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The Sister – Part 2

Written by HikerAngel :: [Monday, 16 December 2019 19:30] Last updated by :: [Monday, 03 February 2020 17:15]

The Sister - Part 2

by HikerAngel

Thank you to Luchodemeyer for this original idea! Here is the reader’s choice ending…

Megan hustled Marc off to her room and closed the door.

“Marc, how could you?” said Megan, her voice betraying her hurt.

“Megan, I’m sorry. I just… wasn’t prepared, that’s all,” said Marc.

Megan’s lower lip began to tremble and she blinked, fighting tears. The sight rocked Mark to the core. How could he have made Megan, the girl he loved, feel this way?

Marc hugged Megan, tucking her into his arms and rocking her slowly, trying to comfort her.

“It’s alright Meg. I’m want you, not your sister,” he said, softly, reassuringly.

After a moment, she looked up to him, her eyes still glassy, and gave him a tentative smile.

“It’s just that I’ve had other boyfriends,” she paused to swallow, obviously nervous about what she was about to confess. “They saw Maria, and they just abandoned me for a chance with her.”

“She doesn’t even give them the time of day after that. She doesn’t want them. I don’t even think she’s trying to take them from me – they just fall for her. How do I compete with Supergirl for goodness sake?” Megan said, becoming emotional again.

“This isn’t a competition, Meg! You don’t need to compete with your sister. She's beautiful, yes, but you’ve already won the competition. I love you, not her.”

She hugged him again, squeezing tightly as if she never wanted to let him go.

When she released the hug – after a long moment – Marc kissed her. She melted into him, clinging to him, not wanting to let him out of her grasp.

Eventually, did Megan release the hug. Her look was one of trepidation as she turned to leave her room. Marc followed behind her. As they approached the dining room, Marc saw Maria again.

Maria leaned over the table while her mother showed the girl her latest Christmas craft project. Marc’s eyes fixated, as if magnetically pulled, on Maria’s perfect ass, displayed marvelously in her tight, black leggings.

Her sweater pulled away from her stomach due to her forward lean, as well, and Marc was able to get a better look at the girl’s insanely carved abs. Her body was just spectacular. His mind boggled at just how breathtaking she really was. Every glimpse, every peek at her delectable form seemed to dip into another wealth of sumptuous, ravishing perfection.

He mustered the willpower to look away, knowing Megan was just in front of him, determined not to cause her any more pain.

“Maria, meet Marc, my boyfriend,” Megan said to her sister. “Marc, Maria.”

Marc looked at Maria, avoiding her hypnotic eyes, as he was afraid of losing himself in them.

It’s very nice to meet you,” said Marc.

“Likewise,” said Maria in her dulcet voice, giving him a radiant smile.

Maria smiled and rose from the table to walk over to him. Marc couldn’t help himself. His eyes admired the way her firm breasts filled her sweater, the way her long, sexy legs flowed downward. How was it possible for anyone to be so beautiful?

Marc offered his hand, but she ignored it, pressing her lush body against him as she gave him an incredibly firm hug. He breathed in her alluring scent, and fought the incredible pleasure flowing through him from the touch of her delicious body. Marc was trying – and failing horribly – to avoid becoming aroused.

As Maria pulled away from him, he was worried that Megan would see the evidence of his arousal. Luckily, he received aid from an unexpected source.

“Marc, second half’s starting…” Mr. Matthews called from the living room.

“Okay, be right there,” said Marc.

Marc looked to Megan quickly. She still looked worried, but no more so than before. Thank God! He didn’t dare look back over to Maria! He might not be able to look away again! He gave Megan a hesitant smile as he walked to the other room.

Marc went back to the living room to watch football with Megan’s dad.


When the game had finished, Marc finished chatting with Mr. Matthews – that part of Christmas weekend was going well, at least, as the man seemed to be warming to him – and went to go find Megan.

He looked in the kitchen, hopeful that Maria might be there, but she wasn’t. Disappointed, he went through the dining room toward Megan’s bedroom, deciding to check that next.

Which door was it again? He couldn’t remember. There were several doors along the hallway. He took a guess and opened the door.

His guess was wrong. It wasn’t Megan’s room, it was the laundry room. And Maria was there, her bare back to him. She was naked, apparently having stripped out of her clothes to throw them in the washing machine. Marc gasped as his eyes roamed the flawless flesh of her back. The hills and valleys of every toned, feminine muscle were polished perfection. Before temptation lowered his gaze to her bare ass, he felt a gust of wind.

She was instantly facing him in the red and blue of her Supergirl costume.

Maria’s blue and red-clad form left no trace of her flawless form to the imagination. The strange fabric clung to every contour of her outrageously sexy body. Each slim, defined muscle of her arms was visible, the consummate fusion of fitness and femininity. Perfect nipples tented the material of her alien emblem outward from the swells of her full, succulent breasts. The lines and crevices of her ridiculously ripped abs clenched and released through the clingy uniform as she cocked a hip and gave him a threatening glare.

Marc gulped, frozen with desire, overcome with an inescapable hunger for the sumptuous feast of the flawless form before him.

“Marc, what are you doing in here? It’s not polite to walk in on a girl while she’s changing. I don’t even have any clean clothes! I had to wear my uniform! I know she already told you, so…”

Marc heard Megan’s voice behind him.

“Maria? You’re showing him? That you’re Supergirl?”

“He already knows.”

“How do you…?” said Megan, incredulous.

Maria pointed to her ear, which was gorgeous. Ear? Gorgeous? He had never even thought about the aesthetic qualities of ears before… but somehow even that part of her had been crafted in sensual perfection.

“Super-hearing, remember? I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation earlier,” said Maria.

“Dinner’s ready…” came Mrs. Matthew’s voice from the kitchen. The three left Megan’s room and headed for dinner.

Marc sat between the two sisters. Except that Maria didn’t seem to actually be sitting. She was hovering just over her chair. Mark tore his gaze from her, trying to make it look like a passing glance. It was so difficult not to look at that girl! He smiled at Megan, who, luckily, didn’t seem to notice his wandering eye.

As he filled his plate and passed the serving tray to Megan, he felt something. It was silky and soft, and it was rubbing against his leg… on Maria’s side.

He glanced under the table. Maria, leaning toward her father as she spoke with him, had accidentally brushed a long, toned leg against his, sending an eruption of arousal shooting through him. My lord, this girl was dangerously sexy. The merest touch from her sent feelings of desire rocketing through him. This was not good. He was trying to focus his attention on Megan, to show her that he only had eyes for her, and this girl was distracting him at every turn!

Marc looked toward Megan. She was saying something to him, but he couldn’t focus on what it was. All he could think of was that shapely, sexy calf sending slithers of ecstasy through his rapidly beating heart. He swallowed and doubled down on his efforts to listen to Megan, finally managing to push the thoughts to the side enough to pay attention. The sensations of Maria’s outrageous, nubile body remained, though, despite his efforts to ignore them.

As the dinner conversation continued, Maria turned her attention to Megan. Marc couldn't help but gaze at the blonde's pillowy lips as she spoke.

"Megan, I think that you're going to like the Christmas gift I brought you. I had to go along way to get it... but I think it was worth it in the end. I wanted to do something really special for you this year."

Maria gave her sister a bold-lashed wink before turning her achingly blue eyes toward Marc.

"I think that you'll be pleased with Megan's gift as well, Marc..." she said, a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

Suddenly, the dining room table shook, and they heard a crash from the front yard. It sounded as if a cement truck had been dropped from the sky in front of the house. All of them turned to the front of the house as a voice boomed out.

“Supergirl. Face me if you dare!” it said.

Maria rolled her eyes.

“Supervillains. Pfft. They can never be creative with the taunts. Always the same. Every. Single. Time!” she rose from the table then was suddenly rocketing through the living room window with a splash of shattered glass.

The rest of the family staggered from the table in haste to see what was happening. They stood in the entry to the other room, watching in awe at the sight before them.

Maria was fighting a gigantic black-furred beast that must have been ten feet tall. It looked like some sort of massive werewolf standing on its hind legs. The monster swung its fist at her, massive muscles rippling with power. As its punch was about to land, Maria grabbed its huge, muscled wrist with one hand. Her hand looked comically small in comparison to its meaty paw, but huge fist stopped cold.

Maria flew around the thing, still gripping its massive fist, overpowering it with ease, pulling the arm back until its shoulder popped and crackled. The beast howled in pain and tried to turn and swipe at her with its other massive arm.

Marc watched, unable to comprehend the voluptuous girl’s spectacular strength as she manhandled this creature with an almost casual ease. Those perfect, deliciously feminine muscles appeared as hard as steel, the power generated within distorting the air around them like ripples of heat from desert blacktop.

With a searing burst of fire from her eyes, she burned a line right through the beast’s other bicep. The other half of its arm dropped to the ground.

This time, the beast didn’t howl. It simply stared at its missing arm in disbelief. Its eyes rose to Maria’s with a confused look on his face.

Maria, however, was already in the air, flying toward the beast. She skimmed the ground, then turned upward, blasting into the bottom of its ribcage with both fists, the crunch of bone and cartilage was audible as the massive blow initiated a concussion wave that rattled trees and buildings in the surrounding area. The huge monster was launched into the stratosphere, disappearing from sight.

Maria swooped around, then landed gracefully on the front porch, never breaking stride as she walked back into the house. She dusted off her hands as she stepped inside.

“Sorry about that, guys. Sometimes, annoying things like that happen, when you’re a superhero.”

All of them gaped at her – awed by the ease with which she dispatched the massive, superpowered monster.

Her muscles, still feminine and small, popped in even starker relief as she strode their way, tensed from their recent workout, as trivial as it the exercise had seemed for her.

Marc couldn’t believe the power that the girl had. He was the first to respond.

“You just… that was… wow!” he said, in a hushed, reverent tone.

Maria smiled, lighting the room like the sun.

Megan looked at Marc, spellbound by her sister’s unsurpassable beauty and power. Fear of losing him raged within her. How could she compete with this goddess? She had heard other girls complain about their sexy sisters in a sibling rivalry. She would give anything for their problems. Her sister was freaking Supergirl! Sibling rivalry? It was a sibling blowout. She didn’t have a chance!

Megan nudged Marc, and he seemed to rouse from his trance. He looked at her blankly, blinking a few times.


Megan sighed, shoulders slumping. She was beginning to resign herself to the notion that she would lose Marc to a hopeless pursuit of her sister, just as she had lost all of her other boyfriends. Time would tell.

The family went back to the table and finished dinner, Marc doing everything he could to avoid glancing at Maria.

After dinner, the family moved to the living room to watch It’s a Wonderful Life, the family Christmas Eve tradition.

Megan’s parents took the two chairs while Megan and Maria sat at opposite ends of the small couch. Megan patted the area on the cushion next to her, indicating for him to sit down. Marc sat down, but the couch was so small that his hips slid in to touch those of both girls.

He tried to concentrate on how nice Megan’s hips felt against his, her upper thigh on his. It was impossible to ignore, however, how much firmer, more rounded Maria’s hips were. He tried to keep his eyes trained on the TV screen as Maria shifted, inadvertently sliding her smooth, shapely leg against his.

For two hours, he sat rigid, tortured by the extreme pleasure that even this small contact with Maria gave him. By the last few minutes of the movie, he was exhausted from the effort. When the credits began to roll, he let out a breath that he didn’t even realize he’d been holding for the movie’s final scene. Thank God! He had made it through the whole movie.

The family all rose, Maria’s shapely hips rubbing against Marc for the final time of the evening as she did, sending one last pulse of arousal through his rubbery body. Marc staggered as he rose, his legs wobbly from the taxing efforts of his battle of will against two hours of perpetual desire. Everyone wished each other Merry Christmas and went to bed.

Marc’s dreams that night centered on Maria. Every. Single. One. He tossed and turned as his body betrayed his heart, desiring the gorgeous girl with every ounce of his being. He awoke on Christmas morning completely spent. Megan hugged him and wished him Merry Christmas as he rose groggily. He hugged her back. She felt good against him, but he couldn’t help but compare the feel of her body to that of Maria when she had hugged him. The comparison wasn’t favorable. He forced the thought of his mind as he showered and dressed.

As Marc pulled on his sweater, Megan looked at him. She wasn't saying anything, but Marc had the sense that she wanted to.

"What is it, Meg?"

Megan startled, then looked into Marc's eyes with intensity.

"Marc, I'm just getting the feeling that I'm losing you. You've seemed distracted ever since we got here. You don't hear what I'm saying sometimes. You seem lost in thought. I just wanted to understand what you're thinking..." she said, seeming to brace for something as she finished.

Marc sighed. Should he tell her about his attraction to Megan? He didn't want to hurt her feelings, but he felt that he needed to level with her.

"It's your sister, Meg. Don't get me wrong... I love you, not her. But it's hard to ignore how attractive she is. And besides that, I've always had this thing for superheroines."

He could see tears welling in Megan's eyes. Damn it! This wasn't what he wanted! He continued, trying to rectify the situation.

"It's not love! I want you a hundred times more than I could ever want her. I just... it is so difficult to resist someone that looks like she does! I will, though, I promise... I swear to you."

Megan nodded to him, seemingly unable to speak. She hoped it was true. She had lost so many boyfriends to the mere notion that Maria might want them. She never did, of course. Her sister never meant to destroy her relationships – at least, Megan didn't think so. But she was damn good at it anyway.

As Megan walked into the bathroom to shower and get ready, Marc heard a soft knock at the bedroom door.

He opened it to find Maria there. She was still in her pajamas, an oversized t-shirt, which her curvaceous form filled out generously. Her hair, her face looked as gorgeous as ever. Since she probably didn’t need to wear any makeup, there was absolutely no difference in her looks from the moment she rolled out of bed to the rest of the day. The hem of the t-shirt rode dangerously high on her ridiculously toned, silky thighs. Marc gulped as he forced his gaze away from her delicious bare flesh, back to her eyes.

"I couldn't help but overhear your conversation with Megan, Marc. I know you want me," she said, her hypnotic eyes gazing into his so intently that Marc felt as if he were weightless, floating.

"I'm so sorry. I forgot to get you a Christmas gift," she said, leaning toward him, the swells of her ripe breasts evident under her shirt.

Marc gulped and tried to keep his gaze from dropping to her lush body.

"So I was thinking... maybe I could just give you a kiss? Would that be a good gift?"

This time, Marc couldn't help it. His eyes dropped to her full, gorgeous lips. They parted, and she began to run the tip of her tongue along them. Oh, God!

Maria began to lean in to kiss him. Conflict raged inside of Marc. Those lips! He wanted to kiss them so badly. But Megan! The thought of her boosted his willpower just enough for him to put his arms in front of him and hold Maria's shoulders. He was certain she could overpower him if she wanted to, but he needed to at least do something to resist. He didn't want to be unfaithful to Megan, no matter how sexy her sister was. He really did love her...

Maria's crystal blue eyes widened in surprise as she felt Marc's hands reach out in a token gesture of resistance. She paused.

"Marc? You don't want me to kiss you. Just a little one?" Maria questioned. "Megan doesn't have to know..."

Marc quivered with the effort required to overpower his body's desires. He thought again of Megan, the mental image of her giving him strength.

"No. I can't. You're beautiful. Beyond beautiful, actually. But I'm with Megan."

Marc thought that she might be upset, but she wasn't. Instead, she actually seemed overjoyed, sending him a smile that weakened his wobbly knees to the point that he was worried about dropping to the floor in a heap.

"You pass," she said, then spun and left him there, mouth agape.

You pass? he thought. What did that mean? Megan came out of the bathroom before he could consider her cryptic words any further. She dressed quickly, and they met the rest of the family in the living room.

Mr. Matthews passed Maria a gift as Marc and Megan entered the room. Lasers from her eyes sheared off the top of the package, and she pulled a bracelet out from within with a room-brightening smile. She bounded over to her father and gave him a hug. Marc felt for the man as he watched his eyes bulge and breath escape in a whoosh from the strength of her grip. Maria eased her hug immediately, looking sheepish as she back away from him.

“Sorry, Daddy! I guess I got a little carried away… thank you so much!” Maria said.

Then, before anyone could do or say anything else, Maria seemed to disappear from where she was standing and reappear before Megan, a small box appearing in Megan’s hand seemingly out of thin air.

“Before we give any more gifts, I had something very special for my sister. I wanted you to open this one first…” Maria said.

Megan gave Maria a furrowed-brow look, then turned her gaze to the package. She pulled the ribbon that held it together, and it fell away. She pulled the top from the box to see a glowing purple crystal. Megan glanced up at her sister with a confused expression. Maria said nothing but gave her sister a broad smile and a slight nod to indicate that she should take the crystal from the box.

“Merry Christmas,” said Maria softly to her sister as she stepped back.

Megan put her small hand around the crystal and gasped. Marc watched her in concern, moving toward her, but then he realized that the gasp was one of pleasure, not pain. He glanced toward Maria, but her attention was rapt on her sister. She looked not only unconcerned but ecstatic. Marc’s eyes returned to Megan, and as she tilted her head back, he began to see that something was happening to her. Something wonderful.

As Megan rolled her head back and closed her increasingly long-lashed eyes, her chestnut brown hair began to look fuller, more luxurious. She shuddered from some unseen pleasure, and it caused a ripple to roll through her hair thickened still more, becoming shinier, more radiant. Marc glanced at her face again to see if she had opened her eyes – instead, his jaw dropped as he watched more significant changes occurring there. Megan’s cheekbones seemed to be shifting, rising into a more elegant, regal configuration. Her lips, always one of her nicest features, puffed up and reddened to become ruby, kissable perfection.

Megan’s back arched as the changes accelerated, forcing her chest outward. Marc’s eyes widened and heartrate quickened as her breasts seemed to surge outward in aesthetic, voluptuous curves. They strained the fabric of her t-shirt until he could almost hear the cotton creaking from the strain.

Marc noticed her arms becoming sleeker, leaner, the muscles not growing in size but in density and definition. He glanced back to her bulging breasts. As the fabric pulled upward to cover her increasingly prodigious swells, a sliver of bare midriff began to expand in size. Marc swallowed as he watched her stomach firm into lines, then bricks of abdominal muscle. The definition etched into her abs as if being drawn onto her by an artist in real-time.

Marc heard a rrrrriiiipppp of fabric as the yoga pants Megan had thrown on for Christmas morning gave way to burgeoning, sexy hips. Rounded and firm, their flawless bare flesh sent a shockwave of desire through him.

The tear in her pants traveled downward, along with Marc’s gaze, the tight, form-fitting fabric pulling apart as her legs seemed to pack on luscious feminine muscle. Her legs lengthened to remain slender as definition popped with every movement before fading into shapely silk as they relaxed. Her legs rippled with power as she moved, somehow managing to look carved in steel, an intoxicating display of sexy strength.

Megan rose from the ground as her head rolled forward and she opened her luminescent, viridian eyes. She turned them toward Marc and smiled, the expression exuding a quiet confidence that hadn’t been there since they had arrived at her home. Marc felt the power of the knee-weakening smile as she drifted toward him.

Megan closed her eyes and pursed her lips as she floated into Marc, his heart skipping a beat as their lips met, fireworks exploding in his heart. As he lost himself in the perfect moment, not one of his thoughts was of Maria for the first time since he had seen her. Every thought was of Megan, his love forever.

As the kiss ended, Megan brought her lips back a millimeter from Marc's. They could both feel the electric tingle from the near contact, like the rumble after the explosion of rapture that was their kiss.

"I love you, Megan," Marc said breathlessly.

"I love you too, Marc," said Megan, a sparkle lighting her gorgeous eyes. She plunged her lush lips into his and embraced him, lifting them both from the ground in a slow, rising twirl that echoed her emotions.

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