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The Sister – Part 1

Written by HikerAngel :: [Thursday, 12 December 2019 16:34] Last updated by :: [Monday, 03 February 2020 17:15]

The Sister – Part 1

by HikerAngel

Thank you to Luchodemeyer for the idea behind this story. This is part one of a two-part story. I'll let you decide what should happen in part 2... :)

"I love you," said Marc.

"You know I can't say that back until after you meet my sister, Marc! I've told you a million times!" said Megan, hitting Marc with a pillow.

"I know that you're all worried about her, but nothing your sister can do is going to change how I feel about you," said Marc, gazing into Megan's pretty green eyes.

"My boyfriends always says that… and then they meet Maria," said Megan somberly, eyes dropping to the floor with the second half of her statement.

"Meg, why are you so worried," Marc asked with concern, reaching out to lift her chin. Megan's eyes flicked up to meet his as he watched her beautiful face with concern.

"Marc, if I tell you something, do you promise not to tell anyone?" Megan asked, so sincere that it was making Marc both nervous and curious.

"Of course I promise. If you want me to keep something in confidence, I will never tell a soul," he said. He meant it.

"Swear it. Swear it on everything you love," Megan insisted.

"Okay, okay, I swear it! Now what is it that's so secret?" Marc said, beyond curious now.

Megan seemed to deliberate for a moment, then she let out a breath.

"Okay. My sister Maria is Supergirl." Megan watched Marc closely, gauging his reaction.

Marc looked stunned for a moment, then broke into loud laughter.

"You had me going there for a minute. You seemed so serious! That was a good one…" Marc said.

When Megan continued to stare at him, serious and unsmiling, Marc's laughter began to subside until it finally stopped.

"Wait! Are you serious?" he asked, now beginning to wonder.

"I am serious," Megan said, not a hint of amusement on her stoic face.

Marc gulped. She really was serious!

"You can't tell her I told you," Megan told him in a warning voice. "My parents either."

Marc's mind was spinning.

"Are your parents… superpowered?" Marc asked, now very worried about Megan's father's reaction if he didn't like the young man dating his daughter.

"Oh no, just Maria," said Megan.

"How does that, you know, work?" asked Marc, asking before he could think about the implications of his questions.

"She's adopted," Megan said. "My parents found her in a spaceship. She's an alien."

"She doesn't look like an alien," said Marc.

"Well, how many aliens have you seen?"

"Well, um, the one that Supergirl fought that one time," said Marc before adding, "…on TV."

"There you go, then," said Megan. "I grew up with one for most of my childhood. In person. I win."

"Okay, okay," said Marc. He was far from sure that he believed what Megan was telling him.

"Again, though, you are not going to say anything to either my parents or my sister about this when I bring you home for Christmas, right?" asked Megan.

Marc knew it wasn't a question--it was a statement.

"Got it, Meg."

Megan gave him her best "I'm serious" look, then let it drop.


On Saturday, Marc pulled up in front of Megan's apartment. He went in and helped carry her bags to the car.

"Remember, don't mention that you went to WSU in front of Dad. He's a die-hard Husky fan," said Megan, once they began driving.

"And make sure you compliment mom's Christmas decorations, even if you think they're hideous," she continued. "Mom takes great pride in her home decorating skills. She'll love you forever if you compliment them."

"Anything else I should keep in mind?" asked Marc.

"Yeah, don't fall for my sister, dumbass," said Megan, looking far from relaxed.

Marc laughed.

"Even if your sister really is Supergirl, it's not like I'm just going to see her and go gaga or something. I don't know why you're so worried!"

Megan didn't say anything more. She just looked worried. Really worried.


The pair pulled up in Megan's parents driveway, and Marc hopped out and popped the trunk, pulling out his and Megan's bags.

They walked up to the door, and Megan rang the doorbell. When the door opened, a large, fit, middle-aged man stood there.

"Megan, hun, I'm so glad you're home," he hugged her tightly.

"Dad, I'd like you to meet, Marc, my boyfriend," Megan told him when he released her.

Megan's father stepped out to the porch and offered a large, calloused hand. Marc set down one of the duffles and gripped the older man's hand. He had a strong grip.

"It's nice to meet you, sir. Meg's told me so much about you," Marc said with a nervous smile.

"Did you watch the Husky game the other day?"

"Well, actually, I'm a Coug…" Marc said before realizing his mistake. He glanced at Megan. She was glaring at him. Shit!

"A Coug! Megan!? You're dating a Coug!" said Megan's father in disbelief.

"Well, sir, I…" Marc stumbled over his words, not sure how to rectify this situation.

Megan's father slapped him hard on the back.

"I'm just giving you a hard time, son. I'll forgive you for being a Coug just this once." He smiled and turned to go back into the house, motioning for Megan and Marc to come inside.

Marc let out his breath in relief. He risked another glance over to Megan. She smacked him with a palm to the back of his head.

"I tell you to avoid one frickin' thing with dad, and what do you do?" Megan whispered emphatically. "Exactly that! You're such a dufus, Marc!"

Marc could live with being a dufus as long as things went well with Megan's folks. So far, his big faux pas hadn't done any permanent damage. Thank God!

He took off his shoes as he walked in--at least he had that part right!

Megan's mother came up to him and gave him a hug.

"It's so nice to finally meet you, Marc! Megan has been so happy these last few months…" she winked at him and smiled.

There was something he was supposed to say to Megan's mom. What was it again? Marc couldn't remember! Shit! I was completely blowing this meet-the-parents moment! Marc was evidently feeling the pressure more than he had anticipated.

Marc looked over to Megan, and she motioned her eyes toward the Christmas decorations. Marc still didn't get it. He knew he didn't get it, but unfortunately that didn't really do him much good. He shrugged and gave a helpless look to Megan.

Megan mouthed the word "compliment" and motioned her eyes to the decorations again. Marc finally got it!

"I love what you've done with the place, Mrs. Matthews. The decor is phenomenal!" Marc said.

"Oh, thank you, Marc. I'm so glad you noticed! I make them myself. See I'm a big arts and crafts fanatic, and I…" Mrs. Matthews launched into a gushing explanation of how she created each and every decoration in the house.

As she was speaking, Marc looked back to Megan, who promptly rolled her eyes.

As Mrs. Matthews' monologue wound down and Marc's cheeks and neck were growing tired from smiling and nodding, Mr. Matthews came over to Marc and sat him down on the couch. He turned on the TV to the USC Oregon game.

"Well, would you look at that? If there's one thing that a Coug and a Husky can agree on, it's that we want Oregon to lose!" Mr. Matthews laughed. Marc laughed along with him, beginning to relax.

He watched the game with Megan's dad. The two were enjoying themselves thoroughly, since the Ducks were losing at halftime. Megan had decided to freshen up after their trip and was showering. Mrs. Matthews was preparing dinner in the kitchen.

The doorbell rang, and Mr. Matthews jumped up instantly.

"That must be Maria!" he said, heading toward the door.

Marc watched the older man open the door. Slim, toned arms snaked around him. Perfectly manicured nails graced long slender fingers as they patted his back. Luxuriant, platinum-blond hair splashed against his shoulder.

Mr. Matthews turned to the side, putting his arm around the figure just outside. He guided her in, and time seemed to slow.

She was an angel. An insanely sexy, perfect angel.

She shook out her thick waves of hair, smiling and laughing as she walked in. Marc's eyes were glued to her lush, ruby lips. If he could just kiss them once, his life would be complete. Somehow, he managed to move his eyes to hers. They were huge and brilliant, their color an almost hypnotic sapphire blue. High arching eyebrows, regal cheekbones, and a retroussé nose completed her perfect face. There was no other way to describe it. It was sublime.

A moment earlier, Marc may have even called a lesser beauty perfect. Maria's face redefined perfection.

His heart began to race as his gaze lowered to along her sculpted arms and moved outward to the heavenly hemispheres of her breasts. Prodigious and perky, they were dramatic proof that those contradictory attributes could coexist as they strained the fabric of her tight sweater.

Marc's mouth began to water as he noticed her short-hemmed sweater pull up from her leggings, revealing a sliver of tight, ridged abdomen.

Marc licked his lips as Maria's voluptuous ass came into view, stretching her black leggings into a mind-bendingly exquisite curve. His gaze followed the flow of its contours to the luxuriously shapely length of her interminable legs.

Marc couldn't believe how heartbreakingly sexy this girl was. It was as if the sexiest attributes of the sexiest women in the world were amped up a few levels, then packed into a single matchless, feminine package.

Maria noticed him on the couch, pants bulging and gave him a long-lashed wink. He nearly came right then.

She giggled. The sound reminded him of a bubbling brook on a summer day. Her voice was gorgeous, alluring. It was every bit as sexy as the rest of her.

Marc's heart skipped a beat.

As Maria passed through the living room in front of him on her way to greet her mother, Marc's eyes couldn't help but follow her. As she passed to the other room, his eyes bounced back to something else they had noticed peripherally as they traced every movement of Maria's erotically-shaped profile.

It was Megan.

She looked pissed.

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