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A Day in the Military Chapter III

Written by Camille Jones :: [Friday, 23 November 2012 05:31] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 08 August 2013 23:06]


A Day in the Military


Chapter III

by Camille Jones

(Special thanks to eJm, pansardum, oogber, njae, Anon and Lulu)


            The men in the room stare at me as I hover right in front of the projection screen, my athletic physique silhouetted on the screen as I look around the room. All of them stared at me with their mouths wide open. I guess seeing a girl defying gravity right in front of their eyes was sight to see. As much as I am starting to get used to the stares, I never imagined that I could leave a room completely silent by simply hovering above them. I softly touch down on the floor, my black combat boots creaking upon contact. I clear my throat, no longer bearing the surmounting silence that is building inside the room in hopes that it would snap someone back into focus. Luckily for me, someone was stammering to speak as if he was recollecting his thoughts. One of the generals comes up to me to shake my hand as I smile back at him.


            “General Logan Roberts, United States Army, it’s a pleasure to meet you, ma’am.” he says to me as he reaches out with his right hand.  I was rather surprised as to how quick he was able to regain his composure, though I can possibly infer that his extensive military training enables him to suppress any shocking moments, letting him keep a cool-leveled head. I noticed he did not say my name, in compliance with the terms and conditions which state that I am not to be identified in any way, shape or form. Even so, calling me ma’am or Miss might be a bit tiresome and there is no need for formalities with me.


            “The pleasure’s all mine. For the sake of formalities, you can call me Jane.” I say to him as my right hand meets his to shake. I made sure to not use my strength as I shake his hand though I can hear a slight grunt escape from his lips. I look up to see if he was hurt but he did not appear to be in any excruciating pain.


            “That’s a mighty strong grip you got there, Miss Jane.”


            “I had my Wheaties this morning.” Hopefully the joke would ease up the tension a bit since I do feel like the proverbial pink elephant in the room. He offers a chuckle as we both let go before he then turns to face the other men in the room. I spot Jason White, my Army contact, sitting among the sea of well-decorated generals and white labcoats. I offer him a wave with a warm smile; he could only offer a small smile in return. It could be because he is sitting among his superiors that he can’t do much more than that but it is refreshing to see a familiar face nonetheless.


            “Doctor Mason, everyone, I would like for you to meet Jane, the supergirl in question.” 


            I started to wonder what he means by ‘supergirl in question’, but I realize that I didn’t give them my name under the terms and conditions of me being out here for this exercise. So I simply smile and wave at the other men. “Now if you don’t have any other questions, we’re going to go ahead and get started.”

            The other men look like they have a million other questions to ask me. But the majority of the men just shake their heads, maybe to hold onto their questions until the end of the exercise.


            “Good. Now Jane,” General Logan Roberts says as he addresses me, “we’re going to be conducting a series of field exercises to test your invulnerability, mostly just a stress test of your abilities. The scientists, led by Doctor Gerard Mason, will be gathering and collecting data on the feats that you perform today while my men will be in charge of conducting these tests as well as providing the necessary equipment. Since Sergeant Jason White first contacted you and arranged this meeting, he will be your personal aid and liaison for the day.” I look around to find Jason sporting a rather broad grin when he hears that he’s going to be my personal guide for the day. I smile back, seeing that I get to be with a familiar friend throughout the day.


            “Given that you survive these tests and prove your powers, we will give you a special tailored suit. Since you were so kind to give us your measurements a few weeks back, we have a set ready for you to go. Now, if we do not have any further questions, I need to go and debrief the men in the mess hall since they all probably have questions about that sonic boom.”


            I blush at that, shrugging my shoulders in an apologetic stance. He nods before he clears his throat to continue.


            “It is 0600 right now. After debriefing the soldiers as to what today’s exercise will contain, we will regroup at the firing range at 0930. All personnel that are involved in setting up the equipment are to gather at the firing range at 0830, should give everyone enough time to get something to eat and to get ‘primed’ for the shift in temperature. You are all dismissed until then.”


            As General Roberts and his Major were turning to walk out the door, everyone rises from their chairs in an orderly fashion. They all line up one by one, greeting me and shaking my hand. I comply, shaking their hands and introducing myself. I can see their initial fears of me crushing their hands but that fades as their grip meets my own. Doctor Mason is the last person to greet me.


            “I had my doubts, and despite your entrance, I still do.” I can hear his cynicism underneath the well-mannered tone of his voice. I know that today I was going to triumph over his doubts but instead I simply smile and shake his hand.


            “Well I hope that by the end of the day I can change that.” I say with a smile. He stares at me intently, a sneer appearing on his face before he shakes my hand and walks away with the rest of his team. I sigh softly as I see Jason White approach me after everyone leaves.


            “Everyone has to have a critic, huh?” I say before I shrug my shoulders.


            “Don’t worry about it; I’m pretty sure that by the end of the day you’ll win him over.” Jason says as I nodded. “Personally, I’m pretty excited to see what you’re capable of. And I couldn’t have imagined a much better entrance, though maybe breaking through the wall or door and flying in-“


            “To be honest, I didn’t want to break down the doors or walls, hence my window entrance. Didn’t want to make a bad impression by breaking stuff since I was already late and all.”

            “Nah, I think the delayed timing made it much better. Besides, if General Roberts didn’t make any mention of it then I’m sure you’re fine.”


            I nod, sighing in relief as we both are walking out of the building. He reaches out for the door and opens it for me. Whether it is because of what the Army teaches him or his own upbringing, I find the gesture to be quite welcoming. Well, to be more specific, he is walking next to me as I have grown accustomed to hovering around; especially here, where they are expecting me to be flying around and doing other feats. The desert sun is barely creaking past the horizon as I see Jason shiver slightly. He zips up his desert fatigue jacket to combat the cold, leaving me a bit perplexed since I do not feel the slightest chill. Then again, considering I am impervious to the scorching friction of supersonic flight, I figured that the colder extremes also no longer affect me.


            “Hey, let’s go to the mess hall. I’m kinda hungry after that long flight.” I say to him. To be honest, I wasn’t that hungry, the energy that’s flowing throughout my body is more than enough to sustain me. Not to mention I did eat at Tom’s apartment right before I flew over here so I’m not that hungry in particular. But I figure that instead of downplaying his capability of coping with the extreme temperature, I’ll cater to the notion that I’m simply hungry. Gives him a bit of a boost that he’s going to eat with a supergirl and I can make sure he avoids the sudden shift of temperature. He gives me a look, he knows well that I can survive without food and water; he isn’t buying it. As soon as he was about to protest, we both hear an audible grumble. He looks down at his stomach before he looks back up at me.


            “You know, it suddenly dawned on me that I haven’t eaten since I woke up. Alright, sure, and maybe I can introduce you to my unit if they are still there.”


            I nod and flash a smile; he smiles back and I can hear his heart rate increase slightly. As we head towards the cafeteria I find myself amazed that all I need to do is to simply smile in order to get someone’s heart rate going. I know that Jason and I are just friends and he has respected that boundary quite well but I’m quite shocked at this new aspect about myself. Still, I suppose I shouldn’t be this shocked considering there were plenty of times where most of my classmates steal glances at me. Even the professor’s heart skips slightly whenever I see him looking at me before he shifts his focus to the rest of the class. Usually it’s even worse whenever I ask a question that leads to a profound and enlightening discussion, as if they were not expecting me to be smart. I chuckle softly to myself as I begin to think about how Tom has not gone into cardiac arrest yet during our time together.



            We both arrive at the door to the cafeteria; Jason opens the door for me again. I thank him as I hover in. Immediately, a rather pungent and “processed” odor hits my nose, I almost reel back from it. There are some occasions when having a very powerful sense of smell isn’t necessarily a good thing, this is one of them.


            “On second thought, I’m still full.” I say to him, trying not to show any discomfort in my voice.


            “That’s alright; I figured you’ll need to develop a taste for it anyways.”

            “Yeah, well I honestly think that’ll never happen. My taste buds are too sensitive for it. And why do I smell burning cardboard coming from the kitchen?”


            “Well, on behalf of the United States Army, I would like to apologize for the substandard slop that we pass off as food. Perhaps next time, we’ll whip out the roasted duck with saffron-seasoned potatoes.”


            His cheeky grin causes me to giggle at the joke, signifying that he was merely joking. I can start to see where his true personality lies and what the Army has taught him. As he makes for the line, I look around the cafeteria for the first time now that my nose has become accustomed to that particular stench. For the first time, I see a few men that are volunteering for the military exercise staring at me, most of them scientists and the generals. However, I see a group of soldiers in their desert fatigues smiling at me almost lecherously. As my stare meets with their eyes, they quickly glance away before looking back up at me. Though I’m all the way on the other side of the room and the place is filled with chatter, I am able to hear their conversation as if they were whispering right into my ear.


            “Is that the—“

            “Yeah, it her alright considering Sergeant White’s been assigned to her for the day.”


            “Man, what I’d give to hang out with her for the day!”


            “I know! She’s so hot, like outta this world.”


            “You’d think he’ll introduce us?”


            “He’d be a dick not to. But if it was me, I’d keep her all to myself.”


            “Well, knowing White, they are only going to be friends. A shame, I bet she wants a real man!”


            “You might consider the possibility that she might be taken?”


            “Like I said, she wants a real man and I can certainly help her forget about him if she wants to.”


            “Alright, I wanna see this. I hope she shoots you down hard, might give me good laughing material for weeks.”


            “Willing to make a wager on this?”

            “Loser gets cannon cleaning duties for the month.”


            “You’re on! Better get that rag ready.”


            Oh, I’ll shoot him down alright, but I think I can have some fun with this.


            “Is there something funny, or are you still thinking about how much of our cheese actually comes from the cow?” he says before I snap out of my own smirk.


            “Oh, it’s nothing really, just thought of something funny.” I reply. I don’t want Jason in on the conversation yet, I think it’s better if he reacts accordingly. He then looks around and spots his squadmates, the very same guys that were talking about me, as they wave for him to come over. Unsurprisingly, there are two empty chairs for us to sit. Jason goes over to the table; I follow right next to him.


            “Alright, gonna warn you, they are a bit on the roughneck side. They are good men though; they can hit a needle with artillery fire with an error of a few inches.”


            “Don’t worry, I can handle myself.” I say as we both approach the table.


            “Mornin’ Sarge. And who’s this beaut that you have with you? Didn’t know that your rank came with a smokin’ hot girl that followed you around.” the short-buzzed blond sneered.


            “Cool it Asher, she’s with me.” Jason says with a bit more authority in his tone. The hierarchy is becoming clear to me now, White must be the leader of this squad. Asher throws his hands up as to back off but something tells me that they haven’t even started yet. The one sitting across from me directly simply smiles at me, gawking at me with his brown eyes while the one sitting to my left looks rather unimpressed but it could be directed towards Asher.


            “Jane, the one across from you is Specialist Hector Ramirez; the one to your left is Private First Class Rick Jackson. And you’ve already met Corporal Lucas Asher. Jane is the supergirl I’ve been in contact with.”


            “Ma’am.” They all said as I shake their hands individually. I see that the values instilled by the U.S Army is present among everyone.


            “Alright, I’m gonna go get some grub. If I hear you guys are giving her a hard time, you guys will be on head room duty for life.” Jason says before he eyes Asher, as if his threat was towards him. Asher nods and waits until he sees Jason enter the cafeteria line.


            “So,” Asher starts as he crosses his arms over his sleeve. His forearms bulge, as if he was trying to show off. “Why are you hanging out with a stiff like White when you could be hanging out with me all day?”


            “Oh, and what makes you so special?” I retort.


            “Well, let’s just say that I know how to make things ‘explode’.” Asher sneers, Jackson almost face-palms at the pun, Ramirez rolls his eyes in reaction.


            “Is that so? Well, I’m known for doing a few surprising things as well.” I say right before I use my speed to appear as a blur, returning about half-a-second later with Asher’s combat knife. His eyes widen when he realizes that his knife scabbard is now empty, his mind barely registering that I manage to grab his knife faster than he could blink. I hold it in between my fingertips before I propped it on my middle-finger, twirling the knife on its tip. They all stare at this feat of coordination but they are more amazed that it didn’t draw blood. I wasn’t done yet. I then grabbed the knife by the fingertips before I start to twist my fingers around. The steel blade slowly whined in protest as it was being bent out of shape. I smile softly as I watch Asher’s face, seeing his confidence leaving him as I bend his blade into a mangled mess. Seeing that I made my message clear, I then use my fingers to straighten the knife again back to its proper shape. To add emphasis to my point, I even used my fingernails to sharpen the blade, shaving off the dullness until it was sharp and strong enough to cut down a chain-link fence without even going dull. I then flash a wicked smile before I drive the knife down through the steel table. The three men jump at my swift motion before I then turn the handle slightly, permanently wedging the knife into the table. I stare Asher right in the eyes, my emerald green eyes meeting his grey-blues.


            “Sweetie, the only person that will ever be man enough to handle a woman like me is my boyfriend back in Germany. Now, why don’t you drop this and I’ll save you from further embarrassment, hmm?”


            Asher stares at me, as if his eyes could not process the fact that I stole his knife faster than he could react or the fact that it is now jammed into the table. Naturally, as if to question the validity of my feat, he tries to pull the knife out of the table only to find that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Both Jackson and Ramirez look at each other before they look at me; they both are sporting the same flabbergasted look. I simply smile, despite my crude actions I think I made my point clear. I look behind me to see Jason returning with his plate, his brow arching upwards as he stares at the handle of a knife that is wedged through a table.


            “Alright, what happened here?” he asks


            “Nothing really, the boys wanted me to show them a little something that I can do, right?”


            They all nod simultaneously. I turn the handle back and pull the knife, straightening the blade once more before I hand it back to Asher. He looks at the knife, finding that it is in much better shape than before slipping it back inside his scabbard. I reach underneath the table and run my hands over the hole I created. I mold it back into shape, the steel table acting as if it’s clay as I close up the hole.


            Jason sits down next to me, prompting me to scoot over some. Unfortunately, there was not enough space in between us. He was going to offer me his seat but I decline his offer. Instead, I walk over to an empty table before I simply lift one of the metal stools off the ground. The sound of metal whining in protest prompts me to look down to see that the chairs are bolted on the ground and I ripped it off its hinges. I blush softly before I look back at Jason and his squad, who stare at me with their mouths agape.

            “S-Sorry, I didn’t know they were nailed down.” I say.


            “Th-that’s cool...” Jason manages to stammer.


            “I’ll just put this back…” I say as I place the chair back on the ground before I run my fingers over the hinges, pinching the torn metal together, mending it back together. Happy with my quick fix I hover back over to the guys and opted to sit on the air, though from the looks of their faces I can guess they are still getting used to my ability to defy gravity so casually.



            After breakfast, I found there is still time before the tests so I decide to call Tom. Even if I did have Jason to talk to, I am starting to miss Tom. Sure, I can always fly back and see him but considering that I have an obligation to fulfill here and I would risk burning off my clothes if I go that fast, a phone call would have to suffice for now. I don’t really trust using their phones here. I pull out my cellphone and head to the bathroom, my fingers already dialing his work number. I figure as long as I use my phone, they won’t have a way of recording it.


            “Heinz und Co, Sie sprechen mit Tom--”


            “Tom, it’s me.” I reply warmly, cutting him off a bit before he says his last name.


            “Hey sunshine, how’s it going over there so far?” Tom already has a nickname for me. Though I haven’t quite figured out why he calls me his sunshine, I do quite like the ring of it when he says it. It makes me feel comfortable.


            “Interesting to say the least, I have a few fans already, a few more critics, one guy tried to hit on me and it’s barely eight o’clock here.”


            “Wow that pretty much trumps my entire day here. All I did today was file taxes, finished my reports and thinking about you.”


            “Aw, well we are about to get started in a bit.”


            “Are you ready?”


            “Yeah, ready as I’ll ever be.” He can sense that small pang of doubt in my voice. I am confident about my performance today but at the same time I don’t feel quite right about all this.


            “Honey, you are the most powerful and the most beautiful woman on this planet. There is nothing that you can’t do once you set your mind on it and don’t you forget it.”


            “Thanks hun, I guess I just needed to hear that.”


            I stop as I hear some footsteps nearby before they stop right in front of the bathroom. I then hear a light knock.


            “Jane, we’re about to get started.” Jason says from the other side of the door.       


            “Just a second!” I shouted as I covered the mouth piece before I put the phone back up to my cheek. “Alright, I gotta go hun, we’re about to get started. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”


            “Alright, be safe sunshine.”


            “I will.”




            I slip the phone back inside my right boot before I step out of the bathroom, Jason waiting for me at the other side of the wall.


            “You ready?” he asks me. I then remember what Tom has just said to me and I smile back.


            “Ready doesn’t even begin to describe it.”


            Jason smiles at me as he then leads me to the testing site.



            We both arrive at the testing site at the same time. I can see a few soldiers with their M4A1 Carbine rifles standing about 30 feet or so from a firing range while the generals and their majors watch from a more comfortable distance. The scientists were standing behind a makeshift lab consisting of powerful laptops as well as various recording equipment such as boom microphones and powerful super-slow motion cameras.  I look over to see that General Roberts is walking up to meet us to which Jason promptly salutes him.


            “At ease Sargent.” General Roberts says to which Jason then stands with his hands resting behind his back.


            “Alright Jane, we’re gonna go ahead and test that claim that you are bulletproof. Our boys here are some of the best shots on this base; they can hit a playing card from 50 yards out with the M9 pistol. So we’ll start with the practice rounds, then move on to regular ammunition, then finally to full-metal jackets. Then if you are bulletproof, we’re gonna test whether or not you’re grenade-proof, artillery-proof, then on to something that is classified for now."


            “A-alright.” I said, though I’m still nervous about these tests just to  see if I’m truly invulnerable. “Let’s do it.”


            He smiles and nods back at me.


            “Just stand right in front of the targets and we’ll get started.”


            I nod before hovering right in front of the targets before turning around. I see Jason stand to the side right next to General Roberts. He gives a nod to Doctor Mason to start up the machines and cameras. Finally, he then looks to see that I’m in place before nodding to the firing squad.


            I can hear the sounds of their rifles chambering in the first round in their ammo clips right before they point their rifles at me. My instinctive fear was to run and fly as far away but I remember what I was here for, staying firm on the ground as I look on.


            “Disengage safety! Ready.”


            Alright, this is it. I can’t back out now.




            Oh shit, they are really going through this!




            They squeeze the trigger on their carbine rifles as I see the spent cartridges fly out from their rifles as I blink. When I open my eyes again, I see the bullets slowly exit the barrel of the rifle with a puff of smoke behind it as it was starting to break the sound barrier. I stare as the bullet barely creep out, wondering if they are duds that are going to drop out at a few feet, only to find out that they are slowly traveling towards me. I then look up to see the rifleman starting to blink, their eyes closing at a much slower rate. It then dawns on me that it’s actually my perception that is slowing everything down, allowing me to process everything I am seeing at a much faster rate and giving me plenty of time to react.


            That’s awesome! But today’s test is not about how fast I can dodge the bullets but if I can take them.


            The bullets hit me in various parts of my body, two of them hit both of my kneecaps, and two more on my shoulders while the rest of them hit my chest and my forehead. As soon as they hit, they flatten upon making impact with my body before falling down to the sand beneath me. They can see with their binoculars and cameras that the bullets made impact, evident with the fresh holes in my shirt, though they don’t seemed to be impressed.


            “Switch to regular rounds!” General Roberts shouted before the soldiers dispense the next round. They remove the clip and picked up the clips meant to take down a normal human. The firing squad took aim again and fired their rounds on me. Again, the same effect happened, I stood unharmed but at least they were decent enough to fire in the same holes they made with my shirt. Actually, if anything it attests to how accurate they are with their shooting.


            “Fullmetal jackets!” the General shouted, his voice shows a bit of frustration as he and I are both discovering that I am bulletproof. It seems that he had his doubts about me as well as he wants to prove that there is no such thing as a supergirl. I look over to Doctor Mason who is in a similar state of disbelief. To be honest, I was having some fun in this as I smile proudly towards him with my hands on my hips.


            The firing squad takes aim before firing their rounds at me. This time, I wanted to show them something a bit different. I see the bullet slow down as they approach me. I extend my arms out and start to grab each bullet in between my fingers. I made sure not to squeeze too tight and crush the bullets, just enough to get a hold of them in the air. For me, it looks as if my hands were just casually catching a slow-moving baseball that someone lobbed towards me.


            The men pull their rifles as everyone is confused as to why they did not hear any contact like before. I then hold up my right hand, their eyes practically bulging out of their sockets as they found their answer. All five of the bullets were caught and they were in between my fingers. I started to understand their reaction but I find it hard to believe that I’m faster than they could blink. I mean I know that I’m fast but this revelation is just incredible.


            I smile before I then turn around to face the five targets behind me. I can hear the General, Jason and Doctor Mason muttering to themselves, trying to figure out what I am about to do as I then curl my biceps and bring my wrist towards me as if I was going to flick it.


            “She’s not going to do what I think she’s doing?”


            “No fucking way…”




            With a flick of my wrists, I send all five bullets flying. Each of them hit their targets simultaneously dead center. I then turn back around and start to hover back to the General, everyone trying to comprehend what I just did.


            “Did she just—“ Jason started as he was cut off by the General.


            “Render an entire squad of sharpshooters obsolete?” he says, finishing his sentence. The last bit of drag of his sentence has me a bit uneasy as I feel as if he is thinking about the possibilities of a superwoman among the ranks. Though I made it clear I am not joining any military branch or service, I can start to see his mind visualizing the possibilities. I fear that I need to remind him again.


            “General Roberts, a word please.” I say while the scientists are reviewing and compiling the data. He nods before we both venture away until we were out of hearing distance.


            “Look, I understand that last demonstration was not part of the agreed tests and I can see that you are starting to get some ideas from it.”


            “What on Earth are you talk—“


            “My eyes can see even the smallest changes in expression, General.”


            He sighs before he then looks at me with a steely glare.


            “Think about the possibilities you’re capable of! The amount of good that you can do for this country! You can not only protect this country but make sure that her interests are always ahead. You can certainly get those Iranians and North Koreans to stop making those nukes for starters.”


            “My interest only rest on protecting the human race, I’m afraid my scope is a bit larger than yours General. I don’t want to be used as some sort of weapon that the United States can wave around and use to impose their will. It will make this country look like tyrants who bullies people to bending to their whim. I already made that clear way before today that I will never join any branch of military service and I intend on keeping it that way. If I hear any more talks or mentions of this, I’ll promptly destroy all of the recording equipment and leave. Now, do I make myself clear?”


            I can see his nostrils flaring in anger as he glares at me. In hindsight, I should know that he’s not used to taking orders unless it is coming from the President, let alone from a twenty year-old girl who knows next to nothing about the Army. Then again, this twenty year-old girl happens to be much stronger than him or anyone else on this planet for that matter.


            “Crystal.” He almost hisses that out, knowing that he’s not in any position to argue with me. I sigh in relief, though deep down I know that it’s far from over. I then hear footsteps approach as I turn around to see Jason approach the two of us.


            “Sir, Doctor Mason requests to see you and Jane immediately to review the footage.”


            “Thank you Sargent,” he says before he then turns to me. “Let’s go see what he’s got.”


            I nod as the three of us go back to the makeshift laboratory station.


            “Alright Doctor Mason, what do you have for us?” General Roberts asks him as he then turns away from his monitor to look at me before clearing his throat.


            “Well, as you have noticed, Miss Jane here is in fact invulnerable.” Doctor Mason says before he adjusts his glasses. “Now honestly, I wouldn’t have believed that claim myself but after seeing it first-hand…well it still baffles me, it defies all logic! Take a look.”


            The camera was positioned so it just captured me from the torso up. They can clearly see the bullet travel towards me before it hits me on the top part of my right chest right before the bullet flattens upon impact and drops down to the ground. It suddenly dawned on me that the bullets did a number on my tanktop, causing me to consciously look down. I blush as I then put an arm over my chest.


            “Will someone fetch this young lady a lab coat?” Doctor Mason griped before one of his assistants takes off his lab coat and hands it to me.


            “Thanks.” I quickly put on the coat and pull it closer to cover up my torn shirt.


            “As you can see the bullet completely flattens against your, erm...mammary glands,” I see his cheeks flush as he was trying to be formal and polite. “Considering that the mammary glands are mostly soft tissue underneath the skin and it can stop a bullet, I theorize that you can deflect a bullet when it makes impact upon a flexed muscle. Considering that the muscle does contract into a more compact form and hardens upon flex, I think that you can actually deflect bullets in that manner.”


            “Really, do you think I can do that by flexing?” I ask as I then flex a bicep, watching it bulge to an impressive size as well as definition.


            “Well, it wouldn’t hurt to try. And if it doesn’t work, then we know that the bullet will just stop on impact.”


            “Alright, let’s go ahead and try it.” I say as he nods. I then gently hover up from the ground and go over to the firing range again, landing gently as I then raise my right arm before flexing my bicep. This time, only one man stands about 30 yards from me and he’s only using his pistol. Jason stands over by the table, watching the monitor screen with Doctor Mason and General Roberts.


            He takes aim at my bicep as I inhale deeply, tensing my bicep as I watch him squeeze the trigger. My perspective is already slowing down as I watch the bullet lazily leave the barrel before it hits my bicep. My eyes continue to follow the bullet as it bounces off the flexed arm. I gasp as I then see the new trajectory of the bullet, heading towards Jason.


            I then take off into a sprint, running after the bullet. It was more than a test this time, Jason could get seriously hurt or much worse.


            Come on Cam, you gotta catch the bullet!


            I run faster, my legs pumping with more power as I break the sound barrier. I reach up, feeling the bullet within my fingertips as I barely brush it. With a final reach, I grab the bullet and firmly squeeze it in my hands. However, my sudden burst of speed left a wake as the majority covered their ears to shield them from the boom. Jason, and by proxy Doctor Mason and General Roberts were sprawled on the floor from the sudden wake I had to make in order to catch the bullet. I look around and made sure that aside from the temporary deafness, they were not hurt or okay. I then hand the mangled bullet to Jason who looked confused for a moment before he realizes what actually happened.


            “Alright, let’s not do any more tests like that. Someone could get seriously hurt.”

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