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Roused (Chapters 1-6)

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Rolling over with a sigh as she had every morning in recent memory, she recalled some drilling from roadworks below her flat, roadworks that had mysteriously returned after moving several hundred yards down the road only last week. Dreading another day of waiting tables at her local café, she reluctantly opened her eyes to glance over at the clock.

Some good news at least... The days that she awoke without the alarm's interruptions of her dreams were rare and always to be cherished. Today was unusual in that she was awake over an hour before and all traces of yesterday's heavy cold had vanished. Furthermore, her hair felt cleaner than it should have done and her breasts felt pert against her loose fitting night gown. Twenty minutes of procrastinating on her phone followed. Still no emails about her job application or from the dating site.

With a slight skip to the steps in her slippers, the morning routine began in earnest with a visit to the kitchen to make some tea and toast. Remaking the carefully rehearsed motions she made so often, she waited for the appliances to do their work while preparing the next items she needed and had a glance out of the window. Any sign of the street repairs were long gone which seemed odd. Since when had they started doing loud work overnight?

"Of little interest anyhow", she thought, as she treated the teabag to boiling water and spread the toast. The doorbell rang. She made the few short strides to the door and saw the postman through the peephole. Opening the door while he rustled in his bag to hear "Don't know what the hell this is Audrey, but thanks for doing my back in making me carry this...", as he looked up, paused, and turned a deep red... Only to mumble half heartedly "heavy thing".

After staring at Audrey for what she thought seemed like a very long time, he reached down and struggled to grab and then hand the box over. "Okay, well, thanks", she said as she carefully grasped the package. His hunched posture improved immediately. She placed it on the nearest surface and kicked the door shut, a little too hard, and right in his face.

"That's not heavy at all, what a fucking weirdo", she thought. "Wonder what it is however". Just as she began to read the box, the door rang again. He was still there, this time holding her regular mail. "You, erm... You look very pretty today." He averted his gaze nervously as she snatched the mail and moved to close the door. "Have a nice day" he continued. "Right, ok", she replied with a quizzical look, closing the door once again.

Her watch caught her eye and time was now getting on a bit. "Best finish getting ready before looking at the box", she thought. Trudging through to the bathroom she turned the light on and began to take her night gown off over her head. Climbing into the shower, she adjusted the sticky shower head downwards to neck height.

She looked down and gasped. "What the fuck?", she shouted, beginning to laugh gleefully. She left the shower to go to her bedroom, wardrobe and the full length mirror on the inside of the door. Throwing the door open, her reflection sent a burst of sheer delight through her body. Moments later, she dropped the chunky and now detached wardrobe handle to the floor while she gazed open-mouthed at her body.

She barely recognised herself. She had the perfect hourglass figure, slender arms, curvy hips, a tiny waist. She turned and peered up her long sexy legs to see her wonderful round and athletic butt. Further up, even her back was toned to a tee and her posture was absolutely flawless. Turning back around she glanced up to catch her own eye.

"This is amazing", she watched herself say. Her skin was totally free of blemishes. She stared closely at her cheek but there was no sign of the large scar that caused her so much distress over the years. Her full lips framed her pearly whites, which showed no sign of years of poor care. Her eyes were beaming, iridescent, huge and stunning.

Impatiently, she looked back down to her breasts. A crowning achievement. Not only were they very big, by anyone's standards, they were unreasonably pert and incredibly soft, not to mention wobbly. "This is fantastic", she shouted. Now was the time to start trying some clothes on. Everything seemed to fit her. Even just an old t-shirt and jeans made her look ravishing. In her small black dress, on the other hand, she looked impossibly beautiful from any angle she cared to look from.

"This'll do", she said, leaving her flat in her dress and some flip flops. She got to the lift just as the doors were about to close and a large man in his forties lunged to keep it open. Thanking him with a smile, she stood calmly against the wall adjusting her dress in the mirror and wondering what to do next. Happy with the results of her rejigs, she stood there content with arms akimbo. The ricketey old thing was taking its time as usual. She glanced over her shoulder to see the man looking decidedly uncomfortable, trying in vain to both obscure the intense feeling in his groin and to avert his gaze.

The lift got to the bottom just as Audrey failed to stifle her laughter at this pathetic sight. "There, there", she said condescendingly as she left the lift and the man behind. He watched in disbelief as the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen rounded a corner and left his sight.


"Audrey, please", the receptionist bellowed across the waiting room. Audrey stood from her chair and once again gathered the attention of everyone else in the room as she passed the desk and went through the double doors. Closing them behind her, she looked out across the large bright room to a table with a small panel of people sat behind it.

She slowly walked for 30 seconds to the panel and finally stopped just before them only to stoop to remove her flip flops and slap them on the table. Each member of the panel studied her movements and waited for her to be still. The first to speak was a camp gentleman. He was dressed smartly and wearing sunglasses, although Audrey could still make out the detail of his eyes perfectly. "Peculiar kind of sunglasses", she thought.

"What are you here for?" he began. "I'm an actress and I'd like to be put on your books for any upcoming auditions", she replied. "What kind of roles are you interested in?", "I don't mind, except I only bother myself with leading roles". Another man was writing things down. He tried to hide what he was writing but Audrey was finding it very easy to pick up each and every word by taking the odd glance at the page and the movements of his pen. From his comments it was clear she was in a strong position.

The next of the panel spoke, he looked a professional of the business. Somebody of the old school. "Let me assure you we are interested in taking you on into our agency, but for us to do so there is one thing that you need to understand." He paused for dramatic effect. "We only deal with clients on an exclusive basis at 25%". "Fine", Audrey replied immediately whilst glancing out of the window. "Let's wrap this up, I have another engagement".

A third and obviously junior member of the panel was rushing to prepare some papers. "I will need a signing on fee", Audrey added. The junior balked, "I'm afraid we can't get into the business of"... Audrey interjected "You can and you will. I need cash and today. Take it or leave it." A silence fell. "This is very unusual", the old timer suggested. "But I'm more than happy to offer a modest sum, how does 200 take your fancy?" he continued, hoping to quell this awkwardness.

"2000 at 10% and we have a deal". Audrey stared at the old man with a smirk. Beads of sweat rolled down his forehead while she studied his behaviour. She could have sworn she could hear his heartbeat... pounding, faster and faster. "Ok, we will need 10 minutes". "Great!", Audrey boomed and startled the panel, "I'll be waiting in reception, and, yeah, thanks by the way". With that, she beamed at the three men and grabbed her flip flops.

About 8 minutes later, the junior appeared, noticeably flustered. "Here, can you complete this form?". Audrey took the guy's clipboard and filled it all in in a matter of seconds. "My money?", she glared. "This is it", he handed her a small envelope. Audrey rubbed the guy's hair into his head before striding out of the room, everybody's eyes following her as she did so.


The café was just about to close up for an hour or two before the lunchtime rush. The owner heard the bell to indicate the door opening from his storeroom. "Sorry", he screamed, "you're too late, we're closed". Slapping footsteps approached him from behind, much to his chagrin. "I don't want anything Roy", Audrey began, "just came to tell you that you can fuck off - I've had enough".

"Listen, honey. You won't get away with saying those kinds of things," Roy said with his back to her. Audrey came closer and sat down on a chair to his side. Thinking on his feet, he decided it was best to drive home his point with his fists. Quickly turning towards the door, he turned the key and put it in his pocket. He moved to face Audrey with a grin. With this her newfound confidence was all but gone. He approached and stood over her. "You're looking pretty good Audrey, but it's no excuse. Apologise now or regret it."

For the first time today Audrey was having to think before she spoke. "Let me go, Roy. People know that I'm here so they'll be sure to come looking soon", she lied. Roy grabbed her by the wrists and let out a hearty laugh. Audrey knew her best chance was to make a move right away. She thrust her arms apart to release them and pushed Roy with all her might. To both of their surprise, he flew across the room and hit a filing cabinet some 5 or 6 yards away and lay there slumped. In her panic Audrey sprang from her seat and ran to the door and tore it open, forgetting it was locked.

She decided the best idea was to find a nice public shopping mall. She knew the perfect place a few minutes walk away. Time flew by as she negotiated the streets whilst looking back to check Roy wasn't following. She calmed as she saw a favourite tea shop of hers and thought it best to go and have a calming brew. By the time she sat down with her drink, the implications of the storeroom were beginning to set in. "What happened to Roy?", "How did I manage to push a fat man across a room?". She took a large sip of her tea. While it was still too hot to drink, she had had most of it before she noticed and realised that it didn't hurt.

"What about the door?", she thought. "It can't be", she thought. "Well there's one way to find out. I guess I need to buy some new clothes first."


The sports shop was enormous. They had everything for any sport you could think of. Strolling over towards the ladies' gym-wear, Audrey happened upon a small set of weights. She picked up the smallest. "That's light, just as I thought", she said under her breath. Slowly she tried heavier and heavier weights, with each been as easy to lift as the last. "Awesome". She finally went for the largest weight, like one you would see somebody lift with two hands and with great difficulty. She tried it with just one and found it easy. She put it down with a thud.

A member of the shop's staff headed over to where he heard the noise. He was a big guy. Well over 250 lbs, she thought, about 6'3. "Is everything ok?". "Yes, great, but I need your help. I need some new clothes for the gym". With that, Audrey took him by the hand and strolled across the shop while she described her requirements. "As you can see, I'm quite large. Aside from this, the skimpier the better dude."

They arrived over in the right section, and the noticeably befuddled shop assistant rifled through the tops. "What size are you?", he enquired. "I guess you'll have to measure me." She grabbed a handful of tops and shorts and marched him towards the fitting rooms. "Do you have a tape measure?", "Erm... Sure", he replied.

Entering the first fitting room and closing the door, Audrey dropped her dress to the ground. "Ok then, do your work." He was now struggling to stay conscious, such was the rush of blood. "If you must have an erection, please don't rub it up against me", she quipped, delighting in his obvious discomfort. After quite a bit of fumbling, he worked out her size. She tried on the new items and asked for his opinion.

His opinion was self evident. She shrugged. "Amateur". He was getting ready to leave when Audrey had one last idea. She held out her hand to shake his. After she gradually increased the pressure, he let out a small gasp of pain. "Please, please. Let me go". Audrey grabbed him close to hug him. Despite being huge in stature in comparison to her petite frame of little over 5'6, he had no chance of breaking free. This enthralled Audrey. "Thank you for your help", she whispered in as tender a way as she could muster in the circumstances. She let him go and he rushed out of the room as he began to cry.


The reception at the gym was full of a queue. Audrey thought best to avoid it. A member of staff attempted to halt her movements but she brushed him aside with a demoralising chuckle and made for the mens' changing room. Throwing off her dress once again, she donned her new outfit. "Awesome", she said out loud to several flabbergasted male onlookers. "You!", she pointed at the most athletic looking man in the room. "Do you know stretches? I don't want to do myself a mischief".

Several minutes later she had learnt of her newfound flexibility and left a room full of aroused men in her wake. "Room with all the weight machines?", she interrupted a worker, deep in conversation with a body builder. "This way", he pointed. She glided through the halls barefoot and slapped the door open. Surveying the various machines, she decided upon a devious plan.

"Which of you gents could show me around?", she asked a group of arrogant beefcakes. An enormous guy with an endless selection of tattoos was keen. Years of steroids had curbed his sexual appetite, but he still knew a pretty girl when he saw one. "This is a good place to start", he said, pointing over to a machine. Sitting down, he smirked at the ridiculously small weight it was left at. "Let's give this a real workout shall we", he said and winked at Audrey.

Putting the pin three quarters the way down, he pulled the handles towards him, trying to hide finding it quite difficult. "That's about all there is to it, love". "Just make sure you keep your back straight and your chest out". He smirked and took a long glance at Audrey's boobs. He was transfixed. "Ok, if you're quite done, it must be my turn now", she said with a smile. "That means get up, you daft twat".

"Ok", he mumbled, trying to stand without giving the game away. "I'll put this on a more attainable weight, shall I?", "Knock yourself out, just keep that little thing out of my way", she pointed at his crotch. He turned a bright red, paused and stooped to put it at its lowest weight or thereabouts. "Hmm, let's see if I can lift this... Yeah, that's pretty doable. Put it to half way, you little bitch". He glared. He wasn't used to ladies talking to him like this. They were usually intimidated by his huge frame, his dominant masculine presence.

"What are you waiting for?" she continued. A few seconds more went by before he snapped out of it. "She's sure to struggle with this and then I'll be back in control", he figured. "There you go", he said, moving the rung to just about half. She caught his eye and grabbed the handles and pulled. Before long the bar stopped with a quiet clink. He began to gafore. Faking a look of distress, she removed her hands and looked confused at them.

"Who's the little bitch now?", he said. Suddenly her expression changed to a smirk, before gradually building to laugher. She grabbed the pin and put it to the highest weight. "We'll see who's a little bitch." She slowly grabbed the handles whilst staring at him with a wide smile. "I think this makes YOU, the little..." she pulled towards her with ease. "BITCH". He gaped in amazement. "What's the trick here?", he said.

"There is no trick, you stupid fuck", she said leaping to her feet in a split second. "Here, you try", she said motioning for him to sit down. He stood there, caught in two minds what to do next. "Come on, don't be shy. Are you really worried a little girl could be stronger than a monstrous brute like you?" she said, pouting in mock sympathy. "I've... I've just realised I have to go now", he said tapping at his watch.

He turned and began to walk towards the door to the room. "What are you SO afraid of!" she gloated, walking alongside him, trying to get his attention. "Just leave me alone alright", he pleaded. She chuckled and continued at his side, starting to caress the huge muscles of his arm. He arrived at the door and grabbed the handle. "Let's not make a scene", she whispered in his ear and leant her hand onto the door. Peering up into his eyes, she saw a terrified and humiliated man.

"Five minutes of your time, big guy", she patted him on the head and took him by the arm. Moments later they were back at the machine. Another beefcake had taken up the seat. "Beat it, Stone Cold." she stated. "Hah, I won't be long little miss". He continued. "You're wasting your time, but worse than that, you're wasting my time. Five seconds dipshit. 5..." she counted. He retorted "why? What the fuck are you gonna do you fucking whore?"

As he finished his sentence "zero. Oh dear". She put her hand under his shoulder and slowly lifted him to his feet. He turned to face her, utterly bewildered. "So, about you fucking off?" she said in a mocking tone. He squared up to her, towering over her small body. "Why, what the flying fuck are YOU going to do?" she enquired. "See this?", she said holding out her fist and moving it slowly towards his stomach. She stopped about half an inch from his exposed belly.

With the slightest of effort, she powered her fist forward and completely winded him. "I haven't forgotten about you", she said, turning to face her instructor with a wink. She flicked her wrist and pushed the Stone Cold to the floor, where he lay doubled over and wheezing. "Guess you were right to stand your ground there, little fellah. Good job", she called out. Her instructor from earlier stood staring at the struggling behemoth.

"Are you ready yet little bitch?", she said, showing him to his seat. Resigned to his fate, he reluctantly took his place and glanced up to Audrey. "Put it to max then!" she whispered jovially, as if to provide some kind of motivation. He dutifully followed her order. "Pull", she commanded. His arms tensed and began but the weight was too much. She chuckled playfully. "Ok, it looks like you have your hands full here. Let's try something else... Close your eyes". He anxiously proceeded. "Take a deep breath", she suggested whilst adjusting her position.

"Keep your eyes closed and I think you can do this. Pull, bitch. Pull". He thrust back with all his might and the handle faltered at the weight and then moved. He felt a surge of adrenaline at this achievement. This was tens of pounds more than he'd ever managed before and his mind began to wonder. "She's a great coach. I don't care how she does these things, but it seems to have worked". In this intense moment he began to speak extemporaneously, "I'd like to thank you for forcing me to reassess the limits of my ability". He began to move the bar back to resting position.

"When you're quite done", she said, "you can open your eyes again". As he did so she shouted "Surrpriiise" like someone might at a birthday party. It broke his heart. The bar started to move back towards him and left his grasp with only her little finger rested daintily at the edge of the bar. "I think I'm done with you", she said scornfully, "get out of my sight". He rose to his feet and carefully moved around the bar she still held and around the other side of the machine.

He'd made it three strides away before his heart sank. "Fuck it", she bellowed, "one last thing". His head dropped and he turned around and unhappily looked back at Audrey. "I want a game of mercy, come back here and take my hands". His enormous paws enveloped her delicate feminine hands. "Go", she said with a nod and a smirk. He pushed down with all the force he could muster but nothing gave. "I'm embarrassed for you. It's pathetic". With that, she slowly lowered her arms and him to the floor.

"Kiss my feet and you can leave". She pushed his mighty frame towards her feet. He duly obliged, tears falling down his face. She released her grasp and patted him on the head. "It'll be ok", she reassured him, "it's not your fault you're utterly worthless". He sank to his knees. With a casual flick of her hips she turned and hit his face with her butt. He fell flat on his back unconscious.

Stone Cold had finally regathered his composure and couldn't believe his eyes. "She might be strong, but there's no way she's getting away with this", he thought. He charged at her from behind and swang a punch towards the back of her head, hoping to catch her off guard. A moment before impact she turned and held her palm out just an inch from her face. His punch connected and stopped dead. "Ready for round two, I see. Interesting strategy but you're gonna need a lot more than that I'm afraid".

She overpowered his hand from her palm back to his side. "You have ten free punches", she declared, "but you must take them all if you're to take any and only punch your hardest. These are the only rules and I suggest you follow them... Do your worst". She stood there yawning with her arms above her head, her chest thrust out and a cheeky grin on her face. After a moments consideration he swang a vicious punch into her stomach. His hand rebounded as if he'd hit a tought trampoline.

"Useless", she said, tapping her exposed midriff with her fingertips. "Let's go again anyhow". Frustrated, he let out a burst of 4 quick punches at her stomach. Each of them failed to even move her or disrupt her relaxed breathing pattern. He, meanwhile, was out of breath and getting angrier by the second. "Ok, I'm bored, let's get this over with", she said. This was well beyond a joke for him. He took no joy in hitting a pretty girl, but she needed to be taught a lesson.

He brought his arm back and swang with full force onto her nose sideways, before letting off four more quick punches at her face. As he finished he laughed hysterically at the blood all over her face. She raised her eyebrows and paused. Moments later, she tore his shorts from his body as fast as he could perceive and wiped the blood from her face. He stood in horror at the lack of blemishes on her face as he felt heavy prangs of pain in his hands. "I hope you weren't hoping to do any sewing or caligraphy today. You should probably go see a doctor".

He peered down at his hands to see his knuckles and hand red raw like he'd been hitting a wall. Letting out a whimper, he covered his crotch and left the room in a hurry. "Ok, don't even say bye then", she joked, tearing the remainder of his shorts into pieces onto the floor and clapping in triumph. The other beefcakes on the other side of the roof stood there completely motionless and speechless, as they had been for the last ten minutes. She walked over to the six burly guys. "You guys got a problem?" She paused, awaiting a response.

One by one they quickly averted their gazes. "Yeah, I thought as much", she said with a chuckle, "if you value your bones unbroken, don't mention me to anyone". She returned to the unconscious guy and easily lifted him onto her shoulder. Gliding out of the room without looking back, she casually pulled the door from its hinges to leave. The half dozen shook their heads in disillusionment as they each followed her perfect ass bobbing out the room with the huge guy's limbs flailing about to and fro.


She arrived at the first aid room moments later. A doctor was behind his desk, talking on the phone and held up his finger to indicate wait a minute. She stooped over him allowing him a great view of her cleavage for a few seconds, before snatching the phone and hanging it up. "He tripped over", she said with a wink, dumping the big guy onto a bed. Closing the door behind her and turning the lock, she continued "I need you to give me a quick fitness test, ok?", starting to undress in a striptease.

The doctor sat there blinking at the wondrous sight in front of him. She climbed onto his desk. Carelessly kicking everything, she began to waggle her ass right in his face, now completely naked. His eyes darted from one part of her body to another. She dropped back to ground-level right in front of him, her perfect boobs just inches from his gawping face. He began to lift his arms and was just about to touch her boobs when she held him by the wrists, stared wide eyed into his eyes and forced his hands to his side.

"Can you help me or not?", she said, straightening her back and pulling his head into her boobs. He was struggling to breathe let alone reply. Five seconds went by and he was really beginning to gasp for air. She slowly let him break free. "Ok, ok, ok", he croaked, juddering with ecstasy and taking some of the deepest breaths he could ever remember taking.

She walked over to the wall, trampling over his things and started surveying the certificates, hands on her hips. "You really seem to know your shit buddy". He was taking some time to regain his composure when she interrupted "I don't like waiting, you better hurry up". He wiped his brow with his hankerchief and rose to his feet, a large bulge and wet patch obviously gracing his light grey trousers. She caught a glimpse and shook her head. "You careless fool", she said approaching him and continued "Ok, where do we start?".

"C... could you go over to the treadmill, erm, please?" he asked. "Sure", she replied with a playful curtsy. He followed her over, trying to keep his eyes off her. "How old are you?", he said. "Why do you want to know that?", she boomed. He stopped and flinched. She had a little chuckle to herself. "22. You better start the test doc, or I might have to use up my energy in another way", she loudly hit her fist to the palm of her other hand, sending sudden jolts of fear down his spine.

"Please wear this", he asked, handing her a heart rate monitor. The treadmill span into life as he pressed the buttons and her feet began to tap off the surface and her beautiful body moved in harmony. "We'll start with your full speed for 10 seconds", he mumbled. "Please tell me when it's getting uncomfortable", he continued. Before long the machine was at its maximum speed and Audrey still looked relaxed as she coasted along, her boobs elegantly bobbing up and down. He checked the readout of the heart rate monitor and furrowed his brows.

"What is it?", she demanded. "I don't really know what to say. This is having no effect on you", he replied. "Oh, great, let's try something else. This is tedious anyway". She stopped on the treadmill and flew off the back and skipped back to a halt comfortably on the floor. "What's next?", Audrey asked. He wandered over to his desk and produced a small metal tube. Pressing a few buttons on the side at the one end, he handed her the apparatus. "Blow into this, please".

Audrey snatched the tube and blew progressively harder. She watched as the numbers of the reading gradually grew to fill the entire screen before there was a loud bang followed by a quieter clang. The metal element at the end of the tube had splintered from the rest of it and fallen to the floor. "Yeah, great test Doc. Let's try something else shall we?"

He looked down at the floor to see the wreckage and spotted his chest extension exercise device - two large springs and two handles. He handed over the latest item. "This is pointless", she said, before pulling apart the springs and deforming them almost beyond recognition. "What's the verdict, Doc?", she asked, smugly, as she threw the broken chest exerciser at the wall.

He watched as the contorted metal collided with his notices and posters and brought them all tumbling to the ground. "There's no need for that", he snapped. Her smile turned dark as she marched towards him and placed her slender hand around his neck. He pulled and clawed at her arm to break free but there was nothing he could do. She walked backwards and pinned him to the wall before slowly lifting him, his arms tugging at her elegant fingers, trying in vain to break them free.

"Tell anybody about me or what has happened here today, I dare you", she whispered before dropping him to the floor. He lay there sobbing in a heap, covering his eyes. "There, there, little man, it'll all be over soon", she taunted, casually putting her clothes back on, shaking her hips as she did so. With that she strolled towards the door. "Better sort him out by the way, and best of luck thinking up a story". She pulled the lock out of the door and threw the door open.

Sloping down the hall, she heard him lift the phone and begin to dial 3 numbers. She arrived back at the door to see his look of disappointment at realising the phone was broken but kept quiet. He peered around the floor looking for his mobile phone that was earlier on the desk. The screen was badly cracked but it seemed to be still operational. His hands shaked as he knelt on the floor, rushing to dial the same numbers and then he pressed call. The phone connected and he began to relax ever so slightly.

"Hello", he heard a voice on the call. "I'd like to..." he said, but was interrupted by Audrey's feet and legs appearing just before him. He gulped, looking up to see her beaming down at him with her arms crossed over her lithe body and accentuating her boobs. She really did look incredible from any angle. The panic set in. He began to speak again "I want to report...". Audrey covered the microphone with her fingers and shook her head. "What exactly were you going to tell them?" she quizzed. He shrugged. Audrey slowly took his phone from his hand with two of her fingers. With both hands he tried to resist but it was no good.

"Stand up", she commanded. He reluctantly raised himself. She moved closer to him and he backed off until he hit the window ledge. She hung up the phone and moved ever closer. "I just want to borrow your phone for a moment then you can do whatever you like with it", she reassured him. He felt his groin stirring again and tried to quell the feeling. Audrey whispered "watch this" and lowered the phone between her breasts. He stood there helpless as she pushed her boobs together. The phone cracked and banged. A small puff of smoke rose from her top and various small bits of electronics fell from the bottom.

She reached down into her top and retrieved the larger remains of his phone. "Thanks honey, put your hand out then", he nervously complied. As she placed the fragments into his hand he immediately recoiled in pain. "I'm not surprised all your things are broken if that's how you care for them", she gloated, as the scolding hot pieces fell to the floor. "Open the window", she said with an unreassuring nod. He followed her instructions and stood there petrified.

She climbed out of the window and on to the outside window sill and beckoned him out "it's beautiful out her". He wobbled his way up and out, leaning against and clutching the window frame. She took him by the hand and began to follow the edge of the building. Her clutch felt oddly comforting. Before long they reached a ledge which sat out further from the building. They were only one storey up but the Doctor knew that falling to the concrete below wasn't an enjoyable prospect.

She wandered out to the edge with him in tow and glanced back at the roof. "Perfect", she observed letting go of her grasp, "I have an idea". He watched in horror at the wonderful view as she knelt down. With a nudge on his shins he fell backward and began to scream. She caught his helpless body and left him dangling foot first from one of her hands. She was now sat on the edge, kicking her legs out playfully to his one side. He was unable to avoid looking at the floor swirling beneath him and began to feel faint.

"Hey", she shouted, "get this". She mockingly counted down very slowly. There was a long pause and he suddenly felt an enormous burst of acceleration. He struggled to comprehend what was happening. She had thrown him high into the air. He climbed and climbed until he reached a plateau and gulped at what was about to happen. He began to fall as he finally managed to steady himself with his feet closest to the ground. Looking down he saw a small speck jump quickly along the building he had just left.

Falling faster now he began to panic at the sight of the ground and Audrey racing towards him. He was unsure which he was more terrified of, but quickly resolved that it was Audrey. Trying to imitate what he had seen on TV, he tried to glide in his freefall away from the waiting monster. She followed his movements and began to track him. From the roof of the gym two storeys up she jumped to the ground sprinting towards another group of buildings close by.

He was nearing the roof of a four storey block of flats. He watched in confused terror as he saw the building grow larger and larger. Moments before impact he saw Audrey appear in the corner of his eye and touch down just before him. Swimming in vain in mid air, he landed in her arms with a thud. He was badly shook up, but perfectly fine, or physically at least. "You alright there, Doc?" she ventured, beginning to laugh a hearty laugh. He looked up into her pearlescent eyes and howled.

"Have I made myself clear?" she asked, dropping him to the hard stone floor. He writhed in pain as he answered in the affirmitive. "Great", she replied, "that was a lot of fun by the way... It's time for me to go now, but do you want to hand to the bottom?". He instinctively held out his palms in defence and stuttered ", I. I'll be ok, thank you". "Fucking pussy", she replied, "I was worried I didn't hate you for a moment then". She reached down and slowly tore the clothes from his body, before throwing them from the building.

Shaking in the midday sun, he watched her bend the fire exit door shut to leave him pretty short of options to descend. "There's a little puzzle for you anyway. If you're having no luck by this time tomorrow, I'll pop up here and give you some help", she bragged, readjusting her top. "Do you know any nice restaurants nearby?" she asked, tapping her toned midriff. He couldn't reply for weeping uncontrollably. "Guess not", she snapped, "I'll be off then". He watched in awe as she backflipped into the air from a standing start and off the building's edge over five yards away.

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