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The Project – Part 10

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The Project – Part 10



Vojtek walked to Kate’s quarters. He had no intention of going there initially but, after thinking about it, he reconsidered. He understood Kate’s temperament and, as he joked with his men in his quarters, he imagined her showing up. She had beat him before – ‘beat’ being an extremely loose term – but the thought of her showing up in front of his men and dragging him out was enough to convince him to go see her. He walked to her quarters and knocked on the door.

“Come in, it’s open.” Kate called.

Vojtek walked in and Kate walked out of the kitchen to greet him.

“Your late, as usual, I was about to come get you.”

Vojtek took notice to her silver sports bra and her thumb sized nipples trying to poke through it.

She was holding a frying pan and in it was some sizzling bacon.

“Cooking dinner?” Vojtek asked.

Kate grinned, “No, I just felt like cooking something.”

She could see Vojtek was confused, so she looked down into the frying pan and two red beams fired from her eyes. The bacon crackled and the pan began to glow bright red.

“Want a piece?” Kate asked as she grabbed a extremely burnt piece of bacon and placed it in her mouth.

Vojtek looked at her with amazement, “No thanks, I already ate.”

“Too bad, I was actually looking forward to cooking something for you.”

“Enjoying your new powers I see.” Vojtek commented as he walked toward a chair and sat down, “What am I doing here Kate?”

Kate ignored the question, “You wouldn’t believe the stuff I learned I can do Vojtek. Laser vision, telepathy and would you believe Lu thinks she can teach me how to fly?”

“Who’s Lu?” Vojtek asked.

“Scientist I’m working with down on level 23. It’s kind of funny though, I keep catching her staring at my breasts. Then again, everybody can’t help but stare at my breasts. Well, almost everybody.”

Kate crossed her arms underneath her mounds lifting them slightly and Vojtek’s heart skipped a few beats. She walked toward him seductively and stood, so that her breasts were only inches away from his face. She sat down on him and grabbed Vojtek’s hands. She could tell Vojtek was having a hard time focusing.

Kate brought Vojtek’s hands up to her breasts and gently moved them up and down over her erect nipples. She began grinding softly with Vojtek and he started to become extremely aroused. Feeling his arousal she began kissing him passionately.

Vojtek grabbed the back of her hips and pulled her tighter toward his crotch.

Kate obliged as she increased the pressure.

The chairs legs began to buckle and finally collapse sending Vojtek to the floor with Kate on top of him.

“Well, I suppose it was either me or the chair” Vojtek commented.

Kate laughed, “Oh, shut up I barely applied any pressure.”

Kate looked into his eyes as she lay on top of him, “Why is this so hard for you to accept?”

Vojtek ran his fingers through her red hair “Kate, I wanted you before your transformation, but this complicates things.”

Kate got off him and Vojtek picked himself off the floor. “How, how does this complicate things?”

“You already know what I think” Vojtek answered.

“Oh, that’s right, the Government is going to kill me, except, the only person who’s tried to thus far is you. Tell me Vojtek was that for business or pleasure?”

Vojtek shook his head, “I’m not going to make justifications for what I did. The fact that I’m still alive and standing in your quarters tells me you’ve already made those justifications for me.”

Kate drew a mischievous grin “Have I now? Perhaps, as your punishment, I’ve decided to make you my lifelong slave?”

“Why Kate! Are you asking to marry me?” Vojtek joked.

Kate smiled, “I could have any man in the world, what would possibly make you think I’d choose you?”

“I don’t know, conceded intuition?”

Kate rolled her eyes, “Exactly. Vojtek, the only reason why you are still standing anywhere is because deep down, in that distorted brain of yours, you think you’re doing the morale thing, you think you’re the good guy. Let’s face it, the only reason why you’re alive is out of pity.”

Vojtek shook his head and smiled. Even before Kate's transformation their relationship seemed to be based on a series of psychological attacks. Vojtek always felt he had the upper hand until now.

“Listen, I never tried to kill you, I tried to keep you in one spot until they could reverse the process.” Vojtek appealed.

“Reverse the process?” Kate laughed, “I think I’d rather you have killed me.”

She approached Vojtek, once again, and asked in a sweet voice “But Vojtek, darling, if you had reversed the process I wouldn’t be able to do this.”

Kate pushed her chest out and drew in some air, swelling her already pushed out tits. Under so much strain her silver sports bra split down the middle. It ripped apart and her straps blew off, revealing her perfect tits to Vojtek.

Vojtek watched in shock and arousal as he thought to himself: ‘That’s impressive.’

Kate grabbed the back of his head gently and whispered into his ear: “I’m tired, I think you should go. Close the door behind you”

With that Kate walked away.

Vojtek bit his lip and grinned as he thought to himself ‘You bitch.’

“I heard that!” Kate called from another room.



Aleesha listened to Vendorez as he faced off against a swarming media buzz. She had to admit, the introduction she was getting from the once president was impressive. She waited inside the mansion and was actually starting to feel nervous.

The whole world was watching this and Vendorez had already used words like Goddess, Deliverer and Messiah. Obviously facing extreme skepticism from the media he called Aleesha out.

She was wearing a suit that was buttoned down so that her packed cleavage presented itself in quite a provocative fashion. She walked onto the podium where she was greeted by hundreds of flashing cameras.

A lone reporter began laughing at her, “The only place this Girl would be called a Goddess is in the bedroom, is this some sort of joke?”

Aleesha gave him a menacing stare and her eyes flashed two brilliant beams of light.

The reporter didn’t even hear the hissing sound the beams made as he was vaporized. The crowd gasped and backed away from her.

“I have been enlightened and granted the power of God so that I may rule here on Earth. You are all here so that I may demonstrate my power before you. Consider this demonstration a warning to all those that may oppose me.”

Aleesha bent her knees and leaped into the air. She moved like a rocket as she shot through clouds before starting to descend. Falling at an extreme rate of speed, she pushed her hands down as if to fight earth’s gravitational pull on her. She began to slow her descent and landed on the podium very gently. The crowd gasped and Aleesha nodded at Gonzalez.

Gonzalez and four of his men formed a firing line in front of her.

She placed her palms on her back hips and thrusted her chest outward “Anytime you’re ready.”

Gonzalez ordered his men to fire and the crowd watched in amazement.

The podium was being ripped apart by a barrage of automatic gunfire. Aleesha’s suit was being torn to shreds. For every bullet that ricocheted off her fantastic body, she watched the crowd grow more and more perplexed. Her breasts, once again, started to firm as bullets made contact with her nipples. Her suit was all but shot off her and she stood confidently in her shiny low cut top, black bikini and red knee high boots.

She wanted to squeeze her breasts, but resisted the temptation as she attempted something new. She began flexing her tits with all her might, her already firmed mounds rose higher into the air. Her hands were still on her hips and she still wore a cocky smile, but her face indicated that she was struggling.

Then the microphone stand near her fell and began rolling away from her.

Gonzalez and his men felt as if some unknown force was pushing them away.

Feeling that her feat of strength was working, she flexed her boobs with even more force. Everything within 15 yards of her shoot away. The podium collapsed and flattened beneath her and she stood 5 feet in the air floating.

Gonzalez fell along with his troops as they slid across the ground away from her.

Loving the fact that her breasts were countering Earth’s gravity, she put every bit of strength she could muster into flexing her firm tits. She redefined gravity defying breasts, as the entire crowd fell to the ground and began pushing away from her.

She relaxed and smiled in complete satisfaction, “Now then, does anybody have any questions?”



Lu was at the store picking out some fruits. She was wearing her leather jacket and pink spandex pants.

Going through each apple trying to find the perfect one, she noticed some commotion from across the street. Police were forming a perimeter around a bank in what would seem as a failed robbery attempt. Lu watched as the bank robbers began shooting into the police vehicles. She analyzed the situation.

“This looks like a job for Indomitable Girl!” she concluded as she ripped off her leather coat showing off her pink skintight costume and her new and improved super amazing chest, proudly boasting a nuclear emblem.

Using her super speed, she rocketed into the bank where she was greeted by a hail of bullets.

She let some of the bullets deflect off her invulnerable tits, before using her super breath to blow the criminals to the ground.

The crowd cheered and the police thanked her and then she woke up.

Lu got out of bed and got a drink of water. She thought about her dream for a long time. She finally decided that she was going to somehow get that power.

Lu grabbed all classified information on Kate and began devising a scheme. After hours and hours of research she concluded she needed a sample of what was inside of Kate's breasts.

She thought about Kate and her amazing powers, the things she could do with them. The thoughts were turning her on. She rubbed her small breast with one hand and massaged her sex with the other. As she finally climaxed, Lu noticed that some fluid had come out of her breast due to her arousal.

“Of course!” she yelled.

The entire night Lu worked on the schematics for her new experiment.”



Kate entered the lab early in the morning wearing her Supergirl out fit. She was once again greeted by Lu’s gazing eyes.

“So, what’s on the agenda for today?” Kate asked.

Lu handed Kate a titanium bra with wires connecting it to a power grid. “Put this on, were going to attempt to measure how much power you have in those puppies of yours.”

“Sounds like fun.” Kate said as she spun out of her Supergirl shirt and placed the titanium bra over her mounds.

“Perfect fit.” Kate said, as she watched Lu approaching a computer.

“Ready?” Lu asked.

“Ready.” Kate replied.

Lu hit a key on her computer and there was the hum of an energy build up. A surge of energy fired into the bra and it began to glow.

“Well, that’s interesting.” Kate said.

“Here comes the fun part.” Lu replied as she hit another key on her computer.

An electric spike fired into Kate’s nipple from the bra. It was enough energy to kill an elephant.

Kate’s eyes widened, “Oh wow!”

Kate adjusted her posture as another bolt of energy hit her nipple.

“Oh my!” She yelled.

The bolts of energy fired in a fast repetition. Kate’s eyes rolled up in desire, as her breasts became firmer with every discharge.

“Mmmmmmm” Kate ran her hands through her fiery red hair as her arousal reached extremes.

The titanium bra began to bend as her firming tits lifted and grew.

Not able to control her passion, Kate grabbed her breasts smashing the titanium bra against the firmest objects known to man.

Lu watched in awe as the titanium bra didn’t stand a chance.

Kate smeared the bra over her super-endowments, as she began to orgasm. She let out a scream and Lu’s ears drums blew, her computer screens cracked and Lu fell to the floor in agony.

“Oh wow, that was great!” Kate said and then she noticed Lu “Are you okay?”

Lu couldn’t hear a thing, but she could tell that Kate was asking about her health, “I’m fine. I just need to relax.”

Lu took in a deep breath.

“Should I get help?” Kate asked.

Lu, not able to hear her, but trying to play it cool replied “I’m fine, just a little dizzy. I think we should take a break for today.”

Kate put her Supergirl shirt back on “Ok, but call if you need anything.”

Lu watched Kate leave and she got up and stumbled toward the remains of the bra. Her balance was severely damaged as she swung from side to side. She finally got to the bra and grabbed it. She let out a scream as the still hot metal burned into her hands.

‘Oh that bitch is gonna pay!’ she thought to herself, as she searched through the remains of the bra.

Finally, after finding what she was looking for, she moved to a different location. A place she had prepped hours before.

Combining lethal elements with Kate’s ambrosia, Lu hoped to achieve supremacy, but it was all mostly theory. Theory she thought up only last night.

Lu waited for the machine to mix the dangerous elements with Kate’s ambrosia and finally it was ready. Two pills, glowing a bright green, were produced.

Perhaps she would have second guessed herself, if she wasn’t in so much pain, but Lu immediately put one of the pills in her mouth as if it was just Tylenol.

As soon as it entered her mouth it burned. She swallowed it anyways.

Lu grabbed her throat as the pill fell down her esophagus and into her belly. She thought she would die as the pain drew past severe.

The acids in her stomach dissolved the pill and she fell to her knees gasping for air. Then she felt as if her tits were going explode, but instead they grew. The lab coats buttons shot off, as her breasts grew to magnificent proportions.

Lu began to laugh hysterically as her body molded itself. Her breasts were much larger than Kate’s and her muscles were far more developed than Kate’s petite form.

One part of her greatest fantasy was being fulfilled. The second part of her greatest fantasy would soon be realized: Supergirl would be her slave.

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