize” the concurrence, her generous cleavage was another powerful argument to do so. However, what really fascinated me was her smile: I just could not focus my gaze elsewhere. To me, Leena was my fantasy, my “super” woman. She walked a few steps and sat down at the only available table in the busy bar. Then I joined her for an unforgettable “date”.




“– Tom, I need to tell you something… and my answer is: No, I can’t.”


I felt as like as my heart imploded: Could she be meaning “No, I can’t” as the answer to THE question that I had been thinking of for months and never had the courage to ask before?




“Yes, Dear. That’s the one. I CAN’T BE YOUR GIRL.” I clearly heard her voice but her lips never moved. I guess that my shocked face made her speak again to avoid freaking me out even more!




“– It’s OK Tom. I guess that I’ve never told you some… things… about me. For example: the fact that I can get inside your mind, read your thoughts… and STUFF…”




I could not believe what I was listening to! This already amazing girl, whom I though that I knew pretty well, suddenly turned my whole world upside down! And she just kept smiling!




“- Aren’t you going to say anything?”- She seemed worried. I was still speechless when one big guy from a nearby table approached us:


“- Excuse me, Miss. Is there any problem?”




“- No, Sir, we are cool. He is just shy. Thank you for caring.” – Then she looked at me again.




“- Leena… How?” – I could not even finish when the annoying guy returned:


“- Hey man, why don’t you leave the lady alone! She doesn’t like you!”




Leena’s voice inside my head told me: “Keep cool, we may have to leave really soon”.




“- You don’t deserve a woman like her! The only thing that you deserve is a big pounding!” – After that, a couple of his friends surrounded our table.




“-Boys… You really don’t want it to get ugly. Please leave us alone.”- Leena used her sweetest voice. However, drunken mean guys might not be susceptible to that kind of persuasion.


“– No lady, you two stay there as long as I want you to…”




12:13 a.m.


“-Tom…” – She looked at me with a smile: “– … about that “stuff” I was telling you about… YOU WILL SEE IT in a moment.”




She faced the big guy behind her and started to lift him with her slender arm as if he weighed nothing! The man got scared and tried to free himself from her grip but failed to do so. All he could say was: “– Put me back on the ground… bitch!”




Everyone looked at her, maybe expecting a furious response but Leena actually smiled


“– Aw! I think that I’ll blow you a little kiss!” – Actually, what she “blew” from her lips was sort of a little hurricane that sent the thug flying to the other side of the bar.




After that, another guy drew a gun. When he aimed at Leena, she stood defiantly just inches in front of him:


“- Okay big boy, why don’t you shoot? Let’s see what happens!” – The man kept still.




“- Your move or my move?” – She snatched the gun from him so quickly she looked like a blur. “– My move!... I think I’ll teach you a lesson on how to treat a lady”.


Everybody gasped as she aimed the revolver at herself and pulled the trigger to shoot the six rounds onto her own body, demonstrating that she was no ordinary lady at all.




The (now pretty scared) bad guy looked down to the floor and saw the useless bullets that had just rebounded from Leena’s magnificent (and invulnerable!) chest.


“– Did I make myself clear about the fact that you should let me and my friend leave now?”




The man kept quiet (as if he was frozen) after witnessing the feats of power from the beautiful woman.


“– I’ll take your silence as a “Yes”… but first…” - A pair of bright red beams blasted from her eyes directly onto the revolver which was literally disintegrated.




I approached Leena and we walked out from the place, everybody in awe after her amazing performance.




12:18 a.m.


“-Now Tom, do you understand why I can’t be with you? I mean, I really… really like you… but right now I can’t feel the same as you do….” – Then her eyes showed the look of something even more devastating than the deadly beams that they had blasted just minutes earlier: “- … I will always be your friend.”




“- Leena…” - I really did not know what to say or even think!




“- Stop it silly! You will be fine, and you always can count on me! I won’t stop seeing you, it’s just that, given my “condition”, I cannot risk endangering all those that are dear to me” – She smiled and hugged me, making impossible any reply to her words.




12:21 a.m.


Before parting ways, I looked at her one last time: there was a hint of sadness in her face but it could not diminish her beauty at all. There was no need for words, our eyes simply “connected”… That was our goodbye.




Then she disappeared.




All of a sudden I remembered a song… I’ll never know if she had managed to read my mind on that particular moment, but to me, those lyrics became really meaningful about that certain female: “And she takes just like a woman… but she breaks just like a little girl”.


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