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21st Century Magic: Gotcha!

Written by YAGS :: [Thursday, 21 May 2009 14:45] Last updated by :: [Monday, 18 May 2015 11:01]

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Please don't read this version of this story. There are parts of it that just didn't work as well as I'd intended, so I rewrote some of it, keeping the good parts, and posted the second edition today. New chapters will be added to that 2nd edition. The only reason I'm leaving this version up on SWM is because it was part of workshop 1.12, and I want to keep the library record of that workshop event accurate. But I'd much prefer if you read the newer version of the story instead of this old version.

Everything past this line is the original 2009 version of the story, which I haven't changed.




Don’t you laugh at me, bitch!” Chad yelled, and smacked Lacey across the face, knocking her off the bed.

Her laughter turned to shock … then anger.

He walked around the bed to where she’d landed on the floor and swung at her again. She instinctively reached out a hand to stop him, and her power took over. His arm stopped mid-reach, completely unable to move.

She stood up and just stared at him. If looks could kill, he’d be dead on the floor. She was pissed, and he was about to pay.

I can’t believe you hit me!” She pointed at his hand and gestured towards his face. His hand slapped his own face. “How does it feel?”

You can’t do this to me!” he told her, trying to grab her with his other hand.

She simply gestured, and that arm stopped in mid-air as well. Another quick flick of her wrist, and that hand slapped his own face, too.

You seem to forget who’s in charge now”, she told him.

No bimbo cheerleader is gonna treat me like this!” he told her, struggling as if he thought he could regain control of his arms just by being strong. “Now let go of me, you stupid bitch!”

I think I’ve heard enough from you”, she told him angrily, then pointed with her forefinger and thumb at his lips. She pinched her fingers together, and his lips came together involuntarily.

Mmm! Mmmm! Mmmmmmm!!!” he moaned wordlessly, trying to open his mouth to say something, but unable to get his lips apart. He started moving his body, trying to break free from her control, but his arms were still stuck in the air where she’d left them. Desperately, he reached out with his leg to kick her.

She instinctively reached out a hand, and his leg stopped, too. She decided this was becoming redundant.

Lacey narrowed her eyes angrily, held up her hand with her palm facing him, then “pushed” forward in the air. Chad flew backwards and slammed into the wall, but instead of bouncing off and falling forwards, he stayed there, his arms and legs stuck to the wall like an insect in a spider web. His mouth still wouldn’t open, and no matter how hard he tried to move, the most he could do was squirm in place against the wall.

Now let’s get a few things straight”, Lacey began, knowing she had a captive audience. She was mad, and she had every intention of getting even.


Chapter 1: A Hard Math Problem

One month earlier … “Miss Peterson, are you paying attention?” Mr. Helverson asked angrily.

Yes”, Lacey responded calmly, opening her eyes and looking directly at the math teacher.

Really? Because from up here, it looked like your eyes were closed.”

My eyes were closed”, she responded, causing some chuckles around the classroom. “I was trying to picture the solution to that next problem in my head.” More chuckling.

Well, since you were concentrating so hard on it, why don’t you come up here and show everyone your brilliant solution?” Mr. Helverson responded.

Annoyed, the teenage beauty uncrossed her long legs, slowly stood up from her desk, and pulled down the skirt of her dress, seemingly to straighten it, but mostly to make sure it was long enough for school rules. She didn’t want to get in trouble for wearing clothes that were too skimpy … again.

Not that her clothes weren’t skimpy. The sleeve and skirt lengths on her red dress were just barely long enough for school rules. The dress was tight enough to show off her hourglass figure, perky round breasts, and perfectly formed rear. She wore red high heels and sheer white pantyhose that accentuated her shapely legs to good affect. With her long, blonde hair flowing down her back, flawless skin, and sensual red lips, she knew that she had the attention of every guy in that classroom. In fact, she sensed their attention in a way no one could have suspected.

Since the return of magic four years earlier, a small percentage of people all over the world had suddenly developed some strange and powerful abilities. Lacey was one of those lucky few, having developed her own magical ability a month ago, but she wasn’t very happy about it. With the thousands of people in the world who had suddenly sprouted cool abilities like flying, teleporting, super-strength, or moving stuff with their minds, she’d gotten a built-in lust detector. What a gyp!

And it’s not even like she could perceive all erotic urges in everyone around her. That might have been useful for figuring out all the social intrigue in her high school. If she’d had a cool power like that, she might have bragged to her friends about it. But with all her beautiful friends in the popular crowd, it had been easy for her to determine that all she could sense were people who were attracted to her, not anyone else. With her beauty, she already knew that every guy in school wanted her! Why would she need magic for that? Besides, if she told her friends about having a power like that, they’d just think she was a slutty perv.

At least she’d always liked the feeling of power from knowing that she turned guys on, even when she wasn’t attracted to them. In fact, she’d realized years ago that it was easier to enjoy the power trip of teasing guys when she didn’t care about their feelings. Sensing their urges more directly had allowed her to determine exactly what to wear and how to act to really maximize their passions. She’d done some of this even before gaining her unseen skill, but now she could really control the guys around her and easily get what she wanted. She hadn’t done her own homework in weeks, yet her teachers all thought her work was improving lately.

Also, she knew that having one magical power, however minor, meant she probably had the ability to learn more spells and develop better powers. So she figured she could still get something more useful out of this. Not knowing where else to turn, she’d started reading all sorts of web sites and internet discussion groups about the new magic all over the world. She learned that magic and sexuality are often linked, so her power isn’t quite as freaky as she first thought, although she never saw references to anyone else with the exact same ability. She’d tried a couple of spells that she found on those sites, but nothing had worked so far.

She had posted anonymously to one message board, asking for advice in developing more magical abilities. Not wanting to give too much away, she had told them vaguely that she knew she had magical potential because she could sense things. One person told her that sensing things was often a first step towards learning to control them. He pointed her to a web site on meditation and concentration in magic, and told her that exercising that level of mental control might give her the ability to “control what you can sense”.

All of which had led her to this day, sitting in math class meditating, trying to reach out her mind and control the desires she could sense all around her, when the teacher noticed her eyes closed and called her to the front board.

As Lacey slowly walked to the front of the room, she reveled in the cravings she could feel from half the students in the class. It was times like these, when she was the center of attention, that she was actually glad to have her otherwise lame magical power.

She gave a flirtatious smile to Mr. Helverson as he handed her a piece of chalk and stepped aside to let her write on the blackboard. He was middle aged with glasses and graying hair, wearing slacks and a button down shirt that desperately needed to be ironed, along with a tie that should have retired thirty years ago.

He wanted her. She could feel it.

She’d known he was a perv from the first day she gained her power. Since that day, she’d made a game of teasing him with her body whenever she walked by. She’d slow down in front of him, maybe bending over to pick something up from the floor, to show off her body. At the very least, she’d always flash him a smile and a cheery greeting when she arrived in class every day. She had always known she had power over guys her own age, but being able to control the emotions of an authority figure in her life was a special thrill for her.

As she approached the blackboard, she made a point of standing at an angle to the board, facing slightly towards him, to make sure nothing blocked his view of her body. She could sense the increase in his desire that let her know he was enjoying the view. As always, she enjoyed the feeling of power. But this time, with her attention already focused on the magical meditation, she got the idea of focusing more directly on Mr. Helverson.

She held the chalk for a second and looked at the problem on the board. She wasn’t sure how to solve it, but she knew enough to look like she was trying. Her eyes narrowed in intense concentration, and she began to write on the board. She really was concentrating, just not on the math problem. She knew her solution was probably wrong, but she didn’t care. She just needed to write slowly, to buy herself time.

As she concentrated, she could easily detect old man Helverson’s longing for her. Even standing right next to him, it wasn’t as strong as what she sometimes felt from other guys. Guys her own age are a horny bunch – she knew that even before she developed her gift. But at that close range, it was more distinct and easier to pick out his desire from the crowd.

Control what you can sense”, the message had said. That random person on the internet thought she was sensing physical objects and wanted to develop telekinesis or something. She briefly wondered if he’d have given her that advice if he’d known she would try to control people with it. She realized her mind was wandering and got back to concentrating.

Hmm”, she said thoughtfully, looking at what she wrote, then picked up an eraser and erased most of it. This elicited more chuckles from the peanut gallery, but she really didn’t care. She hadn’t become captain of the cheerleading squad for her brains. Let them think she was a dumb blonde. She knew it was usually to her advantage to be underestimated. Right now, she just wanted more time “alone” with Mr. Helverson.

She just kept concentrating on the older man. No, she realized. She needed to concentrate on his libido, not him. And not just his libido, either, but the very core of it. As she concentrated, she could sense it, like the pit at a center of a peach. That was the very essence of the urges she constantly sensed around her from various boys. Now that she noticed it, she wondered why she hadn’t before. It was so obvious, right there, waiting for her to sense it, to grab it, to own it, to totally dominate it.

And she did.

I think that’s enough, Miss Peterson”, the teacher said abruptly.

She looked at him just in time to see his uncomfortable expression, as he turned away from her and the rest of the class to face the blackboard.

Let me show you how it’s done”, he said as he began writing the solution to the math problem.

Sorry, Mr. Helverson. I really thought I could get this one”, she told him, glancing down, and smiling slightly as she noticed that his pants seemed a little too tight. Although he probably thought it was just his male urges getting the better of him, she knew that she’d just forced the older man to get an erection against his will.

Gotcha!’ she thought as she returned to her desk.


Chapter 2: Magnetic Attraction

Mr. Helverson likes me”, Lacey told Valerie as they left math class.

He must like you. Why else would he let you get away with sleeping in class?”

You were sleeping in math class!?!?” their friend Ginny exclaimed as she met them in the hall. “Well, come to think of it, I can’t blame you. Old man Helverson has almost put me to sleep a few times, too. I wish I was in that class with the two of you, though. Then it wouldn’t be so bad. So you didn’t get in trouble for sleeping?”

Nah, Lacey kisses up to Helverson every day. He thinks she’s such a good girl”, Val responded sarcastically. “Guess he doesn’t know you like we do”, she said to Lacey with a grin.

Lacey let her friends chatter and decided not to elaborate on her original statement. Once again, she wished she could talk to someone about her power, but she didn’t want to come off as a total perv. Once she got the hang of using this new ability to control guys her own age, though, she knew she’d totally show off for her friends.

The three girls sauntered into science class like they owned the place. And given the way Mrs. Woods ran the class, they pretty much did. The girls continued chatting even after the bell rang to start class, and the teacher hardly noticed as she gave the class an assignment. Through it all, Lacey continued to sense the carnal desires aimed her way from every direction, but she was too distracted by her friends to concentrate as she had with Mr. Helverson. But she did have one thing she wanted to confirm about her power during this class.

Is Vicky looking at me?” she asked her friends at one point, as she sensed the familiar sensation from behind her.

Yeah, why?” answered Valerie.

She is such a total”, Lacey caught herself becoming too loud and whispered to her friends, “lesbo! I think she’s checking me out!”

No way!” Ginny responded.

Lacey nodded enthusiastically to her friend. “I’ve caught her doing it a few times. The stupid carpet muncher thinks she’s being subtle, but she’s as bad as the guys around here about gawking at me in public!”

Lacey knew she was exaggerating. The only reason she’d figured out that Vicky was attracted to her was because of her magical gift. And even with the magic, it was only that day, when her senses became more finely attuned, that she was finally sure it was Vicky she was sensing, and not just another of the boys around her. But she still wasn’t ready to tell her friends about her power yet, and she really wanted to make fun of Vicky with them, so this lie would suffice for now.

Ok students”, Mrs. Woods raised her voice from the front of the class. “Time to start your labs. Everyone work with a partner.”

The class had an odd number of students, so Lacey, Ginny, and Valerie were normally all lab partners together, forming a group of three instead of the normal two person pairings. But Lacey noticed that Vicky’s usual partner was out that day, so she decided to have some fun at Vicky’s expense.

You two be lab partners. I have an idea”, Lacey told Ginny and Valerie, then turned around to Vicky. “Will you be my partner, Vicky?” she asked sweetly.

Vicky seemed surprised by the request, and Lacey both saw and magically sensed her blushing. Apparently, the other girl hadn’t expected the beautiful cheerleader to talk to her, and she wasn’t quite sure how to handle it.

Ok”, she responded meekly.

Lacey smiled sweetly and sauntered slowly towards the lab table where Vicky was already standing. She made a point of moving in a way that gave Vicky a good view of her body from every angle, almost like a model on a catwalk. She could clearly feel the other girl’s longing for her intensify with every step she took.

As much as she was disgusted at the thought of being checked out this way by a girl, she was really curious what would happen if she controlled and intensified Vicky’s lust as she had with Mr. Helverson. If controlling the teacher had been a special thrill because he was an authority figure, then doing the same to another girl would also be special, simply because it was a girl. Using her looks to manipulate boys her own age came natural to her, even before her magical gift, but this was clearly something new. And the fact that she was so grossed out by Vicky’s desire would make it that much easier to be extra cruel about it.

As she walked towards her, she examined Vicky almost as closely as Vicky was examining her. She was a nerd in every sense of the word – a thin, mousy brunette with glasses and a ponytail, who routinely ruined the grading curve on tests by getting the highest score in the class. The sad part, Lacey mused, was that the girl had nice features – she’d probably be downright pretty if she’d wear tighter, skimpier clothing, let her hair down, and replace the glasses with contacts. But instead, she wore loose fitting clothes that didn’t show off her body at all, and made no attempt to fit in with the popular crowd – namely Lacey, Ginny, Valerie, and their other friend, Sandi, who ruled the school together. Lacey even remembered seeing her in overalls once – with paint stains from an art class or something – and she hadn’t even changed into something nicer to attend the rest of her classes!

Lacey stopped right next to Vicky at the lab table, and was about to start concentrating to try and grab control of her libido when she noticed something that stopped her in her tracks. Drawn on Vicky’s notebook were several symbols that Lacey recognized from her research into magic online. One of them was a pentagram, and another was an ankh. Others looked vaguely familiar, but she couldn’t recall their names or purpose. As soon as Lacey came close, Vicky put her lab book down on top of the notebook, apparently trying to be subtle, but it was obvious to Lacey that she was trying to hide the symbols from sight.

Does nerd girl have magic power, too?’ she wondered. Lacey decided that the lesbo freak had just earned a stay of execution until she could figure out if there was more to be gained from being nice to her. If Vicky had her own magic, then maybe she could help Lacey develop her power or learn some new abilities.

So … what are we doing with these magnets?” Lacey asked, trying to be friendly, but not really sure where to begin a conversation. She wanted to ask about the magic symbols eventually, but she wanted to wait and make it sound casual. After all, she still hadn’t told anyone that she had any magic, so she didn’t want to seem too interested.

It’s here in the lab book”, Vicky pointed. “This looks like a pretty easy lab.”

Right”, Lacey responded. So much for small talk. She picked up a magnet and looked at the book. “Yeah, this does look like an easy one – even for me. I guess for a brain like you, they’re all easy.” When at first you don’t succeed, try flattery.

Vicky just smiled slightly at the complement, apparently not sure how to take it. This was going to be tough. The brunette was just too shy to talk much, even though it was obvious she liked having Lacey’s attention. Lacey would have to do all the work to get a conversation started.

For the next few minutes, they worked on the experiment from the lab book, and Lacey made a point of commenting on everything, hoping to come off as friendly as possible. Vicky would occasionally respond, but always very matter-of-factly, focusing on the task at hand. No wonder she got such good grades!

Lacey kept looking for an excuse to bring up the symbols on the notebook and still sound casual, but with the notebook hidden, she couldn’t make a comment about just noticing it or something like that.

Vicky, did you take good notes on what Mrs. Woods was saying earlier?”

Yes”, Vicky responded.

Would you mind letting me see them? I missed writing down some of it, and I want to make sure I didn’t skip anything important.”

Ok”, Vicky said, and pulled her notebook out from under her lab book, and quickly opened it to pull out her notes.

Lacey only saw the cover of the notebook for a second this time, but it was the excuse she needed to start a conversation and still sound casual.

What was all that drawn on the cover of your notebook?” she asked, thinking to herself, ‘Gotcha!’

Vicky’s face flushed, and Lacey sensed her becoming less libidinous, apparently distracted by what Lacey saw.

Nothing. Just some doodles”, she responded.

Can I see?” Lacey asked, as Vicky pulled out the papers and gave them to her.

Vicky reluctantly closed her notebook to let Lacey see the front of it for a couple of seconds, then slid it back under her book.

Hey, some of those symbols look familiar. What are they?” Lacey asked.

Nothing special. Just stuff I’ve seen around”, she answered, clearly not very good at lying.

This was getting annoying. Lacey couldn’t understand why Vicky was being coy about this, when they were clearly all magical stuff. She’d have to be more direct.

Are they magic symbols? They look like something about magic I saw once on TV.”

I …” Vicky began, but paused.

What? You afraid to tell me? And people accuse us cheerleaders of being snobs. At least I’m trying to be friendly!” Lacey sounded indignant.

Vicky’s confusion was palpable. She bit her lip and thought for a second, then leaned in a little closer and whispered, “Yes, they’re magical, but please don’t tell anybody. I don’t want anyone to know about this yet.”

Lacey was surprised by this. She and Vicky had been in the same schools for years, and Vicky thought she could trust her with a secret? Apparently, her reputation didn’t precede her, for once!

What’s the big secret? Do you have some sort of magic power?” Lacey asked.

I …” she looked at Lacey’s face, and Lacey sensed her attraction, but she still seemed reluctant to talk.

It’s ok”, Lacey gave her a friendly smile. “You can trust me. I won’t tell anyone.”

I just don’t want anyone knowing I’m studying magic right now”, Vicky whispered. “There are too many people who are still scared of anyone with magic powers, and I don’t have the power to defend myself yet.”

Studying magic?” Lacey asked. “But do you have any real power?”

Ok class”, Mrs. Woods interrupted. “Time to finish up your labs!”

Vicky glanced at the wall clock. “I need to pack up”, she told Lacey and started packing her things in her backpack, ignoring Lacey’s last question. “You can give me those notes back tomorrow”, she indicated the papers she’d pulled out for the cheerleader.

Frustrated, Lacey went back to her own desk to gather her belongings.

Why’d you want to be Vicky’s lab partner?” Ginny asked.

Yeah, we figured you’d start ragging on her for being a lesbo or something”, Valerie added.

I just need a good test score next time in this class”, Lacey told them. “Since lesbo nerd girl has a crush on me, I can make her think I’m friendly and sit next to her on test day, instead of copying off you two bimbos.”

Can I copy off you while you copy off her?” Ginny asked.

Val just rolled her eyes. “If Lacey moves back to the empty seat next to Vicky, then she’ll be too far away for us to copy off her, dumbass.”

As she had when entering the room, Lacey let her friends chatter as they left and didn’t really pay attention. She was busy thinking about Vicky and how to get her to share any magical secrets she might have.


Chapter 3: Pencil Dick

What’s going on over there?” Lacey asked her friends as she sat down in the lunchroom.

It had been two weeks since her encounters with Mr. Helverson and Vicky, and Lacey’s magic practice had been going well so far. Using the meditation tips she’d found online, she’d gotten better at picking out individual people’s lust from the crowd, and she’d started practicing giving guys in her classes erections just to see if she could. Of course, none of them knew it was her doing, but she still had the satisfaction of knowing she had such power over them, which she knew would lead to bigger and better things. She already had a couple of ideas she wanted to try out.

The one person she’d made a point of not experimenting on was her boyfriend, Chad. She started dating him because he was good looking, popular, and the captain of the football team, but since gaining her magic, she realized that he just saw her as a sexual object. Intensifying those feelings seemed like a bad idea, especially since it might speed up the sex that was always over too quickly already. Forcing him to slow down was one of the things she wanted to try with her power eventually, but she intended to experiment on other guys first, to get it right before letting Chad or anyone else know what she was doing.

She’d also continued researching other magical powers and spells on the internet, but she hadn’t been able to get any of them to work. She hadn’t talked to Vicky again, because they were only in science class together, and she was usually preoccupied chatting with her friends in there. But she was almost at the point of telling the lesbian the truth, or at least the part about being magical, without going into the details about her power. That way, maybe they could team up to learn some spells or something, since she was having such a hard time with it alone.

But that day, there was a crowd gathered around one of the tables in the cafeteria as she sat down with her friends, and she was curious what was going on.

Some guy with magic powers or something”, Sandi told her, sounding bored.

I think it’s pretty cool”, Valerie said.

Immediately, Lacey was turned around trying to see through the crowd to what was happening over there. If there was someone else with magic around here, maybe she could team up with them to increase her power. And since they said it was a guy, she’d have no problem getting him to do what she wanted.

Who is he? And what’s he doing?” she interrogated her friends.

Some guy I don’t know”, Valerie shrugged.

He was making a pencil float. Real exciting”, Sandi said sarcastically, apparently unimpressed.

Did you see that guy over there?” Ginny said excitedly as she joined them. “He was making a pencil float in the air!”

Her friends started laughing, leaving Ginny confused. “What?” she asked.

So do you know who he is?” Lacey asked, and Ginny shook her head.

Why are you so interested?” Sandi asked.

Look at the crowd around him”, Lacey responded. “He’s too popular to be


Do you really think he’s worth hanging out with?” Sandi asked.

Lots of other people seem to think so … at least for today. We’ll see how long that lasts”, Lacey answered, rolling her eyes. “But for today, he’s the big news around here. Maybe I’ll introduce myself later and give pencil dick a thrill.”

You’re so mean!” Ginny said, as the girls all started laughing hysterically.

For the rest of the lunch period, everyone was buzzing about Jason Murphy and his flying pencils. Lacey picked up his name and some info about him from listening to the crowd chatter all around. She wrote a note and gathered her things before the bell rang to end lunch, and strode purposefully in his direction.

Jason”, she said as she walked up behind him. He turned to see who it was, and she instantly felt his attraction. She handed him the folded note and said quietly, “Read it in private”, then walked off without looking back or saying another word. ‘Gotcha!’ she thought, feeling his eyes on her as she walked away.

The note said simply, “You’re not the only one who can do magic. Meet backstage in the theater room after school if you want to know more.”

When the school day ended, she hung out gossiping with her friends, keeping up appearances, though she really was excited to go meet Jason. Being late suited her purposes, though. She wanted Jason nervous with anticipation when she arrived. She finally told her friends she had to go, and left to meet him.

Not surprisingly, he was already there when she arrived. She actually sensed his presence before she entered the room and they saw each other. Apparently, he was thinking about her while waiting. As soon as he saw her, she sensed his desire increase dramatically. This was going to be easy.

Hi”, he said.

Hi”, she smiled sweetly. “I’m Lacey.”

I know. I …” he paused. “I’m Jason”, he finished, apparently too shy to continue his original thought.

He was an average looking guy in average looking clothes, and she obviously made him both nervous and horny. This was going to be REALLY easy.

I saw what you were doing at lunch, Jason. I guess just about everyone did.”

Yeah, I just got so excited when it happened for the first time that I had to show my friends, and we attracted a crowd.”

So you only just developed your magic today?” she asked.

Yeah, it was sort of sudden”, he looked at her, and she knew his next question before he asked it. “So … your note said somebody else around here has magic. Did you mean yourself?”

She smiled coyly and didn’t answer immediately.

Can you keep a secret Jason?”


I’ve never told anyone about this”, she acted more nervous than she really was, though she was glad to finally be telling someone. But she wasn’t about to tell him all of it. “I can sense people.”


She nodded. “Like … before I walked in and saw you here, I already knew you were here. But I can’t always sense everyone around me, and I can only pick people out of a crowd some of the time. It’s kind of weird. And it’s a pretty weak power. It’s not like I can move things around or anything”, she flattered him.

It’s still better than nothing”, he told her, encouragingly. “And if you have that, then you can learn more spells and stuff later. People with no magic might never be able to develop it, but once you have any link to magic at all, it opens lots of possibilities. At least, that’s what people have been telling me all day”, he smiled goofily.

Yeah, that’s why I’m glad I have the ability … and why I wanted to meet you”, she smiled at him sweetly. “I haven’t told anyone about my power because it’s not the type of thing I can show off, but I keep hoping it’ll lead to something more. I …” she paused, feigning shyness. “I was kinda hoping that maybe working with someone else could help with that.”

I’d love to try some spells with you!” he told her excitedly.

Great!” she smiled, acting like she wasn’t sure he’d agree. “But you have to promise not to tell anyone! If anyone asks, just tell them we’re … doing a science project together.”


I’m the captain of the cheerleading squad, and lots of people at this school are jealous of my position and popularity. If I told everyone that I have magical power now, some of them might claim I was lying to get attention. So I figure I’m better off keeping it a secret for now, until I can really prove it to everyone, like you can.”

Oh. I guess that makes sense. I promise I won’t tell anyone about your magic until you’re ready”, he told her solemnly.

You’re so sweet”, she told him, secretly thinking that was WAY too easy, and they arranged to meet later to practice magic together.


Chapter 4: Random Acts of Sexuality

Lacey and Jason spent that afternoon at his house, where she showed him the web sites she was using for magical research, and they tried a spell together that went absolutely nowhere. She wanted to learn to use his ability, but it was just instinctive, much like her ability to sense his attraction to her the whole time she was there.

When he demonstrated his power for her, it turned out that lifting pencils really was all he could do, and he didn’t even have very good control of them when he did it. That’s why he stuck to pencils – the first pen he’d floated had exploded in the air and gotten ink all over the place. In the end, she realized that this was going to be a long term project, and that she’d have to help him gain better control of his power while she gained better control of hers. That way, they’d eventually be able to team up for bigger and better things, but they just didn’t have enough power or control yet to accomplish anything together.

So she pointed him to the web site that had helped her gain better control over her ability, so he could try the concentration exercises there. Then, heading off the obvious, she told him she had to go and meet her boyfriend. She could see the disappointment as soon as she said it – he’d wanted to ask her out, and she’d succeeded in preventing that. But she’d also let him keep his dignity, since he hadn’t asked and been shot down. She knew she had to keep a good relationship with him … for now.

While she was sure that manipulating Jason would eventually lead somewhere, she also knew that she’d have to keep trying to expand her power on her own. She already had a couple of ideas she wanted to try.

So the next day, she strutted into Mr. Helverson’s math class wearing a tight black dress, ready to play. Besides Mr. H, she’d successfully given the boys who sit on either side of her erections with her power in the past. In such a boring class, she couldn’t help messing around with her power to pass the time, but she wanted to stick to teasing different guys, to keep anyone from getting too suspicious. This time, she had a creative idea to pick out a victim who didn’t sit right next to her. She wanted to see if she could use her power on someone from that distance, even with other horny boys between her and her new “boy toy”.

She made a point of arriving just in time for the bell, so most of the class was already seated. As she entered, she dropped a piece of paper towards the trash can, intentionally missing.

Oopsie”, she said cutely, and made a show of bending down at the waist to pick it up. She was facing away from the class, so everyone in the room got a terrific view of her magnificent, tightly covered ass. She was instantly rewarded by a tidal wave of sexual tension. As she slowly picked up the paper and dropped it in the trash, she picked one person’s lust from the crowd and grabbed hold of it. Without even checking to see who it was, she concentrated for just a second to increase his longing for her, to make sure she wouldn’t lose him too quickly. Gotcha!

As she turned around and slowly sauntered to her seat, she looked to see whose desire she was controlling. His name was Dan, and he was one of the geekier guys in this class. He sat in the front of the class, a few rows over from her, so this would make for a good test of distance like she wanted. As soon as she looked his way, he looked away immediately, obviously trying not to be seen looking at her. What a nerd!

She sat down and slowly moved through the physical ritual of pulling out her math book and pencil, all the while concentrating on exciting Dan’s libido. Because he sat near the front of the room, she could see him shifting in his chair and adjusting his pants. She knew she’d given him an erection, both from his movements, and because she was getting better at sensing that particular threshold in the lust of boys.

She noticed that he couldn’t see her any more, because she sat further back, yet she still had complete control of his libido. It was a pleasant surprise to realize that once she grabbed hold of a guy, he was hers until she let go! And today, for the first time, she wasn’t planning to let go just because she’d given him a hard on. She was ready to take this game to the next level.

As old man Helverson droned on about tangents and cosines, Lacey went off on a tangent of her own. As she’d done several times before, she used the advice she’d gotten from the internet to meditate on what she was sensing from Dan. She’d already given him a boner, but she focused again on finding the deepest core of his sexual urges. She found it easily and grabbed it, aroused it, dominated it, and eventually intensified it well beyond him just having an erection.

She could sense his excitement and looked over to see him fidgeting at his desk. She grinned, knowing he was completely under her spell, having sex right there in his seat without ever knowing she was the one inducing his passion.

She kept going.

As she titillated him further, she couldn’t help but wonder what he must be thinking. She kept her face looking down at her book, only watching him through the corner of her eye, to avoid his suspicion. He kept shifting uncomfortably, and glancing around, as if he wondered if anyone noticed that he was practically masturbating right there in math class.

She kept going.

She sensed his excitement reaching a crescendo, the fire within him about to erupt. She wondered how far she could take him. She also wondered if he would, or even could, do something about it.

Still, she kept going.

I have to go to the bathroom”, Dan abruptly announced to the class, jumping from his chair, and heading for the door without even waiting for Mr. Helverson’s response.

Much of the class chuckled at the interruption, and Mr. Helverson made a lame comment about how Dan must have REALLY had to go. In the confusion, Lacey’s smug grin went unnoticed.

She stopped goading his libido, but then realized with a start that she could still sense him in the hall outside, running for the bathroom.

The grin left her face and her eyes narrowed intensely.

She started again.

In just one split second, she grabbed all the passion and desire she’d inspired within him and gave it one final push.

He erupted, and she knew it.

Gotcha!’ she grinned to herself, knowing he hadn’t made it all the way to the bathroom before she forced him to cum in his pants.


Chapter 5: Puppet Boy

Over the next couple of weeks, Lacey continued to experiment and refine her power. She found that she could control the libidos of two guys at once, and had even tried three at once, but had a hard time going back and forth with that many.

She hadn’t taken a guy all the way again since that first time with Dan in math class, but she did try stopping her boyfriend from going all the way during sex one time. She was able to hold him back for several minutes, which she knew would make it easier to reach an orgasm if she had sex with him while she was in the mood. That night, she’d been so busy concentrating on controlling him that she hadn’t really been enjoying the sex, so she eventually let Chad finish and pretended that she enjoyed it, too.

Much to her surprise, he told her afterwards that it was the best sex they’d ever had. She had to hold herself back from laughing in his face.

She also continued to work with Jason to help each other with their magical abilities. The meditation stuff had helped him as much as it helped her, and he was able to lift much larger objects than pencils and control them better now. He had reached a point of routinely levitating books, pulling out chairs without touching them, and moving other stuff around with his mind all the time. Lacey even convinced him to trip a girl she didn’t like in school one time.

One day, he moved Lacey’s arms and legs around like a puppet, but he couldn’t lift her off the ground. She left angrily after he said that she was too heavy, even though he apologized profusely and kept saying that he didn’t mean it like that. She wasn’t really angry, but she felt like she wasn’t getting anywhere in their magic sessions together, so she decided to take the opportunity to storm off and avoid him for a while.

It was about a week later that she found the spell on the internet. She called Jason immediately.

Jason! It’s been forever since we hung out.”

Umm … I thought you were mad at me. You seemed to avoid me at school.”

I wasn’t avoiding you. Why would I do that? What are you doing after dinner tonight? I found this great new spell we have GOT to try!”

Two hours later, they were sitting on his bed, holding hands, and reciting incantations in some language that neither of them recognized. “I think it’s Latin”, she’d told him when he asked, but it really didn’t look or sound like the other Latin spells they’d tried in the past. He looked just as skeptical of that answer as she was in giving it.

Do you sense anything yet?” she asked, pretty sure she already knew the answer.

Nope”, he responded. “Can I open my eyes now?”

Not yet. I’m REALLY concentrating on sharing my power with you. I can always sense when you’re around, so I don’t know why you can’t sense me”, she lied. She knew why he couldn’t use her power to sense her. Even if the power sharing spell had worked, he would only sense lust aimed his way, and she knew there wasn’t any of that around here.

I got nothing”, he answered, opening his eyes to find her peeking, too. “I think this is going to be another one of those spells that goes nowhere.”

Well, we might as well try it the other way, just to see. My power’s always been a little flaky. Maybe yours will share better, since it’s stronger and more reliable”, she told him.

He had a doubtful expression on his face. “I’m beginning to think we’re never gonna get any of these spells you find on the internet to work. I think my grades might be better if I spent the time doing homework instead of memorizing ‘Latin’ phrases that don’t actually mean anything.”

I just have a really good feeling about this one”, she told him. “Please?” she asked sweetly, giving him her best pout. He might not be sensing anything, but she certainly was.

Ok, we’ll try it. I’m just not getting my hopes up about this working.”

They both closed their eyes again, meditated to get back in the magical groove, and recited the incantations. This time, he was attempting to share his telekinetic ability, and she was concentrating on finding it within him, to grab it and use it.

Anything yet?” he asked after a minute.

Shh”, she responded. “Focus! I think I’m starting to sense it.”

He raised an eyebrow cynically, but went back to meditating.

She wasn’t lying this time. Besides his lust, she really was sensing … something else … from him. She couldn’t quite place it. She recited the incantation one more time, continuing to focus, and he followed her lead.

She definitely felt something now. She concentrated as hard as she could on it, but it wasn’t as easy to grab as the sexual tension she was used to controlling. It seemed like the same type of concentration was necessary, though. That meditation web site was really paying off!

I’m DEFINITELY sensing something now. Try the incantation one more time”, she told him, and they recited the non-Latin again.

She had it now. She grabbed hold of something from him, but she just wasn’t sure what it was.

Ok, now I’m sensing it, too,” he told her excitedly. “I’m not sure what’s happening exactly, but I think we’re finally doing something.”

She looked at him, grinning. She could feel the energy within her, but she wasn’t really sure what to do next.

Start with something small”, he told her. “There’s a pen on my desk. Better yet, concentrate on the pencil – we don’t need any more exploding pens.”

She grinned and pointed her free hand at the pencil, continuing to hold his hand in hers. She concentrated, trying to grab hold of it.

Nothing happened.

She looked at Jason quizzically. “Isn’t that how you do it? I’ve always just seen you point at whatever you want to control.”

The word ‘control’ triggered a memory, and she barely heard Jason yammering in agreement and telling her “Just point at the pencil, sense it, then lift”. That last part of what he said – “sense it, then lift”. Like the way she controlled the boys. She could only control what she sensed, and she certainly couldn’t sense the pencil.

That’s it!” she exclaimed.

What’s it?”

She looked at him and grinned, then stood up from his bed, continuing to hold his hand. With her free hand, she pointed at his free hand – and lifted it.

You’re doing it!” he told her, looking at his hand as she moved it up and down just by pointing. “Umm … Now try the pencil again.”

I can’t lift pencils, Jason.”

Huh?” he looked back at her face.

I can only control what I can sense – and I can only sense people!” Specifically, people with the hots for her, but he didn’t need to know that little technicality right now. “I’m not just using your power. I’m combining it with my own!”

Oh! I get it now!” he told her. “I wonder if that explains why I couldn’t use your power. I already sense people when I concentrate on moving them.”

Uh huh”, she nodded in agreement. “That makes sense.” Whatever. “So now that we’re sharing, I don’t think we need to hold hands any more”, she said, dropping his hand.

With her newly freed hand, she pointed at his hand that she just released and grabbed control of that one, too.

Now I can move you like a puppet, just like you did with me last week!”

She moved both of his hands back and forth, up and down. She brought them together forcing him to clap several times.

Applause from my puppet. How nice!”

Uhh, right”, he said uncomfortably.

She knew how disconcerting this was for him, since he’d done the same to her with very little warning. It was payback time, only she was clearly getting used to this much faster than he had. Probably because of all the practice she already had in controlling boys with just her mind, she thought.

Oh, I just have to try something”, she told him.

She stopped controlling his hands, though he couldn’t move them from the spot she’d assigned for them in the air. That was something that hadn’t happened when he controlled her – when he’d released control over any body part, she’d been able to move it herself immediately.

With both hands, she stretched out towards his body, all ten fingers pointed his way, her long red fingernails shining like daggers aimed at his ribs. She narrowed her eyes in concentration, and they both felt her grab hold of his torso. She slowly lifted him upwards, and he slowly stood up as she willed him to rise from the bed. But she didn’t stop there. She kept going until he was standing on his toes, not quite off the ground.

Forget it”, he told her. “You won’t be able to get me off the ground. Too much weight for my power to lift. At least, not without some more serious power lifting exercises, like I had to do to go from levitating pencils to lifting chairs and stuff.”

She raised an eyebrow at him, grinned mischievously at the perceived challenge, and then narrowed her eyes in concentration once more. Like so many times before, she concentrated on finding the pit of what she was controlling – the very core of it. She could sense it there, but it was tough to grab and hold on to. She knew what she had to do, and how to do it. She just had to concentrate a little bit longer …

Lacey, forget it. It would be great if we could lift people, but it’s just not gonna happen. At least, not yet”, he told her after about a minute of waiting.

As soon as he finished speaking, she lifted her chin slightly, then her arms, and he began to rise again, his legs and feet dangling above the ground.

Whoa!” he exclaimed, kicking his feet below him uselessly.

Gotcha!” She grinned up at him.

Nice! You’re getting the hang of this a lot faster than I did.”

Actually, I’d say you’re the one doing the ‘hanging’ now”, she joked.

She put one hand on her hip, realizing that she didn’t really need it to control him. The power came from her mind, and the slightest gesture should be enough to force his movements like she wanted. Pointing with just one finger now, she moved him around his bedroom.

Uh, yeah, you’re doing really well with this”, he told her nervously. “Can you put me down now?”

Not yet. There’s still some things I want to try”, she told him.

Like what?”

Well, I already figured out that since the power is entirely from my mind, I don’t really need to use my hands so much. Just a little pointing here or there is enough to move you.”

Ok, that’s good that you worked that out so quickly.”

So I was wondering …” she continued, moving him so that he was facing the door to the room, “… what other gestures I can use to control you.”

With that, she drew out a horizontal circle with the finger she was using to control him, and he spun around to face her, his back to the door.

Oh, that was cool!” she exclaimed, smiling. “Did you see that?”

See what?”

Oh right. You were facing the door when I did it. Let me do it again to show you.”

Again, she drew the circle in the air, and again he spun around, but this time she rotated him all the way around so he was facing her again.

You really are getting good at this quick”, he told her.

I wonder if I can spin you any faster.”

No, wait!”

But she had already started spinning her finger around quickly over and over in the air, and his body followed suit.

Lacey, stop!” he pleaded.

She giggled and spun him around 4 or 5 more times, too caught up in the moment to listen.

STOP!!!!!!!!!” he screamed.

She suddenly felt herself lose control, and he dropped to the floor, falling to his hands and knees. She cringed and realized she’d probably taken this a little too far.

I’m sorry!” she apologized quickly, and rushed to help him up.

I’m dizzy,” he told her.

She helped him to the bed, where he sat down, closed his eyes, and breathed heavy. For the first time since she’d known him, she wasn’t detecting any sexual desire coming from him.

He must have gotten too dizzy for his libido to focus on her, but she was pretty sure that wasn’t what caused her to lose control. He probably cut off the power sharing spell himself when he panicked.

I’m so sorry,” she apologized again. “Are you ok?”

He opened his eyes and nodded at her. She bit her lip nervously and sat on the bed next to him, crossing her pantyhose-clad legs – gestures that she knew always got his attention.

I’m ok,” he told her and smiled. “I just got way too dizzy from all the spinning.”

I’m so sorry. I hope you’re not mad at me.”

It’s ok. Maybe we can try this again some time, just as long as there are other people around for you to make dizzy instead of me,” he grinned.

She could feel his eyes on her and knew he was back to normal. She smiled back at him sweetly.

I’m sorry. I just got so excited, and I couldn’t experiment on pencils and stuff to get used to this like you did. Next time I’ll definitely be more careful.”

And next time, Lacey knew, she’d need to find a way to make the power sharing spell permanent!


Chapter 6: Going all the way

The next time Lacey went to Jason’s house, she was better prepared. Lacey knew this required careful planning. This wasn’t like the meditation exercises or messing around with guys that had gotten her this far. This was big – really big – and she had to have everything planned out perfectly to pull off a spell of this magnitude.

For starters, she made sure to wear classic cherry red lipstick, because she knew Jason liked that more than the pink or other shades she sometimes wore. And then there was her clothing – a tight tube top to show off her breasts always worked, but she made a point of wearing a short skirt with thigh high stockings instead of pantyhose that would have covered her panties. Being able to quickly and easily remove her underwear was essential to her plan. She’d even considered skipping the panties altogether, but she didn’t want to seem too slutty. So she just wore red lace panties that would really get his attention instead.

Of course, there was also the magical preparation. She found the spell online. Actually, she’d found bits and pieces of various spells, and a site that talked about bringing different magical elements together. She had hoped to find an existing spell for this sort of thing, starting by emailing the guy who’d posted the power sharing spell, but nobody had a spell for her exact needs. So she invented her own.

She’d noticed when Jason shared his power that she could sense the power even before she started using it. She suspected that sensing his power once would give her the ability to do so again in the future, similar to the way that concentrating on Mr. Helverson’s lust had heightened her own natural ability, making it easier for her to pick individuals out of a crowd and control them. She confirmed her suspicion while hanging out at school the next day, by asking him to hold her hand and levitate a book just to see if she could sense his power. It had worked.

She knew that once she could sense something, controlling it was just the next logical step. Of course, she’d never tell him that.

Armed with this knowledge, she was able to write her own spell that brought together everything she knew about magic. It was based partly on the power sharing spell, partly on the meditation exercises, partly on various other things she’d read about magic, but also partly on what she’d learned from her “control what you can sense” practice on horny guys.

The following Saturday, she visited Jason’s house, finally prepared to go all the way with her plan.

As they entered his bedroom, Jason offered her the desk chair and sat down on his bed, then asked if she’d found any new spells that she wanted to try out.

Actually”, she began, not sitting down, “I have a confession to make.”

What is it?” he asked, surprised.

I really hope you won’t be mad at me. You’re a really nice guy, and a good friend, but there’s something I’ve never told you”, she told him, pacing the room.

Whatever it is, I’m sure it can’t be that bad.”

Lacey continued pacing without looking directly at him. After a moment’s pause, she looked directly at him.

I …” she looked away, “I’ve been lying to you since the day we first met.”

Jason couldn’t hide his surprise. “About what?”

About … about my magic. I know I said I can sense people, but there’s more to it than that. It’s just sort of embarrassing, so I didn’t want to tell you the details. But you’ve been so sweet, I just can’t keep hiding it from you any more.”

Clearly confused, Jason just waited for her to continue.

It’s not just any people I sense. I …” she paused before her big revelation. “I can only sense guys who are attracted to me. It’s like I have a built in lust detector that tells me whenever a guy is hot for me.”

Jason turned beet red.

Oh!” she feigned surprise, as if she hadn’t expected this response. “Don’t be embarrassed! Every guy in our school is attracted to me. Believe me, I can feel it all the time.”

Uhh … yeah. I guess you would”, he flattered her, grinning sheepishly.

But that’s why I was so reluctant to tell you about this”, she continued. “I’ve known you had a crush on me since we first met.”

His face flushed again.

I just wanted to get to know you better”, she told him. “I wasn’t sure if I could trust you, or if you were just interested in me for my looks. But you’re so sweet, I couldn’t keep lying to you. I really hope you’re not mad at me for deceiving you all this time.”

No, of course not!”

In fact”, she looked down shyly. “I actually have something else I want to tell you.”

He raised his eyebrows, his face revealing that he was a bit overwhelmed by all these revelations.

Jason …” she started, and looked him right in the eyes.

Without breaking eye contact, she approached, reached her arms out to hug him loosely around the neck, and sat down with her knees on the bed, her legs straddling his. She could both see and sense him getting flushed with excitement.

Like I said … I know you want me. Well …” she bit her lip, “ … I want you, too.”

His eyes practically popped out of his head with surprise.

You do?”

She nodded slowly, and pulled his head towards her, then leaned in and pressed her lips against his. She didn’t need magic to know that he already had an erection.

Pulling away, she told him, “I’ve always thought your power was really kinky. I want you to control me, Jason. Reach out with that telekinesis of yours and make me your slave.”

Uhh …” He’d obviously never done this before.

She kissed him again. “Don’t you want me, Jason?”

Yes! I mean … I’m just … it’s … well … this is kind of sudden.”

No, it’s not. You can’t tell me that you haven’t been thinking about this from the moment we first met. Like I said, I can sense it. And I’ve been thinking about it, too, but I held back because of my boyfriend. But I don’t care about him any more. You’re the one that I want, Jason.”


She kissed him again, then pulled away and stood up.

So what are you waiting for?” she asked. She sat down at the other end of the bed, and leaned back so he’d get a nice profile view. She crossed her stocking clad legs, looked sideways at him seductively, and told him, “Use your power to force my legs apart. I dare you!”

From what she was sensing, she was glad she hadn’t done anything to magically excite his libido more than it already was. In fact, she was beginning to think she might have to use her power to restrain him, for fear that he’d burst too soon.

Like this?” he asked, then reached out his hands, gesturing in her direction, and magically grabbed her legs, forcing her to uncross them.

She tried to resist physically, just to make him work for it, but she knew she would be a puppet to his ability. She could feel his magic pulling her legs apart, making her spread them right there on the bed, but she couldn’t sense the core of his power yet. That would apparently have to wait until they were touching.

That’s a pretty good start”, she told him, sitting on the bed with her legs spread open in front of her. She reached into her purse and pulled out a condom in preparation for where this was going, then tossed the purse on the floor.

He smiled and reached out his hand towards her torso, then pulled her towards him. He obviously wasn’t very good at this, so being controlled by him this way was awkward. She probably would have fallen over and rolled off the bed if he hadn’t lost control of her legs, allowing her to put her feet down to brace herself. She just smiled and tried to look graceful in spite of him.

So uhh …” he started, reaching out towards her. “Is it ok if I …?” he trailed off shyly.

You want to touch me?” she asked, looking down to indicate her breasts.

He blushed and grinned sheepishly.

You still don’t get it, do you? If you try to grab me, I’m going to pull away, and you’re going to have to force me to give in with your power”, she told him, backing away from him slightly on the bed to illustrate the point.


But that’s what I want! Take charge! Make me your slave! Dominate me!”

He looked at her wide eyed, then grinned and reached out towards her. He pulled her towards him, and this time he didn’t stop until her tube top hit his hands, and he was fondling her breasts through the thin material.

That’s a good start”, she told him, leaning in to kiss him. She meant it, too. Since they were touching, she could finally sense his magic as he controlled her.

As they kissed, she reached down with her hands and unbuckled his belt, then continued with the button and zipper on his pants. She stroked his erection once as she went, and intentionally used her magic to hold him back so he wouldn’t have an orgasm too soon. By the time she got that far, she realized he wasn’t using his power any more. She pulled away.

Want more?” she asked.


But you stopped controlling me! Remember what I told you?” Lacey asked. “Force me to give it to you! I want you to totally dominate me. Make me your sex slave! Use me for anything you want!”

Anything?” Jason asked suggestively.

She raised an eyebrow and grinned slyly. “Do it!” she commanded, incorrectly assuming he would just feel her up some more, and she’d eventually have to guide him to home base.

Instead, she suddenly found herself falling to her knees, his magical power forcing her to open her mouth. He pulled down his underwear, and before she knew what was happening, her luscious red lips were wrapped around his hardened cock.

She was pissed! This wasn’t how she’d planned it! How could she say the words to the spell with this thing in her mouth???

As his magic forced her to slide her mouth up and down along his manhood, she realized that she could sense the power he was using to control her. Perhaps she could make this work after all. She also sensed that he was about to cum, so she used her own magic to force his libido to slow down until she was ready.

As her head moved up and down the length of his shaft, she closed her eyes and concentrated on thinking the exact words to the spell, reciting them in her head. Her lips slid along his dick, and she thought the words a second time, concentrating on his power, his lust, and her own power to control him. Her blonde hair bobbed up and down in his lap yet again, and she recited the words in her mind again, even as her tongue expertly brought him to the brink of an orgasm. This time, she sensed the very core of his power, forcing her head to rise up along the length of his dick, then back down again. As her mouth came down one more time, she reached out to the core of his power, grabbing it, stroking it, provoking it, dominating it.

She made him explode.

She tasted the power in her mouth, overpowering even the taste of his fluids. This was clearly no normal blow job.

She could feel the magic within her, and she was certain the spell had worked. She raised her head to look at him and smiled. There was one sure way to find out if it had worked, and if it had, Jason Murphy was about to regret the day he ever laid eyes on Lacey Peterson.

That … was amazing”, he told her, breathlessly.

I’m glad you liked it.” Bastard! “So now that I’ve satisfied you, how about you satisfy me?” she asked.

He looked confused. “So do you want me to … umm … ?”

You don’t have to lick me, if that’s what you mean. I’m still waiting for you to force my legs apart and force yourself inside of me.”

Oh! I … uhh … I’m not sure I can so soon.”

I bet I can motivate you”, she said, then kissed his penis lightly, her eyes never leaving his.

Yeah … I bet you can.”

She kissed his dick again, then one more time, and then licked the length of it once. It started to harden again.

Gotcha!” she told him, then narrowed her eyes in concentration, forcing his cock to become fully erect in an instant.

Whoa!!!” he yelled, surprised.

I told you my power was based on sexuality”, she told him, looking up at his stunned face. Slowly, she stood up, sat on the bed, and crossed her legs. “Now, if you want to use that boner, I dare you to force my legs apart.”

He reached out and gestured at her legs with his hands, but nothing happened.

Problem with your power?” she asked innocently.

I’ll get it”, he said, moving his hands again, trying to move her.

Let’s see if I can do it”, she said, and pointed at his legs. She waved her fingers in opposite directions, and his legs spread out in front of him.

What the …?”

It worked! She smiled excitedly, her eyes wide like a kid on Christmas morning. Slowly, she stretched his legs even further apart, grinning wickedly as she went.

Hey! Lacey, what are you doing? How are you doing this?” he asked.

She ignored his complaining and continued, ever so slowly to make him do the type of split that she did as a cheerleader all the time, but she knew would hurt any guy who tried it.

OW!!! Lacey, stop!!!” he said, as his legs spread a little too far apart.

This is what you get for blowing your load in a girl’s mouth without even warning her first!” she told him, the spite obvious in her voice. “Not that I minded much this time – the spell I was casting needed you to go all the way inside of me, but that’s not exactly what I had in mind.” Calming down, she smiled and raised an eyebrow at him, “I guess it still worked, though.”

Spell? What spell?”

Come on! You can’t really be that stupid, can you? Here – Let me give you a little hint.”

With that, she dropped control of one of his legs, and pointed her other finger towards the ceiling, causing his left foot to fly upwards, dragging his body beneath it.

HEY!!!” he yelled, as he hung upside down from his left foot, flailing his arms and free leg uselessly in the air.

Figured it out yet?”

You … you have my power!” the realization finally dawned on him. “And I didn’t help with the power sharing spell this time.”

Finally! I was starting to think you were retarded! Now for the real test – Can you make me stop controlling you like you did last time when I made you dizzy?” Her eyes lit up. “Now there’s an idea! Let’s make you dizzy again.”

She begin to twirl her finger and he started spinning, still dangling from his left foot.

Lacey, wait!”

If you want me to stop, just do what you did last time.”

She smiled, and twirled her finger even faster.

NO!!! Lacey! Please, stop!!!” he yelled, as his body spun faster and faster, arms and other leg reaching outwards from the centrifugal force of his spinning motion. “STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

It was clear he couldn’t make her stop. If he could, he would have by now. Lacey grinned evilly, knowing the spell had not only worked, but it was permanent. He couldn’t take the power back from her.

She stopped gesturing, and lowered her hand, yet she continued to concentrate on his spinning and found that she could maintain his current speed. She casually stood up, grabbed her purse from the floor, and walked to the bedroom door. Before leaving, she turned, looked up at him, and casually pointed at his foot again, then gestured towards the bed and let him go.

Still spinning, he crashed into the bed, then bounced into the wall next to it before landing back on the bed, panting heavily.

Ohhh”, he moaned. “Lacey … why are you doing this?”

I told you when we first met that I wanted you to help me develop more power. And you did. So, thanks for your help”, she told him.

Goodbye, Jason”, and with that, she walked out, leaving him moaning on the bed.


Chapter 7: A Painful Breakup

Lacey knew she HAD to share this with EVERYONE. As she walked out of Jason’s house and got in her car, she pulled her cell phone from her purse and flipped it open.

She was about to start by calling Valerie, but she thought about exactly what she’d say. She didn’t want to just tell her about the magic – she wanted to show her. It was Saturday afternoon, so she could easily round up Valerie, Ginny, and Sandi and go to the mall. She grinned, knowing there would be lots of easy targets there for her to control and show off for her friends. But she could still taste Jason’s cum in her mouth, so she knew she had to go home and clean up before meeting up with them.

That gave her a wild idea. Grinning, she hit the speed dial on her phone.

Chad? Are you alone?” she asked when he picked up.

He said something about watching sports on TV. She didn’t care.

Well, you’d better be alone when I get to your house in an hour. I’ve got a REALLY kinky surprise you’re not gonna want to miss”, she told him, then hung up without even saying goodbye. She knew she didn’t always take magic to grab a guy’s attention.

When she arrived at Chad’s house, she was wearing the same tube top, tight skirt, stockings, and heels that she’d worn for Jason. But this time, she skipped the pretense and left the panties at home.

You look hot”, he told her when she walked in.

Well, duh”, she responded, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him. “Let’s go to your room. I have a major surprise for you.”

Wow. I’ve never known you to be in such a hurry”, he told her, following her to his bedroom.

She could already sense his lust, so she concentrated for just a second to intensify it, making sure he had an erection. Then she sensed the rest of his body and knew she was in complete control. This was gonna be fun!

So what’s the big surprise, babe?” he asked, closing and locking the door to his bedroom, just in case his parents came home earlier than expected.

She reached out one hand towards him, and he followed her lead, moving forward to embrace her, but was suddenly stopped.

What the hell?” he asked, as his body rose above the ground, his feet dangling uselessly below him.


She moved her hand, and he was thrown forcefully on to his bed, landing on his back. He tried to get up, but found himself unable to move his arms or torso to sit up. Lacey jumped on top of him, straddling him around the waist with her legs and bent down to kiss him, but he obviously wasn’t getting into it. She looked down at him excitedly.

I have magical powers!” she pointed out the obvious.

Whoa! That’s … uhh … I mean, that’s great, Lacey.”

Well, don’t get too excited”, she said sarcastically.

Don’t be like that. You just caught me off guard with this. You seem really excited about this, so I’m really happy for you”, he told her, kissing up to the best of his ability.

Nice save, Romeo”, she told him, grinning, then kissed him again. “You might not know what to think of my big news, but I do have some news that I’m sure you’ll like.”

What’s that?” he asked.

Knowing that I can take complete control of you is making me really, really horny”, she told him, and sensed his desire increase immediately She pulled off his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, still magically holding him down so he couldn’t sit up or move his arms.

You’re right. I do like that news”, he told her, as she pulled down his pants and underwear to exposed his rock hard cock. “But can you let go of my arms? You know I like to feel that gorgeous body of yours when we do it.”

Not this time, you won’t”, she told him, and started stroking his throbbing manhood slowly with her red painted fingernails, feeding his fire teasingly, knowing that she wasn’t going to take him all the way and lose control until she’d had her own fun. “This time, I’m completely in charge, and you’re my sex slave.”

Well, as long as we get it on, I guess I can play along.”

She rolled her eyes. “‘Get it on’? Chad, stop talking! For that matter …” she grinned mischievously, “ … I can think of better uses for your tongue.”

With that, she swung her legs forward so she was sitting on his chest, and spread her legs on either side of her head. As much as he didn’t like being pinned down, she could sense his excitement when he looked up her skirt and saw her exposed vagina.

She pointed at his mouth, and his tongue came out, pulled by her unseen magic.

Hey!” he yelled, but couldn’t form any other words with her pulling on his tongue this way.

Now this is how you’re supposed to use your tongue”, she told him, and lowered herself on to his face, magically pulling his tongue into her pussy.

She’d never been so horny in her life. His tongue moved into her exactly where she wanted it, and she squirmed with delight. As she leaned back, she grabbed hold of his dick and one of his arms to stabilize herself so she wouldn’t fall off, then magically levitated his body off the bed.

They floated in the center of the room, his face acting as her bicycle seat, with her thighs clamped tightly around his head. Only the force of her magic kept his neck from snapping under the full weight of her body on his head. His legs kicked in the air helplessly, the only parts of his body that she still allowed him to move on his own. That movement made it a bumpier ride, but she decided that was a good thing for what she was doing.

Mmm, this is awesome”, she said. It occurred to her that he might not be able to hear with her thighs covering his ears. She didn’t care.

She continued to force him to lick her, his tongue moving precisely where she wanted it, when she wanted it, exciting her beyond anything she’d ever imagined.

As they glided above his bed, slowly spinning like a gentle ride, she moved her hand up and down his dick. She grinned wickedly as she realized that he probably thought he was going to cum at any second. She knew he was on the verge of an orgasm that she wouldn’t let him have. At least, not yet. She enjoyed the sensation of his unfulfilled lust almost as much as the feeling of his tongue on her clitoris.

Oh yeah”, she moaned in delight as he continued to lick her. Faster and faster, his tongue stroked her in all the right spots, her hips squirming back and forth to maximize her pleasure.

Yes!” she yelled, unable to control herself. “Keep going! Yes! Yes! YESSS!!!” she screamed as she finally climaxed in his mouth.

As she fell backwards on to his body, exhausted, he slowly descended on to the bed. She rolled off of him and casually released her magic control over him.

What the hell was that???” Chad yelled, jumping to his feet.

That …” she smiled contentedly, stretching out on the bed “ …was incredible.”

I can’t believe you did that in my mouth!” he yelled.

What? After all the times I’ve gone down on you, I finally make you return the favor, and you’re angry about it?”

No dumb blonde is going to get away with doing this to me,” he told her.

She sat up, surprised. She was used to him teasing her and calling her a dumb blonde, but this was the first time he said it like he meant it. And she really didn’t understand what he was angry about. But when she saw him standing there with the angriest look she’d ever seen on his face, his pants and underwear pulled down to reveal his stiffened manhood, she couldn’t resist giggling.

Don’t you laugh at me, bitch!” Chad yelled, and smacked Lacey across the face, knocking her off the bed.

Her laughter turned to shock … then anger.

He walked around the bed to where she’d landed on the floor and swung at her again. She instinctively reached out a hand to stop him, and her power took over. His arm stopped mid-reach, completely unable to move.

She stood up and just stared at him. If looks could kill, he’d be dead on the floor. She was pissed, and he was about to pay.

I can’t believe you hit me!” She pointed at his hand and gestured towards his face. His hand slapped his own face. “How does it feel?”

You can’t do this to me!” he told her, trying to grab her with his other hand.

She simply gestured, and that arm stopped in mid-air as well. Another quick flick of her wrist, and that hand slapped his own face, too.

You seem to forget who’s in charge now”, she told him.

No bimbo cheerleader is gonna treat me like this!” he told her, struggling as if he thought he could regain control of his arms just by being strong. “Now let go of me, you stupid bitch!”

I think I’ve heard enough from you”, she told him angrily, then pointed with her forefinger and thumb at his lips. She pinched her fingers together, and his lips came together involuntarily.

Mmm! Mmmm! Mmmmmmm!!!” he moaned wordlessly, trying to open his mouth to say something, but unable to get his lips apart. He started moving his body, trying to break free from her control, but his arms were still stuck in the air where she’d left them. Desperately, he reached out with his leg to kick her.

She instinctively reached out a hand, and his leg stopped, too. She decided this was becoming redundant.

Lacey narrowed her eyes angrily, held up her hand with her palm facing him, then “pushed” forward in the air. Chad flew backwards and slammed into the wall, but instead of bouncing off and falling forwards, he stayed there, his arms and legs stuck to the wall like an insect in a spider web. His mouth still wouldn’t open, and no matter how hard he tried to move, the most he could do was squirm in place against the wall.

Now let’s get a few things straight”, Lacey began, knowing she had a captive audience. She was mad, and she had every intention of getting even.

First of all, I’m in charge! And even if I didn’t have this magic power, I’d never tolerate you hitting me. That’s all you football players ever do is hit things. Well, no more! This is one girl who doesn’t put up with that crap.”

And why are you so pissed off about making me happy in bed, anyway? After all the times I’ve given you blow jobs, I figure you owed me a few tongue jobs in return. Oh, and for the record”, she walked up to him and looked him right in the eyes, “What you’re tasting right now is the first orgasm you’ve ever given me.”

Mmm mmm” he growled angrily.

You know, Chad”, she continued more calmly, turning her back on him and walking around the room, “the only reason I started dating you is because you’re good looking and popular.” She looked back at him. “But you’ve been a disappointing dumb jock since day one. I always knew we’d be over once we graduated high school and moved on, but after what you just did, I’ve decided not to wait that long. I’m not keeping you around any more.”

Mmm mmmm.” His tone was still angry and rebellious, in spite of his precarious situation.

I was going to return the favor for that nice orgasm you gave me”, she teased him calmly. Lacey reached out towards his cock, and slowly moved her hand upwards, telekinetically stroking him to make him even hornier than ever. “… but now that you’ve pissed me off …” she shrugged.

She continued “stroking” him until her telekinesis was pulling his hardened member away from the wall. She kept going, releasing her control on his arms and legs, and he suddenly felt himself drop. His entire body weight was suddenly hanging from his floating, engorged penis.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he screamed in pain through pinched lips that wouldn’t open. Tears came to his eyes, and his arms and legs flailed helplessly in the air.

We’re done, Chad. Don’t come near me again, or next time, I’ll hurt you even worse”, she told him, then grabbed her purse, walked out of the room, and slammed the door angrily behind her.

Outside, she paused and grinned, enjoying the sense of power, and the muffled screaming still coming from her ex-boyfriend. She strode purposefully towards the front door, and calmly wondered how long she should leave him like that. She quickly decided she should let him down before all that weight hanging from his cock did any permanent damage.

She extended her hand in front of her and reached up as if picking fruit from a tree. Even from the other side of the house, she could almost feel his balls in the palm of her hand. She angrily clenched her fist, feeling as if she was squeezing his testicles for a split second, and then the feeling was gone. She knew she’d lost her control over him, because she’d finally stopped his lust for her. She was immediately rewarded by banging and screaming coming from his bedroom, just as she opened the front door and walked out of his house and his life forever.

Getting into her car, she reflected on the fact that in just one day, she’d taken Jason’s power, had her first real orgasm with a guy, and dumped her dead weight boyfriend. This had turned out to be the best Saturday of her life.


Chapter 8: Mall Rats

Pick a guy”, Lacey told her friends as they walked into the center of the mall the following afternoon.

She’d assembled Valerie, Ginny, and Sandi and told them she had something major to show them. Always the drama queen, she wanted to show off by demonstrating, not just tell them about her magic, but she couldn’t resist dropping hints to get their attention.

Needless to say, she came dressed to kill. Her tight black halter top showed off her cleavage nicely, and was short enough to leave her midriff exposed. She had an equally tight skirt, sheer pantyhose, and high heel boots that clicked on the tile floor as she walked through the mall, attracting the attention of every man in the place, even if they’d been looking the other way as she approached.

Brad Pitt!” Ginny replied.

Lacey shot Ginny an annoyed look, Sandi giggled, and Valerie just rolled her eyes.

Yo, dumb blonde!” Valerie mocked her friend. “I’m pretty sure she meant one of the guys here at the mall”, she gestured to the area around them.

Thank you, Val”, Lacey responded. At least she could always count on Val to be the brains of the group, just like she could always count on Ginny to be the bimbo. She usually found Ginny’s antics amusing. But today, she had an agenda, and she didn’t want it derailed by silliness.

Oh”, Ginny looked upset for a moment, then thoughtful. “You mean a guy here we think is cute?” she asked hopefully.

Actually, no”, Lacey answered. “Pick a guy here at the mall who you don’t like.”

Ginny’s eyes lit up. “How about that guy who got mad at us for trying on all those shoes last week and not buying any?”

Oh, he was such a jerk!” Sandi piped up. “And could he have been any gayer?”

Not him!” Lacey interrupted angrily. “First of all, I don’t see him here right now. And second of all, it needs to be a straight guy. Don’t ask why yet”, she cut off Ginny who seemed to be about to speak. “Just play along”, she told them.

The others looked at Lacey curiously, then looked around to see who was in the area.

How about HIM?” Valerie raised an eyebrow and glared over Lacey’s shoulder.

Lacey turned around to see who she was looking at. It was Matt, one of the few punks at their school. He was dressed all in black, as usual, with combat boots, green and purple hair, black nail polish, and a pierced nose. He had just called Lacey and Valerie whores the other day in school when saw them wearing their cheerleading outfits, so Lacey understood why Val would pick him as someone she didn’t like.

Good choice”, Lacey told Val. “The three of you stay here and just watch. This should be fun”, she told them cheerily.

Matt was leaning on the counter of the juice booth at the edge of the food court, talking to someone equally skuzzy looking who worked there. The clicking sound of Lacey’s heels on the tile floor attracted his attention, so he looked over, then rolled his eyes as he realized who it was and turned back to his friend.

Can I help you?” Matt’s friend behind the counter said as Lacey approached.

I’ll have a large berry smoothie”, she told him, reaching into her purse to get money. As they guy behind the counter turned around to make her drink, she smiled at Matt and said, “Hi, Matt” as if they were friends.

Matt looked at her derisively. “What do you want?”

What? I’m not allowed to be friendly? And people call us cheerleaders snobs. At least I’m trying to be nice.”

This might actually be tougher than Lacey thought. She could sense that Matt found her attractive at least a little bit, but his attraction was too weak for her to grab immediately. She’d have to keep flirting.

Yeah, you’re real nice – to any football player who comes by. Tell me, is it true that to become a cheerleader, you have to let the whole football team gang bang you?”

In their dreams”, she replied. “Why? You want me so badly that you’d join the football team if it were true?”

Are you always so full of yourself?” he responded.

Matt’s friend behind the counter chuckled as he approached with Lacey’s drink. She could feel that she was getting to him more than Matt, and she saw an opportunity, so she went for it. She reached into the pit of his desire and grabbed it, then reached out to sense his body through his lust, grabbing hold and controlling him.

He put Lacey’s smoothie down on the counter, and was about to put a lid on the cup, when she made his hand with the lid jerk forward. He hit the cup and knocked it over, spilling it all over Matt.

You idiot!” Matt yelled.

Sorry, man. I’m not sure what happened”, the guy behind the counter said, grabbing a towel and handing it to Matt.

So much for my smoothie”, Lacey said.

I’m sorry about that. I’ll get you another one”, the juice bar worker told her.

Nah, I changed my mind about it, anyway”, she told him. Then she leaned in towards Matt as he was wiping the pink smoothie off his clothes and told him, “But since you want me so badly, maybe I should just lick that off for you.”

She sensed his excitement even as his eyes widened with surprise. She turned suddenly and sauntered back to her friends without another word, silently grabbing control of Matt just because she could.

Gotcha!’ she thought.

So what was that all about?” Sandi asked when Lacey rejoined her friends.

Did that guy spill the smoothie on him on purpose?” Ginny asked.

Not exactly. In fact, he didn’t spill it on Matt. I did”, Lacey told them.

Lacey, we all saw it. The guy behind the counter spilled it. You never touched the cup”, Valerie told her.

I didn’t have to touch the cup. I was controlling the guy behind the counter, just like I’m controlling Matt right now”, she told them. Seeing their skeptical looks, she continued, “I have magical powers!”

Really?” Ginny asked. “Can you fly?”

Valerie smacked her lightly on the back of her blonde hair. “I think Lacey’s saying she can control people.”

Only guys”, Lacey responded. “And only if they’re attracted to me. Grabbing control of Matt was tough, but I’ve got him now”, she said.

They all turned to look at him as he finished wiping the smoothie off his clothes and threw the towel at his friend who spilled it on him.

Want me to prove it?” Lacey asked, anticipating their next request.

Val grinned evilly. “What can you do to him?”

Anything”, Lacey answered, “But I’d like to keep it subtle right now. I don’t want Matt knowing I’m controlling him. So maybe I could make him trip or something without him realizing why.”

Do it”, Sandi said, just as Matt started walking away from the juice stand.

Even though he was probably 40 feet away, Lacey could still sense her control over him. As he walked, she pointed at him and grabbed his left foot, holding it in place for just a second. He stumbled, and she let go, allowing him to regain his footing. He looked back at the ground behind him, as if trying to figure out what he’d tripped on.

Valerie was the first to speak up. “That doesn’t prove anything, Lacey. You could have planned the drink spilling and tripping thing while you were over there talking to him, just as a prank on us.”

Lacey’s jaw dropped. “You don’t believe me?”

Valerie grinned. “I just want to see more. If you’ve really got control over him, prove it.”

Ok, come on”, Lacey told them, and started striding briskly to follow Matt. She didn’t look back, just assuming her friends were behind her.

Hey, Matt”, she called to him, as she got close.

He turned around to see Lacey and her posse coming up behind him. “What do you want, slut?”

I need you to help me prove something to my friends.”

Too bad. I’m not helping you with anything”, he turned and started walking away.

Lucky for me, you really don’t have a choice in the matter”, she told him. With that, she pointed at him, and raised her arm slightly, levitating him a few inches off the ground.

What the heck is going on?” he asked.

Ginny and Sandi both exclaimed, “Wow!!!” at the same time.

Ok, NOW I’m convinced”, Valerie told Lacey. “That’s pretty cool, actually. But you said it only works on guys who are hot for you?”

Well, that’s a lie”, Matt said, turning his head to look at the girls behind him, as he was levitating with his back to them.

Lacey drew a half circle with her finger in the air, and he turned around to face the girls. She kept him only about two inches off the ground, so as not to attract a crowd.

Now, Matt. We both know you want me. Why do you think I was flirting with you back there? I’m sure as hell not interested in you.”

Fuck you, bitch.”

Ok, that’s enough from you”, she told him. She pointed her hand at his face and pinched her fingers together, sealing his lips closed as she’d done with Chad.

Mmmm!!!” he moaned, trying to get his mouth open.

Oh, this is very cool”, Valerie said. “I think it’s payback time for you calling me a whore the other day”, she told Matt. Turning to Lacey, she asked, “May I?”

Go for it”, Lacey replied, not really sure what Val had in mind, but curious to see.

Valerie stood directly in front of Matt. The brunette beauty put her hands on her hips and grinned evilly, looking him right in the eyes. She stood there like that for about 10 seconds, then without warning, one of her long legs kicked upwards directly between his legs, her high heel shoe striking his privates.

Ow!!!” he yelled, as he grabbed his groin and fell the couple of inches to the ground, landing on his feet.

Valerie! That’s so mean!” Ginny told her, as Sandi just watched and giggled.

Get out of here, and don’t call us any more names, or it’ll be even worse next time”, Lacey told him.

His face fearful, he turned and ran.

Ohhh”, Valerie whined. “Why’d you let him go? I was hoping to do even more.”

I didn’t let him go. You did.”


I can only control guys who are hot for me, remember?”

“ … And I killed his boner when I kicked him, right?” Valerie realized.

Lacey nodded. “Exactly.”

Still … That was fun”, Val said, smiling.

Definitely. Just think – Tomorrow, I really am going to rule the school!”


Chapter 9: The Queen of Mean

Lacey strode down the school hallway flanked by Valerie, Sandi, and Ginny. They were four of the hottest girls in school, and they knew it. They ruled the school before, but now, only they and a few guys who’d been unlucky enough to cross her path realized just how much more power Lacey Peterson had.

Actually, they hadn’t been as mean to the other guys in the mall as she’d been to Jason, Chad, and Matt. After letting Matt go, the girls had spent the rest of Sunday afternoon daring Lacey to find subtle ways to trip up guys, make them spill things, give them embarrassing erections, etc, but most of them didn’t even know they were being controlled.

But this time, Lacey was on a mission. There was one person in this school she knew she’d have to confront with her power as soon as possible. She knew where his locker was, and she knew he always went there for his books before the first class of the day, so she was headed there when she was distracted by someone else who’d been bugging for a while – Vicky, the lesbian from her science class.

As Lacey walked by Vicky’s locker, she sensed the lust coming from the nerdy brunette. She couldn’t resist. She stopped and turned to confront her.

Vicky”, she started, “There’s something I need to talk to you about.”

Huh?” the brunette looked obviously surprised that Lacey was talking to her.

Lacey walked right up to her and pushed Vicky back against her locker. She could sense the lesbian’s lust increase, and that annoyed her even more. She used those feelings to grab control of the other girl’s body.

Lacey took her hand off Vicky physically, but gestured with it, causing the girl to levitate off the ground. The lesbian was shocked and let out a little yelp, but much to Lacey’s dismay, Vicky’s attraction to her actually seemed to increase in her panic.

Lacey backed up a step, and gestured with her other hand at Vicky’s legs, causing them to fly up, as if the girl was folded at the waist. Lacey moved her hand to the side and levitated Vicky over a large trash can, and dropped her in, butt first, so that only her feet were sticking out.

Lacey leaned on the edge of the trash can and looked down to address her victim.

I know you’re a total lesbo”, she started, loudly enough for everyone nearby to hear. Several people started snickering, and Vicky turned bright red and shook her head, on the verge of tears.

Don’t try to deny it. My magic can only control people who are hot for me. I can sense your desire, and it’s really grossing me out.”

Everyone around started to laugh, and Vicky started to cry.

So here’s the deal, “Lacey continued. “You keep your horndog thoughts away from me, and I won’t toss you in any more trash cans.” Lacey gave her a faux smile, then turned and walked away.

As Lacey left, she heard Vicky yell between sobs, “I’ll make you regret this, Lacey Peterson!”

Yeah, yeah, yeah... That’s what they all say”, Lacey told her friends as they walked off, her thoughts already turning to her original target.

He was right where she expected him, getting his books out of his locker. When he saw her coming, he looked surprised, but his expression quickly turned to anger, and he slammed his locker door closed. For a change, Lacey didn’t feel any desire from him. He was apparently too mad to be attracted to her right now. She’d have to correct that.

Hi Jason”, she said flirtatiously.

What do you want?”

I just wanted to see how you’re doing”, she told him, approaching closely. “You’re power back to normal?” she asked.

You already know it isn’t. You stole it.”

You know I didn’t mean it like that”, she told him. “It’s a power sharing spell – not a power stealing spell. I thought we’d both be able to use your power permanently after I cast it.”

Yeah, right”, he answered sarcastically. “So I guess now that you know you’re going to give my power back?”

Well …” She leaned in and whispered in his ear so only he could hear “ …maybe I could give it back the same way I took it.”

That got the reaction she was hoping for. His eyes widened in surprise, and she could sense his imagination taking him back to the sexual act that she’d used to cast her spell.

She looked him right in the eyes and told him, “Gotcha!”

With that, she took a step back and raised her hand, causing his body to fly back against the row of lockers. He was pinned, unable to move against the cold metal.

You bitch! You already took my power. Why are you doing this?”

I just want to make sure you realize who’s in charge, Jason. Don’t get any ideas about trying to cast any spells to get the power back – I’ll destroy you if you do.”

Now that you took my magic, I can’t cast any spells, anyway. So just leave me alone!”

Ok, as long as we’re clear on that”, Lacey told him. “There is one thing I want to find out about this power, though, and you’re going to give me the answer.”

What?” he asked, angrily.

You always pointed with your hands when controlling things”, she gestured, forcing him to move up and down a little, to illustrate the point. “I just wonder if I can control guys without using my hands.”

I don’t know”, he told her, honestly. “I always had to use my hands to focus the power, or nothing happened, but you seem to be more instinctive about it, so maybe you can get it to work without your hands.”

Lacey rolled her eyes. “I wasn’t asking you a question, Jason. I’m going to figure this out by trying it on you.”

With that, she lifted her right foot and paused. Her high heel shoe and sheer pantyhose seemed to hover there for a moment, as she looked down and concentrated her power in that direction. She then slowly lowered her foot. As the front of her foot came close to the ground, she could practically feel Jason’s balls beneath the toes of her shoe.

Lacey, don’t!” Jason exclaimed, as he began to feel her power and realized where she was going with this.

She looked up at his face and grinned maliciously, continuing to lower her foot ever so slowly. As she felt him more distinctly beneath her foot, he began to cringe, knowing it was going to get even worse, but she concentrated on maintaining his lust for her as long as she could, not wanting to lose control.

Suddenly, she stopped, and lifted her foot again. She then put it back down without concentrating on her power, so he didn’t feel anything.

Well, that proves that it can be done with my foot. I’ll work on controlling guys without gesturing at all later. Thanks for your help with that, Jason”, she told him cheerily, then turned around to leave.

He breathed a sigh of relief, glad that she wasn’t going to go through with it. As she started to walk away, he said, “Lacey, wait! You can’t leave me stuck to these lockers!”

Without looking back, she told her friends, “I guess he’s right. I should let him down.”

With that, she stomped her foot on the ground, and he suddenly cried out in pain and fell to the ground, holding his balls in his hands.

Remember who’s in charge, Jason”, she told him, and walked away.


Will Jason find a way to get his magic back?

Does Vicky have magical power that she can use to fight back against Lacey?

Will Lacey control her math teacher in private and take pictures to blackmail him for a good grade, or will she just abuse him in front of the whole class for fun?

Will YAGS ever get around to continuing this story so that you’ll find out the answers to these questions and more?

Tune in next time to find out – same Bat-time, same Bat-web site.


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