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ENERGIZE! Shower Gel – Chapter 05

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Chapter Six Five

Tucson, AZ

Sarah stood in front of her bedroom mirror stretching her arms back and forth, preparing herself like an olympic swimmer on a platform at the start of a race. Her boobs would rise, up and out everytime her arms reached behind her back before settling back to their ‘normal’ high, jutting position as she brought her arms forward.

Would this work? … would she end up back in the shower when she said the 'word?'  It seemed a ridiculous notion despite all the amazing events that had occurred over the last four weeks. Only one way to find out;

Energize.” she whispered to herself … nothing …

Maybe she had said it too quietly …

ENERGIZE!” as she thrust her superhuman chest towards the mirror, fists proudly planted on her hips … nope … nothing … .she almost expected to see a tumbleweed in the mirror roll past behind her in the bedroom.

She walked off towards the shower room feeling a little self-conscious and silly at her foolish display.

After her shower, she paused in the cubicle, "aaahh …" It had dawned on her … her gel was the conduit with the ferocious heat of the water for her amazing abilities, so, smoothing a small amount of gel over the top of both of her breasts, she stood under the dripping shower nozzle … drip … drip … drip … the gel was now flowing up and over her rising mounds.

Energize.” she purred in a low, husky voice. A sheen of light rose through the dripping water from her cleavage, and almost instantaneously, she was stood outside her cubicle, dried and dressed in her super-tight costume!

Sarah was on her way to work that Monday morning after the crazy weekend she’d had with her younger sister causing all sorts of problems with her new-found powers. She paused to glance down from the sidewalk at her lapel pocket containing her ringing mobile. She leaned back and puffed her boobs out so she could then pull her phone from the small lapel pocket on her chest … . SCREEECH! BANG! TINKLE! Was the cacophony of noise from the road as Sarah started walking again.

“Hi Emms.”

“Hi Sarah.”

“Emms, what’s that loud whistling noise through my earpiece? You’ve got a bad line.”

“Oh, that, I’m running to school, late again. Got it down to about 15 seconds now.” she said proudly. “Listen, can I pop over for a chat tonight?”

The loud whistling suddenly ceased on the phone, but Sarah could hear another commotion in the background.

“What’s that noise now?”

“Oh, I’ve just stopped outside school, just some workmen fixing the gates are wondering where the blonde superbabe in the school uniform appeared from …


PLEASE don’t tell mom to ground me.”

“Give it until next weekend Emms, then pop over for a chat if you want … and Emms, for godsake, try and keep a low profile!”

“Thanks, sis … ohhh, excuse me … boys … may I pass through the gates please? … bye, sis!”

Sarah rolled her eyes, then smiled to herself, she could keep an eye on Emma most weekend’s now AND she’d called Emma’s bluff.

She could just imagine the phone call home;

“Hi mum, can you ground Emma for a month?”

“… well she kind of threw her teacher’s car onto the school roof.”

“… ye-eh, seriously, I think she needs a raise in her allowance as well.”

“… because she ran out of cash and carried out her own little un-armed robbery on a security truck in Pas-”

“… yes, that was the one, smashed up the truck with her own bare hands.”

“… you reckon two months, too?”

“… ok, mum any bother from her hearing the news, give me a phone and I’ll pop over to sort her out.”

Yeah right' thought Sarah, ‘as if that phone call was ever going to happen!’


Walking home from work a few nights later, she glanced over at a service station across the six-lane highway. There was some sort of an argument going on at the counter in the service station. She saw a ‘customer’ lift a revolver and smash the butt down onto the poor customer attendant’s head. The attendant dropped like a stone as the attacker went for the cash till.

Sarah felt in her pocket for the glass phial she had procured from the lab. She could feel the contents sloshing about inside with what had been red hot water from her shower …

‘This was it’ she murmured, ‘Time to see my new power in action.’

She rocketed across the freeway, hurdling the large central reservation and entered a passageway beside the service station entrance. Thrusting out into the alcove, her Superhuman Mounds began to stretch her lab coat to bursting point. Her cleavage started pushing through the overstretched material. Buttons started flying in all directions as her superstrong boobs burst through the confines of her little white coat.

Oops … sorry Miss Slater, gonna need yet another one of these.’

She reached for the glass phial in the pocket of her destroyed garment, poured the contents onto her hands and pressed both her hands down on top of her large chest …

Energize” she whispered. Sure enough, a sheen of radiating light emerged from her cleavage and she was transformed into … into … she hadn’t thought of a name for herself yet … but she had transformed into her costume.

She stood in the doorway as the hooded gunman backed his way towards the exit covering the customers lined up on the far wall.

‘another successful little heist’ laughed Jake to himself, ‘Only one daft attendant to take care of this time with the butt of his gun. He had vowed never to use the gun with lethal force for the sake of a day’s takings. It was there for his protection, and the back end of the revolver could do all the talking if someone stepped out of line. He bumped his raised elbow holding his revolver into something large, firm, but soft and warm at the doorway.

“Ahem … leaving so soon?“ surmised Sarah, one hand on shapely hip, the other arm raised above resting on the door frame, one eyebrow lazily raised as the gunman turned his head.

Jake looked straight ahead into her cleavage window, accentuated by her right hand placed to the rear of her curvy waist. He’d heard the news of some superbabe running around using her super powers to prevent large-scale disasters. This was just a low-key garage hold-up. Some hot chick in a fancy-dress costume was trying to get the better of him. He’d take it easy on her with the butt of his gun. Her sexy, attractive smile framed by her long, tumbling dark hair made Jake go a little weak at the knees, though. He raised the weapon to bring a glancing blow on the side of her head to aid his escape.

Sarah was so many times faster, as, without removing her eyes away from his, her hand clutching the rear of her hip flashed up to grasp his revolver-holding fist as he tried to bring it downwards with all his force. After her initial doubts in the bank raid, any fears of being wounded, or worse, by gunfire had ceased to exist. She actively enjoyed facing off with these cowards and their weapons now.

“Aren’t you going to use that gun on me properly?” purred Sarah.

Shit!” grimaced Jake, “It really is you.” he said through forced, clenched teeth as he brought his other hand up to pull with all his strength.

Sarah’s relaxed, outstretched arm didn’t move a millimeter.

“Of course it is, who did you think it was, some hot chick in a fancy-dress costume?” Sarah whispered the words hot chick closely to his face, putting emphasis on her description of ‘hot’ almost mockingly, her cleavage pushing against his inferior chest as she leaned towards him. He felt her warm breath on his face from her emphasized figure of speech.

“Now”, she said, still holding the gunman and his weapon casually in the air,

“I think this," bringing her free hand down from the door frame to lift the ‘heavy’ cash register, “stays here, don’t you?” He’d almost forgotten about the till in the last minute or so. He had abandoned the cash in panic trying to claim his gun back.

Jake was really starting to go weak at the knees now … he’d given up trying to get the revolver back with his up-stretched arms … he was on tiptoe. He wanted out. He fell back away from this … this Unstoppable, Super Human Force … this … Goddess. He scrambled back along the white-tiled service station floor towards the back, his head frantically turning from side-to-side at the bric-a-brac on display at the lower depths of the service station shelving. Maybe there was a delivery entrance at the back he could escape from.

Awwwww” said Sarah “are you trying to get aw-ay-ay??” much in the same way as an adult would speak to a six-month old baby trying to crawl for the first time. It was that one-sided.

Sarah emptied her lungs and started to slowly inhale, not a quick sharp intake of breath. No … she wanted to play with her new toy for a while. Just a very slow, even lazy, gradual, deep, long breath.

Jake had now frantically made it to the end of the aisle corner and could see the rear delivery entrance’s large perspex flanneled sides only meters away. He glanced back at the young woman who was still standing stationary in the doorway, both her fists pushed against her waist, arms and legs akimbo. She was holding her head quite high and her mouth was now slightly gaping for some strange reason, but he’d made it! With a sense of relief, he kicked low off the floor for the rear entrance and an escape … Then something strange happened … he couldn’t seem to pull his feet around the corner of the last aisle. All that mad scrambling, his goal in sight, and now, at the easy part he was stuck fast!

Sarah held her breath for a few seconds as she felt her powerful, slow pull hold her toy in place. She gradually started her super-slow inhalation.

Jake could feel himself being slowly dragged back around the corner of the final aisle by an unseen, unheard force. Soon he was clutching onto the bottom corner rail by just his hands, as the incessant pull on his feet continued. His knuckles turned white as he felt them being pulled slowly from the railings. His body was stretched out on the floor at full length, just like as he had been on his tiptoes earlier. His head was turned facing upwards, towards his hands trying to hang on as his knuckles slipped another notch on to his top set of knuckles. That’s when he looked down at her, side on, from his face lying on the floor. Her chest was slowly rising, she was inhaling a very measured controlled breath as the cleavage window on her costume stretched ever-so-slowly, upwards and outwards.

Sarah, couldn’t look down at her chest as she was concentrating on playing with her toy, but she could feel her breasts slowly expanding, growing and she could see from the periphery of her lower vision her costume visibly stretching slowly up towards her. She felt she could continue to keep drawing her sexy, slow breathe, filling deep into her Energized! lungs for as long as it took, but she could see her ‘catch’ was nearly hers.

The very tips of Jake’s fingers were now clinging to the edge of the steel rail for all they were worth. Still the silent, relentless pull continued. Jake tried to pull himself towards the back entrance with all his strength as he grimaced once again, but it was no use … .his fingers finally were pulled free from their final touch of the steel rail and he was dragged slowly along the floor as she maintained her lazy inhalation. Jake’s feet stopped as they touched the side of the doorway entrance step below Sarah’s feet.

Sarah floated over him, still holding the massive quantities of compressed air within her. Jake looked up in amazement as she lowered herself within two feet of his rib cage. Her inflated bosoms almost twice as large compared to when he had first encountered her now almost brushing against him. Her long, dark soft hair tumbled over the sides of his upturned face as her hair formed a flowing, raven tent of tresses around his head.

Sarah slowly opened her mouth and sighed … Her large dose of warm super breath was slowly exhaled, washing over his features below.

HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …”

He could smell her delicate, fragrant breath encapsulating him, through his blowing hair, in his blinking eyes, through his nose and into his wide-open mouth. He felt a sensation overload build up in his head.

“… I saved that for you whilst you were away …” she whispered to him with the last exhalation of her warm super breath, as her own flying hair returned to caress both his cheeks

"… but I knew you’d come back to me." she breathed huskily into his ear.

Jake put his head back down and just lay there in a psychedelic trance, face side on to the floor as Sarah slowly rose vertically up to her original standing position in the doorway.

The police arrived at the service station, looking down from the entrance step where Sarah was also standing looking to the floor below, arms folded above her chest.

“Ah, Jake Edwards! We’ve been on the lookout for you for quite some time now, haven’t we, Jake?”

Jake didn’t respond or move. He just lay their in a stupor.

The officer turned to the busty young superwoman.

“What have you done to him, Miss? I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“Oh,” said Sarah, “just a touch of Power Girl magic.” as she shrugged her shoulders. The officers glanced downwards from her shoulders to appreciate her shrug.

“Ok, Jake, up you come lad.” as the two officers bent down to pick him from the floor..”

“Do you have a name, miss …”

“It’s Sa …”

“… all the guys down at the station are always talking about you, you’ve turned into a huge favourite among the local force down the road, you know.”

Sarah blushed slightly.

‘My name? …’ She thought back to her transformation in the alcove outside.

Is Energize!” she said, right fist pushed into her curvy hip, left fist curled above her to produce a smooth mound rising from her toned upper arm.

As Jake was led way across the forecourt in his stupor he mumbled to himself.

“Her breaths … her breaths …”

“Yes, Jake, they’re quite something aren’t they!”, as Officer Collins glanced over his shoulder at the beauty framed in the doorway.

“Unfortunately, where you’re going you won’t get much of a chance to see her.”

No, her breaths, her breaths …

“What’s he on about?”

“Dunno, Matt, whatever he’s on he can sleep it off in the cells.”

Sarah launched herself into the late evening air. She was feeling horney after having reduced the gun-toting thief to a stupored wreck with just the wisps of her breath. Her radiant hot shower awaited.

Next morning in the lab, Sarah sauntered into the kitchen.

“Morning Miss Slater.”

“Morning Sarah, have you seen the news from yesterday evening, across town?”

“I just have, just now Doctor.” said Sarah picking up the newspaper in front of her.


“TSTU.” Sarah tutted to herself ‘It’s not ‘Miss Energize’ anything. Where did they get the ‘Miss’ from?’

She threw the paper onto the table.

Doctor Slater heard Sarah tutting and raised her eyes from her paper, lowering her glasses.

“Is everything alright, dear?

“Not really, Miss Slater.” stated a downcast looking Sarah.

“How come, my dear?”

“Look … have you seen this?” said Sarah, as she held up the newspaper.

Underneath it was her bag containing her lab coat which she pulled out and held aloft.

“Somehow, all my buttons at the top of my new lab coat burst off yesterday again.” Sarah moaned.

“Oh dear, perhaps we should get you a bulletproof vest or something instead of a lab coat.” offered Doctor Slater.

“Oh, I don’t think I’d suit one of those.”

The doctor returned to her morning paper and Sarah chuckled to herself as she poured her morning coffee …

In the lab cafeteria where Sarah nibbled at her lunch, she saw Mark looking for somewhere to sit.

“Hi, Mark!” she gestured over to him.

“Oh, hi Sarah.” as he wandered over to sit across from her. Sarah and Mark had been in the same graduation class in Medical Science at college and had been good friends there for a few years helping each other out with study papers and such-like. Mark had only just started here a few weeks ago with a team across the block from where Sarah worked.

“So how are you settling in?”

“Yeah, ir’s been good so far. Hey, we heard your team nearly made a breakthrough with the condenser a few weeks back ..”

“Yea, we thought we were onto something big in the lab, but it all came to nothing ...” Sarah feigned disappointment with a shrug.

“Sorry to hear that, at the end of the day though, it’s always onwards and upwards with these experiments, isn’t it?”

“How very apt, Mark! Onwards and Upwards, it certainly is!” … she liked that saying …”sorry, gotta get back, Slater will be cracking the whip if I take any longer for lunch..”

Sarah rose from her seat with her tray and asked “Lunch here? Same time tomorrow? We can have a proper catch-up then..”

“Sure thing Sarah, see you tomorrow.”

Mark appraised Sarah strolling towards the cafeteria exit, she certainly didn’t look like that in her college years, but he would be more than happy to spend his afternoon’s at lunch with her.

Pasdena, CA

That afternoon, Emma had P.E. At school for the first time since gaining her new body’s amazing strength and speed. Her newly Energized! boobs sitting high on her small frame brought envious stares and whispered chatter from her female classmates in the changing room. Her little white sports t-shirt now refused to enter the waistband of the front of her shorts for some reasons. She tried to force her top in to her shorts with a little super strength, only to be met by the sound of ripping material coming from below her collar. Emma sighed, her superbod wouldn’t be curtailed by the flimsy white cotton shirt. Still, glancing at her profile in the mirror, she saw her new boobs had pushed her top up and out a good five inches from her midriff.

‘Never mind!’ thought Emma to herself as she appraised herself in the mirror.

‘ I look swell … No! … I look superswell!’ as he arched her back, to the gnawing envy of the other girls in the changing room.

Outside in the hallway, coach McKenzie was waiting for Emma. She had some questions to answer regarding her disappearance from P.E. Lessons last Tuesday afternoon. McKenzie raised his finger towards her as she exited the changing rooms. Years of finely honed professionalism were given their strongest test yet as he gazed down at the overstretched white cotton trying to contain his 17 year old pupil. Emma had been ready for his line of questioning regarding last Monday and teasingly pulled at the front of her small t-shirt, emphasising her Super Boobs even more and batted her eyelashes at poor coach McKenzie.

‘Wha … .what was he meant to question Emma about again?’

“D … d … don’t you think that outfit is a little unappropriate for Physical Education class, young lady?”

“I can’t help it sir if my body is in a Physical Education Class all of it’s own!”

With that, she stretched both hands above her head, intertwining her wrists to emphasise her point.

Coach McKenzie gulped as his eyes were drawn to her rising chest below.

“D … d … d … don’t you have anything a bit larger to wear, miss?”

Sorry, sir.” Emma teased him, “I think my kit must have shrunk in the wash..”

It was even better on the sports field as the long blonde haired beauty strolled out in her too-tight white sports t-shirt to the wolf whistles of the jocks. Others just stared in wonderment at Emma. She was absolutely loving the attention she was getting here!

This was gonna be a tricky one. She didn’t want to get involved in a competitive game where she could seriously hurt one of her classmates in the rough and tumble of school field sports.

‘Hmmm … now there’s the roster, let’s see … hockey, basketball, baseball … better go with the baseball then.’ Only one girl lined up for the baseball, whilst all the others waited in line for enrollment for hockey.

A few of the jocks had a weekly competition at the baseball with strikes and yardage. They eyed up the young blonde in their midst in the queue.

“Hey babes! Shouldn’t you be running along to play hockey? We’ve got a competition goin on here for best hitter.”

Emma just smiled to herself ‘this’ll be fun!’

“Field or bat?” asked the coach.

“Bat, please coach!”

“You sure? We got some pretty strong hitters out there … I’d think you’d be better in field.”

“I wanna bat..” Emma pouted, finishing her sentence by turning her mouth down at the sides petulantly.

The Jocks were hollering with laughter. She put on a show by dragging, head down, the cumbersome wooden bat along the ground to the bench.

The game was tedious to say the least, a few “big” hits had made it to trundle to the edge of the school walls, followed by sustained applause as the hitter would jog round the bases.

‘Was THAT all they had?’ Emma thought to herself.

“Ok, number 4 you’re up,.” as Emma dragged her bat up to play.

“Take it easy on her big guy.” said the coach to the pitcher.

Emma wound her bat around her shoulder blade for the most explosive strike in the history of baseball … .she could feel her Energized! power building in her upper arms as she tensed her smooth biceps below the bat into solid muscle …

‘Here goes’ Emma thought, her eyes fixed on the ball …

… the strike never came … the pitcher delivered a lame under arm toss and the ball trickled by her side.

What the hell was that crap?” shouted Emma.

“Come on, hit me with a real pitch or are you not man enough to throw a ball properly!”

Wohoho! Craigie! … are you gonna take that from little blondie here?” came the shouts from the jocks who’d come closer to the play for an easier catch and to get a better look at the stunning babe in action.

Craig looked at the coach, and the coach shrugged his shoulders.

Emma looked at the fielders closing ranks to take an easy catch.

‘You boys are way too far on the wrong side of the school wall for this strike’ smiled Emma to herself.

Once again, effortlessly, she willed her super strength into her biceps and forearms. She could feel the solid wooden bat begin to splinter in her grasp. She was ready …

Craig wound up one of the fastest paced pitches he’d ever thrown in his high school career, such was his pride hurting from this young noob, stunningly gorgeous though she was.

‘Perfect’ thought Emma, as the ball zoomed towards her. She put every ounce of her Energized! strength into the strike. The speed of her reflexes now combined with the strength in her arms.

CRACK! resonated the sound around her. Her strike hadn’t split the bat, but it split the leather encased cover of the baseball as it curved, undulating due to it’s now non-aerodynamic shape at high speed into the blue-yonder southern distance.

All sets of eyes on the baseball field turned to gawp as one in silence at the vastly retreating speck that had been their trusty ball in practice and ‘real’ play in competitions all semester.

Apart from one set of eyes … they were too busy inspecting her fingernails.

‘Had she split a fingernail during the swing of her bat, or perhaps at the explosive impact of her strike?’

‘Nope … . can’t see anything wrong with these babies’ as she handed the bat to the open-mouthed coach, his eyes still fixed on a perceived dot in the distance. The phenomenally busty girl strolled round the bases, all other eyes still on where the speck in the blue sky had once been.

At third base on her stroll round the pitch, Emma thought to herself, ‘I wonder where the ball ended up?’

Downtown, Los Angeles, CA

16 miles away, on the 45th floor in the LA Ritz , the CEO of Major League Baseball Media Operations had pressed his hovering button on the flowchart on the whitescreen on the wall in front of him.

“This, gentlemen, is where we see our predictive short-term growth in global media rights for the coming term. You know as well as I do that baseball is played across a wide field of diverse cultu …”

He never got a chance to finish that sentence. There was an explosion of fibreglass from the window panel as an object came hurtling through. It smashed through the interior glass panel and whitescreen, bounced high off the fifty foot long executive table twice, puncturing dents in the conference room ceiling, and rolled to the doorway. A chairman of the MLB committee rose from his seat to pick up the object.

Aah!” he grimaced, and returned to the table for a napkin to pick up the hot, worn object with the burst outer casing. He flicked the casing over and read the printed curved stamp on the baseball.



In the showers after P.E., Emma was trying to lather herself with the crappy school issue soap. It was nothing like Sarah’s amazing gel. She was in a headrush again after her little exhibition out on the field.

As she let the seemingly lukewarm water run through her hair, onto her face, down her powerful arms and onto her large breasts, she thought, ‘All that Power … all that Strength … I want more … I NEED more!’

Only two people in the world knew of the Power Gel’s very existence, and only one had constant access to it’s unhindered power-enhancing qualities.

That’s gonna change!’ Emma thought to herself as she slammed the shower off.

Nearly five hundred miles away in the lab, Sarah discreetly pushed an empty glass phial into her handbag.

‘Just in case of emergencies.’ she smiled to herself.

To be continued …

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