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Proofread and edited by Delta7447 (Please read his prequel to Irinaween: Irinaverse)

The clash of metal on metal and the roar of fire woke up the cockatiels at the bottom of the futuristic laboratory with a start. Irina Volkoba paid them no mind, fully confident in their safety. She continued welding her invention together at impossible speeds. No human being could do more than speculate about what it was she was creating, but, knowing what kind of person she was, it was obvious that it was going to be a technological advancement that would push mankind forward decades in that field.

As the birds’ chirping became a nuisance, Irina snapped her gloved fingers and one of her voluptuous maid gynoids appeared out of nothing. Some parts of her chassis were dented and she was covered in a white, sticky substance with a curious odor. Despite suffering from evident short circuits from a previous fucking by the Super Goddess, resulting in slightly less than 100% efficiency, the gynoid still carried out her task swiftly, feeding the birds as Irina perfected the last details of her invention.

What was the miracle of science that the winner of the last several Nobel Prizes had constructed? A dildo. Not just any old dildo, but one that could easily vibrate thousands of times faster than even the most powerful sex toys available today. How convenient would that be for a woman like her who was constantly horny and yet could never release all that pent up sexual frustration properly? Any other Super Goddess would enjoy her harem comprised of hundreds of Enhanceds of all genders, specifically altered to optimize the pleasure of sex with them and offer the best experience in any and all fetishes their matron divinity happened to have.

Irina, however, was different. Unlike her ultra-charismatic and internationally beloved sisters, she wasn’t exactly a social person. She infinitely preferred isolating herself with her thoughts in the depths of her city-sized underground laboratory, located beneath her impressive castle on the outskirts of Moscow. She had bought the property from an heir of a defunct member of the Nomenklatura.

In other words, Irina was shy and introverted and couldn’t stand being around normal humans for too long – not because she despised them, but simply due to her lone wolf nature. Thankfully, her kind personality prevented her from developing a dangerous phobia against people. In fact, she actually contributed to the well-being of humanity fairly often with her incredible scientific discoveries. Whatever prize she was awarded for these invaluable technological and medical advances was accepted on her behalf by one of her gynoid representatives. It’s well known, however, that she used to appear in person earlier in her life. She was always clad in puritan black dresses, with her eyes hidden by an opaque veil with a checkerboard pattern. This was a deliberate effort on her part to keep any mortals around from becoming hypnotized by her otherworldly turquoise eyes, which had an uncanny tendency to make anyone who gazed into them fall in love with her and become a mindless slave.

She got up and analyzed her magnificent creation with her X-ray vision, looking for any imperfections in the inner workings of the design. Of course there wasn’t a single one. She was a Super Goddess--she didn’t make mistakes. This new toy could outdo any human or android, if and because her calculations were correct. She really had no reason to do the math, but she was firmly in that mindset, even if it was slightly counterproductive.

She smiled triumphantly, quickly introduced the dildo into the damaged gynoid’s pussy, and activated it on its lowest setting. It didn’t take long for the metal doll to simply fall apart after a few pathetic orgasms. This gynoid, created by Irina herself specifically to resist her erotic urges, could probably conquer the entire universe itself if, in some hypothetical scenario, it suddenly became sentient and evil, and more powerful beings didn’t exist to stop it, but not even that level of power was able to endure the constant rush of the small device, even on its slowest speed. These extremely durable machines were made of a material Irina had discovered in space months ago, which was orders of magnitude stronger than even neutron pasta. And yet, even they still couldn’t hold a candle to Irina’s powerful – albeit faulty – creation.

The goddess retrieved the dildo and walked towards a mirror while carelessly using her telekinesis to move the queen on a chessboard thousand of miles away, declaring checkmate telepathically against the best non-Super Goddess player in the world. Her title of world champion wasn’t going anywhere.

175 centimeters of voluptuous perfection stared back at her. Her dark, casual dress was stuffy and frilly, but even it couldn’t hide the killer curves of this woman. Like the other Super Goddesses, she had the figure of a proper fertility deity. One might even go as far as to describe her form as sex incarnate: wide hips, a small waist, long and sharp legs, and, of course, two giant melon-like breasts that defied gravity, and a butt that could stomp her lover’s face in if she so chose. Her lustrous hair cascaded to her rear like a wavy, platinum blonde cloud. Her magical eyes, now completely exposed, only managed to make her hornier.

Irina had been an asexual person for most of her life, until she discovered the miracle of coitus months ago, after becoming one with the entire universe in an idle experiment of cosmic proportions. She was fully capable of reverting this, but the sensation of feeling an entire universe’s pleasure simultaneously was just too much to give up. That, along with the visit of her fellow Super Goddesses not long after, followed by a subsequent orgy, cemented her status as a nymphomaniac and sex addict. Her true self came to the forefront: a dirty and naughty vixen who would fuck her maid gynoids at any opportunity, given the distinct lack of human partners in her harem. All that sex had broken her to the point where she couldn’t stop fingering herself in the middle of the lab most of the time.

She introduced the dildo into her godly pussy and turned it on at its maximum setting. Its vibration was so intense that reality itself was beginning to crumble around her. All the laws of physics, the space-time continuum, shapes, colors--everything became a mere suggestion around her as the fabric of existence was being unravelled by the sheer power within the dildo. Of course, Irina’s body was far too powerful to be affected by it, but she was still able to derive some pleasure from it. She moaned a few times and even came a little. It definitely wasn’t enough, though…

Irina had no other choice but to clone herself. Two duplicates of herself appeared and started fingering and caressing the original. A new one appeared after that, who took care of her tits by sucking them like a vacuum with a force that could inhale entire galaxies. This vortex of pleasure that she alone gave herself went far beyond what anyone else could muster. She reached a powerful orgasm and collapsed on the floor, panting heavily. She could have let loose and induced orgasms within every living thing in the universe, but the thought terrified her. All those people, knowing about something as embarrassing as this… she couldn’t stand it. So she held in her power, which diminished her pleasure to a certain degree.

“I’m so fucked up…” Irina muttered to herself, as her clones proceeded to eat her out.

She wasn’t able to come up with a solution for her sex addiction. Her ability to feel every orgasm in the universe as it happened didn’t exactly help matters. And she still had that stupid social anxiety that prevented her from meeting people and Enhancing them as Jennifer, Paula, and the others did all the time. How ironic that someone like her, a being of literally unlimited power, couldn’t make all her desires true. Perhaps she needed those super orgasms she experienced as a fusion back then. But she still had endless cravings for sex after that experience, so figuring out how to recreate them would likely only make the problem worse.

Was a harem the way…? But then she would need to learn how to socialize and surpass her shyness…

A knock on her door twelve floors upstairs woke her up from her post-orgasmic nap between the gentle caresses of her copies.

A visitor? How? Why?

People from Moscow knew not to enter the castle. Irina didn’t like to be bothered and she made that abundantly clear by hiding any kind of entrance to the fortress with illusion magic. If they wanted to give her something, then her gynoids would take it from the mailbox next to the gigantic gate surrounding her estate. With a little application of her clairvoyance, she discovered who was on the other side of the door. Of course, it was three other Super Goddesses--who else could see past her illusions? It was Jennifer, Paula, and… Shizuka? Irina felt honored that the Empress of Japan took a bit of her precious time to meet with her. Now that she thought about it, she didn’t really know her much at all.

But Paula and Jennifer, though… why were they back?

“Ugh, not again…” she groaned.

Irina remembered the last time they visited her. It’s not like she hated her honorary sisters--not at all. She definitely felt closer to them than any other humans, and she could actually function with them around. However, they were a bunch of troublemakers who went out of their way to disturb her peace. Still, she loved them, if in a distant, awkward way. The time they had spent having sex as fused entities was easily the best day of her life. The resulting super orgasms she experienced had left her satisfied… for a while, anyway. The Russian Super Goddess and chessmaster almost developed a romantic relationship on the spot with Paula and Jennifer after billions of years of magical fucking inside a moment of frozen time. But in her mind, that was a once in a lifetime experience.

That’s what she thought at the time, anyway. Even months later, the memories of fusing with them and fucking each other still hadn’t faded.

While concerning, she opted to deal with the matter at hand, rather than her internal conflict. She released herself from gravity’s pull and began floating upwards, phasing through meters of solid rock until she reached the great hall.

To her surprise, the enormous front door had already been opened by one of the gynoids, who now found herself completely at Paula’s mercy, currently fingering the gynoid at absurd speeds, while the gynoid was only able to spout fragmented gibberish between moans. Its eyes rolled back, leaving only white sclera. It cried tears of a magical pink fluid--the power supply created by Irina to power it ad infinitum. The gynoid ultimately exploded like a miniature nuke, destroying the entire hall. Naturally, the powerful explosion didn’t affect the goddesses in the slightest. They all continued standing there and smiling, looking at their Russian host knowingly.

Irina sighed and snapped her fingers, undoing the mess and the synthetic’s death. She was tired of always being on clean-up duty whenever they decided to stop by.

“Well, hello--to what do I owe the pleasure?” she asked sarcastically.

The goddesses noticed her uncovered eyes. Paula, Jennifer, and Shizuka all found themselves trapped in some kind of trance while gazing at the endless fractal shapes within Irina’s eyes.

“Wow… I can never get used to your eyes, Irina,” Jennifer said. “They’re easily the most beautiful things in existence.”

Before Irina could retort, Jennifer moved in with a quick, passionate kiss on the lips. Irina pulled away and hid her reddened face with her gloved hands. That, she noted, felt better that anything she had tried in the last months. She was leaking again… She really loved Jennifer….

Jennifer laughed. “Didn’t expect that, eh? I missed you a lot, my love.”

The princely Canadian artist blew a kiss Irina’s way and winked at her as both Shizuka and Paula giggled in unison with their perfect, melodic voices. It was clearly Jennifer's intention to embarrass her lover even further.

“I certainly hope you’re not expecting that feeling to be mutual,” Irina replied. “How could I miss people as noisy and ridiculous as you?”

But she was undeniably horny, even more than before. Her head was practically spinning. Despite her powerful mind, she couldn’t think straight with these three in front of her, flaunting their giant tits and perfect bodies… and those pheromones….

“Nice sexbots, Irina,” Paula commented, admiring the now-repaired gynoid maid and licking her lips. “But you didn’t need to build them. If you felt lonely, you could have called any of us. It’s not like we’re so busy we can’t send a clone your way….”

“What are you all doing here, anyway?” Irina asked, ignoring her. “I’m very busy tonight, so I don’t want to be bothered.”

“What?” Jennifer asked, truly dumbfounded. “You seriously don’t know what day it is? Are you that lost in your own little world?”

“I see absolutely no reason why today is significant… unless the apocalypse or something was scheduled for today and I didn’t get the memo. Whatever it is, I can guarantee it isn’t important enough to pay me a visit. There must be some catch here.”

Irina could read the thoughts of any person in the world, except other Super Goddesses. It was a real pain in the ass for her, not being able to figure out their hyperactive and childish minds… and what new form of social torture they were planning for her.

Shizuka interjected with an encyclopedic explanation. “Today is Halloween! It’s a pagan celebration in which people traditionally dress up in costumes to wander the streets and ring people’s doorbells, asking them to give them a treat or be tricked--hence ‘Trick or treat!’ We wanted you to come with us and have fun!”

“I’m acquainted with the holiday’s premise,” Irina replied. “But I just don’t care. And why should I? I have plans tonight. And besides, this is Russia: we don’t care about Western holidays. If you don’t leave me alone, the only thing you’ll get from me is a punch in each of your faces.”

As if that could actually hurt them, never mind dissuade them.

“Ah, you’re always so grumpy and serious,” Jennifer said. “But I can tell you miss all those Super Orgasms from last time. I could distinctly smell your thirsty pussy all the way from the other side of the Milky Way.”

Shizuka’s interest was piqued at the mention of Super Orgasms. Noticing this, Paula eagerly brought her up to speed via telepathy.

“What?” Irina replied. “That’s just illogical. Odors don’t travel through the vacuum of space.”

“It’s called a little joke.”

Irina sighed. “Whatever. I’m not about to relinquish my dignity and ask for candy like a child. I’m a grown woman with work to do.”

What’s so great about going out, anyway? The outside world has nothing of interest to me. I’m one with the universe--I can study anything and everything from right here.

A slap in the ass from the taller, Amazonian blonde brought her back to reality and flustered the Russian even further.

“We’re not taking no for an answer here!” Paula exclaimed, grabbing Irina by the arms and restraining her. Irina would have resisted if Paula’s aphrodisiac pheromones and the divine, soft touch of her bronze skin didn’t instantly intoxicate her. The goddess stared in terror as both Shizuka and Jennifer approached her with sly grins on their faces and their hands forward, like they were going to eat her. The scene resembled a trio of bullies picking on a nerdy bookworm--albeit an impossibly sexy and omnipotent one.

“W-what are you doing? S-Stop!”

Jennifer and Shizuka giggled devilishly as they became a twister of fast-moving hands until the four girls blurred together into a cartoonish cloud of glitter, pheromones, and rainbows.

After this, Shizuka materialized a mirror in front of Irina. She was now dressed in a way she could never have imagined. It was so shameful, so slutty, so perverted--a stark contrast to her very being!

A woman of her eminence, an academic prodigy, one of the most gifted brains in the universe was now clad in a black witch costume with large cutouts and fishnet stockings, including a silly pointy hat, accented with blue lipstick and nail polish.

Obviously proud of her handiwork, the Empress chirped, “I designed it myself! What do you think?”

“I can’t wear this! It’s just too skimpy!” Irina covered herself instantly by willing a large mantle over her.

Jennifer magically turned the mantle into a flock of white butterflies which flew away and now fluttered around the hall.

“Where did all this prudishness come from all of a sudden?” she asked. “You were a lot more open to these things on your birthday. Remember? When we fused together and fucked each other to death and back.”

Irina tried to avoid both eye contact and remembering the incredible orgasms of that day--the ones that even she, with her peerless and objective mastery of science, was still unable to replicate.

“If you are worried about people who know you seeing you dressed like that, why don’t we head over to America for trick-or-treating? Come on, you really do need to socialize! Hell, you can’t go ten minutes without masturating anymore.”

This was the truth, and Irina wasn’t able to formulate a rebuttal. So she got up, sighed, and stoically crossed her arms under her gigantic tits.

“Alright, alright! I’ll humor you, but just this once.”

Smiling, the three goddesses surrounded Irina, eagerly frotting their bodies together and kissing her.

With unrestrained lust, Paula moaned into her ear, “Ahhh… you look so fucking hot in that costume, Irina. I’ll have to be careful to not ravage you right in the middle of the street….” She bit her lip as she went in for a French kiss, her libido in full-on predator mode.

“Paula!” Shizuka scolded. “There will be children around--be polite!”

“Ugh, get off me!” Irina pushed her way out of the crowd of goddesses. “I need my personal space, okay? So I guess I’ll fly on this stupid broom. You three can follow me, but remain several kilometers behind me, okay? I don’t want you all to get touchy-feely with me again. It’s uncomfortable and I can’t think like that!”

Compelled by her perfectionist nature, she got herself into character mentally. She mounted the broom and clicked her heels together giving the cleaning implement life. With that, Irina the Witch flew away from her castle at speeds beyond Mach 10.

The other Super Goddesses followed her, flying by their own power. Despite being countries of distance away from Irina on her broom, she could clearly hear them speak to her.

“So, I understand you’re trying to recreate Super Orgasms scientifically,” Jennifer commented. “I don’t think you’ll get anywhere. They’re a mystery. It’s like trying to understand why we are so different from the rest of humans: a futile venture.”

But Irina was skeptical. She refused to believe it was simply impossible. “Listen, everything can be explained with enough research. I will figure them out in time. You can count on that.”

“Heh, if you say so. You were always obsessed with knowledge. Can’t stand not knowing something for once?”

This time Irina ignored her, deciding to limit the shit she would take today to some degree. After all, she had already agreed to celebrate Halloween with them dressed as an exhibitionist of a witch, of all things.

Only minutes passed until the east coast of America formed on the horizon. The cold autumnal wind was unable to mess up her perfect hair as the blonde witch pointed her finger in the direction of New York, the eastern metropolis of the United States.

“What say we try a suburb?” Irina suggested. “Fewer people per square kilometer should make this easier on me.”

The goddess quartet landed gracefully on a fairly crowded street in the middle of the night, surrounded by children dressed in all kinds of costumes, ringing doorbells and asking for candy. But when they appeared, it was like the world stopped. People both young and old stood there gazing at the most beautiful women they had ever seen. The trance wasn’t even erotic in nature--the absolute beauty and sheer perfection of the Super Goddesses just happening to descend upon their humble middle-class neighborhood left everyone in a daze. Not to mention the world-famous Empress of Japan of all people was among them.

“So cuuuuuuute!” Shizuka squealed. Kids were perhaps her only weakness.

Irina nervously clarified to her party, “W-we will go to three houses exactly, and then I will return back home, r-regardless of the number of tricks we perform or treats we receive.”

She tried to remain composed and calm but she was feeling increasingly more uneasy in the presence of people.

She was exposed.

I’m not in the lab, I’m not in the lab, I’m not in the lab… Oh, this is a terrible idea…

“Ugh, you’re such a bore sometimes.” Paula rolled her eyes in exasperation at Irina’s anxiety and what she perceived as a distinctly anti-fun attitude.

“Hey, I’m trying my best, okay? L-let’s try… that house.” She timidly approached the residence, swallowed a little and rang the doorbell with her free hand.

“Wait a second, you three aren’t dres--”

Before Irina could finish her sentence, the door opened and the three other Goddesses transformed instantly in a flash of blinding light. Now, Irina was at the center of a crowd of monsters.

“TRICK OR TREAT!” everyone except her exclaimed simultaneously. Irina was too ashamed to be seen by an adult in that getup and hid her face under her hat's wide brim, blushing out of embarrassment again while her extroverted friends showed off their disguises.

At her right was Jennifer, dramatically appearing in a cloud of darkness in a sexy Dracula costume, complete with a cape and enlarged canines. Her iconic butterfly earrings were subsituted for bats. She reached out toward the poor middle aged man who lived there and her mouth open, giving him a close look at her dangerous and very real fangs. She had fully immersed herself as a vampire lord.

“I vant to zuck your diiiiick…” the Super Goddess hissed in a believably Romanian accent.

Behind her, the towering Latina rattled her shackles and inflated her chewing gum with an unimpressed gaze, dismissing the balding, fat everyman who greeted them.

“What a virgin.” She knew that just by reading his thoughts and processing all his past in less than a millisecond. “I don’t like this one and I certainly don’t want his candy stick. Let’s move on.”

Paula’s impressive body was compressed in a tight orange jumpsuit that exposed her cleavage. She was dressed as a stereotypical American convict with handcuffs and even holding a card with her name and an ID number: 7-439XX5.

Last but not least was… the least impressive costume, ironically enough. Shizuka’s small but thick body was covered in bandages that looked millennia old. She held a hollow plastic pumpkin to carry all her loot. She giggled and jiggled her titanic breasts in unison, making them resemble two giant puddings. Her omnipotent fellows looked at her doubtfully, thinking that the costume didn’t fit her at all, not to mention showed off too much skin and made her divine figure quite prominent.

“You’re a world-renowned fashion designer, but the best you could do is wrap yourself in old toilet paper?” Paula asked.

“Well, I’m an empress now, so I thought becoming a dead version of one would be appropriate for this day! You know, there is an historical precedent of emperors being mummified after they die in some cultures! …Albeit not Japanese culture, but this is a holiday about fun, not historical accuracy!”

After that femtosecond-long aside, the goddesses turned their attention to the person at the door.

With four spooky and erotic visions before his mortal eyes, the single virgin at the door became nervous and sweaty, unable to interact with these legendary beauties. He didn’t even have candy to give them--he hated this stupid day and all the stupid kids that bothered him. Why would goddesses like these four be asking for candy like kids, anyway? After a few seconds of awkward silence, the neckbeard raised his voice as high as he could.

“If this is a prank, I don’t like it! I-I don’t have any candy for you, so… j-just go away, please!”

He slammed the door shut as fast as he could before Irina’s marvelously hypnotic aquamarine eyes could destroy the last shreds of his sanity. He bolted to the bathroom to masturbate furiously to the impossible idea of fucking these superior beings of ridiculous beauty.

“What a weird guy,” Shizuka commented.

“W-well, this isn’t working out,” Irina stammered. “Can we stop?”

Even this minimal amount of social interaction had almost completely drained her.

“Oh come on, don’t feel bad for that guy jerking off to you. You promised us two more houses!” Jennifer reminded her.

“I already hate this….” Irina sighed.

As they headed towards the next house, Jennifer casually created life from nothing as she made an adult black cat appear on Irina’s shoulder just by pointing at it. After the initial start of its appearance passed, Irina sent what could best be described as a death stare Jennifer’s way.

“What?” she replied, feigning innocence. “Now the look is complete!”

“I don’t want or need a familiar!” Irina said.

“Ooh, ohh! Can I have it instead?” Shizuka asked, her crimson eyes sparkling like a Christmas tree.

“Better than leaving it with me,” Irina replied, teleporting the cat. In a flash of light, the cat moved from her shoulder to being cradled in Shizuka’s arms.

“Awww, he’s so soft and cute and amazing! Nice to meet you, little guy!”

She gently shook his front paw.

“I’m gonna call you Kuro! You like that name?”

Kuro’s contented purring conveyed an enthused yes.

“You’re a good boy, aren’t you, Kuro?”

The next stop seemed to be either a fraternity or a gaming house. There was a crazy party inside, full of young college-aged guys dancing, drinking, and doing stupid things. A keg burst out of the window, rolling over the lawn and letting everyone outside hear the loud, thumping music within. Paula used her X-ray vision to scout out prospective hunks to become her prey and seductively licked her lips. A slut by nature, Paula had a preference for this kind of youth, being 19 herself, like many of them.

Figuring the doorbell would be completely drowned out by the music, Paula opened the door, only to find a giant, muscular man, with sunglasses, a goatee, and a reversed cap. He had his arms crossed, blocking the entire doorway.

“You can’t pass from this point, ladies.”

Given his slur and the smell on his breath, it was obvious he was drunk. As such, the goddesses’ pheromones had a very minimal effect on him. Moreover, his hazy vision allowed him to see Irina’s eyes (or blurry turquoise blobs to him) without becoming her slave.

“Oh come on,” Paula replied. “What’s a party without some beautiful girls? Do you really want this to be a sausage fest?”

She ran her hands down her sides and hips, accentuating her plentiful curves, not even trying to be subtle about her intentions.

“Sorry sweetie, frat members only. Bros before hoes, you know? Besides, you’re not even a student. You’re not getting in.”

Paula was not impressed. She was too impatient to seduce this guy.

“Well, it seems we’re at an impasse. I want to fuck those hunks in there, and you’re in my way. Hm, what to do, what to do…”

After pretending to think it over for all of one second, she grabbed the guy by the collar and lifted him up without the slightest indication of effort. The man was a behemoth: six and a half feet tall, 300 pounds (319.62, Paula determined)--and yet Paula lifted him up effortlessly.

After adjusting her grip to hold him by the chest with her fingertips, not unlike a waitress with a tray of food, she tossed him skyward. The poor guy slammed onto the roof, which almost made enough noise to distract the people within the fraternity. He was stuck there now.

“W-What the fuck even are you?! Get me down so I can fight you! You won’t have the same luck again!”

Instead of giving him the satisfaction of a response, Paula just happily strolled in. Shizuka, Jennifer, and Irina followed.

They observed how Paula bathed in the multicolored lights as she strolled to the center of the party, swaying her motherly hips and shaking her colossal ass to the rhythm of the music. The guys didn’t stand a chance against that body and instantly grew boners and approached her. It didn’t take long for the kissing and the groping to start as the Venezuelan Super Goddess enjoyed the attention of those cute boys. She was a total diva.

By the time she had divided herself into forty clones and was fucking every guy in attendance simultaneously, Irina and company had already left. Paula’s orgasmic screams were still quite audible, even from the other side of the street.

“Okay, that house was another dud,” Shizuka sighed.

“Yup,” Jennifer nodded. “And, knowing how much of a cock addict Paula is, she won’t be satisfied for the next several hours.”

Irina was starting to get depressed. She didn’t want to talk anymore after that second utter failure to connect with people. The fact that some teenagers tried to bombard them with eggs on their way to the next house didn’t help. Fortunately, Shizuka deflected the attacks with her telekinesis without as much as looking at them and returned it tenfold, covering the runts in a gooey coat of protein.

The three omnipotents sat on a bench by the street. Irina shut her eyes and let her head droop down… until she felt the warmth of her sisters hugging her, in hopes of cheering her up.

“Well, we’re two down with one to go,” Jennifer said. “Do any of them look promising to you?”

“No,” Irina mumbled. “Honestly, who even cares? Today has been enlightening. It revealed to me just how weird and scary people are, as well as the fact that I won’t fit in their society, no matter how hard I try. I feel awful now. I can’t even speak properly in their presence! Some of them are very mean and hurtful, too…. Can’t I just go back to my castle and live alone forever? Being outside is a pain in the ass and all it brings me is misery.” She let out a long sigh.

“I suppose you could,” Jennifer replied, “but those Super Orgasms won’t come to you unless you can parse real, genuine love. You need to learn that people can love you and treat you well, and that you can count on them.”

“Easy for you to say. You’re the perfect, extroverted Jennifer Martinette--everyone loves you. Me? I’m but a shadow of your resplendence. People don’t like me, and, honestly, I don’t like them, either. No matter the situation, I would always rather be alone.”

“You’re wrong. What M’Wela said, about how Super Goddesses have a tendency to surprise people, is equally true for regular people. I know probably better than anyone that humans can have the most beautiful souls in this entire universe. If you open your heart to them, they can and will accept you.”

“Are you sure…?”

Irina suddenly fell prey to an incredible feeling in her private parts as Jennifer casually started fingering her, nonchalantly phasing through her costume, as well as rimming her tiny asshole with another finger. The goddess’s moans and cute expressions turned the mummified Empress into a horny mess. She couldn’t help but follow Jennifer’s lead, ignore Irina’s clothes, and start sucking on her ample breasts as if she was a needy baby. The sheer level of pleasure she was subjected to almost made her reach a Super Orgasm, but her two lovers ceased their ministrations just before the point of no return.


“W-why would you do that?!” Irina exclaimed, angry, flustered, and wanting nothing more than for them to let her finish.

Her rage was stopped by a sudden, soft bite on her neck by Jennifer the vampire.

“If you want a Super Orgasm, go earn it yourself…” she whispered as a smug smirk formed on her cute face.

Irina let out a sharp, exasperated sigh. “OKAY, FINE, I GOT IT! You don’t need to be such a pain in the ass, Jennifer!”

She got up, only to have her ass slapped. She shrieked and glared defiantly at Jennifer cheekily smirking and Shizuka doing a bad job of stifling her laughter.

“You don’t mind going at this one alone, do you? We spotted like six women dressed as that one sexy clown girl from the comics, and they’re ripe for fucking!”

“Maybe even impregnating…” Shizuka added, already excited.

“Absolutely! Best of luck to you, though!”

And just like that, they teleported out of sight.

“Pfff. It’s not like I need you or anything…” Irina mumbled.

She sighed. “What a colossal waste of a time this was. …Fine, let’s do it.”

She approached the biggest house on the neighborhood, most likely to accomodate a big family. Families weren’t inebriated frat boys… right?

The house had a flashy, orange ‘HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2058’ neon billboard on the front lawn, surrounded by cheap but cute decorative ghosts and spooky skeletons.

Irina knocked the door and pictured trillions of different scenarios in her mind. She even ran simulations in several parallel universes inside the infinite space within her powerful imagination in less time that she took to breathe once. Every single one of them ended horribly, with the cause consistently being her nervousness and social clumsiness… so it didn’t help at all. Rehearsing wasn’t a way to cure her anxiety.

The door creaked open slowly, like a countdown to her doom.

“T-trick or treat….” she said as convincingly as she could, but her voice was breaking and she wanted to cry.

Nothing. The person at the door said nothing. Was Irina that loathsome that she wasn’t even worthy of speech?

The truth was that the middle-aged woman that appeared behind the door was staring at the voluptuous supermodel in her porch in an attempt to place who she was. Judging by her expression, it was obvious that she knew her from before. Perhaps they had met in the past? But that was unlikely--Irina had made very few public appearances since she was a child. And she always had her eyes covered….

“Um… would you happen to be Dr. Christina?” she asked.

“Doctor…? Y-yes, I am! Why do you ask?” She was astonished that someone was able to recognize her in her ridiculous getup, even if it was only by pseudonym. Still, a little spark of hope appeared in her gorgeous eyes when she heard it come from a mortal’s lips.

“What, seriously?! What are you doing here? I’ve always wanted to meet you! You saved my child’s life!”


“Yes! I-- oh, I’m sorry, I’m so nervous. I’m in the presence of a Super Goddess, a celebrity and then some… I didn’t even give you my name! Certainly don’t want to be disrespectful… I’m Gloria Norton, pleased to meet you!”

“T-the pleasure is mine, G-Gloria. Um, w-what did you mean by that before?”

She may have been struggling, but she was actually managing to speak with a human being.

“Hey Ridley, come down here!” Gloria called out. A little boy, no older than eight, appeared. He gasped after seeing Irina, his savior.

“A-are you…?” His words had trouble coming out of his mouth with so much emotion so he hugged his mother, hiding his childish blush against his mother’s clothes.

“Yes! This is Dr. Christina! The one who created the cure for your MCKD!”

Irina couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Of course, she had invented a lot of things in her free time and regularly got awards and commendations for it, but she never really stopped to consider the people her medical breakthroughs helped.

“What do we say when someone helps us, Ridley?”

“Thank you…” It was genuine--perhaps the most genuine words Irina had ever heard.

Gloria continued, “I can’t understate how grateful my family is to you for that cure! Ridley wasn’t even able to walk before your android announced it, and now look at him!” He was a happy child, perfectly capable of socializing and playing with others. “All thanks to you!”

Irina was still trying to overcome the feeling of having helped someone. “H-How did you know who I am…?” She indicated her witch costume.

“Oh, we follow all the news about you! They always use the same picture anytime your latest breakthrough is the headline! Come to think of it, I bet lots of people follow your news, too, since your research has helped millions of people!”

In that moment, it occurred to Irina that her life within the stone walls of her castle had completely isolated her from the fact that she possessed worldwide fame and she was loved by countless people.

“I’m sorry, I’m being terribly rude, leaving you out in the cold like this! Would you like to come in and have a cup of tea?”

Irina smiled tenderly. Suddenly, Gloria and Ridley found themselves in the presence of an angel. The offer was truly touching… but also too great of a step for her right now.

“I’m… honored by your offer, Mrs. Norton, but I’m afraid I must decline. I have… pressing commitments elsewhere. However, while I’m here, I would like to collect some candy, if you have any on hand.”

The Super Goddess made a paper bag materialize out of thin air in her hands. Ridley was shocked by her casual show of cosmic power.

“So you came all the way here from Russia… just to enjoy Halloween. Tell you what…”

Gloria dumped an entire box of assorted candy into the paper bag.

“There’s no way I could ever properly thank you for what you’ve done for my family, so you can have it all. And once again, thank you so much for all you’ve done.”

Irina stared at all the candy she had just been given. The bag appeared full, but it was entirely capable of storing more if she needed. It was far more than she was expecting to receive.

“T-Thank you so much! Have a happy Halloween!” Irina giggled and skipped away happily from the house, telekinetically unwrapping several pieces of candy and stuffing her face with them. She turned around and waved at them, smiling with her cheeks full of chocolate. It was an absolute miracle, but she had actually managed to overcome her biggest fear. The happiness in her heart was so great that it felt like she could explode.

“Will you come back again another time to visit?” Gloria called out.

“If I can, I will!” she replied. “I might bring my friends, too!”

She affixed her candy bag to the front of her broom and mounted it again, shooting into the sky and soaring away with a big grin on her face as she licked a lollipop.

She flew to the top of the Empire State Building and sat down on the highest point, enjoying the breeze and continuing to snack on her candy.

Jennifer was right! There actually were good, gentle humans who appreciated her efforts, even liked her. It was worth it going outside and interacting with people!

“I feel…” She put her hand on her chest. Her heart was beating faster than usual. “Fulfillment? Not quite… Love, maybe? Huh….”

An idea sprouted, in the form of a literal lightbulb over her head. This introduction to what was a previously unknown emotion for her gave her a new perspective. What Jennifer said earlier about Super Orgasms all made sense now!

She finally understood what was required to make that dildo. This time, she was confident it would be perfect. She know knew that a Super Orgasm needed an understanding of love to properly accommodate the extreme sexual needs of a goddess like her.

The witch magically turned the lightbulb into the schematics of the machine she was about to build with a snap of her fingers and the paper floated into her hands. With her genius intellect and her endless ingenuity, she was able to conceive it in under a second. After that, she transformed the leftover candy into several different elements and components with her magic--child’s play for a Super Goddess. It didn’t take long for her to finish constructing it. She was surprised by how little and cute the vibrator turned out to be.

“Well, there’s no better way to find out if it works than to give it a live field test….”

And with that, Irina, now as horny as ever, activated and slowly introduced the device into her wet pussy. The first few picoseconds were as she expected, almost disappointing her, but it quickly became far better. There was no comparison between the prototype and this one. The sensation was transcendent. A mere few seconds of vibration was enough to make her cum, but she had no intention of stopping there. Somewhere between her constant moaning and tears of pleasure, she lost all her inhibitions and her devastating power was unleashed, manifesting first in the form of a startlingly intense clap of her labia once she underwent her first orgasm. The sheer uncontrolled strength put into it was basically like an air cutter that blasted through the landscape of Manhattan, destroying entire streets and skyscrapers and eventually gaining so much power that it parted the entire Atlantic Ocean, like Moses and the Red Sea on a much larger scale.

“Oh no…”

She didn’t want to wreak havoc like this, but she was far too gone now. The pleasure was translating into a true Super Orgasm this time. Irina began experiencing multiple simultaneous orgasms in a way previously unknown, not even when she was fused with M’Wela. A low frequency buzz began to rise, quickly surpassing all the screams and car alarms down on street level. It kept building up until it could be heard around the entire globe, then…

Total silence.

As Irina reached the peak of her Super Orgasm, a colossal beam of divine power blasted out of her vagina, rapidly growing larger, brighter, and more powerful, until even the Super Goddess herself was blinded by its brilliance. The last thing she was able to perceive through her infinitely lust-saturated mind was the light of her all-powerful orgasm literally eating everything around her. The city, the country, the planet, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe, even reality itself. Everything was utterly destroyed by her orgasm.


She woke up a short time later, floating in a vast vacuum of colorless and formless nothingness that lacked conscription to any law of thermodynamics. She quickly and accurately inferred what happened. The sheer power of her Super Orgasm was so great that it quite literally vaporized the whole universe. Not even that, it actually destroyed all existent matter within it on a conceptual level. The only things left in the bizarre void were the Super Goddesses themselves, simultaneously everywhere and nowhere. Despite the infinitely disorienting and distinctly otherworldly realm they now found themselves in, their powers made making sense of things and perceiving each other effortless.

In addition to all existence, Irina’s oneness with the universe was gone, too. Irina jumped around, shouting soundless but audible cries of joy. It was like quitting an addictive drug and instantly feeling better, with no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever.

“Hey, come on!” Paula complained off in the “distance.” “I wasn’t finished fucking those frat guys!”

Despite the lack of anything at all to propagate the sound, Irina heard her.

“Couldn’t you have ended the universe an hour or two later?!”

“S-Sorry…” Irina apologized to Paula and the others, a bit embarrassed about her fellow goddesses witnessing her childish loss of control. “I got a little carried away. I’ll fix everything – just a moment.”

She was expecting a scolding for this, but the other Super Goddesses weren’t angry. On the contrary, they were overjoyed for her, because she finally found what she was looking for so long and learned a very important lesson. She didn’t face any punishment because the truth was that the only thing that was needed to bring the universe to its former state was a blink of Irina’s eyes.

Then she was back, sitting atop the Empire State Building again. The skyline looked exactly as it did before she orgasmed it and everything else out of existence. She smirked at the prospect of her discovery, sweating and panting from the incredible masturbation session from before. Existence was completely repaired and she found a way to induce Super Orgasms at will. She gazed at the magical vibrator that would become the cure to her shameful sex addiction.

But this is not enough… She thought, transforming her thoroughly torn up witch costume into one of her regular outfits.

It works on me, but I should run more tests on other Super Goddesses… Now that I think about it, I still haven’t bonded much with Shizuka. I think it’s high time I pay her a visit and express my love for her with this gift…

She flew back to her laboratory in a cruising pace, fondly recalling all her memories of the evening, especially the one where her cold heart was melted by a run-of-the-mill family. She would treasure that memory forever.

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